August 2010 Edition - Radish Magazine

August 2010 Edition - Radish Magazine

to “culver’s root,” which grows on the farm. “I can’t recall ever seeing it on any

property,” he says.

His days begin mid- to late morning. He works eight hours, watering starts,

transplanting, trellising tomatoes, mulching, weeding and harvesting. Scheiner will

stay until November and imagines he’ll return to start back up next March.

“I like working with the living energy,” he says. “It seems way more wholesome

than going to a store, buying something wrapped in plastic, putting it in a

plastic bag and popping it in the microwave. You feel the energy you put into it

and you receive it back when you eat it. You’re not just benefiting yourself. You’re

benefiting the community.”

‘Everybody needs to eat and a lot of

people want good food,’ he says. ‘Not

a lot of folks are going to argue with

the homegrown tomato.’

After a full day of work, he likes to get his guitar out and watch the sun go

down or go for a bike ride on the country roads. “For the time being, I’m completely

content being where I’m at,” he says. “I always had a dream to farm, even

when I was a kid. I get to experience the organic nature of it and I get to enjoy the

wildlife habitat all around the property. I think it’s therapeutic.”

Each summer Roller invites people out to the property to help harvest garlic,

one of the farm’s largest crops. People mingle, work and enjoy a potluck. It’s a

chance to share the farm, which Roller calls “my passion.”

“It’s a whole heck of a lot of work,” he says. “It’s hard to keep up. The

weather has made it difficult. Balancing all of that is hard. But, overall, I tend to

have a positive outlook about it. I like what I do. It’s not just about me. I feel it’s

important for the community.”

“Passion” is also the word Scheiner uses.

“Nature has always been my focus,” he says. “Out here, I can truly embrace

it, even when I’m doing the hardest parts of the job.

Under the heat of the day, Scheiner squats to pull thistle out of the muddy

ground between broccoli plants. Asked how he keeps from getting frustrated, he

pauses. “It’s like long-distance running,” he says. “Once you find your pace, you

can keep your stamina. There’s no emphasis on a quota. You just work until the

job is done.”

To learn more, visit Echollective Farm’s blog at

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