The school's specialism in business and ... - Park View School

The school's specialism in business and ... - Park View School

Park View Business & Enterprise School

“Students, parents and

staff are proud of their

school. Diversity is valued

and celebrated.” Ofsted

Park View Business & Enterprise

School is dedicated to nurturing a

strong sense of purpose, ambition

and confidence throughout our

entire school community. This

sense of purpose is overlaid by

the highest expectations with

regards to social, moral and

ethical behaviour; underpinned by

a continual emphasis on

the highest expectations with

regards to social, moral and

ethical behaviour underpinned

by a continual emphasis on

RESPECT for all; RESPECT for

the individual; RESPECT for the

learning environment; RESPECT

for the community and RESPECT

for our global responsibilities.

Good care, guidance and

support ensure that all

students are given every

chance of succeeding in


We constantly strive to achieve

and exceed challenging

academic, personal & social

targets through a culture of

enterprise, innovation and

creativity. We do this by ensuring

students are given an array of

opportunities supporting their

development as effective

independent learners and as


We aim to work in close

partnership with parents and

others to ensure each and every

student participates fully in school

life. Finally we believe in

recognising, promoting and

celebrating ACHIEVEMENT in all

forms. We are proud of Park View

Business & Enterprise School.

There is a strong ethos

of helping all students to

develop academically and

personally. Students feel

safe, they enjoy school and

feel well supported.” Ofsted

Welcome from the Headteacher

I am proud to be Headteacher of

Park View Business & Enterprise

School and to share with you our

successes and the pride we have

in our school and our pupils.

Park View provides an excellent

environment for children to

develop as learners and to grow

as individuals.

We encourage high standards of

social, moral and ethical

behaviour with a continual

emphasis on Respect for all;

respect for the individual, respect

for the learning environment and

respect for the community.

We strive to give all students

Opportunities to enable them to

develop as effective learners.

We value the strengths of each

young person and encourage and

foster the acquisition of

knowledge, understanding, skills

and values relevant to the

challenge of our ever-changing


To support this commitment we

emphasise the importance of

promoting, celebrating and

recognising Achievement in all

its many forms. We believe in the

concept of partnership, working

together with parents, governors

and the community to ensure that

every child fully participates in

school life - supporting the school

in its vision of offering the very

best in educational opportunities.

Ms Lindsey J Clark,

B.Ed.(Hons). M.A. NPQH

“Leadership and management

are good. The headteacher’s

determined and rigorous

leadership has been key to

sustaining the rapid

improvement of the school.

She is well supported by her

senior leadership team which,

through its passionate belief in

school improvement, has

successfully engaged the staff

and raised morale.” Ofsted


Our Community

Collective Worship


The School Day



Individual Learning Needs

Work Based Learning









Library / LRC

Connexions / Careers

Business & Enterprise



Prefects / Student Leadership

Educational Visits

Key Stage Indicators



12, 13






Our Community

Ladies ICT Class

Park View Business & Enterprise

School has been running a Ladies

ICT class for the past four years.

The classes are well attended

and take place every Monday and

Wednesday morning. The course

is run by Farhat Jamila in the B&E

department and leads to Level 1

Certificate/Diploma for ICT users

(NEW CLAIT). Everyone is


Primary Enterprise

During the summer term the B&E

department invites six of our local

primary schools to join us with

their Years 5 and 6 children to

take part in enterprise activities.

Some of these activities are run

by Park View staff and others are

run by outside companies.

Children who belong to Park

View’s Student Enterprise

Steering Group also assist on

these days working with the

younger children helping them to

develop their leadership skills. As

well as this Park View School

supports Nansen School with their

curriculum undertaking enterprise

events for all the children from

Year 3 - 6.

Enterprise Learning Partnership

The school takes a lead role in

promoting and encouraging the

development of enterprise

teaching and learning in

secondary and primary schools

across east Birmingham. This is

carried out through the delivery of

workshops and other support for


COMM:PACT ‘Ideas into Action’

Comm:pact is a dynamic

community group with a track

record of action and delivery.

The organisation is passionate

about improving the quality of

life for people, especially young

people living in Washwood Heath

and the wider comminuty. Park

View is proud to work closely with

Comm:pact achieving grants for

various ventures and giving our

children possible life-changing


Collective Worship

Park View School was granted a

part-determination by SACRE in

October 1997 to offer Islamic

Collective Worship. Broadly

Christian acts of worship are

provided for whom it is


Acts of Collective Worship are to

be provided for all children with

regards to their faith background

unless parents have used their

right to withdraw.

The aims of Collective Worship at

Park View School are to

encourage the spiritual, moral,

social and cultural development

of all pupils present. This is an

opportunity for pupils to reflect on

their own experiences, to respond

to ultimate reality as they perceive

it and to explore profound


Acts of Collective Worship foster a

sense of fellowship by

bringing pupils together to value

their school and community,

provide an opportunity for

celebration, thanks giving and

sharing of emotions such as love,

respect, joy, friendship, hope,

forgiveness, honesty and


We encourage pupils to have

confidence in their own traditions

and culture and to respect the

traditions and culture of others.

We also acknowledge and value

the response of every pupil. The

Acts of Collective Worship are

planned in advance of each term.

The content of each Act of

Collective Worship is guided by a

‘theme for the week.’

Acts of Collective Worship are

conducted by staff from within the

school but other participants/

speakers may also be invited.

“Students enjoy the many

opportunities to celebrate

diversity and reflect on their

lives, through the school’s

provision of collective worship

and well-organised

programme of assemblies.” Ofsted


Park View is a mixed secondary

school. We can accept up to 120

pupils each year.

Students are admitted to Park

View School at the age of 11+

according to LEA (2003) criteria.

First priority goes to children in the

council’s care (LACES) Looked

After Children, who will be

allocated a place at the nearest

community school.

Second priority is given to children

with special educational needs

and / or disabilities (as defined in

the new Codes of Practice) who

will be allocated a place at their

nearest community school unless

they are given a place in a school

with special needs resources

which meets their needs.

Third priority goes to children

with siblings already on roll at the


Fourth priority is given to those

living closest to the school.

However, there are a small

number of cases each year where

the school cannot offer a place. If

this happens to you, the

Admissions and Appeals Service

at Birmingham City Council can

give you information on other

schools that may have places


If you feel you would like to

pursue the matter further, you can

have your case heard by an

Appeal Panel that is independent

of the Local Authority.

The School Day


8.45 - 8.50am

8.50 - 9.10am

9.10 - 10.10am

10.10 - 11.10am

School Starts


Collective Act of


Period 1

Period 2

11.10 - 11.25am

11.25 - 12.25am

12.25 - 13.20pm

13.20 - 14.15pm

14.15 - 15.15pm


Period 3

Period 4


Period 5


Teaching & Learning is organised into 5

teaching periods each day - 4 lessons of

one hour and 1 of 55 minutes.

Pupils are taught in two bands. Within

the bands pupils are grouped for ability

and aptitude into five classes in all

subjects except PE which is taught in

form groups divided by gender.

During KS3 students study the broad

balance of subjects specified by the

National Curriculum. Pupils exhibiting

exceptional ability in certain subjects,

notably Languages and Art, may be

“fast tracked” for early GCSE entry while

pupils with learning difficulties may be

withdrawn from some of their lessons for

extra help - together with additional

support in their lessons.

At KS4, we have increasingly used the

flexibility allowed us by the DFE to adapt

the curriculum model for the benefit of

our pupils.

Currently the KS4 curriculum is a hybrid

of 3-year and 2-year GCSE and BTEC

courses. Mathematics, English, Science,

RE, ICT and Business Studies all start

KS4 in Year 9, while the remaining

subjects start a year later in Year 10.

Following the huge success of the

early-adopting and early-entry subjects in

terms of outcomes for our pupils, we will

from September 2010, extend the 2-Yr

KS3 and 3-Yr KS4 model across the

whole curriculum.

This will enable Year 9, from September,

to access the equivalent of a minimum

of 10 GCSE grades through a broad and

balanced curriculum, with the opportunity

of taking a number of examinations early

and then studying for additional

qualifications to add to their portfolio of


The curriculum is enriched through

Enterprise Activity Days, during which

pupils have the opportunity to take part

in activities involving problem solving,

team-working and revision skills as well

as curriculum specific events and

educational visits.

Pupils’ entitlement to WRL is delivered

through subject areas, work experience,

assemblies and Enterprise Activity Days.

Enterprise in KS4 is delivered through

subject areas, extra-curricular activities

such as Young Enterprise and enterprise

activity days. A variety of

extra-curricular activities take place and

pupils are encourgaed to attend:

Music Clubs

Sporting Clubs and Teams

GCSE and SATs Revision Clubs

Homework Clubs

Holiday Study Programmes


Homework is set in all years.

Regular homework is vital in

securing the very best results for

our students. It consolidates work

done in lessons and

encourages the development of

self-dicipline and independent

study. The amount of homework

given increases as students

progress through the school. All

students have a diary planner in

which to record their homework.

If there are any concerns about

either the quality or quantity of

homework set, parents are

encouraged to contact the form

tutor. It is essential to provide

your son or daughter with a quiet

place to do homework at home

and to monitor the work being

done. Pupils should expect to

spend the following lengths of

time on homework tasks:

Years 7 and 8

45 - 90 mins

Year 9

1 - 2 hours

Years 10 and 11

1 ½ - 2 ½ hours per day

At regular periods form tutors will

check that pupils have their

homework diary with them. At

least once a week, the form tutor

will make spot checks to ensure

that homework is being properly


Individual Learning Needs

Provision for all

The school prides itself on

providing focussed support for

the range of abilities of our pupils.

The Learning Support Department

provides individualised support

for pupils during withdrawal, small

group work and in-class

support. The department is made

up of highly skilled staff who

offer a range of learning styles to

improve literacy and numeracy.

Pupils are assessed on entry to

the school and have individual

learning plans that are monitored

to show progress.

Special Needs Provision

Support staff work in collaboration

with subject teachers to ensure

that individual needs are being

met. The school has strong links

with various external agencies

and is able to call upon them as

and when the need arises.

Provision is made through the

personal centred approach. This

is within the guidelines of the

Every Child Matters Agenda

through inclusion.

English as an Additional

Language (EAL)

Newly arrived pupils are assessed

and are supported by

experienced staff who are able

to meet their individual needs.

Pupils are inducted into life at

Park View School which enables

them to settle quickly and achieve

their full potential.

Gifted and Talented

Our gifted and talented students

are identified by the quality of their

work in class and regular testing.

The school offers a range of

master classes in various

curriculum areas through the city’s

Aim Higher Programme.

“Support for the most

vulnerable students is very

effective and successfully

targeted at those with particular

difficulties.” Ofsted

Work Based Learning

Work Based Learning is one of

the guided choice routes pupils

can select in Year 9 to study in

Year 10 & 11.

The courses offered vary from

year to year. At present we have

pupils studying Catering, Hair

and Beauty, Construction, KS4

Apprenticeship in Retail, Salon

Services and Motor Vehicle

Studies. All these courses are

very practical and the qualification

gained will be a vocational

qualification rather than GCSE.

All the courses offered take place

one day a week. These courses

take place at various

Educational or Training

Institutions. This means students

must be prepared to travel to their


Students who select these

courses do not select any option

subjects for KS4. Pupils taking

these courses must achieve at

least 95% attendance as well as

completing all course work and

passing any written exams. All

students taking this route will

study English, Maths, Science and

RE at GCSE. The students will do

Citizenship and PE. They will also

have to study towards an Asdan

Award either at level 1 or 2

depending on their ability.

Pupils taking the Work Based

Learning route in Year 10 & 11 will

not have to continue with these

courses post 16 if they don’t wish

to. All students will still have the

same post 16 choices as students

who follow other option routes

depending on the grades they

achieve in their final exams and

attendance at school.

Courses Offered:

Catering - 2 Year Course

International School’s 14 to 19 Campus

Motor Vehicle Studies - 2 Year Course

City College’s Tysley Campus

Hair & Beauty - Heart of England

Training in the city centre

Year 1 - NVQ level 1 Hairdressing

Year 2 - NVQ level 1 Beauty

Construction - 2 Year Course

International School’s 14 to 19 campus

Key Stage 4 Apprenticeship in Retail

Library / Learning Resource Centre

Park View School Library /

Learning Resource Centre is a

facility for pupils to do homework or

research as well as borrow books for

reading for pleasure.

The Library is open for personal use at

the following times:

8.00 - 8.30am

11.10 - 11.25am

1.35 - 2.10pm

3.15 - 4.30pm (not Fridays)

Homework clubs take place after school

and pupils need to arrive by 3.30pm if

they wish to attend. They should also

ensure they have told their parents/

carers they are staying behind. There is

also the opportunity to use the library as

a class as part of a research lesson.

A variety of resources are available to

borrow; books, CDs (music, story and

CD ROMs), DVDs, Islamic resources. In

addition there is a choice of news papers

and magazines to browse in the library.

ICT provision of twelve computers

gives access to the school network and

internet. The library catalogue contains

1000’s of suitable web sites pre-selected

for use in schools, and the e-resource

area is constantly under review and


A short course of library skills to aid

information literacy is taught in Year 7

with a refresher in Year 8 to enable pupils

to get the best out of the resources. The

Librarian is always available to assist

with book selection for reading and

finding suitable resources for

homework. Pupil Library Assistants

assist the Librarian at break and lunch

times and are working towards

proficiency grades in pupil librarian skills.

All pupils are encouraged to suggest

suitable titles to be stocked in the Library.

The Key Stage 3 Reading Group meets

during the Autumn and Spring Terms to

participate in the Birmingham KS3 Book

Award, whilst Key Stage 4 pupils are

encouraged to shadow the National Book

Awards for Teenage Fiction (Carnegie

Medal and Book Trust Teenage Book

Award). To further encourage reading,

pupils are given the opportunity to

purchase books for pleasure and leisure.

They are given the opportunity to

purchase books for themselves at

reduced prices via the Scholastic Book

Club magazines which are distributed

each half term. Where appropriate, trips

to the Library Theatre in Birmingham to

attend author events are also a feature of

library activity.

The inter-form Library Challenge cup is

contested with a variety of competitions

and quizzes, such as ‘Countdown’.

Connexions / Careers

Connexions Personal Advisors are in

Park View School three days a week,

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. We

are part of Birmingham City Council and

we work alongside other local services

for Children, Young People and Families

as well as working with key members of

staff within Park View School.

What is a Personal Advisor (PA)?

We give information, advice, guidance

and help with all sorts of things -

choosing courses, looking at training

opportunities, thinking about career

options, dealing with issues relating to

finance and health, helping young people

use their time in a positive way. PAs will

help with any issues that young people

raise, whether to do with school,

college or their personal life. We are

highly trained and qualified to work with

young people.

Most schools and colleges have PAs

linked to them getting to know the young

people. PAs can also be seen at our

Connexions Centres. We also have PAs

working in various community settings

across the area, so there are a number

of ways in which young people can get

hold of advice or support that they might

need. During their teenage years, young

people face some important decisions

that can affect their whole future:

choosing their Options during Year 9,

deciding what to do once they reach

school leaving age, how to choose a

suitable career path, what to do if they

have personal problems or worries. We

are here to give your teenager impartial

information, advice, guidance or help

they may need with a wide range of

things. We aim to offer every young

person at least one career interview in

Year 11. Young people can also use the

drop in facility that we offer during

lunchtime and breaks. Our intention is to

make every student above Year 9 aware

that there are four main options open to

them when they leave school and the

importance of choosing the right option

for them.

Option1: Remaining in Education

(School / Sixth Form / College)

Option 2: Apprenticeship

Option 3: Starting an e2e Course

(Entry to Employment)

Option 4: Employment

To help them to research the

advantages and disadvantages of each

of the four options we have a wide

variety of resources available in the

Connexions Room. There is also

information on careers and

apprenticeships. Young people in Year

10 and 11 are encouraged to use these

resources. We aim to work with parents/

carers, for example at Parents Evening

in school, to support your child to make

positive choices about their future.

Business & Enterprise

Here at Park View a great

emphasis is placed on developing

students’ enterprise capability so

that they are well prepared for the

rapidly changing world they face

in the future.

Enterprise is about having an idea

and making it happen. We

encourage our students to be

innovative and creative; to work

well in a team and manage risks

well; and also to have a ‘can-do’

attitude with the drive and

determination to make things


Our programme of Enterprise

Activity Days follows on from the

programme of activities we deliver

to local primary schools. There

are seven of these ‘off-timetable’

days spread throughout the year

which involve each year group

taking part in different activities.

Some of these are delivered by

external organisations, whilst

others have been developed

in-house and delivered by subject

areas, often in combination with

staff from other departments.

The school’s specialism in business and enterprise has

extended the opportunities available to students and is

helping them to enter the world of work successfully.” Ofsted

Enterprising students have the

opportunity to run their own

businesses on a long term basis

in our very own Enterprise Village.

This consists of seven retail units

in addition to the school stationery

shop called The Cave. There are

also shorter-term opportunities for

students to run their own

activities, for example, during

Global Entrepreneurship Week

and for charity events such as

Children in Need and Comic


We have a Student Enterprise

Steering Group which helps

co-ordinate enterprise events.

Students in this group also

support the delivery of our Primary

Enterprise Programme.

Students are encouraged to take

part in enterprise-related external

competitions, such as those

organised by the Chamber of

Commerce, where we have been

very successful.

Business & Enterprise

We are actively developing links

with other schools in Birmingham

and beyond to enable our

students to share their expertise

with others. We already have

excellent links with schools in

Staffordshire and Leicestershire

and hope to develop links with

schools abroad in the future.

We also consider learning outside

the classroom to be very

important. As part of Business &

Enterprise a Summer School is

organised in which students study

business in a rural context by

taking a trip on a narrow boat on

the Ashby Canal in Leicestershire.

For the new Year 9 BTEC

Business course pupils wil be

visiting the Severn Valley Railway

as an introduction to their studies.

We also organise residential

visits, with Business Studies

groups visiting Bath, Bristol and

Longleat Safari Park and there is

also a residential visit abroad to

France. There are also shorter

visits to local businesses for

students to undertake research for

their coursework. Over the past

two years our students have

visited Bhs, Cadbury, Chester

Zoo, Birmingham Rep Theatre

and Alton Towers. We already

have plans in place to work with

a wider range of businesses in

the future, including a law firm in

Birmingham city centre.

We feel it is important that our

pupils understand that business is

not just about big companies

making huge profits. With this in

mind we are a lead school in the

West Midlands in promoting an

understanding of social


In addition, if any student has an

‘enterprising idea’ they are

encouraged to visit the Business

& Enterprise Office to discuss

their thoughts with a member of

the B&E team and hopefully they

can be supported to make their

idea happen.


“Pupils at Park View will strive

to achieve and exceed

challenging academic, personal

& social targets.”

Pupil Expectation & Success Policy

Park View’s system of pastoral

care has been carefully designed

in order that we may get to know

each individual child within the

school. This enables us to

encourage and reward success

and to help and guide every pupil

through any problems which may

be affecting their progress in

school. We believe in supporting

all children and thus ensuring that

‘Every Child does Matter’.

The School has a team of trained

pastoral support staff who work

with students and parents to

ensure each individual is able to

work to their full potential in a safe

environment. If a student is

experiencing any difficulties,

academic, personal or emotional,

then members of this team can

offer guidance and support. The

Key Stage managers lead these

teams with support from the

Assistant Key Stage managers

and school based mentors.

Parents are warmly welcomed to

the school to discuss any matter

or review any difficulties that their

child may be experiencing and

should make an appointment to

see the Key Stage/Assistant

Key Stage manager to discuss

these matters. In particular, it

would be appreciated if you could

tell the members of the Pastoral

team, in confidence, if there are

any problems or difficulties that

arise whilst your child is at Park

View School and which may affect

their progress.

Our success at Park View is

based on having strong pupil,

parent and school partnerships

and this has been at the forefront

of our success. We will

endeavour to continue this

partnership and ensure all pupils

leave Park View to make positive

contributions to the wider society.



A plain white shirt.

A school tie.

A plain navy blue V-necked


Plain black trousers.

Plain black school shoes.

A plain black school blazer with

an embroidered school badge.

Optional plain white prayer cap.


A plain white shirt.

A school tie.

• Plain navy blue sleeveless tunic/

pinafore dress with plain navy

blue straight-leg trousers or


• Plain straight leg black school

trousers or a plain black school


A plain navy blue V-necked


Plain black school shoes.

A plain black school blazer with

an embroidered school badge.

Optional plain white head scarf.


Only one pair of plain studs may be

worn in pierced ears; one small plain

nose stud and a watch can be worn.

No other jewellery is allowed.

Boys must not wear any earrings or

studs at all.

No make-up is allowed to be worn in

school at anytime.

Outdoor Coats

These should be navy blue or black

with no lettering or pictures.

School Bags

School bags should be appropriate

and big enough for pupils to carry

books etc. to and from school.

Inappropriate Uniform

The headteacher and senior staff

reserve the right to determine

whether any aspect of uniform is

suitable for school.

Prefects / Student Leadership

The Prefect system at Park View

School works productively in

offering many of our pupils the

vast opportunity to actively serve

our school community.

Prefects are carefully selected

- based upon certain skills and

qualities that they have already

successfully demostrated to

succeed, confidence,

decisiveness and the ability to

communicate effectively.

At the start of the academic year,

one senior student will be

appointed Head of School. He or

she will then be supported by two

other prefects as Head of Girls

and Head of Boys respectively.

The team of three will also

subsequently take on additional

whole-school responsibilities.

Consequently, a number of Senior

Prefects are then appointed with

specific roles. These are

centred upon the life and work of

the school, but the influence of

many of them extends out into the

school community e.g. assistance

in the canteen, at school functions

of all kinds, and in the conduct of

assemblies. Prefects also work

closely with duty staff so that the

school is effectively supervised

during the school day.

Our prefects are expected to set

the highest example in dress,

attendance, conduct and

involvement in school affairs.

They play an important part in

upholding our philosophy of

learning and excellence and their

leadership in school is an integral

part of the fabric of Park View


“ Students’ personal

development and

well-being are good.

Almost all achieve well

and develop as confident

young people who are able

to make informed choices

about their lives.” Ofsted

Educational Visits

The value of Educational Visits is

well known. Often the activities

and experiences provided are the

most memorable and can remain

with young people for life.

They offer opportunities to enrich

learning, increase motivation and

raise achievement.

Park View Business & Enterprise

School has a strong record of

providing a wide variety of

experiences to its pupils from the

simple, but stimulating theatre visit

to the more complex, exciting and

challenging residential visit to the

wilds of the Forest of Dean where

activities such as camping,

canoeing, rafting, climbing,

working together, achieving

together in a stimulating and

different environment provides

levels of experience which cannot

be replicated in the classroom.

Park View Business & Enterprise

School regularly arranges visits

to the theatre, F.E. Colleges (for

taster days), historical sites, such

as Warwick Castle and for

rewards awards and social visits

trip to Star City, Alton Towers and

the like are arranged.

Every pupil has the opportunity

to take part in a variety of visits

every year.

All curriculum visits are fully

funded by the school at no cost to

pupils. Some of the social visits

are expected to be part funded

by the pupils and by the school.

Overall the average subsidy over

the year was over £50 per pupil

which indicates the value we give

to Educational Visits.

Key Performance Indicators

GCSE Results 2009

61% 5+ Grades A*-C GCSE’s

“This is an exceptional set of GCSE results

and my congratulations go to all our students

for their hard work over the past two years,

and to our staff for their excellent teaching

and support for all our students. Working

together, we have achieved our best ever

GCSE results - which are 10% better than our

previous best.

We now want Park View Business &

Enterprise School to be recognised as an

Outstanding School - and our GCSE results

show that we are well on the way to turning

that vision into reality”.

Ms L Clark: Headteacher










KS4 Pupil Achievement (5+ A*-C)

1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009










KS4 Pupil Achievement (5+ A*-C inc. MA & EN)

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009


Park View Business & Enterprise School

Naseby Road, Alum Rock, Birmingham, B8 3HG

Tel: 0121 464 8080 Fax: 0121 464 2656

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