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A N D ' til: p i m i ^ G A t i O N S m 8 & -

A N D ' til: p i m i ^ G A t i O N S m 8 & -

Blast Furnaces and Steel

Blast Furnaces and Steel Plants Vice Prea. Opr. and Trea*.—Raymond Groff Vice Pre*. Sale*—Geo. P. Cartwrighi See and Gen. Mgr.—Andrew H. Clark Asal. Treas.—Charles F. Bauer Pur. Agt.—Wm. Bergmeisler Gen. Supt.—J. Edward Gillece Asal. Gen. Supl.—Everett G. Fenn Chief Engr.—XV. KI wood Shulta PRODUCTS—Malleable and grey iron lilting* for Ihe plumbing, heating and oil industries Rail road—Pen na, DIBERT. BANCROFT ft ROSS CO.. New Orleans, La. EQUIPMENT—Three-ton electric furnace DILWORTH. PORTER ft CO.. 4th and Bingham St*.. S. S„ Pittsburgh. Pa. Pre*, and Trea*.—F. C. S Welti ing \ ice Pre*.—VV. F. Scbleiter Assl. Trea*. and Sec.—Joseph Dllwortb G •* «gr.—J. C. Dilwonh PRODUCTS—Spikes and lie plates DISSTON ft SONS IRON AND STEEL . OKKS, HENRY. Tacony, Philadelphia. Pa. Prea.—Frank Disston ce Prea.—Henry Disston Vice Prea, and Gen. Mgr.—George Sat* lerwa.le Vice Pre*.—S. Horace Disston Trea*. and See—Wm. S. Armstrong Pur. Agl.—Wm. D. Disston Mgr. Sleel Sales—H. A. Baxter steel Work*—Charles H, William* Works Mgr.—R. T. Nalle Mgr. Statistical Depl.—J. L. Stone Mgr. Met. Res.—H. B. Allen Supt, Melting Depl.—J. M. Goodpasture Chief Engr.—N. C. Bye Chemist—Aaron Mersbacher -Storekeeper—W. F. Porter EQUIPMENT—One 6-lon. one 3-ton Heroull eleclric furnace: three 30-pot crucible furnace*, two 16-inch and 18inch sheet mills, 84-inch plate mills; two 20-inch, five 10-inch. 13 8-Inch cold mills; 18-inch bar and billet. 12-inch DODGE Treaa.. PRODUCTS—Tool Capacity—50.000 Incorporated—$3,000,000 Chairman—Cliarle* Pre*.—Slaunlon Vie* Pur. Mel.—J. M. EQUIPMENT—One 8 To and hammers; plate*, rolled phia. (nrnace M.—Ed-ward engines, Ian, Agl.—Morris Pre*. STEEL See Iwo Pa. bars V. bands, Jr. and Sales 9-Inch McCrae CO.. 4.000 3,000 cold O. B. Lindsley tons Tacony. Kuli Pie* hp. S.—Chester and sleel. guide Peck kw. rolled, 2-ton annually G. turbo sheet mills; Philadel­ hammered acid M.—Clarence S. generator; Heel, 5 Roberta eleclric steam saw and PRODUCTS—Sled caating* Capacily—2.300 gross ton« Capital—$300,000 Railroads—Penn. siding DONNER STEEL CO.. INC., Buffalo. N. Y. Office and Work*: 475 Abbott^ Rd. Blast Furnace: North Tonawanda. N. Y. Pre*.—W, U, Donner Vice Pre*. Sale*—VV. F. Vosmer Vice Prea,—Robert Donner Vice Pre*, and Treas.—F. K. Smith See—W. VV. Hancock A**t. Treas.—T. H. Craig Auditor—P. F, Boyer Pur. Agt.—R. A. Butler Gen. Sunt.—J. VV. Donner Asst. Gon. Supt.—A. G. Greenamyer B. F. Supt.—F. C. Davie* As*l. B. F. Supt.—O. E. Clark 0. H. Supl.—-Samuel Muir Supl. Bloom'ng Mill*—J. Roof Supl. Finishin« Mills—H. C. Hulchinson Brick Supt.—W. Stuart Chief Engr.—A. L. Foetl Elee Engr.—Edward Coates Sleam Engr.—Wm. J. Harper Metl. Engr.—VV. C. Peterson Metl, Engr.—R. E. Sherlock Safety Engr.—M. H. Slearn* M. M.—J. Norman Wilson Chemist—N. L. Church Roll Designer—F. L. Thomas Supt. I-abor and Tranap.—VV. B. Caylor Storekeeper—K. Abboll EQUIPMENT—2 blaal furnaces. 10 open hearth furnaces, blooming mill, billet mill, 14. 10 and 8-inch bar mills TRODUCTS—"Niagara" Foundry, malleable and basic pig Iron: alloy and car. hon open hear!I. steel: eleclric ttctl, blooms, slab*, billet*, bars, bands and coil* (annealed and hot rolled) ; round*, •

Blast Furnaces and Steel Plants DRIVER-HARRIS COMPANY. Middlesex St.. Harrison. N. J. Chairman—F. L. Driver Pre*, and 0. M.—F. L. Driver, Jr. 1*1 Vice Pre*.—Wm. P. Marlin 2nd Vice Pro*.—Harry D. McKlnney Trea*. and See—-Stanley M. Tracy Asst. Treas. and Pur. Agt.—Ernest A. Harlem j n Gen. Supl.—John Hoza PRODUCTS—"Nichrome" castings, rods. •trips and sheet*, rope, cords, "Nichrome" valve*. "Nichrome" and other alloy* for oteclricil resistance; "Nichrome" B. "Nichrome" bolts and nuta for heat resisting purpoaea: hot rolled "Nichrome" bar. shape* and sheets; "Cimel" for corrosion resisting purpose*, cold rolled sirip steel, hot rolled carbon tool steels Capital—Preferred. $3,000,000: issued, $1,175,400: common. $1,500,000; Issued. $1,000,000: bonds issued. 1st mortgage bonds. 1031. $1,163,500 Railroad—Penna. siding DRUMMOND MFG. CO., INC.. 1214 VV. Main St.. Louisville, Ky. Pre*. »nd Treas.—E. M. Drummond Vice Prea.—J. A. Drummond See—R. P. Drummond Pur. Agt.—J, A, Drummond Assl. Gen. Mgr.—R. S. Johnson PRODUCTS—Gray iron and semi-sleel ceiling*, steel antes. H. R. T. boilers, *tsck*. tanks* DUQUESNE STEEL FOUNDRY CO.. Kendall Station, Citruopolis, Pa. Pies.—D. C. Bakcwell Vice Pres. Opr. and G. M. and G. S.—W. E. Trouiman Treas.—E. S. Eggers Sec. and P. A.—B, P. Bakewell A*st. Treas.—A. VV. Remensnyder Assl. to See—Geo. S. Kern Asst. Gen. Mgr. and Asst. G. S.—F. B. McConnell Salea Mgr.—E. R. William* Sales Agt.—H. A. Lomax Supt. O. H.—Waller H. While M. M.—W. J. Lobach Met. and Chem.—F. G. Frisbie Machine Shop Supl.—John Yoder Chief Draflsman—A. M. Capper Safety—J. P. Lei-nard Storekeeper—John M. VVyke PRODUCTS—:Steel casting*, roll* and annealing equipment Capacity—2.000 tons per month Capilal—$825,600 Railroad—P. ft L. E. and P. R. R. DURABLE PRODUCTS CO.. Ill S. I5th St., Phitn:lelphia, Pa. Prea.—C. W. Edccrton Treas.—H. H. Evans Sec.—Geo. M. Lealhem PRODUCTS—Galvanising ketlleB and annealing li--\. .- Railroad*—P. R, R, DURALOY CO.. THE. 47 Terminal Way. Pittsburgh Pa. Plani: New Cumber­ Railroad*—t. C, P. R. R.. Soulh. R. R., land. W. Va. B. ft 0., Monon., L. ft N.. L. H. ft Si. Pre*.—Thorn-.* R. Heyward, Jr. L.. C, ft O. Vice Pre*.—W. F, Furman. E at New York DUDLEY ELECTRIC ft MACHINE CO., City 309 F. Main St., Uniontown. Pa. EAGAN-JOHNSON Trea*.—Ch*rlo* C. B'iley STEE'. ft IRON CO.. Pre*. Salea Mgr. and Supl.—W. E. Dudley See Cheater and Aral. Pike Tress.—C. Crum '.-nne. E. Hughe* Pa. For­ Vice Pres. and Elee Engr.—Guy C. Chief merly Engr.—C. Eagan«'',oger* P. Mills Ste~l ft Iron Co. Mahoney Pre*, Asst. and Chief i). Engr.—J"hn M.—Daniel C. W. Eagan Jones Treas.. M. M. and Draflsman—J. T. Dudley Vice PltODUCTS—Dur-.loy Pre*.—licr-ard G. chrome Park. Jr. and iron Aasi. Treas.. Sec. and P. A.—A. L. Dewey Trea*. product* and S*c—Alten in cast ng«. sheets, A. Johnson plates, bar*. Chief and Power Engr.—Harry E. Slreet Pur. rods, Agl. wire and am! Go-. tubing, Sir t.—G. and P. fabricated Ebeling Mech. Engr.—G. F. Pie Chief form* Engr. and M. M.—L. Mutern Storekeeper—Robert Conn Met—J"*eph (Al New Cumberland. F. D^nalo W. Va.) DUNBAR Chief PRODUCT0.—Pig Capscily—J00 Prea.—Wm. Vice Treas. Aasi. Supt, M. EQUIPMENT—Two PRODUCTS—General Capital—$50,000; Railroad*—Penna., Chairman—Wm. manganese Semet-Solvay delphia,mer Manj-anese Pa. M.—H. Pres. Treas. Draftsman—L. B. and CORP.. F,—Wm. Pa. See—Wm. and F. and McLean Mfg. ton* G. oven* (formerly Shaffer P. Pur. M.—R. issued A. B. Co..) iron. per Gangawarc ft Ge*l. blast Brown E. Agl.—Regnold Machine day Dunbar. $32,000, Arnold, 0. American Spiegel, M. at furnaces. Marshall Philadelphia. Work at Pa. Phila­ Ferro 110 Pal­ FQUIPMEN'T—C< PRODUCTS—Small Gen. DYCAST Mgr.—A. Chief EQUIPMENT—El-cir'c Sunt.—O. Draflsman—F. STEEL S. *n CO.. K. !«*•• nvertera C-irpenter C sleel H. n 1'naville. furnace Petcron castings Conn.

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