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yoo Design Studio [ 6 ] - Decostyle

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yoo Design Studio [ 6 ]

Belgian top design during Interieur 2012 [ 10 ]

Le Méridien Oran Hotel & Convention Centre [ 16 ]

| n° 53 | September - October - November 2012 | € 10 |

collection Mariano

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Battling in the here and now…

Are things lighting up or not? For years on end I hear entrepreneurs repeating the same message

over and over again: it’s very bad, sir, every day is a struggle for survival.

Judging from reports in the press I can only conclude that we are indeed still living in an economic

wasteland. And yet … I was always told there are certain signals in the world of design that indicate

better times lie ahead. For everything concerning the interior, you must first and foremost look

at the comeback of colour and design, in combination with innovation and daring. It may sound

strange, but here and there I once again notice silver linings on the clouds. This recently became

clear during the Belgian fair of MoOD and judging from the previews we get from an international

indicator such as the other international Belgian fair Interieur 2012, we will see exactly the same

happening there.

Still, the fact remains that we keep having a battle on our hands in the here and now. Let me introduce

a news item that made it to the Belgian media in September. At first sight, it may seem totally

unconnected with my above statement, but as far as I can see, one thing is connected to the other.

I refer more specifically to a Belgian proposal for a bill dealing with overdue payments.

This is exactly what more and more companies all over the world are complaining about. Overdue

payments have been a problem in Belgium for many years, but of late things have gone from bad

to even worse. Even as a contractor with more than sufficient orders, you can be cornered.

To summarize the bill: it states that the general principle must be introduced that every invoice for

the delivery of a good or service must be paid within 30 days. The proposed legislation applies to

companies, the government, principals and professions alike. A longer period of time can only be

negotiated between the different players, but can never surpass a period of 60 days.

Think of this what you may, but to me this is also a sign of a drastic change in the collective state of

mind. When even the legislator realizes all players must in a first instance use the same weapons,

the door can be opened for the creativity and drive for innovation we so desperately need to get

business going again…

Jan Hoffman

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Floors from the mFLOR collection are comfortable and practical to use.

Not only do their waterproof properties make them ideal for use in damp

environments, but they are also easy to clean. Highly-resistant to wear,

they are also suitable for use with underfloor heating and cooling systems.

What is more, all floor products from mFLOR are your guarantee of the

highest quality with regard to interior climate and air quality. That is what

we call mFLOR PU BLUE and is what makes the mFLOR range of designer

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Designer: yoo Design Studio 6

Belgian design and Belgian innovations at Interieur 2012 10

Young talent: Talents 10+1 15

Hotel: Le Méridien Oran Hotel & Convention Centre 16

Preview: Horeca Expo 21

Preview: Meubelbeurs Brussel 23

Review: Tendence 24

Review: B-DECOoh! Open Door Days 25

Somfy boosts motorized window decoration 27

Balterio laminate wins the hearts 28

Review: MoOD 29

Deco-Info 31

Fair calendar 34

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2 1



2 Terrace of the penthouse of Sans Souci

1 ‘Sans Souci Hotel and Residences’ is located in the cultural heart of Vienna (all images: yoo Design Studio)

3 The Lodha Fiorenza in Mumbai, Jade Jagger’s first project in India

yoo Design Studio

creates stunning spaces for living

Great-Britain working together with France. Or vice versa. When reading this, you will automatically

be thinking: where must this lead us too… And yet, once in a while there is a certain chemistry.

This is certainly the case with the design studio we present. Yoo is a studio that has recorded one

international success after another since 1999. It is led in the right direction by John Hitchcox and

Philippe Starck, a name that rings like a bell in the world of design.

When looking at yoo Design Studio,

headquartered in London, today, we

find nothing but big names in the

world of design. Besides Philippe

Starck, they are Marcel Wanders,

Jade Jagger, Anouska Hempel and

Kelly Hoppen. In the description yoo

provides of itself, we read that the

studio exists to help developer clients

compete successfully in the property

marketplace, through projects in Asia,

Australia, Europe, Africa, North and

South America and the Middle East.

The group claims they only want to

offer the best there is in architecture,

hotel and residential interior design,

branding and marketing and up to the

present day they have been responsible

for more than 10,000 homes in

37 cities..

Project developer

meets designer

To understand today’s yoo, we must

go way back in time, to the midnineties

of the previous century. At

that time, Londoner John Hitchcox, a

young project developer, built houses

that were put onto the market unfurnished.

In a recent interview with The

Independent Hitchcox and Starck are

looking back at that period.

John Hitchcox: “There I was, building

nicely designed boxes, but missing

something. I knew the work of that

Frenchman Philippe Starck, who was

more than ten years my senior, and I

realized this was a guy who had spent

all his life designing beautiful things –

chairs, motorbikes, lemon squeezers,

even bathrooms – while I was totally

useless when it came to furniture or

layouts. I just had to meet this man

and so we met at his office, a house

on the Seine, where we had a meeting

in his bedroom...”

Whoever thinks that one meeting was

sufficient couldn’t be more wrong.

The two liked each other instantly,

true, but working together? That was

a bridge too far for Starck.

Philippe Starck: “When I met John in

Paris, more than 15 years ago, he was

this kind, good-looking man and we

immediately became friends. He came

to my office asking me to design

buildings. I remember my initial reaction

very well: “I’m sorry but there are

lots of architects who can do a better

job than me”. John reacted disappointed

and left.”

New concept for buildings

“It turned out I was dealing with

someone who could be very persistent.

Several months later he came

back and asked me if I was sure about

my decision. I liked this attitude

very much, because I love people

who strongly believe in an idea. So

I started to think and realized that

something new could be invented.

Here was a new concept for buildings,

one which was not about architecture

but about the people who need the


One thing led to another, and in 1999

yoo Design Studio was officially

started up. Its aim: to help people

live better through good design. It

was the beginning of a success story

driven by two men who are each

other’s counterpart. On the one hand,

there is this man of action and excellent

talker Hitchcox and on the other

there is Starck, who prefers to live as

a recluse, making one drawing after


“John is sharp like a blade, always

finding the right word and new ways

to make me laugh. We’re still playing

the same game, based on the historical

conflict between the French and

the English, and still joking about

it”, Starck continues. “Nowadays we

never meet for work: I do that with my


“To me, Philippe is the quintessential

Frenchman: strong-minded, proud, arrogant

and turning up his nose up at

Brits, though I am convinced his overemphasized

accent is a fake”, smiles

Hitchcox. “No, seriously, I think the

reason why we get along so well is

that he allows me to reject ideas.

7 7


4 5 6 7

What’s brilliant about him is that he is

not clouded by any creative shackles.

And he is incredibly prolific. Let him

design chairs for the Milan Furniture

Fair, and he is capable of presenting

64 different models. I also admire his

diversity and the fact that no object is

safe for this man. Just as an example:

at one point I was with him when he

was designing a tampon…”

Inside out…

And how would both gentlemen

describe the work of yoo?

John Hitchcox: “We are actually different

from the rest because of our

democratic, design oriented philosophy.

The difference is that we start

from the inside and work our way out.

It is a simple idea, but it works. We

have a reputation as a lively design

brand, with a sound interpretation

of marketing. Why would we stop at

interiors and buildings? This is why

we plan to bring all kinds of lifestyle

products to market under the yoo

name, something that is for the

time being nothing more than just


In 1999, Hitchcox and Starck created

a team that consisted of nothing but

top professionals in their own part of

the trade. As stated earlier on, their

aim was to help people live better

through good design. They first

founded ‘yoo inspired by Starck’ and

yoo Design Studio’, headed by Mark

Davison. In 2004, Jade Jagger and her

design partner Tom Bartlett joined

yoo and created ‘Jade Jagger for yoo’.

Things really started to speed up in

2008, when yoo in a first instance

expanded its worldwide creative

partnerships with the Dutch designer

Marcel Wanders (‘Wanders & yoo’)

and when British designer Kelly Hoppen

(‘Kelly Hoppen for yoo’) followed

one year later. In September 2012,

the diversification continued by the

appointment of Anouska Hempel as

Creative Director of ‘yoo inspired by

Anouska Hempel’.

“All of these people help us strengthen

our worldwide identity. Yoo should

in this way be synonymous with an

international lifestyle brand, offering

quality design and exceptional

projects worldwide”, explains John

Hitchcox. “The force of the brand

makes yoo go beyond mere residential

design. This also becomes clear

in our first book, ‘Interiors by yoo’, of

which more than 30,000 copies have

been sold already.”

“Every project meets our passion to

create inspiring spaces and urban

communities”, adds Philippe Starck.

“We achieve this by the design of

‘facilities’ that bear our own mark.

These encourage interaction between

residents of otherwise closed urban


Sans Souci Hotel Vienna

Presenting a designer is obviously

best done by means of his or her

work. And Decostyle would not live

up to its reputation if it didn’t show

a slight preference for the hotel

business. Yoo Design Studio recently

demonstrated what it is capable

of in Austria. There, it presented

the project ‘Sans Souci Hotel and

Residences’, in the heart of Vienna’s

cultural district, near the renowned

Museum quarter. In an assignment

by Sans Souci Group, one of Austria’s

leading property developers,

it launched a mixed project, offering

a 62 room hotel with 14 exclusive

apartments. It is the first yoo project

in Austria and it is completely themed

around a sense of eclectic luxury.

“By combining detailed finishes,

warm colours and a fresh modern

design, yoo has sought to offer a

modern take on traditional Viennese

design”, explains Mark Davison.

“This five-star luxury boutique hotel

features a restaurant, a lobby, a bar

and a spa, situated opposite the Museum

of Modern Art, overlooking St.

Stephen’s Cathedral and the Hofburg

Palace. San Souci redeveloped the

140-year-old Habsburg city block after

buying it in 2010.”

4 Philippe Starck, the creative driving force behind yoo 5 Marcel Wanders entered into a partnership with yoo in 2008

6 Project developer John Hitchcox was the instigator of the design studio, which came about in 1999 7 Mark Davison leads ‘yoo Design Studio

Barkli Virgin House Moscow

An example of a project that was

realized by one of the external big

names was the Barkli Virgin House,

the second project that Kelly Hoppen

designed for ‘yoo project’ in Moscow.

This is located on the so-called

‘Golden Mile’ in downtown Moscow.

Barkli Virgin House was realized

almost at the same time as Barkli

Park, the first ‘yoo inspired by Starck’

project in Russia, near the worldfamous

Ekaterininskiy Park, which

also was finished early this year.

Barkli Park offers 130 luxury apartments,

designed in what ‘yoo inspired

by Starck’ describes as the ‘ Classic,

Culture, Minimal and Nature palettes’.

“Barkli Park offers a new kind of

luxury experience. Well-being and

wellness are at the heart of everything,

and green roof terraces

complete the picture. This is why only

green materials were used, which not

only take into account the health of

the occupants, but also of the environment”,

says Philippe Starck.

“Barkli Virgin House, which opened

its doors almost at the same time,

clearly bears my mark”, adds Kelly

Hoppen. “Barkli Virgin House offers

21 residences with two, three, four

and five bedrooms, spread across

seven floors. Here I designed the

9 9


8 9


communal rooms, the lobby and an

outside terrace in accordance with my

Vintage, Urban, Sea Breeze and Green

palettes. It has its luxuriousness and

beauty in common with Barkli House,

but here we offer extremely refined

living entities, which have to be

special and in which a lot of attention

was devoted to the interior.”

Lodha Fiorenza Mumbai

That yoo is not afraid to go far can be

noticed in another recent project that

was developed through ‘Jade Jagger

for yoo’ in Mumbai. With the Lodha

Fiorenza, taken on in collaboration with

Lodha Developers Ltd, one of Mumbai’s

biggest real estate developers, Jade Jagger

embarks on her first project in India.

The Lodha Fiorenza project is situated

in a prime location and combines both

sweeping views and an assortment of

unique amenities. It comprises 452

apartments which will offer a selection

of two, three and four bedroom

residences as well as grand duplex

sky villas spread across four towers.

This building, with its tallest tower

rising above almost all of the surrounding

buildings, is scheduled for

completion in 2013. The homes will be

fitted with the highest specification

including lighting and sound controls

by iPad and Italian marble flooring.

Jade Jagger, creative director of ‘Jade



Jagger for yoo’: “I have always been

inspired by the vivid colours and

exotic textures of India. That is why I

tried to maximally incorporate them

in the design of the Lodha Fiorenza,

where I set out to create a perfect balance

between luxury and comfort.”

yoo Furnishings

Naturally, we also have to ask for

yoo’s plans for the future. We can link

this to another yoo issue, the offering

of interiors, or ‘yoo Furnishings’.

“Creating stand-out interiors is one

of the things yoo does best”, concludes

John Hitchcox. “We all know

how much every detail matters. To

demonstrate to our customers what

we are capable of, we grouped our

finds into packages and offer a range

of style palettes to choose from. It

illustrates what it always comes down

to: the continuous fine-tuning of a

unique formula, which influences the

way we live, bringing the otherwise

unreachable designs of Starck, Jagger,

Wanders, Hoppen and Hempel to new

homes and markets around the globe.

In the future it will always revolve

around the same thing: pushing

branded residential design projects

to the fore. We were pioneers in doing

this and hope to remain ‘top of mind’

for a long time with the design savvy

purchaser, who knows how to appreciate

the added value of design.” �

8 Jade Jagger joined yoo in 2004 9 Kelly Hoppen designed the Barkli Virgin House in Moscow 10 Junior suite in Sans Souci

11/12 Twice the Barkli Virgin House 13 Italian marble floors and light and sound control through iPad in Lodha Fiorenza




1 Manutti presents the ‘Elements’ collection (Image: Manutti)

2 The ‘You-Turn’ can serve as lighting that emphasizes or as general lighting (Image: Delta Light) 3 The ‘Chapeau’ by Modular is an eye-catcher thanks to its innovative tilting system (Image: Modular)

Belgian design and

Belgian innovations

at Interieur 2012

From 20 to 28 October, Kortrijk Xpo (Belgium) is once again the venue for the ‘Biënnale Interieur’.

This biennale is one of the most important events on the Belgian design calendar. At Interieur,

around 90,000 visitors from more than fifty countries are expected to show up to see the products

of over 300 exhibitors. This large-scale event is traditionally also for Belgian companies and

designers a unique opportunity to show themselves to the world of interior design.

It goes without saying that the ‘Designer

of the Year’ cannot be absent

from Interieur. The title is awarded by

the Belgian magazines Knack/Le Vif

Weekend and Biënnale Interieur vzw

and in 2012 went to Alain Gilles from

Brussels. This furniture designer already

worked together with numerous

international manufacturers, such as

Casamania and Gallerie Gosserez. Very

well-known is the ‘BuzziHub’, a compact

but informal meeting place to be

used in offices, which Gilles designed

for Belgian Buzzispace. Interieur 2012

features a retrospective of the major

designs by Alain Gilles.

When visiting Interieur 2012, don’t

forget to take a look in the Tack tower.

An entire floor of this tower was completely

furnished by the Ghent based

interior shop Ydee by order of Danish

design brand Hay. Here, you can admire

masterpieces such as the ‘Björn’

sofa, the AAT (‘All About a Table’) and

the Bella desk. This location will be

opened by Sylvain Willenz, a Belgian

designer who designed the mirror collection

‘Shapes’ for Hay.

3D printing on the verge

of a breakthrough

The booth of Design Vlaanderen will

be an interesting place to be as well.

In cooperation with the FabLab of the

HoGent, you will be given a demonstration

of 3D printing at this stand.

For now this technique is mainly

used in the world of industry and

engineering, but is on the verge of

a major breakthrough. According to

Design Vlaanderen, we are heading

for a future in which every family has

its own 3D printer. As proof of the

possibilities of the technique, four

designers created a jewel, exclusively

for Interieur. During the fair, visitors

will see a number of 3D printers that

are actually printing these ‘jewels’.

Through its stand, Design Vlaanderen

aims at illustrating the accessibility

of 3D printing to both consumers and

designers. Together with the demonstrations,

it also offers a user guide

for a wider audience.

Mookum, the innovative platform

where consumers can challenge designers

with their problems and new

ideas, will also be present at Interieur

2012. Mookum introduces twelve new

designs, which came about through

‘crowdsourcing’. One of the highlights

will be the ‘Square Root’ by Pieter

Desmijter. This design is a contemporary

interpretation of the well-known

newspaper basket. The special feature

of the ‘Square Root’ is that this

object can also be used as a side table

or as a seat. ‘Piegato’, designed by

Vittorio Simoni, is worth discovering

too. This unique side table was made

from a single piece of aluminium and,

thanks to the hole in the middle, can

be moved with only two fingers.

Limitless opportunities

for combination

Manutti has always devoted a lot of

attention to Belgian talent. This year

is no different, as the Belgian outdoor

furniture manufacturer again showcases

the work of a Belgian designer.

The new collections ‘Elements’ and

‘Loop’ are developed by Gerd Couckhuyt,

a man we introduced some

time ago in the Decostyle designer

section. According to the designer

himself, he is inspired by visual and

emotional stimuli from everyday life,

with fascinating results. For the ‘Elements’

collection, Couckhuyt devised

an ingenious concept with four basic

elements and a rail system for the

side table and the surrounding footstool.

In a way, it is as if the furniture

almost ‘floats’. Thanks to its modular

concept, ‘Elements’ offers limitless

opportunities for combination. The

‘Quartz’ composition provides extra

robustness and ease of maintenance.

In addition, Manutti will present ‘The

Loop’ at Interieur, an elegant collection

with an organic design. Thanks

to its adapted pillow stuffing, the

shell-shaped seating offers excellent

seating comfort. This ‘Loop’ chair is

offered with or without an armrest.

Because of the eye-catching colours

(such as orange, lemon and even

white imitation leather) of the covers,

this collection is even more striking.

11 11


The covers can easily be changed and

in that way offer additional variation.

These chairs are moreover perfectly

suited for outdoor use.

Thinking outside the box

In the field of mirror design the Belgian

honour is kept as well. Deknudt

Mirrors, which presents the new top

collection ‘Reflect+’ at Interieur 2012,

takes care of this. This series of mirrors

scored high on trade fairs abroad

earlier in the year, but ‘comes home’

during Interieur 2012, since every mirror

of this collection is designed by a

Belgian designer. To this end, Deknudt

Mirrors not only uses its own staff, but

also external designers.

Bart Lens, Stefan Schöning and Jean-

François d’Or are three of the designers

that helped develop ‘Reflect+’. The

latter already designed ‘Elisabeth’ for

Deknudt Mirrors, a high mirror in a

movable foot. “I like the idea of being

allowed to think outside the box once

in a while”, says Jean-François d’Or.

This Brussels based designer, whom

we already introduced in a previous

edition of Decostyle, is a jack of all

trades and is fascinated about virtually

everything. “Even as a child, I already

collected all kinds of objects: old hats,

switches, shoes, hat racks,… Sometimes

it is the structure that appeals to

me, sometimes it is the colour or the

shape. But any of these objects can be

4 5

the start of a creative process.” This

nostalgia was already very obvious in

his mirror ‘Elisabeth’, a design with a

typical female allure. In order to see

his newest addition to the ‘Reflect+’,

we advise you to visit Interieur 2012.

An outsider in the collection is ‘For

your eyes only’, the deceptively simple

design made for Reflect+ by Bart Lens,

who lives in the Belgian province of

Limburg. Lens loves designs that

entice, both tangibly and visually, and

this is also the case in this design. It is

a thin, horizontal mirror at eye level,

with a slightly curved shape, giving the

elegant design a subtle tension and

ensuring that whoever looks in the mirror

experiences the space somewhat

different. The mirror can be suspended

both horizontally and vertically.

An invitation to experiment

Besides those new talents there is

obviously still room for big names in

the Belgian world of design as well

at Interieur. In 2012, Paul Ameloot

celebrates his 25th year at the head of

Delta Light and to this day still leads

a Belgian design team. This year, the

company presents two major novelties,

which are designed for maximal

flexibility and low energy consumption.

‘Tweeter’ in particular meets the eye:

this armature has an asymmetric hinge

joint, by means of which it can tumble

in flowing movement under the most

extreme angles. ‘Tweeter’ moreover

reaches a high level of adaptability. In

this way, the armature doesn’t draw

any unintended attention.

The ‘You-Turn’ collection is extended

with the ‘You-Turn On’ and ‘You-Turn

HIT’. As is the case with the original

model, the new armatures can tumble

up to 90 degrees and rotate 350 degrees.

The devices in other words invite

you to experiment. Amazing is also

the especially designed LED system of

lenses with Equalising Filter Technology.

As a result, the light is divided equally,

without fragmentation or multiple shadows.

The ‘You-Turn’ can serve as lighting

that emphasizes or as general lighting,

which makes it extremely suited for the

lighting of shopping areas.

Wall wash effect

Another Belgian lighting company,

Modular, regularly relies on the services

of external designers of Belgian

origin. At Interieur 2012, this lighting

company presents ‘Stove’ and ‘Chapeau’,

two armatures developed in

collaboration with the designer duo

Bram Couvreur and Björn Devos. Both

armatures are available for all the usual

light sources, be it LED or gas discharge

or halogen. ‘Stove’ is a compact armature

that, seen from below, reminds

us of a stove. The effect is enhanced

even more by the asymmetric foot of

the armature, which looks a lot like a

‘Paraph’ by Prandina is a versatile lamp, designed by Serge and Robert Cornelissen

(Image: Prandina)


‘For Your Eyes Only’ by Bart Lens is an elegant, enticing design

(Image: Deknudt Mirrors)


During Interieur, Ydee furnishes the Tack tower, using items such as the Björn sofa.

(Image: Hay)


The ‘Buzzihub’ is a well-known design by Alain Gilles, the ‘Designer of the Year’

(Image: Buzzispace)



stovepipe. Special about the design of

‘Stove’ are the two rotating points that

make the spot very versatile.

Because of its innovative tilting system,

‘Chapeau’ is at the centre of the

attention too. The armature can either

subtly blend in with the architecture or

act as a true eye-catcher in the interior.

The built-in armature can almost

completely disappear in its ‘shell’, but

can also be fully tilted outwards. In this

way, the lamp creates a special wall

wash effect on the walls.

Organic, but stylish

Talking about walls: in hall 6 at stand

608 you can visit the booth of Orac, a

company from the coastal province of

West-Flanders. This year at Interieur,

Orac demonstrates the results of a

cooperation with the internationally

renowned designer Ulf Moritz. This collection

contains skirting boards, ornaments

and cornices, and even profiles

for lighting. What all these elements

have in common, is that they breathe

the typical Ulf Moritz style. These

designs are sober and organic in their

forms and lines, but emanate true class.

Orac is also looking for design closer

to home. Besides this series, the company

also introduces a new line of

the ‘Orac Lighting collection’, a series

of profiles for lighting by means of

LED technique. These were designed

6 8

by Bruges based Pierre Daems and

combine relief and lining with cosy

atmospheric lighting.



Great stage for design

As on any other fair, Interieur 2012

presents a number of interesting newcomers,

including a number of Belgian

companies. One of these is Aristide, a textile

company based in Kontich that in 2011

introduced the tradition to work with a

different Belgian designer every year. Last

year, the choice befell Marina Yee, while

the new collection is the result of the work

of a household name in the world of fashion:

Tim Van Steenbergen. This designer

continuously looks for timelessness and

authenticity in his work. This vision is also

reflected in ‘Shine’, ‘Fur’ and ‘Retro’, the

three stylish collections Van Steenbergen

created for Aristide.

The odd one out is the stand of Brussels

Invest & Export and MAD Brussels,

who take part in Interieur 2012

together. It is the mission of these

organizations to promote Belgian

design and they do this at this fair in a

special way. In their booth, you will see

the exhibition ‘MAD about Chairs’, a

selection made by Brussels designers

who worked around the concept ‘the

chair’. All tendencies are present, from

research to analysis and experiment.

Exhibitors Brussels Invest & Export and

MAD Brussels also invite a number of

foreign chair manufacturers to discover


the talent from Brussels. In this way,

the Belgian designers can present

themselves on a large design podium.

Diverse and

multifaceted lighting

Prandino is another company to present

a new item with a Belgian signature. The

lamp ‘Paraph’ is a design by the Belgian

design duo Serge and Robert Cornelissen.

These two designers are specialized

in lighting armatures and have, over the

years, worked for different trendsetters.

Their starting point is that lighting can be

as diverse and multifaceted as architecture.

For ‘Paraph’, the duo chose for a

bent aluminium structure in matt black.

This lamp as well has a rotating head

and is equipped with a 6 Watt LED lamp.

‘Paraph’ is moreover available as desk

and floor lamp.

Finally, we also look forward to the

world premiere of ‘Addicted to Every

Possibility’, a documentary by Moon

Blaisse about the late designer Maarten

Van Severen. The movie, produced by

Brussels Pain Perdu, brings a portrait of

Van Severen, based on his work and his

career. In ‘Addicted to Every Possibility’

we can further see how the four sons

of Van Severen are influenced by their

father, who in a short period of time

evolved from being a craftsman to a designer

whose ideas were produced for

the mass market by Vitra. The premiere

is scheduled for 23 October. �

8 This year, Aristide launches a collection designed by Tim Van Steenbergen (Image: Aristide)


The movie ‘Addicted to Every Possibility’ about Maarten Van Severen is released in a world premiere at Interieur

(Image: Sfa)

Pieter Desmijter designed ‘Square Root’ for Deknudt

10 (Image: Mookum)





Toute la puissance

du blanc

Le blanc est la base de tout et se

combine naturellement à toutes les

autres couleurs. Le blanc se décline

en de nombreuses teintes et nuances,

ouvrant la voie à d’innombrables

possibilités. La gamme Sikkens

Color Selection Whites rassemble 84

teintes de blanc, de la plus froide à la

plus chaude. Ce nuancier bien pratique

vous permet de sélectionner la

variante qui convient le mieux et de

créer des combinaisons surprenantes

pour l’intérieur et l’extérieur.

Toute la puissance d’un

conseil professionnel

Les spécialistes couleur de Sikkens

Color Studio vous assistent dans tous

les projets imaginables. Contactez-les


· Un conseil concernant des projets de

peinture d’intérieur ou d’extérieur

· Des formations couleur

· Des concepts couleur spécialisés

pour des secteurs spécifi ques : soins

de santé, hôtels et loisirs etc.

Vous trouverez plus d’informations sur

les Sikkens Color Selection Whites et

le Sikkens Color Studio en consultant

le site www.sikkens.be

Young Talent:

‘Talents 10+1’:

“Choosing design talent is not an exact science”

For many years already, Messe Frankfurt has given top priority to highlighting young talent at

its fairs. The ‘Talents’ exhibition, which celebrated its eleventh birthday this year, is probably

one of the most striking examples of this. Every edition takes place as a sideshow for the fairs

Tendence and Ambiente, and focuses on the work of forty young designers.

Gut feeling and emotions

To celebrate eleven editions of

‘Talents’, Messe Frankfurt published

the book ‘10+1’. “Choosing young

talents is not an exact science”, says

Nicolette Naumann, who is the driving

force behind ‘Talents’. “A lot has

to do with gut feeling and emotions.

In order to highlight the eleventh edition

of the exhibition even more, we

organized a ‘Talents 10+1’ exhibition

at Tendence. This went hand in hand

with a book bearing the same title,

which provides a good overview of

the design talent that presented itself

at ‘Talents’ to a wide audience.”

Hsin Chung Wang

One of the eye-catchers was the work

of Taiwanese designer Hsin Chung

Wang. His ‘AA Furniture’ dates back

to 2009 and consists of a number

of stools with different dimensions,

which can also be used as small tables.

The stools are just not comfortable

enough to sit on for a long time.

That, however, is a deliberate choice

1 2 3

made by the designer because in this

way, ‘AA Furniture’ is ideal for brief,

quick meetings.

Pawlofsky, Haas en Peiz

In 2004, Tom Pawlofsky, Michael Haas

and Jennie Peiz, three German designers,

scored a big hit when introducing

‘Shadyshade’. The production of

this collection of lighting elements is

performed by means of a computer

programme and a numerically controlled

machine. Because the cutting and

gluing is done layer by layer, endless

variations are possible. No two lamps

are alike.

Tal Gur

Over the years, the talented and

multifaceted Israeli designer Tal Gur

was already three times a guest at

‘Talents’. We particularly remember

his ‘Mesh Chair’. It is striking to see

how in the course of the years Gur’s

work has evolved into an ever more

embracing of poetry and especially

nature. While in 2001 his ‘Yam-Ya-

basha’ lighting elements still looked

fairly traditional, the ‘MonoLog’ from

2012 is more like a tree than a bench.

The ‘Mesh Chair’ is positioned somewhat

halfway these two designs. This

chair is handmade from gauze and

reminds us of a cobweb. We still have

to see the further evolution of Tal Gur,

but one thing is certain: the work of

this designer is intriguing.

Johanna Dehio

During the previous edition of ‘Talents’,

‘Hockerbank’, by Berlin based

designer Johanna Dehio, was one

of the most eye-catching works on

display at the exhibition. Her simple,

round stools with three legs can

easily be transformed into benches

and tables. That’s where the planks

with their specific cut-outs are used

for. It is a simple, but efficient design,

which critics already call ‘iconic’.

“10 + 1” was published by Hansjerg

Maier-Aichen and can be bought on

this site: www2.avedition.be/de/

Bucher/Katalog/382. �

15 15


1 Critics already call the ‘Hockerbank’ by Johanna Dehio ‘iconic’ (Image: Johanna Dehio) 2 “The minimalistic AA Furniture (by Hsin Chun Wang) is ideal for brief meetings” (Image Designboom)

3 “Tal Gur’s special designs refer to nature, by means of creations such as this Mesh Chair” (Image: Yigal Pardo)”




1 Thanks to the ‘Hub experience’, the lobby is redefined as a social gathering space (All images: Le Méridien Oran)

2 In the lobby, guests may lounge in two very big, lantern-like tents

Le Méridien Oran Hotel

& Convention Centre

“Not functional, but transactional…”

With the ‘Le Méridien Oran Hotel & Convention Centre’ in Algeria, the originally French hotel

group Le Méridien, which at the end of November 2005 became part of Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Worldwide, realized a true feat. This brand-new five star hotel offers its guests 296 rooms and

impresses by a lobby consisting of a three-layered glass ‘box’, which arises from several pools at

the basis of the hotel tower.

Inside this 17-storey hotel, the emphasis

is on both ‘food for the mind

and food for the body’. The hotel,

located at 7 km from the city centre

of Oran, was designed by the worldfamous

architecture and design group

Rockwell Group Europe, in close collaboration

with Starwood Hotels and

Resorts. What meets the eye immediately

upon entering the hotel, is how

this building reflects both the history

and the culture of Oran.

Lobby as Meeting Place

“We combined this culture both in the

lobby and throughout the hotel, in

which contemporary culture is mixed

with European heritage. In the lobby

there are not only artistic motifs that

cover the glass, but there are also two

enormous lantern-like tents that serve

as lounge for the guests”, explains

Diego Gronda, Managing and Creative

Director of Rockwell Group Europe,

which consists of a team of artists,

architects, interior designers, industrial

designers and graphic designers,

who link various disciplines, ideas

and cultural elements. “The hotel

comprises the newly developed ‘Le

Méridien Hub experience’, by which

the traditional lobby is reinvented

into a social gathering place, where

creative individuals can talk to each

other, debate with one another or

simply exchange ideas. As a whole, it

offers both guests and locals a creative

atmosphere, where contemporary

works of art set the tone.”

Inside, we also find a ‘library box’

on the first floor: “This box contains

works that belong to what we call the

‘Le Méridien 100’. It is an exquisite

collection of artists, thinkers and designers,

all of whom helped redefine

the brand. On the ground floor, we

moreover incorporated a ‘tea box’.

This ‘tea box’ serves the lounges in

the lobby.”

Arrival Experience

When taking a look at the rooms (254

standard rooms and 42 suites), we

immediately notice how the mix of

contemporary culture with European

heritage is being continued. Here

as well, guests should find peace of

mind in their own, very personally

designed space. In these rooms, a

local calligraphic artist, José Miguel

Puerta Vilchez, created a poem that is

in a truly artistic way transmitted to

metal screens used as partition walls

throughout the guest rooms.

Each room also contains the best

one can find on the market in terms

of technology. This goes from Wi-Fi +

High Speed Internet Access, plasma

TV screens with satellite channels,

individually controlled air conditioning

to a comfortable seating area and

a balcony with panoramic view.

“The Méridien Oran Hotel & Convention

Centre contains the new ‘Arrival

Experience’. This Arrival Experience

was designed in such a way that

guests move from a functional to

a ‘transactional’ experience, by

which we mean an emotional bond

is created with the guest. It enables

him to forget his daily worries for a

while. Visitors are submerged in the

world of Le Méridien”, Diego Gronda

continues. “Unique is what we call

the ‘Transitional Portal’. This is both a

visual and an auditive ‘wall’ encapsulating,

as it were, every guest in

sound and art.”

17 17

Bath, Kitchen, Table- & Bed Linen

Textiles Maes A. nv/sa

Brabantstraat 117

B-8790 Waregem

Office and showroom:

Anzegemseweg 28

B-8790 Waregem

T +32 56 60 37 58

F +32 56 60 43 42

100 % combed cotton




Latest Recipe

Le Méridien Oran obviously is more

than just the lobby and the rooms.

The three restaurants draw special

attention, since they each offer a

unique experience. Without any

doubt the most striking of these three

is ‘Latest Recipe’, inspired by recipes

from all over the world.

Diego Gronda: “Along the entire

length of the entrance hall there

are high wooden walls in oak and

teak where the ingredients of the

menus of the day can be consulted.

This restaurant, open all day long,

consists of a large open kitchen and

preparation tables invite the guests

to interact with the chefs. Next to this,

there is also an outdoor seating area,

surrounded by pools.”

“In addition we also created the more

intimate atmosphere of an Italian


5 6

3 7

‘Transitional Portal’ is both

a visual and auditive ‘wall’,

which encapsulates every guest

in sound and art

restaurant with ‘Favola’. ‘Favola’

serves timeless, classic Italian dishes

in a stylish environment. The hotel furthermore

comprises a number of bars,

such as ‘Latitude 35’, where guests

may enjoy special coffees, exquisite

wines and other unique creations in a

lobby lounge. An elegant lounge and

pool grill provide even more opportunities

for human interaction.”

Auditorium for 3,000 People

In this hotel there is more than just

food for the body, a lot of attention is

also devoted to the general well-being

and to the business traveller. For

relaxation purposes, there’s a very spacious

spa and a state-of-the-art fitness

room, completed with an impressive

swimming-pool on the edge of the high

cliff where the hotel is located. From

this pool, guests have a spectacular

view on the Mediterranean Sea. The

businessman or businesswoman will

find what he or she needs in – amongst

other things - the largest conference

rooms of North Africa, with almost

9,000 square metres of flexible meeting

space. This comprises an auditorium

where 3,000 people can be seated

and which has the largest wall frescoes

in the world. There is also a ballroom, a

functional area and twelve conference

rooms, including a board-room that

can be customized in both size and

floor plan. In this way various needs

and desires can be met. In its entirety

le Méridien Oran is part of a larger

complex that includes about 22,000

square metres of exhibition park.

12 Extra Properties

“All of this fits into the big picture:

providing our guests a stay full of active

discovery”, explains Eva Ziegler,

Global Brand Leader of Le Méridien

Hotels & Resorts Worldwide.

“Thanks to the Méridien Oran Hotel

& Convention Centre, we are further

expanding the brand in North Africa

and we are offering a huge amount of

meeting space for this region. Emerging

markets such as these offer excellent

growth opportunities for Starwood

and therefore we have plans to jacuzzi

open another 12 facilities in both the


African and the Indian Ocean region”,

concludes Roeland Vos, President of


Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Europe,


Africa & Middle East. � 3

19 19

4 Amidst several pools, a 17-storey hotel arises

6 Latitude 35 Loungebar 7 Living-room in a premium suite

5 Welcome area in the gathering space



18 22 NOVEMBER 2012


















Focus on hospitality and customer-based approach

From 18 to 22 November 2012, Horeca Expo once again takes place at Flanders Expo in Ghent

in Belgium. Each year, Horeca Expo is an important venue for the hospitality and catering

sector. This time, the focus of the fair is on ‘hospitality’ and the importance of a customerbased

approach. But new media also get their share of attention.

‘Interiors / Exteriors’

The second hall will be particularly

interesting to interior professionals.

Here you will find the ‘Interiors / Exteriors’

exposition, which is completely

devoted to the interior organization

of the catering businesses. Various

exhibitors show solutions to improve,

for example, the furnishing and

the furniture of your business. The

versatility of the hospitality industry

ensures that both furniture producers

and textile companies are present,

and even audio and video companies.

In recent years, sun terraces and

winter terraces in particular have

become immensely popular. Due to

the smoking ban, which was only

recently introduced in Belgium, the

terraces of catering businesses have

become more and more important.

The exhibitors respond eagerly to this

evolution: they offer outside lighting,

parasols, terrace heating and smoking

rooms, which will be omnipresent

at ‘Interiors / Exteriors’. Near the

entrances of the first and eighth hall,

trendy outdoor lounges are installed

as well. These are perfect to become

inspired in the field of outdoor living.

Hip furniture

But elsewhere on the fair, the interior

plays an important part too. For

example: don’t forget to visit hall six,

which is entirely devoted to trendy

catering concepts. This year, the hall

is going through a complete makeover.

The stands will be decorated

with black flannel, which creates a

very special atmosphere. Apart from

innovations such as food trucks and

new cocktails, hip furniture and modern

led lighting can be found here

too, making this hall worth a visit for

interior professionals. In the “Chef’s

Place” lounge, ‘The Bar’ is being

introduced, a combination of powder

coated steel and Camargue wood.

This unique eco concept by Catherine

Op de Beeck combines a unique

design with the warmth of nature.

Of late, social media have become

increasingly important in the life of


1 2 3

Horeca Expo

consumers, and this also has its effect

on the hospitality industry. Social

media have become an important

addition to the traditional word of

mouth advertising. Horeca Expo takes

advantage of this trend by giving

useful advice via social media about

the role of digital communication.

Conduct a search for ‘Horeca Expo’ on

Facebook and @HorecaExpo on Twitter.

What’s more, the fair now also has

its own app for smartphones and this

offers a list of exhibitors, the latest

news and a floor plan.

New: job wall

Also new at the fair is the ‘job wall’.

Hospitality entrepreneurs get the

chance to send vacancies to organizer

Artexis. These vacancies will be

clearly shown to visitors on a central

spot near the entrance. It is an excellent

opportunity for people such as

students and catering professionals

to find each other. In this way, Horeca

Expo responds to the growing demand

for well-trained members

of staff. �

21 21

1 Indoor is important outside hall 6 as well at Horeca Expo (All images: Horeca Expo)

3 Horeca Expo is the perfect place to get inspired for outdoor living

2 The emphasis of the fair is on a customer-based approach

www.modulo.be - 120427



furniture fair



brussels expo heysel

tasteful, fresh collections

sun 4 > wed 7 nov 9am > 7pm 2012

A Solid Base in the Middle Segment

From 4 to 7 November you must once again come down to Brussels Expo, where the Brussels

Furniture Fair will take place. In seven halls, you will find the latest new products of about 300

different exhibitors. This year, the visitor is at the centre of the Furniture Fair. Since both the assortment

and the exhibitors were thoroughly renewed, the visitor has once again a lot to discover.


For many years, this fair is an important

event for the buying and selling

of furniture and this has got a lot to

do with the diversity of the Brussels

Furniture Fair. The fact that this event

takes place in the capital of Europe

explains a lot. Both the major international

brands and the established

and new Belgian companies find an

exhibition space here.

The organization expects no less than

20,000 visitors, half of which coming

from abroad. “The Furniture Fair has

a solid base and can boast a clear

positioning in the commercially most

important section of the market”,

says Els Van Pelt of Furniture Fair

Brussels. “Economic circumstances

do not keep us from growing. Growth

is mainly realized with respect to content

and significance on the European


To Belgian furniture companies, this

fair remains an important occasion

to present themselves on a large

scale event. Our country is strongly

represented both in terms of furniture

in general and in terms of massive

furniture. At the Brussels Furniture

Fair you will find the modern designs

of Meubar and Bauwens side by

side with the timeless collections of

names such as Vandecasteele and

Theuns. But seating made in Belgium

can be found in Brussels as well.

Neighbouring Countries

After Belgium, and as tradition

dictates, neighbouring country The

Netherlands is best represented.

Exhibitors from the latter country are

on the fair even united in ‘Holland à

la carte’, an exposition designed in

the typical rigid style of Mondriaan.

Names that can be pushed to the

foreground are companies such as

Probilex, Vidato and Schuitema.

France has a strong representation

as well, thanks to well-known names

such as Girardeau and Zago. The

question is whether the French visitor

actually finds his way to Furniture

Fair Brussels, since only ten days


1 2 3

Furniture Fair Brussels

later, there is ‘Esprit Meuble’ in Paris.

“Brussels remains a very important

venue for the French market”, judges

Els Van Pelt. “Certainly the modern

assortment remains an important


As is the case every year, some striking

new names can be seen on the

fair. Spanish and Portuguese furniture

companies in particular increasingly

find their way to Brussels. Do not

neglect to visit the stands of Zagas,

Cacio and Moveme for example. But

even among the Belgians we see

some newcomers: by means of ‘B-by-

Indera’, the Mecam group is taking a

step forward towards a contemporary

higher segment of the market, while

MR Decruy is presenting a veneer


‘Brussels by Night’ is as usual the

place to be for those interested

in sleeping specialists from both

Belgium and abroad. Besides famous

Belgian names, we mainly see a lot of

French companies here, such as Tréca

de Paris and France Biotex. �

1 Both Belgian and international companies find a place here (All images: Furniture Fair Brussels)


3 The section ‘Brussels by Night’ is all about sleeping furniture

2 “The economic conditions do not prevent us from growing”, says Els Van Pelt

The whole world of carpets

and floor coverings at one venue

Carpets and floor coverings shape our

living space – they play a major role in creating

the style and ambience of interior design.

Come to DOMOTEX and experience fascinating

international trends and innovations from

all over the world.


The World of Flooring

GLOBAL FAIRS NV · Tel. +32 16 73 45 51 · info@messe.be



remains an important venue for the sector of consumer goods (Image: Messe Frankfurt)

Tendence 2012

Combining and experimenting

From 24 to 28 August Messe Frankfurt was once again the venue

for Tendence, a major trade fair for consumer goods. This event

is the perfect place to spot the trends for the coming autumn.


Eventually Tendence managed to attract some 46,000 visitors

this year, a little less than last year. According to Detlef Braun of

Messe Frankfurt this is due to the euro crisis. Besides, the quality

of the visitors was much higher. “A lot of exhibitors noticed an

increase in the number of orders. The atmosphere was excellent

at Tendence and the principal buyers were present.” In addition

there were significantly more visitors from Eastern Europe.

In the field of interior decoration it was especially the ‘Living’

section of the fair that was important. Here as well, most of the

exhibitors expressed their satisfaction. “The economic climate

has changed”, says Detlef Klatt, CEO of O Living Interior Design.

s“We are satisfied, since quality is more important to us than

quantity. Additionally the specific exhibitions at Tendence, such

as the one concerning window coverings, had a positive impact

on the attention to our stand.”


After a walk through the halls of Tendence it was obvious that individualism

is still on the rise in the world of interior. The consumer

is being challenged to experiment and combine to his heart’s

content. The designs are responding to this as well: variation at

the fair was greater than ever before, with surprising results.

We could see how paper with visible fibre textures is not only

used as wrapping paper but also to make lampshades. Handmade

objects are also popular: the small deviations ensure that

each object is different. �

The value of experience in an inspiring environment

From 2 to 4 September, the first edition of the renewed edition of DECOoh! took place.

Since this year, the fair is known as ‘B-DECOoh! Open Door Days’, and is organized according to a

totally new concept. The target audience still consists of professionals in indoor and outdoor decoration.

The first edition of ‘DECOoh! new style’ can be called a success: around 7,000 visitors went

to the Heizel and the first reactions of the exhibitors were mainly positive.

Good atmosphere

Because of declining visitor numbers,

it was high time to revive DECOoh!

That is why organizer Brussels Fair

and Exhibitions clearly aimed at improving

the value of experience. Contrary

to the previous fair, B-DECOoh!

Open Door Days took place in one

single palace of Brussels Expo. Due

to this limited space no traditional

booths could be found here. Instead,

we saw modular, compact ‘boxes’.

The result was a very cosy fair with

a good atmosphere. The boxes took

away barriers and made it easier to

walk from one stand to another.

In addition, the emphasis was clearly

on exclusivity: a lot of exhibitors

offered discounts on orders that

were made during B-DECOoh! Open

Door Days. In this way, a visit to the

fair was much more worthwhile. The

centre of all was the Patio, where

networking could be done in a cosy

atmosphere, surrounded by festive

bouquets. The many side-activities

were well-visited as well. These

included demonstrations and performances,

each of which got a lot of

attention. At the entrance of the fair, a

number of exhibitors were offered the

opportunity to decorate some special

thematic rooms.

Learning process

After the first edition of this renewed

fair, organizing Brussels Fair and Exhibitions

drew up a positive balance

sheet. “Of course, the introduction of

a new formula always come together

with a learning process”, says David

Boon, director of exploitation of BFE.

“That is no different for this fair. We

remain convinced of the power of this

concept: creating value of experience

in an inspiring environment.”

How the concept catches on becomes

clear from the satisfied reactions

of most of the exhibitors. “The new

concept is certainly a step in the right

direction”, analysed Rob Haans of

Dutz Collection.

The new concept of the thematic


1 2 3

‘B-DECOoh! Open Door Days’

rooms however, scored somewhat

less. “I wonder what the link is

between the thematic rooms and the

booths themselves”, replies Juliette

Van Gijtenbeek of Riverdale. “This

is sometimes not very clear. But the

rooms look nice and create a good


Refine the basic concept

Judging from this first edition of

B-DECOoh! Open Door Days, it once

again looks as if the fair has got a

future. David Boon: “Our main objective

now is primarily to further refine

our basic concept. This is a process

we’ve already started, immediately

after the doors of the fair closed! We

keep listening to what our visitors

and exhibitors have to say and tune in

to their wishes and needs.”

Meeting in February

Take your diary and note down the

next edition of B-DECOoh! Open Door

Days. This takes place from 3 to 5

February 2013. �

25 25

1 Dutz won an Innovation Award for the ‘Broken Look’ collection (All images: B-DECOoh!)

3 Several demonstrations took place in the Patio

2 According to most of the exhibitors, the new concept was a step in the right direction

More comfort and well-being

with motorized blinds

Control your blinds now also with your

smartphone, tablet or computer.



1 2 3


Boosts Motorized Window Decoration through

When discussing motorization and automation, one cannot pass by Somfy. With 8,000 employees

worldwide and a turnover of around 1 billion euro, Somfy sets the tone, especially so in Europe.

The niche of motorized window decoration is promising and thanks to the ‘My Decorator by Somfy’

retailer network, Somfy explicitly extends a hand to decorators, in order to sensitize the consumer

through an extensive partnership.

Intense Working

on the Market

The facts and figures about motorized

window decoration are very clear.

Where sun screens score an impressive

95% for motorization and screens and

shutters about 60%, window decoration

lags far behind with barely 2%. To

create a breakthrough for motorized

window decoration, Somfy commits

itself to work on this market far more


“Automated window decoration was a

niche product and we will change that”,

clarifies Philippe Bonneel, business

development manager internal window

coverings. “In order to make this happen,

Somfy decided to substantially

elevate the motorization level in two

steps. In a first instance it sought partnerships

with manufacturers of window

decoration products and now it is time

to take the second step, involving the

Belgian and Luxemburg decorator in

our story, who in turn will convince the

consumer of the added value of motorized

window decoration.”

Four Crucial Points

During a launching event for decorators

at the end of June, Somfy already explained

how automated window decoration

fits in the Home Motion story, which

focuses on four crucial points: comfort,

independence, safety and energy saving.

Philippe Bonneel: “To the decorator

in particular we made it clear that not

only can he keep pace with the evolving

society as far as window decoration is

concerned, but he can also become more

successful. Let this be clear: we are not

looking for just any partner. The ‘My Decorator

by Somfy’ must in the first place

show the right mind-set, through which

he as well as the manufacturers embarking

on window decoration products and

we ourselves can realize an added value

and make motorized window decoration

a sought-after and accessible product.”

Nothing but Advantages

The question that arises is what

the specific advantages are for the


“As true partners, we develop the

market together by being progressive

and enterprising. It is our intention

to grow faster than the market and

to respond more quickly to new


Decorators who join the ‘My Decorator

by Somfy’ network are supported

in all possible ways by the brand

Somfy. This happens both in commercial

terms and in terms of marketing,

the latter being realized both in the

decorator’s showroom and in his

external communication. Our retail

partners can moreover count on a

large number of priority treatments,

ranging from extensive training to all

the technical support that is needed.”

Subscribe to

‘My Decorator by Somfy’

Do you also want to be part of the

‘My Decorator by Somfy’ group, which

in Belgium already has more than

twenty members? Do not hesitate

and contact us by using the contact

details below. �


| E-mail: philippe.bonneel@somfy.com | Website: www.somfy.be | Phone: 02/712 07 70 |



Balterio Laminate Flooring

Is winning the hearts

More and more people are opting for laminate floor coverings. Radiance, ease of installation and maintenance friendliness

are only a few of the qualities that make this product so popular. “Laminate flooring offers the advantages of wood,

such as the authentic look and feel, but not the disadvantages”, states Franky Terrijn, Balterio’s Marketing Director.


Light, authentic colours have been trendy

for quite a while and this is bound to

continue, also in laminate floor coverings.

“Consumers like to play it safe and want

a timeless floor that surpasses the trends.

Whitish hues, beige and greige thus come

to the fore”, says Franky Terrijn. “Now the

tone is matt, with a trend towards natural,

authentic and honest materials such as

concrete, china, metal, wood, copper,

oiled leather or matt stone. In 2009 we

launched the collection Grandeur with the

Balterio Chrome technology, which adds

a subtle glow to the grain. This technology

was introduced in the collection

Magnitude and was taken up again in the

long planks collection Grandeur.”


Laminate with a smooth surface is no

longer popular, the trend is moving

to authentic and classic. A realistic

reproduction of a wooden floor requires

an embossing with the structure of real

wood. In order to achieve this, Balterio

developed its 3D-Wood Effect structure:

“Some examples of matt and authentic

ranges are Infinity, Xperience Plus and

Dolce. The new long planks collection

Infinity consists of eight matt wood

patterns with 3D-Wood Effect. All wood

patterns are combined with the True-to-

Nature aspect and a 4 sided V-groove.

Xperience Plus likewise has a matt

finishing and the 3D-Wood Effect structure.

Dolce in its turn is equipped with a

very natural, fine, satin-matt structure,

in combination with eight décors.”


1 2 3


The consumer not only wants the look

and feel of real parquet or wooden

floors, but also its acoustic properties.

Therefore, Balterio developed three

special subfloors: Comfort Sound Base,

Comfort Sound Plus and Comfort Sound

Pro: “Comfort Sound Base is ideal for

reducing transmission sound. Comfort

Sound Pro mutes the walking sound and

is, because of its low heat resistance,

the perfect subfloor for spaces with floor

heating and cooling. The resilient Comfort

Sound Plus is ideal for areas with

major unevenness and high traffic.”


Finally, the ease and speed of installation

are an asset: “Balterio developed

three installation systems”, Franky

Terrijn concludes. ““ClickXpress ®

[CXP] is a rotation system, which

makes it easy to click the long sides

of the panels together. For planks

with a lesser width, there is DropXpress

® [DXP], which simply locks the

laminate boards into place end-toend.

The most recent innovation is the

PXP ® [PressXpress] fold-down installation

system. PXP ® is a totally new

and innovative fold-down for flooring

panels and falls outside the existing

and patented fold-down systems.

PXP® is introduced in the Grandeur,

and in the new collections Infinity

and Xperience Plus. When people are

moving out of their house or wish to

renovate, the planks can be rotated

out of each other or be clicked, without

causing any damage.”�

E-mail: info@balterio.com

Website: www.balterio.com

Phone: + 32 56 62 80 81

1 Infinity, an example of a matt and authentic range (All images: Balterio) 2 Dolce has a natural, satin-matt structure

4 Xperience is also equipped with PXP

3 PXP, a new and innovative fold-down installation system for flooring panels


MoOD 2012

highlights innovation and design

The organization of Meet only Original Designs (or ‘MoOD’) can look back on a successful edition

of this international trade fair for producers of upholstery fabrics and window and wall coverings.

Around 7,000 professionals visited MoOD and it was noticeable how high the quality of these

visitors was. This suggests that business was being done in a targeted way.

Even though visitor numbers for

MoOD were slightly down for this edition,

in comparison with last year, this

drop is of little or no significance. The

slight drop must mainly be attributed

to a reduced number of visitors from

Southern Europe, not coincidentally a

region that is hard hit by the economic

crisis. On the other hand, the organization

welcomed a considerably

higher number of Eastern Europeans.

Also professionals from Northern

Europe once again found their way to

MoOD, which proves that Scandinavia

after several years of stagnation

again realizes economic growth. The

North African countries are clearly

part of those ‘growers’ as well.

Optimistic atmosphere

The main difference between this

edition of MoOD and the previous one

was the atmosphere of cosy activity

that was tangible in all of the halls of

Brussels Expo. This mainly came about

through the high quality of the visitors.

It was crystal-clear that both visitors

and exhibitors are convinced that

the worst of the economic crisis lies

behind us. They are on the contrary

looking rather hopeful towards the

future. In short, MoOD was living proof

that the world of textiles is an area of

business with solid foundations.

This positive atmosphere was also

evident from the products that were

on display at the fair. It was striking

how colour and design are gaining

importance again, which is a sign of

renewed, careful optimism. Visitor

Geert Verbauwhede, a designer

with V. Design in Belgian Waregem,

agrees: “Compared to last year, I see

far more colour and motives. Until recently,

most fabrics had a flat design,

but now it is different. In my opinion,

this is a good evolution because as a

designer I get the chance to experiment


Strive for innovation

“The future for textiles is looking

bright”, predicts Johannes Delius of

Delius Textiles. “But this will only be

the case if we keep on innovating. To

stand still, is to move backwards.”

This was an opinion we could note


1 2 3

down with many of Delius’ colleagues

and which we can in fact call the

central motto of MoOD 2012. In this

respect, it was logical that MoOD this

year fully focused on innovation in all

of its forms, which was particularly

made clear in the ‘Discovery Zone’ in

hall seven. Here, among other things,

the ‘Innovation Platform’ exhibition,

which dealt with the future of textiles,

was staged. MoOD organized this exhibition

in collaboration with partners

such as Trendease International and

Masters of Linen.

According to trend watcher and jury

member Niek De Prest, the annual

‘Blue Drop Awards’, which award a

prize to the best products at the fair,

were also dominated by innovation.

There were awards for companies such

as Belgian Bruvatex (‘Blue Drop for

Outdoor’) and German Konrad Hornschuch.

“We are of course delighted

with our ‘Blue Drop for Contract’”, told

Bruno Lehmann of Konrad Hornschuch.

“Striving for quality is the best way to

face the competition from regions such

as the Far East and this award proves

we are on the right track.” �

1 The Blue Drops were all about innovation (All images: Patrick Dekeyser)


3 Innovation was all around at MoOD 2012

2 High quality business was the motto

MHZ interior and exterior sunblind

MHZ Hachtel S.àr.l.

27, rue de Steinfort

L-8366 Hagen



Tel. (L) +352 31 14 21

Fax (L) +352 31 23 28


Panel blinds, roller blinds



Tel. (B) +32 53 76 84 20

Fax (B) +32 53 76 84 21

MHZ: relocation and

new corporate identity

MHZ, a family business that produces high

quality and lasting blind systems, launches

a new corporate identity. First of all, there’s

a new logo, which is particularly striking

thanks to the curved sides of the wellknown

diamond. The new font in its turn

symbolizes the combination of tradition

and modern times. Additionally, a separate

icon was designed for each of the product

groups, as well as a new ‘seal of quality’.

Other MHZ Benelux news is that the offices

will move from Strassen to Hagen,

in Luxembourg: “Thanks to our move to

larger office spaces, we are meeting an additional

condition for sustainable growth”,

says manager Emmanuel Paquet. Apart

from offices, the new building will have a

spacious, light showroom, as well as two

meeting rooms. �

Henry Van de Velde labels


As it does every year, Design Vlaanderen

recently presented the ‘Henry Van de Velde

labels’. This is the Flemish Community’s

quality label that draws attention to products

that are both innovative and well designed.

Out of 124 submitted products, the

jury chose seven winning objects. Among

the winners we find ‘Beams’ by Studio

Segers for Vasco, the ‘Hybrid-design’ fold-

ing knife by Filip De Coene, the ‘Marina’

series by Bruno Fattorini & Partner for Extremis

NV and Alexander Crolla’s ‘MIOS’

museum. In addition, ‘Nomad2 ’ by Alain

Gilles (for O-Sun System Limited), the

‘Subjective Atlases’ by Annelys De Vet and

‘Tuinhaspel’ by Alexander Crolla for ZEE

also received an award. The award ceremony

will be held on 15 January 2013 in the

Flemish Parliament. �

Forest Avenue

launches Mökki

Forest Avenue, a producer of garden fences

and wall panels with natural wicker of

filbert or willow branches, will soon be

launching a brand-new seating. ‘Mökki’,

a design by Gerd Couckhuyt, is an application

of the synthetic substitute material

‘Fiber’. This material combines the look

and feel of natural branches with a few

additional advantages, including a longer

lifespan, a larger UV resistance and the

option to choose different structures and

colours. Mökki will be shown for the first

time at Interieur 2012. �

Royal collection

by Vi-Spring

Vi-Spring, a British producer of luxury

beds, launches a ‘limited edition’. For this

collection, the company was inspired by

the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth.

deco� info

The collection was handmade in Devon

and is stuffed with natural materials of the

finest quality, including Shetland wool, soft

cotton and cashmere. Each mattress has a

finishing in satin or luxurious silk and was

stitched individually by hand. The collection

consists of three beds, namely ‘Jubilee

Masterpiece’, ‘Royal Diamond Jubilee’

and ‘Diamond Jubilee’. More information

about the sales addresses can be found at

www.vispring.be. �

Deutsche Messe keeps on


Deutsche Messe recently announced a

number of plans for the future. 2011 saw

the best results of the last decade and

the fair organizer resolutely chooses for

further investments. For example, halls 19

and 20 of the fair building in Hanover, two

of the oldest buildings on the grounds, will

undergo a thorough refurbishment. The renewed

halls should make Deutsche Messe

even more attractive for the organization

of international events. Work will probably

start this year and should be finished by the

end of 2014. Additionally, Deutsche Messe

also acquires the trade fair ‘parts2clean’ of

fairXpertsGmbh. Other take-overs will be

announced on a later date. �

Delta Light launches

innovative creations

At Interieur 2012, Delta Light will present

two new armatures, specifically designed

to combine maximum flexibility and a low

energy usage. ‘Tweeter’ (photo), available

both as a built-in and a stand-alone

luminaire, offers a new look at flexibility.

The ‘Excentric Rotation System’ is particularly

special. This is an asymmetrical hinge

weight that allows the armature to turn or

tilt in a smooth movement. The striking

yet elegant ‘Tweeter’ armature is available

both with LED and halogen- or discharge

lamps. The ‘You-Turn On’ series, which

31 31


has already won five international design

awards, now includes a number of new armatures.

BTcino expands

Polyx gamma

Btcino, market leader in the field of lowvoltage

equipment for residential, industrial

and tertiary use, launches the new

Polyx Memory Display. After Polyx Video

and Polyx Audio, this is the third device

in the Polyx range of internal devices. By

means of this compact memory device,

you are able to call and play recorded audio

and video messages. There is room for

18 short films of 16 seconds with 16 shots,

or 160 messages of 16 seconds each with

an image. The user interface with icons

is extremely user-friendly. Polyx Memory

Display is available both as a stand-alone

device and in a kit. �

Retrospective on

Jules Wabbes

This autumn will see the first retrospective

that is entirely devoted to the work of Jules

Wabbes in the Brussels Palace of Fine Arts.

Wabbes is one of the most important Belgian

furniture designers after World War

II. He is most renowned for his participation

in projects of Glaverbel and Foncolin.

At the exhibition, original drawings and

deco� info

unique furniture will be exhibited. The exhibition

runs from 17 October 2012 until 6

January 2013. �

Modular gets its

own place in New York

During the following year, the Roeselare

based Belgian lighting company Modular

will introduce eight of its most successful

designs on the American market, for the

company gets a permanent spot in the Luceplan

showroom in New York. “Our mission

is to be present in countries where

lighting design gets a prominent place”,

says Modular Lighting Instruments CEO

Lieven Messiaen.

“The first designs we will present are the

Duell, Izar, Lotis and of course, Spock.

Apart from their design, these armatures

are also technologically ground-breaking,

as we increasingly focus on ecology and

less energy consumption.” The showroom

is located on Green Street. �

Balta launches


Under the name ‘Floormaster’, the Residential

Broadloom division of floor decorating

specialist Balta introduces four

thematic sample briefcases to present its

tile and carpet collection to the European

market. The briefcases look like luxurious

suitcases and are presented per theme: a

‘Woolmaster’ and ‘Comfortmaster’ by Balta

Broadloom, a ‘Colormaster’ by ITC and a

‘Master in Tiles’ by Domo Floorcoverings.

“To the present day residential tiles have

never been presented with an aesthetic

touch quite like the one we are launching

now”, says Geert Vanden Bossche, Marketing

Director at Balta. These briefcases will

be distributed through wholesalers, large

retail chains and smaller shops. �

ulf Moritz designs

for Arte again

Arte launches the new, extremely varied

‘Wall Couture’ collection. This new series

consists of designs by the Polish-German

artist Ulf Moritz. An eye-catcher, for example,

is the wall covering with brightly coloured

glossy stripes, upon which a perforated

layer of matt flock is applied. Another

notable wall covering is the one with granulates.

The background of this covering is

almost plain, apart from the little grinded

pebbles that have been applied to it.

These in their turn form different squares.

The collection consists of no less than 60

ultramodern references and four decorative

panels. Not only colours and the materials

play a part in this collection, textures and

the tactile aspect are also important. �

First exhibition

for Akihisa Hirata

At present, Akihisa Hirata’s first solo exhibition

is taking place in London. This Japanese

architect is already very famous in his

home country thanks to the design for the

‘Bloomberg’ pavilion at the Tokyo Museum

of Modern Art. For this exhibition, which is

part of the London Design Festival, Hirate

designed ‘Tangling’, an enormous installation

in the shape of a spiral. In this installation,

hundreds of models and sketches are

being presented. The exhibition runs until

17 November at the London Architecture

Foundation. Admission is free. �

100% Design in Londen

Recently, the exhibition 100% Design took

place at London’s Earls Court. This is the UK’s

most important modern design event. Each

year, this exhibition for designers and architects

is visited by around 18,000 people.

This year, the exhibition focused on new

talents, fresh ideas and innovative designs.

The fair itself was also given a

makeover: the event was divided into four

sections and an auditorium with room for

200 people was newly included. One of

the highlights was the presentation by Dan

Hopwood (photo) of the British Institute of

Interior Design. �

Award given to Vasco

and E-Max

During the design competition of the ET ’12

congress, the aluminium radiators by Vasco

and sister company E-Max won first the

prize in the ‘Renewable Energy’ category.

The professional jury commended the extremely

economical aluminium radiators.

The Alu-Zen, Bryce, Canyon and Zaros are

designed in such a way that only a fifth

of the normal amount of water is needed.

At the same time, these devices supply

around 15% more energy. 80 projects from

11 countries participated in this design

competition. �

Hansgrohe wins

three Red Dot Awards

Hansgrohe, bathroom and sanitary specialist,

was recently awarded several ‘Red Dot’

prizes in the ‘product design’ category. The

jury awarded a prize to the ‘Focus’ and ‘Talis’

tap series for their excellent design. Additionally,

Axor’s (Hansgrohe SE’s design brand)

Citterio M tap won the ‘best of the best’ label.

This tap, designed by the Italian architect

and designer Antonio Citterio, allows users

to choose where to put the operating grip on

the working surface. The judges had to review

about 4,500 products for the ‘Red Dot’

awards. No more than sixty products were

awarded the ‘best of the best’ label. �

deco� info

First design biennale

in Istanbul

From 13 October till 12 December, the first

‘Istanbul Design Biennale’ will take place.

This biennale is organized by the Istanbul

Foundation for Culture and Arts. Central

theme of this first edition is ‘Imperfection’

and the event examines interpretations of

this theme in several different arts, including

architecture, fashion, new media and


The curators of this first biennale are Emre

Arolat and Joseph Grima. Along with twee

large exhibitions, the event consists of

workshops, a lecture programme, film

screenings and special walks through the

city of Istanbul.�

Interface launches

biological nylon carpet tile

Carpet tile producer Interface launches ‘Fotosfera’.

This is the first commercially available

biological nylon carpet tile. ‘Fotosfera’ consists

of yarns that are made from oil of the

seeds of the castor plant, which is produced

in India. This plant grows very rapidly, is

quickly renewable and requires little maintenance.

“For Interface, this is a ground-breaking

innovation”, says Nigel Stansfield, Chief

Innovations Officer at Interface. “We are

still in an early phase, but this convincingly

33 33


proves that we keep on crossing boundaries

and continue to innovate in order to meet the

demands for durable projects.” �

Masureel opens

showroom in Brussels

On 11 September 2012, Masureel, printer

of woven wall paper and interior fabrics,

opened a new showroom on the Zavel in

Brussels. In this room, wall paper, paint

and fabrics are presented. After the first

branch in Hulste, this will be Masureel’s

second showroom. The new location

should become a meeting place where interior

professionals, stylists and journalists

can be inspired. An experienced interior

professional will inform and advise the

subscription to decostyle

| Name |

| Address |

deco� info fair calendar

(IBAN (Buiten BE BeNELux: 380-017716719 + verzendingskosten!)

– BIC BBRUBEBB) Outside Belgium + expedition cost)

| Telephone |

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| E-mail |

visitors. The new showroom can be found

at 34, Jozef Stevensstraat, near the Grote

Zavel, in Brussels. �

Renson opens outdoor park

Renson, producer of windproof sunscreens,

recently opened an Outdoor Demo-Park

near the buildings of its Sunprotection-

Screens division in the Flanders Field Industrial

Zone in Waregem (Belgium). Roofs

from the ‘Lagune’, ‘Camargue’ and ‘Algarve’

collections are presented here. The outside

rooms have an atmospheric feel, but are

warm and cosy enough to be used in poorer

weather conditions. In this way, Renson

introduces the new terrace coverings to the

consumer in an original way. �

Do you want to receive our professional magazine

Decostyle? No problem! Fill in the form below and

send it adequately stamped to publisher EMM bvba,

Olekenbosstraat 164 in 8540 Deerlijk in Belgium. Upon

reception of your payment, we add you to our mailing

list and send you our magazine (printed versions only in

Dutch and French). Your subscription starts as soon as we

have received your payment. Every quarter of the year,

you receive every new issue of Decostyle (4 in total).

Yes, I am interested in a one year subscription and transfer 40 euro to the

account number 380-0177167-19

Kortrijk is ready for the biennale Interieur, which

takes place from 20 to 28 October 2012. This fair

is essential for all those who are interested in modern

design from both Belgium and abroad. For the

first time, Interieur breaks through the walls of Kortrijk

Xpo, into the city centre. A full summary can be

found at www.interieur.be.

The Brussels Furniture Fair is back as well, from 4 to

7 November. This fair of great international appeal

offers a varied and interesting programme. In this

way, it remains an attractive quality event. More

information can be found at www.meubelbeurs.be.

Be sure to pay a visit to Equip’Hôtel, the biennial

food exhibition for professionals in the hotel and

catering industry. This fair takes place from 11 to

15 November at Porte de Versailles, in Paris. Visitors

include caterers, cooks, bakers, butchers and

other related professionals. More information can

be found at www.equiphotel.com.

From 18 to 22 November, Horeca Expo takes

place at Flanders Expo Ghent. The fair is the annual

gathering of the Belgian catering sector. This

year, the central theme is ‘At your service’, which

means the fair will revolve around hospitality. More

information can be found at www.horecaexpo.be.

Heimtextil, the international trade fair for textiles,

will once again kick off the year 2013 in Frankfurt.

This is one of the most important worldwide events

for both home and contract textiles, making it

the perfect meeting spot for producers, retailers

and designers. The fair takes place from 9 to 12

January. More information can be found at


Following on, from 12 to 15 January, Domotex takes

place in Hanover. During this trade fair for the flooring

sector, some 1,400 companies from around sixty

countries present their latest novelties. Among the

visitors, we find architects and interior designers.

More information can be found at www.domotex.de.

Also in Germany, in Cologne to be exact, IMM Cologne

takes place from 14 to 20 January. At this

furniture fair, you’ll find both large brands and less

well-known discoveries among the 1,200 exhibitors

from all over the world. During IMM, ‘LivingKitchen’

takes place in Cologne as well. More information

can be found at www.imm-cologne.com.

Obviously, January wouldn’t be complete without

the spring edition of Maison & Objet, which takes

place from 18 till 22 January at Paris Nord Villepinte.

We particularly look forward to ‘Maison & Objet

musées’, the exposition about art objects in the

interior. All information about the fair can be found

at www.maison-objet.com.

Be sure to mark 3 to 6 February in your diary. That’s

when the fifteenth edition of Intirio, the well-known

fair for interior decoration and home linen, takes

place at Flanders Expo in Ghent. Intirio has grown

from a niche event to an interior fair which resonates

across the entire Benelux. More information

can be found at www.intirio.be.



Stores Rouleaux Twist

D’infinies possibilités de jouer sur l’intimité et l’ambiance

La toute nouvelle collection de stores rouleaux Twist de Luxaflex® est qualifiée

à juste titre de contemporaine et d’étonnante ! Optez pour ces magnifiques

stores rouleaux composés de deux couches de tissu et de bandes opaques et

transparentes. Le choix de tissus exclusifs est impressionnant : pas moins de 67

tissus de différents coloris, textures et transparences s’offrent à vous ! Le système de

manœuvre unique conjugue un design élégant et un fonctionnement ultrasimple.

Besoin d’inspiration et d’information ? Rendez-vous sur www.luxaflex.be


MHZ interior and exterior sunblind

MHZ Hachtel S.àr.l.

27, rue de Steinfort

L-8366 Hagen



Tel. (L) +352 31 14 21

Fax (L) +352 31 23 28


Panel blinds, roller blinds



Tel. (B) +32 53 76 84 20

Fax (B) +32 53 76 84 21

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