The Pentecostal

The Pentecostal

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The Pentecostal






Love in Action

The greatest sermon on love was not preached by word of mouth,

neither was it written by the pen of any ,inspired writer. It was

preached in silence by the suffering Saviour as He submitted to the

Cross and died for sins He did not commit.

Others have died by force; Jesus died willingly. Some have died

for good men; Jesus died for wicked ones. Many have died for their

friends; Jesus died for His enemies. He died because He wanted to

save them from eternal death. Even while He was suffering from

their cruelty He prayed for them. He refused to show any bitterness

toward the enemies who were crucifying Him, for it was for them

He was dying. He might have reviled and threatened them for their

injustice but instead He said, "Father, forgive them, for they know

not what they do."

Here was love in action. Here was positive proof that when Jesus

said He loved men He meant it. Here was a demonstration of the

worth Christ placed upon human souls. Here was -a definition of

love that all could understand. Do our actions speak of that kind

of love, or are we self-centered, indifferent to the needs of .others?

Do we sacrifice to show'our love for others, or do we only say we

love them? John said, "Hereby perceive we the love of God, because

He laid down His life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives

for the brethren. But whoso hath this world's good, and seeth his

brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him,

how dwelleth the love of God in him? My little children, let us not

love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth" (1 John

3 :16-18).

Many sermons are preached by word of tongue, but few by daily

deeds. Men and women perish in their sins because no one bas ever

touched their hearts with a demonstration of real love. We say we

love the souls of men but our actions deny it. We say we love

God but if we do not love our fellow men whom we have seen, how can

we love God whom we have not seen?

The apostles were mightily moved by the Crucifixion of Christ.

They understood that when Christ died He set an example for us,

that we should follow in His steps. Peter said we have been called

to show that we too can suffer injustice without resentment; to be

patient in tribulation; to do right when surrounded by wrong; to be

healed of all selfishness, rebelliousness, and natural meanness.

Paul wrote of the love that suffers long and still is kind ; that never

is jealous; that never exalts self; that never swells its chest but

beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth

all things. This is the love that loves the unlovely; that keeps on

showing kindness in spite of rebuffs; that keeps praying for sinners

no matter how discouraging the prospect of their conversion might

be, and has faith in new converts no matter how vasciilating they

may seem to be.

This love is not man-made but divine. It is shed abroad in our

hearts by the Holy Ghost. It is demonstrated in our lives as we keep

ourselves in the love of God and keep praying in the Holy Ghost.

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ing that even the last unit is awaited

and enjoyed; others are so wearying

that interest has waned long before the

final entry comes into view. The "pro-

cession" of Zechariah 9:9-11 is well

on its way, and the last unit has taken

its place on the world scene.

When Jesus made His "triumphal

entry" into Jerusaletn this scripture was

fulfilled in part, but only in part; for

as yet the battle bow is not cut off;

peace is not spoken to the heathen;

and His dominion is not from sea to

sea, nor from the river to the ends

of the earth. But it will be, and so

before we write finis to this glorious

and prophetic utterance we realize that

the fulfillment is in progress now. The

gates of the City are in sight.

It was customary in the days of

Jesus for conquerors to make trium-

phal entries. Caesar's triumphal entry

after the conquest of Gaul was a thing

of splendor, as he rode in his golden

chariot with the conquered leaders

chained to his chariot wheels. Why

did not Jesus have at least a beautiful

March 22, 1959

By Evangelist Edna M. Goodwin, Pomona, California

steed, royally caparisoned and with spe-

cial outriders? That would have ex-

pressed the thought of majesty. But

Jesus, King of kings, Conqueror Su-

preme, rode an ass. Why? Because

the ass represents us. That final unit,

added to the group at Bethpliage, repre-

sents all of the redeemed of all ages.

The Bible often uses the animal king-

dom to represent persons or truths. A

slain lamb. is ti type of Jesus, the suf-

fering Saviour alway:. An ox por-

trays burden bearers and being yoked

in with Him-and that is delightful,

for His yoke is easy and His burden

light. To share His load, His road.

His goal, and His fellowsliip is heav-


A dog, whose price was .forbidden

in the sanctuary, typifies unregenerated

humanity, but a donkey is a type of

redemption. Under the old law, the

neck of the first-born donkey must be

broken. Other first-born creatures were

also required to be offered to the Lord.

Not an ass. If the ass was to escape

the refuse heap because of any seem-

ing value, there was one alternative:

A Palm Sunday Meditation

a lamb, unblemished; must go to death

in its stead. Since God's Lamb went

to death for you and me, we as con-

demned creatures stand free because

of His sacrifice and so the ass be-

comes the type of redeemed humanity.

The fact that the ass stood at the

cross roads testifies that somewhere,

sometime, a lamb had gone uncom-

plainingly to death.

But he was tied-yes, although he

was absolutely and irrevocably free

from all fear of death, the ass was

tied there where two wavs met: Now

strange to say, this last unit was not

added until they had reached Bethphage,

which means "the place of figs."

Jesus cursed a fig tree one day for

its lack of fruit, even though it was

not yet the time of figs. Why? Be-

cause it was full-leafed, Fig tiees p~it

on their fruit before they sprout their

leaves, and while it was pre-season the

fact it was full-leafed gave the testi-

mony, "I bear fruit." Fruit is a req-

uisite. Discipleship hinges on it. With-

out it there is no harvest. This is the

fruit-bearing age, and the ass was

added at the beginning of it, or at

"the place of figs."

The Master could have borrowed the

finest mode of travel, since He must

needs borrow the donkey anyway, but

how evident His desire to include the

redeemed in all that pertained to Him-

self. "We are laborers together with

him," and if we suffer with Him we

shall be glorified together. The donkey,

then, has a part.

What part? To upliold and bear the

King to His destination so that all may

behold Him. But he is still tied, out

at the crossroads. Jesus knew that, and

He sent two disciples to loose him

and bring him to a place of yielded-

ness to, and identification with, the


But bystanders, onlookers, even

friends may disapprove. "Why do ye

loose the colt ?" The answer was, "The

Lord hath need of him." Hitching posts

are proper in their place, but one day

the Lord will beckon and then there.

(Contmued on page twenty-three)

A Message Preached at the

Fifth World Conference of


will find my text in Matthew 26:54-

just the final four words: "Thus it

must be."

Jesus is looking toward Calvary with

its blood and agony, its shame and

torture, its unspeakable load of human

guilt, where He is to be made sin for

me. He has in view the awful lone-

liness of the. hour when He is to be

forsaken even by God as He hangs

on the accursed tree. And He says,

"Thus it must be."

I think if Paul the apostle could

, speak to us he would choose this

theme. It was Paul who said, "God

forbid that I should glory, save ia the

cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by

whom the world is crucified unto me,

and I unto the world" (Galatians 6:


Christ crucified is our central theme.

We emphasize the work and ministry

of the Holy Spirit only because He

glorified the Christ of the cross; we

teach healing as a confirmation of the

gospel of the cross; we preach Christ's

imminent, personal, physical return be-

cause that will mean the consumma-

tion of the mighty salvation purchased

at the cross. But the cross was, is,

and always shall be the great theme

of our preaching. The throbbing heart

of all true Bible ministry must be the


The Meaning of the Cross

You ask me, "What is the cross?"

The cross is the torture stake on which

Christ died. It is the lowest rung in

the ladder of His voluntary humilia-

tion which involved the laying aside

of His eternal glory to become man

for my redemption. He, "being in the

form of God, thought it not robbery

to be equal with God: but made Him-

self of no reputation. . . . He humbled

Himself, and became obedient unto

death, even the death of the cross"

(Philippians 2 5-11).

The cross is the means of recon-

ciliation between God and men (Co-

lossians 1 :20-22). The cross is the very

focus of the power of God. "The

Pentecostal Churches

preaching of the cross is to them that '

perish foolishness; but unto us which '

are saved it is the power of God"

(1 Corinthians 1 :18).

The cross means the removal of the

curse of a broken law. "Christ hath

redeemed us from the curse of the law,

being made a curse for us: for it is

written, Cursed is everyone that hang-

eth on a tree" (Galatians 3:13).

The cross is the great unveiling of

the heart of God. It is the measure

of man's worth to God. It is the scale '

by which to measure the hideousness

and 'blackness of human sin. It is the

answer to heaven for earth's sin and.

sorrow, the final answer, the absolutely

sufficient answer.

When our Lord was faced with the:

cross, knowing all that it was to mean

to Him of blood and soul-agony as

He was made sin for us, He said,

"Thus it must be."

Lenin said that Communists are

"dead men on furlough." But Chris- ,

tians are "crucified with Christ," or ,

born crucified as the old theologians

would say. And the only kind of Chris-

tianity that can meet the challenge of .

this late hour is "crucified disciple- '

ship." Unconditional dedication to

Christ !

The cross of Christ means salvation

for me, but I dare not claim it as my

release from sin and judgment unless

also I embrace it as the standard of

my living. And I fear this is the great

mistake of twentieth-century evangeli-

cal Christianity. Oh, the shallow, half-

true, but wholly misleading presenta-

tion of the gospel which leads men

and women to profess that they are

disciples of a crucified Lord; but leaves

them free to make themselves com-

fortable in a doomed world. Chris-

tians are crucified people! Dead t~

every claim but Christ's! Dead to ev-

ery lordship but His. Living only for

Him, to please Him who bought them

with His blood! Brother, sister, that's

your nature if you are a Christian.

The Necessity of Our Cross

The cross means eternal life as a


free gift, but it also means death to

self. Self is Satan's ally within the

soul. It was h?artin Luther who said:

"I am more afraid of my own heart

than of the pope and all his cardinals.

I have within me that great pope, Self."

The cross is the great necessity for

you and me.

Now why is it so important that I

die to self, that all my life be marked

by the cross? First of all, fruitfulness

depends on it. I mean genuine, lasting

spiritual fruit. There is much that is

synthetic these days. But fruit that

shall remain only comes out of death.

Jesus said, "Except a corn of wheat

fall into the ground and die, it abideth

alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth

much fruit." And in the second place,

the cross is necessary for me because

the power of a risen Christ is realized

in my life only to the extent that self

is crucified.

In Philippians 3 :lo-12 we read,

"That I may know him, and the power

of his resurrection, and the fellowship

of his sufferings, being made con-

formable unto his death; if by any

means I might attain unto the resur-

rection of the dead. Not as though

I had already attained, either were al-

ready perfect: but I follow after."

Here Paul is talking about conformity

to Christ's death as the gateway into

the manifestation of the power of a

living Christ in me here and now.

Only recently has God blazed this gi-

gantic truth upon my soul, that God

empowers me to the extent that I die

to self. It is not the tempo of our

music, or the pitch of a man's voice

when he is preaching, but "we are de-

.livered unto death that the life of Te-

sus might be made manifest in us."

The theme song of the world is,

"Enjoy yourself," and it's amazing how

much that philosophy has polluted the

church. The gospel is not to make us

comfortable in this world. It is to

make us citizens of another world. Just

to the extent that I pamper myself,

seek prominence, resent others, love

praise, resist correction, am greedy of

earthly gain, and irritable within while

putting on a mask of piety without,

to that degree I short-circuit the power

of a living Christ in me.

I've been asking myself a question:

Am I rnarked by the cross? How about

my clothing, my home, my eating;* my

recreation, my giving to God's cause?

Is all of my life marked by the cross?


What an impact we would make upon

this weary sin-sick world if every one

of us would embrace the cross! The

man on the street is not interested in

our programs, our little dogmas, our

pet phraseology, our Pentecostal ritual,

but he'll take notice of a life marked

by the cross. There's the fragrance of

Sharon's Rose about a life like that!

The cross is the great necessity for

you and me! Crucified Christianity is

the only kind that will meet the test

of this last tragic hour. The length-

ening shadow of coming tribulation is

falling across a doomed world. Alrr I

marked by the cross?

The Necessity of Christ's Cross

Now let me pass on from this aspect

of my subject to the second part. Je-


Cive up becauee the croee ie heavy,

Sink down in weakneee 'neath ite load?

Cive up and eay you can't endure it,

Too rough, too tireeome ie the road?

Ah, no, rejoice you have a croee,

A croee which none but you may bear:

Why, you are rich, when by that croee

You earn your right a crown to wear.

Give up while there ie etill in heaven

A Cod who notee the eparrow'e fall?

Cive 'up when He eo longe to help you,

But only waite to hear you call7

He.clothee the liliee, feede the birds;

Would He to you, then, pay leee heed?

Look up to Him with prayerful heart,

He will. eupply your every need.

-Grace 8. Rrnfrow

sus said of. the cross, "Thus. it must

be." The cross was a necessitv for

Him. But why was it so necessary?

Let me suggest four reasons: the love

of God, the nature of sin, the necessity

of His unique worth, and the fact that

reconciliation demarrded the cross.

God should have been completely

justified to condemn all men without

hope, but He "so loved the world, that

he gave his only begotten Son. . . ."

Sin is no slight thing. It is not just

"a stumble in the upward climb." It

is not "good in the making." It is

black and damning and defiling. It is

high treason against heaven. Its wage

is death. There is no easy remedy for

sin. The CROSS-and nothing less-

was needed.

The cross was necessary for our sal-

vation, 'because no one else could be

found who could save us. Man had

no merit at all. Angels had none to

spare. There was no eye to pity and

no arm to save; so His eye pitied

and His arm brought us salvation.

And finally, the cross was a neces-

sity because only by the cross could

men be reconciled to God. The need

for reconciliation arises when parties

are estranged from each other. And

that is what has happened between

men and God. The devil convinced

Eve that God's way was not best, and

men have believed the devil's lie ever

since. They believe that God really

doesn't love men; that to get the most

out of life they must disobey God and

go their own way. If men didn't be-

lieve that, they would all serve and

love God. Now, how is God to recon-

cile these millions of men on earth

who have been thinking hard thoughts

about Him? How can God show a

world that His heart is full of love,

and that He is to be trusted and loved?


You cannot doubt the love of the

God who would send His Son to die

for you. How much do you think I'd

have to love you, to give one of my

four children to die for you? That's

just a faint human picture of the love

of God.

Love that suffers So bless has a

strange power to move the heart. Be-

hold HIM, hanging by nails, lifted up

between thieves! It's the Lord of all

creation on the middle cross! And as

you look, let your heart be moved!

You cannot doubt the love of One

who would die for you. His wounds

are eloquent with love for you.

For seven years Judson battled un-

told odds to reach the hearts of the

Burmese people ; seven heart-breaking

years before he saw a single convert.

Then came war and the cruel, hunger-

ridden, pain-filled months lengthened

into years in Ava prison. Finally he

was released to carry through life the

ugly scars made by the chains and

irons with which he had been boulitl.

On one occasion he asked the king for

permission to go into a new area of

the country to preach the gospel. The

king said that others might go, but

nof Judson. "My people," said the

king, "are not fools enough to listen

to anything you might say, but tllc.~

will take notice of your scars."

I do not ask you to pay particular

attention to anythhg I might say, but

I do ask you to let the nail-scarred

hands of the Lord Jesus break down

every barrier in your heart to the love

of God. 4 4

March 22, 1959 5









Notcs on thc Ncm Tcsta~rtcnt,

commenting on James 5:14, 15, says,

'" 'Having anointed him with oil'-this

single, conspicuous gift which Christ

comn~ittetl to His apostles (Mark 6:

13) remained in the Church long after

the other miraculous gifts were withdrawn.

Indeed it seems to have been

designed to remain allvays, antl James

directs the elders, who were the most,

if not the only gifted men, to administer

.it. This zuas tl~c whole pl-occss

of physic it1 the Christiari Clrlrrch, till


the might); outpouring of the Holy

Spirit in this century that the number

of witnesses became large enough to

attract the attention of the general pl111-

lic. During. recent years divine heal-

ing has been i~rought into the limelight,

antl tho~~santls ljelieve in it now

for every one who had the light fifty

years ago.

it was lost by ~tnbclicf. . . . 'Atld tlrc

.prayer offcrcd in faith shall saw the

.sickJ-from his sickness, and if any

sin be the occasion of his sickness, it

shall be forgiven him."

In his Jourml, John \Vesley records

The Pentecostal people, one hundred

per cent strong, accept the doctrine of.

divine healing, and nearly all of them

ha\,e proved it in their own bodies,

and nlany who do not have the light

on the baptism in the Holy Spirit in

Pentecostal power believe in the healing

of the sick through the prayer of

faith, and will readily suljsci-ibe to the

following propositions :

no less than two hundred forty cases 1. Siclzness and Dcatll Havc Come

of divine healing in connection with Upon the Hrrlllan Famil?l Bccartse of

his ministry. If this divine gift was Sin (Romans 5 :12).

lost through ~~nljelief, it is reasonable

to expect it to be restored through


All through the centuries since. the

time of the apostles there have been

individuals who had faith ip God for

2. Tllesc Arc n'ot a Blcssitlgl, blrt a

Curse permitted by God to fall upon

man because of his sin and disohedience

(Exodus 15 :26 ; Deuteronomy


the healing of their bodies, and where 3. X'ot God, but' thc Dcvil, Is tllc

~Vcm Testament faith has bee11 fo~mtl Author of Disease and Dcatll, but God

Nc:u Tcstaiil.ejlt ~~iirac-lcs 11ak.e been is the Author and Giver of life and

wrought in the name of Jesus Christ. health, and Jesus came to destroy the

Near the end of the last ce~ltur); zuor1:s of thc devil. This is s11on11 in

there were a few shining lights arho the hook of Job and in Inany other

witnessed to the healing grace of our scriptures. See Acts 10:38, Luke 13:

Lord in our times, but it was not till 11-17; Hebrews 2:14, 15; 1 John 3 :&


Deliverance from sickness is provided

for in the atonement, and is the

privilege of all believers. Isaiah 53 :

4, 5 ; Matthew 8: 16, 17.

--State~~tettt of Fl~rrdawrrrtal Trittlis,

adopted by tlrr Asse~~~blirs of God

4. Christ IVas Made a Clrrsc for Us

in order that we might go free from

the curse of sin (Galatians 3 :lo-14).

5. In the Atonement Fdl Provision

Is Made for Otrr Physical Healing,

as well as for our deliverance from

the guilt, penalty and power of sin

(Isaiah 53 :4, 5 ; Matthew 8 :17 ; 1 Peter

2 :24).

6. Tlze Benefits of His Atoncr~olt

Can Be Appropriated by Faith, and

in No Other Way, and accrue to the

believer only as his faith lays 11oItl

on them. The Lord asks us, "What

wilt thou that I should do unto thee?"

(Mark 10 :5 1 ), and says, "According

to your faith be it unto you" (Mat-

thew 9:29). -

7. Divine Hcaling Is Part and Par-

cel of the Gospcl (Luke 4:18, 19;

Matthew 10:7, 8; Luke 10:9; Mark

16 :15-20).

8. It Is God's Wdl to Hcal All tllc

Sick, for Jesus and the apostles healed

all that came to them for healing (Rlat-

thew 8:16; Acts 5 :12-19).

9. Our Lord Conimitted This Hcnling

Ministry First to the Twelz:~, Tlrcrr


of the


_August 26-September 1

San +ntonio, Texas

Housing forms for reservations

Inay be secured by sendilig

a stan~pe:l self-addressed

envelope to :

Clarence E. Mc~Vcely

201 Sequoia Drive

SOPI Atltonio, Tc.m.i

to the Seventy, and Then to the Whole

Church, and Finally to Each Believer

in Particular. See the texts cited under

our seventh proposition. Read also

John 14:12, 13.

10. The Last Words of Jesus be-

fore He ascended on high, according

to Mark 16:18, are a perpetual prom-

ise of the healing power: "They [be-

lievers] shall lay hands on the sick,

and they shall recover." The final in-

structions given believers through James

5:14 directs them when sick to "call

for the elders of the church," who are

to anoint them and pray over them,

and to this the great promise is added:

"The prayer of faith shall save the

sick, and the Lord shall raise him up."


Bones And

Muscles Healed

The healing of Bobbie Post, New

Jersey teen-ager suffering from a bone

disease, was the means of bringing him,

his mother, brother, and grandmother

into Pentecost.

Bobbie was suffering pain in Octo-

ber 1957 and losing the use of his

legs because of a malformation of the

bone, known as Osgood-Schattler dis-

ease. Casts were applied to both legs

from the ankles to the thighs, with

the legs in a flexed position. After

two months the casts were to be re-

moved, the bones X-rayed, and new

casts applied if necessary.

Bobbie's aunt, who attends the As-

sembly of God in Hamburg, New Jer-

sey, asked her pastor, R. E. Piedmonte,

to come and pray for him. As a re-

sult, the casts were removed three weeks

early and X rays revealed the bones

were perfect. No more casts were

needed. However, Bobbie had trouble

walking and had to use a cane.

"The Sunday after my casts were

removed," Bobbie says, "I went to the

Assembly of God in Hamburg. Brother

Piedmonte again prayed for me and

asked God to complete the work which

He had begun in my body. God in-

stantly answered prayer and I walked

out without the cane. The next day

I was able to go up and down steps,

and on Thursday I went back to school.

Our physician had said I would be

March 22, 1959

11. No Man, Church, King, or Po-

tentate Has any Authority to Counter-

mand the Lord's Orde~.

12. Our Christ Is Healing, the Sick

in Our Day. Wherever these directions

are followed, the mighty works of our

Lord are manifested.

"In that same hour he cured many

of their infirmities and plagues, and

of evil spirits; and unto many that

were blind he gave sight. Then Jesus

answering said unto them, Go your

way, and tell John what ye have seen

and heard; how that the blind see, the

lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the

deaf hear, the dead are raised, to the

poor the gospel is preached" (Luke

7:21, 22).

Go and tell John-EVERY John.

unable to go to school for a month

because of the muscle shrinkage which

took place during the time they were

in casts; but I went back that week

with my legs stronger and better than


"Needless to say I regularly attend

the church of my choice, the Assem-

bly of God, along with the other mem-

bers of my family who came into Pen-

tecost through my healing. We have

all received spiritual food which we

lacked in the church we formerly at-

tended.. We thank the Lord for a full-

gospel church and full-gospel teaching."

(Endorsed by Pastor Ronald E.

Piedmonte, Assembly of Cod, Hanzbzrrg,

New Jersey.)





Mrs. E. A. Trauman, Sr., of He-

bron, North Dakota, has found joy

and peace in serving Jesus, despite

the trial: through which she has gone.

She sent her oldest son to World

War I1 and received only a yellow slip

of paper in return. He was "missing

in action;"

Early one morning in June of 1956,

her husband was suddenly stricken with

a heart attack and was dead in less

than a minute. Her other children are

all married and she is alone. But Mrs.

Trauman knows the secret of God's

Dresence. "I was not reallv alone."

:he -writes, "for as I woulh go ok

and pump a pail of water I would

look up into the sky and know that

I had Jesus to care for me."

About a year ago she began to feel

chronically tired, and then her right

leg broke open just below the knee.

The sore deepened and widened, but

Mrs. Trauman could not afford to go

to a doctor. She was still paying on

her husband's funeral expenses. Then

her left leg also started to open in

several places, and in her affliction

she often thought of Job.

"My faith was very weak," she says.

"Then in October, 1958; Elvan Sholin

came to hold meetings in Hebron. He

and his family ptayed much for me.

I could feel the touch of God upon

my body, and in a short time all those

terrible, open wounds were healed.

When I realized that the deep sores

were all gone, I began to rejoice in

what the Lord had done for me.

"Oh, how I praise my Jesus! My

God still hears and answers prayer.

Praise His wonderful name!"

(Endorsed by Pastor Elvan Slzolin,

Hebron, North Dakota.)

If God has he~led you recently, we invite you fu

write out your testimony for publication so. that

others who need healing will be encouraged to believe

and receive the Lord's healing touch. Kindly

make your testimony as brief as possible, and ask

your pastor to sign it; then mail it to the Pentecostal

Evangel, 434 W. Pacific St., Springfield 1, Mo.


- -

Have you wished you could trace the steps of Christ and place your feet

in His footprints? There is a better way to follow Him--* way

made possible through the New Birth and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

be of God, and not of us." When we

finally learn to enjoy real communion

with our Father, wi are overwhelmed

with joy and thank Him for the pres-

sures that brought us to this place.

We have all learned by experience

that our Heavenly Father -is pleased -as

we enjoy the first blessed feelings of

the Spirit-filled life. However, if we

cling too long to good feelings as our

1 chief joy, we close the door to the



learn after receiving the Holy Spirit is

to trust Him patiently while He directs

our hearts from the blessings of God to

God Himself.

The natural mind cannot grasp or lay

hold of this inner knowledge 'of God;

therefore we can only know Him as

the Spirit reveals Him in our hearts.

Loving obedience to God is the open

door to intimate knowledge of God.

Jesus said, "He that hath my com-

mandments, and keepeth them, he it is

that loveth me: and he that loveth me

shall be loved of my Father, and I will

love him, and will manifest myself to

him. . . . If a man love me, he will keep

my words: and my Father will love

him, and we will come unto him, and

make our abode with him (John 14:


When love for God is at a low ebb,

the ear is dull of hearing. Self-love

clings to God's blessings and gifts ra-

ther than to God Himself. If we fail

to respond to the Spirit's leadings as He

tries to reveal the Father to us, our loss

is great.

We learn to follow Christ into the

heights of His glory in the same way

eaglets learn to follow their mother into

the heavens. Before they can follow

they must have their young hearts di-

rected away from the comfortable feel-

ings of their downy nest and pleasant

surroundings. Moreover, they cannot

follow their mother into the heavens un-

til they first discover the mighty, heav-

revelation of God to our hearts as,the

Fountain of joy.

' The eaglets no doubt are perplexed

when their nest is stirred, when-sharp

sticks pierce their sides, and they no

en-bound eagle in their own breasts. longer feel the comfort of their downy

They dare not remain content simply to nest. So it is with us until we see that

look out of their baby nest of good through this means our Lord is leading

feelings and see the demonstration of a us to greater heights with Himself.

hidden power lifting their mother into Sometimes whole assemblies seek God

the sky. They must determine to ex- for good feelings, for great blessings.

perience the same power in their own In theory they believe "God dwelleth in


us," but in fact they fail to realize that

So it is with us: we must not merely God longs to reveal Himself to them in

be spectators but partakers of the power a new way.

of God if we would grow strong and It is a wonderful thing to experience

develop spiritually.

the outpouring of the latter rain upon

Eaglets discover their ability to fol- our thirsty hearts, but the only way we

low their mother into the heavens under can know God intimately is in comtrying

circumstances. As the mother munion with Him. It is in the heart

stirs the nest they are made very un- that He reveals Hiinself by expressing

comfortable. Then the mother eagle His nature and being. "Hereby know

presses them off their perch on a high we that we dwell in him, and he in

rock and repeatedly shakes them off us, because he hath given us of his

her wing, until they begin to appropriate Spirit" ( 1 John 4 :l3).

hitherto unknown power within them- If we constantly seek .good feelings

selves. Then this new power enables instead of desiring to satisfy the heart

them to follow the mother wherever she of our loving God, we become selfgoes.

centered; then evil springs up from the

Just so, the Spirit reveals God, the natural heart and we wonder why. We

Mighty Enabling One, to the hearts of cannot thus' walk with Christ in His

those that love Him. We do not enjoy God-centered life, for He has plainly

the learning process any more than the said, "If any man will come after me,

eaglets do; especially when it appears let him deny himself."

that ,everything is going in reverse. Satan

takes advantage of this learning period

to discourage us. But it is in the

place of perplexity that the trusting one

discovers a loving God in his heart. It

is then Christ becomes manifest in our

mortal flesh and we realize that "we

have this treasure in earthen vessels,

that the excellency of the power may

We have now seen that following

Christ as One who is apart from our-

selves is impossible. Jesus said, "With-

out me ye can do nothing." To imitate

Christ as one apart from ourselves is

not following Him any more than if

we literally placed our feet in His foot-

prints on the shores of Galilee. Peter

asked Christ, "Why cannot I follow

thee now?" It would have been fruit-

less for the Master to tell this Christ-

denying, cursing man how to follow and

act like the Christ. So He gently said

to Peter, "Thou canst not follow me

now," but He also said, "I am the way."

It is as though a young child is lost

in a large city and I become the way

home for him by taking him in my car.

Christ told this helpless man, "Thou

shalt follow me afterwards," that is,

after Christ had received Peter to Him-

self as a member of His'body. Peter's

sinful, cursing flesh first must become

the Lamb's flesh and be taken away.

The veil, the barrier between God and

man, had to be removed first.

The manner of Christ's life and all

His relationship with God is now made

avaimble to us through Christ's death

and resurrection, through the coming of

the Holy Spirit. On the Day of Pente-

cost, the hundred and twenty were bap-

tized by one Spirit into ,one body and

filled with the Holy Ghost. The after-

wards had come and had brought a vital

union with Christ as members of His

body. The members of my body are

with me wherever I go, not only phys-

ically, but in nature. They act, not like

me but zdth me, in all my relationships

with God and man. So Christ shares

God and all the things of God with the

members of His bocly. But if we be-

come so self-centered as to love the

blessings of God more than God Him-

self, then we are selling our birthright

for a mess of pottage.

When there is no deep longing for

fellowship with God in our hearts, we

become so absorbed in the good things

He gives that ultimately through care-

lessness we may even cruclfy the heir

and seize upon the inheritance (see

Matthew 21 :38). No doubt the Holy

Spirit had at one time tried to reveal

God in the hearts of the Laodicean

church as the source of all His good

gifts; but they became so self-centered

and satisfied with God's blessings that

they became blind. They could not see

their wretchedness. They did not know

they had crowded their Lord off His

rightful throne in their hearts. They

(Cont~nued on poge th~rty-one)

March 22, 1959


summit of Calvary I envision the most

dreadful drama in human history.

Clothed in scarlet and laboring beneath

a heavy cross, the Son of God, bruised

and bleeding, .stumbles up the steep

slopes of rugged Golgotha.

Helpless, man spikes, Him to the

cross beams of a rough-hewn tree. As

the echoes die away the cross is flung

skyward. Before me hangs the writh-

ing body of the great. Creator-for-

saken, cursed, and dying. He pours

out, drop by drop, His holy blood

which falls like rubies on the cold

and silent stones below.

Those tender, loving hands which

were made to bless now bleed; and

the blessed feet which traced out the

dusty paths of Palestine in search of

the sick, suffering, and sinful now

tread ih utter loneliness' the tormenting

pathway of atonement.

No silvery cloud carries its refresh-

ing cup to His dry and parched lips;

no shining angel from the realms of

glory wings its way' to His side; no

ravens from Cherith fly to His aid.

No heavenly army from the hills of

Dothan drives between Him and death ;

no fiery chariot sweeps ffom the sky

to carry Him upward ; no celestial body-

guard bears Him to safety. No voice

stills the raging winds and boisterous

waves of His troubled Gennesaret ; no

one locks the jaws of death for Him.

I cry, '!Where is the Lord God of

Elijah? Where is the God of Daniel?

Where is the God of miracles? Why

doesn't God come to deliver this dying

Man ?"

But before I cry I know the answer.

The God of Elijah, the God of Daniel,

the God of miracles suffers on that

cross! There God, in the likeness of

sinful man, hangs in the throes of

death !

Slowly but surely, upon that cross

yonder, death swallows Immortality.

I tremble as I behold this horrible

2 6 e Crucifixion


Glendale, California

spectacle of man crucifying GOD,

creature crucifying CREATOR, the fi-

nite crucifying the INFINITE, flesh

crucifying SPIRIT, chaos crucifying

COSMOS, hell crucifying HEAVEN,

night crucifying DAY, death crucify-

ing LIFE, darkness crucifying LIGHT.

I shudder as I watch error crucify-

ing TRUTH, hate crucifying LOVE,

evil crucifying GOOD, wrong crucify-

ing RIGHT, p o v e r t y crucifying

PLENTY, the minute crucifying MAG-

NITUDE, fantasy crucifying SUB-

STANCE, illusion crucifying REAL-

ITY, fiction crucifying FACT, the

temporal crucifying the ETERNAL.

I am appalled when I see meanness

crucifying MAGNANIMITY, blindness

crucifying SIGHT, clamor crucifying

CALMNESS, war crucifying PEACE,

weakness crucifying POWER, impo-

tence crucifying OMNIPOTENCE,

sickness crucifying HEALTH, want

crucifying WEALTH, conflict crucify-

ing CONCORD, folly crucifying WIS-

DOM, idiocy crucifying OMNIS-

CIENCE, license crucifying LAW, ex-

istence crucifying ESSENCE, the rela-

tive crucifying the ABSOLUTE, the

effect crucifying the CAUSE, the ac-

cidental crucifying the ESSENTIAL.,

the part crucifying the WHOLE.

My meditation reaches a climax. My

tears I cannot, would not hide. I am

moved to the depths as I stand upon

this sacred spot and realize my part

in this dark drama. It was my hands

which wove that crown of thorns and

pressed it upon His brow; it was I

who spiked His hands and feet to the

cross; it was my rebellious heart of

hate which drove the spear into His

blessed heart' of love. I mocked Him;

I cursed Him; I crucified the great


In agony of spirit I fall upon nt?

face bejore Thee, my Lord and nty

God. Here upon this hallowed hill I

pledge Thee nty utter devotion for-

evermore. I can do no less. So help

me, God. Amen.




The Iowa State Fair Board voted

unanimously to deny Jehovah's Wit-

nesses the use of the State Fair Grounds

for a midwest meeting this summer;

then it reversed its decision when the

House of Representatives a

resolution asking that the decision be


The main '.argument of those who

supported the, resolution was that tlie

state fair grounds are tax-supported

and the Witnesses, as tax-paying citi-

zens have as much right to use tlie

facilities as any other group.



The Church of England' Assembly

voted to institute a 24~hour telephone

service for the Archbishop of Canter-

bury, Dr. Geoffrey Fisher. Up until

now the Archbishop has answered his

own phone at Lambeth Palace even

in the wee hours ,,of the night.

"When tlie telephone rings at mid-

night," asked one assembly delegate,

"is it resented as an intrusion on one's

sleep or welcomed as an opportunity

to spread the Gospel ?"

The Archbishop's forthright answer

was: "At Lambeth it is resented."



Why do people fall asleep in church?

Part of the blame, delegates to the

recent Minister's Week at Southern

Methodist University were told, may

be charged to the preachers. A bishop

blamed the preachers' whining voices,

inflaiFdd--vocabularies, and a number of

other "pulpit sins."

Bishop William C. Martin of the

Dallas-Fort Worth area said that people

do not stop listening to a preacher

deliberately or spitefdly. "After all,"

he said, "they come to church because

they want to hear. They stop listening

when something raises a barrier between

them and the minister." He also criticized

certain "meaningless" mannerisms



such as rubbing the ears, waving - the

arms, and picking at one's clothes.

"The man who puts tears in his

voice when there is no need for weep-

ing," the bishop added,, "is recognized

for his insincerity and cuts himself

off from his congregation. Conversely,

many ministers have become afraid of

showing their emotions, which is equally





Chicago's Parent-Teacher Association

went on record as being opposed to any

teaching about God in the city's public

schools, maintaining that such instruction

is the'responsibility of parents and




A total of 84 war orphans are study-

ing for the Christian ministry under

the new War Orphans Education Pro-

gram of the Veterans Administration,

it was disclosed in Washington, D.C.

Of the 84 students preparing for

the ministry, 78 are men and 6 are


More than 6,000 young men and

women, children of veterans who lost

their lives in World War II or Korea,

have enrolled under the program which

has functioned since 1956. Nearly 2,000

are taking liberal arts courses, 1,200

are majoring in science and some 800

are preparing for teaching careers.


Cllurch leaders said the PTA state- ~ ~


ment was not incompatible with the While some thirteen-year-old boys

existing practice of releasing children make headlines around the world with

from public school; at parental request, their juvenile crimes, one exception,

for weekly religious education classes in Shimon Shitrit of the Ehrlich School

churches of their choice. in Tiberias, Israel, made headlines by

Former Prisoner of Communists

to Address Evangelical .

-Convention in California

John Noble (right), for over nine years a prisoner in

Russian slave labor camps, will be heard at luncheon

during N.A.E. Convention in Los Angeles, April 6 to 10

"Forward Together" will be the chal-

lenging theme at the 17th annual conven-

tion of the National Association of Evan-

gelicals in Hotel Statler-Hilton, Los An-

geles, April 6-10. Outstanding speakers

will be featured each evening and the

daytime sessions of the various N.A.E.

conimissioiis will be of special interest to

ministers and laymen of all evangelical

faiths who gather for tlie convention.

Among the speakers will be Herbert S

Mekeel, Harold Mr. Erickson, Carl F

H. Henry, T. F, Zimmerman, L. Nelso

Bell, Paul S. Rees, and Lieut. Geii. \Vil

liani K. Harrison. General Harrison wa

the United Nations General who nego

tiated the peace treaty with North Kore:

at Panniunjam. Now retired, he is Execu

winning the Junior Bible Championship

of Israel.

The new champ, who topped 17 oth-

er finalists for the honors, received

a kiss on the forehead by Prime Min-

ister BenGurion, a ribbon around his

neck, and four years of free secondary

school tuition for his knowledge of the

Old Testament.

Originally 10,000 children had en-

tered the contest.



Bible study groups are active in the

Japanese self-defense forces today with

official sanction. The Japanese' Bible

Society reports it is keeping in close

touch with the groups and is supplying

the men with the Scriptures required.




How successful has been t h e

Church's use of television? The Meth-

odist magazine Together surveyed lead-

ers in the television field and then

conduded that religious television has

been a "flop."

Said one television columnist, in a

typical reaction : "With few exceptions,

religious programs are poorly produced,

poorly promoted and poorly presented.

The people who make religion their

life's work are neither trained nor

equipped for the exacting demands of


tive Director of N.A.E.'s Evangelical Wel-.

fare Agency in Chicago.

Clyde W. Taylor, who has charge of

the N.A.E.'s Washington office, will give

a colorful report on his recent world tour

of evangelical missions.

There will be many informative ex-

hibits at the convention. The qrogram

includes lnusical talent of exceptionally

high quality.

One of the luncheon speakers will be

John Noble, whose Christian faith survived

the ordeal of life in Comniunist prison

camps. Mr. Noble, an American citizen,

is author of I Was n Slave in Rztssiu and

I Found God in the Soviet Union. On

Thursday noon he will speak on "Religion

Behind the Iron Curtain." For nearly ten

years he was confined in concentration

canips at Muelberg and Buchenwald be-

sides the dread slave labor camp of Vor-

kuta, deep in the Soviet Arctic. It was at

the close of a twe1ve;day starvation period

in a Soviet prison that Noble found Christ

as his personal Saviour.

March 22, 1959




Home Missions

By R. L. Brandt

National Home Missions Secretary



are almost synonymous: yet the work

of modern evan&lists often seems far


removed from Home Missions.

Today's evangelist usually finds him-

self ,in an established church, preaching

to a crowd which has already heard

the gospel many times over. As a re-

sult he-is faced with a serious prob-

lem. He feels called to bring a mes-

sage slanted toward the sinner, but his

audience has few unsaved in it. He

struggles to attract the unconverted, but

often he finds himself frustrated in

his purpose.

What is the solution to this problem?

Should the evangelist change his mes-

sage, slanting it toward the Christian

instead of toward the sinner? Should

the ,pastor discontinue his evangelistic

program in the local church to, con-

centrate henceforth on a ministry, to

the Christians? Or what can be done?

Perhaps we should rethink our ap-

proach to the unsaved. As it is, we

have built beautiful "fish houses" all.

along the "shores" of humanity's sea.

We have invited the "fish". to come

to our "fish houses," and some have

responded. But we are beginning to

realize that if we are going to reach

the unreached masses we must go to


Herein lies at least a partial answer

to the problem confronting both the

evangelist and the pastor. Instead of

conducting just another largely unfruit-

ful series of meetings in the church,

let the church sponsor a series of evan-

gelistic services in some outlying com-

munity or an unreached part of the

city. The same funds which ordinarily

would have been used for the meeting

in the local church could be used to

finance the meeting outside the church.

Thus the evangelist's support, along

with other expenses of the meetings,

would be cared for.

The services might be conducted in

a tent or a rented hall, and members

of the established church should be

urged to support the effort in every

way possible.

Under such an arrangement the evan-

gelist no doubt will happily find him-

self ministering to many unsaved. His

frustration will be replaced by the joy

of fruitlessness and his ministry will

doubtless take on new meaning.

The pastor and his church, too, will

find such a program highly advantage-

ous. The "just another meeting" feel-

ing will be gone. The oft-repeated and

watered-down report, "The saints were

edified," will no longer be necessary.

The congregation will be refreshed by

virtue of its own effort to reach the

lost, and all will be made to rejoice

over new people added to the church.

It is even possible that a new church

would spring up in the midst of a

community otherwise without Christ.

"Oh," someone says, "the theory

sounds good, but will it really work?"

For an answer we must look to those

who have tried the plan.

I visited a church which had used

it. The church was alive and thriving.

Every summer the pastor had promoted

a series of evangelistic meetings in an

area of the city or community some-

what removed from the site of his

church. The results were most gratify-

ing. Many families now attending the

church were the direct result of these

efforts. The enthusiasm of the pastor

over these ventures was plainly evi-

dent. New meaning and life had come

to his congregation. Best of all, the

unsaved were being reached and con-


With America's population increas-

ing so rapidly, and with the average

city bursting at the seams, the oppor-

tunities for a similar type of endeavor

are almost unlimited. The decision as

to what shall be done lies with our

evangelists, pastors, and established

churches. Inactivity and inertia breed

only death, but if you will take the

"Why sit we here until we die?" at-

titude and accept the challenge, only

eternity will fully reveal the results.


In Romania there is a certain valley

where they grow nothing but roses for

the Vienna market, and the perfume

of that valley in the time of the rose

crop is such that if you go into it for a

few minutes, wherever you'go for the

rest,of the day, people know that you

have been there. So may others take

knowledge of us as we emanate the

fragrance of the indwelling Christ.

-Reginald Wallis

Blind Girl Finds

a Place of Service

- -

if you learned you were soon to be-

come blind? Could you still be happy

and contented?

About five years ago Jeanne Stanke,

of Memphis, Tennessee, gradually lost

her sight while attending Bible school.

Her reaction to this adversity had to

take one of two forms--either bitter-

ness or development of a strong Chris-

tian character. By appropriating the

grace of God, Jeanne has found con-

tentment and a place of service in spite

of her blindness. Here is her story:

"I lost my sight about five years

ago while I was attending North Cen-

tral Bible Institute in Minneapolis.

When I noticed my sight becoming

poor, I prayed much and asked God

to make me well again and return per-

fect sight. I had to leave school, but

my continual prayer was for the re-

turn of my sight so that I could work

for the Lord.

"One day as I was earnestly praying

to this end, the Lord spoke to my heart

asking me to let Him use me AS I

' March 22, 1959 .

1:; '

Jeanne Stanke and her co-worker, Ann 'Stines.

They conduct child evangelism services.

By Twila Brown Edwards

WAS, so I gave my life completely

t o Him and found a sudden calm and

peace. Soon I was elected C. A. presi-

dent. Teaching a Sunday School class

and conducting a children's church were

other opportunities for service. In the

meantime I was adjusting to blindness,

with the Lord's help, learning to go

by touch rather than sight. I learned

to cook, bake, iron, and play the piano,

the accordion, and the trumpet. Cro-

cheting and letterwriting took up much

of my time too, so my life was full

and happy. .

"I moved to Milwaukee where I did

church work and went to the University

of Wisconsin. The Lord was so good

to me, supplying my needs and guid-

ing my life. My main desire still was

to do more for Him.

"Last October the door opened for

me to travel in child evangelism meet-

ings. I was delighted for this op-

portunity. My co-worker and I started

holding services in Tennessee.

"We read in Proverbs, 'In all thy

ways acknowledge Him, and He shall

.direct thy paths.' We who are blind

or otherwise handicapped must realize

that we- can do all- things through

Christ which strengtheneth us.

"I haven't stopped .believing that

Christ is going to heal my eyes, but

I want to be a blessing till that day

comes rather than sit and, wait im-


Included in Miss Stanke's testimdny

was a note of thanks for the Braille

Sunday School quarterly provided for

her by the Assemblies of God:

"Perhaps you have never been in

the place where you have been hungry

for some Christian literature to read,

and yet there was none to be found.

That is the position I was in, and I

disliked having to ask someone to read

to me all the time. Now with my Sun-

Jeanne Stanke finds. spiritual encourggement

as she reads her Sundoy School quarterly

[the Adult Student) in Braille.

day School quarterly and the PENTE-

COSTAL DIGEST, both in BraiIle,

I can do my own reading. Many times

as I am reading these materials my

heart wells up with thanksgiving and

praise to God for speaking to me and

also for the Braille reading material.

May God bless each one who has a

part in this work."

Jeanne Stanke has found the secret

of a happy life. Other blind persons

need to learn about this Christ who

gives strength in times of adyersity.

Will you help us supply them with

full-gospel literature in Braille?

The cost of producing the quarterly

in Braille is approximately $5 each per


Use the handy coupon below for

sending your offering today.

I Home Missions Department I

1 434 West Pacific Street I

( Springfield 1, Missouri I

Please use the mclosrd offcring of $ ....... 1


I Blind. I


1 NAME., ........ .: .................,..................................

( ADDRESS ...................................................... 1






1 CHURCH ........................................................ 1


member the article entitled, "Pray for

the Youth of New York," which ap-

peared in the Evangel last July 6. The

article contained a prayer request for

meetings to be conducted by David

Wilkerson in the Saint Nicholas Arena

in New York City in an effort to

reach teen-age gangs for Christ.

Although several months have elapsed

since the meetings, the victorious sequel

is still unfolding. Thousands of teen-

agers attended the meetings in the

Arena, and among those who accepted

Christ were about 125 members of such

gangs as the Mau Maus, the Baby

Mau Maus (ages 12 to 14), and the

Hell Burners, all members of Grand

Gangsters, Inc. (Nicky Cruz, whose

story appears in this issue, was one

of these.)

"My problem with the group was

to win their confidence," Brother Wilk-

erson said in a newspaper interview.

"I had four of the most notorious

leaders take up the offering. On their

way up to the pulpit they had to pass

an open door. They knew they could

go out with the money and get away.

I knew it. And the congregation knew

it and expected it.

"But they went by the door and

brought the money up to me. One

of them had tears in his eyes and told

me it was the first time anyone had

ever trusted him."

Brother Wilkerson made his first

contact with gang members in March,

1958, during the trial of seven boys

for the murder of Michael Farmer.

He drove from Philipsburg, Pa. (where

he pastored the Gospel Tabernacle) to

New York to see the boys.

The judge had been plagued by an-

noying phone calls concerning the trial

and had had his phone disconnected.

Although the pastor tried to. see the

judge in his chambers both before and

after court sessions he was unable to

get in. So one day, as the court was

about to adjourn, he stood. and said,

"Your- Honor, I'm a minister. Could

I have a word with these boys?"

Because the judge thought he was

trying to cause trouble, he ordered the

minister evicted from the court. "Pic-

tures of the policemen hauling me,out

of court," Brother Wilkerson says, "ap-

peared in papers across the nation, and

gang members who saw them thought

of me as being on their side against

the police. Wliat started out as a bitter

defeat turned into an opportunity."

He went to see the father of one

of the boys on trial and was told that

the boy wanted to talk to him. Leav-

ing there he met Angelo Morales, an

assistant leader of the Egyptian Kings,

and a conversation started. Angelo ac-

cepted the Lord as his Saviour, and

both he and Nicky Cruz are now stu-

dents at our Latin American Bible In-

stitute in La Puente, California.

Brother Wilkerson writes: "A fund

has been set up to make it possible

for some of the boys with a call to

the ministry to attend Bible school.

The fund is handled by the assistant

ickv Cruz (left). converted aona leader, hands his weaoon to David R. Wilkerr

and 'receives a ~ible in exchange- lsroel' Narvaez (right),' former gong president, also

mode o profess~on but later returned to the gong and was orrested on o murder chorg?.

superintendent of the Spanish Eastern

District of the Assemblies of God:

Vincent Ortiz, 46 Hamilton Place, Man-

hattan, New York City. We hope to

have five of the boys in Bible school

next fall.

"Since the New York meetings I

have been traveling into different cities

every week holding youth rallies. Gang

members from a number, of cities have

come to the altar, submitting their

weapons. By the time this report is

published I will be in,Philadelphia mak-

ing arrangements for meetings with

I Traded My ..

Weapons for

a Bible!.

By Nicky Cruz


what the Lord has done for me. I

can say with David that when I was

in a horrible pit of sin with my feet

going deeper into the miry clay, God

put my feet upon the Rock Jesus

Christ. The instrument He used to

bring ,me from this pit was David R.

Wilkerson, Assemblies of God pastor

from Philipsburg, Pa.

When I was. a leader of the Mau

Mau Chaplin gang in Brooklyn I did

not believe in God and I loved to fight.

But God is my God now and I do

fear Him.

On one occasion I put four bullets

into members of rival gangs and took

part in nearly sixteen teen-age stabbings

-none of which were fatal, thank

God ! I remember one time after smok-

ing a marijuana cigarette I nearly went

crazy. I was standing on a corner

and saw a young man from another

gang approach. Without any reason

I shot him in the leg with my pistol.

There are thousands of young men

living in New York just as I did. I

became so wicked as a teen-ager that

my parents returned to Puerto Rico,

leaving me to make my own way. I

went from bad to worse-robbing,

stealing for my food. The gang wanted

me to be president, but I chose to be

vice president for I wanted to do the


March 22, 1959

teen-age gangs there. Please pray that

God will do in that city what He has

done in New York City, saving at

least a few from the multitudes of

roaming teen-age gangs.

"I am interested in holding two-night

youth rallies in different cities torchal-

lenge our Assemblies of God youth to

be the first in their day to reach teen-

age gangs and the rock-and-roll mem-

bers of this generation. I have seen

it proved over and again tbat only

Spirit-filled young people can witness

effectively to gang members." 4 4

I used a baseball bat when we were

"rumbling" and "jitterbugging" and

would get so mad during the fight

that I could not see so I would just

swing and curse. Our gang dominated

the turf as far as Coney Island, Ralph

Avenue, Marcy Avenue, and the Fort

Green Projects. We had an arsenal of

pistols, knives, bayonets, garrison belts,

and other weapons. During one fight

a rival gang member shot me in the

leg. I tried to get up and run but

the police shot at me. I gave up and

was placed in the hospital and then

served a six-month jail sentence.

During David Wilkerson's meeting

at Saint Nicholas Arena in Manhattan

he came to the Fort Green Projects

to hold a street meeting. Most of

the members of the Mau Mau and

Chaplin gangs listened to him preach.

Afterward he came to shake hands

and ask us if we were ready to meet

God. I wouldn't shake his hand. I

spat on the ground in front of him

and swore, saying, "You are wasting

your time."

He invited the gangs to come to the

Arena and hear him preach. I said

I wouldn't go, but when all the others

got on the subway to go I went along

too. Over seventy of us were to

"rumble" on Seventh Avenue, hut in-

stead we c'alled it off to go to the

meeting. 111 the Arena we. tried to

laugh and talk but something stopped

us. When he asked the gangs to come

forward, Israel Narvaez, president of

our gang, and I, stood up and said,

"You have followed us for nearly three

years. We're going to that altar to

find Jesus and you're coming with us !"

The entire gang stood up and went

down the aisle with us to confess Jesus.

I handed Brother Wilkerson my

weapons and he gave me a Bible. I

went back to the other boys and told

them what God had done for me. Soon

after this a member of another gang

came up behind me and demanded that

- I take out my pistol-"because I'm

going to kill you."

I told him I did not carry weapons

now and showed him the Bible. He

lunged at me with a big knife to put

it in my chest. .I do not know how

God helped me but He did. In some

miraculo& way my hand came up in

time and the knife struck me there

instead. Now I carry a scar on my

hand, and I hope it will always re-

mind me of how Jesus was scarred

for me.

While I was serving Satan I was

attacked in a subway by five gang

members who nearly choked me with

a leather belt. From that time on I

could not speak well. Now God has

called me into the ministry and I woultl

like to speak well so that I can go

back to the streets of New York City

and preach to the gangs. Please pray

for me. God is able to heal me.

After I was saved I went with

Brother Wilkerson to Elmira, New

York, to help in a youth rally there.

When I arrived he took me to the

railroad station where teen-age gang

members were getting off the train ill

chains. They were headed for the

penitentiary. To my amazement I knew

some of them. They saw me and asked

me what I was carrying. 1 showed

them my Bible. 1 never will forget

hpw I felt; for here I was, free as

a bird, and there were my former

friends headed for jail. Oh, thank God

for what He can do for the worst

among sinners. I am glad someone

loved gangs enough to go to them with

the Good News, or I woultl still i~e

lost, and most likely in prison!

I fear God and want to serve Him.

Thank God the way was cleared for

me to go to Bible school. I want to

do my best as a sinner saved by Je-

sus' grace to take the Miarc1 of God

to other young people. 4 4


template marriage with unbelievers are

usually aware of the inherent dangers

of such a union, but they vindicate

their course by saying, "Our case is

different; it will work for us."

Within the past few weeks the

Evangel editor has received two letters

from young wives in different parts

of the country who have learned first-

hand the heartache resulting from the

unequal marriage yoke.

One writes: "I was a Christian and

my father was an Assemblies of God

minister so I was very familiar with

the warnings, 'Can two walk together

except they be agreed?' and 'What fel-

lowship hath light'with darkness?' Still,

the boy I married was not a Christian.

Of course, he promised to become a

Christian after we married, but later

he told me he thought he could change


"Bob didn't drink or smoke or swear,

and he didn't object to attending serv-

ices with me. The first time we went

to church together was during a re-

vival. When invited to the altar at the

close of the service, -he went, just to

be polite. He left the church unsaved

because he didn't know what it was

all about.

"The first summer of our marriage

presented no problems since we were

twenty-five miles from a church and

had no car. Then we moved to town

and he started going to church twice

a month with me. I didn't go without

- - - -,,- -

him. After six months he asked if I

would go to a movie with him. I re-

fused so he went alone and I stayed

home. After this he sulked for two

or three days, being coldly polite and

speaking only when necessary. We went

through this about every six weeks.

"We had been married sixteen months

when little Bobby was born. About

this time my husband started ,running

around with a group of single, worldly

boys. Lonely, I started attending church

regularly and drew close to the Lord.

The tension mounted between us, but

I still hoped he would be saved before

the baby was old enough for it to

make any difference in his life.

"Then Bob joined the army and we

traveled around, living in strange

towns. One night when he begged me

to go to a movie with him I consented,

in a desperate attempt to save my mar-

riage and nerves. I went a few more

times, hating the compromise.

"Soon after his discharge from the

army our second child was born. Things

seemed much better for us. Bob still

didn't attend church but for about two

years he was a good husband.

"Now again things have become al-

most unbearable. My husband has shown

me in various ways-some unconscious-

ly-how little he cares for my Lord.

He now goes to church only about

twice a year.

"My parents always shared every-

thing, went places together, and had

the same interests. I had thought all


in your kitchen? If so, you will be

especially interested in this story of

Henry Crowell, the man who started

the Quaker Oats Company.

Henry grew up in a beautiful home

in Massachusetts. When he finished

high school he wanted to go to the

university. But then came a big disappointment.

He became ill and was

not able to go on to school.

When he was well, he went to work

in a shoe store. About that time Evangelist

D. L. Moody came to his town

to preach. Henry went to hear him

and God talked to his heart. He knelt

and prayed and asked Jesus to come

marriages were like that. But not so.

My husband and I never go anywhere

together. For entertainment he prefers

to go out with the boys, drink a little,

play pool or poker, etc. I like to go

to a church function or to do some-

thing with other Christians.

"I have not written this for pity,

but rather that others may take warn-

ing. Even as I write, tears of re-

pentance and sorrow are streaming

down my face, for my husband has

gone to the theater and taken little

six-year-old Bobby.

"Young Christian girls, whatever you

do, wait for the one whom the. Lord

has chosen to be your lifetime com-

panion. It is far better to be unmar-

ried in the will of the Lord than to

marry out of God's will and be miser-


"The people who warned me not to

marry an unbeliever were people who

had never been married to one and had

no experience to back up what they

said. I have. Please heed my warning."

While the young woman whose letter

is quoted above has managed through

difficulty to salvage her Christian faith,

the other who wrote us was not able

to. do so. She signs her letter, "A

Miserable Sinner." Here is what she

says :

"Let me plead as someone who

knows, don't harry out of your faith.

I was raised' in a Christian home. I

was warned against the unequal yoke

with an unbeliever, but I would not

into his heart. Before this time he

had not thought much about what he

should do with his life, but now he

wanted very much to do something for


"After all," he thought, "Jesus has

made me rich in my heart by saving

me. I want to do .something for Him."

He didn't feel he could be a good

preacher, so he prayed and asked God

to show him how he could best help

others to know about Jesus. God be-

gan to show him how much money

was needed to help the ministers and

missionaries and Bible schools.

For Henry, this was the beginning

of the answer. "God," he prayed, "if

listen. Today I am paying and paying

high. Girls, boys, it is far better for

you to die an unmarried Christian than

a married sinner.

"When you marry an unbeliever you

will first start doing some small things

you know you shouldn't be doing, just

to please your mate. Then before you

realize it you have lost out with God.

You will stop going to church after

you lose out. Perhaps you will even

stay away from church for years, but

then you can't forget the teaching you

have had. There will come a time when

you will yearn to go back to church

and you will go. There God starts

dealing with your heart but you don't

feel free to respond because you know

your mate will oppose it and perhaps

forbid you to go back to church.

"If you go to church anyway, you

are so depressed you can't keep your

mind on the service. When you get

back home things are worse. You'll

feel as if hell has opened up for you.

You may face the choice of living with-

out God or without your mate. This

is what I am facing today. Remember

this miserable sinner when you

pray.. . ."

Marriage is a walk through life which

begins at the altar where the vows

are said and continues "so long as you

both shall live." The walk is not

smooth at best, but with the added

burden of the unequal yoke the walk

that began under a cloudless sky may

become an intolerable journey.

Christian young people, aside from

your decision to follow Christ, the most

important choice you will, make in life

concerns your life partner. Choose a

Christian companion for your journey

through life. 4 4

You will let me make lots of money,

I promise to give all I can to help

others hear about Jesus." He began

to give what he could, and gradually

he made more and more money. God

did not give him the money just to

make him rich, but He expected Henry

to keep his promise to give it to help

others find Jesus.

In 1881, Henry bought the Quaker

Mill and started the famous Quaker

Oats Company, which still provides oat-

meal and other cereals for millions of

American breakfast tables.

Now Henry was twice rich-rich in

his heart because he had Jesus, and

(Continued on page thirty-one)

March 22. '1959


Convention Time

in the Philippines

Tuding with Mabel Willetts and Mayme Williams.

Mayme E.


revival ill the Philippines we felt it

necessary tq invite experienced teachers

for our workers training conventions.

Groups of workers and ministers gath-

ered in different sections for further

teaching in the Word.

On October 27 Mabel Willetts of

India came to us for three months'

teaching ministry. Floyd Horst, presi-

dent of Bethel Bible Institute, Manila,

invited Sister Willetts to have her first

meeting at the school, and for one

week faculty and students enjoyed the

rich ministry of this God-anointed

teacher. It was not hard to go down

before the Lord. The entire school

made a deeper consecration.

Conventions were held in the South-

ern Islands with J. Edward Blount at

Iloilo City, on the island of Panay;

with Lester Kenny, Bacolod City, on

the island of Negros; at Cebu City

with Brother and Sister A. J. Ahlberg ;

at Immanuel Bible Institute; and with

Leslie Bedell in the Revival Center.

We held services twice each day. Many

sought the Lord to be saved and filled.


Ministers and workers came in from

the nearby islands and provinces, and

provision was made to entertain all

who came. The hunger for the Word

manifested by the ones who came con-

vinced us that this ministry is greatly

needed to follow up revival in all

these places.

The last convention was held in

Mountain Province at Tuding, where

Elva Vanderbout is stationed. Seventy-

five ministers traveled from all over

the Northern District to attend this

meeting. The district officials faith-

fully supported this convention and as-

sisted in all the services. Floyd Horst

conducted a ministers institute each af-

ternoon. Sister Vanderbout and the

host pastor, Brother Soriano, worked

hard to provide food and room for all

Send Foreign Missionary offerings to





434 W. Pacific St., Springfield 1, Mo.

Faculty and students of lmmanuel ,Bible Insti-

tute in Cebu City enjoyed convention with

Mabel Will'etts and Mayme Williams.

who came. The last night was a blessed

climax when hands were laid on all

the ministers and many were gloriously


This was the first convention of its

kind to be held in the Northern Dis-

trict and the blessed results of the

meeting have inspired our brethren to

have one every year.

Sister Willetts has gone on to other

countries to minister, and we are prais-

ing the Lord for the rich ministry of

the Word we enjoyed while she was

in the Philippines. 44

Bronnie E. Stroud and family of

Ghana arrived the latter part of Jan-

uary. They can be reached at 1019

W. Elsie St., Appleton, Wisconsin.

Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Bolton of

Hawaii are home oil furlough. Their

address is % Mrs. W. Riddle, 15231

Willard Ave., Van Nuys, California.

Timothy Loren was born to Mr. and

Mrs. Loren Triplett of Nicaragua on

January 18.

The ' ~ a rK. r ~ Bartels wish to inform

their friends of their new address

which is 9235 South Lac Jac

Ave., Reedley, Cal.

Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Frivolc! and

faillily, of Japan wish to inforim their

friends of their new. address, which is

6-1 Chome, Nanmei Cho, Cliilcusa Ku.

Nagoya Shi, Japan.

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Zeissler and

children arrived in the Philippine Island.

The David Guenther family arrived

in British Guiana.

T H E ANNUAL mssIoNAw coNvm-

tion at the First Assembly of God in

North Hollywood, California, was held

in January and carried out the theme,

"Carest thou not that we perish?"

Members of the congregation had met

to pray at 6:30 a.m. for several days,

and on the Sunday prior to the con-

vention date Evangelist Hal Herman

challenged the congregation to a re-

newed intercession for a lost world.

By convention time, First Assembly

was charged with a real sense of ur-

gency to help rescue men and women.

from a Christless eternity. The mis-

sionary team represented South Ameri-

ca, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and

the American Indian. They told of

countless millions dying without Christ,

and emphasized that this message of

salvation must be preached to all peo-

ple first and then shall the end come.

The congregation was challenged to

discharge 'its duty and responsibility in

this matter. The lack of funds and

personnel has hindered the work in

many areas, the missionaries pointed


The climax of the convention came

on missionary Sunday morning when

Pastor Steelberg spoke on the subject,

"The Cost of Salvation to All People."

He closed his message with a chal-

lenge to the congregation to accept a

personal obligation in furthering the

missionary program. The response re-

vealed a deep concern and a sincere

willingness to pay the cost.

Virtually all the people of First As-

sembly made a faith promise (a monthly

financial commitment) to God, and one

of the greatest joys was to witness

the many children who participated.

This has been the most spiritual and

fruitful missionary convention our

church has ever witnessed. We give

praise to God. 4 4

March 22, 1959


Missionary Secretary, First Assembly, North Hollywood, California

First Assembly of God in Narth Hollywood, California, decoroted with missionary curios

' and banners for annual, Missionary Convention. Wesley Steelberg, pastor, at pulpit.

, .,

Missionaries porticipatmg in the Convention (left ta right): Mrs. Robert A. Merian, Mrs.

John McPherson, Mrs. David Irwin, Mrs. Fred Merian, Mrs. C. J. Crabaugh, Andrew Nelli

(Missionary Secretary for First Assembly), Wesley Steelberg (Postor), John McPherson

(American Indian), C. J. Crabaugh (Liberia), Everett E. Dev~ne khile), Robert A. Merion

(India), David Irwin (Egypt). Fred Merion (India) is seated ot right.


- ,G on


Sunday School Lesson for March 29, 1959

Christianity is the only religion that bases its claim to

acceptance upon the resurrection of its founder. No other

religion dares to do that! Not only so, but Christianity

depends for its existence upon the truth of the resurrection.

Yet that places no strain upon the Christian's claims, for

there is as much evidence for the resurrection of Christ

as there is for any fact in human history!


28 :1-9.

1. Loyal Disciples. At dawn on that rirst Easter morn-

ing came loyal women to the tomb to anoint the body of

their Lord with spices. Though their hopes had been crushed

when He died, they loved Him still. How they shame

many Christians today who so easily become offended in

their Lord and forsake Him!

2. Angelic Intervention. "And behold, there was a great

earthquake: for the angel of the Lord descended from

heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door,

and sat upon it." The women, in their anxiety, had won-

dered, "Who shall roll away the stone?" When the time

came they found God had intervened. How often we also

to point out that those who are living a when Christ

returns will have no advantage over those who have died.

As a matter of fact, "the dead in Christ shall rise first"

and shall be caught up to meet the Lord in the air. At

the same time the living Christians will also be caught up

to join Christ and the resurrected dead saints, and together

shall thev all be forever with the Lord.

There are other " glorious benefits available to us as a

result of Christ's resurrection which we must keep in sight

and apply to'our lives.

1. The resurrection of Jesus assures us of our acceptance

with God. Romans 4:25. As long as Jesus lay in

the tomb there was no guarantee that His redemptive work

was acceptable to God. The resurrection proved the truth

of all His claims and assures us that His sacrifice for

us was acceptable to God!

2. We have a Heavenly High Priest who ever lives to

make intercession for us before God. Romans 8:34; Hebrews

7:25; 1 John 2:l.

3. The power of the Holy Spirit by which Jesus overcame

is made available to us. John 16 :7 ; Acts 1 :8; 2 :4,

-9.- -9 -9

3L, 33.

4. We are assured of personal victory over sin's Power

as well as over sin's guilt. See Romans 6:l-14.

5. We are assured of victory over all circumstances of

life. See Romans 8:31-39. By the power of the living

Christ. imparted to us through the Holy Spirit we may be

masters of our circumstances instead of victims of them.

Everything depends upon our attitude and upon realizing

our position with the living Christ! With Paul the apostle

we can say, "In all these things we are more than con-

querors through Him that loved us."

-J. Bashford Bishop

suffer anxiety and strain anticipating difficulties which THE RESURRECTION WE NEED!

either never arise or which God works out for us! And

He is still ready to roll away our stones!

3. Glorious Tidings. The angel said, "Fear not ye," and

gave ample reason for his exhortation-"Ye seek Jesus

which was crucified. He is not here: for he is risen, as

he said." (1) It is possible to seek Jesus in the wrong

places. He is not to be found in the tomb of death, nor

is He to be found in other "tombs" such as the tomb of

doubt, the tomb of compromise, the tomb of worldly pleasure,

etc. (2) Jesus rose as He said He would! The resur-

rection of Jesus was the greatest miracle and manifesta-

tion of the power of God to be found anywhere in human

history! If then the most difficult (humanly speaking) of

all miracles came to pass according to Christ's Word, can

we not safely believe His promises for all our material

and spiritual needs ?

First the angel announced the glorious fact-"He is risen."

Then he commanded the women to spread the good news

to others. Their instantaneous and joyful obedience is a

good example of the manner in which all of us who know

the Risen Christ should spread the Good News to those

who have not yet heard.



"For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even

so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with

him." Paul is saying that the resurrection of Jesus assure:

every born-again believer of his own resurrection! See also

John 14 :19; 2 Corinthians 4 :14 ; John 6 54. He then goes


Are Unlimited



The new courre, CHRIST is important

to every. Chrirtian. It dealr with topicr

much ar Chrirt'r Deity, Hir Holinerr, Hir

Prayer Life, and otherr. The other

courre, THE HOLY SPIRIT, ir a com-

plete rtudy of the minirtry of the Holy

Spirit. Old and New Tertament refer-

encer an carefully explained. Two of the

topicr included are: the Nature of the

Holy Spirit, and the Baptirm in the Holy




. , . because they deal with themes of interest to many groufls in the

church. UNDATED MANUALS are an outstanding developnrent in

the field of Clzristian literature that you won't want to ~riiss.

UNDATED MANUALS help make Bible study a part of the entire

church program. Two courses, CHRIST and THE HOLY SPIRIT.

are n m

ready for mailing to you.

These two great themes of the Christian faith are presented in thirteen

carefully planned undated lessons. A 40-page Student's Manual is:

provided for the student. The Teacher's Manual containing 96 pages,

outlines lesson presentation for the teacher. All of the teaching helps

provided in our regular dated literature are also found in this new

Teacher's Manual for undated lessons. With these aids you can give

a thorough study to each theme. Get yours today.

i Order by Title ,

CHRIST, Teacher's Manual, 50c each THE HOLY SPIRIT, Teacher'a Manual, 50c each

CHRIST, Student'a Manual, 25c each THE HOLY SPIRIT, Student's Manual, 25c each

Pastors Place High Value on loyalty Campaign

I appreciate the Loyalty Campaign

more than any other united effort of the

church. First, it teaches our people that

having a successful Sunciay School re-

quires faithfulness of members to their

posts of duty. Furthermore, it com-

batS tl& unconscious letdown which tends

to come after the Easter emphasis. The

Loyalty Campaign also teaches our visi-

: tors that we are always interested in

them and that Sunday School is a. year-

roLnd business.

Finally, the campaign helps preserve

V. L. Hertweck

the results of

seven Sundays

our Easter drive. The

following Easter provide

an opportune time to establ’sh our visitors and get them accustomed

to our classes and to our I church. When our 1959 Loyalty Cam-

paign. is completed, we are confident that we will realize substantial

growth in our Sunday Schopl which we would not see otherwise.


First Assembly of God, El Centro, California

Last year Bethel Church utilized the

plans and materials offered in the Loyalty

Campaign handbook. While we steered

away from a .“high pressure”. campaign,

our folk rallied so that our average for

the seven Sundays following Easter was

47 ahove the average for the previous

year (287 as compared with 240). Since

that time we have consistently maintained

a higher average than we had before the

Loyalty Campaign. I believe that I

speak for all of our Sunday School of-

ficers when I say that we are sold on the

Loyalty Campaign.


Bethel Full Gospel Church,

Rochester, New York

The Loyalty Campaign is the only

promotional vehicle I have used during

my 20 years experience in Sunday School

promotion that.has enabled us to average

more the month following Easter than

during the month. of Easter itself. In

April, 1957, while I was serving as

minister of Christian ‘education at North

Highland Assembly of God, Cobmbus,

Georgia, we averaged 993 which included

a record attendance of 1,224 on Easter

Sunday. We launched our Loyalty Cam-

paign the Sunday following Easter and

averaged 1,007 in May. I could tell

about other places with almost the same

results-results which have convinced me that the Loyalty Campaign

is one of the most solid methods of building the Sunday School.

The word loyalty denotes faithfulness to a cause. One thing ie-

quired of a steward is that he he faithful or loyal (1 Corinthians

4:2). We should teach faithfulness “from the cradle to the grave.”

God requires it, Jesus sanctions .it, and we should practice it:



East Highland Assenrbly, Columbus, Georgia

Any effort expended to teach faithful-

ness and dependability to our constituency

is time and money well spent. Through

years of pastoring ‘various churches, I

have found that people heartily accept

any plan which stresses loyalty to God

and to the church. They are more than

willing to put forth that extra effort

to prove to the world, to fellow Chris-

tians, and to themselves, that they are

standing loyally behind their church,

their Sunday School, and their Saviour.

.Tha’nk God for those who started the

Loyalty Campaign and for the forward

H. M. Bf~ers drive it affords us year after year!


Fremont Tabernacle, ?ilin?zcapolis, ilfinnesota

It has 6een our policy in Cleveland’s

First Assembly to capitalize on the

Loyalty Campaign each year. On Easter

Sunday, when our church is always filled

to capacity, we solicit from each per-

son in attendance a commitment of faith-

fulness for the .next seven Sundays.

.Thioughout the campaign, the loyalty

theme is developed in our opening wor-

ship services, and this emphasis has been

very profitable indeed. In the different

departments of the School, attendance

goals are assigned for each Sunday and

various promotional ideas are used. The

M: M. Brewer, Jr. departments are kept informed of their

progress and contribution to the all-

School goal. But the attendance emphasis is secondary to our overall

objective-teaching our people that loyalty to Chtist and the

church pays great dividends.


First Assembly of God, Cleveland, Ollio


“And as th!r servant was busy here and there,

he was go&’ (1 Kitzgs 2O:PO).

He came to you, for in His gentle voice

He’d mich that He would say.

Your ears were tuned to earth’s discordant sounds,

And so-He went away.

He came ; and. in His hand He had a task

That He would have you do;

But you were occupied with other things,

And so you missed that too.

He would have touched you ; and His touch could thrill

And give you quickening power ;

But earthly things enveloped, and you could

Not feel Him in that hour.



That Last Unit

(Continued from page three)

must be a severing, a launching out

into new ways with Him. Often colts

are. loath to leave the old established

routines and places. Evidently this one

came gladly, but I know of one who

seemed hard to persuade! Thank God

for persuasion.

Only those who have been freed from

the hitching post and have left all-

all the old religious training, creeds,

and ethics that have. held them fast

so long--can know the freedom, the

glory, and the enchantment of submis-

sion to His will, and His will only,

and the radiance of His divine pres-


The path between the hitching post

at the crossroads and the place where

Jesus awaits you may seem intermin-

able, but actually it is short. The ex-

altation of complete abandonment, com-

plete submission, and complete obe-

dience is sheer ecstasy. And when He

has become the guiding' factor there is

but one obligation for the ass: walk,

walk, walk.

There were no blinders. no bridle,

no check rein. Only the gentle pressure

of the rider and the beckoning road

stretching straight out ahead. People

flocked with their Hosannas and their

garlands, but it was not for the donkey

-only for Him who rode thereon. Are

you a donkey, a redeemed one? Then

leave your hitching post for "the Lord

. hath need of you." Serve Him-and

let Him have all the glory.

March 22, 1959

Where dbes 'the kble say that Jesus was beaten with thirty-nine stripes?

Paul says, "Of the Jews five times received I forty stripes save one,"

or thirty-nine (2 Corinthians 11 :24). But I do not find a record which

states that Jesus also received thirty-nine stripes. ~ccording to Jewish

law a man was not to receive more than forty stripes (Deuteronomy

25 :3). To stay on the safe side the Jews limited their beatings to thirtynine

stripes. Jesus was scourged, not according to Jewish, but according

to' Roman policy (Mark 15:15). How many stripes He suffered I do

not know.

If a mrson is saved only through what Christ did on the cross, please explain

Romans 4: 25.

The resurrection of Christ is as im~ortant in our salvation as was His

crucifixion. Christ "was delivered for our offences, and was raised again

for our justification." "And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching

vain, and your faith is also vain. . . . Ye are yet in your sins" (1 Corinthians

15 :14, 17). The resurrection of Christ was the proof and pledge

of our eternal life. His resurrection proved the accomplishment of His

atonement- "God . . . hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the

resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead" (1 Peter 1 :3).

What is Lent?

The season known as Lent was first observed as a short fast preceding

Easter, and was gradually increased to cover the forty days immediately

preceding Easter. It is believed that the forty-day length was introduced

either by Pope Gregory I in the sixth century or by Pope Gregory I1

in the eighth century. It is a season of fasting and self-denial which is

said to commemorate the forty days Jesus spent in the wilderness being

tempted of the devil.

What is Ash Wednesday?

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent. Some maintain that it had

its origin,in the Early Church, when penitents expressed their humiliation

by appearing in sackclotli and ashes. It is generally believed that it had

its beginning under Pope Gregory I1 in the beginning of the eighth

century. It has no specific Biblical foundation.

Pilate said, "Ye have a custom, that I should release unto you one at

the passover" (John 18:39). Was it a custom in Israel that one should be

taken from prison and sacrificed as an offering for all the people and was that

the meaning of Caiaphas' pronouncement, "It is expedient for us, that one man

should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not"? (John 11:49)

When a prisoner was released, at the time of the Passover he was set

free, not taken out to' die. I do not know how this custom ~developecl,

but it may have symbolized their being set free from the slavery of

Egypt. Since human sacrifices were forbidden in Israel, we may be

sure they did not execute someone each Passover as an atonement for all

the people.

The Spirit of God came upon Caiaphas because of the office he held,

and, without his knowing the full meaning of his words, he prophesied

that Jesus would die for the Jews--and not for them only, but that "he

should gather together in one the children of God that were scattered

abroad" ' (John 11 :SO-52).

If you havc a spirit~ral problem or any qucstiorr aborit thc Bible, you arc irlvitcd to

write to "Your Questions," The Pentecostal Ezvmgel, 434 W. Pacific St., Spriny-

field, Missouri. Brothcr Willinms will arrmcr either irr this collrmn or by a persoml

lctter (if you send a stamped self-addressed envelope).

in Polo Alto, Californio lowship dinner in -polo Alto, California

Altar scene following evening service in Palo ' Special choir participated in city-wide revival

Alto where C. M. Ward was guest speaker in Austin, Texas, with Revivaltime speaker

Revivaltime Travelogue


of Revivaltime's anointed radio ministry

there has come a great demand

for Revivaltime Evangelist C. M.

Ward's personal ministry. There are

very few days throughout the year

when C. M. Ward is not preaching

somewhere across the nation. He has

appeared as guest speaker for meetings

of all kinds-missionary converitions,

district councils, camp meetings,

banquets, minister's institutes, youth

meeting:, and radio .rallies.

~nvitations take him into almost every

state each year. He travels thousands

of miles each month. This is

all in addition to his ministry on the

Revivaltime broadcast, which is heard

by nearly 12,000,000 people each week.

The accompanying photorama from

recent appearances in different parts

of the country will give you a bird'seye

view of the widening influence of

Revivaltime across the nation.

Many Revivaltime listeners who have

never seen Brother Ward, attend these

meetings in order to get acquainted.

They are not all Assemblies of God

people, by any means. In one meeting

alone, when he asked the audience

how many were not Assemblies of God

attendants, he was amazed to find that

this group comprised more than fifty

per cent of the people present.

When Brother Ward visits your area,

be sure to invite the unsaved and those

who need physical healing to attend




the meetings with you. God has used April 27-GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN:

the ministry of ~ ~ ward ~ in lead- t Rrz~volti~ire h ~ Rally, ~ Central Assembly.

illg thousands to Christ and in praying

for the sick.

April 28 to May 3-EDMONTON, AL-

BERTA, CANADA : Re7fizaltir1rr origination

Brother Ward will be traveling extensively

in the next few weeks. Also

the Rcviz*altime choir will tour a number

of cities.

Brother Ward will be appearing in

the following cities :

011 May 3

T-,, ~ ~ ~ choir i with ~ cyril ~

~ ~ ~ i ~ ~ will l ~ be l ~ - t ~ per- - ~ ,

sonal appearances 'as follows :


HOMA: Capitol Hill Tabernacle.


~ ,

THERE IS an Assemblies of God military

~ chaplain i or pastor ~ at ~ each of these locations

(and dozens mre) who makes, personal

contact with young men staponed

nearby. Continue to watch the EVANGEL

for other installations not listed here.

We are ministering to


Annual Good Friday Union Service.

March 24-DALLAS, TEXAS : Oak

Cliff Assembly of God.

March 29 to April 3-BATTLE CREEK,

MICHIGAN : Easter Revival.

March 25-HOUSTON, TEXAS : Lin-


dale Assembly of God Church.

Rczrivaltiw~c Rally.


April &ORLANDO, FLORIDA: Rfik~- ANA: First Assembly of God.

ultkw Rally.


April 9-LAKELAND, FLORIDA : Rr- Des Allemands Assembly of God. .

zkzmlti~ne Rally, Camp Tabernacle.

arch 29 (a.m.)-PASCAGOULA, MIS-

Plpril IQMIAMI, FLORIDA : Reviml- SISSIPPI : First Assembly of God.

time Rally.

March 29 (p.m.) - PENSACOLA.

April - 13 - GREELEY, COLORADO :

FLORIDA: First Assembly of God.

Fellowship meeting and Rezizu1ti;rle Rally.

March 3QMOBILE, ALABAMA : Crich-

April 14--AKRON, OHIO': Revivaltiitte


ton Acsemhly of God.



-SYLVANIA : Reuivaltiye Rally, Grace First Assembly of God.

Pentecostal Church.


'April 20-21-MANSFIELD, OHIO: Zone Calvary Temple Assembly.

and Area C.. A. Rally and City Reviz~altivrc


Rally, John Simpson High School Audi-

North Highland Assembly of God.


April 22 to 23-LEBANON, OHIO: Thc .4pril 3-BIRMINGHAM, ALAB.4M.4 :

Bible Church of God.

Norwood Asscmbly.


Sectional Revizaltiine Rally.

Revivaltime, Box 70, Springfield, Mo.

Sewicemen stationed.. at-

South Carolina-Charleston Naval Base

Columbia V. A. Hospital

Fort Jackson

Marine and Minecraft Base, Charlcsto~i

Myrtle Beach Air Force Base ,

Shaw Air Force Base, Suniter

South Dakota-Ellsworth Air Force Base

Tennessee-Sewart Air Force Base, S~iiyrno

Texas-Amarillo Air Force Base

Biggs Air Force Base

Brook Army Hospital

Carswell Air Force Base

Chase Field, Beeville

Del Rio Air Force Base

Ellington. Air Force Base, Houston

Fort. Bliss

Fort Hood

Fort Sam Houston

Goodfcllow Air Force Basc

Kelly Air Force Base

Lackland Air Force Base

Laredo Air Force Base

Laughlin Air Force Basc

Rcd River Arsenal, Texarkana

Keese Air Force Base, Lubbock

Shcppard Air Force Base. Wichita Fall:

\Vaco V. A. Hospital

\Vebb Air Force Base, Big Spring

William Beaumont Army Hospital

Utah-Hill Air Force Base, Ogden

Sa!t Lake City V., A. Hospital

Vermont-Ethan Allen AFB, Burlington

Virginia-Chincoteague Nap Base

Fort Belvoir .

Fort Eustis

Fort Lee

Quantico Marine Basc

Langley Air Force . Basc

Richmond V. A. Hospital

Roanoke V. A; Hospital

\Vashington-Fairchild Air Force Base

Fort Lewis .

March 22, 1959

SEND US the addm of your service-

man assigned to any of tber bws. We

wilt infonn the chaplain or pastor about

him. Or, better yet, send your service-

man's address without delay no matter

where he is stationed. We will place

him on our mailing list whether or not

we have a chaplain or pastor to contact


ALL SERVICEMEN on our mailing list

regularly receive friendly correspondence,

REVEILLE, and other gospel literature

and services. There is no charge for this

ministj; the Servicemen's Division is sup-

ported by freewill offerings. Address all

comspondence and offerin@ to:


434 west Pacific Street

Springfirld 1, Misrouri

. GREGGTON, TEX.-Evangelist Leon

Morrow of Dallas, Tex., recently conducted

revival meetings here at First Assembly,

Five were saved, three received the baptism


of the Holy Spirit, and two were instantly

healed of arthritis. The Spiritanointed

ministry of Brother Morrow was

a great blessing. -C. C. Gee, Pasror

JAL, NEW MEX.-Evangelist Winferd

Mack of Seminole, Tex., just closed a

very successful revival here. Above-average

crowds came to hear this youth evangelist.

Some 13 knelt at the altar for

salvation, a number were refilled, and 'one


who had been seeking the baptism of the

Holy Spirit for a long time was gloriously

filled on the closing night.

-Kcirncth Smith, Pastor

LITTLE ROCK, ARK-E v a n g e I i s t

George Hayes of Houston, Tex., recently

concluded a wonderful series of revival

meetings in the Central Assembly of God

here. The meetings were reminiscent of

days gone by as people ran weeping to

the altar under mighty conviction for their

sins. No one can tell how many were

saved as people knelt around the altars,

in the seats, and down the aisles. Though

the weather was bad many nights, still

the crowds increased. The Sunday School

attendance record was broken each Sunday.

The church is growing both spiritually

and numerically as every department has


caught the vision of the soon coming of

Jesus. -Bird H. Cor~i~bcll, Pastor

HOLLEY, N. Y.-This is one area where

it is possible to have released-time re-

ligious education for public school pupils

and the church here carries on such a

program. The results have far surpassed

all expectations. Last. spring the entire

sixth grade of 50 students came "en masse" PASADENA, CALIF.-The Trinity As-

to the altar. There was a time of weep- sembly of God recently closed a very suc-

ing and praying aloud to God for forgive- cessful revival with Indian Chief Thum

ness which lasted durinn the whole class - and the Musical Sunshine Partv of India-

session. There was a move of God among

the Jur!ior and Senior High students when

all but one knelt to pray. Altogether there

were .over 100 young people who repeated

the 'Isinner's prayer:"

During this school term Evangelist and

Mrs. David Wellard conducted a Kids Krusade

here. Mrs. Wellard spoke to .the

sixth-grade students, and afterward the



class came forward' for salvation.

There were at least 50 who accepted the

Lord during the one week's crusade.

--Cltnrles H. Kellcr, Pastor

SYLACAUGA, ALA.-The First Assembly

of God here just closed a very good

revival with Evangelist Joel Palmer of

Beaverton, Ala. Even though it was rainy

and cold most of the time during the

meetings, the attendance was consistently

good. Personal workers prayed with several

who came to the altar for salvation.

A goodly number of people who had never

been in the church attended the meetings.

The musical ministry of the evangelist

and his wife contributed much to the

services. --Kcrznetla Bsrd, Pustor

.ROCKY MOUNT, N. C.-On the first

Sunday morning in January God moved

in a gracious way ill the First Assembly

of God here and three souls came to the

Lord. In the four weeks that followed

10 souls were saved or reclaimed. There

was not any special program or high

pressure from the pulpit, , but the Holy

Spirit was responsible for the results. The

Sunday School has reached a new record

attendance and the revival fires are still

burning. -Enrirest IV. King, Pastor

'ernode, Hamilton, dntario, Conada. J. H. Bloir, postor, inset.

napolis, Ind. Souls found Christ almost

every night during the meetings. The

Evangelist prayed for the sick and sev-

eral reported definite healings. The crowds

were the best the church has seen in

several years. The party promoted the

Sunday School and various departments

saw their6 previous attendance records

broken. -H. M. Smith, Pastor

.TYLER, TEX.-Evangelist and Mrs. Bob

McCutche~i recently held a good revival

in the Calvary Assembly of God. The

attendance was above average, increasing

each night. Several sought salvation and

the Holy Spirit was poured out on others.

For several months the church has had

a 30-minute, pre-service prayer meeting

which has contributed much towards spiritual

results. The church is two and a

half years old, and the Sunday School


is now averaging about 100. Very soon

construction will start on the second stage

of the building. -1. Doyle Rrozcvr, Pnstor


John H. Bostrom of California recently

held three weeks of evangelistic

meetings in Central Gospel Tabernacle

here. The Lord blessd the services and

many souls were saved Thirty-three individuals

were baptized in water on the

last Sunday evening. It was one of the

Imt evangelistic campaigns for many years.

The attendance was good. Enthusiasm was

high and members of the congregatio~~

were encouraged to visit and contact new

folk. Evangelist Bostrom's ministry was

enjoyed by all. ' -1. H. Blair. Pustor




National Association df Evangelicals, Hotel

Statler-Hilton Los Angeles, Calif., Apr. 6-10.

Evening speakers : Herbert S. Mekeel, Harold

Erickson, Thomas F. Zimmerman, Paul S.

Rees, L. Nelson Bell. Various N.A.E. com-

missions to meet in separate rooms each

morning and afternoon. Luncheon address

Thursday noon by John Noble, former

prisoner of Russian Communists.


TION-North Central Bible College, Minne-

apolis, Minnesota, Mar. 19-26. Guest speak-

ers include: Emil Balliet, Administrative As-

sistant to the Foreign Missions Department;

Martha Jacobson, Nigeria; and Del Tarrs,

Africa. All friends and alumni are invited

to attend.-by N.C.B.C. Missions Department.

DEDICATION-First Assembly of God,

Stigler, Okla..will dedicate new church audi-

torium March 29, 1959. Robert E. ‘-Goggin,

District Superintendent, main speaker. Sec-

tional fellowship meeting in afternoon with

Homer Boyd, Sectional Presbyter in charge.

Former members and pastors irivited to attend.

-by Frank M. Jones, Pastor.


venes April 13-16 at Victoria Tabernacle,

1500 Central Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas.

First service Monday at 7:30 p.m. E. S.

Williams, former General Superhtendent,.

Council speaker. For further infprmation

write Kansas District Council, 1009 S. Broad-

way, Wichita 11, Kansas.-by Paul C. Sam-

uelson, District Secretary-Treasurer. ’

NEW JERSEY-The 1959 Sectional Coun-

cils for the New Jersey District will convene

March 23-26 with Gayle F. Lewis, Assistant

General Superintendent, ‘and Robert L.

Brandt, National Home Missions Secretary,

as guest speakers. A Mission U.S.A. Rally

will be held each evening at 7 :30. Other serv-

ices at 10 a.m. and 1 :30 p.m.

Location and date of each sectional council

as follows: Southern section, First Assembly,

Hammonton, March 23; Central section, Mt.

Holly Assembly, March 24; Northwest sec-

tion, Flemington Assembly, March 25’; North-

east section, Calvary Assembly, Jersey City,

March 26.


Ariz. Chandler First Mar. 24.Apr. 5 Jimmie Mayo, Jr. Ralph Kay

Mesa First Mar. 23-Apr. 5 John Everett & wife Clyde Powell

Ark. Crossett AofG Mar. 24sApr. 5 G. L. McKinney & wife J. D. Griffis

Magnolia First Mar. 29.Apr. 12 Fay Hutchinson Grady Adcock

Texarkana First Mar. 29-Apr. 12 Eldon & Donna Bryce 0. T. Killion

Calif. Bakersfield Glad Tidings Mar. 24- Glen Shinn C. G. Eigenhuis

El Centro First Mar. 29- G. P. Hertweck V. L. Hertweck

Los Gatos A of G Mar. 22.Apr. 5 Denny David Kelsey Prinzing

Sacramento Capitol Mar. 31-Apr. 12 Oran &Audrey Duncan George Elrod

Salinas Alisal I Mar. 29- Keith Abraham Joe D. Wright

San Diego First Mar. 29-Apr. 12 Tommy Barnett Elton G. Hill

Cola. ,Denver Glad Tid. Tab. Mar. t5-Apr. I2 George Hayes R. C. Schachterlc

Conn. Stamford. Gospel Tab. Mar. 31.Apr. 12 Morris Plotts Roy T. Johnson

Ill. E. Moline AofG’ Mar. 24- Jess & Judy Hammer W. H. Smith

Rock Fal,ls A of G Mar. 31-Apr. 12 A. F. DiMusto Party Harry W. Lutz

Rock Island Bethesda Mar. 18-29 A. F. DiMusto Party F. H. Toliver

Ind. Velpen ; * Zion Hill Mar. 30-Apr. 10 Ann Stines-J. Stanke Everett Butler

Iowa Council Bluffs First Mar. 29.Apr. 12 V. H. Ray & wife C. E. Turner

Ft. Madison A of G Mar. 25-29 T. J: Jones Fred R. Gottwald

Ft. Madison A of G Mar. 31.Apr. 12 The Arnold Segesmans Fred R. Gottwald

Storm Lake A of G Mar. I?- Abra. Solomon & wife Vernon L. Huffe,

Kans. Larned A of G Mar. 29- Billy Cuthrie & wife Edwiri Rosenberg

Wichita Trinity Mar. 24- Bill Newby John M. Hutson

Md. Cumberland Central Mar. 29.Apr. 5 Louise Nankivell Frank J. Fratto

Glen Burnie A of G Mar. 15-29 Reginald Stone Robert Hallquist

Mich. qearbom Gospel Tab. Mar. 31-Apr. 12 Paul Wood & wife Parvin Lee

Detroit Berea Tab. Mar. 15-29 Hance Evang. Team Theodore Ness

Detroit Revival Tab. Mar. 24-Apr. 5 The Quanabush Team Irving Mitchell

Lincoln Park Bethel Mar. 29-Apr. 12 Hildreth Ethridge Seth Balmer

National Mine A of C Mar. lo-20 F. 0. Coats Robert Eidsor

Minn. Fairmont First Mar. 22-29 Garfield Unruh R. W. Miller

Pillager Gospel Tab. Mar. 24-Apr. 5 Paul D. Sundell Norman T. Levang

St. Paul Summit Ave. Mar. 29-Apr. 12 Ronald Hastie Family Wilbur E. Weidcs

Miss. Meridian First Mar. 227 Carl Walker, Jr. Ronald C. Davis

MO. Brookfield A of G Mar. 17-29 Bill Popeioy Carl \V. Oney

‘Eldon ‘A of G Mar. 17-Apr. 5 E. L.\Surratt & wife George Young

Macon A of G Mar. 31-Apr. 12 Bonnie M. Ruble Wm. Lane

., Rolla A of G Mar. 31-Apr. 12 The Roland Hasties Carl Roberts

St. Charles ** Glad Tidings Mar. 30.Apr. 12 Fred & Gladys Voight V. D. Kelly

St. Louis Friendly Mar. 24-Apr. 5 Giannattassio Team L. C. Ramsey

Sumner A of G Mar. 19-29 Bonnie M. Ruble Les,ter Norris

N. Mex. Artesia A of G Mar. 22- M. C. Allen Party J. H. McClendon

Hobbs Glad Tidings Mar. 22-29 Winferd Mack 0. 151. Newman

N. Y. Binghamton First Mar. 29- Dan Hope R. D. E. Smith

N. C. Edenton A of G Mar. 29.Apr. 12 J, Russell Mayhue R. 0. Denton

N. Dak. New England A of G Mar. 31-Apr. 5 Dale Helle Oliver W. John

Ohio Akron Krumroy Mar. 24- Dduglas L. Hoke Robert Roop

Wadsworth First Mar. 24.Apr. 5 Joel Palmer & wife Chas. S. Celentano.

Okla. Ada First Mar, 22-Apr. 5 M. R. Boatright & wife L. E. Staggs

Altus First Mar. 29- Chas. & June Chambers Carl McCoy

Crescent A of G Mar. 29- Roy L. Brooks Leon L. Martin

Pa. Charleroi Full Gosp. Chpl. Mar. 24-Apr. 5 Leon Morrow Raymond Umstead

ConneQville A of G Tab. Mar. 15-29 Ralph A. Creider Edward Hatchner

Conshohocken Gospel Mar. 22- M. Q. Spencer & wife Neven A. Snyder

Newville Reservoir Hill Mar. 17-29 Andrew Base11 & wife Wm. P. Strausscr

l’enn. Goodlettsville Millersville Mar. 24-Apr. 5 Jimmie Snow & wife Harvey C. Meek

Tex. Amarillo First Mar. 29-Apr. 19 Martin L. Davidson E. R. Foster

Brazoria First Mar. 29.Apr. 5 C. W. Gregg Roy Bownds

Houston Radib Revival Mar. 29- E. C. Briggs Farnil) Kenneth Bert)

Waco A of G Mar. 25-Apr. 5 Leland R. Evans Horace Rawls

Wash. Orovillc A of G Mar. 24.Apr. 5 Warren D. Combs C. 0. Gunderson

Shelton .A of G Mar. 31-Apr. 12 Carl & Edna Goodwin hslason A. Younglund

Toppenish A of G Mar. 24.Apr. 5 Eric M. Johnson Raymond E. Walden

W. Va. St. Albans A of G Mar. 31- John Higginbotham Roy Mallor)

Canada Belleville, Ont. Calvary Temp. hlar. 29- Paul & Dorothy Olson Laurie Price

Dawson Cr., B.C. Pentecostal Mar. 22-Apr. 5 Mel R. Lagre Elmer S. Martin

Kamloops, B.C. Calvary Temp. Mar. 24.Apr. 5 Watson Argue P. A. Gaglardi

S. Porcupine, 0. Per&t. Tab. Mar. 29.Apr. 12 C. S. Tubby J. H. Adams

* Youth Crusade

** Kids Krusade

Announcements should reach the Department of Evangelism 30 days in advance, due to the fact

that THE PENTECOSTAL EVANGEL is made up 24 days before the date which appears upon it.

March 22, 1959 27



The 1959 Word of Life VBS Course is a brand-new course with a brand-new theme-"Flying With

Christ." Lots of VBS Courses have new "themes," and new manuals. But the "Flying With

Christ" Course has new teacher's manuals, new visual aid, new handcraft, new pupil's manuals,

new publicity items, new principal's handbook, new songs-all related directly to the theme! Every-

thing except the Nursery .Course develops the flight motif. And in this "space age," what young-

ster can resist this up-to-date framework for presenting the ageless Gospel truth!



)------ / .-

We could tell you more, but the best way to determine the real content

and worth of the exciting new "Flying With Christ" VBS materials is to

examine them yourself. You can do this by ordering the Introductory

Kit offered ,here. The following items are being offered in the Kit:

VBS KIT No. 29 EV ,9523 contains one ,each: Nursery Teacher's hfanual. Nursery

Activity Packet, Nursery Picture Aids, B Inner Teacher's Manual Beginner Activity

Packet, Beginner Visual Aid. Primary ~ea3er's Manual, Primary bight Log, Primary

Handcraft Packet, Primary Visual Aid, Junior Teacher's Manual, Junior Flight Log, Jun-

ior Handcralt Packet, Junior Visual Aid Intermed~ate Teacher's Manual, Intermed~ate

Flight Log, Intermediate Handcraft packit, Intermediate Visual Aid Principal's Flight

Plan, Flight Songs, Stewardess' Cap, and Pilot's Cap. This partichar Kit is valued

at- but is purchasable by Schools at the special price of $12.00.

29 EV 9523 Special Price Kit $12.00

Upon the arrival of the Kit ordered, materials should be examined by

members of the Vacation Bible School staff. When you have decided

that the "Flying With Christ" VBS material is what your School should


ALREADY BE IN HAND. That can mean an early start with VBS planning,

which will contribute much toward a successful VBS. (Complete

kits ordered for examination may be returned immediately after exzmina-


if in salable condition.)



3 :

' 4 1

w . ; '



Mississippi to Dedicate

New Headquarters

Offices on March 19th

Officers of the Mississippi District

of the Assemblies of God announced

that dedication services for the new

District Headquarters would be held

on Thursday, March 19.

On Sunday afternoon, March 22,

there will be Open House and it is

hoped many, laymen as well as min-

isters will take this opportunity to in-

spect the new offices.

The office building, of frame con-

struction with brick veneer, is 32 by

38 feet. In addition to the reception

room it contains offices for the Super-

intendent, Secretary-Treasurer, C. A.

President and Sunday School Director,

W. M. C. Department, and a work

room. The Secretary-Treasurer's of-

ward further expansion.

District officials are as follows:

Burks, E. E. Noland, and 0. C. Hick-

man serve as General Presbyters. The

Sectional Presbyters are : Douglass

Carroll, 0. C. Hickman, James E. King,

C. V. Thomas, J. F. Patton, F. L.

Langley, and S. H. Balius. Mrs. Thel-

ma Comardelle is W. M. C. President.

S. H. Balius is C. A. President and

Sunday School Director.

J. C. Burks, Superintendent; R. C. B

Davis, Assistant Superintendent ; E. E. SPONSORED Bv

Noland, Secretary-Treasurer. J. C.


March 22, 1959


The wounds in my hands warn

of bitter sacrifice which you

may have to make if you fol-

low me. But partake of my

sacrifice and you will partake

of my glory.

Here, young person, is a cause

to die for!





moderate -priced



There are religious bodies in Christendom that do pot havc to count

their pennies. They do not necessarily h.ave to practice ecojwmy in

- buying for the congregation's need-ilt buying a songbook. There is



Btrt chwches without financial 7vorries are relatively fe7u.


Most churches do have to watch bennies. AND MANY,


MAhTY nssemb1ie.r are very, verya small. A large hymnal

might be the golden dream of the distant future to a great

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Follow the Lamb

to the Throne

(Continued from poge nine)

failed to realize that all God's blessings

remain resident in God Himself, and

that He can express Himself and His

gifts only through Christ as our Master.

Many no doubt were like the unfaithful

servant; they felt more at ease by be-

lieving their Lord was not present to

behold their lack of love for Him (Luke

12 :42-48).

Let us never forget that through the

gift of God's Son we have a loving

Father living in our hearts. It is the

ministry of the Holy Spirit to help

willing souls to submit to Christ as Lord

and Master so He can share with us

all things, even His throne. "To him

that overcometh will I grant to sit with

me in my throne, even as I also over-

came, and am set down with my Fa-

ther in his throne. He that hath an ear,

let him hear what the Spirit saith unto

the churches" (Revelation 3 :21,22).

The Man Who

Twice Rich.

(Continued from poge seventeen)

rich with money. But he remembered

his promise to God and gave many

thousands of dollars to help others find


If anyone had asked which of his

two kinds of riches was most important

to him, no doubt Henry would have

answered quickly, "It is far better to



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ment and supplies.

In the large evening rallies you will wit-

ness dramatic visual presentations and

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spire you to greater consecration.

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March 22, 1959 3 1


wno came by the cross "and sitting down, they watched

him there" (Matthew 27 :36).

People have always watched the followers of Christ.

That is one way they learn of Him, because a teacher

is known by his products. But this crowd was watching

Christ. They had gathered at Jerusalem from the far corners

of the Roman Empire for the Jewish Passover. During

the past three and a half years they had heard of

Christ. Some had met Him. Naturally they wanted to

know if He really was the Son of God, the long-promised

Messiah He claimed to be. "They watched him there."

As He hung on the cross they could observe His actions,

sense His attitude, and even watch His expression. They

could hear the few words He spoke. They could see His

complete submission. i is lack of anger would be noticeable

too. There was no malice, nor were there any expressions

of revenge.. Rather, His tender words, "Father, forgive

them; for they know not what they do," must have convinced

them that Christ was divine as well as human.

But there were some that day who passed by the cross.

They had seen Peter deny his Master in the night hours.

They had noticed Judas hiking over toward the cliff, rope

in hand, and had heard his story, greatly elaborated. "He

was in it just for the money," might'have been their com-

ment. They.had heard of James and John who requested

the best jobs in the expected new government. Perhaps

these passed by the cross disinterested because they judged

Christ by His followers and those followers had disap-

pointed them.

But a few sensible people at the cross that day used

good judgment. They saw good qualities in Christ and

also in His followers. Both Nicodemus and Joseph of

Arimathaea publicly took their places on the side of Christ

that day. The centurion cried out, "Truly this was 'the

Son of God!" The thief on the right-hand cross looked

over at the features of the suffering Christ. There he

saw love expressed, where he had expected to see hatred.

He heard His compassionate prayer for the forgiveness of

His enemies when he might have heard a pronouncement

of judgment. The thief chose Christ on His own merits

an turned to Him.

God must have been working in the hearts of men that

day at the Crucifixion. Even though Judas turned away

from Him, and Peter denied Him, something down deep

in their hearts challenged some to live a Christian life.

The sincere people who looked on the scene that day

watched Him and believed. God worked in spite of men's

failures. Men disappointed the watchers, but God didn't fail !

John's faithfulness in following Jesus all the way must

have impressed those who were sincere. His loyalty as he

gave Christ's mother a home for the rest of her life must

have touched their hearts. That could have been a real

sacrifice for John, for housing may have been as much

of a problem then as it is now.

We are in danger if we watch our fellow Christians

instead of watching Christ. They may make mistakes and

disappoint us. The younger saints are more liable to make

mistakes because of immature judgment, so if we must

watch them let's do it from our knees instead of from

our seats. We'll find less to criticize from that position.

It is folly to lose our faith by watching others' failures.

It is better to watch Christ; He will not disappoint us.

Let's watch ourselves and our own spirits carefully. If

others have done what we think is wrong, let's remember

the Lord's prayer, "Forgive us our debts, as we forgive

our debtors." Have we forgiven those who wronged us,

or do we still treat them with suspicion? Their actions

may have hindered the work of the Church; but it is pos-

sible that their actions have also revealed to them their

spiritual lack. Maybe they have learned something and

sought forgiveness from God Let us forgive them, too.

Believe God, regardless of the actions of others. "Have

faith in God" is a definite command. Others may fail;

but God never does. He works anyway, so let's trust Him,

for "without faith it is impossible to please him" (He-

b'rews 11 :6).

The devil has brought the mistakes of Christians and

the sinful deeds of backsliders to the attention of saints

of all ages. He tries to use these mistakes and sins to

discourage the people of God from accomplishing anything

for the Church. We thank God today for the strong saints

who pause long enough to pray for these erring ones, then

hurry on to do more for the Lord than ever before. They

believe that God works anyway and that He only needs

people with faith enough to help Him and wisdom enough

to watch Christ instead of men.

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