The school's specialism in business and ... - Park View School

The school's specialism in business and ... - Park View School

Our Community

Ladies ICT Class

Park View Business & Enterprise

School has been running a Ladies

ICT class for the past four years.

The classes are well attended

and take place every Monday and

Wednesday morning. The course

is run by Farhat Jamila in the B&E

department and leads to Level 1

Certificate/Diploma for ICT users

(NEW CLAIT). Everyone is


Primary Enterprise

During the summer term the B&E

department invites six of our local

primary schools to join us with

their Years 5 and 6 children to

take part in enterprise activities.

Some of these activities are run

by Park View staff and others are

run by outside companies.

Children who belong to Park

View’s Student Enterprise

Steering Group also assist on

these days working with the

younger children helping them to

develop their leadership skills. As

well as this Park View School

supports Nansen School with their

curriculum undertaking enterprise

events for all the children from

Year 3 - 6.

Enterprise Learning Partnership

The school takes a lead role in

promoting and encouraging the

development of enterprise

teaching and learning in

secondary and primary schools

across east Birmingham. This is

carried out through the delivery of

workshops and other support for


COMM:PACT ‘Ideas into Action’

Comm:pact is a dynamic

community group with a track

record of action and delivery.

The organisation is passionate

about improving the quality of

life for people, especially young

people living in Washwood Heath

and the wider comminuty. Park

View is proud to work closely with

Comm:pact achieving grants for

various ventures and giving our

children possible life-changing


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