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SPIRITUAL - Xtreme Music

SPIRITUAL - Xtreme Music

12 of ministry. In

12 of ministry. In India, the Hindu Gods perform music and dance, and music is inseparable from religious ritual and temple worship. In the west, Reformed Judaism and most types of Christianity have embraced music as part of worship. Certain types of popular and Rock music have, nonetheless, been wrongly demeaned as “Satanic”, but music in itself cannot be evil. Music is like fire stolen from the Gods; it has destructive powers if misused, but has tremendous potential to bring peace among human beings on Earth if carefully respected and cultivated.

MargareT becker guitarist and singer-songwriter The ability to influence and leave change in the wake of its influence is what makes music spiritual to me. I believe in its highest form, music can move us toward better things, creative things, and inspired things. In it’s lowest form, it can debase us, aggravating the dark things that we all deal with. Somehow, music does this, at times with and without our permission, bypassing our usual defenses against change. In that riddle, lies the spiritual significance of music for me. 13

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