2011 Annual Report - Community Violence Intervention Center


2011 Annual Report - Community Violence Intervention Center

working together



Annual Report 2011


The Community Violence Intervention Center exists to assist victims of

violence and to promote safety, peace and respect for all individuals.


We envision a community where all people – women, men and children –

are safe, respected and free. Ours will be a community in which no human

being will be harmed by violence or live in fear any longer, but will be

supported by community members that stand together for justice and

contribute their ideas, talents and resources to end violence once and for all.

The phrase, “it takes a village to raise a child,” is a

bit cliché and over-used, yet we can think of no better

way to describe 2011 at CVIC.

Never before have partnerships, collaboration, and

engagement with the whole community been more

important as we further our vision of ending violence

and building a safe and healthy childhood for all.

What excites us about working with so many partners

in our county is that, together, we have made

great strides toward our goal of “flipping the pyramid.”

Imagine a pyramid in which the bottom represents

violence intervention and the top, violence prevention.

We have always spent the bulk of our time and resources

responding to violence after the fact, picking

up the pieces of often shattered lives, knowing that

the next generation, the next child in this village of

ours, is learning the lessons of violence all too well.

Many fewer resources have been spent at the top

of the pyramid, reaching people before they are hurt.

Our amazing partnerships as described in this

report have allowed us to move beyond the bottom of

the pyramid and to start working our way up to the

Heather Strandell, Board President Kristi Hall-Jiran, Executive Director

Thriving partnerships build safer community

top, where we can focus our efforts on prevention of

violence of all kinds. What would it look like if we

could completely “flip the pyramid” and spend the

bulk of our time and resources, as an agency and a

community, on teaching our youth about healthy and

respectful relationships, rather than, for example,

holding the hand of a teenage rape victim at the

emergency room, her life forever changed?

We think it could look pretty amazing! In fact, our

vision is so clear about what this kind of community

could look like that the U.S. Department of Justice

believed so strongly in our efforts that it invested

heavily in Grand Forks County through our Safer

Tomorrows Project, described on the following pages.

It is clear that building a safe and healthy community

will take collaboration and strong partnerships. It

is equally clear that these partnerships are alive and

thriving and that our vision is one that absolutely can

come to fruition!

Our deepest thanks to each and every one of you

for your part in “raising our children” in this beautiful

place we call home. We are on our way!

working together




Coordinated Community

Response Project

Improves our response to domestic

and sexual violence. See page at right.

DELTA Project

Provides prevention education to area

youth and young adults to prevent

violence before it happens.

Later in Life Project

Provides training to agencies and

outreach and special services to older

victims of abuse and exploitation.

Safe Havens Project

Works closely with courts and others

to enhance the safety of families

receiving supervised parenting time

and exchanges of children.

Safer Tomorrows Project

Prevents childhood exposure to

violence. See following pages.

All change, even very large and powerful change,

begins when a few people start talking with one

another about something they care about.

– Margaret J. Wheatley

CVIC is among the best of company, engaged in conversations with

hundreds of people to create change and build a safe community. From the

criminal justice system to human and social service sectors, to education,

healthcare, government and our loyal financial supporters, we have made

remarkable progress largely because of our remarkable partnerships.

At left are some of the collaborative projects spearheaded by CVIC, with

the Coordinated Community Response Project described at right, and the

Safer Tomorrows Project described on the following pages.

Below are results of CVIC’s five primary programs, all of which involve

extensive collaboration with community organizations. In 2011, we served a

total of 2,390 adults and children, of which 27% were men or boys, and 73%

were women or girls, and educated and trained 10,102 people.

Community Innovations

• 357 presentations were provided to 10,102 adults and youth

• 92% of education and 97% of training participants increased knowledge

Kids First

• 364 adults and children were provided 712 safe parenting time sessions

and 299 supervised exchanges of children to ensure safety

Light of Hope

• 1,395 adults and children impacted by domestic and sexual violence

were provided crisis and legal services, shelter, counseling and housing

• 93% of crisis clients surveyed felt safer after receiving services

• 90% with employment needs took steps toward securing jobs

• 100% in transitional housing took steps toward self-sufficiency goals

New Choices

• 175 adults were served through intakes and group treatment

• Offenders had a 75% drop in law enforcement involvement within two

years after completing treatment (tracking data from 2004 to 2011)

Pathways Toward Justice

• 672 adults and children were provided guidance through the court system,

including victims of assault, harassment, robbery and other crimes

• 98% surveyed said they were kept well informed of the status of their case



For 13 years, local organizations serving on the Coordinated Community

Response Project have forged ahead, maneuvering across multiple perspectives

and differing philosophical backgrounds to reach our common

goal: honing our collaborative response to domestic and sexual violence.

Coming together in 1998, the agencies below have worked together

to attain tremendous success, including national recognition by the

Battered Women’s Justice Project. The agencies track cases of domestic

and sexual violence through the criminal justice system, analyze computerized

data to identify gaps in our system’s response, and participate in

training and dialogue to strategically address the gaps. Progress includes:

• Children are safer, as law enforcement responding to calls for domestic

violence increased reports of child abuse or neglect from 30% of law

enforcement reports that noted child witnesses in 2002 to 68% in 2011.

• Defendants convicted and ordered into CVIC’s offender program

increased from 23% of offenders sentenced in 2006 to 48% in 2011.

• Prosecution increased the conviction rate in domestic violence cases

from 65% in 2005 to 78% in 2011.

• Law enforcement increased the arrest rate in protection order violations

from 37% in 2010 to 45% in 2011.

CCR Project Partners

Altru Health System Emergency Services

GF Air Force Base

GF County Correctional Center

GF County Sheriff’s Department

GF County Social Services

Child Protective Services

GF County States Attorney’s Office

GF Police Department

GF Public Safety Answering Point (911)

North Dakota Parole and Probation

Northeast Central Judicial District Court

UND Police Department

Valley Community Health Centers

Northwood Police Department

Coming together is a beginning.

Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success.











Safety of children

- Henry Ford

2002 2006 2010 2011

Percentage of incidents in which law

enforcement responding to 911 calls

filed child abuse/neglect reports when

children were present.

Offender accountability

2006 2008 2010 2011

Percentage of defendants convicted

of domestic violence crimes that were

ordered into CVIC’s New Choices

offender program

CVIC has had the privilege of being

involved in the Grand Forks Safer

Tomorrows Project, the largest collaborative

effort to prevent youth exposure

to violence in our community’s history.

Safer Tomorrows was one of four

projects in the nation to be awarded a

$2 million U.S. Department of Justice

Defending Childhood Initiative grant

over two years to address the needs of

local children exposed to violence.

“This is a tremendous project for

the community, “ Grand Forks Mayor

Michael R. Brown said in a 2011 CVIC

newsletter article. “It demonstrates our

leadership in addressing tough issues,

our commitment to young people and

the strong spirit of collaboration we

have in Grand Forks.”

The City of Grand Forks, CVIC,

Lutheran Social Services of ND and

Grand Forks Public Schools provide

leadership to the project, collaborating

with dozens of other local organizations

(at right) to prevent and reduce the

impact of violence on local children,

families and our community.

Using a major community needs

“ You who are on the road

must have a code

that you can live by ...

so teach your children well. ”

– Crosby Stills Nash Young

and resources assessment to provide

direction, the Safer Tomorrows Project

developed a strategic plan to provide

an outcome-driven road map for

implementing a system of care that

prevents and reduces the impact of all

forms of violence on children, families

and our community, including a focus on

traditionally underserved populations.

Safer Tomorrows “demonstrates

our leadership in addressing

tough issues, our commitment to

young people and the strong

spirit of collaboration we have in

Grand Forks.” – Mayor Michael Brown

The project focuses on three key

areas, as described in the chart on the

adjacent page: (1) Prevention, including

healthy relationship education in

schools, (2) Intervention, including new

therapy and services and professional

collaboration, and (3) Data, involving

collection and analysis to better understand

and respond to local violence.


City of Grand Forks

Community Violence Intervention Center

Grand Forks Public Schools

Lutheran Social Services of ND


Altru Health System

Childcare Resource & Referral

Emerado Public School

First Nations Women’s Alliance

Grand Forks Co. Commission, Sheriff’s

Dept., Social Services, States Attorney

Grand Forks Police Department and

Public Health Department

Head Start

Healthy Families

Holy Family Catholic Church

Holy Family/St. Mary's School

Larimore/Midway Public School

Manvel Public School

NDSU Extension Service

Northeast Central Judicial District and

Juvenile Courts

Northeast Human Service Center and

Center for Adolescent Treatment

Northwood Public School

Red River Children’s Advocacy Center

Red River Valley Education Cooperative

St. Michael's School

Thompson Public School

United Way of GF, EGF & Area

UND Center for Community Engagement,

Children & Family Svcs. Training Center

and Dept. of Social Work

Valley Community Health Centers

The Village Family Service Center

YMCA Family Center


Bullying • Dating Violence • Sexual Assault • Stalking • Witnessing Domestic Violence • Child Maltreatment


Educate every child in

K-12 schools in county

and children ages 3-5 in Head Start

and childcare programs about how

to prevent violence and engage in

positive and healthy relationships

Coach boys into men

by teaching boys in sports programs

that violence never equals strength

Raise awareness

among all citizens

of violence, healthy relationships and

parenting, and services that can help

to heal from and end violence

Expand home visiting

that prevents child maltreatment to

rural and other areas

Enhance specialized

therapy for children

impacted by sexual assault, dating

violence, bullying, violence at

home, and other abuse to help

them overcome the trauma,

provided at area schools and CVIC

Expand restorative

justice at schools

to reduce bullying and repair the

harm caused by hurtful behavior

Improve responses

of professionals by initiating

cross-agency screening and

referrals, interdisciplinary and

rural coalitions to coordinate

services, training on best practices,

an interpreter resource list and

other efforts

Increase our


of the ways local

children are impacted

by exposure to violence

by establishing a

system to collect and

analyze data on all

forms of childhood

exposure to violence

Enhance and

evaluate our


by using data to inform

our efforts, to improve

our systemic response

to child victims, and to

increase community

awareness of local


This project was supported by Grant No. 2011-MU-MU-K004 awarded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department

of Justice (DOJ). Points of view or opinions in this document are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the U.S. DOJ.


1. Federal, State, County and City Grants/Contracts $ 1,650,241

2. Corporate/Foundation/Service Club Grants 63,786

3. Fundraising/Donations 447,272 1

4. United Way Grants 76,420

5. Other Grants, Court Fees, Interest, Dividends, Misc. 90,792

6. Client-Paid Fees 31,793 2

7. Endowment Return 5,712

TOTAL $ 2,366,016 1


Includes future-

year pledges

1. Revenues include pledges to give for future years and funds reserved for our endowment,

which are restricted by the donor and may not be applied toward operating expenses.

Actual audited revenues for 2011, without considering pledges to give in 2012 and beyond,

or endowment donations received, totaled $2,334,803.

2. While services to victims of violence are free, CVIC charges a fee for offender treatment and

child visitation and exchange services. We use a sliding fee scale to ensure individuals of all

income categories are able to access services.

1. Personnel $ 1,826,662

2. Occupancy 81,063 1

3. Materials and Operating 272,796 2

4. Assistance to Clients 189,152 3

TOTAL $ 2,369,673

1. Occupancy costs include $57,728 for our agency office and $23,335 for our shelter.

2. The materials/operating total includes $201,438 in standard expenses such as supplies,

insurance and equipment for new federally funded positions and travel mandated by

federal grants, as well as $71,358 in depreciation expenses.

3. Assistance to clients includes $135,295 in costs mandated by our federal Transitional Housing

Continuum of Care, Later in Life, and Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing grants,

and $14,319 in food costs at shelter and related emergency items.















Cash $ 33,879

Savings 9,427

Victim Support Endowment 320,494 1

Building Maintenance Fund 48,531 2

Accounts Receivable 566,602 3

Prepaid Expenses 20,690

Total $ 999,623


Building $ 1,178,709

Furniture and Equipment 319,443

Leasehold Improvements 306,809

Accumulated Depreciation (710,097)

Total $ 1,094,864

TOTAL ASSETS $ 2,094,487



Accounts Payable $ 34,905

Payroll Withholding 28,178

Other Current Liabilities 71,796

Accrued Interest Payable 8

Total $ 134,887

FUND BALANCE $ 1,959,600



1. Endowment funds are restricted by the donor; the principal is saved and the earned interest and appreciation may support operations. Normally, CVIC

uses half of the interest and appreciation to provide services to victims, and the other half is reinvested in order to grow the endowment and ensure

future stability in serving those in need.

2. These funds are restricted to large repair and maintenance costs associated with our building, which was purchased through support of our 1999

capital campaign.

3. Accounts receivable represent amounts due from granting agencies for expenses incurred but not yet reimbursed and amounts to be received from

contribution promises to give.



$25,000+ each year for 5 years

Friends of Judd Sondreal – Judd Sondreal Memorial Golf Tournament

Hugo’s – Magnuson Family


$10,000 - $24,999 each year for 5 years

McKinnon Company Inc. – Judd & Lisa Sondreal

Dave & Nan Vaaler


$1,000 - $9,999 each year for 5 years

Gifts below are $1,000 each year for 5 years unless otherwise noted.

Bradley & Gayle Aafedt

Jim & Mary Abbott

Steve & Darla Adams

Agassiz Associates, PLLC –

Rebecca Green &

Heidi Jensen

Altru Health System

$5,000/yr. for 5 yrs. & additional

$2,500 in 2008 & 2010

American Federal Bank

Paula Anderson

Anonymous (2)

Avant Hair & Skin Care

Studio – Anne Zimmer

Darin & Kathy Barker

Jodi & Scott Boettner

Karl & Twila Bollingberg

Brady Martz & Associates P.C.

$2,000/yr. for 5 yrs.

Bremer Bank

$3,000/yr. for 5 yrs.

Mark & Marlys Brown

Merrilee & Randy Brown

Steve & Barbara Burian

$1,000/yr. for 4 yrs. &

$2,000/yr. for 10 yrs.

Dan Burling & Beth Reilly

C.L. Linfoot Co.

$5,000/yr. for 5 yrs.

Choice Financial

Kris & Mike Compton

$1,000/yr. for 10 yrs.

Mark & Edie Dahlen

$1,000/yr. for 7 yrs.

Dakota Commercial &

Development, Inc.

$1,500/yr. for 7 yrs.

Dakota Sales Company, Inc.

Sandy & Tim Dittus

$1,000/yr. for 10 yrs.

Sandra Donaldson &

Lonny Winrich

$1,000/yr. for 10 yrs.

John & Kristi Eickhof and

Kurt Eickhof & Joyce Hagen

$1,000/yr. for 8 yrs.

Steven & Mary Erlandson

Cindy Evavold

Ellen Feldman &

Ronald Brockman

Frandsen Bank & Trust

$2,000/yr. for 10 yrs.

Susan & James Fristad

$2,500/yr. for 5 yrs.

Dr. Joanne Gaul

$1,000/yr. for 6 yrs.

Jode Gibbs

Mary & Eric Giltner

Yvonne Gomez

Idette & Judd Graham

Greenberg Realty

Skip & Rochelle

$2,000/yr. for 5 yrs.

Cara Halgren & Bob Axtman

$1,500/yr. for 10 yrs.

Richard & Geneal Hall

$1,000/yr. for 9 yrs.

Kristi Hall-Jiran & Brent Jiran

$1,000/yr. for 9 yrs.

Gary & Leigh Hoffert

$1,000/yr. for 6 yrs.

Pete & Melanie Hoistad

$1,000/yr. for 10 yrs.

David & Mary Gail Homstad

Blue Moose Bar & Grill

$2,500/yr. for 5 yrs. &

$1,500/yr. for 5 yrs.

“I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.” – William Shakespeare ENDOWMENT SUPPORTERS

Dr. Charlotte Hovet

$1,000/yr. for 10 yrs.

ICON Architectural Group

Mike & Tanya Kuntz and

Todd & Liz Mitzel

$2,000/yr. for 7 yrs.

In memory of Mary Quirk-Logan

JLG Architects

Tara & Derrick Johnson

$1,000/yr. for 5 yrs. &

$1,500/yr. for 5 yrs.

Marcia & Robert Kelley

Tami & Lance Knudson

Chris & Cindy Lander

Kathleen Lander

$1,000/yr. for 8 yrs.

Robert Lander

$1,000/yr. for 10 yrs.

Paul & Lucinda LeBel

Bob Nelson &

Kristi Magnuson-Nelson

McFarlane, Inc. – Mitch

Price & Dave McFarlane

Joe & Missy Miedema

$1,000/yr. for 2 yrs. &

$1,500/yr. for 3 yrs.

Marlene & Chris Miller

$1,000/yr. for 10 yrs.

Karen & Dave Molmen

Dan & Janelle Mulroy

Anita & Randy Newman

Sandy & Doug Norby – In honor

of the memory of Aryca Johnson

H. Louise Nord

Elizabeth Nuveen

Troy Peterson – Valley Oral

& Facial Surgery

Tom & Weezie Potter

$1,000/yr. for 10 yrs.

Sally Pyle

Lloyd & Shirley Rath

Dennis & Juli Reisnour

$1,000/yr. for 9 yrs.

Ron & Cyndi Rieger

Brian & Selmara Rydell

Gloria & Mark Sanford

Dan & Kathleen Schmelka

Debra Scott

Jill Sczepanski

Mary Ann & Don Sens

Arch & Mary Simonson

Brenda & Jim Sondreal – In

loving memory of our son, Judd

Heather & Jon Strandell

$1,000/yr. for 8 yrs.

Katherine Sukalski &

Thomas Johnson

$1,000/yr. for 4 yrs. &

$1,100/yr. for 2 yrs.

Lavetta & Ryle Syverson

Vaaler Insurance, Inc.

Bill & Cheryl Widman

Dean & Mae Wieland

$2,000/yr. for 5 yrs.

Kim & Roger Woods

$1,000/yr. for 10 yrs.

Joshua & Susan Wynne

Dr. Glen & Nancy Yoshida

$2,000/yr. for 7 yrs.

Peter & Pam Zavoral

Susan Zelewski

$1,000/yr. for 6 yrs.


$50,000 & up

Don & Mary Ann Sens


$5,000 & up

Ellen Feldman &

Ronald Brockman

Darrell Larson

Scott & Sue Stinar


$1,000 & up

Dennis & Juli Reisnour

“Gratitude is the memory of the heart.” – Jean Baptiste Massieu

OPERATING SUPPORT "How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it!" - George Elliston


$50,000 & up

Otto Bremer Foundation*

City of Grand Forks

CoC Trans. Housing Grant

Community Defined

Solutions Grant*

Family Violence Grant

Grand Forks County

Homeless Prev. & Rapid

Re-Housing Grant*

Justice Assistance


Later in Life Grant*

Legal Assistance for

Victims Grant*

ND Dept. of Human Svcs.

Sex Offender Cont.

Team Grant*

ND Domestic Violence

General Fund

Safer Tomorrows Grant

Safe Havens Grant

STOP Violence Against

Women Grants

United Way of GF, EGF &

Area Grants

Victims of Crime Act



$25,000 & up


Rydell GM Auto Center


$10,000 & up

Access & Visit. Grant

Altru Health System+

Crime Victims Acct. Grant

Domestic Violence

Prevention Fund

Emergency Shelter Grants


GF Sertoma Club

ND CAWS Batterers’

Treatment Forum

ND Safe Havens Fund

Sexual Assault Services

Program Grant

Verizon Foundation


$5,000 & up

Madelyn Camrud*

City of GF – CDBG

CMB Wireless Group, LLC

Dakota Medical Charities

Myra Foundation Grant

Rape Prevention &

Education Grant

TJX Foundation Grant

Xcel Energy Foundation


$2,500 & up

Alpha Pi Chapter

Alpha Chi Omega

Otto Bremer Foundation

Emergency Fund Grant

Burlington Northern

Santa Fe Foundation

Ecolab Foundation

First Presbyterian Church

Bill & Donna Hutchison*

Dr. Eric & Lisa Johnson*

Bob Nelson & Kristi


Andrea & Greg Stennes*

Eric & Jackie Uthus*

Women’s Fund


$1,000 & up

Jennifer & Jason Albert*

Alerus Financial

Roger & Kim Amundson

Anonymous (3)

Ernie & Carol Arvidson

Sheila Beiswenger*

Richard Block*

Karen Brekke*

Calvary Lutheran Church

Corey & Jackie Cleveland*

Cliff & Marilyn Coss*

Cranley Foundation

Duane & Darlene


Dan & Gayla Drengson*

Roger & Kathi Dykstra*

Bill & Pamela Elmquist*

Emergency Food &

Shelter Grant

Nancy Endres*

Jessie & Tom Erickson

John & Kathy Fick*

Jim Freeman – Freeman

Development LLC

James Galloway+

Gate City Bank

GGFCT– Fire Hall Theatre

Skip & Rochelle


Carma & Randi Hanson

Pete & Melanie Hoistad+

Kenneth & Linda Inman*

Terri & Ray Keehr*

Stephanie & Jay LaDue*

Dave Lambeth & Cecilia

Volden Lambeth*

Mary Loyland*

Gerry & Ivan Lucht

Joe & Jennifer Martin*

Jayson & Lori Menke

Karen & Dave Molmen+

Laura Nash Frisch &

Dave Frisch*

Nodak Electric

Ruth Nord

Paul & Tammy Olson*

Robert Olson*

Penny Pape*

Kristi Paranica*

Rochele Pierson*

Rae Potter

Lloyd & Shirley Rath+

Jay & Sarah Raymond*

Michael Ritland*

Kevin & Courtney

Ritterman Family Fund

Jim & Corinne Satrom

Roger & Janet Schauer*


Shawn & Ronna Schreiner*

JR Simplot Co. Foundation

South Forks Lions Club

Mike & Linda St. Onge*

Steven Swanson

Kim Tinkham Merrill*

Laurie & Cam Tweten*

UND Denim Day

Donald & Marcia Vangsnes

Robert & JoAnn Vollrath

Family Charitable Fund

Shelley Wagendorf*

Wells Fargo Foundation

Brian & Nicole Willis*

Penny & Christopher Wolf*


$500 & up

Julie & Harmon


American Legion Post 181

Anonymous (3)

Rick Asche* – Asche

Insurance Agency, Inc.

Lynn Bartuska*

Bobbie Beal*

Naomi Bender*

Joseph Benoit*

Keith & Lynda Berger*

Shirley Bostrom

Teri Brackenbury Leier

& Bill Leier

Mary Briske-Anderson*

Holly Brown-Borg*

Mitch & Karen Byrne*

Eric & Marnie Carlson*

Jill Caya*

Christ the King Free

Lutheran Church

Vickie & Nick Cichy*

Deb Cooper*

Cornerstone Baptist Church

Dakota Fire Protection, Inc.

Dakota Fusion, Inc.

Decorating Concepts*

Ann Runck

Lynette Dickson*

Frandsen Bank & Trust+

Carol Geiszler*

Yvonne Gomez+

James & Kathryn Greene

Sandra & Douglas


Kristi Hall-Jiran &

Brent Jiran+

James & Yvonne Hanley*

Todd & Brenda Hanson*

Gordon & Patricia Henry*

Bart Holaday

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Hugg Family*

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Staci Lord*

Sandi Luck*

Helen & James Melland

MN Vikings Children’s Fund

Marge Newark

Patsy & Gerry Nies*

Sandy & Doug Norby+

Noridian Mutual Insurance

Co. Casual Day

Ron & Marilyn Nyberg*

Traci Ohren – Shine The


Optimist Club of GF

Pamida Foundation

Linda & Rolf Paulson*

Karmel Pineo*

* Multi-year gift

+ Also made a Dream

Maker Society gift

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OPERATING SUPPORT “I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of . . .


$500 & up

Quota Club of GF/EGF

Rape Crisis Grant

Deb & Douglas Reierson

Donna Remer*

John Rieth*

Robin Runge

Ryan Family Foundation

Mike Schaefer*

Stacy Schumacher*

Alice Senechal*

Sharon WELCA

Kirk & Joan Smith*

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Under $500

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Choice Financial+

Duane Christenson

Joshua & Lisa Christianson

Kate Claycombe & Sung Joh

Rhanda Clow*

Dolores Common

Cres Compton

John & Agnes Cook

CoreLink Administrative

Solutions Casual Day

Covenant Women Evangelical

Covenant Church

Rene Cross

Allen & Joann Dahlen

Arlan & Janice Dahlen

Mark & Edie Dahlen+

Eric & Cari Ann Dahlquist

Dakota Supply Group

Robin David

Diana Deats-O'Reilly

Barbara & Daniel Decker

Michael & Mary Ann Delisle

Delta Kappa Gamma

Britta Demello Rice

Judy Demers

DeMers Stor-All*

Colleen Dennison

Fay Desmarais

Abby D’Heilly

Sandy & Tim Dittus+

Sandra Donaldson &

Lonny Winrich+

Dana Drees*

Louise Dryburgh

Meredith Dubuque

Deborah Duchscherer

Jolene Dunphy*

Joan Due

James & Naomi Dunavan

E.L. Dvorak

Julie & Scott Dvorak

Laura Dvorak-Berry*

East Walle WELCA

Ecolab Jeans Day

Nancy Eklund

Signature Jewelers

Lillian Elsinga

Pat & Laura Endres

Norman Enerson

Entre Nous

David & Rhonda Eppelsheimer

Sharon Ericson

Evanger WELCA

Sharon Evanson

Cindy Evavold+

Monica Evavold

Jim Faircloth*

Faith Lutheran WELCA

Family of God Lutheran


Evelyn & Marvin Feltman

Marlin & Betty Feltman

Kim & Suzanne Fink

Pamela Fisher

Don Fisk

Jerome & Patricia Flaagan

Glory & Paul Fladland

Sharon Fletcher*

Cynthia Flom-Meland

Kevin & Amy Flynn

Brittany Foertsch

Barry & Ann Folson

Matthew & Tiffany Foss

Cathy Foy

Hadley & Kimberly Freng

Elizabeth Fristad

Peter & Sherry Funk

Wilma Galegher

Gate City Bank

Employee match

Joanne Gaul+

Becky Gellner

Cassie Gerhardt & Brad Parrish

Greg & Leslie Gerloff

Mary & Eric Giltner+

Give With Liberty Employees

Melissa Gjellstad

Eliot Glassheim

Matt & Mary Glessner

James & Audrey Glick

Carolyn Glimm*

Jackie Goetz

Ron Goodman


Ava Gornowicz

Rachel Gornowicz

Countrywide Sanitation Co.

Judd & Idette Graham+


Grand Forks Educational

Support Personnel

GF Chapter of HOG

GRC Wireless, Inc.

Great Plains Financial Group

Kelly Greenlees

DeeAnn Grundstad

Kirsten Gunnarson

Sheri Gustafson

Laurie Guy–Pianoforte Studio

Debra & Garry Hadden

David & Erinn Hakstol

Jay & Deb Haley

Jerry & Norma Haley

Laurie Haley

Cara Halgren & Bob Axtman+

Ken Hall*

Richard & Geneal Hall+

Ruth Hall

Eric Halverson

Gail Halverson

Yvette Halverson

James Hand & Gail Stewart


Bryan & Jenny Hanson

DeLores Hanson

Jim & Patricia Hanson

Harley Davidson Fundraiser

Daphney Harstad

Dianne Haugen

Judith Haynes

Margaret Healy

Michael Hedlund

Doug & Sharon Heitmann

Heather Helgeson*

Marlan & Beverly Helgeson

John & Linda Hendrikson

Ron Hendrickson*

Judy & Jonathan Hendry

D.J. Hennessy

Rick & Claire Herland

Dustin & Bethany Hetletved

Nancy Hettwer

Pamela Heyd

Hi Power LLC

Arthur & Glorianne Hiltner

Teri Hird Dutcher – Workwrite

Junelle Hjelmstad

The Ultimate Look

Connie Hodgson

Tucker Hodgson

Max Hoefs & Tana Setness


Elizabeth Hoff

Steve & Bonnie Hoff

Gary & Leigh Hoffert+

Lori & Tom Hofland

R. & Cheryl Hoime

F. D. & Margine Holland

Albert & Alice Holman

Janelle Holth

Amy Holweger

Mark & Charlene Holy

David & Mary Gail Homstad+

Stef & Claudia Honl

Elizabeth Horn

Kristi & Gary Houska

Gail & Dean Hove

Rosemary Hoverson

Dr. Charlotte Hovet+

Kevin & Dawn Hovland

Becky Hulett

Roxanne & John Hurley

Kenneth Hursh

Ralph & Cora-Len Hutton

Immanuel Lutheran Women

Gail Ingwalson

Gordon & Trudy Iseminger

Patricia Jacklitch

Nikki & Todd Jackman

Betty Jacobi

Larry Jamieson*

Janice Jelliff

Donald & Dawn Jenkins

Jean Jensen

Jeff & Sara Jensen*

Stacy Jensen

Warren & Cynthia Jensen

Danielle Jesson

Kacy Jiran

Brian & Necole Johnson

Cheryl Johnson

Dale Johnson

Dann & Cris Johnson

David & Michelle Johnson

Elsie Johnson

Gary & Beverly Johnson

Keith & Jean Johnson

Ken & Kathryn Johnson

Kenley & Carol Johnson

Michael & Mary Johnson

Ginger Johnson

Stephen & Brenda Johnson

Michael & Kathleen Jones

Leann Jungels

Michael & Karen Juntunen

Gary & Claire Karlstad

Nick Kasowski

John & Becky Kay

Martha Keifenheim*

Kimberly Keller

Marcia & Robert Kelley+

Anne & Steven Kelsch

Tracy & Jay Kennedy*

Sandra Kerr

John Kidwell

Faye & Mark Kihne

Lois Kilen

Vicki Kim

Tamara & John Kinzler

Alan & Nancy Klatt

Gary & Connie Kleven

John & Patricia Klokstad

Daniel Klug

Diane Knauf

Margaret & James Knoell

Theresa Knox

Alana Knudson

Loren Knudson

Bonita Knudsvig

Audrey & Randall Knutson*

Laura Knutson

Susan Knutz

Marna Kobe

David & Judith Konerza

Beth & Dallas Kopp

Grant & Kathryn Korsmo

Kyle Kosio

Charlene Kotts

Dwight & Cindi Kouba

Brenda & Duane Kovar

Sandy Kovar*

Samantha Kramer

Mary Jo & Tom Kreiger*

Amy Kratochvil

Ultimate Look

Donald & Nancy Lee


Dave & Cathy Krostue

Daniel & Marilyn Kuhlman

Paul & Krista Kuhlman

Terry Kuntz – Soap by Terry

Pam Laffen

Lori LaHaise*

John & Doris Lambie

Mark & Diane Langemo

Tracy Larsen

Annette Larson

Bill & Stacy Larson*

Brian Larson

Darrell Larson

Gary & Stephanie Larson

Jon & Sheena Larson

Troy & Lisa Lazur

Kristina & Wayne Lembke

Steven & Jennifer LeMire

Kristi Lentz

Kristen Lewandowski

Liberty Diversified Intl.

Lynn Liepold*

Gary & Debbie Lloyd

S.K. & E.H. Lloyd

Brian & Melissa Loehr

David & Judith Loer

Sharon Loiland

Gregory & Heather Lotysz

Kent & Karen Lovelace

Dave & Judy Ludtke

Renee Mabey

Mac Tools Dist.

Leon & Linda McCann

Macy’s Employees

Malta Lodge #131 AF & AM

Diane Manthei

Mary Beth Martin

* Multi-year gift

+ Also made a Dream

Maker Society gift

... thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” – G.K. Chesterton

Heidi Marto

Priscilla & Perry Marto

Kathryn Martsolf

Paul & Diane Mathiason

Alice & Roger Mattern

Valerie Mattern

Ronald & Donna Mattson

Ray McCormick

Brian & Elizabeth McCulley

Heidi McDonald

Donna McEnroe

Joni McEnroe

Kenton & Marilyn McGregor

Pat McGurck*

Mary Ann & Terrence J.


Ellen McKinnon

Ray McKormick

Pat & Luann McLean

Elizabeth & Timothy McMahon

David & Jan McNair

McVille Lutheran Women

Mendenhall Presbyterian


Mendenhall Presbyterian

Church Women

Susan Mickelson

Midcontinent Foundation

Employee match

Middle Grove Ladies Aid

Jean Middleton

Dave & Patti Miedema

Faye Miller

Linda Miller

P.A. Mimay

Jay & Rebecca Mindeman

Marty & Marjorie Miner

Minkota Recycling

Professor Minnotte & Family

Kristi Mishler

Jeremy Miskavige

Doug & Linda Mohn

Michelle Montgomery

Debra Moon

Chris Moore*

Ryan Moore

Robin Morton*

Dan & Janelle Mulroy+

Joshua & Jill Muro

Mark & Monica Musich

Daniel & Jodee Muus

John & JoAnn Muus

Gordon & Karen Myerchin

Sheila Nagel*

Amber Nelson

G.E Nelson

Jan Nelson

Nancy Nelson

Troy & Jessica Nelson

Jeremy Neppl

Ness Church Women

Douglas & Sandi Newgard

Sara Newgard

Marlene & Lyle Niemann

Paul & Barbara Nistler

Abigail Norby

Angeline Nord

James & Melody Nord

Jane Norman

William Norman

Sylvester & Jeanne Novak

Judy Noyes

Karen Nygaard

Marilynn Ogden

The Ohepen Mind*

Tim O’Keefe

Leigh & Adam Olson

Gale & Patrick O'Neill

Sally Opp

Constance Osowski

Stephanie O’Toole

Tami Otto

Our Saviors WELCA

Kathleen Page

Debbie Palmiscno*

Jean Papenfuss

Parkwood Place

Donna Partlow

David & Cathy Perry

Cindy Pesek

Jason & Jennifer Peterson

Jeanne Peterson

Donna & Ross Pettit

Judith Pettit

Kristi Pettit

Beverly & Kevin Phelps

Michael & Rhonda-Lee Poellot

Roger & Shelley Pohlman

Lynn & Ray Pollard*

Kristin & Jeffrey Powell

Russell & Thana Prochko

Bryan & Jill Proctor

Jill Prout – Great Escape, LLC

Anne Putbrese

Cindy Ramage

Harold & Diana Randall

Beth & Darrel Randklev

Bruce & Beverly Ranstrom

Curtis & Colleen Ranum

Nanci Raumin

RDO Equipment Co.


Kimberly & Patrick Reardon

Red River Lions Club

Lee & Marsha Reddig

Redeemer Lutheran Church

Loraine Reesor

Lori & Harold Reimer

Jerald & Joan Reinhardt

Wayne & Betty Reinhart

Donna Remer

Resource Education Class

Jerilyn Rethemeier

Avis & Bill Reynolds

Wayne & Maureen Riley*

Mark & Sandy Rios

Sadie & Eric Ripley

Mary Riske

David & Lynne Roche

Irene Rolczynski

Donald & Barbara Rood

Bev Rosencrans

Tom Rosendahl

Dakota Supply Group

Joel Rotvold

Harris Rouse

Dr. & Mrs. H.D. Rovelstad

Brad Rundquist*

Casey & Beverly Ryan

Susan Rydell

Judy Sargent

Sherre Sattler

Randy & Margie Scheving

Tammy Scheving

Bill & Bev Schoen

Joan Schultheis

Dick & Barbara Schultz

Rita Schuster

Cheryl Sellheim

Brad & Tina Seng

John & Cynthia Shabb

Jeff & Ann Shallman

Sharon Lutheran Church

Sharon Lutheran Church

School Students

Ilene Sherlock

Donald Shields

Lisa Shoults Belflower

Fabian & Elsie Shoults

Irene & Karl Simon

Robert & Brenda Simonson

Gwen Skjold*

Mary Skorhiem &

Brook Reinowski

Kristi Skyberg – Ultimate Look

Mardene Slaathaug

Ramona Slivicki

Jody Slominski

Donna & Chris Smith*

Sharon Solberg St. Germain

Jarmila Solc

Marsha Soltis

Lisa Sonterre*

James & Roni Sperle

Steven Spicer &

Catherine Eagan-Spicer

Cheryl Stauss

Thomas & Debra Steding

L & M Stelle-Roitman

Bruce & Jodie Storhaug

Robert & Camilla Stover

Heather & Jon Strandell+

Shirley Suda

Katherine Sukalski &

Thomas Johnson+

Steve & Linda Sulland

Carmen Suminski*

Sundahl WELCA

Kenneth & Loretta Svedjan

Carol & Lauris Svendson

Susan Swanson

Heidi Swingen

Lori Swinney

Hannah Systad–Ultimate Look

Lavetta & Ryle Syverson+

Sarah Tambellini

Carolyn & Joel Tangen

Vance & Brenda Taylor*

Ashok & Mina Thakker

The Date Safe Project, Inc.

Dwight & Ruth Thompson

Thorp LS, Inc.

Jerry Thorson*

Jessica Thorson

P.V. & Harriet Thorson

Reed & Sheryl Tinkham

Gerald & Eileen Tompkins

TOPS #ND 163

Andrew Towne

Megan Tveit

Coleen Tweten


UND Apt. Community

Center Staff

UND Law School

UND Medical School

UND Medical School

Student Council

United Lutheran Women

US Bancorp Foundation

Employee match

Vaaler Insurance Employees

Carolyn Van Mackelby

James & Kaye Vanyo Trust

Vega Immanuel Lutheran


Candy Vigen

Doris & Richard Vinger

Rebecca & Wayne Waege*

Wakefield Hearing Center

Derek & Michelle Walters*

Gary & Wendy Warner

Washington Women of ELCA

Kathryn Waslien

Christopher & Carrie Weippert

Stephanie Weis

Carley Werven

Wesley United Methodist


Heidi Whalen

Mary Anne Whalen*

Ted & Alyson White

Nora Whitney*

Shawna Noel Widdel

David Willprecht

Carrie Wilson

Eileen & Kenneth Wilson

Georgina Wilson

Neil & Ann Wilson

Kim Wiskow – Ultimate Look

Marty Witucki

Women of Evangelical

Lutheran Church–Northwood

Xanadu Island B&B & Resort

Vera Yoder

Jeffery & Christine Yunker

Meghann Zak

Jodi & Daniel Zavoral

Gary & Roberta Zick

Derik & Susanne Zimmel

Anne Zimmer+

Robert & Nancy Zimney

Tammy & Jeffrey Zola

Chris & Eileen Zygarlicke


Joshua & Sarah Anderson

Family, Friends & Wedding


Anonymous (1)

Karen Braaten by Dallas &

Beth Kopp

Karen & Jerry Bulisco by

Lillian Elsinga

Steve & Barb Burian by

Brenda Taylor

Gary Christianson Family

by Andrew & Gail Swanson

Kris, Meghan and Katie

Compton by Robert &

Bernadina McConn

CVIC Employees by Elizabeth

Burns & Roger Zinser

CVIC Staff by Leigh Hoffert

Darrell Dallum by David


Stephanie, Alyssa, Brooke

Donacki by Richard &

Sharon Wilsnack

Tracy Foy by Barbara &

Steven Healey

Franchina Family by Sandra


Lois Gillespie by Jon &

Laura Raymond

Amy Greenwaldt by Sean


Carma Hanson by Sandra


Randi & Carma Hanson by:

Roger & Kathryn Dykstra

Polish National Alliance

Dist. 14

Curtis & Judy Twete

Mary Joyce Hastings by

Dennis & Cheryl Erickson

Jeffrey Holth by Rod &

Janelle Holth

Beth & Dallas Kopp by:

Anonymous (2)

Karen Braaten

Cindi Kouba by Jerome


Carla Krueger by David


Priscilla Marto by Heidi &

Dave Marto

Bob & Bernie McConns by

Kris Compton

Don & Carolyn Purpur by

Dennis & Cheryl Erickson

Clara Babe Putnarr by

Dennis & Cheryl Erickson

Claudia Raymond by Jon &

Laura Raymond

Pat Reardon by Mark Cowger

Scheels co-workers by

Arlette & Lowell Stanlake

Tom & Marsha Spoor by

Dan and Jodi Zavoral

Maxine Schneider by

Dakota TV & Appliance

Barb Viker by Jane Norman

Eunice Vold by Cheri



Scott Anderson by Myrna &

Bill Johnson

Patricia Appelgren by Vicki


George Cox by:

Raymond & Yvonne Green

Kari and Kelly McLean

Darline Pokrzywinski

Dan and Joyce Stoltman

Mary Dobson by Robert &

Brenda Simonson

Earl Erickson by:

Betty Albrecht

Linda Erickson-Spokely

Joyce Erickson by Betty


Dick Grassel by Gladwin &

Mary Lynne

Joann Hurley by Robert &

Brenda Simonson

Dianne Iverson by:

Beverly & Marvin Cooley

Loraine Ettl

Cheryl Klamm

Susanne Lavergne

Sheila Varnson

Aryca Johnson by Anonymous

Lolly Johnson by Dallas &

Beth Kopp

Ulric Johnson by Ginger


Michael & John Joyce by

F. Gerald & Mary Joyce

Karisti Kalina by Myrna &

Bill Johnson

Ethel Kihne-Syrup by

Sandra Morken

Dorrene Konzak by

Kathleen Lander

Patricia Lander by Shirley


Daniel Lee, Jr. by Robert &

Brenda Simonson

Matt Malm by Marna &

Paul Kobe

Joyce Morris by Diane Blue

Sydney Page Lee by Rick &

Julie Lee

Dr. Bill Nelson by Sandra


Edwin Plutowski by Robert

& Brenda Simonson

Libby Rankin by Thomas Steen

Shirley Rath by:

Jim & Mary Abbott

Dawn & Kevin Anderson

Dorothy Arvidson

Geraldine Bean

Joanne & Richard Becker

Jamie & Jason Bischoff

Diane Blue

Sheila Bruhn

Edie & Mark Dahlen

Kenneth & Marjorie Dawes

Diana Deats O’Reilly

Milt & Marie Derman

Sandra & Timothy Dittus

David & Rhonda


Glory & Paul Fladland

Richard Fox

* Multi-year gift

+ Also made a Dream

Maker Society gift

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IN-KIND SUPPORT “Kindness in giving creates love.” – Lao Tzu

A Time To Relax

Therapeutic Massage

Acme Tool Crib of The North

Ad Monkeys

Darla Adams

Advanced Business Methods

Advanced Engineering &

Environmental Services, Inc.

Agassiz Associates, PLLC

Alerus Financial

All About Kids

Altru Health System

American Association of

University Women

Roger & Kimberly


Andy’s Harley Davidson

Anonymous (25)

Chad & Nikki Anvinson

Applebee's Neighborhood

Grill & Bar

Emily Aronson

Avant Hair & Skin Care

Studio, LLP

Dave Badman

Joanne Baglien

Lori Baglien

Cheri Bakken Erickson

Bank Forward

Darin Barker

Ruth Barnes

Bath & Body Works

Peggy Baumgain

Jim Benson

Dave Berger

Bethany Lutheran WELCA

Sue Bjornstad

Heidi Blair

Blue Moose Bar & Grill

Colleen Bodin

Twila Bollingberg

Willis & Karen Botnen

Alvin Boucher

Mary Lisa Boushele

Robert Boyd

Brady Martz & Associates P.C.

Jenni Brinker

Brownie Troop

Steve & Barb Burian

Calvary Lutheran Church

Madelyn Camrud

Candiez Hair Dezign & Spa

Carmike 10

Centre, Inc.

Chester Fritz Auditorium

Christ The King Free

Lutheran Church

Lori Christiansen

Matthew Christiansen

Clarion Inn

Coca-Cola Bottling Co.

Becky Conati

Crystal & Abrianna Crask

Leticia Curi

Curves For Women

Dahlen Lutheran Church


Allen Dahlen

Dakota Boys Ranch

Dakota Harvest Bakery

Dakota TV & Applicance

Mary Dauksavage

Dav Aux

Decorating Concepts &


Deek's Pizza, Inc.

Delta Kappa Gamma

Colleen Denault

Abby D'Heilly

Diane Trageton

Dlaj Salon & Spa

Eagles Crest Grill

Edgewood Management


Kristi Eickhof

El Roco

Cindy Evavold

Family Medicine Center

Ferguson Books & Media

Jerome & Patricia Flaagan

Rachel Fode

Debra Fossum

Patricia French

Kim Freng

Galstad Jensen & McCann

GAP Grand Forks

Joanne Gaul

Gerrells Sports Center, Inc.

GFG Foodservice, Inc.

Girl Scouts Troop #30883

Giuseppe's Italian

Jane Glander

Mary Glessner

Maragret Goeddel

Gottberg Family

Grand Forks Central Fashion

Merchandising Class

Grand Forks County USDA

Service Center

Grand Forks Heating

Grand Forks Public Health


Grand Forks Rotary

Green Mill

Rachel Green

Greenberg Realty, Inc.

Kathryn Greene

Billie Grieve

John and Susan Grollimund

David Grubb

Laurie Guy Pianoforte Studio

David & Erin Hakstol

Cara Halgren

Shannon Hallahan

Rita Halvorson

MaryDale Hansen

Delores Hanson

Jennifer & Curt Hanson

Happy Joe's Pizza & Ice

Cream Parlor

Gudreen Harstad

Linda Haugen

HB Sound & Light

Health Workforce

Information Center

Heidi Dutch Dance &

Pilates Studio

Lisa Henke

Heritage Village Foundation

of East Grand Forks

Carrie Herrig

Kim Higgs

Tucker Hodgson

Leigh Hoffert Writing & Design

Melanie & Pete Hoistad

Brad Holcomb

Holy Family Catholic Church

Holy Family School

Home of Economy

Bethany Hulst

Immanuel Lutheran Church

The Inn At Maple Crossing

Bill Jarvis

Michael & Christin Jennings

Jewish Women International

JLG Architects

Ronald & Dianne Johnke

Marlene Johnson

Necole Johnson

Alexis Jones

Keith Brown Trucking, Inc.

Marcia Kelley

Adam Kemp

Nikki Kieffer

King's Walk Golf Course

Deb Klein

Jim Klein

Jay Kollin

Mark Kristo

Ladies Aid Quilters

LAL Disability

Mary Lamia

George Lamora

Theresa Lamppa

Kathleen Lander

Kelly Laux

Law Women's Caucas

Mary Ann Laxen

Andrea Lays

Jan Lee

Carey Leichter

Teri Brackenbury Leier

Marjorie Leigh

Leighton Broadcasting

Lengby Baptist Church

Little Forks WELCA

LM Wind Power, Inc.

Gerry Lee & Ivan Lucht

Eric Magnuson

Heidi Marto

Sandra Mason

Beth Mathison

McDonald's Restaurant

Joni McEnroe

McKinnon Company Inc.

McVille Lutheran Church


Bernadette Meberg

Nancy Melland

Merry Maids

Rob & Diane Mihulka

Mike's Pizza

Marlene & Chris Miller

Joel Mondry

Jan Monley

Sarah Mowder

Amy Muiderman

Lee Murdock


ND Vision Services/School

for the Blind

Cindy Nelson

Jessica Nelson

Stacy Nelson

Ness Lutheran Church

Newman Outdoor Advertising


Susan Nord

Jane Norman

North Dakota Museum of Art

Northland Community


Northland Rescue Mission

Linda Novacek

O' for Heaven's Cakes

Odin’s Belmont Service

Paul Helgeson

Debra Omdahl

Gale & Patrick O'Neill

OPI Products Inc.

Sally Opp

Optimist Club of Grand Forks

Our Savior's Lutheran Church


Laurie & Verdie Pederson


P.E.O. - Chapter AO

Megan Peterson

Donna & Ross Pettit

Physicians For Human Rights

Pizza Hut

Dawn & Clyde Pladson

Karyn Plumm

Lynn Pollard

Rae Potter

Probation Office of Grand


Jeann Prokosch

Sarah Prout

Red River Key Club

Red River Valley Fiber Arts


Norene Reiten

Reynolds Parish

Confirmation Class

Rhombus Guys

Mark Rios

River Cinema 15

River Cities Speedway

River City Jewelers

Don & Betty Roberts

Rose Flower Shop

Bob Rost


Dr. & Mrs. H. D.Rovelstad

Royal Neighbors of America

Chapter 138

Wanda Rutherford

Karen Ryba

Sam's Club

Curt Sandberg

Sander's 1907

Brenda Satrom

Roger Schauer

Katy Schmelka

Ronna Schreine

Schroeder Middle School

Life Skills Club

Roxanne Schultz

Mary Ann & Don Sens

Sharon Lutheran Church

Shea's Nursery

Signature Jewelers

The Ski & Bike Shop

Slapshot Pizza

Mary Smith

South Middle School

St. John's Lutheran Church

St. Mary's Church

St. Matthew's Church

Stay & Play Pet Resort

Annette Stigen

Marjorie Stocker

Ken Storbakken

Success Unlimited

Sunset Homemakers

Olice Swen


Mary Tannahill

Tara Taylor

Heather Terrell

The Bold & Beautiful Ladies

The Relief Society Presidency

Traci Thiel

Thompson Elementary

4th Graders

Thompson Woman's Club

Gary & Leslie Thompson

Jana Thompson

Kelly Thompson

Erika Thorson

Thrivent Financial For

Lutherans - Polk Cty. Chapter

Tires Plus

Tix for Tots

Toasted Frog

Trinity Free Lutheran Church

Trojan Promotions


Tuffy Auto Service Center

Virginia & Robert Tupa

Turtle River State Park

Dolly Tweten

UND Criminal Justice Classes

UND CT & CJ Honor Society

UND Graduate School

UND Occupational

Therapy Dept.

United Church of Christ

University Lutheran Church

Brittney Urness

Century Elementary School

Valley Dairy

Victoria's Secret

Vilandre, Heating, Air

Conditioning & Plumbing

Joan Warnke

Charles Wells

Rebecca Wexrel-Mantange

Whalen's Moving & Storage


Richard & Laurel Wheeler

Widman's Candy Shop

Widseth Smith Nolting, Inc.

Mae Wieland

Cathy Williams

Mavis Winkels

Dr. James Woodmansee

Susan Zelewski

Zion Welca


Darla Adams

UND College of Nursing

Randy Boettner

Custom Aire, Inc.

Sandy Dittus

Zimney, Foster, Johnson, Dittus & Flaten

David Eppelsheimer

Sharon Lutheran Church

(through May 2011)

Tom Erickson

UND Energy & Environmental

Research Center


We are grateful to our 145 volunteers who

contributed 5,190 hours of service in

2011! Volunteers served on our board of

directors, provided direct services to

Joanne Gaul, M.D.

Altru Clinic Family Medicine Center

(through May 2011)

Marcia Kelley

University of North Dakota

Marlene Miller

UND Center for Rural Health

Linda Neuerburg

UND American Indian Student Services

John Packett

Grand Forks Police Department

clients on our 24-hour crisis line and in

our offices, and assisted with fund-raising

events, Break the Silence Tours and office

work. Thank you for your incredible

Robin Runge

UND School of Law

Mark Sanford

N.D. Representative

Jim Sondreal


Heather Strandell

Altru Health System

service to CVIC and the many individuals

and families we serve.


working together working together working together working together working together working together working together



211 South Fourth Street, Grand Forks, ND 58201 • (701) 746-0405

embracepeace@cviconline.org • www.cviconline.org

A Healthy Families Collaborating Agency

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