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Dr. Sven Diederichs - Molecular RNA Biology & Cancer


Group Leader Helmholtz-University-Junior Research Group

Molecular RNA Biology & Cancer“

German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) &

Institute of Pathology, University Hospital Heidelberg

Address Im Neuenheimer Feld 280 (B150), 69120 Heidelberg

Website http://www.dkfz.de/en/molekulare-rna-biologie/index.php


since 07 / 2008 Leader of the independent Helmholtz-University-Junior Research Group

Molecular RNA Biology & Cancer” at the German Cancer Research Center

(DKFZ) and the Institute of Pathology, University Hospital Heidelberg

01 / 2005 - 05 / 2008 Postdoctoral Fellow with Prof. Dr. Daniel A. Haber, Harvard Medical School

& Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, Boston, U.S.A.

07 / 2004 - 12 / 2004 Postdoctoral Fellow in the Dept. of Internal Medicine A, University of Münster

02 / 2002 - 07 / 2004 Graduate Student with Prof. Dr. Hubert Serve / PD Dr. Carsten Müller-Tidow,

Dept. of Internal Medicine A, University of Münster & Prof. Dr. Kurt S. Zänker,

Dept. of Immunology, University Witten / Herdecke:

“The functional role of cell cycle regulators in the tumorigenic process”

Grade: “summa cum laude” (Dr. rer. nat.; July 8 th , 2004)

09 / 2001 - 01 / 2002 Diploma Student in the Dept. of Internal Medicine A, University of Münster

1999 - 2001 University of Witten / Herdecke: Biochemistry (Final Exam – Diplom)

1996 - 1999 University of Tübingen: Biochemistry (Intermediate exam – Vordiplom)


03 / 2012 Binder Innovation Award 2012 of the German Society of Cell Biology (DGZ)

06 / 2010 Karl-Freudenberg-Prize 2010 of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences

06 / 2010 Elected into the Young Academy of Scientists (Junge Akademie)

02 / 2008 Presentation Award Miami Winter Symposium “Regulatory RNA in Biology and

human Health”

10 / 2007 Scholar-in-Training Award of the American Association for Cancer Research

(AACR): “Non-Coding RNAs in Cancer”

10 / 2005 Leopoldina-Prize for young scientists of the German National Academy of

Scientists Leopoldina

10 / 2005 PhD Award of the German Society of Hematology and Oncology (DGHO)

04 / 2003 Scholar-in-Training Award of the American Association for Cancer Research

(AACR) and the Pezcoller Foundation

02 / 1997 - 12 / 2001 Scholarship of the German Academic Merit Foundation (Studienstiftung)

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Dr. Sven Diederichs - Molecular RNA Biology & Cancer


1. M Eißmann*, T Gutschner*, M Hämmerle, S Günther, M Caudron-Herger, M Groß, P Schirmacher, K

Rippe, T Braun, M Zörnig*, S Diederichs* (2012)

Loss of the abundant nuclear non-coding RNA MALAT1 is compatible with life and development

RNA Biology 9: epub ahead of print

2. SE Grund, M Polycarpou-Schwarz, C Luo, SB Eichmüller, S Diederichs (2012)

Rare Drosha splice variants are deficient in microRNA processing but do not affect general microRNA

expression in cancer cells

Neoplasia 14: 238-248

3. T Gutschner, M Baas, S Diederichs (2011)

Non-coding RNA Gene Silencing through genomic integration of RNA destabilizing elements using Zinc

Finger Nucleases

Genome Research 21: 1944-1954

4. J Winter, S Diederichs (2011)

Argonaute proteins regulate microRNA stability

RNA Biology 8: 1149-1157

5. S Diederichs, S Jung, SM Rothenberg, GA Smolen, BG Mlody, DA Haber (2008)

Coexpression of Argonaute-2 enhances RNA Interference toward perfect match binding sites

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A. 105: 9284-9289

This article was selected by the “Faculty of 1000” as recommended reading and presented as a Research Highlight in

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery (2008) 7: 732.

6. S Diederichs, DA Haber (2007)

Dual Role for Argonautes in microRNA Processing and post-transcriptional Regulation of microRNA


Cell 131: 1097-1108

This article was ranked #5 of the most frequently accessed articles in Cell in January 2008 and presented as a Research

Highlight in Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology (2008) 9: 92-93.

7. S Diederichs, DA Haber (2006)

Sequence Variations of microRNAs in human Cancer: Alterations in predicted secondary Structure do

not affect Processing

Cancer Research 66: 6097-6104

8. S Diederichs, N Bäumer, N Schultz, FK Hamra, MG Schrader, ML Sandstede, WE Berdel, H Serve, C

Müller-Tidow (2005)

Expression Patterns of Mitotic and Meiotic Cell Cycle Regulators in Testicular Cancer and Development

International Journal of Cancer 116: 207-217

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Dr. Sven Diederichs - Molecular RNA Biology & Cancer

9. C Müller-Tidow*, S Diederichs*, E Bulk, T Pohle, B Steffen, J Schwäble, S Plewka, M Thomas, R

Metzger, PM Schneider, C Brandts, WE Berdel, H Serve (2005)

Identification of Metastasis-associated Receptor Tyrosine Kinases in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Cancer Research 65: 1778-1782

10. S Diederichs, E Bulk, B Steffen, P Ji, L Tickenbrock, K Lang, KS Zänker, R Metzger, PM Schneider, V

Gerke, M Thomas, WE Berdel, H Serve, C Müller-Tidow (2004)

S100 family members and Trypsinogens are predictors of distant Metastasis and Survival in early-stage

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Cancer Research 64: 5564-5569

11. S Diederichs, N Bäumer, P Ji, SK Metzelder, GE Idos, T Cauvet, W Wang, M Möller, S Pierschalski, J

Gromoll, MG Schrader, HP Koeffler, WE Berdel, H Serve, C Müller-Tidow (2004)

Identification of Interaction Partners and Substrates of the Cyclin A1/CDK2 complex

Journal of Biological Chemistry 279: 33727-33741

12. P Ji*, S Diederichs*, W Wang, S Böing, R Metzger, PM Schneider, N Tidow, B Brandt, H Buerger, E Bulk,

M Thomas, WE Berdel, H Serve, C Müller-Tidow (2003)

MALAT-1, a novel non-coding RNA, and Thymosin b4 predict Metastasis and Survival in early-stage

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Oncogene 22: 8031-8041


13. M Faryna*, C Konermann*, S Aulmann, J Lorenzo Bermejo, M Brugger, S Diederichs, J Rom, D

Weichenhan, R Claus, M Rehli, P Schirmacher, HP Sinn, C Plass, C Gerhäuser (2012)

Genome-wide methylation screen in low-grade breast cancer to identify novel diagnostic and

prognostic markers

FASEB Journal 26: in press

14. C Luo, PW Tetteh, PR Merz, E Dickes, A Abukiwan, A Hotz-Wagenblatt, S Holland-Cunz, T Sinnberg, B

Schittek, D Schadendorf, S Diederichs, SB Eichmüller (2012)

miR-137 inhibits the invasion of melanoma cells through down-regulation of multiple oncogenic target


Journal of Investigative Dermatology 132: in press

15. A Heinemann, F Zhao, S Pechlivanis, J Eberle, A Steinle, S Diederichs, D Schadendorf, A Paschen (2012)

Tumor suppressive microRNAs miR-34a/c control cancer cell expression of ULBP2, a stress-induced

ligand of the natural killer cell receptor NKG2D

Cancer Research 72: 460-471

16. C Kahlert, F Klupp, K Brand, F Lasitschka, S Diederichs, J Kirchberg, N Rahbari, S Dutta, U Bork, J

Fritzmann, C Reissfelder, M Koch, J Weitz (2011)

Invasion front specific expression and prognostic significance of microRNAs in colorectal liver


Cancer Science 102: 1799-1807

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Dr. Sven Diederichs - Molecular RNA Biology & Cancer

17. N Bäumer*, L Tickenbrock*, P Tschanter*, L Lohmeyer, S Diederichs, S Bäumer, BV Skryabin, F Zhang, S

Agrawal-Singh, G Koehler, WE Berdel, H Serve, S Koschmieder, C Müller-Tidow (2011)

Inhibitor of CDK interacting with cyclin A1 (INCA1) regulates proliferation and is repressed by

oncogenic signaling

Journal of Biological Chemistry 286: 28210-28222

18. I Surolia*, SP Pirnie*, V Chellappa*, KN Taylor*, A Cariappa*, J Moya, H Liu, DW Bell, D Driscoll, S

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Functionally defective germline variants of sialic acid acetylesterase in autoimmunity

Nature 466: 243-247

19. P de Souza Rocha Simonini*, A Breiling*, N Gupta, M Malekpour, M Youns, R Omranipour, F

Malekpour, S Volinia, CM Croce, H Najmabadi, S Diederichs, Ö Sahin, D Mayer, F Lyko, JD

Hoheisel, Y Riazalhosseini (2010)

Epigenetically deregulated microRNA-375 is involved in a positive feedback loop with Estrogen

Receptor alpha in breast cancer cells

Cancer Research 70: 9175-9184

20. S Maheswaran, LV Sequist, S Nagrath, L Ulkus, B Brannigan, C Collura, E Inserra, S Diederichs, AJ

Iafrate, DW Bell, S Digumarthy, A Muzikansky, D Irimia, J Settleman, RG Tompkins, TJ Lynch, M

Toner, DA Haber (2008)

Detecting Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Mutations in Circulating Tumor Cells from Patients with

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

New England Journal of Medicine 359: 366-377

21. E Bulk, A Hascher, R Liersch, RM Mesters, S Diederichs, B Sargin, V Gerke, M Hotfilder, J Vormoor, WE

Berdel, H Serve, C Müller-Tidow (2008)

Adjuvant therapy with small hairpin RNAi prevents NSCLC metastasis development in mice

Cancer Research 68: 1896-1904

22. GA Smolen, BJ Schott, RA Stewart, S Diederichs, B Muir, HL Provencher, AT Look, DC Sgroi, RT

Peterson, DA Haber (2007)

A Rap GTPase interactor, RADIL, mediates migration of neural crest precursors

Genes & Development 21: 2131-2136

23. N Baumer, ML Sandstede, S Diederichs, G Köhler, C Readhead, P Ji, F Zhang, E Bulk, J Gromoll, WE

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Analysis of the genetic interactions between Cyclin A1, Atm and p53 during spermatogenesis

Asian Journal of Andrology 9: 739-750

24. P Ji, N Bäumer, T Yin, S Diederichs, F Zhang, C Beger, K Welte, S Fulda, WE Berdel, H Serve, C Müller-

Tidow (2007)

The DNA damage response involves modulation of Ku70 and Rb functions by cyclin A1 in leukemia cells

International Journal of Cancer 121: 706-713

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Dr. Sven Diederichs - Molecular RNA Biology & Cancer

25. M Böhm, M Eickelmann, Z Li, SW Schneider, V Oji, S Diederichs, GS Barsh, A Vogt, K Stieler, U Blume-

Peytavi, TA Luger (2005)

Detection of functionally active melanocortin receptors and evidence for an immunoregulatory activity

of α-melanocyte-stimulating hormone in human dermal papilla cells

Endocrinology 146: 4635-4646

26. P Ji, S Agrawal, S Diederichs, N Bäumer, A Becker, T Cauvet, S Kowski, C Beger, K Welte, WE Berdel, H

Serve, C Müller-Tidow (2005)

Cyclin A1, the alternative A-type cyclin, contributes to G1/S cell cycle progression in somatic cells

Oncogene 24: 2739-2744

27. C Müller-Tidow*, P Ji*, S Diederichs, J Potratz, N Bäumer, G Köhler, T Cauvet, C Choudary, T van der

Meer, WYI Chan, C Nieduszynski, WH Colledge, M Carrington, HP Koeffler, A Restle, L Wiesmüller,

J Sobczak-Thépot, WE Berdel, H Serve (2004)

The Cyclin A1-CDK2 Complex Regulates DNA Double-Strand Break Repair

Molecular and Cellular Biology 24: 8917-8928

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Translocation products in acute myeloid leukemia activate the Wnt signaling pathway in

hematopoietic cells

Molecular and Cellular Biology 24: 2890-2904

29. C Müller-Tidow, C Readhead, AH Cohen, K Asotra, GE Idos, S Diederichs, T Cauvet, R Yang, WE Berdel,

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Successive increases in human cyclin A1 promoter activity during spermatogenesis in transgenic mice

International Journal of Molecular Medicine 11: 311-315

30. C Müller-Tidow, S Diederichs, MG Schrader, U Vogt, K Miller, WE Berdel, H Serve (2003)

Cyclin A1 is highly expressed in aggressive testicular germ cell tumors

Cancer Letters 190: 89-95

31. PM Sincock, IG Ganley, JP Krise, S Diederichs, U Sivars, B O’Connor, L Ding, SR Pfeffer (2003)

Self-Assembly Is Important for TIP47 Function in Mannose 6-Phosphate Receptor Transport

Traffic 4: 18-25

32. M Schrader, C Müller-Tidow, S Ravnik, M Müller, W Schulze, S Diederichs, H Serve, K Miller (2002)

Cyclin A1 and gametogenesis in fertile and infertile patients: a potential new molecular diagnostic


Human Reproduction 17: 2338-2343

33. C Müller-Tidow, K Kügler, S Diederichs, S Klümpen, A Westermann, P Zuo, U Vogt, R Metzger, PM

Schneider, WE Berdel, H Serve (2001)

Loss of expression of HDAC-recruiting Methyl-CpG binding domain proteins in human cancer

British Journal of Cancer 85: 1168-1174

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Dr. Sven Diederichs - Molecular RNA Biology & Cancer

34. C Müller-Tidow, W Wang, GE Idos, S Diederichs, R Yang, C Readhead, WE Berdel, H Serve, M Saville, R

Watson, HP Koeffler (2001)

Cyclin A1 directly interacts with B-myb and Cyclin A1/cdk2 phosphorylate B-myb at functionally

important serine and threonine residues: tissue-specific regulation of B-myb function

Blood 97: 2091-2097

35. C Müller-Tidow, C Bornemann, S Diederichs, A Westermann, S Klümpen, P Zuo, W Wang, WE Berdel, H

Serve (2001)

Analyses of the genomic methylation status of the human Cyclin A1 promoter by a novel real-time

PCR-based methodology

FEBS Letters 490: 75-79

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Cyclin E is the Only Cyclin-dependent Kinase 2-associated Cyclin that Predicts Metastasis and Survival

in Early Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Cancer Research 61: 647-653

37. C Müller, C Readhead, S Diederichs, GE Idos, R Yang, N Tidow, H Serve, WE Berdel, HP Koeffler (2000)

Methylation of the Cyclin A1 Promoter Correlates with Gene Silencing in Somatic Cell Lines, while

Tissue-Specific Expression of Cyclin A1 is Methylation Independent

Molecular and Cellular Biology 20: 3316-3329

38. C Müller, R Yang, GE Idos, N Tidow, S Diederichs, OM Koch, W Verbeek, TP Bender, HP Koeffler (1999)

c-myb Transactivates the Human Cyclin A1 Promoter and Induces Cyclin A1 Gene Expression

Blood 94: 4255-4262


39. T Gutschner, S Diederichs (2012)

The Hallmarks of Cancer: A long non-coding RNA point of view

RNA Biology 9: 703-719

40. J Winter*, S Jung*, S Keller, RI Gregory, S Diederichs (2009)

Many roads to maturity: microRNA biogenesis pathways and their regulation

Nature Cell Biology 11: 228-234

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41. S Diederichs (2012)

Non-coding RNA and disease

RNA Biology 9: 701-702 [Editorial]

42. SK Abd Ellatif, T Gutschner, S Diederichs (2012)

Dr. Sven Diederichs - Molecular RNA Biology & Cancer

Long Non-coding RNA Function and Expression in Cancer

in Regulatory RNAs, edited by B Mallick & Z Ghosh 197-226

43. J Winter*, A Roth*, S Diederichs (2011)

RNA meets Disease in Paradise

RNA Biology 8: 984-987 [Meeting Report]

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Service-oriented Data Integration for a Biomedical Research Network

Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 169: 867-871

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microRNA Northern Blotting, Precursor Cloning & Ago2-improved RNA interference

in Methods in Molecular Biology: microRNA & Cancer, edited by W Wu 85-100

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microRNA Biogenesis and Cancer

in Methods in Molecular Biology: microRNA & Cancer, edited by W Wu 3-22

47. S Grund, S Diederichs (2010)

microRNA Biogenesis and its impact on RNA interference

in RNA Technologies and Their Applications, edited by VA Erdmann & J Barciszewski 325-354

48. S Diederichs (2010)

Non-coding RNA in malignant tumors: A new world of tumor biomarkers and target structures in

cancer cells [German]

Pathologe S2: 258-262

49. C Müller-Tidow, S Diederichs, M Thomas, H Serve (2004)

Genome wide screening for prognosis predicting genes in early stage non-small cell lung cancer

Lung Cancer 45: S145-S150

*These authors contributed equally to the respective publication.

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