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N°71 January 12, 2006

W St-Barth


Published by “Le Journal de Saint-Barth”

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After the Dance,

Music To Our Ears !


Saint Barth Music

Festival 2006


◗ Sunday, January 15

Chamber music

concert with Festival

artists. Anglican

Church, Gustavia,


◗ Wednesday,

January 18

Modern and classical

orchestral music,

conducted by Maestro

Alex Klein. Catholic

Church, Lorient, 8pm

◗ Friday, January 20

Opera evening

conducted by Maestro

Richard Buckley.

Excerpts from “Carmen”

and “Aida.”

Catholic Church,

Lorient, 8pm

◗ Saturday,

January 21

Music lovers’ evenings

with Festival artists.

Anglican Church,

Gustavia, 6:30pm

◗ Sunday, January 22

✍ Children’s concert

with St Barth

Harmony, Anglican

Church, Gustavia,



✍ Annual Benefit

Dinner with Festival

Artists, reservations


◗ Tuesday, January 24

Piano recital by Phillip

Bush. Anglican

Church, Gustavia,


◗ Wednesday,

January 25

Double header: Jazz

concert with the John

Ellis Quartet: John

Ellis, Jason Marsalis,

Roland Guerin, &

Robert Glasper. Anglican

Church, Gustavia,

7pm & 9 pm

For tickets and additional

information : St

Barth Tourist Office:

05 90 27 87 27

Looking quite

fetching as Nina


Victor Trevino sat on

the edge of the stage at

AJOE, after the performance

on Sunday

night, signing autographs,

with a big red

lipstick kiss next to his

name. The founder of

Les Ballets Grandiva

(who performed in

Saint Barth on January 7 and 8 as the curtain

raiser for the 22nd annual St. Barth Music

Festival), Trevino wore a classical red ballet

costume and pink toe shoes for his performance

in his all-male comedy ballet company.

He also choreographed most of the pieces

they performed, with the exception of “Go For

Barroco,” by Peter Anastos.

Eight of the company’s 19 dancers came to St

Barth, marking the 10 year-old troupe’s debut

here. On Saturday night, things seemed a bit

tentative and some of the audience members

didn’t quite know what to make of men in

tutus and toe shoes, dancing with names such

as Pearl Lee Gates, Ginger Snapps, and Sue

Nami. By Sunday night, the company looked

more comfortable in their outdoor, low-tech

venue, and although Trevino denies that their

gestures were more expansive, the performers

were greeted with appreciative laughter from

the opening steps of “Pas de Quatre.” The

response was sustained through “Spartucus,”

and “Go For Barroco,” with the audience

cheering at the end of the final piece.

Les Ballets Grandiva are not just about comedy:

their parodies of classical ballet require

technical precision and aplomb. Some of these

dancers have great technique, and point roles

have been created for them in other ballet

companies. In fact, one gets so used to seeing

these men dancing as women that when one

appears as a man, such as the prince in Saturday

night’s excerpts from “Swan Lake,” for

example, it almost seems odd. And one could

occasionally forget that the “ballerinas” on

stage were actually men, although that is not

Trevino’s intention. “Some of the dancers are

bigger and obviously male,” he says. “But

some of the others can bring you into a fantasy

world, a world of magic, theatrical magic.”

Trevino also noted that it is no different for a

man to learn to dance on point than a woman:

“just the structure of the legs and feet are different,”

he says. In terms of understanding the



Les Ballets Grandiva in Saint Barth

ballets they parody, he

says: “The more you

know, the more you

get. Yet we also reach

anyone who hasn’t

been to see ballet

before. One of our

goals is to develop

new audiences for

dance, and not just

comedy dance.”

The dancers stay with

Les Ballets Grandiva

six to seven months a year as the company

tours around the world. “On their off months,

many of them dance with other companies,

both modern and ballet, and some perform in

“The Nutcracker” at Christmas time.” Trevino

also has some more contemporary parodies in

his repertory, such as works by Maurice

Bejart, and he collaborated with Peter Anastos

and Marcus Galante on “Semi-Precious

Stones,” a parody of Balanchine’s classical

evening-length work, “Jewels,” with sections

called Zirconia, Garnet, and Peridot. “This is a

great piece for us, very camp and very glamorous,”

says Trevino, looking both camp and

glamorous himself. Luckily the company’s

ballet master is Peter Boos, formerly of New

York City Ballet, who can give the dancers’

insight into Balanchine’s fancy footwork.

Men in full drag, doing parodies of classical

ballet? Well why not? In Shakespeare’s day all

of the roles, both male and female, were performed

by men. And if all the world’s a stage,

it might as well be danced on by men who can

make us laugh along with them as they poke

fun at classical ballet and themselves.

Both programs opened with wonderful performances

by the island’s dance students, with

four short numbers choreographed by Mallory

for the students of Forma Form on Saturday,

one of which was set to music by The Black

Eyed Peas. Sunday saw students fromr the

Ajoe School of Dance and from “Dance with

Kim.” The Ajoe students performed Rêve

d’Amour (Dream of Love), a 13-minute piece

choreographed by Nathalie Carrères, who also

performed with her students. Kim, whose real

name is Sylvie Millerot, presented five short

piece under the heading “a look at the past,”

and performed in the final number set to

music by Peter Cincotti. The level of all the

young dancers seems to improve every year,

and with almost 100 dancers on the two programs,

it is clear that dance is a popular activity

in Saint Barth.



rare finds from asia & beyond

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(Shan Budha 17th C.)

Afghanistan Burma China India Indonesia Laos Nepal New-Guinea

Thailand Tibet

on the harbour

rue Samuel Fahlberg, (opp. Sibarth)

Gustavia - Saint-Barthelemy (F.W.I.)

Special Events

St Barth Music Festival

◗ Sunday, January 15

Chamber music concert

with Festival artists, 6:30

pm Anglican Church, Gustavia,

◗ Wednesday, January 18

Modern and classical

orchestral music conducted

by Maestro Alex Klein.

8pm, Catholic Church,


Live Music

◗ Every Evening

- New band, new show with Papa

Guyo brand new bag, Alissa B. &

Skrek 3, live funky, from 9 pm to

midnight, La Plage Saint Jean

- “KJ Denhert”, urban folk, jazz

artist & band unit from New York,



Where to go dancing? See an art exhibit?

Listen to live music? Time Out keeps you up to date on local happenings. Let’s party !

from 9 pm to midnight, Bet’a

Z’ailes, Gustavia

- Lounge mix, 7 pm to 1 am,

Bar’tô, hotel Guanahani, Grand

Cul de Sac

- All selected quality lounge music

by Philippe, Zanzibarth, St Jean

- Screen Live concert from

6.30pm, Café Yacht, Gustavia

- Alan Landry, piano, 8pm, Gaïac

restaurant, Hotel Le Toiny

◗ From Tuesday to Saturday

Philippe Nardone on piano, from

the Copacabana to Montmartre,

from 7pm, Taïno Lounge,

Christopher Hôtel, Pointe Milou

◗ Thursday, January 12

- Bikini coca from 12pm,

La Plage, St Jean

- Latino Night, DJ Tony &

Vincent Ti Zouk K’fé, Gustavia

- Nadège, sunset concert

from 5:30, Carl Gustaf, Gustavia

◗ Friday, January 13

- Nadège, sunset concert


Tel/fax : 0590 297 327 / Cell : 06 90 630 613

from 5:30 Carl Gustaf, Gsutavia

- Karaoké Party, Ti Zouk K’fé,


- BalearicAfternoon by Franky,

from 2 pm, La Plage, Saint-Jean

◗ Saturday, January 14

- BalearicAfternoon by Franky,

from 2 pm, La Plage, Saint-Jean

- Full Moon party, La Plage


- Stéphane Cano, sunset concert

from 5:30,Carl Gustaf, Gustavia

-”Big Zouk”, from 8pm,

Ti Zouk K’fé, Gustavia

◗ Sunday, January 15

- Stéphane Cano, sunset concert

from 5:30,Carl Gustaf, Gustavia

◗ Tuesday, January 17

- Nadège, sunset concert

from 5:30, Carl Gustaf, Gustavia

- Classical music with St Barth

Music Festival artists: trumpet

player Paul Merkelo with violonists

Rachel & Charles Stegeman,

from the Pittsburgh Opera

& Ballet Orchestras

◗ Wednesday, January 18

- Nadège, sunset concert

from 5:30, Carl Gustaf,


Let’s Party

◗ Every night

Ti St-Barth, every night a

different theme, Pointe Milou

◗ Sunday

Amazing Sunday (DJ, fashion

show…), Nikki Beach, St-Jean

◗ Wednesday

BBQ on the beach from

8 pm, Nikki Beach, St Jean

Night Club

◗ Every night

- Casa Nikki, mix by Jacques

Dumas & Pascal, Gustavia

- Feeling (except tuesday), Lurin,

from 10 pm

- Yacht Club, Gustavia

◗ Every Monday

- Disco Party, at Casa Nikki,


◗ Every Thursday

- Podium Party, Pop music,

at Casa Nikki, Gustavia


◗ Through February 25

Andy Warhol, “Vanishing

Animals” in collaboration

with the Andy Warhol

Foundation of New-York,

Me.di.um gallery, Gustavia

◗ Through January 31

Prototype, Third Act

exhibition (see p.10). The

artists will be present for

a cocktail reception at

Gallery To.B Art on

Friday, January 13, 2006

at 6:30pm

◗ Through April

Stéphanie Leroux sculptures, Carl

Gustaf hotel, Gustavia

◗ Permanent exhibits

Eve Ducharme Art Gallery

presents Monique Journod,Wall

House restaurant, Gustavia

- Alain le Chatelier,

Les Artisans, Gustavia

- Pompi, Petit Cul de Sac

- Spidler, Christian Mas gallery,


- Zaza Noah, Tamarin

restaurant, Saline

- Hannah Moser, Cul de Sac

- Antoine Heckly, Made in Saint-

Barth boutique, St-Jean

◗ Art Galleries

- Eve Ducharme Art Gallery,

05 90 27 88 41

- Christian Mas, Gustavia

- To-b.art galerie, Gustavia

- Me.di.um gallery, Gustavia

Fashion Show

◗ Every day

- 1:30 - 2 pm, Case de l’île, Hotel

Isle de France, Flamands

- 9 pm, Lolita Jaca, La Scala

Restaurant, Gustavia

◗ From Tuesday to Sunday,

1.30pm, fashion show

featuring Geisha Vampire,

La Plage, St Jean

◗ Every Tuesday evening,

6:30 pm, Boutique of the Hôtel

Isle de France, Flamands

St Barth Weekly n°71 4

Anyone who has attended a

concert at the St Barth Music

Festival can attest to the high

quality of the performances. This

may seem somewhat surprising on a

small island where cultural activities

and facilities are few and

far between. But when

one opens the pages of

the festival program, and

reads the bios of the

musicians and conductors,

it is very clear that

this festival, now in its

22nd year, is a rarity on

the world music scene.

An outstanding talent

returning for his fifth season

at the festival is

maestro Richard Buckley,

a highly acclaimed American

conductor who has

led many of the world’s

top orchestras, including

the New York Philharmonic,

Los Angeles Philharmonic,


Orchestra, Minnesota

Orchestra, the symphony

orchestras of Chicago, St.

Louis, Houston, Toronto,

Edmonton, Vancouver,

Utah and Seattle, among

others. In addition to his

many impressive conducting

engagements around the world,

Buckley has served as the principal

guest conductor of the Seattle Symphony,

and music director of the

Oakland Symphony.

In addition to a busy conducting

schedule, Buckley also enjoying his

third season as artistic director of

Austin Lyric Opera in Austin, Texas,

a position that allows him enough

time off to continue his freelance

conducting career, with engagements

coming up in Montreal, Pittsburgh,

and Cleveland. In Austin, he chooses

the operatic repertory, chooses the

singers, and helps with community

development and fund-raising to



Maestro Richard Buckley

support the company.

Buckey met Frances DeBroff,

founder and director of the St Barth

Music Festival, when he was a guest

conductor for the Pittsburgh Opera

Orchestra (where DeBroff plays vio-

© Andrew Yates

lin). “Frances asked me to come,

then invited me back,” recalls

Buckley. When asked about the level

of the musicians at the festival,

he replies: “Frances carefully

selects musicians of world class caliber.

They are from the best orchestras

in the United States and

Europe.” Many return year after

year, and Buckley finds they “enjoy

making music together and do so in

a very short amount of time.” He

admits that this could be difficult

without a special rapport with the

conductor. “I have enjoyed a good

dynamic with them,” he says. “So

far, it’s a good fit.”

Buckley has been working with

A column about islanders

by Ellen Lampert-Greaux

DeBroff to develop the operatic portion

of the festival, and this year he

will conduct an evening of excerpts

from “Carmen” and the third act of

“Aida,” featuring singers Jane

Thorngren, Emily Golden, Tom Fox,

and Philip Webb.*

“Sometimes I get a mandate

from Frances, and

other times its just

“make a decision,

Richard, I trust you,” he

notes. He is extremely

proud of the gala opera

concert he conducted

two years ago, as well as

last year’s challenging

performance of “Tosca.”

One of the challenges

Buckley faces here is

that “not all of the musicians

play in opera

orchestras,” he points

out, noting, “That means

they are not as familiar

with the music. But I

take no prisoners. I go

with my interpretation

and they hang on for the

ride.” When it comes to

the opera evenings, held

in the Catholic Church

in Lorient, Buckley tries

to “vary the experience,

and not stick with just one mode of

opera.” By carefully choosing the

repertory he can limit the number of

singers, while at the same time offering

them the chance to perform roles

they might never do elsewhere.

“Jane Thorngren will sing the third

act of “Aida” here,” he explains.

“That is a role she would never sing

in a large hall.”

Buckley donates his services to the

St Barth Music Festival, and is happy

to do so. “It’s a cool idea, and I

love the island,” he says. “It’s a

labor of love and I enjoy doing it.”

*Friday, January 20 at the Catholic

Church in Lorient, 8pm

St Barth Weekly n°71 6



Please remember to separate your trash!

Championed by Michel

Geoffrin, the separation

of trash has become a

priority on the island:

The goal is for every

house to have two trashcans:

one for recyclable

objects and the other for

things that go to the


It is quite a challenge to

protect the environment

when one lives on an

island of just 8 square

miles: every gesture

counts if the island is to be

saved from wallowing in

trash. That was one of the

priorities for Michel Geoffrin,

the assistant mayor

who passed away in an

accident on December 27,

2005. He was the “motor”

behind the new incinerator

project: an incinerator that

is on the cutting edge of

technology, using the energy

discharged by combus-


After the Rotary financed a first

unit a month ago, FEMUR

(Funds for Emergency Medical

Equipment) presented the Saint Barth

hospital with a Dynamap monitor. Valued

at approximately 6500 euros, this

new monitor, equipped with an alarm,

is for checking blood pressure,

taking the pulse, monitoring

cardiac activity, and measuring

the level of oxygen in the

blood. Thanks to the latest generation

technology, the measurements

can be networked

with other equipment, or sent

directly to the central computer

via telecommunication as soon

as the hospital is equipped with

WiFi (wireless Internet connection).

This should be the

case when the extension to the

tion of trash to produce hot

water. He is no longer here

to support the philosophy

of separating trash for

recycling: an idea he

worked so hard to get the

island to embrace, as he

knew how important it


It is extremely important,

in fact, that every houisehold

separate its trash,

using a clear plastic bag

for recyclable objects

(glass and cans), and an

opaque bag for the est

(plastic, cardboard, china,

and light bulbs.) A new

flyer, distributed by the

post office, will be placed

in every mailbox and post

office box on the island,

with a diagram explaining

the system. The days that

trash is collected along the

roadsides is clearly indicated

for each neighborhood:

“individuals can

also come directly to the

trash collection center in

Public and drop off their

trash bags,” explains

Sophie Olivaud, assistant

municipal technical services

director. The incinerator

cannot burn everything

and separating things out

after incineration is just

about impossible: which

means that things that

should not have been

burned have to be separated

and transported by boat

to be eliminated off island,

an operation that is very

expensive for the municipality

and a drain on the

budget. The annual “tax”

for trash collection has

been raised from 80 euros

to 100 euros per household

this year. Every one on the

island is concerned by the

success of the trash separation

program in hopes

that these fees can be

reduced in the future.

It is important to note that

hospital is built (work should begin

sometime in 2006). FEMUR also

announced its intention to participate

in the financing of additional equipment

for the new medical services that

will be available once the hospital has

been enlarged.

the machine that was used

to compact metal is still

out of service. Which is all

the more reason to separate

cans, so that they are

not partially burned and

therefore not recyclable. In

short, everyone should do

all they can to help the

island run a successful

recycling program.

The schedule for the

collection of recyclable

objects (glass bottles

and jars, and metal cans)

is as follow:

- Tuesday: Gustavia,

Lurin, Gouverneur,

Public & Corossol ;

- Wednesday: Grand

Fond, Toiny, Cul de Sac,

Marigot, & Pointe Milou

- Thursday: Colombier,

Flamands, &

Anse des Cayes ;

- Friday: Vitet, Devé,

Camaruche, Lorient,

Saline, & St. Jean.


Peter Mund, a longtime American

resident of the island, initiated the

launch of the non-profit association,

FEMUR (Funds for Emergency

Medical Equipment) in 1981.

Financed exclusively through

donations, 80-90% of which

come from American benefactors,

the foundation has a single

goal: improve the medical

equipment at the Hospital

Bruyn. The totality of the

funds collected is invested in

medical equipment for the

hospital. A faithful sponsor,

FEMUR has made six donations

of the equipment to the

hospital, the Dynamap being

the most recent.

St Barth Weekly n°71 7

Instrument BR 01

From the plane’s cockpit clock to the BR 01 Instrument

Because Bell & Ross watches

perfectly meet the expectations

of men who are living on

the edge, Bell & Ross has

become a benchmark brand

name in the field of high quality

watchmaking and in the

exclusive universe of professional


Today astronauts, pilots,

divers, or even bomb-disposal

experts use Bell & Ross watches

as a tool for carrying out

their missions.

In their search for the ideal

professional watch and armed

with their experience in the

aeronautic and military fields,

in-house engineers, masterwatchmakers,

designers, and

professional users pooled their

knowledge to create a unique,

revolutionary concept: the

BR01 Instrument.

Aeronautic instrumentation

being the absolute reference

as far as readability, reliability

and performance is concerned,

our designers attempted

to reproduce a plane’s

clock as accurately as possible

in proportion to the wrist.

rue de la république - Gustavia - tel : 05 90 27 99 10

Open non stop 9:30 to 7:30pm


Centre @lizés

Cyber café


Monday to Saturday (non stop)

8.30 am – 8.30 pm

Sunday & holidays

3.00 pm – 8.30 pm





Immeuble Chamade – First floor (in front of Carat)

Tel : 05 90 29 89 89 – Fax : 05 90 29 81 10



Expedition Prototype,

To fulfill their dreams

and desire for adventure,

artists Stanilas

Defize and Marc de Rosny

traveled to the far tip of

South America aboard the

sailboat, Prototype. They

wanted to experience the

same emotions as

the great explorers

who made the first

scientific explorations

in the 18th

century. They followed

in the footsteps

of those artistnavigators,painternaturalists,geographer-designers,



who set

out to discover new


Setting sail from

Saint Barth on

August 24, 2004,

they zigzagged through the

Caribbean toward Panama,

the Galapagos, and Easter

Island. Following a southern

course they eventually

encountered the rigors and

profound solitude of the

frozen landscape of Patagonia.

Once around Cap Horn,

they set sail for home,

returning nine months later,

their boat filled with treasures

they discovered along

the way.

The Gallery To.B Art currently

has an exhibit of the

imaginary museum created

by the two artists: the “cabinets

of curiosities” that

retrace the steps of their

voyage, with signs explaining

the objects and a map

showing where they were

found. The collection

includes strange objects that

Marc de Rosny found along

the way, as well as his photo

Third Act

collages of unusual landscapes

with strange forms,

plus watercolors that reflect

the structure of icebergs and

topographic studies by

Stanislas Defize.

In addition to the artists’

work, there will also be an

Stanislas Defize

installation by filmmaker

Cedric Robion, who went

on part of the journey. He

has chronicled all of the

moments when Stanislas

Defize threw one of his

floating yellow sculptures,

or modern vessels for messages

(like a message in a

bottle) out to sea (Defize is

still hoping that at least one

of these will find its way

back to St Barth).

“We wanted to tell the story

of our voyage through art,”

says Defize, who along with

Rosny, has invented the idea

of “travel-art,” successfully

blending travel, adventure,

and artistic creation. “We

want people to share our

voyage and our dreams.”

The artists will be present

for a cocktail reception at

Gallery To.B Art on Friday,

January 13, 2006 at 6:30pm

St Barth Weekly n°71 10

■ At your service



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Villa is in very good

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For sale Exclusive property

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Hillside, Incredible

views of "Grand Cul-de-

Sac", "Petit Cul-de-Sac"

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3 bedrooms, 3 bath,

large living room that

opens to an infinity pool.

Contact : St Barth Properties:

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Weekly rentals available

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more informations contact


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Villas for sale upon

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SIMMO at 0690 710

605 or info@


Absolutely charming 3

bedroom house, overlooking

Gustavia Harbor

and fantastic view over

the ocean. Magical setting

for sunset...For

more informations, call

MISSIMMO at 0690

710 605 or info@



entertainment Real Estate

Team presents the ultra luxurious

SETAI. South Beach

premiere Oceanfront location,

spa, renowned restaurants,

beach & poolside 5

star service. Private outdoor

terraces with glittering

ocean/city views. Truly

special 1 & 2 bedroom

apartments from US$

1,200,000. Contact Sheldon

Stivelman or Ron Daniel @

786-269-4904 or email


For sale : Property on

Saint Jean bay, directly

on the beach. For additional

information contact:


05 90 29 22 98 immobusiness@wanadoo.fr

For sale : Property with

two villas and bungalows,

two pools, modern

style, nice sea views, 8

bedrooms, 4,000,000


05 90 29 22 98 immobusiness@wanadoo.fr

For sale : Large, renovated

apartment with a

spectacular view on

Saint Jean bay, 2 bedrooms,

2 bathrooms,



90 29 22 98 immo-business@wanadoo.fr

St Barth Weekly n°71 14

We wish you a happy and Healthy

New Year

Entrust your search request to us

Our professional team will provide the property

that suits you

IDW Missimmo

BP 475 - Gustavia

Cell phone : + 590 (0) 690 710 605

Fax : +590 (0) 590 510 073

E-mail. : info@missimmo.com

www.missimmo.com under construction

St Jean, two-bedroom villa

with pool. 955.000 US$


Real Estate

Imm. Lafayette - Gustavia

Tél. 0590 29 22 98 - Fax : 0590 29 32 95


Panoramic view of St Jean

bay, large luxuriously

designed two bedroom

apartment. 850.000 €

On the beach in Lorient, 5 bedroom villa

on 3300 sq meters of land - 6.000.000 €



The villa experts since 1989



Espace du Centenaire - Gustavia

(590) 590 29 75 05

In US: 800 421 3396 or 508 527 7727


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