BALANCED SCORECARD FORUM DUBAI - the performance factory

BALANCED SCORECARD FORUM DUBAI - the performance factory

BALANCED SCORECARD FORUM DUBAI - the performance factory


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Dr Kaplan And Dr Norton’s<br />

Famous Masterclass<br />

Plus Brand NEW Material on<br />

Co-Creation, Shared Value And Scenario<br />

Analysis For Risk Management!<br />

Pre-Forum Workshops: 21 April 2012<br />

A: Risk Management For Strategy Execution<br />

B: Aligning Human Capital To Drive Performance Breakthroughs<br />

C: Best Practice Change Management For Successful Strategy<br />

Execution<br />

Post-Forum Workshops: 26 April 2012<br />

D: “The 8” – A Unique Strategy Execution Framework<br />

E: The Balanced Scorecard In A Project Focused Organisation<br />

F: A Practical Guide To Performance Benchmarking<br />

Super Early Bird Book By 2 February 2012<br />

and SAVE US$2,920!<br />

<strong>BALANCED</strong> <strong>SCORECARD</strong> <strong>FORUM</strong><br />

21 - 26 April 2012 • The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina, UAE <strong>DUBAI</strong><br />

Building Competitiveness Through World Class Strategy Execution Practices<br />

ONLY At The Balanced Scorecard Forum 2012<br />

ü THE definitive Balanced Scorecard Masterclass delivered by <strong>the</strong> iconic gurus<br />

<strong>the</strong>mselves<br />

ü NEW The region’s top business leaders on today’s most pressing business<br />

challenges and <strong>the</strong> way forward<br />

ü NEW The Strategy Execution Ambassador – Jeroen de Flander – on why<br />

companies fail in strategy execution<br />

ü NEW Expert lessons on implementing <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard in project<br />

focused organisations<br />

ü NEW In-depth guidance, tools and practical lessons on how risk<br />

management works in practice<br />

ü NEW Benchmarking data on strategy execution capability, success and<br />

failure from over 1400 companies<br />

ü NEW Multiple perspectives on <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard at every stage of its<br />

lifecycle<br />

ü NEW 5 Hall of Fame case studies for best practice Balanced Scorecard<br />

implementations<br />

ü NEW 6 expert led workshops on everything from change management<br />

to aligning human capital for <strong>performance</strong> breakthroughs!<br />

Introducing The Strategy Execution Ambassador<br />

Jeroen De Flander<br />

New Guru Speaker<br />

Bestselling author of<br />

Strategy Execution Heroes<br />

Plus! The Strategy Execution Barometer - <strong>the</strong> leading resource<br />

worldwide for practical, fact-based Strategy Execution market data<br />

– with data from more than 1400 companies!<br />

Strategic Partner Supporting Sponsor Sponsor Media Partners<br />

Organised By<br />

Tel: 971-4-335 2437 Fax: 971-4-335 2438 Email: register@iirme.com Web: www.iirme.com/bsc

The Famous Kaplan Norton Masterclass<br />

Two Days LIVE and IN PERSON With The Iconic Inventors of Balanced Scorecard<br />

Dr Robert Kaplan And Dr David Norton<br />

One of <strong>the</strong> most valuable speakers on business strategy and leadership today<br />

Few people have contributed as significantly to <strong>the</strong> art, and especially <strong>the</strong> science, of business strategy as Robert Kaplan.<br />

His Balanced Scorecard is <strong>the</strong> premier tool for aligning a company’s current actions with its strategic goals. This <strong>performance</strong> management<br />

system helps business leaders clarify <strong>the</strong>ir corporate vision and align people, business units, and resources with a unified strategy.<br />

In his research and writing, speaking and consulting, Robert develops ways to link cost and <strong>performance</strong> management systems to strategy<br />

implementation and operational excellence.<br />

The BSC approach is also being successfully applied by governments and nonprofits throughout <strong>the</strong> world to improve<br />

transparency, governance, and measurable social outcomes.<br />

Robert Kaplan and coauthor David Norton have written five landmark books on The Balanced Scorecard, describing how it<br />

works and outlining best practices for its implementation. Toge<strong>the</strong>r, <strong>the</strong>se books have transformed <strong>the</strong> business strategy<br />

landscape and made Robert Kaplan one of <strong>the</strong> most valuable speakers in <strong>the</strong> fields of business strategy and leadership.<br />

Robert Kaplan is Baker Foundation Professor at Harvard Business School and a former Dean of <strong>the</strong> Graduate School of<br />

Industrial Administration, Carnegie-Mellon University.<br />

The Books<br />

The Execution Premium describes a systematic and proven framework for achieving <strong>the</strong> financial results promised by<br />

your strategy: How to put it into action, test it and revise it for reliable returns.<br />

The Balanced Scorecard: Translating Strategy into Action-The seminal book on <strong>the</strong> tool that dozens of companies<br />

have embraced for achieving long-term growth. Winner of <strong>the</strong> 2001 Wildman Medal from <strong>the</strong> American Accounting<br />

Association for its impact on practice; in 22 languages.<br />

The Strategy Focused Organisation describes how to make strategy a continuous process owned by everyone<br />

throughout <strong>the</strong> organisation. Best international business book for 2000, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young.<br />

Strategy Maps offers a powerful new visual tool for aligning processes, people and IT with desired outcomes. One of<br />

top 10 business books of 2004 by strategy+business magazine and amazon.com.<br />

Alignment applies <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard to corporate strategy, aligning business units (often poorly-coordinated)<br />

with headquarters’ long-term goals, using an Office of Strategic Management.<br />

07:00 Registration And Coffee<br />

Dr Robert Kaplan,<br />

Professor<br />

Harvard Business<br />

School and<br />

Co-founder of<br />

<strong>the</strong> Balanced<br />

Scorecard USA<br />

Masterclass Day One Sunday, 22 April 2012 Masterclass Day Two Monday, 23 April 2012<br />

08:00 Opening From The Chairman<br />

Mazen Dauleh, Strategy Consultant, State Audit Bureau,<br />

Qatar<br />

08:15 Strategy Execution System: From A To Z<br />

Managing strategy execution should be a permanent part<br />

of an executive’s job. This requires a management system.<br />

Most organisations have pieces of this system, such as<br />

budgeting and goal-setting, but <strong>the</strong> pieces are isolated and<br />

incompatible. Fur<strong>the</strong>r, most organisations do not have a<br />

formal process to translate <strong>the</strong> strategy, test it, and align<br />

<strong>the</strong> organisation. This session provides a CEO’s guide: What<br />

to expect when adopting <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard system<br />

– real world insights into <strong>the</strong> challenges, timeframes,<br />

investment and skills involved in a successful sustainable<br />

implementation. Dr Norton will also describe how mature<br />

BSC organisations sustain <strong>the</strong>ir strategy execution system<br />

by embedding it within <strong>the</strong> organisation’s three to five year<br />

strategy cycle.<br />

Dr David Norton<br />

09:45 Strategy Maps, Strategic Themes And The Balanced<br />

Scorecard<br />

In this session, Dr Kaplan will describe <strong>the</strong> latest innovations<br />

in strategy mapping. The session will illustrate how external<br />

and internal customer metrics need to be selected based<br />

on <strong>the</strong> organisation’s differentiating customer value<br />

proposition. Discover how to choose <strong>the</strong> right strategic<br />

objectives and construct a strategy map around four to<br />

six <strong>the</strong>mes that link human capital and process objectives<br />

to customer and shareholder objectives. While strategy<br />

maps provide an overall view of an organisation’s strategy,<br />

strategic <strong>the</strong>mes segment <strong>the</strong> strategy into general<br />

categories, allowing organisations to focus actions and<br />

provide a structure for accountability. New material will<br />

include how to incorporate triple bottom line reporting and<br />

sustainability objectives into your strategy map. Dr Kaplan<br />

will also demonstrate how to co-create strategy maps with<br />

key stakeholders to create <strong>the</strong> “shared value” described<br />

in Michael Porter’s seminal January 2011 Harvard Business<br />

Review article.<br />

Dr Robert Kaplan<br />

10:45 Networking And Refreshment Break<br />

11:15 Strategy Execution: Best Practice Case<br />

Volkswagen do Brasil (VWB) is <strong>the</strong> second largest<br />

Volkswagen operation in <strong>the</strong> world, with four plants,<br />

22,000 employees, and revenues of more than US$9<br />

billion, enjoying one of <strong>the</strong> highest profitability rates in <strong>the</strong><br />

VW group. It wasn’t always this way. In 2006, following<br />

years of currency devaluation, a sluggish economy, new<br />

sources of competition, and market share loss, VWB<br />

undertook a major restructuring and adopted <strong>the</strong> BSC<br />

to mobilise <strong>the</strong> company. In this interactive session, Dr<br />

Kaplan will demonstrate how VWB grew revenue by 80<br />

percent in four years, doubled employee engagement, and<br />

improved internal processes through <strong>the</strong> organisation’s<br />

implementation of a sustainable strategy management<br />

system.<br />

Dr Robert Kaplan<br />

Dr Kaplan also co-developed Activity-Based Costing, a revolutionary approach to<br />

determining <strong>the</strong> underlying economics of a business, which he describes in his books<br />

Cost & Effect and, more recently, Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing.<br />

Honours<br />

Accounting Hall of Fame<br />

Lifetime Contribution Award, Management Accounting Section of <strong>the</strong> American<br />

Accounting Association, and <strong>the</strong> Institute of Management Accountants<br />

One of top 20 Business Writers/Management Gurus, Financial Times 2005 CEO<br />

Survey<br />

12:30 Lunch And Networking Break<br />

13.45 Setting Meaningful KPIs, Stretch Targets And Selecting And<br />

Funding Strategic Initiatives<br />

The discussion of <strong>the</strong> system continues by showing how to<br />

set targets for strategic <strong>the</strong>mes and objectives, <strong>the</strong> process<br />

to select portfolios of strategic initiatives, and <strong>the</strong> new<br />

funding mechanism of strategic expenditures (StratEx).<br />

Dr Norton will describe his recent research on <strong>the</strong><br />

<strong>performance</strong> breakthroughs that Hall of Fame enterprises<br />

have achieved. These provide guidance for setting<br />

ambitious quantitative and qualitative targets for key<br />

BSC achievement metrics. The role of <strong>the</strong>me owners and<br />

<strong>the</strong>me teams for managing <strong>the</strong> implementation of crossfunctional<br />

and cross-business projects will be introduced.<br />

Dr David Norton<br />

14.30 Aligning The Organisation To The Strategy<br />

Most enterprises consist of multiple business and<br />

functional units. For <strong>the</strong> full execution premium to be<br />

earned, <strong>the</strong> enterprise must achieve both vertical and<br />

horizontal alignment in each unit’s strategic objectives. This<br />

session will review how to achieve organisational synergies<br />

through a cascaded and linked strategy map, and how to<br />

co-create strategy maps with strategic suppliers and<br />

customers for shared value creation.<br />

Dr Robert Kaplan<br />

15.15 Networking And Refreshment Break<br />

15.45 Linking Strategy To Operations<br />

High-level strategic objectives must be driven down into<br />

operational processes. Dr Norton will illustrate how to link<br />

operational process improvements to strategic objectives,<br />

including <strong>the</strong> role for <strong>performance</strong> improvement programs<br />

(TQM, Six Sigma, Lean); and how to design operational<br />

dashboards of KPIs that drive continuous improvement.<br />

Dr David Norton<br />

16.30 Kaplan–Norton Clinic<br />

Open Forum for Q&A<br />

17.30 Close Of Masterclass Day One<br />

07:30 Morning Coffee<br />

08:00 Opening Remarks From The Chairman<br />

Mazen Dauleh, Strategy Consultant, State Audit Bureau, Qatar<br />

08:05 Risk Management: Interactive Case Study<br />

“The Harvard Experience”<br />

Using a real-life case study example from <strong>the</strong> Canadian<br />

utility, Hydro One, Dr Kaplan will lead an interactive session<br />

on establishing and running a comprehensive enterprise<br />

risk management system. The session will emphasise <strong>the</strong><br />

mechanisms for identifying and quantifying <strong>the</strong> principal risks<br />

to an organisation’s strategy, especially how to develop and<br />

transmit risk information from <strong>the</strong> front lines to <strong>the</strong> boardroom,<br />

and how to allocate resources to mitigate <strong>the</strong> most likely and<br />

consequential risks.<br />

Dr Robert Kaplan<br />

09:15 Integrating Risk Management To The Strategy Execution<br />

System<br />

Risk management has become essential for successful and<br />

sustainable strategy execution. Many organisations, however,<br />

despite having a designated risk management officer and even<br />

a risk management department, have suffered massive losses<br />

from <strong>the</strong>ir failure to understand and manage <strong>the</strong> risks inherent<br />

in <strong>the</strong>ir strategies. Dr Kaplan will share insights on how Hall<br />

of Fame organisations, such as Infosys and VW do Brasil use<br />

<strong>the</strong>ir strategy maps to identify <strong>the</strong> key risks in <strong>the</strong> strategy.<br />

From this early identification, <strong>the</strong>y develop Key Risk Indicator<br />

scorecards to give <strong>the</strong>m advance warning of imminent risk<br />

events and also develop portfolios of risk mitigation initiatives<br />

that reduce <strong>the</strong> likelihood and consequences from risk events.<br />

The session will conclude with <strong>the</strong> role for war-gaming and<br />

scenario analysis to envision and mitigate <strong>the</strong> non-controllable<br />

risks that can arise from <strong>the</strong> organisation’s volatile external<br />

environment.<br />

Dr Robert Kaplan<br />

10:15 Networking And Refreshment Break<br />

10:45 Aligning Employees To The Strategy<br />

Ultimately, strategy is executed by employees, not <strong>the</strong> senior<br />

leadership team. But employees cannot help implement a<br />

strategy that <strong>the</strong>y are unaware of, do not understand, or<br />

have little motivation to execute. This session covers <strong>the</strong><br />

important processes needed to communicate strategy,<br />

motivate employees, and align <strong>the</strong> development of employees’<br />

capabilities and competencies to strategic objectives.<br />

Dr David Norton<br />

11:30 Continually Improving The Strategy<br />

Today, strategies are implemented in volatile and highlycompetitive<br />

environments. Strategy is a hypo<strong>the</strong>sis on how<br />

to satisfy shareholder/stakeholder objectives. The strategy<br />

execution system must not only define <strong>the</strong>se hypo<strong>the</strong>ses,<br />

but also continually monitor <strong>the</strong> external and internal<br />

environments so that managers can guide, test, and adapt<br />

<strong>the</strong> strategy to changing conditions. The BSC management<br />

Hearing it from <strong>the</strong> masters<br />

is a unique experience<br />

Rajeev Thomas, Qatar Foundation<br />

David P. Norton is founder and director of several organisations specialising in systems and processes to improve <strong>the</strong> execution of business<br />

strategy. Dr Norton has founded and built a series of professional service firms during <strong>the</strong> course of his career, each focused on leading edge<br />

issues of management, from information technology and knowledge management to <strong>the</strong> discipline of strategy management. A frequent lecturer<br />

and author, David Norton is best known for his work with <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard, which has been <strong>the</strong> subject of many conferences and articles.<br />

He is <strong>the</strong> co-author, with Robert S. Kaplan, of eight Harvard Business Review (HBR) articles and five books: The Balanced Scorecard, The Strategy<br />

Focused Organization, Strategy Maps, Alignment and The Execution Premium. Dr. Norton’s books have sold more than one million copies in 23<br />

different languages.<br />

The Balanced Scorecard concept was selected by <strong>the</strong> editors of <strong>the</strong> Harvard Business Review as “One of <strong>the</strong> most influential<br />

management ideas of <strong>the</strong> past 75 years.” Dr Norton was also voted as one of <strong>the</strong> “World’s 12 Most Influential Management<br />

Thinkers” by Sun Top Media’s Thinkers 50. Drs. Norton and Kaplan were honored with <strong>the</strong> “Champion of Workplace<br />

Learning and Performance Award” by <strong>the</strong> The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD). David P. Norton<br />

is <strong>the</strong> preeminent authority, along with Robert Kaplan, on how to institutionalise strategic thinking using The Balanced<br />

Scorecard (BSC). Dr Norton co-developed this extraordinary tool for defining and executing business strategy. He coauthored<br />

with Kaplan, <strong>the</strong> three essential books on The Balanced Scorecard. David Norton is also <strong>the</strong> co-founder,<br />

president and CEO of <strong>the</strong> consulting firm that helps organisations use <strong>the</strong> BSC successfully. In his presentations,<br />

Dr Norton helps companies make effective strategic thinking and execution an essential part of <strong>the</strong>ir business,<br />

both at <strong>the</strong> top (through <strong>the</strong> equivalent of a Chief Strategy Officer) and throughout <strong>the</strong> organization.<br />

An effective and influential speaker, David P. Norton is one of <strong>the</strong> most significant figures<br />

transforming business today.<br />

More About David Norton<br />

Utilising <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard concept, Dr Norton allows complex organisations to effectively<br />

clarify, manage and implement <strong>the</strong>ir business strategies with a rigor never possible before. Dr Norton’s<br />

first book, The Balanced Scorecard: Translating Strategy Into Action, shows managers how to use this<br />

revolutionary tool to guide <strong>the</strong>ir strategic investments in people, systems and new products for longterm<br />

growth. Dr Kaplan and Dr Norton describe a multistage system that enables organisations to gain<br />

measurable benefits from carefully formulated business strategies. Toge<strong>the</strong>r, <strong>the</strong>se books and <strong>the</strong><br />

presentations based on <strong>the</strong>m, represent some of <strong>the</strong> most valuable breakthroughs in business strategy<br />

in recent times.<br />

Dr David Norton’s research and lectures have tremendous value for any company<br />

seeking to plan and sustain value creation over <strong>the</strong> long term. Dr Norton has<br />

extremely broad and practical experience working with companies of all kinds and<br />

at all levels on <strong>the</strong>ir strategic capabilities. And he has unusual depth in developing<br />

<strong>the</strong> strategic potential of human resources.<br />

David P. Norton earned a BS in electrical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic<br />

Institute, an MS in operations research from <strong>the</strong> Florida Institute of Technology, an<br />

MBA from Florida State University, and his doctorate in business administration<br />

from Harvard Business School.<br />

With NEW material from Dr Kaplan and Dr Norton on Co-Creation, Shared Value and Scenario Testing for Risk Management!<br />

This was <strong>the</strong> best Forum<br />

I and my executive team<br />

ever attended; <strong>the</strong> best time<br />

invested for our company’s<br />

future<br />

Zeyad Al Moosa, Managing Director,<br />

Gulf Drug Establishment, UAE<br />

Mazen Dauleh,<br />

Strategy Consultant,<br />

State Audit Bureau, Qatar<br />

Dr David Norton<br />

Director<br />

Palladium Group<br />

and Co-founder<br />

of <strong>the</strong> Balanced<br />

Scorecard USA<br />

system achieves this objective at several levels including<br />

conducting operational and strategy review meetings as<br />

well as meetings that test and adapt <strong>the</strong> strategy, leading<br />

to new objectives and BSC metrics that keep <strong>the</strong> strategy<br />

relevant to changing market and business conditions. Dr<br />

Kaplan will demonstrate <strong>the</strong> role for business analytics to<br />

inform <strong>the</strong> design of operational KPI dashboards. He will<br />

also summarise his current collaboration with Professor<br />

Michael Porter on <strong>the</strong> tremendous opportunities to improve<br />

<strong>the</strong> value and cost of health care delivery through accurate<br />

measurement of outcomes and costs.<br />

Dr Robert Kaplan<br />

12:30 Lunch and Networking Break<br />

13:45 BSC Implementation: Leading Change And The Role For The<br />

CEO<br />

Strategy requires that companies break away from<br />

doing business-as-usual so <strong>the</strong>y can adopt a new way<br />

of competing and doing business. Yet most change<br />

management programme fail. In this session, Dr Kaplan<br />

will highlight <strong>the</strong> vitally important role for <strong>the</strong> CEO to lead<br />

and manage <strong>the</strong> change process. He will start with <strong>the</strong><br />

key role – embedded in leadership gurus John Kotter<br />

and Michael Beer’s pioneering work – to unfreeze <strong>the</strong><br />

organisation so that executives and employees alike accept<br />

<strong>the</strong> urgent need for change. He will continue by showing how<br />

Kotter’s Leading Change programme can be leveraged and<br />

accelerated by integrating with <strong>the</strong> Kaplan-Norton strategy<br />

execution system. The session will include examples from<br />

<strong>the</strong> successful CEOs of enterprises in <strong>the</strong> Palladium Balanced<br />

Scorecard Hall of Fame for Strategy Execution®.<br />

Dr Robert Kaplan<br />

14:45 Networking And Refreshment Break<br />

15:15 BSC Implementation And The Office Of Strategy<br />

Management<br />

The new BSC strategy management system does not<br />

manage itself. This session will discuss how a new<br />

competency and a new organisation, <strong>the</strong> Office of Strategy<br />

Management, has emerged to play this role. Dr Norton will<br />

explain <strong>the</strong> multi-year agenda for <strong>the</strong> OSM as it migrates<br />

<strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard from an initial feasibility project<br />

into a sustainable strategy execution system that delivers<br />

transformational improvements in <strong>performance</strong>. The stages<br />

include:<br />

1. Unfreeze <strong>the</strong> organisation (continuing <strong>the</strong> discussion<br />

in Dr Kaplan’s previous session)<br />

2. Focus and align <strong>the</strong> organisation to strategic priorities, and<br />

3. Sustain <strong>the</strong> new culture of strategy execution and<br />

accountability for delivering <strong>performance</strong>.<br />

Dr David Norton<br />

16.00 Kaplan–Norton Clinic<br />

Open Forum for Q&A<br />

17.00 Close Of Masterclass<br />

Meet The Masterclass Chairman<br />

Mazen’s experience comes from hands-on implementation projects as <strong>the</strong> top Strategy Executive responsible to large<br />

company CEOs and boards to create strategic planning management systems using Balanced Scorecard (including Qatar<br />

Steel and Qtel). Beyond specialised strategy management experience in <strong>the</strong> last decade, Mazen’s management experience<br />

spans 25 years with world class companies including Schlumberger and Qatar Petroleum. He has also supervised and<br />

managed Strategic HR initiatives, including structure reorganisation, <strong>performance</strong> management and job evaluation.<br />

Mazen’s MBA dissertation topic was on Change Management and fur<strong>the</strong>r academic credentials include <strong>the</strong> highest<br />

available certifications from Drs Kaplan and Norton in Balanced Scorecard and (OSM) Office of Strategy Management. He is<br />

also founder and CEO of Vision Strategy Management Consulting.<br />

Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Email: register@iirme.com Fax: +971 4 335 2438 www.iirme.com/bsc

<strong>BALANCED</strong> <strong>SCORECARD</strong> <strong>FORUM</strong><br />

21 - 26 April 2012 • The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina, UAE <strong>DUBAI</strong><br />

NEW And Refreshed Agenda For 2012!<br />

Bringing You All Of The Latest Developments In Strategy Management And Execution<br />

ü Essential updates on <strong>the</strong> latest strategy management concepts, including new industry buzzwords<br />

“shared value” and “co-creation”<br />

ü Vital insights into what makes <strong>the</strong> Hall of Fame companies stand out – from Dr Norton – and why<br />

companies fail - from brand new guru, Jeroen de Flander<br />

ü Practical “how to” on risk management from Dr Kaplan, Abu Dhabi Ports Company and Dimension<br />

Data Asia Pacific<br />

ü Strategy execution benchmarking data from more than 1400 companies<br />

ü The full story: multiple perspectives on <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard at every stage of its lifecycle<br />

ü Successful Balanced Scorecard implementation in project focused organisations<br />

ü And much more…<br />

07. 30 Registration And Coffee<br />

08.00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks<br />

Business Leaders Panel<br />

08.15 New Pillars Of Competitiveness – Leveraging Performance Culture,<br />

Governance And Risk Management Practices To Succeed In Today’s<br />

Middle East Business Landscape<br />

How will <strong>the</strong> region’s economy develop in <strong>the</strong> next five years and<br />

what will be <strong>the</strong> keys to success?<br />

To what extent is governance an important part of corporate board<br />

agendas in <strong>the</strong> Arab World?<br />

How are left field macroeconomic events impacting business in <strong>the</strong><br />

Middle East?<br />

How important are risk management practices in achieving success<br />

in today’s business landscape?<br />

What are <strong>the</strong> <strong>performance</strong> levers businesses need to leverage to be<br />

competitive in an ever changing world?<br />

09.00 The Office Of Strategy Management (OSM) As A Driver Of Sustainable Business<br />

Success<br />

Defining <strong>the</strong> scope and responsibilities for <strong>the</strong> OSM to ensure real alignment of<br />

management processes to <strong>the</strong> strategy<br />

Populating <strong>the</strong> OSM with capable managers who will make things happen<br />

In it for <strong>the</strong> long haul: moving past <strong>the</strong> initial project to embed a sustainable<br />

organisational framework to support <strong>the</strong> new <strong>performance</strong> management<br />

system<br />

Alan Guest, CEO, YK Almoayyed & Sons, Bahrain<br />

09.45 Networking And Refreshment Break<br />

10.15 Risk Management: When Competing Strategic Objectives Collide To Create A<br />

“Black Swan” Risk<br />

The ADPC Enterprise Risk Management Framework: Aligning risk management<br />

activities down to <strong>the</strong> project level<br />

Back from <strong>the</strong> brink: Managing a “black swan risk event” on a regional megaproject<br />

Risk action: Engaging multiple internal and external stakeholders for successful<br />

risk mitigation<br />

Risk velocity: Understanding its impact on risk appetite and response<br />

Future-world scenario planning: less about prediction, more about organisation<br />

flexibility and resilience<br />

Domenic Antonucci, Chief Risk Officer,<br />

ADPC (Abu Dhabi Ports Company), UAE<br />

Must Attend<br />

Forum Day One Tuesday, 24 April 2012<br />

11.00 Successful Balanced Scorecard Implementation In A Project Focused Organisation<br />

Real results: applying <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard to deliver new infrastructure and<br />

public services in support of Bahrain Vision 2030<br />

Linking core business and management initiatives with operational projects<br />

Integrating <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard with <strong>the</strong> Ministry’s Project Management<br />

Framework<br />

Raja Al Zayani, Chief Of Strategic Planning, Ministry Of Works, Bahrain<br />

Feature Speakers Spotlight<br />

Amir Al Janahi<br />

Corporate Controller<br />

Dubal<br />

UAE<br />

Edy Abou Chakra<br />

Partner<br />

ADDIMA Consulting<br />

UK, KSA & Lebanon<br />

Amir Al Janahi is a member of Dubai Aluminium (DUBAL)’s<br />

Executive Management team working as Corporate Controller.<br />

He is responsible for <strong>the</strong> effective execution of DUBAL’s strategy<br />

and operational objectives using <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard, which<br />

was adopted by DUBAL in 2005. Amir also has responsibility for<br />

management reporting, budgeting, forecasting, preparation of<br />

financial statements, internal control and management of <strong>the</strong><br />

finance department and <strong>the</strong> accounts payable process. He has<br />

been with DUBAL since 1988, and formerly held a financial control<br />

role at <strong>the</strong> Commercial Bank of Dubai. He is a fellow member of<br />

CIMA.<br />

Michel Ayat<br />

CEO<br />

AW Rostamani<br />

UAE<br />

Michel Ayat is a seasoned automobile industry<br />

professional with over 25 years of experience in leading<br />

a portfolio of automotive brands. Ayat has spearheaded<br />

<strong>the</strong> operations of Arabian Automobiles Co. (AAC), which<br />

is <strong>the</strong> flagship of <strong>the</strong> AW Rostamani Group and <strong>the</strong><br />

National Sales Company (NSC) for <strong>the</strong> Nissan, Infiniti<br />

and Renault brands in Dubai and <strong>the</strong> Nor<strong>the</strong>rn Emirates.<br />

Ayat has been responsible for delivering consistent<br />

year-on-year growth and ensuring market leadership<br />

in key vehicle segments. His medium term goal is to turn<br />

<strong>the</strong> automotive operations of AW Rostamani Group into<br />

a US$2 billion company by 2015.<br />

11.45 Qatar Government: Driving The Implementation Of The Balanced Scorecard From<br />

An Unexpected Source - Finance<br />

The case for change and resistance to migrating from a government culture to a<br />

<strong>performance</strong>-driven one based on KPIs<br />

Implanting <strong>the</strong> OSM (Office of Strategy Management) into <strong>the</strong> Finance Function<br />

- where you would least expect it<br />

How this BSC implementation will enable <strong>the</strong> State Audit Bureau to audit<br />

<strong>the</strong> more than120 government ministries and entities for strategy execution<br />

capability in Qatar - ano<strong>the</strong>r term for sound governance<br />

Mazen Dauleh, Strategy Consultant, State Audit Bureau, Qatar<br />

12.30 ADDIMA Consulting Case Study<br />

13.15 Lunch And Networking Break<br />

The BSC Journey And Practitioner Perspectives Along The Way<br />

14.15 BSC: The Right Start - Building Engagement, Accountability And A True<br />

Performance Culture With The Balanced Scorecard<br />

Developing strategic direction and establishing a strategic change agenda that<br />

reflects <strong>the</strong> key strategic priorities<br />

Getting started with a robust strategy map and scorecard which are a true<br />

reflection of <strong>the</strong> corporate strategy<br />

Building and sustaining senior level understanding and commitment to a new<br />

approach and a new corporate scorecard<br />

Keeping up <strong>the</strong> momentum with <strong>the</strong> BSC implementation: Managing <strong>the</strong> BSC<br />

programme to ensure success<br />

Mahmoud Al Sayyed, Vice President Strategy Management,<br />

Zamil Group Holding Company, KSA<br />

15.00 BSC: The Middle Years - Linking The Organisational Vision To The Individual By<br />

Creating A Strategic Line Of Sight<br />

Achieving alignment to a strategic vision across borders and functions<br />

Translating strategic vision into tangible behaviors to maximise synergy and<br />

clarify <strong>performance</strong> expectations<br />

Linking business activities and <strong>performance</strong> indicators to people processes and<br />

individual appraisal systems<br />

Domenic Antonucci<br />

Chief Risk Officer<br />

ADPC (Abu Dhabi Ports Company)<br />

UAE<br />

Domenic is responsible for programme risk and Enterprise-wide<br />

Risk Management (ERM) for Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC)<br />

an infrastructure developer. The Khalifa Port and Industrial<br />

Zone is a mega-size project constructing one of <strong>the</strong> world’s<br />

largest vertically integrated industrial and transportation hubs.<br />

Domenic has 30 years experience in corporate strategic planning,<br />

operations and business risk management consulting in <strong>the</strong> UAE,<br />

Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific with firms such as Shell.<br />

Prior to joining ADPC, Domenic was a strategic risk consultant to<br />

MENA regional clients with <strong>the</strong> world’s largest risk consulting firm<br />

Marsh, having relocated from chief risk officer roles implementing<br />

AS4360 risk standards with Australian organisations.<br />

Agenda At A Glance<br />

Edy Abou Chakra heads <strong>the</strong> management and strategy consulting practice at ADDIMA<br />

Consulting. He brings with him over 15 years of experience in <strong>the</strong> management, strategy,<br />

information systems and financial fields. As a strategic planner and management<br />

consultant, he has helped many organisations develop successful strategies and execute<br />

<strong>the</strong>m through <strong>the</strong> balanced scorecard and o<strong>the</strong>r <strong>performance</strong> planning and management<br />

systems. Mr. Abou Chakra is a certified Master Balanced Scorecard Professional from<br />

George Washington University and <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard Institute (MBSP), Information<br />

Systems Auditor (CISA-ISACA) and Certified E-business Consultant (CEC-ICECC).<br />

Balanced Scorecard Forum 2012<br />

21 April 22 April 23 April 24 April 25 April 26 April<br />

Pre-Forum Workshops A, B, C<br />

Kaplan Norton Masterclass<br />

Including Executive Lunch ü ü<br />

Balanced Scorecard Forum ü ü<br />

Post-Forum Workshops D, E, F<br />

Alan Guest<br />

CEO<br />

YK Almoayyed & Sons<br />

Bahrain<br />

Alan’s early career saw him overseeing <strong>the</strong> CKD<br />

assembly of both Land Rover and Range Rover in<br />

assembly plants throughout Africa, <strong>the</strong> Far East and<br />

o<strong>the</strong>r developing markets. In 1980 he became Export<br />

Sales Director for Land Rover and <strong>the</strong> Overseas Strategy<br />

Director for Rover International before moving in <strong>the</strong><br />

early 90’s into General Management in <strong>the</strong> Middle<br />

East. He worked in Dubai, Qatar and Egypt in senior<br />

management positions before joining YK Almoayyed in<br />

2005 as Chief Executive. YK Al Moayyed is a diversified<br />

business group with business in <strong>the</strong> automobile, building<br />

materials, electronics, industrial and building systems<br />

and furniture and interior design sectors.<br />

Raja Al Zayani<br />

Chief Of Strategic Planning<br />

Ministry Of Works<br />

Bahrain<br />

Communicating strategy, reducing altitude and maintaining focus to maximise<br />

synergy<br />

Ruben Decoud, Manager International Human Resources, Mary Kay, USA<br />

15.45 Networking And Refreshment Break<br />

16.15 BSC: Mature Implementation – Maintaining Momentum And A Clear Strategic<br />

Direction In An Ever Changing World<br />

Sustaining strategic focus<br />

Driving organisational change<br />

Delivering <strong>performance</strong><br />

Lessons for implementation<br />

V. Ganapathy Subramanian, Head – Strategic Planning, Infosys Ltd, India<br />

Hall of Fame Award Winner 2007<br />

17.00 Balanced Scorecard Practitioner – Expert Panel<br />

A great opportunity to ask those questions you really want to ask expert<br />

practitioners about every step of <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard journey.<br />

Mahmoud Al Sayyed, Vice President Strategy Management,<br />

Zamil Group Holding Company, KSA<br />

Ruben Decoud, Manager International Human Resources, Mary Kay, USA<br />

V. Ganapathy Subramanian, Head – Strategic Planning, Infosys Ltd, India<br />

17.45 End Of Forum Day One<br />

Raja has established <strong>the</strong> strategic planning section at <strong>the</strong> Ministry<br />

of Works, which has acted as <strong>the</strong> region’s first Office of Strategy<br />

Management. In three years from its establishment, <strong>the</strong> strategic<br />

planning section has supported Ministry of Works in winning<br />

<strong>the</strong> Hall of Fame Award, which is <strong>the</strong> world renowned award<br />

for excellence in strategy management. Raja has been a key<br />

member in supporting Ministry of Works to found, plan, execute,<br />

and manage <strong>the</strong> strategy. She has been recognised by Palladium<br />

Group for Strategy Execution as <strong>the</strong> world’s first Certified<br />

Practitioner during <strong>the</strong> Palladium Summit at London during June<br />

2011.<br />

Wonderful Masterclass which can<br />

change an organisation’s fate<br />

Prakash Loganath, Reliance Industries<br />

Best Practice Contributions And Insights From:<br />

Dubal YK Almoayyed and Sons Abu Dhabi Ports Company Bahrain Ministry of<br />

Works AW Rostamani Abdulla Al Masaood and Sons Qatar Government Zamil<br />

Group Holding Company Mary Kay Infosys Dimension Data Asia Pacific Abu<br />

Dhabi Sewerage Services Company Qatar Steel Abu Dhabi Education Council<br />


2 FEBRUARY 2012<br />

AND SAVE UPTO US$2,920<br />


Constantin Salameh<br />

CEO<br />

Abdulla Al Masaood & Sons<br />

UAE<br />

Constantin Salameh is CEO of Abdulla Al Masaood &<br />

Sons, a diversified Abu-Dhabi-based private group<br />

with operating companies in <strong>the</strong> automotive and motor<br />

sports, hospitality and leisure, industrial, services and<br />

construction sectors. He has 25 years of senior crossfunctional<br />

management experience with multinational<br />

companies in <strong>the</strong> technology, private equity, retail and<br />

financial services sectors. He was <strong>the</strong> MD of Safinvest<br />

SA, a multi-billion dollar private investment group, and<br />

<strong>the</strong> senior VP and CFO of Compass Holding, a family<br />

business with operations in fifty countries. Constantin<br />

previously held senior executive positions with Hewlett<br />

Packard.<br />

A great opportunity to meet <strong>the</strong><br />

Balanced Scorecard gurus<br />

Dexter Calivara, Qatar Fuel - WOQOD<br />

Mahmoud Al Sayyed<br />

Vice President Strategy<br />

Management<br />

Zamil Group Holding Company<br />

KSA<br />

Mahmoud has an MBA, Certified Management Consultant (CMC),<br />

Kaplan-Norton Palladium Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Certified<br />

Graduate and Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)<br />

with 16 years of experience in management and consulting<br />

in <strong>the</strong> fields of strategy management, corporate governance,<br />

organisational development and business valuation. Mahmoud<br />

has been in his current role since September 2008. He is<br />

responsible for initiating and implementing <strong>the</strong> Group strategy<br />

management system using <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard framework<br />

as well as governance and organisation alignment practices.<br />

Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Email: register@iirme.com Fax: +971 4 335 2438 www.iirme.com/bsc

New Guru Speaker<br />

Book signing with<br />

Jeroen de Flander<br />

on Wednesday, 25 April 2012, 10.00-10.30<br />

Jeroen De Flander<br />

A very insightful report that reflects everyday realities<br />

at <strong>the</strong> ground level. It also makes you realise that<br />

you are not alone in facing <strong>the</strong> problems of implementing<br />

your company strategy. I have been able to use this<br />

report as a benchmark to improve my organisation’s<br />

<strong>performance</strong> management process<br />

Dr Mohammed Ilyas, Manager Economics and Business Support, SABIC, KSA<br />

12.00 Implementing Balanced Scorecard To Achieve Best In Class<br />

Business Performance In Adverse Market Conditions<br />

Setting <strong>the</strong> tone at <strong>the</strong> top: <strong>the</strong> instrumental role of leadership in<br />

strategy execution success<br />

Delivering a communication and awareness campaign that<br />

brings strategy to life every day<br />

“Strategy is everywhere”: Creating a strategic line of sight from<br />

head office to <strong>the</strong> plant<br />

Embedding a true <strong>performance</strong> culture: from strategy definition<br />

to budgeting and operations<br />

Amir Al Janahi, Corporate Controller, Dubal, UAE<br />

Hall of Fame Award Winner 2011<br />

Amir Al Janahi is a member of Dubai Aluminium (DUBAL)’s<br />

Executive Management team working as Corporate Controller.<br />

He is responsible for <strong>the</strong> effective execution of DUBAL’s strategy<br />

and operational objectives using <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard, which<br />

was adopted by DUBAL in 2005. Amir also has responsibility for<br />

management reporting, budgeting, forecasting, preparation of<br />

financial statements, internal control and management of <strong>the</strong><br />

finance department and <strong>the</strong> accounts payable process. He has been<br />

with DUBAL since 1988, and formerly held a financial control role at<br />

<strong>the</strong> Commercial Bank of Dubai. He is a fellow member of CIMA.<br />

12.45 Lunch And Networking Break<br />

13.45 Driving Strategic Alignment And Managing Risk In The New World<br />

Order: Keeping Your Business On Track In An Ever Changing<br />

Business World<br />

Boosting business results with <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard<br />

‘New Normal’ in <strong>the</strong> technology industry: Adapting <strong>the</strong> strategy<br />

to succeed in a world of cloud computing and shifting vendor<br />

strategies<br />

Leveraging <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard to drive alignment around<br />

<strong>the</strong> new strategy<br />

Bill Padfield, CEO, Dimension Data Asia Pacific, Singapore<br />

14.30 Organisational Excellence At Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services<br />

Company: An Integrated Approach<br />

Getting started with <strong>the</strong> Abu Dhabi Executive Council’s Strategic<br />

Planning and Performance Management framework<br />

Developing an organisational excellence roadmap focusing<br />

on process improvement, risk mitigation, benchmarking and<br />

compliance with international standards<br />

Introducing <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard at ADSSC and integrating it<br />

into <strong>the</strong> organisational excellence roadmap<br />

Leveraging technology to fully integrate multiple excellence<br />

initiatives for effective <strong>performance</strong> management<br />

Zillay Ahmed, Organisational Excellence and Quality Advisor,<br />

Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company, UAE<br />

15.15 Networking And Refreshment Break<br />

15.45 The Internal Processes Perspective: Driving Operational Excellence<br />

Through The Balanced Scorecard<br />

Identifying and understanding your competitive advantage as a<br />

driver of breakthrough <strong>performance</strong><br />

Identifying opportunities for productivity gains by designing<br />

productivity initiatives<br />

Prioritising and monitoring productivity initiatives to embed<br />

process change for sustainable results<br />

Benchmarking results against industry peers to drive<br />

continuous <strong>performance</strong> improvement<br />

Yousef Ahmed Al-Muhannadi, Rolling Mill Manager,<br />

Qatar Steel, Qatar<br />

16.30 Staying On Track: Developing Corporate Performance That Fairly<br />

Reflects The Organisation Strategy And Objectives<br />

ADEC programmes and <strong>performance</strong> management<br />

Defining an optimum balance of quantitative vs qualitative<br />

measures across <strong>the</strong> three perspectives (not for profit)<br />

Keeping <strong>the</strong> strategic objectives in sight: defining <strong>the</strong> right<br />

metrics to influence behaviours in a way which drives improved<br />

<strong>performance</strong><br />

Challenges and limitations to <strong>performance</strong> management<br />

Tarek El Mourad, Head Of Programms And Performance<br />

Management, Abu Dhabi Education Council, UAE<br />

17.15 Closing Remarks From The Chairman<br />

17.30 End Of Forum<br />

This report offers a true benchmark for us with<br />

regards to o<strong>the</strong>r large international companies.<br />

It allows us to compare ourselves to both <strong>the</strong><br />

average and <strong>the</strong> best-in-class so we know<br />

exactly where we stand and how we should act<br />

accordingly<br />

Bart Ponsioen, Senior Associate, ING, Germany<br />

Forum Day Two Wednesday, 25 April 2012<br />

07. 45 Morning Coffee<br />

08.15 Chairman’s Opening Remarks<br />

José María Ortiz, Vice-President, Palladium, EMEA<br />

Jose Maria oversees EMEA operations. Since joining<br />

Palladium ten years ago, Jose Maria has developed a<br />

strong professional career, first appointed as <strong>the</strong> COO<br />

of Iberia Spain, later becoming <strong>the</strong> Managing Director,<br />

and more recently <strong>the</strong> COO for <strong>the</strong> EMEA region. He previously<br />

worked for PwC, collaborating with companies such as Endesa,<br />

Iberdrola, Barcelona City Council, <strong>the</strong> Spanish government and <strong>the</strong><br />

Portuguese government to develop strategy management systems.<br />

The focus of his work has been on <strong>the</strong> development and definition of<br />

corporate <strong>performance</strong> tools in large, complex organisations.<br />

Guru Morning<br />

Become A Strategy Execution Hero by Jeroen de Flander<br />

08.30 The Strategy Execution Barometer: Why Do Companies Fail To<br />

Execute Their Strategy Successfully……<br />

V. Ganapathy Subramanian<br />

Head – Strategic Planning<br />

Infosys<br />

India<br />

Ganapathy heads Strategic Planning and Performance<br />

Management at Infosys. In this role, he is responsible for long and<br />

medium term planning for <strong>the</strong> company, corporate development<br />

and driving alignment through <strong>the</strong> corporate <strong>performance</strong><br />

management processes across Infosys. He has over 13 years<br />

of experience in <strong>the</strong> areas of strategy, planning and finance, in<br />

industries spanning banking, insurance, management consulting<br />

and IT Services. Before joining Infosys in 2005, his experience<br />

has been in areas of planning and assurance, having set up and<br />

headed business planning and financial planning functions in two<br />

private sector general insurance companies. Prior to his stint in<br />

insurance, he also has consulted for Indian companies, primarily in<br />

<strong>the</strong> areas of strategy and finance.<br />

Jeroen De Flander is a seasoned international strategy execution expert, top executive coach, seminar leader and highly regarded keynote<br />

speaker.<br />

Jeroen has helped more than 17,500 managers in 22 countries master <strong>the</strong> necessary execution skills, including <strong>the</strong> USA, Brazil, Venezuela,<br />

Jordan, Malaysia, Spain, Italy, Russia, Estonia, <strong>the</strong> Ne<strong>the</strong>rlands, France, <strong>the</strong> UK, Germany, Egypt, China, Croatia, Korea and Belgium. He has<br />

shared <strong>the</strong> stage with strategy gurus like Michael Porter and Costas Markides.<br />

His book, Strategy Execution Heroes, reached <strong>the</strong> Amazon bestseller list in five countries. Jeroen is co-founder of <strong>the</strong> <strong>performance</strong> <strong>factory</strong><br />

– a leading research, training and advisory firm which is solely focused on helping individuals and organisations increase <strong>performance</strong><br />

through best-in-class strategy execution.<br />

For several years, he had global responsibility for <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard product line for Arthur D. Little – a leading strategy consulting<br />

firm. The 50+ companies he has advised on various strategy and strategy execution topics include Atos Worldline, AXA, Base, Bridgestone,<br />

CEMEX, GDFSuez, Honda, ING, Johnson & Johnson, Komatsu, Sony and <strong>the</strong> Flemish and Belgian governments.<br />

Insights From The Largest Strategy Execution Benchmark In The<br />

World<br />

Learn how your organisation’s strategy execution <strong>performance</strong><br />

and capability compares to your peers in <strong>the</strong> region and around<br />

<strong>the</strong> world! Find out just how <strong>the</strong> world’s top companies are faring<br />

in executing <strong>the</strong>ir strategy with reference to <strong>the</strong> world’s leading<br />

strategy execution benchmarking data covering over 20,000<br />

managers, 1400+ companies, 36 countries and 29 industry sectors.<br />

Jeroen De Flander, Managing Director, The Performance Factory,<br />

Belgium<br />

10.00 Networking And Refreshment Break<br />

Book Signing with Jeroen de Flander<br />

10.30 …..And What You Can Do To Lock In Strategy Execution Success By<br />

Avoiding The Same Mistakes!<br />

Essential New Tools And Techniques That Will Make Strategy<br />

Happen For Your Organisation<br />

In this session, leaders learn about <strong>the</strong> strategy execution secrets<br />

from <strong>the</strong> best-in-class. You will discover new insights and receive<br />

practical tips to boost strategy execution in your own company:<br />

How to link organisational and individual <strong>performance</strong> with “The<br />

8”, a powerful strategy execution framework<br />

Strategy communication: how to get <strong>the</strong> strategy into <strong>the</strong> head,<br />

heart and hands of your people<br />

Four Balanced Scorecard insights for <strong>the</strong> advanced practitioner<br />

Strategy execution Zen: <strong>the</strong> art of a simple strategy execution<br />

process<br />

Jeroen De Flander, Managing Director, The Performance Factory,<br />

Belgium<br />

What people say about The Strategy Execution Barometer:<br />

Bill Padfield<br />

CEO<br />

Dimension Data Asia Pacific<br />

Singapore<br />

Bill (AMP, INSEAD, France) was appointed Chief Executive Officer<br />

of Dimension Data Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (formerly known as<br />

Datacraft Asia Pte Ltd) in August 2003. Bill joined Dimension Data<br />

as Chief Operating Officer in November 2001 and was appointed<br />

as an Executive board member in October 2002. As <strong>the</strong> CEO, Bill<br />

manages and oversees all aspects of <strong>the</strong> Dimension Data Asia<br />

Pacific Group’s operations, and drives <strong>the</strong> Group’s transition into<br />

a world-class IT services company. Bill has 34 years of IT and<br />

telecom industry experience in Europe, North America, <strong>the</strong> Middle<br />

East and Asia Pacific.<br />

Ruben Decoud<br />

Manager International Human<br />

Resources<br />

Mary Kay<br />

USA<br />

For <strong>the</strong> last 20 years Ruben Decoud has been involved in strategic<br />

planning and management of Human Resources in Lloyds TSB<br />

Bank Plc and KPMG Consulting in Paraguay, Brazil, UK and<br />

USA. At his current company, Mary Kay Inc., based in Dallas –<br />

TX, he is involved in Global Human Resources Strategy which<br />

includes strategic design and deployment of Human Resources<br />

programmes and systems to employees across four regions and<br />

33 countries. Ruben has concentrated his efforts and energy<br />

on creating clarity and alignment within <strong>the</strong> business. He now<br />

has responsibility for <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard for <strong>the</strong> Human<br />

Resources function.<br />

Be among <strong>the</strong> first to hear Jeroen speak in <strong>the</strong> UAE<br />

on Wednesday, 25 April 2012, 08.30 – 12.00!<br />

Drawing on The Strategy Execution Barometer, <strong>the</strong><br />

leading resource worldwide for practical, fact-based<br />

Strategy Execution market data, Jeroen de Flander will<br />

answer that all-important question: Why do companies<br />

fail in executing <strong>the</strong>ir strategy? With reference to data from<br />

over 1400 companies, 20,000 managers, 36 countries<br />

and 29 sectors, Jeroen will show you how your company<br />

measures up against o<strong>the</strong>rs in terms of strategy execution<br />

capability, explain why companies fail to execute <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

strategy correctly and provide you with <strong>the</strong> tools and<br />

techniques to avoid making <strong>the</strong> same mistakes!<br />

Tarek El Mourad<br />

Head Of Programmes And<br />

Performance Management<br />

Abu Dhabi Education Council<br />

UAE<br />

Tarek is heading <strong>the</strong> programmes and <strong>performance</strong> management<br />

division at Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) since April 2007.<br />

Tarek has worked more than 14 years in strategic planning,<br />

effectiveness and <strong>performance</strong> management. Prior to joining<br />

ADEC, Tarek established and managed <strong>the</strong> office of Institutional<br />

Research and Planning at Abu Dhabi University and <strong>the</strong> office<br />

of Institutional Research at <strong>the</strong> American University of Sharjah.<br />

During his career, Tarek has directed <strong>performance</strong> management,<br />

institutional effectiveness, business advisory, quality control and<br />

information management units. He has also served as <strong>the</strong> Human<br />

Capital coordinator for Abu Dhabi government.<br />

Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Email: register@iirme.com Fax: +971 4 335 2438 www.iirme.com/bsc

Expert Led Workshops<br />

Workshop timings: Registration for <strong>the</strong> workshops will commence at 08.00 on <strong>the</strong> day of <strong>the</strong> workshop.<br />

Workshops will begin promptly at 08.30 with refreshments being served at appropriate times. The workshops will conclude at 14.30 at which time lunch will be served.<br />

The 8 – A Unique Strategy Execution Framework<br />

Take <strong>the</strong> complexity out of implementing Balanced Scorecard<br />

with this simple, practical, straightforward methodology!<br />

Workshop Overview<br />

In this workshop, you learn what it takes to turn strategy execution<br />

into a competitive advantage for <strong>the</strong>ir organisation. The session will<br />

zoom into two crucial execution levers, often overlooked: how to link<br />

all execution efforts into one, simple framework and <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r side<br />

of innovation: turning great ideas into practice.<br />

Benefits Of Attending<br />

Learn how strategy execution can become your next<br />

competitive advantage<br />

Deep dive into <strong>the</strong> ‘8’, a unique, simple strategy execution<br />

framework<br />

Learn how to turn your company into an innovation<br />

execution <strong>factory</strong><br />

Find out what strategy execution role is expected from <strong>the</strong><br />

2020 leader<br />

Key Topics<br />

The crucial building blocks of <strong>the</strong> ‘8’<br />

Guidelines to simplify <strong>the</strong> strategy execution process in your<br />

organisation<br />

The o<strong>the</strong>r side of innovation – <strong>the</strong> innovation execution<br />

challenge<br />

The Balanced Scorecard In A Project Focused<br />

Organisation<br />

Apply <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard on your next project and watch your<br />

project delivery <strong>performance</strong> soar!<br />

Workshop Overview<br />

All organisations combine, in varying degrees, processes and<br />

projects. The classic Balanced Scorecard methodology aligns <strong>the</strong><br />

<strong>the</strong>mes of strategic objectives, measures, targets and initiatives<br />

(strategic projects).<br />

That said, most textbook applications of <strong>the</strong> BSC are focused on<br />

organisations that are principally “process” in focus, albeit with<br />

some project involvement. However, this workshop specifically<br />

addresses <strong>the</strong> issues of applying <strong>the</strong> BSC to an organisation that is<br />

principally project-focused.<br />

The final session of <strong>the</strong> day involves a group exercise in which each<br />

group will be required to develop and present <strong>the</strong>ir solution to a<br />

given case study situation.<br />

Attendee numbers will be strictly limited to facilitate a workshop<br />

ra<strong>the</strong>r than lecture format.<br />

Benefits Of Attending<br />

Understand how to align <strong>the</strong> strategic disciplines of <strong>the</strong><br />

Balanced Scorecard with that of project management<br />

Explore – generically – <strong>the</strong> development of a projectfocused<br />

BSC: from overall corporate goals to measures and<br />

targets<br />

Learn how <strong>the</strong> traditional role of <strong>the</strong> Project Management<br />

Office (PMO) can be aligned with Office of Strategy<br />

Management (OSM).<br />

Workshop Agenda<br />

Session 1<br />

Introduction and overview of <strong>the</strong> business differences<br />

between a process and project focused business<br />

Projects v programmes v portfolios – and <strong>the</strong> management<br />

differences<br />

BSC strategic initiatives ( projects )<br />

- Effective planning of appropriate initiatives<br />

- Project planning and evaluation<br />

- Initiative / project prioritisation<br />

- Aligning project output with business outcome<br />

Session 2<br />

Applying <strong>the</strong> BSC concept and methodology to a projectfocused<br />

business<br />

A Practical Guide To Performance Benchmarking<br />

Find out how your company’s <strong>performance</strong> compares to your<br />

regional and international peers and use <strong>the</strong> knowledge to<br />

drive your own <strong>performance</strong> breakthroughs!<br />

Workshop Overview<br />

Benchmarking in <strong>the</strong> Middle East can be challenging but can be<br />

valuable means of understanding how your company’s <strong>performance</strong><br />

compares to o<strong>the</strong>rs in your peer group and where you should target<br />

your <strong>performance</strong> improvement efforts. Whe<strong>the</strong>r it is sameindustry<br />

or multi-business or process-based or metric-based or<br />

1-2-1, all approaches can be complex and time-consuming and<br />

organisations should be willing to implement changes in order<br />

to realise <strong>the</strong> full benefits. This workshop will present real world<br />

benchmarking case studies to delegates to demonstrate how to<br />

initiate and deliver <strong>performance</strong> benchmarking projects in line with<br />

multiple approaches. This session will provide invaluable practical<br />

tools and insights to allow you to implement a benchmarking<br />

initiative in your organisation.<br />

Key Topics<br />

Understanding <strong>the</strong> business benefits of <strong>performance</strong><br />

benchmarking<br />

Evaluating <strong>performance</strong> benchmarking approaches and<br />

deciding which is best for your organisation<br />

Case study 1: multi-business process benchmarking<br />

Case study 2: same-business consortium style process<br />

benchmarking<br />

Case study 3: same-business consortium style metric<br />

benchmarking<br />

Case study 4: multi-business 1-2-1 benchmarking<br />

Limited Spaces Available<br />

Book early to secure your first choice!<br />

Pre-Forum Workshops Saturday, 21 April 2012 Post-Forum Workshops Thursday, 26 April 2012<br />

A<br />

D<br />

Risk Management For Strategy Execution<br />

Mitigate <strong>the</strong> business risks that might o<strong>the</strong>rwise derail your<br />

company from its strategic journey!<br />

Attendance at this workshop counts towards credits for <strong>the</strong> Kaplan<br />

Norton BSC Certification<br />

Workshop Overview<br />

In <strong>the</strong> aftermath of <strong>the</strong> global economic meltdown, risk<br />

management has taken on new importance, not only in <strong>the</strong> financial<br />

services sector, but across industries. Experienced users of <strong>the</strong><br />

strategy map and BSC realise that <strong>the</strong> BSC management system<br />

represents not only an appropriate tool for risk management but<br />

also one that allows integration of risk management with strategy<br />

and <strong>performance</strong> management<br />

The workshop will present best practice examples of project and<br />

enterprise risk management and will examine <strong>the</strong> role of <strong>the</strong> ‘risk<br />

management officer’ focusing on how to balance compliance and<br />

business enabling roles. Linking risk management to strategy<br />

execution will be explained as will <strong>the</strong> development of a Key Risk<br />

Indicator (KRI) scorecard. The Palladium expert trainers will describe<br />

how to develop initiatives to mitigate and manage risk and will<br />

explain <strong>the</strong> role for scenario planning, war gaming and stress testing<br />

to anticipate and avoid <strong>the</strong> adverse consequences from external<br />

risk events. Finally, <strong>the</strong> positioning of <strong>the</strong> organisational risk<br />

management office within <strong>the</strong> enterprise will be discussed.<br />

Key Topics<br />

The risk management framework outline<br />

Linking risk management to strategy execution<br />

Developing initiatives to mitigate risk<br />

The risk management office<br />

B<br />

Aligning Human Capital To Drive Performance<br />

Breakthroughs<br />

Harness <strong>the</strong> power of people behind common goals to guarantee<br />

your company’s success!<br />

Workshop Overview<br />

Leaders are mystified when what <strong>the</strong>y thought was a beautifully<br />

crafted strategy from <strong>the</strong>ir offsite is not well implemented or<br />

executed.<br />

Organisations do not execute unless <strong>the</strong> right people, individually<br />

and collectively across all levels of <strong>the</strong> organisation are effectively<br />

connected to <strong>the</strong> strategy, and are geared up to follow through and<br />

act on <strong>the</strong> appropriate set of connected activities.<br />

Key Topics<br />

The workshop will introduce participants to our TAUC framework:<br />

TALENT READINESS - how to ensure <strong>the</strong> individual and <strong>the</strong><br />

organisation are geared up and enabled to execute<br />

AGILITY – best practice of engaging and mobilizing all to<br />

continually challenge, innovate and renew for <strong>the</strong> purpose of<br />

our shared goal<br />

UNITY – empower each individual in <strong>the</strong> organisation in <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

decision making to make choices that reinforce one ano<strong>the</strong>r<br />

and thus rendering <strong>the</strong> whole population of employees<br />

exponentially more effective<br />

CLARITY- how best to effortlessly ‘create a line of sight<br />

from <strong>the</strong> organisation’s strategic objectives to individual<br />

objectives’ – Personal Scorecards<br />

We shall not be covering how to develop a Balanced Scorecard for<br />

<strong>the</strong> organisation. The content of this workshop goes beyond <strong>the</strong><br />

Balanced Scorecard design and development; it is about making it<br />

practical on <strong>the</strong> ground with people!<br />

Our workshop approach is interactive, energetic, and participative.<br />

We believe you learn by doing – to get hands-on experience we<br />

will use a case study and various WholeBrain Thinking related<br />

concepts.<br />

Benefits Of Attending<br />

This workshop provides insights into how best practice<br />

organisations address <strong>the</strong> key obstacles to execution and effective<br />

align its human capital to strategy. We bring toge<strong>the</strong>r expertise in<br />

C<br />

C Best Practice Change Management For<br />

Successful Strategy Execution<br />

Get <strong>the</strong> change management skills and knowledge you need to fully<br />

embed your strategy execution programme!<br />

Workshop Overview<br />

No organisation has a strategy that requires us to stand still. In a<br />

rapidly changing world, littered with unexpected surprises, it is<br />

critical for every organisation to manage change. Organisations that<br />

respond best to change usually emerge as <strong>the</strong> “winners”.<br />

But whilst <strong>the</strong>re is widespread recognition of <strong>the</strong> important of<br />

Change, <strong>the</strong>re is an equally widespread concern that change<br />

management (“CM”) is difficult to implement successfully.<br />

So if strategy execution is a critical requirement for <strong>the</strong> future, and<br />

change is a key element of strategy execution, how can we use <strong>the</strong><br />

BSC to address <strong>the</strong> inherent challenges of <strong>the</strong> subject?.<br />

Benefits Of Attending<br />

Understand what is “change management” and why it is so<br />

important for strategy execution?<br />

Learn how to align change management within <strong>the</strong><br />

Balanced Scorecard. How can we measure / assess change<br />

management as a “measure” within <strong>the</strong> Scorecard?<br />

Identify and manage <strong>the</strong> common barriers to successful<br />

change managementUnderstand <strong>the</strong> “output” aspect of<br />

change management (“benefits management”) and how to<br />

assess <strong>the</strong> effectiveness of change management<br />

Workshop Agenda<br />

What is change management and how does it align with<br />

BSC?<br />

The challenges of strategy execution<br />

- Most organisations fail in strategy execution. Why?<br />

- We examine why so many businesses fail to implement<br />

<strong>the</strong>ir ambitions and <strong>the</strong> role of change management<br />

Two key requirements: leadership and communication<br />

- Leadership and <strong>the</strong> need for leadership as a critical input<br />

component of change management<br />

Who Should Attend<br />

Risk management professionals<br />

Senior officers involved in strategy definition<br />

Strategy execution executives<br />

Benefits Of Attending<br />

The workshop provides you with:<br />

A proven framework to implement immediately and achieve<br />

results<br />

Hands-on training with expert instructors<br />

Practical application through learning exercises<br />

Networking opportunities with o<strong>the</strong>r professionals involved<br />

in strategy execution<br />

Your Expert Workshop Leader<br />

Aldo Labaki, Consulting Manager,<br />

Palladium Middle East, UAE<br />

Aldo Labaki has over 10 years of international experience<br />

in strategy execution, change management and<br />

corporate <strong>performance</strong> implementation projects in large<br />

organisations. At Palladium, he focuses on definition and implementation of<br />

strategy execution and corporate <strong>performance</strong> management methodologies,<br />

processes and tools, as well as leading complex change management<br />

programmes. Aldo has international experience in <strong>the</strong> finance, utilities,<br />

engineering, telecommunications, construction and government sectors.<br />

Prior to joining Palladium, Aldo was a member of <strong>the</strong> BSC implementation<br />

team in Unibanco (a Brazilian privately held financial institution), achieving<br />

<strong>the</strong> acclaimed Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame certification for <strong>the</strong><br />

organisation. Prior to that Aldo led a major restructuring project for a large<br />

hotel organisation in <strong>the</strong> US.<br />

strategy management and human resource management to<br />

develop an approach to help organisations seamlessly align<br />

people to strategy – ensuring a clear link between expectation,<br />

<strong>performance</strong>, result and reward.<br />

Who Should Attend<br />

Strategy and HR Managers looking to align people to <strong>the</strong><br />

strategy<br />

Managers who want to link <strong>the</strong> <strong>performance</strong> management<br />

system to strategy execution<br />

Individuals who seek to motivate <strong>the</strong>ir staff to work toge<strong>the</strong>r<br />

for <strong>the</strong> shared objective<br />

Your Expert Workshop Leaders<br />

Muibat Ijaiya, Director,<br />

BSC Strategy Management, UK<br />

Muibat is a strategy management and execution expert,<br />

with extensive experience helping organisations to<br />

develop and implement integrated strategy management<br />

systems. Her client engagements range from strategy development, Balanced<br />

Scorecard design and implementation, linking operation plans to strategy,<br />

and business transformation projects. Muibat has over 12 years consulting<br />

and advisory experience with clients including Aviva Plc, EWA, QIB, DHL<br />

logistics, ITFC- Islamic Development Bank, Express Vending, and Allianz<br />

Global Investors – AP. Muibat previously worked with Drs Kaplan and Norton<br />

at Palladium and her industry experience was gained with Eli Lilly - a top ten<br />

global pharmaceutical company.<br />

Zakeera Vidler, Director - HR Consulting,<br />

ConnectedGroup, UAE<br />

Zakeera Vidler is <strong>the</strong> Managing Partner at ConnectedHR.<br />

She has extensive experience in <strong>the</strong> areas of leadership<br />

development, human capital, change management, and<br />

coaching and mentoring and leadership team building experience. Prior to<br />

consulting Zakeera held various leadership development and HR Director<br />

posts within large complex Fortune 500 organisations. Recently, her focus<br />

has been on helping organisations ensure human capital readiness, as well<br />

as supporting <strong>the</strong>m with developing and building high <strong>performance</strong> oriented<br />

teams - geared for execution. Zakeera has worked with clients including<br />

Bahrain’s Electricity and Water Authority, ITFC, and Woqod Qatar Fuel.<br />

- Leadership and management: different but both are very<br />

necessary<br />

- How to assess leadership<br />

- Communicate, communicate, communicate ...<br />

- The vital importance of communication and <strong>the</strong> benefits<br />

of creating a regular communication process<br />

Measuring change management<br />

- What gets measured gets managed. So how can we<br />

practically measure / assess <strong>the</strong> change management<br />

capability of an organisation.<br />

- The John Kotter 8-step change model<br />

Benefits management<br />

- Measuring <strong>the</strong> effectiveness of change management<br />

- Change is not a one-off event: how can we embed<br />

change management competence?<br />

Case study – using <strong>the</strong> SFO (Strategy Focused Organisation)<br />

framework to drive change across an organisation<br />

- A short introduction to <strong>the</strong> SFO framework<br />

- An amalgam case study setting out how <strong>the</strong> SFO<br />

best-practice framework can provide a structured<br />

methodology to focus a change agenda directly linked to<br />

better strategy management / execution<br />

Managing unexpected change<br />

- Organisations that have <strong>the</strong> capability to respond faster<br />

than <strong>the</strong> competition gain significant advantage at a<br />

time of unexpected turmoil<br />

- How can businesses prepare for surprises<br />

Who Should Attend<br />

Business managers, at all levels, who recognise <strong>the</strong><br />

challenges of managing change<br />

HR professionals who want to proactively help <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

organisations to manage change<br />

Strategy and Balanced Scorecard coordinators<br />

Your Expert Workshop Leader<br />

Alan Fell, Managing Director, Alan Fell Consultancy, UK<br />

See workshop E for biography.<br />

Who Should Attend<br />

Everyone who is looking for research based, practical tips to boost<br />

strategy execution in <strong>the</strong>ir organisation.<br />

Your Expert Workshop Leader<br />

Jeroen de Flander, Managing Director,<br />

The Performance Factory, Belgium<br />

Jeroen De Flander is a seasoned international strategy<br />

execution expert, top executive coach, seminar leader and<br />

highly regarded keynote speaker. Jeroen has helped more<br />

than 17,500 managers in 22 countries master <strong>the</strong> necessary<br />

execution skills, including <strong>the</strong> USA, Brazil, Venezuela, Jordan, Malaysia, Spain,<br />

Italy, Russia, Estonia, <strong>the</strong> Ne<strong>the</strong>rlands, France, <strong>the</strong> UK, Germany, Egypt, China,<br />

Croatia, Korea and Belgium. He has shared <strong>the</strong> stage with strategy gurus like<br />

Michael Porter and Costas Markides.<br />

His book, Strategy Execution Heroes, reached <strong>the</strong> Amazon bestseller list<br />

in 5 countries. Jeroen is co-founder of <strong>the</strong> <strong>performance</strong> <strong>factory</strong> – a leading<br />

research, training and advisory firm which is solely focused on helping<br />

individuals and organisations increase <strong>performance</strong> through best-in-class<br />

strategy execution. For several years, he was <strong>the</strong> responsible manager<br />

worldwide of <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard product line for Arthur D. Little – a<br />

leading strategy consulting firm. The 50+ companies he has advised on<br />

various strategy and strategy execution topics include Atos Worldline, AXA,<br />

Base, Bridgestone, CEMEX, GDFSuez, Honda, ING, Johnson & Johnson,<br />

Komatsu, Sony and <strong>the</strong> Flemish and Belgian governments.<br />

Step by step development of a generic project organisation<br />

scorecard<br />

- What are <strong>the</strong> common strategic objectives and<br />

measures (note – this is NOT a menu approach, but<br />

intended to illustrate <strong>the</strong> concept with a hypo<strong>the</strong>tical<br />

business situation)<br />

The practicalities and limitations of attempting to apply <strong>the</strong><br />

BSC to a single project<br />

Session 3<br />

An extended group exercise<br />

Based upon a given case study situation, each group will<br />

develop and <strong>the</strong>n present to <strong>the</strong> workshop as a whole on <strong>the</strong><br />

process and outcome of how <strong>the</strong>y have designed a projectfocused<br />

Scorecard<br />

Closure and next steps<br />

Who Should Attend<br />

Business managers, at all levels of <strong>the</strong> organisation, who<br />

recognise <strong>the</strong> challenges of aligning project <strong>performance</strong><br />

with overall organisational strategy<br />

Project, programme and portfolio managers who understand<br />

<strong>the</strong> potential benefits of applying Balanced Scorecard<br />

concepts to <strong>the</strong>ir activities<br />

Strategy and Balanced Scorecard coordinators<br />

Your Expert Workshop Leader<br />

Alan Fell, Managing Director,<br />

Alan Fell Consultancy, UK<br />

Alan Fell is a leading internationally recognised and<br />

respected specialist in <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard and <strong>the</strong><br />

wider discipline of strategy execution. After a successful<br />

career with a major UK commercial bank, and which he led one of <strong>the</strong> very<br />

early BSC applications in 1993-96, Alan has been a consultant and trainer on<br />

<strong>the</strong> BSC and related disciplines for <strong>the</strong> last 15 years. His work spans a wide<br />

variety of business sectors and covers public training seminars, customised<br />

in-house training and management consulting in <strong>the</strong> BSC and strategy<br />

execution. During <strong>the</strong>se 16 years, he has run well over 250 workshops across<br />

<strong>the</strong> UK, Europe, South Africa, Middle East and South East Asia. Alan has been<br />

a very frequent visitor to <strong>the</strong> GCC for many years and some 75% of his work<br />

is now undertaken in <strong>the</strong> GCC. During this long experience he has also been<br />

chairman of many events with Drs Kaplan and Norton. Alan brings a highly<br />

pragmatic, no-nonsense and robustly disciplined approach to <strong>the</strong> subject and<br />

a passionate belief that – provided it is designed and used properly – a BSC<br />

can indeed transform <strong>the</strong> <strong>performance</strong> of an organisation.<br />

Benefits Of Attending<br />

You will see how <strong>performance</strong> benchmarking works in practice<br />

and develop <strong>the</strong> skills and knowledge to initiate and deliver a<br />

benchmarking initiative in your own organisation.<br />

Who Should Attend<br />

Executive management team members<br />

Organisational excellence and <strong>performance</strong> management<br />

professionals<br />

Your Expert Workshop Leader<br />

Zillay Ahmed, Organisational Excellence<br />

and Quality Advisor, Abu Dhabi Sewerage<br />

Services Company, UAE<br />

Zillay Ahmed is an organisational transformation professional with<br />

over 31-years of diversified experience in strategic business planning,<br />

<strong>performance</strong> management, process improvement, risk management,<br />

Balanced Scorecard, change management, corporate communication,<br />

sustainability reporting, business continuity, corporate governance, business<br />

intelligence and benchmarking. With 27-years of experience in Abu Dhabi,<br />

Zillay is currently a member of <strong>the</strong> senior management team at ADSSC,<br />

working as Organisational Excellence and Quality Advisor. He has successfully<br />

developed and deployed a unique organisational excellence model at ADSSC,<br />

focusing on process, risk, technology, strategy and <strong>performance</strong> dimensions.<br />

Zillay has led benchmarking projects at ADSSC with Australian and Canadian<br />

based consortiums, respectively. Prior to joining ADSSC, Zillay worked with<br />

National Bank of Abu Dhabi and later with Abu Dhabi Securities Market<br />

(renamed ADX) as Head of Business Excellence. Not averse to taking risks,<br />

Zillay left <strong>the</strong> corporate world after 13-years with ZADCO (ADNOC group)<br />

and established his own consultancy practice (Al Bawardi Tatweer) in Abu<br />

Dhabi, which expanded regionally into 8 countries. Partnering with blue-chip<br />

industry leaders like Juran Institute, Gentia, Micrographics and o<strong>the</strong>rs, he<br />

introduced consortium-style process benchmarking, six sigma and balanced<br />

scorecard in UAE.<br />

Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Email: register@iirme.com Fax: +971 4 335 2438 www.iirme.com/bsc<br />

E<br />


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Our expertise in strategy, risk, corporate <strong>performance</strong><br />

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Our solid expertise in various industries in <strong>the</strong> Middle<br />

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command of <strong>the</strong> Arabic business language in addition to <strong>the</strong><br />

English and French.<br />

Our exclusive partnership in <strong>the</strong> Middle East with Paul Niven,<br />

a noted speaker and writer on <strong>the</strong> subject of <strong>the</strong> Balanced<br />

Scorecard, and hands-on practitioner<br />

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Align Your Brand With Drs Kaplan And Norton<br />

BSC Strategy Management is a professional services organisation<br />

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we effectively combine strategy implementation expertise, with<br />

best practise in aligning and managing Human Capital for higher<br />

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Our offering – Our subject matter expertise and field experience<br />

is firmly grounded in <strong>the</strong> areas of strategy execution and human<br />

resource management. We offer bespoke consultancy services<br />

in Strategy Review, Balanced Scorecard implementation,<br />

Performance Improvement, Business Transformation, Organisation<br />

Effectiveness, as well as Learning & Development solutions, and<br />

Executive Coaching / Mentoring programmes.<br />

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well and are looking for experienced management consultants and Balanced Scorecard experts to help <strong>the</strong>m do this.<br />

Many have implemented <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard by starting small with excel based measurement and reporting systems – <strong>the</strong>y are now<br />

looking to take <strong>the</strong> next step and automate – <strong>the</strong>y need to find out more about <strong>the</strong> best software options on <strong>the</strong> market for <strong>the</strong>ir unique<br />

circumstances.<br />

As a management consultant with experience in implementing <strong>the</strong> Balanced Scorecard or a software vendor with <strong>performance</strong> management<br />

solutions, you are perfectly placed to serve our large delegate base.<br />

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Launch New Products or Services – Draw attention to your brands by using Balanced Scorecard 2012 as a launch pad for<br />

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Enter New Markets – Exhibiting is one of <strong>the</strong> most cost effective and time efficient ways of entering new markets.<br />

Build Customer Loyalty – Face to face contact at conferences cements your position as a market leader and helps to develop<br />

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Position Your Company Brand – Align your brand with Dr Kaplan and Dr Norton to position your company as an industry<br />

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Brokering New Business Partnerships – Partner with delegates or o<strong>the</strong>r sponsors to deliver more compelling solutions to<br />

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1 Day 1 Workshop<br />

<strong>BALANCED</strong> <strong>SCORECARD</strong> <strong>FORUM</strong><br />

<strong>DUBAI</strong><br />

21 - 26 April 2012<br />

The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina, UAE<br />

Super Early Bird<br />

Book Before<br />

2 February 2012<br />

US$ 5,180<br />

Save US$ 2,920<br />

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15 March 2012<br />

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Fees include documentation, luncheon and refreshments. Delegates who attend all sessions will receive a Certificate of Attendance.<br />

Pricing Promotions:<br />

ü� Group Booking Discounts for full conference registrations up to 25%.<br />

ü� No 2 discounts can be combined<br />

Book After<br />

16 March<br />

2012<br />

US$ 5,680<br />

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US$ 2,895<br />

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US$ 2,410<br />

Save US$ 100<br />

US$ 1,255<br />

Conferences<br />

22-23 April 2012<br />

Masterclass with Dr Kaplan<br />

and Dr Norton – 2 days<br />

24-25 April 2012<br />

Balanced Scorecard Forum<br />

– 2 days<br />

Pre-Forum 21 April 2012<br />

Workshop A<br />

Risk Management for<br />

Strategic Execution<br />

Workshop B<br />

Aligning Human Capital To<br />

Drive Performance<br />

Breakthroughs<br />

Workshop C<br />

Best Practice Change<br />

Management For Successful<br />

Strategy Execution<br />

Post-Forum 26 April 2012<br />

Workshop D<br />

The 8 – A Unique Strategy<br />

Execution Framework<br />

Workshop E<br />

The Balanced Scorecard<br />

In A Project Focused<br />

Organisation<br />

Workshop F<br />

A Practical Guide To<br />

Performance Benchmarking<br />

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. No. of employees on your site:<br />

1000+ 500-999 250-499 50-249 0-49<br />

YES, I would like to receive information about future events<br />

Nature of your company's business: ..........................................<br />

& services via e-mail .................................................................<br />

To assist us with future correspondence, please supply <strong>the</strong> following details:<br />

Name of <strong>the</strong> Department Head: .....................................................................................................................................................................<br />

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Booking Contact: ................................................................................................................................................................................................<br />

Department: ........................................................... Mobile: .......................................... Email: ........................................................................<br />



CALL – 971 -4-3352483<br />

E-MAIL – a.watts@iirme.com<br />

Conference fees include documentation, luncheon and refreshments.<br />

Delegates who attend all sessions will receive a Certificate<br />

of Attendance.<br />

Credit card payment<br />

Payments<br />

A confirmation letter and invoice will be sent upon receipt of your<br />

registration. Please note that full payment must be received prior<br />

to <strong>the</strong> event. Only those delegates whose fees have been paid<br />

in full will be admitted to <strong>the</strong> event. You can pay by company<br />

cheques or bankers draft in Dirhams or US$. Please note that all<br />

US$ cheques and drafts should be drawn on a New York bank and<br />

an extra amount of US$ 6 per payment should be added<br />

to cover bank clearing charges. In any event payment must be<br />

received not later than 48 hours before <strong>the</strong> Event. Entry to <strong>the</strong><br />

Event may be refused if payment in full is not received.<br />

If you would like to pay by credit card, please tick here and a<br />

member of our team will contact you to take <strong>the</strong> details<br />

Cancellation<br />

If you are unable to attend, a substitute delegate will be welcome<br />

in your place. Registrations cancelled more than 7 days before<br />

<strong>the</strong> Event are subject to a $200 administration charge. Registration<br />

fees for registrations cancelled 7 days or less before <strong>the</strong> Event<br />

must be paid in full. Substitutions are welcome at any time.<br />

Avoid Visa Delays - Book Now<br />

Delegates requiring visas should contact <strong>the</strong> hotel <strong>the</strong>y wish to<br />

stay at directly, as soon as possible. Visas for non-GCC nationals<br />

may take several weeks to process.<br />

All registrations are subject to acceptance by IIR which will be<br />

confirmed to you in writing.<br />

Due to unforeseen circumstances, <strong>the</strong> programme may change and IIR<br />

reserves <strong>the</strong> right to alter <strong>the</strong> venue and/or speakers or topics.<br />

Event Venue:<br />

A1196<br />

All registrations are subject to our terms and conditions which<br />

are available at www.iirme.com/terms. Please read <strong>the</strong>m as<br />

<strong>the</strong>y include important information. By submitting your<br />

registration you agree to be bound by <strong>the</strong> terms and conditions<br />

in full.<br />

The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina, UAE<br />

Tel: +971 4 436 7777<br />

Accommodation Details<br />

We highly recommend you secure your room reservation at <strong>the</strong><br />

earliest to avoid last minute inconvenience. You can contact <strong>the</strong><br />

IIR Hospitality Desk for assistance on:<br />

Tel: +971-4-4072693 Fax: +971-4-4072517<br />

Email: hospitality@iirme.com<br />

IK/VH<br />

BU08 Management<br />

© Copyright I.I.R. HOLDINGS B.V.<br />


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