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SPIRITUAL - Xtreme Music

SPIRITUAL - Xtreme Music

10 paul aVgerinoS

10 paul aVgerinoS musician and producer From the science of Quantum Physics, we are learning much about the nature of existence in this universe. Quantum entanglement shows that all creation is interconnected, interdependent, and vibratory in nature. Matter is a magnificent illusion, everything and everyone is actually pure energy, vibrating at the speed of light. Particles collapsing into waves and back again in an endless dance of the eternal NOw. Music is the true Queen of the fine arts. Existing only in the NOw of performance and hearing, it’s purely vibratory nature most closely mimics the ways of creation as shown in the wisdom of Quantum Physics. My spiritual path began with my passion for music, as I realized at an early age that music had the power to facilitate my spiritual awakening and healing, and that I could heal and comfort countless other souls through my spiritual devotion in music. Just as quantum particles influence each other across vast distances, so does my musical devotion vibrate out into the Universe, eventually touching all Sentient Beings. Quite simply, I hear the voice of God clearly in music, loving, blessing, and comforting me every single day.

guy beck editor of Sacred Sound: experiencing Music in World religions Music has been part of the human experience since the beginning, and is found throughout the globe. More than a mere human invention, music in most cases is assigned a spiritual origin; as a gift of the Gods, or a sacred treasure passed down from divine ancestors. In the Bible, the patriarch Jubal is credited with the invention of musical instruments [Genesis 4:20-21], but God himself chanted the first sacred utterance: “Let there be light” [Genesis 1:3]. Music is the only human art or skill named after a divinity, the Greek Muses, daughters of Zeus. Music, while mostly divine in origin, is also used by many cultures as a vehicle to attain spiritual states of mind, or to reach permanent salvation or enlightenment. while some religions of the world have reservations about instrumental music (Islam, Theravada Buddhism, Early Christianity, Orthodox Judaism, Quakers), almost all forms of religion utilize chant or vocal utterance in ritual or ceremony in relation to higher powers or deities. In some cases the founder of a religion, as in Guru Nanak of Sikhism, was himself a musician and performed songs as a method 11

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