an attorney. - Benesch

an attorney. - Benesch

John Banks, Chief Operating Officer

> Managing the business of 120 attorneys and 140 legal staffers

> Offices in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio

> Serving local, regional, national, and international clients

> 2300 BP Tower | 200 Public Square

> Cleveland, OH 44114 | 216-363-4526 |

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an attorney.

That qualifies me to run a



I’m a businessman.

My job is to support a team of legal experts.

And create an environment that encourages


No superstars, fiefdoms, or personal


Instead, people of integrity driven by a simple,

common goal.

To give you the best possible legal counsel.

Personal or business or both.

That’s what I make sure we do.

I know what you want from your law firm.

You want to leave here and say, wow.

These guys are good.

I’m John Banks.

I am Benesch.

Intellectual Property Practice Group

> Representing public and private companies, universities, and

research institutions

> Legal Services Include: Intellectual Property, Registration, Technology-

Related Agreements, and Intellectual Property Litigation

> 216-363-4686 |

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and an


good idea

and know how to




Innovation fascinates me.

It changes our lives.

That’s why I became an engineer.

Innovation also fuels competition.

And I like to compete.

That’s why I became an attorney.

Your inventions are your property.

And you should protect them.

Intellectual property is my practice.

Some of the sharpest technical and

legal minds in the field are on my team.

They know the power of patents.

And the value of that little and ® and ©.

So don’t stop thinking, inventing, and


We’ll do the legal engineering.

I’m Steve Auvil.

I am Benesch.

Corporate and Securities Practice Group, Private Equity Group

> Representing publicly and privately held growth companies, lenders,

mezzanine finance providers, equity participants

> Legal Services Include: Mergers and Acquisitions, Public/Private Equity

Offerings, Public/Private Debt Offerings, Polymer Industry Specialization

> 216-363-4444 |

©2005 Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP





law firm,

which helps a great deal.

I go where the action is.

I’m the managing partner of the firm.

And I chair our Private Equity Group.

I advise middle-market companies

growing by acquisition.

And their own acumen.

I bring private equity groups, leading

companies, and super executives together.

I help LBO principals build and

powersize their portfolios.

This is a high-stakes, high-energy practice.

Counsel is critical. No amateurs allowed.

It takes senior attorneys who

understand the business.

And who are smart business people.

Buy side or sell side or build side,

that’s why clients come to us.

To do the deal.

I’m Jim Hill.

I am Benesch.

Corporate and Securities Practice Group; Polymer Industry Group;

China Group; Private Equity Group

> Representing U.S.-based domestic and multinational corporations in

plastics, rubber, specialty chemicals, metals, healthcare, telecom,

manufacturing, financial services.

> Legal Services Include: Mergers and Acquisitions; Divestitures; Strategic

Alliances; Distressed/Insolvent Company Acquisitions and Restructurings;

Corporate Governance Issues and Securities Law; General Counsel.

> 216-363-4487 |

©2005 Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP







I’m not the one who makes

executive decisions.

My role is to guide the executive


I’m a resource for creative solutions.

I’m the voice of reason in

heated moments.

I’m the quarterback.

In local, national, and overseas arenas.

As corporate counsel for a number

of leading companies,

I advise clients facing critical

business issues.

I help them achieve strategic goals.

And in doing so, I bring our

considerable resources to the table.

But don’t call me Chief.

I’m Megan Mehalko.

I am Benesch.

Chair, Corporate and Securities Practice Group; Private Equity Group;

Polymer Group

> Representing public and privately held growth companies; private

equity, subordinated debt, and venture funds; portfolio companies.

> Legal Services Include: Mergers and Acquisitions; Public and Private Debt

and Equity Financings; Business Counseling.

> 216-363-4567 |

©2005 Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP

I’m not a


I’m an


and a



My strength is bringing business

interests together.

As head of our Corporate Group,

I help companies achieve

their growth plans.

And bring together the capital

sources to do it.

Going in, we focus on the goal.

Does the concept have legs?

What’s the exit strategy?

Who’s the heavy hitter who’ll

make it happen?

The best part is watching

everything come together.

A marriage of our skills and

a company’s strengths.

That’s when the real fun begins.

I’m Ira Kaplan.

I am Benesch.

Corporate and Securities Practice Group; China Group; Polymer

Industry Team

> Legal Services Include: Mergers and Acquisitions; Joint Ventures

and Strategic Alliances; China and other cross-border transactions;

counseling on general business matters.

> 216-363-4623 |

Benesch Pacific LLC, a Benesch subsidiary, is pleased to announce

the opening of a representative office in Shanghai, China.

©2005 Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP

I’m a



I open up



First it was Europe, then Japan, then

south of the border.

Now China is the new frontier.

Like it or not, China presents unique

business challenges.

How can you compete? How can

you participate?

Our China Group has answers.

And over 30 years of merger and

acquisition experience.

But first a word of advice.

If you’re going to China, you have to

know where you’re going.

If you’re doing a deal in the States,

you have to know where you are.

So, U.S. deal or China deal, where’s

the best place to start?

My Cleveland office.

I’m Allan Goldner.

I am Benesch.

Construction Practice Group

> Representing contractors, owners, design professionals, subcontractors,

sureties on public and private projects.

> Legal Services Include: Litigation; Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR):

Mediation; Arbitration; Preparation and Negotiation of Project Delivery

Agreements, Bid Protests, Extra Work, Delay and Disruption Claims,

E&O Claims, and Building Defect Claims

> 216-363-4454 |

©2005 Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP


I’m an

and an attorney.

I build airtight


It’s the nature of the construction business.

Big projects can turn into big problems, fast.

Especially if things don’t go according

to plan.

As an architect, I understand the project

from the ground up.

As your attorney, I protect your interest

from beginning to end.

From subsurface claims to delay claims,

nonpayment issues to leaky roofs.

Our Construction Group has handled

thousands of construction disputes.

Often involving multiple parties.

And huge financial stakes.

That’s why you want me to represent you.

I provide a solid foundation for your case.

I’m Barry Miller.

I am Benesch.

Trial Practice Group; Transportation and Logistics; Medical Device Practice

> Representing carriers, freight intermediaries, shippers, medical device makers.

> Legal Services Include: Transport Contracts; Logistics Litigation; Transport

Casualty Work; E-Commerce Claims; Freight Claim Loss and Damage

Litigation; Fire Litigation; Product Safety and Liability Counsel and Litigation;

Recall Management; General Liability and Regulatory Compliance Issues.

> 216-363-4178 |

©2005 Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP

I’m a foreign



I’ll go anywhere to


acase. The world is getting smaller.

Companies reach markets they

never heard of.

With products we never dreamed of.

And technologies few of

us understand.

That creates a chain of responsibility.

And if that chain is broken, the loss

can be dramatic.

That’s our responsibility.

We have a team of industry gurus.

With in-depth knowledge of the

transport and medical fields.

As well as the legal savvy.

To protect clients against loss.

Over land, air, water, and cyberspace.

And where it matters most.

In the courtroom.

I’m Eric Zalud.

I am Benesch.

Construction Practice Group

> Representing municipalities, engineers, contractors, schools and

universities, developers, owners, sureties, public and private entities.

> Legal Services Include: Arbitration and Litigation; Alternative Dispute

Resolution (ADR); Bid Protests; Construction Agreements; Contract

Negotiation; Delay and Disruption Claims; Multi-Party Mediation.

> 216-363-6108 |

©2005 Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP

I’m a


G U Y.



Construction is an increasingly

complex business.

Design professionals, developers,


Unions, subs, insurers, inspectors.

Everyone has their role in the job.

And their interest to protect.

I know. I worked construction for

10 years before I graduated from

law school.

Then I made construction law my trade.

I spend a lot of time on the job.

Looking at plans, watching the project

take shape, getting the facts.

So, if there’s a dispute, I’m prepared

to get tough.

Sometimes the courtroom is the only

way to solve problems.

Clients know I can be very persuasive.

That’s why you want me on your side.

Before you see me on the other side.

I’m Tom Crist.

I am Benesch.

Health Care Group

> Representing private equity and venture capital investors, health care

providers, and health care payors.

> Legal Services Include: Mergers and Acquisitions, Financing, Regulatory

Compliance, and Litigation.

> 216-363-4589 |

©2005 Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP



to your business.




on health care.

The health care business is

healthier than ever.

But it has its headaches.

Regulation, compliance,


Medicaid/Medicare A, B, C.

And now D.

The laws governing the industry

change day by day, state

by state.

You need incisive legal advice.

From more than a general practitioner.

Our Health Care Practice Group

handles transactional, regulatory,

and litigation projects.

Our clients include health care

providers and payors, private

investors, and third-party


Like you, they don’t want to

take health risks.

With their business.

I’m Alan Schabes.

I am Benesch.

China Group

> Representing U.S.-based and foreign multinational corporations.

> Legal Services Include: Relationship Negotiation; Commercial and Real

Estate Contracts; Hiring Local Chinese and Expatriating U.S. Employees;

Formation of Foreign Representation Office, Joint Venture and Wholly

Foreign-Owned Enterprise; Mergers and Acquisitions; Intellectual

Property Strategy, Patent and Trademark Application and Protection;

Technology Transfer; Chinese Tax Law; Foreign Exchange Control

Issues; Custom Compliance.

> 216-363-4664 |

©2006 Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP

I‘m an



in the U.S. I was born and




So you want to do business in China.

Do you speak the language?

Do you know the culture?

Most of all, do you know the

laws of the land?

That’s where I can help.

Besides my obvious credentials,

I hold law degrees and practice law.

Both in the U.S and China.

So before you go, I advise you

to stop here first.

Work with our China Group to

structure your venture.

And prepare all the documents.

In proper Chinese.

Because if you want to be

successful there, you don’t

want anything to get lost.

In translation.

I’m Yanping Wang.

I am Benesch.

Corporate and Securities Practice Group, Private Equity Group

> Representing publicly and privately held growth companies, lenders,

mezzanine finance providers, equity participants.

> Legal Services Include: Mergers and Acquisitions, Public/Private Equity

Offerings, Public/Private Debt Offerings.

> 216-363-4693 |

©2006 Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP



now I’m an attorney.

I’m who you want in the



One thing I learned on the athletic field.

Strategy is critical, but it takes teamwork

to win.

It’s no less important in mergers and


I’m a partner in our Corporate and Securities

Practice Group.

My team works with manufacturers, service

providers, and technology think tanks.

First we analyze the risks along with

the rewards.

We develop a game plan and bring diverse

interests together.

Then open doors to people and capital

to complete the deal.

To everyone’s satisfaction.

Because we don’t just make deals,

we build relationships.

To us, it isn’t winner take all.

It’s everybody wins.

I’m Gregg Eisenberg.

I am Benesch.

Real Estate and Environmental Practice Group

> Representing developers, lenders, property owners, and tenants.

> Legal Services Include: Commercial Financing, Leasing, Acquisitions,

Dispositions, and Development.

> 216-363-4544 |

©2006 Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP



is my practice.




you can build on.

I grew up around commercial

construction in New York City.

But my law practice has that consensusbuilding

Midwestern style.

I’m a partner in our Real Estate and

Environmental Practice Group.

Serving developers and lenders nationwide,

both new construction and redevelopment.

We work with landowners, tenants, and


On everything from land acquisition to zoning.

And we help raise equity, public and private.

Today, mixed-use lifestyle centers are the rage.

But good-old service never goes out of style.

It’s attention to detail that gets the deal done.

And your project off the ground.

I’m Jeff Wild.

I am Benesch.

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