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A N D ' til: p i m i ^ G A t i O N S m 8 & -

A N D ' til: p i m i ^ G A t i O N S m 8 & -

Blast Furnaces and Steel

Blast Furnaces and Steel Plants GALESBURG COULTER-DISC CO.. Galeaburz. III. Pres, and Trea*.—S. A. Ingersoll Vice Pre*, end Gen. Mgr.—R. C. Ingersoll See—H. A. Nelson Supi.—H. C. Gaylord Asst. Gen. Supl.—A. Peleraon PRODUCTS—Agricultural, tractor and automobile sleel parts: disc harrow blades. Rolling—Coulter blades and pressed Gen. Supt.— N. M. Duchemin Supt. Elee—J. C. Mac Lean Mech. Engr.—J. F. Woodman M. M.—J. Dennis El.--.- K'u.-r. \V. If. l'riitl Steam Engr.—J. L. Clifford Mel. and ChemisI—J. M. Drake (River Works) Storekeeper—J. GENERAL STEEL II. Fenner CASTING ft MA­ PRODUCTS—Electrical CHINE CO.. 8 Lii-i.*r products Ave, Newark. and Tungar M. J. reclifiers Railroad—B. Pre*.—Garfield & Kitpairick M. Sleel parts PRODUCTS—Steel castings GARY TUBE CO.. Gary Ind. Subsidiary GERLINGER ELECTRIC STEEL CASTof Notional Tul-e Co.. Pittsburgh, 1'a. ING CO., 60th Si. and National Ave., Gen. Mgr.—F. VV. Waterman Milwaukee, Wi*. Supt. Pipe Mill—William Bark Pre*, and Gen. Mgr.—W. E. Gerlinger Chief Mech. and Steam Engr.—G. E. Vic* Pre*, and Treas.—George P. Gerlinger Sperling See—Henry S. Wrighl Supl. Elee—E. L. Upp Asat. See—J. S. Couillard M. M.—D. L. iiutton Pur. Agl.—0. A. Meyer Safely Engr.—Horry Fawcolt Sate* Mgr.—D. E. Deuster Chief Clerk—George A. Pasamore Work* Mgr—Glen C. Riegel Supt. Skelp and Pipe Mills—Thorn** Pal- Gen. Supt.—A. M. Weis tenon M. M. and Foreman Machinist—George Assl. Supl. Pipe Mill*—Wm. II. Johnson Peiersdorf Supl. Skelp Mills—F. VV. Waterman. Jr. Met.—M. L. Frey Chief Mech. Engr.—G. K. Sperling Chemist—Prescoll Jensen Pipe Mill Engr.—J. V. Maiurle PRODUCTS—Carbon aleel castings and GENERAL ELECTRIC CO.. Schenectady, "Hard-Wear" (special alloy sleel) cast­ N. Y. ings Honorarv Chairman of Board—E. W. Rice Capacily—5.000 ions annually Chairman of the Board—0. D. Young, GLASGOW IRON CO.. Pollstown. Pa. New York Pres. and Gen. Mgr.—Comly B. Shoe­ Pre*.—Geraid Swope, New York maker. II Vice Pre*.—C. VV. Appleton Vice Pres.—A. B. Murray Vice Pre*.—VV. R. Burrows Treas.—A. Coleman Smith Vice Pre*.—C. C. Chesney See—Harry VV. Priier Vice Pres.—C. E. Evelilh Sales Mgr.—D. Sherman Guss Vice Pre*.—E. VV. Allen Supl.—Wm. S. Whitacre Vice Pre*.—G. P. Baldwin Engr. of Teat*—Milton Eshbach Vice Pres.—J. G. Barry Foreman Machine Shop—Charles Miller Vice Pres.—Albert G. Davis Draftsman—Elmer E. Ehrgaod Vice Pr*B.—A. H. Jackson EQUIPMENT—Sheared milt. universal Vice Pres,—J. R. I.ovejoy mill, puddle mills, flang:ng sept. Vice Pres.—Geo. F. Morrison PRODUCTS—Sheared and universal rolled Vice Pre*.—C. E. Pallerson 44 plates in wrought iron and sleel; many Sec.—M. P. Wesiover varielies of flanged, pre-std and formed Treas.—R. As.t. Asal. Comptroller—S. Gen. Asat. Pur. Gen. Asat. Works Capilal (Al Works Mech. PRODUCTS—Manufacturing Corregan. electrical $326,340,029,41 yon Stuart N. West Auditor—I. Agt.—L. Supt.—James Gen. Y. Treas.—D. See—Wm. Gen. Engr.—E. Mgr.—B. and Mgr.—F. Lynn. M. Supl.—B. S. apparatus Surplus—As Auditors—John L. Cricker G. Murray B. I,. Mass.. V. P. L. D. XV. M. Banker VanDyck H. Whilestone Delaek Davis Cox LeFevre Trench. 0. Allen and Smith of Tang Plan!) and Dee J. Riley, J. and C. W. 31. F. L. sale Zoller. Lewis, F. 1926. Ken- of H. Capacity—125.000 Capital—$500,000: GLOBE Vice Trea*.—VV. Sec. Gen. Pur. Supt. Chief Safely—H. Railroads—Reading Pres.—Alex. toot. products; 101 and Pres.—Wm. Agt.—S. Mgr.—Edward Fdry.—R. Engr.—J. Forge—H. FORGE Greenway Asst. J C. muck T. A Welsh Lipe M. Treaa.—D. FOUNDRIES. C. D. Brown Ave, M. S. bar Carroll Glass ions Buchanan and issued. R. Farmer Rogers Syracuse, annually Penna. Bishop E. $360,000 INC., Helheringlon N. Y.

Blast Furnaces and Steel Plants Storekeeper—C. J. Donalh GOULD COUPLER CO.. Depew. N. Y. PRODUCTS—Drop forgings and grey iron Chairman—Donald Symington caslings Prea,—C. 3. Symington Railroad*—N. Y. C. ft D. L. ft W. R. R. Asat. to Prea.—W. S. Symington GLOBE IRON CO.. Jackson. O. Vice Pres. Opr.—D. M. Scott Pre*, and Gen. Mgr.—John E. Jones Vice Pres. Sales—O. L. L. DaviB Pur. Agl.. Treas. and Assl. G. M.—Edwin Vice Pres. Engr.—D. S. Barrows A. Jones Treas.—P. P. Meade Sec.—Charles P. Chapman A**t. Treas.—A. H. Gardner Supl. B. P.—Geo. F. Berlach I .it-. .U-t. A K M.lW.-y Chief and Stei-m Engr.—VV. J. Lamb Gen. Supl.—C. H. Shaffer Assl. Chief Engr,—James Swifl Assl. Gen. Supl.—M. J, O'Brien Elee Engr.—Charles Evan* M. M.—T. O'Hnra M. M.—Albert Dobbins EOUIPMENT—Sleel foundry Met. and Chem.—Edwin Morgan PRODUCTS—Railroad coupler. truck Storekeeper—L. T. Long frame*. Ijolstrra, freight and passenger PRODUCTS—High silicon *ilveries and oar caslings Be-semer ferro ailicons Capacity—72.000 Ions steel caslings Capacily—50.000 ton* high silicon. 100.- GREAT NORTHERN RY. CO., Rolling 000 tons foundry Mill, SI. Cloud. Minn. Capilal—$1,200,000 Pur. Agl.—F. A. Bushnell. at Si. Paul, Railroads—B. ft 0.. H. V. and D. T. ft I. M i nn. GLOBE STEEL TUBES CO., 1345 Burn- Gen. Supl. M. P.—VV. Kelly, at St. Paul, ham, Si.. Milwaukee, Wis. Minn. Chairman—Paul J. Kalman Supi. Shop-—F. C. Lindi. St. Cloud. Minn. Pres.—F. 3. O'Brien PRODUCT—Merchant bars for own use Vice Pre*, and Gen. Mgr. of Sale*—J. XV. GREENE STEEL CASTINGS CO., 1302 Floto Second Si.. Berkeley. Cal. Trea*. and See—Geo. O. Roa* GRIFFIN MANUFACTURING CO.. Erie Assl. Sec.—H. XV. Liltengren Pa. Pur. Act.—Albert Korsan Pros.—J. C. Griffin Sates Engr.—J. S. Brad*haw Vice Pres.—J. B. Griffin Gen. Supl.—K. A. Nygren Treas.—VV. A. Crawford Supt,—igner—P. Sales Gen. Works Engr.—VV. O. B. Mgr.—II. By-P-o. Rod Engr.—C. Wire Engr.—Thomas mill Mgr.—H. open P.—M. H.—M. Mill—J. Mgr.—F. II. Aft.—C. Mill—Joe F. Mgr.—J. Cily. Cok

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