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Missiles, Asteroids,

Missiles, Asteroids, Torps, & Worm-holes The other parts included in the game are five colored frames of 36 torpedos, two gray frames of 8 missiles/20 asteroids, and six pairs of colored markers for worm-holes. Any markings you may wish to place on these components will be more easily done while they are still in their frames. Before cutting the torps from the frames, make sure all of the torps are sequentialy numbered 1-36. If possible keep them separated by color for ease of use during play. They are valued as follows: Red = Mk 10 Orange = Mk 20 Green = Mk 30 Blue = Mk 40 Violet = Mk 50 Missles and asteroids are not color coded because they are all the same. Do not divide each of the missiles individualy. They are supposed to represent the groups of five that they may be launched in. The six sets of worm-holes are paired by color. Unless a scenario specifies otherwise you may enter through one, and leave through the other one of the same color. Once you have played Silent Death you may decide that you would like to paint them. The is a great idea, because it helps to identify ships in play, and makes it easier to sort your ships from your friends once the game is over. Before painting a plastic miniature, wash it in warm water with some detergent in it. (Dish soap will work well.) Once the miniature drys, put a primer coat on the it. Use acrylic paints to paint your ship, because acrylics have a good choice of color, are easy to use, and most importantly, clean up easily. Once you are through dont forget to seal your miniatures. Several brands of primer, paint, and sealer, should be available through you local game shop. 5

A Note About Dates Shortly after humanity developed the hyperspace drive and began its surge toward the stars, the traditional means of time-keeping was abandoned as being impractical. A twentyfive hour day was instituted, along with a 360-day year of twelve months of thirty days each. These were synchronized and instituted all across Terran space. While the Empire still thrived, the years were counted from the date of its founding. Therefore, Imperial Year 0 marked the first consecration of the Imperial Dynasty Throne. Earlier dates were referred to as Pre- Imperial. The year in which The Next Millennium is set would have been Imp 518. 6 The Universe What Has Passed Before The Silent Death future is our own, over 9,000 years from now. Space travel is common for those species that hold the technology, and humans have come to live on hundreds of worlds all across the Orion arm of our galaxy. Human society has changed greatly over the many millennia. New environments have mutated planetary settlers until the members of some human outposts are almost unrecognizable to their ancestral cousins. Cultures have drifted further and further from their origins, and humanity has befriended and fought with alien races. Of course, technology has become more sophisticated, but rebellions against automation and the Forsaking of Data have caused numerous technological recessions. Few of these have lasted very long, however. The drive to improve seems too strong for that. On some planets, humans live even more primitively than they do now. The splintering of humanity into isolated communities spread among the stars has brought fortune, despotic tyrants, exotic governments and hopeless despair. As the saying goes, though, the more things have changed, the more they’ve stayed the same. Communication Is the Key It was not until the development of an instantaneous interstellar communication system, the tachyon beam dictor, that the means was at hand to reunite humanity in a virtual galaxy of computerized connectivity. Some of the new human civilizations preferred their autonomous existence; they didn’t care for being “unified” with their long lost relatives, regardless of the benefits. Hundreds of years had passed, and many planet-nations wanted nothing to do with foreign “off-worlders”.

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