Programs and Services - YWCA West Central Michigan

Programs and Services - YWCA West Central Michigan

annual report


Dear Friends,

The last twelve months have been filled with new beginnings.

The most visible change is our new brand – a striking, modern color, logo, and look that represents an invigorated

national organization; one rich in history and experience, and one that links its local associations

through a common identity and agenda. While the look is new, it represents a mission that has been at the

heart of the YWCA from the beginning – to empower women and eliminate racism. With this collective

purpose and identity comes the clarity, focus and muscle to strengthen the position of women throughout

our country.

One particular effort which was begun last year has now come to fruition, yielding immediate to benefit

staff and customers, and promising even more in the future. The YWCA successfully implemented a

customized database that allows us to electronically and comprehensively manage all customer records

for the first time. Ultimately, this improvement will help us better develop innovative, stronger responses

– individualized and systemic – to address issues of violence for survivors and our community.

The YWCA’s Health Fitness Center saw dramatic changes in its look and direction as well. After significant

research and heartfelt consideration, the YWCA Board of Directors voted to convert the pool facilities into an

area for land-based fitness services. Because net pool-related expenses (not otherwise offset by pool-related

revenue) accounted for a significant portion of the Health Fitness Center’s total expenses, the decision was

made in order to strengthen the Health Fitness Center’s financial outlook. Additionally, it helped to better

ensure that overall organizational resources could be adequately distributed among all YWCA services. While

difficult, the result has more than doubled the space available for equipment and provided permanent homes

for group exercise classes. The shift from aquatic to land-based programming has also expanded the YWCA’s

ability to partner with downtown organizations and businesses related to their internal wellness programs.

With an eye to the future, particularly related to the issue of domestic violence, we are looking to expand our

community role even further. The YWCA has accepted an invitation to participate in our local community’s

initiative, “Vision to End Homelessness”, which aims to end local homelessness within the next ten years.

Given that most homeless women and children are so as a result of domestic violence, we believe our organization

has a strong investment in ensuring the initiative’s progress. The coming year will also see the

YWCA partnering with the West Michigan Hispanic Center in an effort to create stronger, more culturally

competent interventions for victims of violence.

In total, the year has been a momentous one and more details are included in the following pages. We continue

to find strength from the lessons of our past and are emboldened by the promise of what is to come.

For your role in all of our success, we offer you the YWCA’s deepest thanks.


Bridget White, Chairperson Caroline “Carla” Blinkhorn,

Board of Directors President/CEO

Our Mission:

Empowering Women, Promoting Diversity and Advocating for Justice and Equality

The YWCA of Grand Rapids...

has been a place of hope, healing and renewal since 1900. During that time, the YWCA

has renewed itself time and again in reponse to the changing needs of women. Today,

our services work in concert to address the issues of violence against women and children

which undermine individuals, families, and our community. With comprehensive services,

participation in community-based solutions and ongoing education, our vision is a

community that demonstrates a commitment to creating a nurturing, violence-free environment

for women and children.

For families experiencing the trauma of incest and non-familial molestation, the YWCA

provides Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Services. Components of our treatment program

include individual, family, marital, and group counseling, as well as educational

and support groups.

The YWCA’s Domestic Violence Services have been an integral part of our programming

since 1977. One of Michigan’s leaders in responding to the issue of domestic

violence, our services have evolved to include crisis intervention, a domestic violence

shelter, specialized counseling for victims and assailants, and a long-term transitional

housing component to equip and educate women so they can support themselves after

they transition out of the shelter and the cycle of domestic violence.

The YWCA Girls Inc. Program offers girls ages 9-18 opportunities in math, science,

sports, health and sexuality, technology, as well as a wealth of other extracurricular activities,

after school and during the summer. Using the nationally regarded “Girls Inc.”

curriculum, the YWCA helps girls build their self-esteem and confidence, set boundaries,

and develop healthy relationships with adults.

Seen as a key component to overall health and personal renewal, the YWCA’s Health

Fitness Programs have existed in various forms since the organization was established

in 1900. Today, we pride ourselves on maintaining a comfortable, “come as you are” environment.

We offer a variety of programs for women, seniors, men, and families – providing

a safe place where people can heal and grow stronger in mind and body.

Through the YWCA’s Sexual Assault Services we assist approximately 700 victims of

sexual assault each year as they work to rebuild their lives. Noted as one of the most

comprehensive programs in Michigan, the YWCA’s Sexual Assault Services include

critical crisis intervention, individual and group therapy, and short-term respite services

for victims unable to return home. The YWCA’s nurse examiner component is also our

community’s resource for medical-forensic rape examinations.

Our Mission:

Empowering Women, Promoting Diversity and Advocating for Justice and Equality

Programs and Services

Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Services

With research showing that between 25 and 30 percent of children are victims

of sexual abuse before they reach adulthood, the YWCA’s Child Sexual Abuse

Treatment Services continue to be a critical part of our community’s response

to this issue. In 2003-04, the YWCA served 352 families (761 individuals).

Despite the dynamics surrounding sexual abuse that often results in early withdrawal

from treatment, the YWCA was able to retain 91 percent of clients in

longer-term therapy. During the year, 140 families completed treatment with

an increased capacity to live free from sexual violence.

The majority of referrals to our program from Medicaid/ Community Mental

Health are now of children who are also in foster care. Not only are these

children experiencing struggles associated with sexual assault, they also face a

myriad of issues associated with being removed from their families and being

placed in foster care. The result has been an increase in the proportion of

children entering our program with multiple challenges.

YWCA Girls Inc. Program

One year after the conclusion of our pilot period, dramatic growth was seen throughout the

YWCA’s Girls Inc. Program. This is due, in large part, to a strengthened partnership with

the Grand Rapids Public Schools and increased interest in Girls Inc. programming. The result

was an enrollment of 328 girls -- more than twice that of the previous year. As the only

Girls Inc. licensee in Michigan, the YWCA is in a unique position to support girls in our


With the program mission of strengthening developmental

assets (internal and external strengths/skills that help keep

children safe), participant surveys continue to show the

effectiveness of Girls Inc. for this population -- 92 percent

report an increase in developmental assets that focus on

support, empowerment, boundaries and expectations, commitment

to learning, positive values, social competencies

and positive identities.

YWCA Domestic Violence Services

Victims of domestic violence often face substantial barriers that inhibit their abilty to gain

independence from their abusive partner. The YWCA’s Domestic Violence Services effectively

address many of those issues, making it possible for victims to gain access to critical

services that help them acheive safety and independence.

In 2003-04, the YWCA sheltered 448 women and children at the Domestic Crisis Center.

The weak local job market, combined with the dynamic of domestic violence wherein

victims have often endured economic and social isolation for years, continues to lengthen

the average stay. In 2003-04, that increased to 20 days which is an overall increase of 33

percent since 2001. However, the additional time has been put to good use. Over 90 percent

of residents who stay at least 10 days complete a safety plan unique to their situation

before leaving the Domestic Crisis Center. Eighty-seven percent report that they are able

to maintain a safer lifestyle for six months after leaving.

In January 2004, in order to empower survivors in their vocational planning with Project

HEAL, we created our Resource Library and Center. Staff offer career assessments, guide

participants in completing or continuing their education, collect information on employment

options, and even provide introductory computer classes. Participants are also given

their own email accounts, access to the library’s informational resources and use of three

computers. To date, 71 percent of participants have utilized the Center.

Our counseling services are a vital complement to our shelter and transitional housing

programs, effectively working to overcome the psychological and behavioral elements of

domestic violence. Ninety-two percent of those participating in either victim or assailant

counseling are able to identify the dynamics of domestic violence unique to them upon

completion of counseling.

Sexual Assault Services

YWCA Sexual Assault Services provide critical interventions for victims so that they can

cope with the trauma of their experience. During 2003-04, the YWCA served 684 clients

through our Nurse Examiner Program, crisis line, and counseling and support groups.

As evidence of the YWCA’s importance to this population, 88 percent of individuals

concluding a course of crisis counseling or individual therapy reported a decrease in

symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

As part of the Kent County Sexual Assault Response Team, the YWCA Nurse Examiner

Program has gained national recognition for its progressive, collaborative efforts in addressing

the issue of sexual assault in our community. As one of eighty-eight original

applicants and one of just eight selected teams, the Kent County Response Team was

invited by the End Violence Against Women International Project to attend their October

2004 national conference entitled “Making A Difference”. We anticipate the information

gleaned from our experience there will prove extremely helpful to our community as we

work to strengthen our efforts even further.

Programs and Services

Programs and Services

Health Fitness Services

The benefits of health and wellness

are significant, not just for the

population at large, but particularly

for individuals working through the

trauma of victimization. In 2003-04,

18 percent of clients in YWCA counseling

programs reported utilizing

Health Fitness in conjunction with

their traditional treatment. When

Health Fitness Center Photos Courtesy: John Corriveau Photography used as a complement to the YWCA’s

other programming, the goal is to

reduce stress, isolation and increase self-esteem, body image, and overall feelings of well-being. In

total, the YWCA served 386 families (703 individuals) through our Health and Fitness Services.

The Health Fitness Center also underwent a major

renovation in the Summer of 2004. As a result of continued

financial struggles brought on by the significant

expenses associated with operating our 83 year-old pool,

the Board of Directors voted to shift the Health Fitness

Center’s focus from aquatic programming to land-based

programming. This was done in order to help better

The YWCA relies on private support to continue

offering critical, often life-saving services,

to victims of violence. In 2003-04, a number

of YWCA friends organized events to benefit

those we serve. Some of these included: the

Women Lawyers Association of Michigan-

Western Region, the Honorable Order of

the Blue Goose International, Leon Plastics,

and the Vagina Monologues. Along with the

YWCA’s own annual fundraisers - Circle of

Women, Run Jane Run, and TRIBUTE!, over

$140,000 was raised for the YWCA.

stabilize the financial picture

within the Health Fitness Center

and to better allocate

resources organization-wide. The renovations more than doubled the

space available for equipment and provided permanent homes for group

exercise classes. The shift has also opened new opportunities for the

YWCA to partner with downtown businesses and organizations as an

adjunct to their employee wellness efforts.

Private Community Support/ Events

Trim Quest employees volunteered for a full week to spruce

up the YWCA’s Domestic Crisis Center. Throughout the

year, Trim Quest has donated care packages, bunk beds,

privacy hedges, and funding to repair windows throughout

the Center.


Contributions and Nongovernment Grants $ 221,682

Special Events (net) $ 147,905

Government Grants $ 1,791,245

United Way $ 390,401

Program Fees $ 275,248

Membership Dues $ 85,796

Investment Income $ 28,073

Income from Outside Trusts $ 11,978

* Change in Value of Beneficial

Interests in Outside Trusts $ 28,217

*Net Gain (Loss) on Investments $ 51,394

$ 3,031,939

* These items are not reflected in the operational

budget and have negligible impact on annual

operational income and expenses.

Schedule of Support, Revenue and Expenses

Year Ended September 30, 2004

Financial Information

YWCA Board of Directors


Functional Expenses

Salaries and Contract staff $ 1,746,991

Payroll Taxes $ 171,580

Employee Benefits $ 241,259

Professional Services $ 234,551

Food and Household Supplies $ 20,055

Operating Supplies and Expenses $ 84,408

Telephone $ 22,857

Postage $ 7,959

Utilities $ 125,718

Insurance $ 61,167

Repairs and Maintenance $ 71,120

Publicity and Promotion $ 13,338

Travel and Vehicle Expense $ 10,604

Conference, Training and Dues $ 10,810

Housing, Transportation and

Other Client Assistance $ 179,547

Interest $ 1,866

National YWCA Support $ 21,659

*Loss on disposal of property & equipment $ 41,432

$ 3,066,921

*Depreciation $ 157,704

$ 3,224,625

Excess (deficiency) of support and ($ 192,686)

revenue over total expenses

2003-04 2004-05

Cheryl Edwards-Cannon, Chair

Bridget White, Vice Chair & Development Committee Chair

Julie Marshall, Treasurer

Michelle VanderMeiden, Secretary

Jessica Kurylowicz, Nominating Committee Chair

Jeannie Hosey, Marketing Committee Chair

Judy Lloyd, Immediate Past President

Bridget White, Chair

Julie Marshall, Treasurer

Michelle VanderMeiden, Secretary

Michelle VanDyke, Development Committee Chair

Jessica Kurylowicz, Nominating Committee Chair

Jeannie Hosey, Marketing Committee Chair

Cheryl Edwards-Cannon, Immediate Past President

Caroline “Carla” Blinkhorn, President/CEO Caroline “Carla” Blinkhorn, President/CEO

M.P. Chelsky

Carol Crawford

Kysha Frazier

Meg Goebel

Theresa Mairn

Edna Martin

Natalie Martin

Maggie McCrystal

Kate Noone

Rachael Ruiz

Nancy Sabolish

Jo Ann Sting

Michelle VanDyke

Corey Brown

M.P. Chelsky

Carol Crawford

Lisa DeFerrari

Kysha Frazier

Meg Goebel

Elsa Kerr

Theresa Mairn

Edna Martin

Natalie Martin

Maggie McCrystal

Jessica Murphy

Kate Noone

Rachael Ruiz

Jo Ann Sting

Kristin Vanden Berg

YWCA Giving Circles

Grace Dyer Hunting Circle



Fifth Third Bank

Fox 17 Charities Fund

GVSU Women’s Center

Louis & Helen Padnos Foundation

Georgia T. Nelson

Nokomis Foundation

Sebastian Foundation

Trim Quest

Helen J. Claytor Circle


Bank One

Caroline D. Blinkhorn

The Blodgett Foundation

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of MI

Brigade Fire Protection, Inc.

Susan K. Broman

Calvin College

Cascade Engineering

City of Grand Rapids -EEO Office

Cloud 9 Foundation

Cornerstone University

Davenport University

Deloitte & Touche, LLP

Elizabeth G. Dole

GVSU Women’s Center

Margaret E. (Meg) Goebel

Marjorie B. Goebel

Goodwill Industries

The YWCA of Grand Rapids is pleased to recognize six women whose active participation

in our organization helped further the YWCA’s mission and strengthened

our community. It is because of their exceptional contributions that they have been

honored as the namesakes of the YWCA’s giving circles which pay tribute to today’s

generous YWCA supporters.

As one of the YWCA’s early leaders, Grace Dyer Hunting led the capital campaign in

the early 1920s to build our current Sheldon Boulevard facility. Aided by her fundraising

committee, $567,000 was raised in just seven days. A civil rights leader, Helen

Claytor blazed the trail for later generations when she became board president of the

YWCA of Grand Rapids in the late 1940s and again in the mid-sixties when she assumed

the position of board president of the YWCA of the USA. Educator, attorney,

social activist and later candidate for the Fifth Congressional District, the YWCA was

well served by Jean McKee who led the organization as its board president during the

tumultuous times following the local race riots in 1967 and 1968. Frances Rutherford,

the first female city physician in the U.S., directed her commitment to public health

toward the establishment of the YWCA’s predecessor organization – the Women’s

Gymnasium and Noon Rest – in the late nineteenth century. Rutherford and others,

including Emma Wanty whose extraordinary fundraising ability and active leadership

in numerous offices, helped establish the YWCA and strengthened its position as an

important community resource. One of the YWCA of Grand Rapids’ earliest African

American volunteers in the 1940’s, Loney Clinton Gordon played a leading role in the

research that led to the discovery of the Whooping Cough vaccine. Like her YWCA

peers, her contributions extend well beyond our organization and even our local community.

Today, we see further, because it is on their shoulders that we stand.

Community Gifts and Donors

FY 2003-04

Grand Rapids Area

Chamber of Commerce

Grand Rapids Center For

Ecumenism (GRACE)

Grand Rapids Community College

The Grand Rapids Press

Donald & Doris Griffith Foundation

HHS, Health Options, Inc.

Jeffrey and Nancy Hoag

Ann B. Hoek

Jeannie Hosey and Tony Travis

John Hunting

Huntington National Bank

Kyle and Win Irwin

Irwin Seating Company

Irwin Union Bank

Ingrid A. Jensen

Keeler Foundation

Keller Foundation

Elsa L. Kerr

Birgit M. Klohs

Law, Weathers & Richardson

Judith B. Lloyd

Theresa and Todd Mairn

Marilyn F. Martin

Mayflower Congregational Church

Margaret A. McCrystal

Mercantile Bank of West Michigan

Metropolitan Hospital/MetroHealth

Bonnie K. Miller

Miller, Johnson, Snell, &

Cummiskey PLC

Lynda M. Nance

Norris, Perne & French, LLP

Pamela K. Olsen

Preferred Benefits, Inc.


Rapistan Employee Charitable


Celia Said

Saint Mary’s Health Care

The Samaritan Foundation

Nancy Skinner and Associates

The Honorable Sara J. Smolenski

Spectrum Health

Spirit Dreams

Standard Federal Bank-G.R. HQ

Subsidiary of ABN AMRO

Steelcase Inc.

Nellie Stevens Trust

Sunshine Lady Foundation, Inc.

Target Stores

Tazzia Lawn Care

TriStar Fire Protection, Inc.

Mary Tuuk

United Bank of Michigan

Michelle L. VanDyke

Varnum, Riddering, Schmidt,

& Howlett, LLP

Warner Norcross & Judd LLP

Wege Foundation

West MI Marketing Association

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Kate & Richard Wolters Foundation

Wolverine World Wide, Inc.


Women Lawyers Association of

Michigan - Western Region

YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids

Jean McKee – Presidents’ Circle

($500 - $999)

Ethel A. Ackerson

Thomas K. Aley

Aquinas College

Debra Ann Bailey

Betten Imports, LLC

Margaret W. Bishop

Tammy L. Bohen

Margaret M. Bosscher

Susan K. Brennan

Karen Bunting

Burnham Sullivan and Associates

The Campbell Group

Canteen Services, Inc.

John E. Carey

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Carlson

Jack C. Clary

Guadalupe Contreras

Carol A. Crawford

The Currie Foundation

Mary DeYoung

Deborah L. Deneen

Dodds Trust

Julie K. Duisterhof and

Randall S. Damstra

Trena R. Dulaney

Evelyn K. Eister

Linda J. Emperor

First Congregational Church

UCC - Lowell

Fountain Street Church

Mary Caroline Frey & Jim McKay

Jean McKee – Presidents’ Circle


Georgia Woodrick Gietzen

William Gilbert

Bridget Tucker Gonder

Grand Rapids Community


Grand Valley State University

GVSU Alumni Association

Cheryl A. Grant

Great Lakes Shorthand


Michael and Emily Hall

Terri L. Hanna

Hartford Insurance-Life Group

Heart of West Michigan United Way

Patricia Hoekman

Dirk and Victoria Hoffius

Hoffman Jewelers

Holland Home

Independent Bank-West Michigan

Susan M. Jandernoa

Gayla Jewell

Ora B. Jones

Sheila A. Kinney

Annamarie Konieczny

Jessica Mariucci Kurylowicz

Lacks Enterprises, Inc.

Leon Plastics

Lutheran Trivent Financial

Macatawa Bank

Edna C. Martin

Susan Mason

Eileen Joy McKeever

Carol Meester

Merrill Lynch

Mika, Meyers, Beckett &

Jones, PLC

Linda M. Nash

Ruth C. Nicely

Katherine Noone

Northern Trust Company

Nucraft Furniture Company

Marianne and Steven Parker

Joann A. Paul

Karen L. Pierre, DDS

Plymouth Congregational

Church UCC

Progressive AE

Elizabeth F. Raymond

The Right Place, Inc.

Rockford Berry Patches Quilt Bee

Royce Rolls Ringer Company

Nancy and Emil Sabolish

Shawmut Hills PTA

Patricia H. Siciliano

Smith, Haughey, Rice & Roegge

Charles M. Soet

Wendy L. Stock

Jacqueline D. Taylor

Thomas M. Cooley Law School

Thomson West

Beth Ann Townsend

Mary A. Ullmer

Norma VanKuiken

Jaye VanLenten

Varnum Consulting, LLC


Joyce E. Watson

Weatherhead & Sons

Bridget White

Doug and Sharon Wynkoop

Barbara Wynn, MD and

Gib and Micah Wynn

Frances Rutherford &

Emma Wanty Circle

($100 - $499)

A. B. Dick Products of

West Michigan

Melissa Meldrum Aaberg

Activa Benefit Services, LLC

Dawn L. Adloff

Bob and Wende Alighire

Francesca Amari

Barbara W. Amberg

American Heart Association

Catherine Amodeo

Deborah Andree

Ruth Arents

Marybeth Atwell, M.S.W.

Mary Louise Avery

Axios Incorporated

Kamie K. Baird

Elizabeth M. Bakeman

Lori J. Baker, CPA

Dawn R. Balinski

Elizabeth Banta

Baudville, Inc.

Judy A. Baxter

Laurie F. Beard

Annette R. Beatty

Beene Garter LLP

Amy M. Beltemacchi

Mary L. Benedict

Elaine Benoit

Robert A. Benson

Mary Jane Berklich

Jacqueline Marie Bess

Bethel Lutheran Church

Noreen Betteridge

Cheryl Bice

Frederick K. Bischoff

Kurt E. & Michele L. Bishop

Bissell Inc. Employee Charity Fund

Leslie C. Black

Blakeslee and Son, Inc.

Scott T. Blinkhorn

Bos & Glazier PLC

Michelle A. Bottrall

Mary Bouchard

Sara Bouk

Rachelle A. Bouts

Patty Bouwhuis

Diane Brandli-Hale

Janet G. Brashler

Katherine W. Bratschie

Frank T. Brechin

Linda Burpee

Betty S. Burton

Patti Butcher Enterprises Inc.

Sharon M. Buursma

Kimberly S. Buyze-Laitila

Kathleen S. Byers

Bylsma-Nederveld Agency, Inc.

Charles and Lucy Caldwell

Ann E. Cameron

John R. Capotosto

Margaret A. (Peg) Carlson

William Casey Insurance

Agency, Inc.

Tracey and Richard Cassard

Catholic Human Development

Century Securities Assoc., Inc.

Mary Pat Chelsky, O.D.

Patricia A. Chelsky

Julie Chicklon

Robert and Jackie Chovanec

Joellen K. Donnelly Clary

Dotti Clune

Columbian Distribution

Services, Inc.

Sue Condit

Congregation Emanuel

Carrol J. Cook

Ann M. Cooper

Suzan L. Corbett

Janice Cornelius

Craig J. Graves & Company, Inc.

Mary Crawford

Cummins, Faber P.C.

Norine M. Cunningham

Daisy Chain of 48

Cassandra B. Daller

Patricia Wilhelm Dalton, MPA, MA

Shirley K. Perkins Daniels

Sandra A. Davison-Wils

Jean and Charles Day

Lisa A. DeFerrari

Peggy A. DePersia

Marie L. DeSota-Stults

DeVries Travel Agency, Inc.

Timothy and Margo DeWitt

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Dilley, Dilley, Murkowski &

Goller, PLLC

Diocese of Grand Rapids

Diversions Video Bar & Grill

Linda Doering

Mary L. Doering and

Robert L. Haines

Max Henry Doering

John and Jane Donk

Priya Marwah Doornbos

Elizabeth A. Dornan

Nancy L. Douglas

Renee Lee Douglas

Douglas Marine Corporation

Beverly A. Drake

Drew, Cooper & Anding, PC

Hester Duncan-Willis

Barbara Jean Dunlap

Kayem Dunn

Christine K. Dunnuck

Monica Durham

Dykema Gossett, PLLC

Janice Earl

East Hills Athletic Club

Nancy L. Edgerle

Cheryl G. Edwards-Cannon

Barbara Eggerding

Karen M. Elbert

Edward J. Elderkin

Jeanne A. Englehart

Nancy Erhardt

DeDe A. Esque and Henry Pyper

Andrea L. Essling

Jennifer L. Faber

Regan Fader

Fairfield County

Community Foundation

Diane S. Farage

Renae Feldpausch

Deborah R. Fillmore-Snow

Harold E. Fisher

Kristi Fisk

Five Star Real Estate

Kecia Flynn

Paula S. Fogarty

Andrea A. Fotias

Linda J. Fotieo

Founders Trust Personal Bank

Deborah J. Fraser

Amy L. Freeburg

Judith C. Frey

Diane L. Friar

Barbara B. Friend

Sandi Frost-Parrish

Gayle A. Froster

Heidi Frye

G. R. I. P. S.

Laurie M. Gardner

Patricia D. Gardner

Joan M. Garety

Ann Dungar Gass

James and Carol Gehrke

Susan C. Glandon

Richard and Linda Glaser

Elyse Glass

Golden K Kiwanis Club of GR

Sarah L. Gooden

Kristin Gootjes

Barbara and John Gracki

Grand Oldsmobile Pontiac

The Grand Rapids Times

Grand Valley Health Plan

Dawn Marie Granger

Honorable Susan H. Grant

Carol E. Greenburg

Barbara L. Griffin

Linda S. Griggs

Oliver and Carolyn Grin

Connie Grzanka

Julia A. Guevara

Deborah J. Guyton

Kathleen Wheeler Hagbom

Patricia A. Haist

Robert and Kay Griffith Hammond

Mary B. Hansen

Hansen Brokerage Service, Inc.

Joy B. Harper

Julie Hasbrouck

Loretta J. Hawley

Janet Haynes

Susan W. Heartwell and

Rev. George Heartwell

Heartwell Mortgage

Diane Hedeman

Faith M. Heikkila

Helms Caulking & Waterproofing

Pauline Hewitt and Gerard Schaefer

Denise Hodges

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IBA Health & Life Assurance Co.

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John Ball Zoo Society

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The Stanton Group

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Chad E. Kleinheksel

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Muriel J. Kolk

Arnette K. Kraus

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Frances Rutherford &

Emma Wanty Circle (con’t)

Rebecca and Rex Kuhn

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L. G. Buist Leasing, LLC

Margaret LaHuis

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Lakeshore Opticians, Inc.

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Jeffrey L. Schad

Legacy & Financial Advisors

Albert and Shirley Lewis

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Carolyn Schultz

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Dr. Denice M. Logan

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Bob McPherson

Mental Health Foundation of

West Michigan

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Stone, PLC

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Marianne Thomsen

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Molly J. Nolan

Serena Norris

North College Block Club

North Kent Guidance Services, LLC

Northeast Cat & Dog Hospital, Inc.

Amy O’Keefe

Patricia Oldt


Diana G. Pace, PhD.

Lorena A. Palm

Karen L. Palmore

Panopoulos Salons

Paper Central

Thomas H. Patten

Paul Goebel Group

Peninsula Fire Protection Inc

Phyllis and Harold Penny

Perry & Stuursma, LLP

Julie Denko Petrie

Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts

Terri L. Piersma

Patricia Helen Post

Presto Print, Inc.

Jennifer A. Puplava

Carolyn Purins

Clara A. Raaymakers

Lupe Ramos-Montigny

Judith A. Raskiewicz

Rehmann Robson

Patricia A. Rieckman

Joy L. Riemer

Julie Rietberg

Rosemary (Posie) Rindge Bennett

Riverside Fire and Security, Inc.

Jay L. Roberts-Eveland

Barbara A. Robinson

Jane E. Roland

Karyl and Thomas Ropko

Judy Rosenberg

Bruce Rossman

Linda L. Rossman

Dorothy Jane Rothfuss

Stella A. Royce

Rachael A. Ruiz

RJR Pawtography

Barbara Rylko-Bauer

Linda Samuelson

Leslie S. Sanford

Vernon Saper

Julia Sarge

Carol L. Sarosik

Thomas L. Saxe

Vernis Schad

June L. Schaible

Coy A. Scheetz

Karla Jo Scheifele

Kathleen Schiefler

The Schindler Family

Joan Schleef

Susan K. Schroder

Schuler Books & Music, Inc.

Scott Lake Country Club

Carol Seacord, ACSW, CSW

Seaman’s Air Conditioning

Rozanne T. Seguin

Susan C. Shannon

Debra E. Shimmel

Amy S. Siebert, Esq.

Diana R. Sieger

Yvonne Sims

J. Elaine Singer

Denise Sironen

Barbara A. Smith

Denise Smith

Jill E. Smith

Rebecca Smith-Hoffman

Snow United Methodist Church

Amanda S. Socher

Frank R. and Linda Southwell

Spectrum Health - Blodgett

Spectrum Health Rehab & Sports

Med Services

Lorna Spiekerman

St. John’s Home

Heather C. Staeven

Pam Stanley

Tamara Rose Steil

Stenger & Stenger

Evelyn M. Steponski

Ruth S. Stevens

Honorable Jo Ann C. Stevenson

Jo Ann Marie Sting

Mary E. Stinson

Cynthia Storer

Denise Suerth

Swanson & Associates, Inc./

Ohio National

Maris Stella Swift and

Laurie Witucki

Susan Taylor

C. Joy Teitsma

Teresa L. Thome

Janet W. Thompson

Marianne Thomsen

Michael Tibbets

Elizabeth M. Topliffe, Atty.

Beth L. Topp

Robert J. Toteff, M.D.

Carol L. Townsend

Trinity United Methodist Church

True North Architecture

Thomas N. Truesdale

Kimberly C. Tucker

United Methodist Community


Unity Church of Peace

Universal Insurance Services

Patricia L. VanDenBrink

Kristin M. VandenBerg

Scott VanderLeek

Marlys E. VanderLinden

Valerie VanderMark and

Christine Cross

Michelle M. VanderMeiden-Edwards

Gayle VanderVeen

Rita and Gary VanderVen

Christine C. VanderWall

Carroll G. Velie

Christine L. Visner

Voss and Associates

Pat Vredevoogd

Mary Kay Walker

Bonnie L. Wallace

Myra Walman

Susan M. Walter

Mary Ann Walters

Sandra E. Wanzer

Maribeth and John Wardrop

James C. Warmels Trust

Christine Warren

The Weiss Family

Julianna S. Wemmer

Western Michigan ENA

Dolores A. White

Mary Alice Williams

Williams and Associates

Renee’ Lobert Williams, OD, PC

Sandi Winston

Jan Winters

Kathleen Wobma

Amy and Paul Wolbert

Susan O. Wold

Lisa and Nate Wolf

Jessica Wood

Joanne W. Woods

Lisa and Tom Wurst

Cathy V. Yared

Ann Marie Young

Laura A. Young

Laurel K. Young

Jenny Zagaroli

Lori J. Zellers

Sheila Zoellner

Zormot International, Inc.

Loney Clinton-Gordon Circle

($30 - $99)

Jay D. Ahrens

Mikhail Albuseiri

Mary K. Kimmel Alexander

Kristina I. Alverson

Russell D. Ambrose

Margaret Y. Atwater

David P. Baak

Chris Barbee

Ruth Ann Barbee

Richard L. Beal Consultants

Jeanne A. Behrens

Dorothy Berg

Renee Block

Amy Bloomfield

Lana L. Boldi

Bruce Bonney

Norma L. Boss

Gretchen Bouwsma

Tracy L. Bowers

Judge Patrick Bowler

John D. Boyles, Attorney

Lori Brach

Heather M. Bradley

Patsy L. Brandon-Sharp

Brooke L. Breeding

Denise C. Brenner

Beth M. Bronson

Julie L. Persak Brower

Debra L. Bruinsma

Kathryn Bryan

Buchanan & Beckering, PLC

D. K. J. Rental

Rev. Peggy Lawrence Burns

Sharon Burtrum

Debra S. Byl

Martha Canfield

Meg Hackett Carrier

Nancy Carroll

Catholic Social Services

Patricia Cheadle

Anita S. Christopher

Anna Maria Clark

Howard E. Cole

Susan C. Cole

Adam Coleman

Debra J. Colletti

Mike and Karen Constantino

Linda Conway

Margaret E. Cook

Deborah L. Copher

Ellen Copple

Copy Options, Inc.

Bruce A. Courtade

Kay Courtney and Associates

Craig Jordan Insurance Agency, Inc.

Katherine A. Cuncannan

Sylvia Daining

Sandra J. DeHaan

Marsha DeHollander

Dianne L. DeRoseau

Tania DeVries

Heidi C. DeWitt

Barbara Deupree and Nancy Collins

Sharon S. Dolce

Patricia J. Door

Robert J. Dugan

Leigh A. Eicke

Barbara O. and Charles B. Fisk

William Forsyth

Kysha and Daniel Frazier

Loney Clinton-Gordon Circle



Barbara J. Geary

Carolyn Geerling-Goryl

Mary E. (Betty) Gibout

Robert H. Gillette

Laura Glaz

Gloria G. Gonzalez

Barbara Gordon

Grand Rapids Bar Association

Young Lawyers Section

Grandville Avenue Arts &


Sheila S. Grant

Carlene Grassmid

Velvie Green

Kristie Griffeth

Patricia S. Gunn

Cindy J. Hagerup

Karin Hagyard

Vickie A. Hannigan

Susan K. Harris

Terrie J. Hartman

Barbara L. Haveman

Todd and Hester LaClaire Hendricks

Paula J. Hendriksen

Sara J. Hendrix

William Heritage, Jr.

Amy L. Hill

Sister Maribeth Holst

Cynthia Black Hosner

Charlotte Howard-Holland

Jeffrey R. Hughes

Sonya R. Hughes

Laurie E. Hull

Emily Irish

Elaine Sterrett Isely

Dale Ann Iverson

Myra Jabaay

Meredith A. Jagutis

Marilyn M. Jenkins

Lartharee Helen Johnson

Loree Johnson

Harriet S. Jones

Ruth E. Jones

Debbie Jost-O’Brien

Julienne Y. Kanazeh-Gordon

Sherry Keena

Susan Wilson Keener

Bridget Kehoe

Beth Kelly

William G. Kelly

Kent Regional 4C’s

Kentwood Office Furniture

Kentwood Public Schools

Kentwood Rental

Gladys J. Kessel

Caryn M. King

Teresa M. Kinney-Gent

Helen J. Kinsworthy

Diane L. Kladder

Bradley S. Knoll

Carol Kooistra

Joan Kullgren

Laurie C. Kuna

Jeanine Nemesi Laville

Shannon Lemmon

Julie A. Lenon

Valeria Long

Teresa E. Lossing

Pamela R. Love

Barbara Loveland

Gerald and Elizabeth Welch Lykins

Lee Lynam

Stephanie J. Lyon

MI Employee Benefit Services

Mary E. MacLeod

Thomas and Pat Macholan

Diane Madsen

Janice Kittel Mann

Jane E. Markey and Curt A. Benson

Kirsten M. Marshall, DVM

Jill M. McCullough

Marla Burch McFadden

Timothy K. McMorrow

David Medema

Lesley Nicole Menhart

Donna Meyer

Bruce A. Mickelson, DDS, PC

Amy Miller

Mills & Motley Benefits, LLC

Karen Mohr

Kimberly R. Moore-Pimpleton

Roger and Germaine Mott

Patricia L. Murphy

NALS of West Michigan

Richard Nelson

Jennifer A. Newkirk

North Park Presbyterian Church

Anthony and Santina Noto

Irene Nowak

Carol L. Nyhoff

Beverly Ohlmann

Carol Paine-McGovern

Judith D. Palmer

Wendy M. Parr

Peninsular Chapter 65 OES –

Masonic Temple

Bryant W. Pierce

Diane E. Pinard

Rhett and Jeralyn Pinsky

Jane Podolak

Julie E. Poniatowski

Diane M. Purgiel

Susan J. Rabick, O.T.R.

Eric Richards

Kimberly Kay Ridings

Sara M. Riley

Robbins Lock Shop, Inc.

Delores Robinson

Shawn Ruetz

Marilyn J. Rupinski

Robert Rutgers

Rutgers & Mackraz, PLC

Ryerson Library Foundation

Jacqueline A. Schafer

Barbara Nan Schichtel

Sabine Schmidt-Fitz

Jill E. Schneider

Ronna Scholten

Tami L. Schoonmaker

Shelley Schuurman

Margaret Scoville

Vickie Lynn Seidl

Deborah Shaffer

Joanna M. Shaw

Karen N. Shively

Laura and Stephen Shoemaker

Harriet Singleton

Sister to Sister Breast Cancer

Support Group

Cheryl L. Slaughter

Jeffrey and Mary Sluggett

Catherine A. Smith

Lasha Smith

Michelle D. Smith

Robin L. Smith

Susan J. Smith

John R. Smolenski

Michael and Kathleen Smolenski

Sparta Middle School

Alice J. St. Clair

Cathleen A. Staeven

Ellsworth J. Stay, Jr.

Sylvia A. Stratton

Brenda Stringer

Ellen Stuart

Paul J. Sullivan

The Body Shop

Jacqueline J. Thomas

Jennifer and Ron Timmer

Mary Anne Timmer

Stephen D. Turner

Nancy A. Twiehaus

Rachel Shaskos Urquhart

Dawn VanAppel

Kim M. VanNess

Susan Dee VanTuinen

Dean and Vera VanVelsen

Chris Veen

Kara A. Vermeulen

Susan V. Vreeland

Carole Lynn-Katherine Walters

Caroline S. Waltz

Lois Ward

Joy Wellington

Wheeler Upham

Marjorie C. Wilcox

Kathleen A. Witkowski

Denise M. Witthoft

Mary Jo Woronko

Cris A. Wyckoff

Amy L. Young

Judith Ann Young

Karen L. Youngs-Hartley

John Zadvinskis

Kathryn A. Zolikoff

Doris J. Zuidema

Basic Membership

Mary Jo Adgate

Yonita Adkinson

Monica Al-Quattan

JoAnn Ambrose

Susan Applebee

Jennifer L. Avery

Lisa Bagladi

Pamela Bayes

Lora Beidler

Sherrie Beidler

Candace Benson

Brett Bielski

Suzanne Bladey

Amy Bloomfield

Scott Bloomfield

Mary Bobenmoyer

Kathleen Bodwin

Mollie Ann Bohas

Karime Bourzac

Lorna Cerrina Bower

Terri D. Box

Diana Brazier-Thomas

Melissa Britt

Beverly A. Brown

Corey Brown

Sally & Mark Bulthuis

Tracy Byrd

Susan J. Carl

Wendy Jo Carlton

Barbara Carvill

April Chambliss

Linda Chevis

Laura Chivis

Alice Christensen

Lorren Clark

Verluria J. Cobbs

Florence D. Coleman

Debra Coletti

Carol A. Crawford

Margaret Crawford

Linda Crump

LaKeesha Cryer

Latasha Daley

Paula Dancer

Sabra Danford

Nancy Daniel

Yvonne Fix Daniels

Nora Dauser

James Davis

Jolene M. DeLuca

Nancy Decker

Michael P. Deem

Jennifer Degrand

Beth Hilbink Diekevers

Jill Doubler

Rebecca Ann Dubuc

Susan L. Duesbery

Monica Durham

Kate Elenbaas

Jacquelynn Ellinger

Jennifer Essex

Marianne Evans

Yvonne Everette

Evonne Ezell

Rebecca Failing

Jeanette Feddes

Adam Firestone

Kathryn Fitzgerald

Lisa A. Frain

Anna Fraser

Tess C. Gaibi

Milay Galvez

Mary E. (Betty) Gibout

Olivia P. Gibson

Jessica Gladden

Kyle Glass

Margaret E. (Meg) Goebel

Gloria Gomez

Laura Gottschalk

James Gray

America B. Greenlee

Genevieve Greenwood

K’Quiana Knowlip Griffin

Marilynn Grutter

Kathleen Wheeler Hagbom

Debbie Haggai

Laura Haggai

Catherine Hammett

Shelida Hancock

Jennifer Harris

Diana Harvey

Kelley Haynes

Joy Hendricks

Garth Hillebrand

Sue Hoeft

Karen A. Hoogeboom

Kathleen Hop

Susan Host

Jen Hubbard

Helen D. Hudson

Pamela Huffman

Kay Lyn Hurt

Benita Jasper

Eddie Jenkins

Ellen Jensen

Kathy Johnson

Jacqueline Jones

Myrtle Jones

Adelita Juarez

Catherine Kaczkofsky

Darlene Kaczmarczyk

Heidi Kaltenbacher

Suzanne Marie Katerberg

Gillian Kern

Mat E. Klemp

Basic Membership (con’t)

Sally Jo Klokkert

Oletha Knight

Michele Miles Kopinski

Sara Koster

Tessa M. Kwant

Cathy LaLonde

Amy Lambert

Terry H. Lancaster

Debra Lanning

Amy Larson

Patti Larson

Patricia Leighton

Noreen A. Lerz

Ann E. Liefer

Kristine Linck-Graham

Rebecca R. Link

Jessica Livingston

Gretchen Ludeman

Karl Ludeman

Rebecca Lyben

Rita M. Marihugh

Marilyn F. Martin

Eugenia D. Marve

Sarah Matheson

Molita J. Mayberry

Shavonia Mays

Pamela J. McComb

Brittney McCoy

Stacy McGinnis

Amy McKenzie

Naomi McKinney

Lakeka McSwain

Nadine Melendez

Theresa Melton

Lynn Merrill

Kellie Jo Miller

Donna E. Mobilia

Kelly Morales

Nyssa Morris

Joyce Morrison

Rita Mosley

Norma D. Motley

Tracey Neer

Anna Marie O’Brien

Beverly Ohlmann

Elizabeth Orozco

Erin Overmeyer

Nicole Parish

Travis J. Park

Jennifer Patten

Amy Pearson

Kimberly Pirtle

Carol S. Potter

Donald Raaymakers

Patricia Rademacher

Rebecca Ramirez

Deb Rathbun

Monique Reddick

Donna Reed

Betty J. Rehl

Suzanne Palmer Reiter

Leah Rettig

Valerie K. Richardson

Susie Rigas

Beverly Perttilla Roberts

Harriet E. Robinson

Tammy Robinson

Jose Romero

Nicole Rondini

Amy Lynn Rop

Cheryl Lynn Rose

Linda L. Rossman

Theresa A. Schemanski

Margaret Elaine Schneider

Heidi Schwander

Zakia Shafi

Susan C. Shannon

Margie Sharland

Mary Sheehan

Helen Simpson

Anika Smith

Lasha Smith

Kristin Snow

Patricia Somerdyke

Seth and Lisa Rose Starner

Latoya Chana Staten

Mary Lou Stech

Madelyn A. Stelle

Mary Stelter

Sally Sterly

Jo Ann Marie Sting

Rebecca Stites

Angela Straight

Joan Styles-Fleming

Marcelle Suazo

Michele Suchovsky

Melissa Szucs

Clearetha Taylor

Mary D. B. Taylor

Nancy Taylor

Stephanie Timmerman

Donna Tomasik

Amy E. Tompkins

Michaelene V’Soske

Erin VanStaalduinen

Mary B. VandenBerg

Kristen VanderBerg

Martha VanderEyk

Darlene VanderKolk

Kathleen Villaire

Nicole Marie Villanueva

Marianne Wade

Bonnie L. Wallace

Mary Ann Walters

Doris A. Ward

Kathleen Weeks

Constance White

C. Benjamin Wilkes

Rochelle Wilkes

Donna Wilkins

Omar Wilkins

Helen B. Williams

Janice Williams

Moses Williams

Zoe A. Wilson

Jerome Wingfield

Karen Winters

Aminah Yahya

Madelene Yahya

Leslie Yarhouse

Jesse Yedinak

Diane Yob

Pamela S. Zuke

Robin Zylstra

YWCA Event Support

Run Jane Run Sponsors

Belden Brick & Supply Company

Betten Imports, LLC

Brigade Fire Protection, Inc.

Canteen Services, Inc.

GVSU Alumni Association


HHS, Health Options, Inc.

Hartford Insurance-Life Group

Hoffman Jewelers

Independent Bank-West Michigan

Macatawa Bank

Merrill Lynch

Panik Sherlund PLLC

Preferred Benefits, Inc.

Presto Print, Inc.

Charles M. Soet

Spirit Dreams

Sunset Waste Services

TriStar Fire Protection, Inc.

United Bank of Michigan

Universal Forest Products

Varnum Consulting, LLC

Weatherhead & Sons

Women’s Lifestyle Magazine

Tribute! Sponsors

Fifth Third Bank, Title Sponsor

Aquinas College

BETA Design Group, Inc.

Bank One

Beene Garter LLP

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan

Calvin College

Cascade Engineering

Cornerstone University

Crowe Chizek & Company, LLP

Cummins, Faber P.C.

Patricia and Davis Dalton

Davenport University

Deloitte & Touche, LLP

Ernst & Young, LLP

Event Source LLC

Catering & Event Management

Founders Trust Personal Bank

Goodwill Industries

Grand Rapids Area

Chamber of Commerce

Grand Rapids Community College

The Grand Rapids Press

Grand Valley State University


Holland Home

Huntington National Bank

Irwin Seating Company

Irwin Union Bank

Kent Intermediate School District

Kforce Professional Staffing

Lacks Enterprises, Inc.

Law Weathers & Richardson

Mercantile Bank of West Michigan

Metropolitan Hospital/MetroHealth

Miller, Johnson, Snell, &

Cummiskey PLC

Monaghan Associates Inc.

Moore & Bruggink, Inc.

Newton, Frank & Blickley MD PC

Norris, Perne & French, LLP

Northern Trust Company

Nucraft Furniture Company

Paul Goebel Group

Presto Print, Inc.


Progressive AE

Right Management Consultants

The Right Place, Inc.

The River/Regent Broadcasting

Royce Rolls Ringer Company

Saint Mary’s Health Care

Spectrum Health

Subsidiary of ABN AMRO

Standard Federal Bank-G.R. HQ

United Bank of Michigan

Varnum, Riddering, Schmidt,

& Howlett, LLP



Warner Norcross & Judd LLP

Wege Foundation

West Michigan Perinatal

Wolverine World Wide, Inc.

YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids

Zormot International, Inc.

Designated Program Gifts

Girls, Inc. Program

Hester Duncan-Willis

Kathleen Wheeler Hagbom

Mary Anne Timmer

Child Sexual Abuse

Treatment Services

Dr. Mary DeYoung

Golden K Kiwanis Club of GR

Sarah L. Gooden

Sexual Assault Services

Dr. Mary DeYoung

Patricia A. Haist

Frances Jones

Thomas H. Patten

Nurse Examiner Program

Carol A. Crawford

Linda Doering

Mary L. Doering

Robert L. Haines

GVSU Women’s Center

Holiday Fest

Carl Ilbrink

Judith B. Lloyd

North College Block Club

Spectrum Health - Blodgett

Carol A. VanderWeide

Western Michigan ENA

Barbara Wynn, MD and

Gib and Micah Wynn

Supportive Housing

George and Wilma Kiefer

Domestic Violence Services


Baudville, Inc.

Annette R. Beatty

Bethel Lutheran Church

The Body Shop

Ryan Boshoven

The Campbell Group

Congregation Emanuel

Deborah L. Copher

Daisy Chain of 48

Carol A. Crawford

Lisa A. DeFerrari

Max Henry Doering

Evelyn K. Eister

Fairfield County

Community Foundation

Renae Feldpausch

Designated Program Gifts


Fifth Third Bank

First (Park) Congregational Church

First Congregational

Church UCC - Lowell

Fountain Street Church

Grand Rapids Center

For Ecumenism

Susan K. Harris

Marsha J. Hodges

Jeannie M. Hosey and Tony Travis

Betty Keener

Nancy Kennedy

Elsa L. Kerr

Sheila A. Kinney

Liberty Mutual Group

Judith B. Lloyd

Lutheran Trivent Financial

MI Employee Benefit Services

Makedonsky Associates

Richard Marshall

William and Inetta Martindill

Karen and Mark Mastbergen

Mayflower Congregational Church

Brian Mercer

Michigan Dept. of Corrections

Daughters of ELKS I.B.P.O.E.W.

Miller, Johnson, Snell,

& Cummiskey PLC

Mills & Motley Benefits, LLC

NALS of West Michigan

Georgia T. Nelson

James and Mary G. Nelson

Sally L. Nicolai

Marianne Thomsen

North College Block Club

North Park Presbyterian Church

Thomas H. Patten

Peninsula Fire Protection Inc

Peninsular Chapter 65 OES

Plymouth Congregational

Church UCC

John B. Pruchnicki

Rockford Berry Patches Quilt Bee

Julia Sarge

Schuler Books & Music, Inc.

Shawmut Hills PTA

Karen N. Shively

Laura and Stephen Shoemaker

Jeffrey and Mary Sluggett

Snow United Methodist Church

Sparta Middle School

Trim Quest

Trinity United Methodist Church

Jeffrey J. Troupe

Unity Church of Peace

Kristin M. VandenBerg

Jim VanderMay – Creative Games

James C. Warmels Trust

West MI Marketing Association

Western Michigan ENA

Westminster Presbyterian Church

In-Kind Gifts

2/90 Sign Systems

AJS Realty, Inc.

APCO, Inc.

Linda Adams

Adeline- Leigh Catering

Elaine Albrecht

Denise Allsberry

Tricia Alyne

Amway Grand Plaza Hotel

Kimberly Angelwood

Applause Banquets and Catering

Applebee’s Neighborhood

Grill & Bar

Sharon Attar

Joe Ayoub

B.J. Roark & Company, Inc.

Judy Baiers

Ann and John Baker

Susan Bakkila

Leslie J. Ball

Sherry and Becky Bartley

Theresa Batchelor

Bath and Body Works

George Baumgartner

Jerry Benham

Jacqueline Marie Bess

Best Western - Grand Village Inn

Betten Imports, LLC

Eleanor Beute

Angela Bishop – Delta Zeta Sorority

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan

Blue Trumpet

The Body Shop

Laurie Bok

Bombay Cuisine

Andrea Borden

Susan Borowsky

Lorraine Boshoven

Boulder Creek Golf Club

Patty Bouwhuis

Boy Scouts Troop 315

Diane Boydell

Dee Ann Boyer

Paul and Catherine Boyer

Boyne USA Resort

Marshall and Pam Brabo

Joan Braden

Brandywine Restaurant

Lindsey M. Brashler

Al Bratt

Nick Bravata

Diane Bronkema

Julie Bronsink

Karen Bunting

Ted Burba

Dianne Carroll Burdick

Patti Butcher Enterprises Inc.

Cafe Solace

Caledonia UMC/Kids Care Club

Sandy Campo

Joanne M. Catania

John A. Catzere

Cedar Chase Golf Club

Centennial Country Club

Mary Pat Chelsky, O.D.

Nicole Cherry

Laura Chivis

Marlene F. Clark

Paul Clark

Janice Cole

Susan Constant

Carrol J. Cook

Frank Coronado

John Corriveau

Cynthia Cottingham

Craig Jordan Insurance Agency, Inc.

Carol A. Crawford

Harold Crawford

Cricket Construction


DKS Mechanical, Inc.

Robin Daning

Margie Darooge

Lois J. Davis

Angelica DeHaan

Melinda K. DeMarse

Rachel DeWind

Ann DeWindt

Arnold L. Decker

Design 1

Karen Diedrich

Mary Dixon - Alpha Chi Omega

Kathleen Dobry

Shirley Doherty

The Dove Foundation

Brenda Downing

Duba’s Restaurant

Gloria Jean and Gene Dummer

Hester Duncan-Willis

Duthler Ford

E. Johnson Trucking

EJC Company

East Hills Athletic Club

Mary Florence Brink

Eastminster Presbyterian Church

Eastown Frame & Gallery

Eastown Salon

Dave Emaus

Richard Endres

Engrave & Graphic

Eileen l. Enoch

Louise C. Evans

Executive Coach Service

Michael and Beverly Faas

Fader Equipment

James Fahlen

Family Unity Network – Sacred

Heart of Jesus

Sandy Farley

Falcon Printing

William and Kay Farr

Raymond Fayer

Federal Aviation Administration


Brandy A. Fedewa


Ferris State University -

College of Pharmacy

Heather Fields

Fifth Third Bank

First American Title Company

First Reformed Church

of Grandville

Barbara Flaggert -

Alpha Chi Omega

Carrie Fletcher

Nancy Fongers

Forest Hills Foods

Four Friends Coffeehouse

Cynthia Freeman

Joanne Furhoff

GB Russo & Sons

International Grocery

Joe Gage

Gallery 154

Pamela Gant

Garden of Dreams

Diana Gatchalian

Gazelle Sports

Scott A. Geiger

Girl Scout Troop #226

Girl Scout Troup #1820

Girl Scouts of Michigan Trails

Pat Glasser

Gleneagle Golf Club

Margaret E. Goebel

Golden Eagle Window Cleaning

Eric Good

Sarah L. Gooden

Grand Island Golf Course

Grand Rapids Chair Co.

Grand Rapids Civic Theatre

The Grand Rapids Press

Grand Valley Health Plan

Granger Management

Sheila S. Grant

Grapevine Wine & Deli

Great Lakes Veterinary Clinic

Christine Wedding & Portrait

Susan M. Guevara

H. B. Fuller

Holly Hagen

Yvonne E. Hall

Mattie Hampton

Debra Hartman

John P. Heimler

Don and Arlys Helder

Hemp Goods Etc. for

Conscious Commerce

Nancy Henningsen

Herkner Jewelers

Hexagon House Bed & Breakfast

Patricia A. Hickey, MSW, CSW

Janice Hilliard

Patricia Hoekman

Cindy Hoekstra

Dawn Hoezee

Lane Hokanson

Holistic Care Approach

Teri Holwerda

Home Acres Building Supply

Karen Horrigan

Jeannie M. Hosey and Tony Travis

Donna M. Host

Linda A. Host

Lisa Howard

Charlotte Howard-Holland

Tina Hoxie

State Farm-

Kimberly Hughes Agency

Lori Humphrey

Wendy Hunt

Carl Ilbrink

Ilmore Engineering

JA Besteman Company

Jacob’s Musical Chimes

John and Rennae Masselink Jacobitz

JVH Engineering, Inc.

Rose A. James-Salhaney

Elizabeth Aynn Jamieson and

Scott Anthony Pirochta, DDS

Jeffrey Richard Salon

Christine Jenkins

Marilyn M. Jenkins

Kristin and Jeff Johnsen

Heather Johnson

Mindi Johnson

Sue Johnson

Roberta Jones

Lois K. Kahn

Ruth Ann Kasul

Donald Keeling

Ann and David Keister

Bill & Sam Kenny

Rebecca Kenny

Joseph Kent

Natalie Kerby

Christa Kerr

Jami King

Kurt Kline

Klingman Furniture Co.

Kluczynski, Girtz & Vogelzang

Knapp Valley Landscaping

Oletha Knight


Thea and Kasey Komdeur

Cindy Koster

Kara Kozlowski

Doris Kuklewski

Joan Kullgren

In-Kind Gifts (con’t)

Kim and Steve Kuperus

Jessica Mariucci Kurylowicz

Mona Kwiatkowski

L&F Packaging and Honeycomb

Products of MI

Angela LaCourse

Cathy LaLonde

Margaret Landre

Barbara and John Langan

John and Amber Langan

Kelli A. Langan

Law Weathers & Richardson

Annemarie Lebioda

Patricia Leighton

Frank and Nancy Letherby

Laureen Lewis

Barbara Libby

Liberty Mutual Group

Little Kingdom

Ginger Lockyear

Kelly Longcore

Mary Jane Lowery

David Lubbers

Doug Luplow

MC Sports

Vickie Maile

Patricia A. Maksoudian

Kandi A. Malinquist

Lorraine Malkewitz

Malosh Insurance Service

Laura Z. Mann

Maple Hill Golf Couse &

Discount Pro Shop

Allison Martin

Marilyn F. Martin

Susan Mason

Karen and Mark Mastbergen

Max & Erma’s Restaurant

M. Denise May

William L. Mayfield

Margaret A. McCrystal

Lori McDiarmid

Jon McDonald

Tanya McDonald

McGuire’s Resort

Eileen Joy McKeever

Marilyn McKenna

Susan McKinney

Andrew McNay

Dean and Sara McNutt

Susan McReynolds

Ian Drougal

Marie Mercier

Anne C. Merring

Michigan Dept. of Corrections

Mika, Meyers, Beckett &

Jones, PLC

Millbrook Christian School

Elmer Miller

Gary Miller

Heather Miller

Kathleen and Ken Miller

Michael R. Miller

Sharon Miller

Mills & Motley Benefits, LLC

David Mirkowski

Doris J. Mitchell

Robert E. Morgan

Michele Most

Tim Mroz

Najee M. Muhammad

Mulick Floral Shop

Paul V. Murphy

NONA Salon

Teresa Neal

Northeast Cat & Dog Hospital, Inc.

Talitha Koum Circle - Northlawn

United Methodist Church

Beverly Ohlmann

Oliver Products Company

Olympia School of Massage

Panopoulos Salons

J. Parks

Fern Pasholk

Tami Passeno

Paul Goebel Group

Pam Perez

John Pesano

Michael Peterson

Philip Anthony Salon

Tasha Pickel

Scott and Barbara Pilichowski

Anne M. Pinter

Pita House

Donna Pizzo

Lisa Poort

David Poskey

Patricia Helen Post

Preusser Jewelers

M. Edward Pruetz

Gina Pummill

Margaret Pyne

Quality Inn Terrace Club

Quest at Houghton Lake

Pat Quinn

Mary Raab

Melissa Raab

Estate of Marian M. Rahn

Rainstick Studio

Mark Randall

Dawn and Danielle Rapp

Lisa Ray

Susan Reck

Redux Books - Eastown

R. Reed

Sally D. Reeves

Cindy Reistroffer

Suzanne Palmer Reiter

Remedies Therapeutic Massage

Sharon Rhodes

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Ripley

Curt Ritter

Linda Robands

Kim Roberts

Karen Robinson

Rogers Department Store

Rogue River Golf Club

Rohde Construction Company

Romence Gardens & Greenhouses

Seth and Lisa M. Rose Starner

Ann Rosloniec

Ruth Roth

Monica Rudy

RJR Pawtography

Keena and Mike Russell

Roberta R. Ryman


Saint Luke AME Zion Church

San Chez a Tapas Bistro

Santa Fe Trading Company

Linda Saper

Saskatoon Golf Club

Sassy, Inc.

Pam Schaner

Jeff Scharphorn

Pam Schenkel

Ray Schneider

Susan Schrotenboer

Jim Sebastian

Tina Segar

Seven’s Paint & Wallpaper

Sue Shaffer

Shaggy Pines Dog Park

Sybil Shane

Louise Shaw

Mary Ann Sheline

Kent and Laurilyn Shepherd

Debra E. Shimmel

Bruce Shindorf

Karen N. Shively

Ella M. Shonk Estate

Siegel Jewelers

Robin Siegfried

Debra L. Sikanas

Bonnie Silver -

Cummings Elementary

Sister to Sister Breast Cancer

Support Group

Maureen Slade

Boyd and Nyla Slater

Karen Smigiel

Peggy Child Smith

The Honorable Sara J. Smolenski

Karolina Smus

Linda Southwell

Sparta Middle School

Carol Spence

Spirit Dreams

Kari Sprague

Spring Arbor University

Spring Creek Farm

Prashant Srivastava

Andrew Stakhowiak

Steelcase Inc.

Brandon Steenstra

Debra Stelter

Kay Stewart

Ralph V. Stoner

Cynthia Storer

John and Tess Storer

Richard L. Storer

Robert A. Storer

Sandy and Les Storer

James A. Stover

Maximiliane Christina Straub

Michele Suchovsky

Thomas J. Syrek

Mary Szumski

Angela Taylor

Janette E. Tazzia

Mike and Kelly TenBrock

Terrasini Group LLC

Karen Thompson

Thousand Oaks Golf Club

Tom and Sue Tiesma

Tip Top Gravel

Julia Titley

Nancy Treur

Trigo Pizza Co./Pizza Hut


Karin Turmelle

Kurt Unangst

Uncle Goose Toys

United Bank of Michigan

United States Postal Service

Lisa Urban

Van Haren Electric Inc

Patricia L. VanDenBrink

Sheri VanGorp

Cornelius VanHoute

Jaye VanLenten

Robert VanPatten

Karen VanSprange

Kristin M. VandenBerg

Kim VandenToorn

Mary Ann Vandenberg

Richard Vander Molen

Jennifer VanderMolen

Lindsey Varnell

Varnum Consulting, LLC

Grace Elizabeth “Betty” Vaughan

Sharla Vaughan

Veenstra’s Garage

Stacey Verhil

Holli Verhovsek

Victoria’s Secret - Grandville

Victoria’s Secret - Woodland Mall

Todd and Soni Voss

Susan V. Vreeland


Debra Walsh

Michelle Wandron

Kathy M. Watkins

Tracy and Kevin Weberg

Tonya Webster

Phil Weiler

Howard Welch

Emma Weller

Julianna S. Wemmer

Wensco Sign Supply

Mary Werkema

Diane West

David Westphal

Jeff Westveld

Les Wheeler

Louisa E. Wheeler

Sarah Wheeler

Bridget White

Dolores A. White

Whitecaps Prof. Baseball Corp.

Eric R. Wilcome

Jessica L. Wilkinson

Kim Williams

Ted Willis

Wireless Wonderland

Amy and Paul Wolbert

Women’s City Club of Grand


Women’s Resource Center

Lisa and Tom Wurst

Bernard Zahm

Lou Zeek

Deb Zondervan

John and Kathy Zuiderveen

Additional Community Support

and Government Funding

The Blodgett Foundation

Grand Valley State University

Women’s Center

Heart of West Michigan United Way

Holiday Fest

Kent County Community

Mental Health

Kent County Family Independence


Michigan Department of

Management and Budget-VOCA

Michigan Domestic Violence

Prevention and Treatment Board

Michigan Family Independence


Michigan Supportive Housing and

Development Authority

The Nokomis Foundation

Louis & Helen Padnos Foundation

Sebastian Foundation

U.S. Department of Housing and

Urban Development

Women Lawyers Association of

Michigan - Western Region

YWCA of Grand Rapids 25 Sheldon Blvd., SE Grand Rapids, MI 49503

phone: 616.459.4681 fax: 616.459.5423

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