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Notes - Henrico County Public Schools

Henrico County Public Schools

Specialty Centers

A Choice for the Future

2013 / 2014

Henrico County Public Schools

Specialty Centers

A Choice for the Future


Table of Contents

Should a Specialty Center be a Part of Your Future? ............................................. 4

What’s New? ........................................................................................................ 4

General Information .............................................................................................5

Advance College Academy ..................................................................................... 6

Center for the Arts ............................................................................................... 8

Center for Communications .................................................................................10

Center for Education and Human Development ...................................................12

Center for Engineering ........................................................................................14

Center for the Humanities ...................................................................................16

Center for Information Technology ......................................................................18

International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (MYP) ..................................20

International Baccalaureate MYP and Diploma Program .....................................22

Center for Leadership, Government and Global Economics ..................................24

Center for Science, Mathematics and Technology .................................................26

Center for World Languages ................................................................................28

Information Sessions and Open House Schedule ..................................................30

Application Procedures for Students ....................................................................32


Should a Specialty Center Be a Part of Your Future?

Are you a student who has a concentrated area of interest or special talent? If so,

you might want to consider attending a specialty center. The centers, located in

each of the high schools and at three middle schools, offer Henrico County students

choices to focus their learning experiences. The centers offer advanced courses to

students who have clear interests and specific educational and/or career goals.

As you plan for your future, you might also want to consider your goals after high

school. In addition to the traditionally strong academic programs offered at each

Henrico comprehensive high school, attending a specialty center is an opportunity to

concentrate on a specialized interest while completing a rigorous college-preparatory


Once you have read through this booklet, you might wish to attend one of the

information sessions or a specialty center open house (see the schedule in the back

of the book for details). Visiting a specialty center is the best way to become familiar

with the curriculum, the experiences available and the school as a whole.

What’s New?

With the rapid development of business and industry in Virginia, there is a great demand

for highly qualified personnel in business administration. The associate of science degree

with a major in Business Administration is designed for students who plan to transfer to a

four-year college or university to continue their education in business. The ACA provides

students with up to two years of transferable credit to over 20 Virginia colleges and

universities at no cost to families. The program results in tremendous savings during a time

of unprecedented increases in college tuition.

The Northwest Evaluation Association’s (NWEA) computerized Measures of Academic

Progress (MAP) tests and the Direct Writing HAT will be used this year as a factor in

evaluating applications for students applying to Specialty Centers. Test sessions will be

offered in January 2013 to any Henrico resident who does not attend a HCPS middle



General Information


• Emphasizes rigorous academics

• Provides practical applications

• Encourages higher-level thinking

• Meets or exceeds graduation requirements

• Conveys information developed through educational partnerships with

businesses, universities and community organizations


• Delivered by highly-trained teachers

• Conveyed through advanced technology

• Enriched by visiting professionals

• Developed through real-world experiences with practicing experts

• Enhanced by innovative strategies that promote active learning


• Requires application process (check with center for specific process)

• Requires student commitment

• Open to rising ninth-graders

• Enhances program choice

• Extends beyond the normal geographic attendance zones


Transportation is arranged from the neighborhood bus stop, using the student’s home

address, and provided to each center. In order to receive transportation students must

complete the Pupil Transportation Student Registration Form. This form is mailed to

new students and distributed to existing students during the spring. Registration forms

are to be completed and returned prior to the last day of school.


The following pages contain information about each specialty center. Centers are

listed in alphabetical order. If you have further questions, contact the Department

of Secondary Education at 652-3766.


Advance College Academy


Advance College Academies: Business Administration

and Social Science

Are you already taking high school classes in middle school? Does the idea of taking

college classes in high school sound like an exciting challenge? Through a partnership

with J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, students in the Advance College Academy

earn both an advanced high school diploma and an Associate of Science degree in Social

Science or an Associate of Business degree in Business Administration in four years. The

program is offered at no cost to students and the credits are transferable to more than

20 of Virginia’s top colleges and universities.

Program Highlights

• Engage in a rigorous and challenging 21st century education in a unique

program taught by specially trained faculty

• Take high school honors and AP classes, freshman and sophomore years;

take college classes, junior and senior years

• Participate in activities designed to prepare students for college classes

• Earn 60 plus credits eligible for transfer to a four-year college or university

• Participate in clubs, sports, and other extra-curricular activities offered

at J.R. Tucker High School and Highland Springs High School

Additional information is available at:

ACA for Business Administration:

Dr. Dana Bost, Principal, Highland Springs High School

Mary Eckert, Coordinator, 781-1812

Denell Gegenheimer, Director of School Counseling, 328-4006

ACA for Social Science:

Dr. Robert C. Lowerre, Principal, J.R. Tucker High School

Sheralyne Tierseron, Coordinator, 527-4600

Valerie T. Keating, Director of School Counseling, 527-4606


Center for the Arts


Center for the Arts

You need interest, talent and ambition to become a success in theatre, dance,

visual arts or musical theatre at the Center for the Arts. Intensive study in the area

of your choice will assure that you are well prepared for college or for employment.

Program Highlights

• Four levels of Musical Theatre — techniques in vocal production,

dance, acting and solo and ensemble performance

• Four levels of Dance — emphasis on ballet, modern, jazz and other styles,

as well as history, aesthetics, nutrition, choreography and performance

• Four levels of Theatre — techniques in acting, creative expression,

technical theatre, aesthetics, audition techniques, production and performance

• Four levels of Visual Arts — emphasis on art and design principles,

history, aesthetics; proficiency in a variety of artistic media and technique; and

exhibition of student artwork

- Faculty of performing professionals supplemented with resident

and visiting artists

- Emphasis on professional training, career opportunities and

post-secondary education

- Opportunities to perform and exhibit student work

Additional information is available at:

Ronald S. Rodriguez, Principal, Henrico High School

Dr. Stephanie L. Poxon, Center Chair, 228-2718

LaToya K. Draper, Director of School Counseling, 228-2710


Center for Communications


Center for Communications

At the Center for Communications, you are on the air every day. This center is

home to a full television studio and control room, editing suites, information

systems and digital imaging labs, and a presentation studio. It is an exciting and

futuristic environment, but it is not all glamour. Behind presentations, television

shows, newspaper articles, panel discussions and/or debates lie the hidden steps of

preparation and practice in effective communication skills.

Program Highlights

• Comprehensive study and refinement of writing and speaking skills necessary

for effective presentations

• Applications in telecommunications/information systems

• Applications of the principles of communications in areas such as television,

multimedia, photography, graphic design, journalism, advertising and public


• Ethical and technical aspects of communications

• Field trips, shadowing opportunities and field experiences in partnership

with the business community

• Participation in the production of student news shows, commercials,

newspapers, speeches, multimedia presentations and a senior directed

research project

Additional information is available at:

Tracie Q. Omohundro, Principal, Varina High School

Beverley A. Lanier, Center Chair, 226-3139

Meredith Holder, Director of School Counseling, 226-8709


Center for Education and Human



Center for Education and Human Development

Do you enjoy working with friends to problem solve? Do you enjoy classes where

lessons are connected to the world around you? Are you intrigued by human

development and psychology? If yes, you share the ideologies of a new generation

of educational leaders. The Center for Education and Human Development offers a

comprehensive curriculum that explores the complexities of the learning process

and utilizes the latest technology to develop educators and other leaders for the

21st Century. The curriculum will focus on areas such as research based instructional

practices, 21st Century skills necessary for success in the global society, diversity,

research, data analysis, and professional development. The Center for Education and

Human Development explores human development and psychology as it relates to

education and models best practices for teaching and other leadership roles.

Program Highlights

• Rigorous curriculum that includes advanced placement courses and

real world application

• Faculty dedicated to developing individuals with skills in problem solving,

effective communication, and leadership

• State of the art classrooms with the cutting edge technology

• Opportunity to gain perspective and experience related to success in the

global society

• Senior internship opportunities

Additional information is available at:

Tracie A. Weston, Principal, Glen Allen High School

Ryan M. Conway, Center Chair, 501-3329

Justine C. Jordan, Director of School Counseling, 501-3310


Center for Engineering


Center for Engineering

Do you want to apply your math and science skills in a technology-based

classroom? Do you have an interest in designing, building and testing models?

Do industries such as aerospace, defense, communications, transportation,

manufacturing and biomedical research interest you? Then this center is the place

for you. It provides a basis for understanding how an engineer functions in today’s

technological world. An advanced high school diploma and college credits in

engineering await you at the Center for Engineering.

Program Highlights

• Provides foundations of math, science and technology in preparation for a

college engineering curriculum applicable to many technical careers

• Strong academic preparation emphasizing application of mathematics,

scientific principles, technology and engineering concepts to problem solve

through the “Design Process”

• Development of field studies, mentoring and apprenticeships with businesses,

colleges and universities

• Use of computer-aided drafting (CAD) systems in engineering, architecture

and design

• Opportunities to research and present technical information by using

modern technologies, including telecommunications, networking and

computer software

• Dual credit courses with the Engineering Department at J. Sargeant

Reynolds Community College and the School of Engineering at Virginia

Commonwealth University

• Engineering competitions including FIRST Robotics and Technology Student


Additional information is available at:

Dr. Dana Bost, Principal, Highland Springs High School

Billy W. Batkins, Center Chair, 328-4073

Denell Gegenheimer, Director of School Counseling 328-4006





Center for the Humanities


Center for the Humanities

Do you like to strike out and explore new territory? Do you enjoy reading deeply?

Do you wish to perfect your questioning, reasoning and writing skills? If so, then

the Center for the Humanities is for you. As you undertake independent and collaborative

study, you will stretch your imagination and gain the ability to express

and defend your opinions clearly and effectively while learning to be open to the

viewpoints of others.

Program Highlights

• Comprehensive and rigorous academic program specializing in literature,

history, philosophy and the arts

• Exploration of themes that show the human ties within and among cultures

• Interdisciplinary instruction of core academics relating the humanities to

current events and issues

• Inquiry approach with exchange among students, teachers and guest speakers

emphasizing reading and analysis of primary sources, writing and speaking

• Emphasis on liberal arts background in a technological society

• Awareness of and appreciation for one’s cultural heritage and creative


Additional information is available at:

Dr. Omega W. Wilson, Principal, Hermitage High School

Bruce D. Marr, Center Chair, 756-3017

Sherita Burrell Dance, Director of School Counseling, 756-3010


Center for Information Technology


Center for Information Technology

Are you curious about a future in the information technology field? Would you like

to experience real-world software and web site development? Do you enjoy getting

your hands on the latest technologies available? If you answered an enthusiastic

“yes” to these questions, the Center for Information Technology is for you!

Program Highlights

• Fundamentals of information technology, including introductions to database

design and management, networking, systems architecture, programming

and html

• Ethical considerations of issues relating to information technology

• Application of the principles of systems design and development through

partnerships with the business community

• Technology experts from the field as instructors

• Design and development of web sites for nonprofit organizations

• Opportunities to earn certification in web development and programming

• Java programming including AP Computer Science

• Internships in the Richmond area

• Senior Capstone project in one of four areas: network security, IT management,

database design and development, or game design

Additional information is available at:

Leonard G. Pritchard, Principal, Deep Run High School

Lynne M. Norris, Center Chair, 364-8025

Beatrice F. McLeod, Director of School Counseling, 364-8020


International Baccalaureate


Middle Years Program at Fairfield, Moody and

Tuckahoe Middle Schools

Are you a student who loves to learn and wants to surround yourself with stimulating

learning experiences that promote independence? Are you interested in connecting

what you learn with current global issues in an international framework? Join the

International Baccalaureate Program at Fairfield, Moody or Tuckahoe Middle Schools.

Program Highlights

• Emphasis on active learning, interdisciplinary thematic units and community


• Features a learning continuum for students in grades six through 10 that

includes vertical teaming of teachers from one grade level to the next

• Challenges students to meet both international and state academic standards

• Focuses on enhancing the opportunity for success for those students who

enroll in the International Baccalaureate Middle Years and Diploma

Programs at the high school level

Application procedures for IBMYP at Fairfield, Moody and Tuckahoe Middle Schools

can be obtained at each elementary and middle school or by calling Nancy Lavier,

IB Educational Specialist, at 261-6440.

Additional information is available at:

Arthur G. Raymond III, Principal, Fairfield MS

Karyn Edwards, IB Coordinator, Fairfield MS, 328-4020

Eunice Wallace, Director of School Counseling, Fairfield MS, 328-4024

Paul Llewellyn, Principal, Moody MS

April W. Craver, IB Coordinator, Moody MS, 261-5015

Sarah Z. Massie, Director of School Counseling, Moody MS, 261-5019

Marilyn H. Royal, Principal, Tuckahoe MS

Marie P. Wilcox, IB Coordinator, Tuckahoe MS, 673-3720

Brewster J. Brown, Director of School Counseling, Tuckahoe MS, 673-3723


International Baccalaureate


MYP and DP at Henrico and J.R. Tucker High Schools

Are you interested in a specialty center program that offers challenges in every

academic discipline including technology and the arts? Join the IB Program at

the high school level. In grade 10, you will receive scores from the International

Baccalaureate Organization that will become part of your high school record. Most

IB students are also eligible to receive the International Baccalaureate Middle

Years Program Certificate in grade 10. In grades 11 and 12, you can select areas for

special emphasis in your program. Upon graduation, successful students receive the

Advanced Studies Diploma and the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Students

may also earn college credit, advanced standing and/or advanced placement in

many prestigious colleges and universities.

Program Highlights

• The first authorized Middle Years Program in the U.S. that offers the IB Middle

Years Program Certificate at grade 10 as well as the IB Diploma in grade 12

• Hands-on learning in a close-knit international learning community

• Community action service projects and personal projects that extend learning

beyond the classroom walls

• Extended essay that strengthens research and writing skills while promoting

academic independence

For any questions on application procedures, please contact Nancy Lavier, IB

Educational Specialist, at 261-6440.

Additional information is available at: or


Ronald S. Rodriguez, Principal, Henrico HS

Priscilla L. Biddle, IB Coordinator, Henrico HS, 228-2745

LaToya K. Draper, Director of School Counseling, Henrico HS, 228-2710

Dr. Robert C. Lowerre, Principal, J.R. Tucker HS

Ellie M. Harper, IB Coordinator, J.R. Tucker HS, 967-2320

Valerie T. Keating, Director of School Counseling, J.R. Tucker HS, 527-4606


Center for Leadership, Government

and Global Economics


Center for Leadership, Government and

Global Economics

Are you looking to make a difference in the world tomorrow? The Center for

Leadership, Government and Global Economics at Freeman High emphasizes service

to the community through principle-centered leadership. It is home to an intense

course of study in economic systems, public and private organizational structures,

and leadership skills.

Program Highlights

• Comprehensive curriculum preparing students to be knowledgeable,

responsible and ethical leaders

• An advanced studies program in government, history and the social sciences

• Observation and interaction with leaders through partnerships and

special programs

• Application of leadership skills and principles through curricular and

extracurricular activities, community service and enrichment programs

• Identification and development of personal leadership qualities through

presentations, research and mentorship programs

Additional information is available at:

Anne L. Poates, Principal, Freeman High School

Robert F. Peck, Center Chair, 673-3700

Jennifer T. Crowder, Director of School Counseling, 673-3709


Leadership • Government • Global Economics •

Center for Science, Mathematics

and Technology


Center for Science, Mathematics

and Technology

If you have a keen interest in cutting-edge concepts in science, mathematics and

technology, the SMT Center is the place for you. The center’s curriculum allows you

to explore your world using the latest advancements in science, mathematics and

the technologies associated with each. Be on the cutting edge and explore the world

around you.

Program Highlights

• Rigorous college preparatory curriculum providing an accelerated program

of studies in the three disciplines

• Extensive elective offerings in mathematics, science, instrumentation and


• Instructional delivery heavily infused with technology

• Science and mathematics applications in business and industry through

on-site and electronic field investigations, interactions with scientists and

mathematicians, seminars and projects

• Ethical considerations of issues relating to scientific inquiry

• Research experiences leading to collaborative and independent projects

Additional information is available at:

Elizabeth K. Armbruster, Principal, Godwin High School

Denise S. Williams, Center Chair, 750-2600

Deanna B. Hudson, Director of School Counseling, 750-2606


Center for World Languages


Center for World Languages

Are you fascinated by world languages, diverse cultures, and international travel? Do

you want to become bilingual, study abroad and form lifelong friendships with other

students who share your passion for languages? Enrolling in the Center for World

Languages will allow you to develop a high level of proficiency in Spanish and will

expose you to at least one year of an additional language. Being multilingual gives you

an advantage in every field in our increasingly interconnected and multicultural world.

Program Highlights

• Specialized curriculum for students who are highly motivated in learning a

second language

• Enrollment in accelerated and AP language and literature courses taught in


• Opportunities to earn credit by traveling, studying abroad, and staying with

host families as part of a center-sponsored program

• A summer enrichment “jump start” program for rising ninth-graders; business

partnerships; guest speakers; and teaching in elementary schools through the

unique Field Experience class

• Flexible curriculum which allows for completion of Center requirements while

pursuing individual interests through other course work and electives

Additional information is available at:


Dr. Robert C. Lowerre, Principal, J.R. Tucker High School

Anne G. Fano, Center Chair, 527-4618

Valerie T. Keating, Director of School Counseling, 527-4606


Calendar of Events

IB Middle Years Information Sessions:

Fairfield Middle School — October 4, 2012, 5-7 p.m.; Auditorium

Moody Middle School — October 9, 2012, 5-7 p.m.; Gymnasium

Tuckahoe Middle School — October 11, 2012, 5-7 p.m.; Gymnasium

Information Sessions: All sessions begin at 7 p.m.

Varina High School — October 10, 2012

Hermitage High School — October 18, 2012

Deep Run High School — October 23, 2012

Glen Allen High School — November 1, 2012

Open House Schedule: All Open Houses begin at 7 p.m.

Advance College

Academy Business November 8, 2012 — Highland Springs HS

Administration Auditorium

Advance College

Academy Social November 13, 2012 — Tucker HS Auditorium


Center for Engineering: November 15, 2012 — Highland Springs HS



Center for

World Languages: November 27, 2012 — Tucker HS Auditorium

Center for

Communications: November 29, 2012 — Varina HS Center for


Center for Science,

Mathematics and

Technology: December 3, 2012 — Godwin HS Auditorium

Center for the Humanities: December 6, 2012 — Hermitage HS Auditorium

Center for Leadership,

Government and Global

Economics: December 11, 2012 — Freeman HS Auditorium

Center for Information

Technology: December 13, 2012 — Deep Run HS Auditorium

International Baccalaureate

Middle Years and

Diploma Program: January 8, 2013 — Tucker HS Auditorium

Center for Education

and Human Development: January 10, 2013 — Glen Allen HS Auditorium

Center for the Arts: January 15, 2013 — Henrico HS Auditorium


Application Procedures for Students

Have you studied all your options? Discussed your plans with your family, counselor and

others close to you? Have you decided to apply? What’s your next move?

1. Access the online application at

Centers.html. Only HCPS students will have the ability to access the online application.

Henrico residents who do not attend a HCPS middle school will need to download a copy of

the specialty center application at

Centers.html. The application will be available December 10, 2012 (This is a change).

2. Complete your application form. Take enough time to present yourself in an honest,

thoughtful and thorough manner.

3. Application forms for all high school centers must be submitted by

January 25, 2013.

4. All eighth-graders in Henrico County Middle Schools will take the Direct Writing

HAT and NWEA test in Language Arts and Math in the fall. These assessments will

be used as criteria for Specialty Center admissions. The Direct Writing HAT is a

pre-assessment that is administered to all eighth-grade students in preparation for

the State’s SOL Writing test. Students will have 90 minutes to complete a persuasive

writing prompt. The NWEA MAP tests are nationally normed math and reading

assessments. It is important that all eighth-grade students do their best on these

assessments. The HAT and NWEA test sessions will be offered in January 2013 to any

Henrico resident who does not attend a HCPS middle school. Specific locations and

information will be available on the application.

5. You will receive your application status after March 15, 2013.

6. You must notify the center chair of your intent to attend by March 29, 2013.

For more information about specialty center offerings, refer to the publication Planning

Guide 2012-2013. Additional questions or comments may be directed to the Henrico County

Public Schools Secondary Education Department at (804) 652-3766.






3820 Nine Mile Road • P.O. Box 23120

Henrico, VA 23223

Produced by the Department of Policy, Communications & Community Outreach

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