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Introduction Welcome to

Introduction Welcome to Silent Death: The Next Millennium, a fast-paced game of battles between light military starcraft in the far future. As players, you and your friends move miniature starfighters across a starmap, jockeying for the best positions from which to use your high-tech weapons to blow your opponents’ ships to smithereens. If You Bought the Next Millennium Deluxe Set Everything you need to play Silent Death (except a pencil) is included in the Silent Death Deluxe Boxed Set. You get: 1 Rulebook. This contains all the Silent Death rules and starcraft displays compiled to date. 1 Introductory Scenario Pack. Remove the staples and separate this booklet into individual sheets. These six scenarios are specifically designed to introduce new players to key Silent Death concepts. 1 Tables and Displays Pack. This booklet contains some quick reference tables, plus all of the starcraft displays also included in this rulebook. It’s been saddle-stitched for easy photocopying. 263 Plastic Miniatures. These represent your starcraft on the map, as well as missiles, torpedoes and asteroids. 48 Stands. Assemble the stands and place the starcraft on them. Mark each base to differentiate between ships of the same sort. 9 Dice. These come in two colors (black and white) and in different shapes. There are 1D4, 3D6, 3D8 1D10 and 1D12. If this is unclear, check out the Dice sidebar. 2 Map Sheets. Set next to each other, these comprise the game’s playing surface. Welcome If You Own the First Edition If you’re a longtime player of Silent Death, then you already know how to play The Next Millennium. For the most part, the rules are unaltered. However, there are some notable changes of which you’ll want to be aware. For more about this, see What’s New on page 4. If you got this book along with the Deluxe Set, then you’ve got a whole slew of new materials with which to play your games. If you bought the book separately, you can still use your old components to play The Next Millennium, but you’re missing out on some cool new figures. You’ll notice that the ships for each edition are basically the same. A few changes have been made, but the majority of them are only cosmetic. If you like, you can play Next Millennium games with your old miniatures, but diehard fans will want to pick up the new ships, too. If You Own the Next Millennium Basic Set You’ve made an excellent choice in stepping up to the full-fledged version of the game. Things are a bit more complicated at this level, but in the spirit of the basic game, nothing’s so complex that it detracts from the game’s elegance. If you purchased the Deluxe Set, you’ve got a load of cool new components to play with. If you simply opted to buy this book separately, fear not. You can still play the full game with all the advanced and optional rules. Any components you’re missing (like more miniatures), you can purchase separately. In Any Case See the last page of this book for information on other Silent Death products that are currently available, as well as a few that will be released in the near future. Dice Silent Death uses dice of differing “sizes”: 4-, 6-, 8-, 10- and 12sided dice. When a die roll is required, it’s referred to in the form #D#, where the first # is the number of dice to be rolled, and the second # is the “size” of the dice to be rolled. Often, dice rolls will require that a number of different “sized” dice be added together along with a set added value. Also, the 0 on a D10 stands for 10, not 0. Example: The dice code “2D6” means you should roll two 6-sided dice and the resulting numbers add together. The dice code “2D8+1D10+4” indicates that you should roll two 8sided dice and one 10-sided die and add the results together, and then add 4 to get a final total. If you rolled 4, 8 and 0 (10), that would be (4+8+10+4=) 26. 3

Permission to Photocopy When playing Silent Death, you are going to want to have access to a photocopier so that you can make copies of certain pages in this book. That way, you can feel free to mark up the copies, while leaving the originals clean for future copies. You are granted permission to photocopy the starcraft displays (pages 131– 159), the optional rules checklist (pages 160– 161), the ship design worksheet (page 91), the mini-campaign roster (page 111) and all of the Introductory Scenario Pack and the Tables and Displays Pack. These copies must be made for personal use only. 4 If You Own None of the Above If all you’ve got is this book, you’re not completely left out. All you need are maps, miniatures and dice. You can purchase these separately, or you can return this book and pick up a copy of the full game. Alternatively, if one or more of your friends owns the Deluxe Set, you can use their components to play and simply use this book for your own personal reference. The Miniatures 296 plastic miniatures (including 48 ships) are supplied with Silent Death in the Deluxe Boxed Set. Remove them from their frames with a hobby knife. Do not twist them out, as this will mar the figures. Assemble the bases and then mount each ship on a base. Each ship miniature represents a single starcraft. Each asteroid figure represents a hunk of rock(s) occupying a single hex on the map. A starcraft miniature should always be placed in a hex on the map so that the miniature’s front is facing a hex side (i.e., never the juncture between two hex sides). Legal placement of a miniature in a hex. Illegal placement of a miniature in a hex. Each starcraft miniature in a game should have a corresponding starcraft display available for it. This display details the vessel’s capabilities and helps you keep track of damage taken and ammunition used. Displays for every sort of Silent Death ship available to date are located in the center of this book. More ship displays will appear in future Silent Death products as new miniatures are released. There are also figures for missiles and torpedoes. Place these to one side and keep them ready for use during a game. What’s New? Longtime fans of Silent Death are no doubt curious as to how The Next Millennium differs from the original. While a lot has changed, most things have remained the same. Players familiar with the original already know how to play this version. There are some rules changes you should be aware of, though. 1) Initiative is handled differently. (See page 53.) 2) Missile damage is now High + 1 for each missile. Also, missiles are fired in lots of 5 or 10. (See pages 51, 52 and 63).) 3) The critical hit tables have changed. Fighters roll 2D6 instead of 1D10, and gunboats roll 2D4 instead of 1D6. The worst results are now at either end of the table. This makes it less likely that a ship will be disabled by a single shot. There’s still an extremely real chance that such a thing will happen. It’s just that it’ll now happen less often. 4) Damage control has been made a lot more useful. (See page 77.) Besides all these changes, we’ve got a lot of new optional rules for you to use. These cover things like black holes, slingshotting and—finally—ramming. See the table of contents for the location of these bits. We’ve also added a comprehensive set of starcraft design rules. Unlike those that appeared in Overkill (a first edition supplement), these are not just guidelines, but hard and fast rules that steer you through every aspect of ship design. While these rules may not cover every conceivable kind of ship, they help players come up with the kind of starcraft that work best with Silent Death. Accordingly, the ship point values have been changed around a bit. These are now tied directly to our new starcraft design system. After hours upon hours of extensive playtesting, we feel confident that the values in this edition are about as accurate as any point system could set. Perhaps most importantly, we’ve drastically altered the Silent Death background. Although only roughly fifty years have passed since the setting of the first edition (Imperial 475–476), a lot has happened to change the way things were. To learn all about what’s happened over the past decades, read on.

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