Exhibitor Prospectus - Experimental Biology


Exhibitor Prospectus - Experimental Biology


Annual Meeting of:

American Association of Anatomists (AAA)

The American Physiological Society (APS)

American Society for Biochemistry and

Molecular Biology (ASBMB)

American Society for

Investigative Pathology (ASIP)

American Society for Nutrition (ASN)

American Society for Pharmacology and

Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET)

Exhibitor Prospectus


100 YEArS!


125 YEArS!


Experimental Biology Boston

April 20-24, 2013

Boston Convention & Exposition Center




Welcome Prospective Exhibitor!

on behalf of the Experimental Biology Management Committee, it is my pleasure to

invite you to participate in Experimental Biology (EB) 2013 at the Boston Convention &

Exposition Center, April 20-24.

Exhibitors play a vital role in meeting the needs of the members of the host and guest

societies, as well as other registrants. our scientists learn about the latest technologies

from the exhibits and make important purchasing decisions based on their visits to the

exhibit hall. Approximately 8,000 scientific posters will be displayed in the exhibit hall,

guaranteeing that the exhibit booths will be easily accessible to the participants.

For years, EB has attracted the top life science researchers from around the world

(scientists from over 65 countries attended EB 2012). EB is the only meeting to have

unlimited access to over 10,000 domestic and international decision makers from

numerous scientific disciplines all under one roof!

We look forward to welcoming our returning exhibitors and first timers to this unique show. We are excited

to help you achieve the highest return from your participation in EB 2013.


Mark E. Sobel, MD, PhD

Executive officer, American society for Investigative Pathology

Chair, EB 2013 Management Committee


■ Stay up to date on the science behind your products and services with one (1) complimentary

scientific attendee registration per company

■ Six (6) complimentary exhibitor badges per 10’ x 10’ booth to ensure one-on-one time with attendees

■ Ten (10) guest of exhibitor badges

■ Free WIFI in Exhibit Hall

■ Network with other exhibitors in the exhibitor Lounge

■ Prominent booth identification sign with company name and booth number

■ Marketing and promotional opportunities to increase exposure and qualified leads

■ Earn priority points for each year of meeting participation, sponsorship purchase and hosting a

product workshop to gain more prominent booth position over time

■ Refreshment breaks scheduled in the Exhibit Hall

■ 24 hour security provided

■ Complimentary listing in the EB Program with up to 14 products listed so attendees can easily

find you




2012 Meeting Demographics


Distribution 4000 by Geographical Area


More than 65 countries

annually in the 0fields


anatomy, physiology,

biochemistry, pathology,

nutrition and pharmacology.

Distribution by Work Sector

University: 83.9%

New England: 516

Mid Atlantic: 811

South Atlantic: 1,491

E North Central: 1,191

W North Central: 689

E South Central: 437

W South Central: 824

Mountain: 462

Pacific: 1,438

International: 2,467

NIH: 1.1%

Government: 3.4%

Industry: 6.7%

Nonprofit: 3.5%

Other: 1.4%


Total Scientists


Other Attendees


10,624 10,329

2010 2011 2012


2010 2011 2012





Exhibit Hall Dates:

Sunday, April 21 – Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Boston Convention & Exposition Center

Boston, Massachusetts

Booth Reservation:

Visit our website www.experimentalbiology.

org/content/Exhibits.aspx to complete an online


Booth Rental Fees:

10’x10’ Inside Booth ..................$3,020

10’x10’ Corner Booth .................$3,280

(Not facing posters)

10’x10’ Corner Inside Booth ............$3,410

(Prime space facing posters)

Show Decorator:

Brede National is the official contractor for EB.

Brede National manages exhibit set-up

dismantling, furnishing, shipping and all other

related services for the exhibitors.

Exhibit Installation:

Friday, April 19 ............8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Saturday, April 20 ..........8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Exhibit Dates and Hours:

Sunday, April 21 ...........9:00AM – 4:00 PM

Monday, April 22 .......... 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Tuesday, April 23 ......... 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Exhibit Tear-Down:

Tuesday, April 23 .........4:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Wednesday, April 24 ...... 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM



General Information

Booth Rental Includes

■ one (1) complimentary scientific attendee registration

■ six (6) complimentary exhibitor badges per

10’ x 10’ booth

■ ten (10) guests of exhibitor badges

■ Access to Exhibitor Lounge

■ Free WIFI in Exhibit Hall

■ 8’ high back drape and 36” high side dividers

■ 7’ x 44” identification sign

■ Complimentary listing in the Program with up to 14

products listed

■ security 24/7 in the exhibit hall

NOTE: Carpet, tables, chairs, electricity, computer, AV

equipment, internet access are not included in the booth

fee and can be ordered through the Exhibitor Service kit


Payment Information

■ A 50% deposit for each booth requested must

accompany the application for space.

■ Exhibit space will not be assigned or confirmed

without receipt of deposit. the remaining balance

must be paid by november 21, 2012. Applications

received after november 21, 2012 must be received

with full payment.

Priority Points

Priority for space assignment is given

according to the following system

established by the EB Exhibits Advisory

Committee. Each company will be given

(2) points for each year’s participation.

Points toward priority in space assigned will be

maintained on a cumulative basis starting with those

earned since January 1962.

Cancellation Policy

■ All cancellations must be requested in writing

■ Booths cancelled before october 15 we will retain

10% of booth cost for administrative fees.

■ Booths cancelled from october 16 – november 13,

50% of the booth cost will be retained.

■ If your booth is cancelled after november 14 the full

cost of the booth is retained and no refund will

be issued.

Show Management

Janet Kearney Joni Friedman

jkearney@faseb.org friedman@faseb.org

301-634-7009 301-634-7011

Marketing and

Promotional opportunities


Display your company name, logo, booth number and message in

the meeting program. the program is posted in full on the website in

advance of the meeting. Advertising rates, specifications and order

forms can be found on the website.

Booth Upgrades $250 - $600

Increase your exposure and RoI by upgrading your booth in our virtual

floor plan. options include adding your URL, company logo, product

promotion and company video.

Product Workshops $1,500 per hour – 1 Priority Point

Highlighting your company’s products and services in a private theater

setting. Product workshops will be held on the exhibit floor and in

session rooms for one hour increments and includes complimentary A/V

equipment. Requests are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Complete the online application located on our website. Deadline for

consideration is January 8, 2013. A description of the presentation will

be included in the meeting program if received by January 8.

Attendee Mailing Lists $1,250

Reach new prospects and stay connected by purchasing the advance or

post show attendee mailing lists. names are sorted by zip code and can

be segmented by domestic, Canadian or foreign addresses. Complete

the online order form location on our website.

Company Box Ad $500

Maximize your visibility by displaying your company’s logo in the

Meeting Program next to your company information. Further details and

pricing can be found on our website.

Please contact Janet Kearney at jkearney@faseb.org for additional






All Sponsors receive the following added benefits:

■ Priority Points

■ Complimentary scientific registration (in addition to the one

provided to the exhibiting company) – $360 value

■ Complimentary one-time use of the preregistered attendee

mailing list – ($1,250 value).

■ Acknowledgement in the Meeting Program and other

EB materials.

■ Complimentary internet link on the EB Virtual Exhibit Hall

website – ($250 value)

■ sponsor ribbon designation for you and your staff

■ sponsor testimonial or product/service description on the

EB Website


Visit www.experimentalbiology.org

and click on exhibits for

a Sponsorship Application


sponsorship opportunities


$25,000 (Limit 2) – 4 Priority Points

the most popular package! sponsor’s name and logo along with the EB logo/meeting

information will be imprinted on the bag and distributed to each meeting registrant.


$20,000 (Exclusive) – 3 Priority Points

$7,000 (Individual Sponsorship) Limit 3 – 1 Priority Point each

For easy daily access and visibility, Internet cafes will be located on the exhibit floor of the

convention center. sponsor(s) will have continuous recognition with the company logo as

the screen saver as a default setting to the sponsor’s homepage for maximum viewing. For

additional impact, you may also provide the mouse pads with your company name and logo.

signage is provided in each area.


$20,000 (Exclusive) – 3 Priority Points

our mobile application will put all meeting details of EB 2013 right at the users fingertips and

their iPhone, Android smart phone or IPad. A splash screen and direct link to your corporate

website are included.


$14,000 (Exclusive) – 3 Priority Points

Attendees must wear a badge at all times within the convention center. Display your company

name, product and/or logo on the lanyards. one color logo and/or message will be printed on

both sides of lanyard or provide your pre-printed lanyards to us.


$8,000 – 2 Priority Points

Distributed to every attendee, a conference notepad will be imprinted with your name and logo.

this item will provide corporate and brand recognition during the meeting and throughout

the year.


We welcome sponsorship suggestions and will customize packages to meet our unique needs.


$7,000 (Exclusive) – 2 Priority Points

Be the last name attendees see when they go back to their rooms each night.

Hotel room key cards are given to each attendee upon check-in at official

conference hotels. Remind conference attendees to stop by your booth. Your

company name, logo and/or message will be printed on the key card for a daily



$6,000 (Exclusive) – 1 Priority Point

As a sponsor of pens, your company logo will be visible to all attendees. these

are a great take-away item for attendees which are provided to each attendee

when they register.


$5,000 (Exclusive) – 1 Priority Point

Aisle signs are located in the exhibit hall where attendees are guaranteed

to look at the aisle signage which navigates their path through the hall. Your

corporate or product logo and booth number will be placed on these signs.


$4,000 (37” x 96”) – 1 Priority Point

Make a powerful impact with a highly visible on-site column wrap

In the exhibit hall. Drive traffic to your booth creating awareness about a new

product or promoting your company/service. secure a premium location now!


$4,000 (Exclusive) – 1 Priority Point

Attendees reference the floor locator sign frequently while on the show floor. Be

the sole sponsor of this signage and we will highlight your company name and

booth number. Your company logo will appear on 10 individual signs indicating

that you are the exclusive sponsor.


$4,000 (Limit 2) – 1 Priority Point

Leading down to the exhibit hall your company logo will be displayed. this is a

great way to make sure that attendees see your company every day as they walk

to the exhibit hall. (Image 9’5” x 65”)


$3,000 (Individual Sponsorship) - Limit 3 – 1 Priority Point

these are self-service stations for attendees to recharge their laptops and cell

phones. Your corporate logo will be included on signage which includes a

literature rack for product advertising.


$2,000 each (54” x 96”) – 1 Priority Point

Leave a lasting impression with attendees by placing your company name/logo

on the sky bridge windows that look down into the exhibit hall. Window Clings

are visible from the exhibit hall floor, as well.

Enhance Your Brand

Awareness and Increase

your Return on Investment




EB 2013

Floor Plan




Upgrade your

online Booth

Increase your

exposure and RoI!

Bronze Upgrade: ($250)

This upgrade package includes an online

virtual booth in the EB 2013 website. In

addition to your company name, address,

phone and fax we will add the following:

Your companies URL to the online Floor

Plan listing

Silver Upgrade ($400)

Includes: Your companies URL, plus

include your company logo for easy

identification online

Gold Upgrade ($600)

Includes: Your companies URL, company

logo, plus add your company product

promotion or company video

Banner Ad on Virtual Floor Plan

Map ($400)

Place your company’s business card on

the front page of the floor plan map. The

size must be 205 (width) x 60 (height)

pixels in a JPG, GIF or PNG. Also provide

us with your URL that will go directly to

your company’s web page.

Details are online under “Exhibitors”




EB 2012 Exhibiting Companies

21st Century Biochemicals, Inc. • A slice of Life • AAAs science & technology Policy Fellowships • AAPs • ABBIotEC • Abbott Animal Health • Abcam Biochemicals • Abcam Inc. • Abcore • AbD

serotec • Abgent Inc. • Accelagen Inc. • Accurate Chemical & scientific Corp. • Acris Antibodies • ACs Publications • ActivX Biosciences • ADInstruments • Adipogen International, Inc. • Advanced

targeting systems • Advise Analytics, Inc • AEI technologies, Inc. • AgileBio UsA • Agilent technologies • Alfa Aesar, a Johnson Matthey Co • ALPCo • ALZEt® osmotic Pumps/DURECt Corporation •

A-M systems • American Association for Laboratory Animal science • American Association of Anatomists (AAA) • American Heart Association • American Institute for Cancer Research • American

Physiological society • American Radiolabeled Chemicals, Inc. • American society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (AsBMB) • American society for Clinical Pathology • American society for

Investigative Pathology (AsIP) • American society for nutrition (Asn) • American society for Pharmacology and Experimental therapeutics (AsPEt) • Americans for Medical Progress • Amirsys • Anaspec,

Inc. • Anatomy In Clay Centers • Anatrace Products From Affymetrix, Inc. • Annual Reviews • Applied BioPhysics, Inc. • Arbor Assays • Army Medical Recruiting • Art Robbins Instruments • AsI/Applied

scientific Instrumentation • Aspect Imaging • Assay Biotechnology, Inc. • Avanti Polar Lipids, Inc. • Aves Labs, Inc. • Aviva systems Biology • Axis-shield PoC • Axxora LLC • Bachem Americas Inc •

Bemis Company Inc. • Bertin Corp • Bethyl Laboratories, Inc. • BIoBsERVE • Biochemical Journal • BioData • Biomed Central • Biomedical Engineering society (BMEs) • Biomedical Research Models,

Inc • Biomertechnology • Biometrology / nanoAnalytics • Biontex • BIoPAC systems, Inc. • Bio-Rad Laboratories • Bio-serv • Biospherix, Ltd. • Bio-synthesis, Inc. • Biotechniques • BioVision, Inc. •

Bitplane Inc. • Bone Clones, Inc. • Brandtech scientific, Inc. • British Pharmacological society • Bruker Corporation • BtX/Harvard Apparatus • Buxco Research systems • C & A scientific Co., Inc. •

Cambridge Electronic Design Ltd. • Campden Instruments Ltd. • Carestream Molecular Imaging • Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC • Cayman Chemical Company • CBs scientific Company Inc. • Cedarlane •

Cell Applications, Inc. • Cell signaling technology • Centerchem, Inc. • Charles River • Chemglass Life sciences • Chondrex, Inc. • CHtn • Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation • CLEVER sYs InC

• Cold spring Harbor Laboratory Press • Colloquium • Columbus Instruments International Corporation • Conquer scientific • CorDynamics • Corn Refiners Association • Corning Incorporated • Cosmo

Bio UsA • Coulbourn Instruments • Coy Laboratory Products • CRC Press – taylor & Francis • Data sciences International • DiCon/scopeLED • DMt-UsA, Inc. • Drummond scientific • DtRA RD-CB •

Dualsystems Biotech AG • Dyets, Inc. • eBioscience • Eicom Corporation • Electron Microscopy sciences • ELsEVIER, InC. • Embi tec • EMD Millipore • emka tECHnoLoGIEs • Epitomics, Inc. •

Expedeon • EY Laboratories, Inc. • Faculty of 1000 • FAsEB • Faxitron Bioptics • Fine science tools • FIso technologies • Flexcell International Corp. • Fluxion Biosciences • ForteBio • Full Moon

Biosystems, Inc. • GE Healthcare • Gene tools, LLC • GeneCopoeia, Inc. • GenHunter Corporation • Gilson, Inc. • Glenbrook technologies • Globaltown Microtech, Inc. • GraphPad software, Inc. •

Grass technologies / Astro-Med, Inc. • Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau • Gubener Plastinate GmbH • Hamilton Company • Harlan Laboratories, Inc. • Harvard Apparatus • Hatteras Instruments,

Inc. • Hilltop Lab Animals, Inc. • Hoefer, Inc. • Howard Hughes Medical Institute • Hugo sachs Elektronik/Harvard Apparatus • ibidi, LLC • IDEXX RADIL • IItC Inc. • Implen, Inc. • Indus Instruments •

Innovative Instruments, Inc. • Instech solomon • Institute for therapeutics Discovery & Development • Integrated DnA technologies • InvivoGen • Ionoptix • iPRECIO® Infusion Pumps by Primetech

Corporation • ItsI-Biosciences, LLC • iWorx systems, Inc. • Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories, Inc. • Jones & Bartlett Learning • Journal of Visualized Experiments • Kennedy Krieger Institute Genetics

Laboratories • Kent scientific Corporation • Kinexus Bioinformatics Corporation • KnoCK oUt MoUsE PRoJECt • Konigsberg Instruments, Inc. • Labconco Corporation • Lafayette Instrument Company

• Lampire Biological Laboratories, Inc. • LC sciences LLC • LI-CoR Biosciences • Lifeline Cell technology • Lippincott Williams & Wilkins - Wolters Kluwer Health • Living systems Instrumentation • LKt

Laboratories • Lonza • Luxcel Bioscience • Marker Gene technologies, Inc. • MAtREYA LLC • Mbiotech, Inc. • MBL International • McGraw-Hill Higher Education • MED Associates, Inc. • Mercodia •

Metabolon, Inc. • Michelson Prize & Grants • Millar Instruments • Millar Instruments • Mirus Bio LLC • Mo BIo Laboratories, Inc. • Moor Instruments, Inc. • Mouse specifics, Inc. • MP Biomedicals • Ms

Bioworks • MsoE Center for BioMolecular Modeling • nACALAI UsA, InC. • nanion technologies • narishige International UsA, Inc. • national Research Council of the national Academies • nature

Publishing Group • neogen Corporation • nestle nutrition Institute • neuroInDx, Inc. • new England Biolabs • nIH BrIDGs and tRnD • nIH Center for scientific Review • nIH office of Dietary supplements

• nikon Instruments Inc. • nonlinear Dynamics • norgen Biotek Corporation • notocord Inc. • nuAire, Inc. • olink Bioscience • olis, Inc. • olympus America Inc. • omni International, Inc. •

originLab Corporation • oZ Biosciences • Panlab • Pearson • Peprotech, Inc. • PepsiCo, Inc. • Perimed Inc. • Phoenix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. • Physiologic Instruments, Inc. • Physitemp Instruments, Inc.

• Pipette.com • PLAs-LABs, InC. • Porvair Filtration Group Ltd. • Precisionary Instruments Inc. • Primal Pictures Ltd • PRo scientific Inc. • PromoCell GmbH • Prosci Inc. • Protea Biosciences, Inc. •

Purina LabDiet • Quantimetrix Corporation • Qubit systems Inc • R&D systems, Inc. • RADnotI • RayBiotech • Razel scientific Instruments • RCsB Protein Data Bank/ sBKB • ReCathCo • Research

Diets, Inc. • Research in Germany • Research Products International Corp. • Roboz surgical Instrument Co., Inc. • Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. • Rocky Mountain Diagnostics • Royal society Publishing

• RsC Publishing • sable systems International, Inc. • sAGE • sarstedt, Inc. • science/AAAs • scienCell Research Laboratories • scientific Industries, Inc • sCIREQ UsA Inc. • scisense • seahorse

Bioscience, Inc. • shamrock scientific specialty systems, Inc. • sheatech, Inc. • shimadzu scientific Instruments, Inc. • siemens Healthcare • sigma Life science • silk scientific, Inc. • society for

neuroscience • solulink • springer • st. Jude Children’s Research Hospital • stanford Photonics, Inc. • starr Life sciences Corp • surModics IVD • sutter Instrument • synbiosis & syngene • synthecon,

Incorporated • systat software Inc • tA Instruments • taylor-Wharton • the Baker Company • the Endocrine society • the Histochemical society • the Jackson Laboratory • the new York times •

the Physiological society • thermo scientific nanoDrop Products • thieme Publishers • thomson Reuters • Thorlabs Inc • tiemann surgical Instruments • tocris Bioscience • tokai Hit Co., Ltd. • tools

for Molecular Biology • touch of Life technologies • transonic systems, Inc. • triangle Biosystems International • triLink Biotechnologies, Inc. • tsE systems, Inc. • Ugo Basile north America, Inc. • UsB

Products From Affymetrix, Inc. • UsDA Center for nutrition Policy & Promotion • UVP, LLC • VacuMed, Inc. • Versa Laboratories • Visualsonics • W.H. Freeman & Company • Wadsworth, Cengage Learning

• Wako Laboratory Chemicals • Warner Instruments • Wiley-Blackwell • World Precision Instruments • Worthington Biochemical Corporation • Xrpro Corp. • ZenBio, Inc. • Zyagen • Zymo Research Corp.




EB 2013 organizations

The Guest Societies

participating in EB 2013 include:

AAA - American Association of


Canadian Association for Anatomy, neurobiology, and

Cell Biology (CAAnCB)

APS - American Physiological Society

American Federation for Medical Research (AFMR)

Association of Latin American Physiological societies


Biomedical Engineering society (BMEs)

the Microcirculatory society (MCs)

the Physiological society – UK (tPs)

society of Experimental Biology and Medicine (sEBM)

ASBMB - American Society for

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Biochemical society

Division of Biological Chemistry – American Chemical


Panamerican Association for Biochemistry and Molecular

Biology (PABMB)


ASIP - American Society for Investigative


American College of Veterinary Pathologists

American society for Matrix Biology

International society for Analytical and Molecular


International society for Biological and Environmental


society for Cardiovascular Pathology

società Italiana di Patologia e Medicina traslazionale/

Italian society of Pathology and translational Medicine

the Histochemical society

ASN - American Society for Nutrition

Academy of nutrition and Dietetics (AnD)

American society for Animal science (AsAs)

Association of nutrition Departments and Programs


ILsI north America

Korean nutrition society (Kns)

Plant Phenolic and Human Health Research Interest

Group (PhenHRIG)

the nutrition society

ASPET - American Society for

Pharmacology and Experimental


Behavioral Pharmacology society

British Pharmacological society

Canadian society for Pharmacology and therapeutics




office of scientific Meetings and Conferences

9650 Rockville Pike

Bethesda, MD 20814-3998


August 28, 2012 .................Booth assignments (based on priority points)

Early october ...................Exhibitor service kits on line

november 21, 2012 ..............Balance of booth payment due

January 8, 2013 ................. Deadline for exhibit space application information

to be printed in the meeting program

January 8, 2013 .................Deadline for Product Workshop application

April 12, 2013 ....................Deadline for advance warehouse shipment

April 19-20, 2013 .................Exhibit Move-in

April 21-23, 2013 .................Exhibit Hours

April 23-24, 2012 ................Exhibitor Dismantling


Complete details at www.experimentalbiology.org






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