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Flic Accessories Guide Flic Universal Holster (part ... - Dr. Vogt GmbH

Flic Accessories Guide Flic Docking Station (part #HS2120-01) Flic Universal Holster (part #HS2120-02)

Thank you for your purchase of Flic accessories.

Flic's complete line of accessories provide you with

the ultimate in flexibility and convenience for

virtually any data collection application. Flic

accessories are easy to install, and to use.

This manual provides installation instructions for the

Flic Protective Boot, Universal Holster, and Docking

Station, and acquaints you with the entire lineup of

available product enhancers for your Flic Scanner.

Should you have any questions , or care to order

additional accessories visit our web site at



Flic Docking Station

Part Number

HS 2120-01

Flic Universal Holster HS 2120-02

Flic Protective Boot HS 2120-03

Flic USB Cable Adapter HS 2120-04

Flic Replacement Serial Cable HS 2120-05

Flic Accessories Bundle HS 2120-09

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Provide Flic a home when you're ready to upload

captured data from your scanner to your host

application. Built of rugged molded plastic, the

docking station can simply rest on your desktop

or be permanently mounted using the built-in

screw holes. The docking station comes complete

with a built-in serial cable and is compatible with

the Flic USB adapter cable.

Plug the other end of the serial cable into

the 9-pin serial port on your computer:

Whenever - and wherever - portability and

accessibility are important, the ideal storage

accessory is Flic's Universal Holster. For portability,

the universal holster is designed to mount and

remove quickly to your belt or pocket, leaving your

hands free. For stationary applications the universal

holster mounts to the side of any flat, horizontal

surface, such as a wall or computer monitor. The

convenient holster design works with or without the

interface cable attached.

To install belt clip to holster:

1. Slide belt clip down

into holster grooves

until the round tab

locks into place.


Clean surface and

attach adhesive

tape here:

To remove belt clip:

1. Press round plastic

firmly to unlock tab.

2. Pull out on bottom

of clip.

3. Slide belt clip up.

belt clip

To mount holster to any flat horizontal surface:

Limited Warranty


Manufacturer warrants that the Flic scanner product will be free of

defects in material and workmanship for ninety (90) days from the

date of purchase. Manufacturer will, at its option, either repair,

replace or refund the purchase price paid by buyer for the defective

products. Such repair, replacement or refund shall be buyer's sole

remedy in the event of manufacturer's breach of this limited warranty.

Repaired or replaced parts or product may include new, reconditioned

or re-manufactured parts and equipment at manufacturer's option.

All costs associated with shipment to manufacturer for warranty

service, including but not limited to freight, duties, insurance and

customs fees are buyer's responsibility. Manufacturer will pay the

freight costs (duties, insurance, customs and any other fees are

buyer's responsibility) associated with the return shipment to buyer.

The method of shipment will be at manufacturer's discretion. Repair

or replacement of any parts or equipment does not extend the period

of warranty provided for herein. THIS LIMITED WARRANTY IS



FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. To take advantage of this

warranty, buyer should contact the seller not the manufacturer.

The warranty set forth herein does not cover and manufacturer will

have no obligations hereunder if any non-conformance is caused in

whole or in part by; accident, transportation, neglect, misuse,

alteration, modification, or enhancement of the products or

incorporation, interfacing, attachment of any feature, program, or

device to the products by a person or entity other than manufacturer,

failure to provide a suitable installation environment, use of the

products for other than the specific purpose for which the products

are designed or any use of the product not in accordance with the

Operator's Guide or other misuse or abuse of the product.

Microvision, Inc. P.O. Box 3008 Bothell, WA 98011

DOCUMENT NUMBER: DA0105216-001 Rev. B

Flic Protective Boot (part #HS2120-03)

Designed to make Flic even more rugged, the

protective boot is made of lightweight, flexible

Santoprene®, and slips easily over the scanner. It

affords added protection while maintaining the

overall ergonomics. Additionally, the protective

boot offers a strain relief loop for the interface

cable when operating in tethered mode. This same

loop can be used to attach a lanyard or retractable

badge reel, which is especially helpful for nontethered

applications. The protective boot is also

compatible with the universal holster.

Install Flic into its boot:

Plugging cable in with boot installed:

Detail of strain

relief loop:

1. Push the flaps of

the strain relief loop


2. Insert the 1/8"

jack into position

3. Ensure cable is

installed properly




of cable


Lanyard (not included)

can be attached here.

Plug the other end of the serial cable into

the 9-pin serial port on your computer:

Flic USB Adapter (part #HS2120-04) Notes:

Flic's USB Adapter provides the required flexibility

when a serial port is not available. The USB adapter

operates just like an extra serial port to your host.

Flic Replacement Serial Cable

(part #HS2120-05)

It's always smart to be safe. Keep a spare serial

cable on hand so that your data is always quickly


Flicware TM

Combined with a Flic scanner, the included Flicware

wedge software (downloaded from www.flicscanner.com)

is a free software wedge that turns any Windows

program into a bar code application in only minutes.

With Flicware, the bar code data your Flic scanner

reads is received through the serial port and sent as

keystrokes to the active window. This means that

the information you scan enters the program just as

if you typed it at the keyboard. Scan data directly

into spreadsheets, data base interfaces or custom


Flicware Pro TM

Flicware Pro is the upgrade version of Flicware that

adds powerful features like transaction processing,

voice prompting and error messaging, for data

collection applications. Flicware Pro automatically

detects your application and sends data in the

format the application expects. You can customize

the interface to send data quickly and accurately, by

specifying the data type, whether to add or strip

characters, and more ...Flicware Pro will send only

the data you specify.

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