ISSUE 29 OCT 28 TERM 4 - Emanuel School

ISSUE 29 OCT 28 TERM 4 - Emanuel School

28 OCTOBER 2011 30 TISHREI 5772 VOL 19 ISSUE 29


Candle lighting: 7:00pm

Shabbat ends: 8:02pm


Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan

Welcome to our Sukkah from Year 4 students.

During Simchat Torah, celebrated last week, an entire Torah was unrolled and wrapped around the children.


Page 2 - From the Principal

Page 3 - From the Head of Music and Invitation to Paul Dillon

Parent Information Evening

Page 4 - From the Deputy Principal Jewish Life

Page 5 - Sukkot

Page 6 - From the Head of Primary

Page 7 - Primary Art Exhibition

Page 8 - B’nai B’rith Day of Jewish Culture and Heritage and

WIZO Fundraiser

Page 9 - Primary Health-athon

Page 10 and 11 - Year 6 Northern Territory Trip

Page 12- Hoodwinked Poster and High School Sport

Page 13 - Year 9 Interfaith Program

Page 14 - From the Library and Speech Nights

Page 15 - Visit from Little Sisters of the Poor, Volunteers Function

and Position Vacant message from P&F

Page 16 - P&F Camping Weekend

Page 17 - Emanuel Announcements

Page 18 - Night of Gennarosity

Page 19 - Community Announcements

Page 20 - Calendar and Lost Property

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Mrs Anne Hastings


School of Excellence

Daniel Goldbach and Joshua

Morton have been selected to go

to the School of Excellence for

the Australian Infomatics

Olympiad at ANU in December.

Only 25 students across Australia

have been selected for this

school, thus it is a fantastic

achievement that two of our

students have been selected.

CIS Athletics

Congratulations go to Ksenia

Khersontseva for her considerable

achievement at the Combined

Independent Schools competition

during our holidays. She was 4th

in the Hammer Throw, 5th in the

Javelin and 5th in the Shot Put. In

that very strong competition these

are excellent results. Well done



Welcome to the first Ma Nishma of the

term. It seems like a long time since I’ve

written to everyone through Ma

Nishma. I hope that the holiday and

festival period was enjoyable and that

you enjoyed the time with your sons

and daughters over the school holidays.

This week we welcomed back Mr Pallo

from Long Service Leave. In his article

you will read more about his trip away

and his visits to numerous schools – it

seems that he can’t stay away from a

school for long! I also would like to add

my thanks to Ms Natanya Milner and

Ms Tracy Caganoff for their work in

leading the Primary School in his


Coles and Woolworths vouchers

With many thanks to Lynn Langman and

her family for all the work of collecting

and counting vouchers, we finished this

program with over 50 000 Coles and

6000 Woolworths points collected from

the Emanuel School community. What

an amazing response! A huge thank-you

is needed for all those who collected

and sent in the vouchers. We will now

begin the task of selecting the sporting

and educational equipment that we will

acquire as a result.

Parent survey

We have received the results of this

survey and have begun to work on

interpreting the analysis of the data. I

will give you excerpts from the analysis

over the next three or four weeks.

There were 301 responses (11 from Pre-

School, 142 from Primary School and

148 from High School), making about

57% of all our families completing a

survey. Thus the data are reliable as well

as rich and complex for the Primary and

High Schools, but not sufficient in

number to be statistically reliable for

the Pre-School. The overall mean

satisfaction with the experience at the

School comes out as 84% for Primary

School and 79% for High School, both

very pleasing results.

Responses were very positive about

how the School communicates with and

engages the community, with the mean

satisfaction in the Primary School being

81% and in the High School 79%. It

was wonderful to see that 90% of

Primary parents and 88% of High

School parents ‘regularly read Ma

Nishma’. 75% of responses indicated

approval for the School’s website, while

the satisfaction rating for the School’s

communication with parents was 81%

for Primary parents and 71% for High

School parents.

Of course there were some areas of the

School for which the responses

indicated a lower approval rating. I will

give more information about these and

other areas in next week’s Ma Nishma. I

am very appreciative of the time taken

by families to give us this feedback. I

know that it was quite a comprehensive

survey that took a considerable amount

of time and patience to complete and I

sincerely thank all members of our

community for your responses.

Student news

Year 9 Community Service program

This week each Year 9 student spent

Wednesday afternoon volunteering in

one of the many service organisations in

Sydney. This program was initiated by

Mr Ray Francis and he was assisted by

Ms Desi Spiro who organised the

venues and contacts at each centre. It

will continue each Wednesday until the

end of this term. The purpose of the

program is to broaden the experience of

our students, to help them move

beyond their comfort zones and realise

how they can make a real difference to

others who are less fortunate than them.

Our Year 9 students were very positive

about their experience this week and

keen to return next week. My

appreciation goes to Mr Francis and Ms

Spiro for their considerable efforts and

initiative in putting this program


Northern Territory trip

Later in this Ma Nishma you will read of

the very special experiences of some of

our Year 6 students and parents who

visited the NT at the end of last term.

Our High School group, led by Mr

David Whitcombe and Ms Rebecca

Curtis, return tomorrow from their trip

to NT. By all accounts they too have

had amazing experiences and we look

forward to hearing more from them next

week. I am very grateful to all the

teachers who participated in these trips,

Ms Natanya Milner, Ms Nehama

Werner, Mr Whitcombe and Ms Curtis.

Their passion, wisdom and generosity

have been the essential ingredients for

such successful learning experiences for

our students and what seems to be a

strong beginning for a good relationship

with the Jilkminngan school


Best wishes for a good weekend and

week ahead.

Shabbat Shalom

Anne Hastings



Mr Adam Majsay

Head of Music






Thank you for bringing your

instruments into the Music

Department for our maintenance

check at the end of last term. If any

students have not yet collected their

instrument, please would they do so

this week.

Forthcoming Events

K-2 Music Showcase Concert

As part of the 2011 K-2 Music

curriculum, Emanuel School will be

holding a concert for all students in

Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 on

Monday 31 October 2011 at 6:30pm

in the Lehrer Family Building (MPH).

This event gives students the

opportunity to engage in live

performance, which is a key

requirement of the NSW Music

Syllabus. We look forward to seeing

you there.

Year 3 (2012) Instrument Program

Information Night

All parents of current Year 2 students

would have received an email last

week regarding this information

On Tuesday 1 November 2011, Paul

Dillon will be addressing the Year 9,

10 and 11 students about Drugs and

Alcohol – sorting out fact from


Paul Dillon has been working in the

area of drug education for the past

25 years. Through his own business,

Drug and Alcohol Research and

Training Australia (DARTA) he has

been contracted by many

organisations to give regular updates

on current drug and alcohol trends.

He has also worked with many

school communities to ensure that

they have access to good quality

information and best practice drug

and alcohol education. Dillon has

written a best-selling book for

parents titled ‘Teenagers, Alcohol

and Drugs‘, released in 2009.

Paul Dillon spoke to our Year 10, 11

and 12 students and some parents

session for all Year 2 parents and

children in the PAC on Tuesday 1

November, at 6.30pm. We will

outline the process by which

instruments are allocated to students

and current students will demonstrate

each of the instruments offered. The

email contained a link to an online

questionnaire which parents are

requested to complete to assist in the

selection process.

Twilight Concert #4 Thursday 3

November at 6.30 pm in the PAC.

This series of concerts provides an

informal opportunity for students

undertaking private tuition at Emanuel

School to perform throughout the year.

Students of all levels are encouraged

to perform at these regular concerts.

Night of Song

You are warmly invited to attend the

Music Department’s annual Night of

Song, at the Emanuel Synagogue at

6.00pm on Thursday 10 November.

This is our main event featuring Choirs

and vocal soloists and involves a wide

range of students from Years K-12.

last year and by all reports the

sessions were outstanding. At the

request of parents and students we

have engaged him again this year.

On Tuesday 1 November at 7pm,

there will be a parent information

session in the MPH. We encourage

all parents to attend this invaluable

session. Please RSVP to Kim Slender

to let her know if you are able to


Having Paul Dillon address our

students and parents complements

the work being done in PDHPE

classes on Risk Taking behaviours

including drug and alcohol use.

Kim Slender - School Counsellor

Margaret Lowe - Deputy Principal




Mr Bryan Conyer

Deputy Principal

Jewish Life

Unraveling the Torah.

Rejoicing at the Simchat Torah


Emanuel students have proved

themselves to be architects, song

writers, dancers and community



Term 4 commenced with Sukkot

assemblies – to infuse this festival of

nature and joy into our school week.

Each High School Tutor Group

created their own model Sukkah,

being judged for their creativity,

halachik considerations and

sturdiness. They wrote novel Sukkot

songs – using well known themes.

We waved the lulav and etrog and

opened the Sukkah up for many


Simchat Torah

Week 1 then ended with a Simchat

Torah activity that revisited the

themes of the High Holy Days.

Emanuel’s annual Tekiah Gedolah

competition saw Rabin’s Isabel

Hartstein produce a slow, long note,

and being declared this year’s

champion. The Sukkot song winners

consisted of the Year 10s and Jesse

Moses and Tamar Hoffman for their

their adaption of ‘Shalosh pinot’. The

Sukkot winners were many and

varied, and revealed a creative flair

that brought purple and pink feathers

to contribute to Hiddur Mitzvah –

the mitzvah of beautifying the

Sukkah, Mr John Drake’s purpose

built wind machine to determine

their sturdiness and Rabbi Conyer’s

halachik knowledge to confirm

compliance. Year 12 Szenes were

declared the overall champions.

The Highlight was the Simchat Torah

celebration. During lunch, a festive

ruach session filled the basketball

courts, as students and teachers from

both Primary and High School

danced to Israeli sounds. A special

dance for Gilad Shalit was included,

supported by Habonim madrichim.

Students in Years K-6 also built

Sukkot and produced Sukkah

decorations. Years 3-6 enjoyed

hearing fellow students read the first

and last Torah passages, and then

seeing the full Torah being

unraveled. High School students

read three Simchat Torah aliyot, with

two students receiving the special

honour of being declared Emanuel’s

Chatan Torah and Chatan Bereishit.

This special honour is accorded to

students who have made a

significant impact to the Jewish Life

of Emanuel School.

Our Chatan Torah: Sam Weiss. Sam

consistently keeps his heart and soul

wide open, passionately seeking

ways to support and build Emanuel’s

Jewish spirit. His love for Israel

draws other students’ curiosity in.

His regular leading of tefillah,

chaggim and Kabalat Shabbat is

always done modestly, as part of a

team, and with a mensch-like

character for all to emulate.

Our Chatan Bereishit: Jesse Moses.

Jesse’s support has already lead him

to be elected as this year’s Rosh

Yahadut. Jesse is inspired in his

commitment to Jewish life through

his loyalty to and respect for the

heritage of his grandparents and

parents. As one of our few Sephardic

families in the school, he proudly

ensures that this often hidden but

vital element of our Jewish world is

proudly represented.

Finally: Gilad Shalit. When asked,

over two thirds of our High School

students indicated that they watched

part of the live coverage of Gilad’s

return to freedom. The students

passionately debated whether the

price for Gilad’s release was too

high, an affirmation of Israel’s

commitment to its citizens, or both.

We recalled our sea of doves,

created on the fourth anniversary of

his capture by many students. We

celebrated his embrace with his




Year 5 Model Sukkah Building

Yvonne Haber, an architect, came to

speak to Year 5 students about the

architectural principles of form, function,

colour and symbolism in design and


After learning about the rules and

symbolism of a Sukkah, Year 5 students

were given the task of working in groups

to design and built their own Sukkah.

Mr Adam Carpenter

Last week our students celebrated Sukkot in their

very own Sukkah at School.





Mr Gabriel Pallo

Head of Primary

Learning how to make sweet


It is good to be back and to see the

students settled into the new term! I

thank Mrs Milner and Ms Caganoff for

their leadership of the Primary School

during my absence.

During my trip to Europe, I had the

opportunity to visit several public and

private schools, including a couple of

Jewish Day Schools. This opportunity

proved to be invaluable as it enabled

me to gain a greater insight into the

way these schools operate. Although

my focus was on specific aspects of

their educational systems, I could not

help but notice some of the

monumental challenges European

schools presently face.

Hungary, Spain and Portugal, three of

the countries I had the pleasure of

visiting, continue to suffer from the

effects of the global financial crisis. The

economic plight of these countries is

well documented. However, the

impact it has had on their education is

less publicised.

As I entered many of the classrooms, I

was surprised by the rather

rudimentary conditions I witnessed.

Australian teachers would be startled

by the facilities and resources available

to their counterparts. Technologies

which we regard as standard seemed a

distant world away. I was rather

amused to find the old chalkboard still

being used as a common tool in many

of the classrooms.

It was fascinating to observe how

much conditions varied from one

school to another, with private schools

Hoodwinked Update

Rehearsals are well and truly underway

for the Primary School production of


The main cast has been busily

rehearsing their lines and having group

rehearsals while each grade has begun

practising the choreography for their

songs. Every Emanuel student from K-6

will be on stage and included in this

production, so it is a mammoth cast.

The music is bright, the script is

hilarious and the children will look

clearly having superior resources

overall, highlighting the increasing

divide that exists between the

government funded schools and the

private sector. But perhaps the most

intriguing aspect of the impact of the

GFC is evidenced by the new

schooling structure many local

governments have already introduced.

Until now, most European countries

had a system where schooling was

available to students in two sessions,

with families able to choose between a

morning and afternoon time. Tougher

financial times have forced many

families into a situation where both

parents are required to work. As a

result, school hours in many

communities have been increased to

accommodate the new pragmatic

realities. The new structure is very

much in keeping with the model we

have in Australia, where children spend

a significant part of their day at school.

Under the old system, European

schools focused almost exclusively on

the academic side of children’s

learning, with the pastoral side

remaining predominantly the domain

of the home. As children spend more

time at school, teachers will be

expected to assume greater

responsibilities in terms of the students’


During my visit, I was privileged to

witness some excellent programs being

offered to the students. I look forward

to sharing these with the Emanuel

teachers, so together we can determine

their appropriateness to our School.

absolutely delightful dancing away in

their costumes. Hoodwinked will be

the ‘must-see’ show of the year! Tickets

will become available in the next

couple of weeks.

Dates are:

Tuesday 6th December @ 6.30pm

Wednesday 7th December @

11.30am and 6.30pm

See you there!





Louise Heilpern

Primary Art Teacher

The Primary Art Exhibition held in

conjunction with Parent/Teacher

nights in Week 10 of Term 3 was an

astounding success. The location of

the exhibition, across from the

MPH, gave parents easy access to

the show.

The artworks represented a range of

media undertaken during class time

at Emanuel School. Clay modelling

and glazing, drawing, painting,

collage, 3D forms, photography, silk

painting, embroidery and

printmaking techniques were all

represented in this year’s show.

It was particularly exciting to see

the depth of appreciation in the Year

6 Surrealist photographs. Children

love to use humour in their art

practice and it is always

encouraged. What greater joy is

there than to amuse others in the

process of creating imagery that is

exciting to the eye!

Of particular merit were Ben

Langsam’s burning paper model,

Ronan Collins’ cabbage with

headphones, Maya Buhrich’s

hideous anti smoking image and

Erin Radomsky’s representation of a

“beauty parlour”.

All students in Year 6 independently

devised their own concepts, brought

in items from home and composed

the layout of their subject matter.

Thank you to parents that assisted to

hang the show, Rebecca Lacey,

Yvonne Haber and Nick Carroll.




Mrs Jacky Herman



B’nai B’rith Day of Jewish Culture

and Heritage

On Sunday 23 October, four of our

Year 6 students represented

Emanuel at the B’nai B’rith Day of

Jewish Culture and Heritage.

The students did a lovely

presentation about Project

Heritage. They explained the

process, from start to finish, and

showed some video presentations.

Two of the presentations

highlighted the new format that

some groups participated in. This

was where the Living Historian’s

WIZO Primary Fundraiser! - Friday 2 November

interviews were filmed and their

life story was presented on video,

rather than the traditional group

oral presentation on stage.

The audience then asked several

questions about Project Heritage,

which were answered by the

students with great aplomb!

I thank our students, Zara

Weinstock, Jennifer Grosz, Robert

Feher and Yael Grunseit for giving

up their Sunday morning and

representing their school so


WIZO, the Women’s International Zionist

Organisation, is a non-party international movement

dedicated to the advancement of the status of women,

welfare of all sectors of Israeli society and

encouragement of Jewish education in Israel and the

Diaspora. It enriches the lives of children and

youngsters in Day Care centres and schools and provides

a framework for youth in its network of youth clubs and one-on-one


The students in Years K-6 will be given the opportunity to support this cause

on Friday 2 November. They will be making a blue and white bracelet for

themselves and a coloured one for children at a WIZO centre in Israel. A

donation of $2 coin would be appreciated to be involved in this activity.

Mrs Karon Rom




Planting seedlings and flowers.

Meditation Workshop.


With a passionate commitment to

health and wellness Emanuel School

is holding a Health-athon for two

weeks for primary students from 28

October – 4 November. The purpose

of this event is to highlight and

reinforce the importance of health,

wellness and good nutrition in our


In addition to an Adidas Fun Run

fundraiser that takes place on Friday

28 October in Centennial Park, the

parent community has come

together to organise optional

activities for the students to explore

new ideas that they might not

otherwise be exposed to. With an

emphasis on the Emanuel Mind,

Spirit, Being ethos, it all ties together

so nicely.

The Health-athon program

consists of 18 classes that

take place from 24 October

– 4 November and

includes yoga, meditation,

tai chi, tae kwon do,

gardening, dance, capoeira

and one that is sure to be

jam packed – a laughter

workshop. The enthusiasm

from the parents has been

overwhelming. Each of

these classes is led by a

parent at the school and

has a parent helper to assist.

Laughter Workshop.

The students will also be encouraged

to try new foods, open their minds,

spend time in nature, avoid screen

time and to meditate (or have quiet


Our main goal is to educate, support

and inspire our children and

community to healthy living and

wellness with an inclusive

approach….and to open their eyes

to some new ways of looking at the


Marla Bozic – Parent Coordinator,

Nutrition and Health Coach

Vitamin L

0418 220 759

“Greening” our School.





On Sunday 18

September, eight lucky

Year 6 students and their

mothers left for an

amazing adventure to the

Northern Territory with

Ms Werner and Mrs

Milner. We were joined

by Mike, our guide and

an Aboriginal artist, Tio,

and his family; Storm,

Steel, Walu and Poet.

Together with Tio and

some of the children

from Jilkminggan, we

made a collaborative painting which will be displayed in the school.

Here are some of our trip highlights:

On Monday 19 September, some of us went fish feeding in Darwin Harbour

whilst others of us went shopping. We all met at the wave pool and it was so

much FUN. Later we went to the Darwin Museum and met Sweetheart the

crocodile. We went on a ‘duck’ which is a bit like a bus and a bit like a boat (it

is an amphibious car) through Darwin Harbour and onto a sandbank. We found

pretty sand dollars.

Hannah Dukes

On Tuesday we stopped at Emerald Springs for lunch on our way to Edith Falls.

We had a nice relaxing swim at the waterhole and then made our way to the

top waterfall. On the way to the waterfall, Steel, Walu and Poet found green

ants that tasted like lime. We tried different bush tucker plants. The waterfall

section of Edith Falls was amazing. We climbed up the waterfall to let the water

rush down us and we jumped into the water. This was one of the highlights of

the trip.

Erin Radomsky


On Wednesday Mike took us on a cultural experience

where we did paintings with either a man called Manuel

(who did cross hatch or ‘rach’ painting) or a woman

called Adriana (who did dot painting). Then we did fire

making and Nick’s mum, Miriam, was very good at it.

After that we went spear throwing and Mrs Milner and

Zara were the only ones who got the target. In the

afternoon we went on a cruise on Katherine Gorge. We

visited the first three gorges. Then we drove to Mataranka.

We ate our dinner (barramundi and chips) and went to


Ari Regan-Lacey

The next day, all the children went with Mrs Milner, Ms

Werner, Mike and Tio into the van to Jilkminggan School.

When we arrived we first went to the pre-school. Ari,

Hannah, Walu, Poet and I straight away settled with a

little boy named Kareem. We only got to stay with them for

30 minutes because there was a men’s ceremony coming through from Arnhem Land. Afterwards we went to a small

waterhole but we soon moved to a bigger waterhole which everybody loved because there was a rope that we used to swing

into the water. Some of the children from Jilkminggan came with us – that was a really fun day!! The mums walked to Bitter

Springs and spent this day relaxing!

Zara Weinstock

On Friday morning we went into the school in Jilkminggan.

Once again something didn’t go to plan and we found

ourselves swimming in the lake with all of the children

from the school. After school, we went to another

waterhole with some of the Jilkminggan children. When

we went home to Mataranka, we had a very nice Kabbalat

Shabbat service and Shabbat dinner with lots of food and

homemade challah. I thought the day was very fun and it

was one of my favourite days because we got to meet all

the children from the school and I had a great time with

them. PS. Happy Birthday Adin!

Jake Sharwood

On Saturday, we woke up in Mataranka and relaxed for the

morning. We had morning tefillah and discussed the

parashat ha’shavuah. We discussed the themes and

compared them to Aboriginal exclusion and equality, which I felt was very meaningful. We swam a lot in the day, at the pool

and in the nearby Bitter Springs. It was a warm river that pulled you downstream slowly, which was extremely relaxing. In

the evening, we had a natural havdalah which was really nice.

Mitch Lippmann

On Sunday we had to say goodbye to Tio, Storm, Steel, Walu and Poet. Some of us found it really hard because without them

we wouldn’t have had so much fun. On the way back to Darwin, Jake, Adin and I taught everyone a special song. At the

hotel we went swimming to cool off from the 35 degree heat. Some of the mums went shopping and that night we all went

to Mindil Markets, shopped and watched sunset on the beach. What a fabulous, sad and momentous day we all had.

Nick Williams

Monday was our last day in the Northern Territory. It was a sad day because it was our last day but it was a really good day

because we went to the Mary River. We saw some crocodiles and really beautiful birds and had some snacks on the boat.

After that we said goodbye to Mike and some of the people who stayed longer. We headed straight to the airport, unloaded

all the baggage and broke Mrs Milner’s toe. I think the trip was really fun and I learnt a lot about how Aboriginal people live,

their customs, laws and community.

Adin Ephraim




Year Sport Venue Pick Up Time Sport Pick Up Time

7 Boys Touch Football 4:30pm



Touch Football 5pm

7 Girls Touch Football 4:30 Touch Football


7 Girls Fitness training 4pm @ School N/A N/A

8/9 Girls Touch Football 5:15pm TRAIN


10/11 Girls Touch Football 6pm TRAIN FRIDAY


10/11 Boys Touch Football TRAIN FRIDAY


8/9 Boys Touch Football TRAIN




Touch Football 5pm

Touch Football 5pm





On Tuesday 18th October, 20 of the

girls from Year 9 attended an RUA

Interfaith program held at Shalom

College. This was the last of three

sessions, all aiming and succeeding in

the reduction of stereotypes between

different races and religions, and a

friendship forming with people of

different ethnic backgrounds.

The day began with an introduction

from Lynda Ben Menash from the

Jewish Board of Deputies, welcoming

and thanking everyone for their

attendance. Then each school

performed a song/dance, with some

religious meaning, some examples

being John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’

dreaming about a world of unity and

happiness, an Indian tribal dance, and

Emanuel’s Shalom/Salaam.

Issues to do with refugees and racism

were raised through watching videos

and scripting our own, and in groups

(made up of people from different

schools), a series of questions were to

be answered. They discussed the

reasons behind racism and

discrimination, and potential ways to

fix it. We concluded that racism begins

with fear, and in order to remove

racism from today’s world, everyone

must face their fears with an open

mind. The second part, “with an open

mind” is the most important, in my

opinion, as it could potentially solve

even more serious contemporary


Next was lunch, and, along with the

bright sun, people were shining with

excitement to be sitting with a new

circle of friends. The schools were all

mingling, chatting away about

whatever topic came up. Some sports

equipment was brought along to

engage those with more energy.

After lunch, half of the group attending

the interfaith day learnt about art and

various styles people use to express

themselves. The participants then got a

chance to express themselves freely on

a piece of transparent plastic with

brightly coloured markers which

looked brilliant when they were

finished. The paper was passed around

to many different people, then returned

back to the owner, colourful with newfound-friends’


The other half participated in further

discussion about prejudice and racism,

getting deep into the heart of the

problem, with those who used to be so

judgmental now reconsidering their

previous position. The two groups

swapped halfway.

Goodbyes were said, and some

Facebook and email addresses were

swapped. We left on a high, from the

successful and bubbly day of bonding.

The day was important to my

generation in so many ways, as

clearing any labels, prejudice, and

racism is such an essential to life. If

everyone in the world continued on

with the practice, eventually, the idea

of world peace will not be so farfetched.

The first session of the RUA program

was mainly focused on the clearance

of stereotypes, the second about

learning about the different cultures,

and this one mainly about the bonding

and friendship, with people’s

personalities more clearly evident.

The unity of people from other

cultures, along with the learning about

issues such as racial discrimination, is

so important to society, beyond

understanding today. Unity is the

strongest force, pulling people

together, and enlarging the

opportunities of life by an almost

infinite amount.

The Respect, Understanding and

Acceptance (RUA) program was very

successful, and we see it as the

beginning of a new and inclusive

worldwide society. Our open arms

welcome anyone and everyone, as we

all have skeletons, skin, a face; we’re

all the same. We thank Ms Rosin for

organising the program and Ms

Heilpern for the very engaging

artmaking. There was some talk about

a reunion next year, which we all hope

to attend.

Tamara Wells




Ms Sue Bognar

Head of Library


Library Afternoon Hours – Term 4


This is a reminder that during Term

4, !we will have the High School

Library open until 5pm on Tuesdays,

Wednesday and Thursday

afternoons.! This will enable

students to use the! facility between

3.30pm and 5pm as a quiet study

area to do homework and read.


To allow this to be successful, it is

important to note that the intention

is that this after-school facility will

be used by the older students (ie

Years 5-12) who can do their

homework without close

supervision. !

Database of the Week - Enotes – good, basic information

It is not an After School Care centre.!

Younger students (Years K-4) can use

the facility only if they have a parent

or older brother/sister with them.

Although American, this database has great information on lots of topics

relevant to High School students (Primary School could use it with

assistance). It is particularly good for information about literature with study

guides and notes about many texts that students study.

It also deals with Science, Law & Politics, History, Business, Social

Sciences, Health, Arts etc. (USA). Students will make their own personal

account by clicking on the link below.

Type in the school code (emanuel).

Make sure you use your Emanuel email address and password so that you

won’t forget it.

2011 Speech Nights

The awarding of prizes to students at the annual Speech Nights is a

highlight of our calendar. As has been the custom at Emanuel, we

invite parents and community members to contribute to the life of

Emanuel School by becoming a donor or continuing as a donor.

If you would like to donate a prize for this year’s High School

Speech Night on Tuesday 13 December please contact Darryl

Bourke on 8383 7313 or email

For this year’s Primary School Speech Day on Monday 12th

December, please contact Carrie Crimmins on 8383 7323 or email

You may wish to donate a Ten Years Prize ($650.00) or an Annual

Prize ($65.00). All donations can be made to Emanuel School

Library Fund and are then tax deductible.








Our beautiful site was once the

home of The Little Sisters of the


We have always kept in touch with

them, and invite them from time to

time to special occasions at the

School. This week, they had

visiting Sisters from other parts of

Australia who used to live and

work here, and so they asked if

they could come for a tour. They

spent some time with Mrs

Hastings, and then toured the PAC, !

Brender Moss Building and the

Jewish History Centre. They shared

many fond memories of their time


At the end of 2011 I will be resigning from my voluntary position in the

Emanuel School Second Hand Uniform/Lost Property Shop (Annie

Kingsbury has already resigned).

This will leave only three people and no-one to run the shop.

We will therefore need someone to take over the running of the shop. Also

we always need extra volunteers to help run the shop.

If you are interested in taking over the running of the shop or are interested

in volunteering, please phone me on 0414 265 458. I will be happy to

show you the ropes and go through the procedures.

Cheryl Feigen

here and were extremely touched

when touring the Jewish History


Every year we honour parents, grandparents and friends of our School who

help with the many tasks that contribute to making our community the warm

and welcoming place it is.

This year our Volunteers' Function will be held on Thursday 24 November

during the High School Assembly at 12:30pm.

If you are a volunteer, you will be receiving an invitation, but please diarise

this date in the meantime.

For more information contact Desi Spiro on 8383 7330 or email


The P&F proudly presents

Emanuel School

Family Camping Retreat at Cataract Scout Park

Located in prime bushland backing onto Dharawal State Recreation area

close to Cataract Dam, Cataract Scout Park is around 60 minutes drive

south from the Eastern Suburbs.

When: Friday 18 November to Sunday 20 November

Cost: $40 per person for the entire camping weekend - two nights

(Adults and children at the same price)

Look at what is included:

• Access to campsite ALL weekend – from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon

• Hot showers

• Toilets

• Use of the waterslide and the obstacle course

• Friday night Kiddush with P&F supplied challot and wine

• Relaxing Shabbat and other activities

• An opportunity to meet Emanuel families in new ways

You will need to bring your own: (Also see checklist)

• Tent

• Sleeping Bags

• Food (self catering)

• Cooking utensils

To secure your booking and receive an information pack, please reply by 28

October to Laurie Smith on:

Each family will be required to sign a waiver stating that they are taking full responsibility

for themselves and the children in their care.

Come and join us for a fun weekend !!!


High School and Primary School

Absentee and Late Line

8383 7311


Remember to Register Online Now!

Emanuel School is once again delighted to offer the

following Scholarships for students commencing

Year 7, 9 and 11 in 2013.

• Year 7 Academic and Music Scholarships

• Year 9 Academic and Music Scholarships

• Year 11 Academic Scholarships

Early Bird Rates apply until 16 December 2011

Please visit and

follow the prompts

Testing Day will be Friday 24 February 2012

For further information please contact Deborah

Beder, our Registrar on 8383 7333


Parent Correspondence

• Email to K-12 parents re Term 4 Calendar

• Email to K-12 parents re Emanuel School Shabbat

Dinner 28 October

• Email K-6 parents re BBQ and Plain Clothes Day 1


• K-6 Term 4 Overviews

• Y6 parent email re Pathways

• K-2 parents re Music Showcase

• Year 2 parents re transition of our Year 2 students

into Year 3 next year.


Do you have maths questions?

Come to Maths for lunch on Monday in B24 (with

Mrs Lyons-Zwarenstein) and Tuesday in K25 (with

Mr Furman).


!Please note the canteen now opens at 9.30am.

!Canteen will be closed Tuesday 1 November and

a BBQ held for K-12 students.


Remember to gather all costume items and

hand into class teachers.

27 November and 4 December Sunday

rehearsals are for MAIN CAST of

Hoodwinked only.

Ms Stacey Rosenefld and Mrs Jacky Herman





Serengeti Safari

This fantastic safari package

includes a five day safari trip to the

beautiful Serengeti,including 4WD

transport, accomodation, guided

tours and meals. Valued at over

$3,000, this safari trip is an

amazing opportunity and is

guaranteed to be a life-changing


The five day adventure includes

night and day safari trips, the big

five, a tour of the Ngorongoro

volcano, and much more.


In 2010 Genna Radnan (Emanuel graduate 2009) built Karunga's Emanuel

Kindergarten in Kenya. This year, she is personally planning to build a

training centre for uneducated women, named after her own grandmother,

who left school at the age of 13 and became successful because she was

able to learn a skill - sewing.


Grandma Jenny's Training Centre will teach women to sew, learn English,

Swahili, mathematics and financial literary, in addition to providing free

health education and counselling. Genna's aim is to provide these women

with "the chance to earn income, be literate and cascade these skills onto

women in similar circumstances".


If you would like to learn more about Genna’s work please visit her website:


Emanuel Madrichim are proudly supporting Genna’s fundraising dinner,

Night of Gennarosity, to be held at our school next Thursday 3 November.

Bookings close on October 30. If you are able to contribute to the night by

attending or donating a silent auction prize, it would be most appreciated

and will help to ensure that the much needed training centre is built. Please

email Margaret Lowe ( if you wish to

donate a silent auction prize.


Bookings can be made via our website:


All Emanuel students will be involved in an African themed plain clothes

day and barbecue next Tuesday 1 November in support of the fundraising



We aim to raise $10,000, nearly half of the funds needed to build the

training centre.


If you would like to contribute further to Genna’s project you can make

donations via the following bank account:


Account Name: Gennarosity Abroad

Account Number: 1102 7974

BSB: 06 2124

Swift Code: CTBAAU2S

Bank: Commonwealth

Branch: Maroubra


We are very inspired by our Emanuel graduate, Genna Radnan and her

endeavours to make the world a better place.

On Tuesday 1 November an African themed non-uniform day for K-12 will

be held.




Wednesday November 9


Benefactors Hall 6.30pm


Stepan Kerkyasharian AO

Community Relations Commission CEO and Chairperson



Richard Wolf

Holocaust survivor


9360 1600


Author talk


32–48 Denison Street, Bondi Junction 2022

Telephone 9386 7777



Frieda Belakhova

Sunday 30 October


Waverley Library Theatrette

Frieda Belakhova’s My Past Life is

written as a detailed letter to her son

– sometimes funny and heartwarming,

but mostly disquieting, di�cult and at

times tragic. Belakhova reflects on the

realities of being Jewish, her post-war

childhood and gradual psychological

maturing under the shadow of the

Soviet Union.


For more info on Waverley Library and the

Author Talk series, visit

MOSAIC COURSES 4-week courses begin in November

Israel’s “New” Neighbours The Making of the Modern Middle East: The Long Arm of the Law: How Do

19th Century Until Today

Rabbis Decide?

Presented by Prof Moshe Ma’oz


(Night of Broken Glass)

occurred on November 9

and 10 1938 and is

referred to as the onset

of the Holocaust.


Presented by Prof Moshe Ma’oz

For more information or to book call 9381 4160 or visit

Presented by Simon Holloway

1st session on Sunday 6 November:

How Does Israel Confront New Upheavals & Challenges?

Tuesday mornings: 8, 15, 22, 29 November

9.45am - 12.00pm @ Academy BJE, Bondi

Monday evenings: 7, 14, 21, 28 November

7.45pm - 10.00pm @ Shalom College

Course continues Monday 14, 21, 28 November

7.45pm - 10.00pm @ Shalom College Professor Moshe Ma’oz is

Simon Holloway teaches


The Arab Spring: One Year On

Presented by Prof Moshe Ma’oz

Tuesday 8 November 7.45pm

@ North Shore Synagogue, Lind�eld

professor emeritus and former

Chair of the Hebrew University’s

Department of Islamic and

Middle Eastern Studies, and a

previous director of the Truman

Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace.

Biblical Studies at the University

of Sydney and is the Director of

Education at NSTE.

Photo: Courtesy of United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


The Four Faces of Israel is an original, interactive one-woman

show about modern day Israel: its challenges, divisions,

history, passions, and people.

Acclaimed performer Helen Gottstein presents four di�erent

characters from Israeli society: a Haredi, a Settler, a Tel Aviv

secularist and, an Israeli Arab.

Date: Thursday 3 November

Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Venue: Eric Caspary Learning Centre, Shalom College

Price: $30 / $15 pensioners & under 30s



Campaign Coordinator (part time)

Are you a real people person? Connecting people with people?

We are looking for a community minded person to join us and work as part

of a team to assist with the implementation of our annual fundraising

campaign and functions, with a focus on the 35-50 year old


Reporting to the Head of Operations - Fundraising you will need to:

� Have a good knowledge of the Sydney Jewish community

� Be highly organised and reliable

� Have strong verbal and written communication skills

� Be highly organised and reliable

� Have intermediate computer skills including Word and Excel

This role would suit someone looking to work two to three days per week,

either full days or school hours and who is connected with this age group.

For more information or to apply please send your resume and a cover

letter to Sharon on email or call the JCA office on (02)

9360 2344.

Closing date for applications is Friday 11 November at 5pm.

For more info go to or call 9381 4160


@ shalom








MON 31










# Canteen closed


# Plain Clothes Day (African

theme) and BBQ

# Twilight Concert 4, PAC


# Night of Gennarosity, MPH


# K-2 Music excursion 9am – 12pm

# K-2 Music Showcase Concert MPH 6pm

# Primary Health-a-thon

# Y5-6 HJEI Debating at Emanuel

# Yr 3 (2012) IP Information Night, PAC


# Primary Health-a-thon

# K-2 Music excursion 9am – 12pm

# K-2 Music Showcase Concert MPH 6pm

# Seashells excursion 8:30am-1:30pm

# Kindy Orientation 2 2-3pm classrooms

# Primary Health-a-thon

# Yr 6-7 Allwell Test 2012 MPH


# Yr 2T Blowtest 9:30-10:50am and Yr 2Y

Blowtest 11:50am-1:10pm (RC)

# Y6-12 Israeli Dancing, lunchtime MPH

# Primary Health-a-thon

# Yr 2 Pathways Siddur presentation Torah

Service MPH 8:20-10am

# Primary Health-a-thon

# WIZO Fundraiser

# Primary Health-a-thon


# Yr 8 Emanuel / BJE Event 10:30am-3pm

Shalom College

# Yr 9 Pyrmont excursion


# Yr 12 Madrichim to Student Leadership

Conference, 8am-3:30pm

# Y9-11 Paul Dillon PAC


# Paul Dillon parent seminar MPH 7pm

# CDSSA Touch Football Gala Day


# Yr 6-7 Allwell Test 2012 MPH


# Yr 9-11 to ‘Bloodland’11:50am-3:30pm

# Y6-12 Israeli Dancing, lunchtime

Basketball Courts

# HSC Spanish B20, 2-5pm

# Snr Girls Chamber Choir to CCJNSW



# Yr 10 HSIE excursion 8:50am-3:30pm








Isaac 140; Daniel Erlich 141; Natasha 176; E Grinberg 186; Harry S 187; Richard 188; Jake Anthony 191; Liron Smith

203; kippah-Shenfield 209; Lotus 213; Fonteyn 218

GREY: 133; Brayden Bloch 153; L!Brava 180; Goodridge 181; J!Meltzer 182; Ryan Sank 197; Hav 201; Barel 211; Mia

Shapiro 212; BLAZER: 202; Sam 130; MAROON: 139; 175; 210; Sam Meyeratken 199; Liat Busqila 200; Sienna 215;

Amelia Cohen 225 MICROPEACH: 192; River Penn 223;

135; 136; 150; 172; 173; 219; 220; 221; 222; Robbie Binetter 147; Ryan Collins 148; Genevieve Goldman 194; Jordan

Weizman 195

MISCELLANEOUS Pillowcase 137; Towel-Fraser 143; Yellow Cap 144; Black Cap 145; Black & White Cap 146; Track Pants 151; Green

Pencil Case-Karina 152; T-Shirt 155; Grey Hoodie 156; Grey Hoodie 157; Long Sleeve T-Shirt 158; Black Hoodie 159;

running shoes 160; grey fabric shoes 161; Green Simpsons sloppy 162; Brown Roxy Jacket 163; Red sloppy vintage

164; Kathmandu zip up jacket 165; Grey knit jumper 166; Lilac zip up jacket 167; lilac monkey zip up jacket 168;

library bag 169; Purple scarf 174; White Long Sleeve Cross Country Shirt 183; Brown umbrella 184; Green and Pink

Cap 185; Black Cardigan 189; Two paint brushes 193; Maccabiah 18th Games 2009 Bay 196; Black cardigan 198;

Diary-Tarryn Berelowitz 204; Khaki Jacket-Dov 206; Speaks Blue Raincoat 207; Black fisherman’s cap 208; Grey Jersey

fabric 216; Blue cap 217; Navy sloppy Joe 224; BAG containing size 10 school shirt, shorts and shoes 226


Opening Hours: Monday, Tuesday and every second Friday – 8-8.45am

NB Friday mornings starting on 19 August and then every second Friday morning.

1st & 3rd Wednesday and every Friday – 3pm-3.45pm

Emanuel School is a member of the JCA family of organisations.



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