May_2012_Newsletter - Coralville United Methodist Church

May_2012_Newsletter - Coralville United Methodist Church



“A farmer went out to

sow his seed. 4 As he

was scattering the

seed, some fell along

the path, and the birds

came and ate it up.

5 Some fell on rocky

places, … 8 Still other

seed fell on good soil,

where it produced a

crop—a hundred, sixty

or thirty times what was

sown. 9 Whoever has

ears, let them hear.”

An urban farmer

feeding neighbors

through the Coralville

Ec. Food Pantry.

If you have need,

help yourself, otherwise

this harvest will

be offered at the


Urban Farmer

A Message from Pastor Doug

Part of my capital campaign

commitment included planting a large

garden. As I was tilling, I reflected on

Jesus’ parable of the farmer and that

some seeds began to germinate right

then and there. A few “What if”

statements started to take root and

began to make my heart beat fast.

What if Coralville UMC expanded our

urban farming ministry to every

neighborhood in town? We had great

success last year with the Community

Garden project and that team has been

brainstorming how they might expand.

Colleen Kummet wrote a grant request

for a tiller (or tiller attachment for our

John Deer) last year without any luck,

but why should that stop us? She was

chasing a dream of establishing garden

plots throughout town to grow food

for the Coralville Ecumenical Food

Pantry. It’s a great idea and enables

the CEFP to live out their mission of

“Helping the community feed one


What if we approached each member

of this church and invited you to take a

4'x8' plot of your yard out of grass

production and put into vegetable

production (less mowing and fewer

lawn clippings). We would till the

plot plus an additional 4x8 feet plot for

your own use. We would plant it and

let you plant as you see fit. What if

we offered to test the soil and offered

to improve it as best we could by

tilling in lime or some of your lawn

clippings in the fall. The invitation

would be that when you water your

garden you would also water the

community garden. If you are able to

remove a few weeds there will be a

better harvest and we may even have

some volunteers that could help with

the effort.

United Methodist



We could locate the 4 foot garden plot

right along your sidewalk out front

and place a sign in it saying something

like, “An urban farmer feeding

neighbors through the Coralville

Ecumenical Food Pantry. If you have

need, help yourself, otherwise this

harvest will be offered at the CEFP.”

You wouldn’t have strangers needing

to journey far off the sidewalk and you

wouldn’t have to get your feet muddy

when you harvested. The CEFP

would celebrate a large harvest or

even a small one depending on how

many people of need might pass

through your neck of the woods.

Either way, they and you have helped

the “Community feed one another.”

Iowa is the state that knows how to

feed the world. Just because we live

in town doesn’t mean we can’t play a

part. What if some of our master

gardeners held a class or two on

raising vegetables? What if the City

of Coralville’s literacy program

included reading about urban farming?

What if we perfected the art and

someone wrote a book about it? What

if Grace Garden Preschool graduated

children who know how to raise

enough food to feed their family?

What if? What if?

God, bless these seeds. As we consider

how we might live on less, how we might

accomplish your good work in bolder ways,

cultivate these seeds for it all belongs to you

and is all yours. Thank you for the great

privilege of being a part of this kingdom you

are growing! God bless the Kummet Family,

the Hanna's, Freidhof's, Hollenbeck’s,

Reichenbach’s, and all the people of CUMC

who labor in your garden. Amen

Grace and Peace,


Page 2

Preschool/Daycare Director

Full Time: Grace Garden Preschool of Coralville United

Methodist Church is seeking a gifted leader to join the

staff. We are now opening Grace Garden Preschool as a

ministry of the church. The Director of Grace Garden

Preschool will be responsible for primary administration,

creating a safe environment, managing staff, and

connecting with parents. For position description and

more information, visit or . E-mail/fax a cover letter

relating your vision for ministry and resume to or fax: 319-351-3856.

Application deadline is May 2, 2012.

Celebration Choir: This has been

a great first year in the new sanctuary

for the Celebration Choir!

We have had the joy of having

new members join in singing, sung

some new songs, but mostly favorites

from the files.

Palm Sunday and Easter were great times of Celebration

with music being a very important part of it.

Thanks so much for all your support this year and we

hope that the harmonies and melodies that we bring to

you as a choir have enhanced your worship experience

and that God has been praised. We are working on a

double choir piece to sing sometime soon. This will be

a new experience for us and will be a new sound for

our new sanctuary. We look forward to each week that

we gather to sing. If you are a singer, just let me

know and plan to join in!

Bell Choir: The Handbells did some very challenging

music this year and we have great new players. It was

fun to be an important part of the Easter celebration.

God just seems to shine through when you have players

who care for one another like each of us do. If you

want to join in, just let me know. If we have enough

beginners, we could start a beginners bell choir. Just

gather a group together and let me know.

Larry Tener

648-4777 or

Alleluia Choir: We are still practicing on Thursdays

from 4:30-5:30 pm. “The Majesty of God” and “What

an Awesome Power” are pieces we plan to sing on

Mothers Day. We are up to eight singers now and

always looking for more to join in!

Wes and Larry

Kids grow best

in the Light of

the Son!

New Start Time for Contemporary

Service on Sunday Morning!

Over the last few months the worship team has been

discussing the best time to begin the Sunday morning

contemporary service. Beginning on June 17, the

contemporary worship service will start at 10:00

am versus 9:45 am as it does today. (There will not

be any changes to the times for the traditional worship

service at 8:30 am.)

By moving the service back 15 minutes, it allows for

more transition time between the two services. In addition,

the extra time will give us the option to do congregational

meetings between the two services which

will make attendance easier for individuals attending

both services. Please feel free to let me know if you

have any questions or concerns regarding the new

start time.

Michelle Halverson


New CUMC Website

We’ve changed our website address. Check it out and

bookmark it today!

The website designers will include a section entitled

"Commerce" where they would list businesses owned

by members of the CUMC congregation. If you'd like

your business listed in this section, indicate on your

Tab on Sunday or call the church office. We'll need

the following information:

name & address of business:

contact information:

1 or 2 sentences about your business

The Brew Crew Café

Celebrating Our YOUTH

For the month of May stop by and enjoy a sample of a new flavor each week. The Brew

Crew Café is holding a fund raiser in the month of May to support our summer mission

trips. Now you can enjoy the great taste of Equal Exchange coffee in your own home. The

youth are selling bags of Equal Exchange 14oz bags of coffee for $9. There are multiple flavors to choose

from. The youth will be selling the coffee in the Kitchen on Sunday mornings from 8-11am.

The Brew Crew Café now has Equal Exchange chocolate mini candy bars wrapped together in a gift box. Please

stop by to enjoy a sample. Gift boxes are available for sale.

To Save A Life

Wednesday’s, May 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 at 5:30pm in the Community room. Each week the youth will come together

to talk about how they can be the hands and feet of Jesus and learn how to reach out to the hurting and

the lonely on their school campuses. It’s not too late to join and journey through the program. All youth grades

7-12 are welcome. If you did not get to see the movie at one of the previews and would like to do, please contact

Carrie Bopp or Kirk Harder. If there is interest a third showing of the movie will be scheduled or it may

be checked out.

Parents of youth grades 7-12: The To Save A Life program is also available to all parents. Parents and youth

will meet separately but experience the same program. If you are interested and would like to journey through

the program too please join us on Wednesday nights at 5:30. Our hope and prayer would be to form a support

group for parents.

For the Month of May there will be NO Sunday SH A2J or Thursday night JH youth group.

Sunday School

Sundays, May 6, 13, 20, & 27 at 9:45am JH meets in the youth room and SH meets in the SE corner of the community

room. JH Curriculum Live B.I.G

SH Curriculum Why Jesus?

Operation Backpack

May 17, 6:00 pm - Operation Backpack Mission Night in the Parsonage

The JH and SH have Operations Backpack one more time before the end of the school year. Due to the To

Save A Life event we are going to hold a mission night on the Thursday before delivery. This will last about 45

minutes to an hour depending on how many volunteers are on hand. All JH and SH are welcome to and encouraged

to attend. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with the April operation backpack night.

Mission Trip—Jr. High Students and Adults

What: Home repair, worship, and fellowship.

Where: Downtown Dubuque, Iowa

When: May 4 and 5. Drive up the night before, sleep in a church (campout) and then get up & go to the work site in the morning,

work through the day and travel home on Saturday night.

How Much: $50 per person

More explanation:,-ia

Contact Pastor Doug with questions about both trips!

Mission Trip—Senior High Students and Adults

What: Home repair by day and great worship and games at night!

Where: Joplin MO When: July 14--21

How Much: $450; Final Payment on June 15.

What next: Meeting on June 10

More explanation:

Page 3

Page 4

Trustees Update

With warmer weather we are taking

advantage of the opportunity

to work outside to maintain and

beautify our church. So many

members offered their time and

skills to help us in these endeavors

on April 14 (Trustee Work Day) and April 28

(new Rain Garden). This included child care which

allowed whole families to attend. With the success of

the vegetable garden (parsonage) contributing to the

food pantry, the vegetable garden committee expanded

the plot this year. We are blessed to have such

wonderful, giving people in our community.

We continue to work on making our church more inviting

and safe including indoor signage and anticipating

maintenance issues. The corner stone was installed

by Chuck and Steve.

As always, volunteers can contact the office or Kirk

Harder to give of their time and expertise.

Trustees: Eyad and Emily Hanna

Amos Garrett (chp); Jeff Dill; David Kramer;

Steve Strah; Chuck Hatz; Thad Abrams;

Patrick Duerkson; Barb Dillon; and Kirk Harder

CUMC Vacation Bible School will be held June 10 - 13. Mark your calendar! If you

would like more information or would like to help with this annual event, contact Lynn

McMains at See Sunday School teachers or call the church

office for VBS registration forms. We encourage pre-registration!

In the Life of the Church

Frank Peters: The congregation & friends are

invited to an 80 th Birthday Open House Celebration

for Frank on Sunday, May 20, from

2:00 to 4:00 pm in the CUMC Community

Room (lower level).

Andrea Frantz: Please join Andrea and her

friends & family at a Baby Shower luncheon

on Saturday, June 2, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

(or drop in anytime) at the church in the Community

Room. Andrea and Mike are expecting

a baby girl in mid July and they are registered

at Target. RSVP to Jone Johnson (354-7542).

Kids grow best

in the Light of

the Son!

Grace Garden Preschool

We are pleased to announce that

Grace Garden has a website –

Check it out! While there you will

see that we are advertising for a Preschool Director at

this time. Please pass this information on to any family

or friends who may be interested in preschool for

their children or anyone interested in the director position.

We would like to thank Faith Awero and Dave Spicknall

who both submitted entries for the logo contest.

We ended up combining the two into a beautiful logo!

The Preschool Board is looking for a few new members.

We appreciate anyone who may feel lead to help

with this important ministry. Please contact Pastor

Doug in the church office or Maureen Schafer at

Many thanks to those who helped on the Trustee

Work Day to level out the playground area. A chain

link fence will be going up in the next month or two

and any volunteers with experience would be greatly


Maureen Schafer

The Memorial Garden Team needs volunteers for help in planting and maintaining the Memorial

Garden throughout the growing season in 2012. They will meet on May 19 and then do some

planting. The summer schedule requires a small commitment of one/two days each week (two

weeks maximum) of general maintenance in the garden. If interested in joining the Memorial Garden

team, please contact Barb Dillon at 351-5647

United Methodist Women

We have had two excellent guests lead a panel discussion

about teens and children and a presentation on Elder Services

this year. It is amazing to learn what is happening in

our own community.

You are invited to join us for our next UMW meeting on

Tuesday, May 15, at 7:00 pm in the Community Room here

at CUMC. The program, Peace As Action, is being presented

by Lynn Calvert and Brenda Mayer. There is always

a hot pot of coffee brewing. The UMW make the best treats

and refreshments. Come and bring a friend. All are welcome.

Myrt Divelbiss and Christine Werling





Sunday Adult Sunday School 9:45 am NEW! When Godly People

Do Ungodly Things

by Beth Moore

Page 5

Christian Conferencing as a Means of Grace

Last in the series on the Means of Grace is Christian Conferencing. Although I did not plan it, it is

interesting to consider this means of grace at this time as the General Conference of the United

Methodist Church is in session through May 4. The General Conference meets every 4 years and

practices this means of grace as it deliberates on issues important to the whole United Methodist

Church throughout the world. Every year John Wesley would meet with the Methodist preachers to discuss matters

of Christian beliefs and doctrine as well as the discipline of the church. It was during these conference meetings

that much of what Methodists taught and preached was clarified.

This means of grace also happens in smaller less formal contexts in the local church. Whenever we as Christians

gather in community there is an opportunity for spiritual growth as we share our spiritual struggles, support one

another, discern our thoughts on current social issues and hold one another accountable for our discipleship.

Christian conferencing does not assume that each participant is in agreement but it does assume that in our disagreements

God is present and actively working to increase our faith and relationships with one another. Coming

together to talk with one another in love is itself a means of grace. Ultimately, the aim of Christian Conferencing

is to help us grow in love and in the process help us to pray, worship, and serve more faithfully. The small group

setting offers the ideal context for this type of conferencing to occur. I would invite you to check out the small

group offering at CUMC.

Grace and peace,

Karen Young

Tuesday Christian Meditation


3 rd Tuesday

May 15

United Methodist


Wednesday Men’s Morning Group

7:30-8:30 pm Gather with others for a

time of discussion and

silent meditation.

Leader/ Contact


Jim Williams (351-7481)/

meets in the Reading Room

Corey Houchins-Witt (773-

726-8871)/ meets at the Parsonage

(812 14th Ave.)

7:00 pm Peace As Action Myrt Divelbiss (338-0566)

& Lynn Calvert (541-8367) /

meets in the Comm. Room

6:30-7:30 am



NEW! Measure of a Man

by Gene Getz

Steve Lorge (665-8499)/

meets in the Com. Room

Wednesday Youth Parents Groups 5:30 - 7:30 pm To Save A Life Karen Young (319)378-

0899) meets in Comm Room

Thursday Women’s Bible Study 10:00-11:00 am NEW! Christianity and

World Religions

by Adam Hamilton

1 st and 3 rd Thursdays

2 nd Saturday

May 12


Women’s Coffee Shop

Book Study Group

Fun and Fellowship


Deb Hadenfeldt, Brenda

Albright (338-5963)/ meets

in The Upper Room at the


6:30 pm TBA Lynn McMains (338-0505)/

meets at Tierra Coffee Shop,


4:30 pm Play games, share snacks,

have fun! All ages are

invited to attend

Meets at the home of Eyad

& Emily Hanna (512-1505)

Page 6



June 10 through 13

6:30 to 8:30 pm

Ages: 3 yrs old –

6 th Grade

VBS Registration forms

are available from Sunday

School teachers or call the

church office at 351-2446.

We strongly encourage


The last day of Sunday

School is May 20. We will

have a special party that day

to celebrate a wonderful

year of Sunday School!

Coralville United Methodist Church

Children’s Ministry Newsletter

May 2012 Lori Jarmon, Director of Children’s Ministries

No Sunday School

During the Summer

The last few years we

have not offered Sunday

School during the summer.

We do this for several reasons.

Primarily it is to give

our teachers a break from

preparing weekly lessons

and teaching. But more

importantly, it gives families

an opportunity to worship


Teaching children to worship

is essential and as

fundamental as teaching

them how to read or write.

As children learn the importance

of worship, they

should develop an understanding

of how important it

is to give the respect that is

due our awesome God and

our Lord and Savior, Jesus


There is great power in

multigenerational worship.

Consistent with the way

children learn many things,

they also learn about worship

by watching their parents

and other members of

the congregation engaged

in worship. Children will

come to understand that

they are an important part

of the congregation and the

family of God.

Volunteers are needed to

help with Wild Blue Bible

Adventures, All-Star

Games, Sky High Imagination

Station and Skydive

Diner. We also need leaders

to guide a group of

about 5-8 children to the

different stations each

night. Please contact Lynn

McMains at 338-0505 if

you would like to volunteer

to help during VBS.

Sunday School Teacher

Recognition on May 20 during

the 8:30 am worship service.

Free Lunch Served

On May 1

Donations needed!

Please consider donating fresh fruit, a

salad, or a dessert for Free Lunch

served at the Wesley Center on Tuesday,

May 1. Please leave your food

donation in the refrigerator at church

on Sunday morning, Monday 9:00

am to 5:00 pm, or between 8:00 and

9:00 am on that Tuesday. Thank


Jama Lidral or 354-6446

A Big Thank You to all the walkers

on April 1 and all the sponsors who

supported the walkers. $946 was

raised to help people in need throughout

the world, including people in our

own community (25% went to our

local Crisis Center). You do make a


Esther Drew and Gary Hug

Coralville Ecumenical Food Pantry

There are lots of exciting things happening with the Coralville Ecumenical

Food Pantry! We have a new website! Check it out at

and sign up for our e-newsletter to keep in touch with all that is going on.

We had a wonderful donation of 5,383 pounds of food donated to the pantry

from the Canstruction 2012. You can see pictures of the event on our Facebook



Are you a current volunteer for the food pantry or would you like to become

involved? We are having a Food Pantry Volunteer meeting on May 20 at the

church in the Upper Room immediately following the second service. Come

join us to find out how you can help. There are lots of opportunities to become

involved with varying levels of time commitment. For questions contact

Sally Strah, 338-1676 or Colleen Kummet, 400-7149.

CUMC Vegetable Garden

Page 7

Thanks to some very hard work by Gary, the garden was plowed.

The plot is huge! We decided to go with the traditional rectangular

design since it was easier to till.

Thanks also to Katie and Christopher Mohr for helping seed the

early crops! We got the onions, peas, cabbage, collard greens,

swiss chard, lettuce, spinach and radishes planted. The crops are

grouped by harvest date, so that the plot can be replanted when the

early crops are harvested and out.

There is more to do:

1. Potatoes will go in the open space between the onions and peas.

2. We have room for additional varieties! Doug suggested arugula -

great idea! We still have room between the collard greens and

the lettuce/spinach sections. I love the variety we have this year,

each crop has a different mix of micronutrients that may really

benefit the clients at the food pantry/free lunch.

3. Be careful when weeding the spinach and lettuce sections! Katie

M. and I decided to take the "square foot" approach and sprinkle

seed these portions. Also some of the lettuce is a mix of varieties

so it won't all look the same.

4. We could use some compost and mulch before the mid-May


5. Mark your calendars for May 6 at 11:00 am in the fellowship hall

for the next vegetable garden meeting. Also on May 19 or 20,

we'll have a party at the garden to plant the later crops. The spinach

and radishes will be out by then.

Don't forget to pray that God will multiply the harvest for those in

need in Coralville!

Colleen Kummet


Page 8

Stuff, Etc: The Mission Committee would like to remind everyone that our church has an account at

Stuff, Etc. in Coralville. When doing your spring cleaning and need to get rid of some good used items,

whether clothing, furniture, or household items, please consider taking them to Stuff, Etc. Our account

number is #290 and the money will go to support our church's mission projects. Thank you.

Disaster Relief in Iowa: Financial assistance is needed to support the disaster relief work of the Iowa Conference

in the aftermath of the April 14 tornadoes that impacted Iowa communities. “We already sent funds to

Thurman for expenses they’ll incur as they help the community clean up, and to First UMC Shenandoah,

which will be housing volunteers,” said Rev. Karen Nichols Dungan, Assistant to the Bishop for Connectional

Ministries. “This was possible immediately because of the generous donations congregations have given to

help support disaster response and recovery.” Online donations may be made at:

disasterministries. Checks, made payable to the Iowa Annual Conference, with Advance Special #223—

Disaster Relief noted on the memo line, may be sent to: Iowa Annual Conference, 2301 Rittenhouse Street ,

Des Moines , IA 50321

Mother’s Day

May 13

Go online at to keep up to date on the Forward in Faith Campaign!

Sunday, April 29

5:30 pm Campaign Banquet - Community Room

The doors will open at 5:30 pm for arrival, and the dinner will be served at 5:45 pm. The dinner will include baked

chicken breast, green beans with almonds, party potatoes, a roll & butter, and a beverage. Every family is invited and

encouraged to attend. There is no admission fee for either the main Banquet or the Children’s Party. This will be a great

opportunity for fellowship, inspiration, and information with the entire church body. The program will celebrate what God

has done through the ministry of our church, and focus on future plans and goals as we continue to seek His will for the


5:30 pm Children's Party - Sunday School rooms

While the adults and youth are enjoying the Banquet, our children will be cared for at the Children’s Party. Children may

be checked in at the church beginning at 5:30 pm. Parents will be required to sign their children in at arrival, and to sign

them out at the end of the party. The Children’s theme is "Noah's Journey: Forward in Faith." A variety of activities

are planned, including story time, games, and a movie about Noah. A meal of chicken strips, applesauce, baby carrots

with dip, and jello will be served during the party. A fun time is expected, not only for the children, but also for the adult

and youth volunteers who will be assisting. Children should be picked up no later than 8:45 pm.

Church Calendar available on website

New Website!

Please keep the Forward in Faith Campaign Master Committee in your prayers!

Page 9

Coralville United

Methodist Church

806 13th Avenue

Coralville, IA 52241


Please call or write to let us

know your change of address!

Sunday Morning

Worship Schedule

8:30 and 9:45 am

Sunday School

9:45 am

Douglas E. Williams

Lead Pastor


Upcoming Sermons Series

40 Days into the Word

May 6: “What Can I Trust in the Bible?”

May 13: “How Can the Bible Transform Me?”

Celebration Sunday and Mother’s Day!

For Announcements and Prayer Needs

Please contact the church office with any

information for the bulletin, the Pastors,

or for the Prayer Chains.


U.S. Postage


Iowa City, Iowa

Permit No. 137

2012 Newsletter

May 20: “Seeing what the Bible Wants Me to See”

8:30 Service - SS Teachers/Small Group Leaders’ Appreciation

9:45 Service - Graduate Recognitions

May 27: “How to Study a Bible Passage”

June 3: “Understanding the Meaning of a Text”

June 10: “Integrating God’s Word into My Life”

June 17: New Worship Times 8:30 and 10:00 am! Father’s Day

Our Mission

To make Disciples of Jesus Christ

for the transformation

of the World!

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