Freshly chopped leucaena foliage and processed pellets


Network members over the two days at Ayr.

As well as in Australia, leucaena foliage meal and leucaena

forage technologies are being developed in Thailand and

Chumroen would like to share what they are doing with

other Leucaena Network members.

The leucaena varieties planted are local wild species,

they are still manually harvested and processed,

and Chumroen said that this method needs a lot of


A corn harvester has been converted to replace the

manual harvesting and a trial was conducted recently

harvesting three (3) hectares of leucaena plantation

in Thailand. Chumroen described it as very much like

the harvesters that Ernie Young developed for use in


At the same time leucaena is used to generate power from

its woody biomass for their 3 MW Gasification power

plant in Thailand.

The variety that they are planting is Tarramba; the fresh

cut wood used for firing the power plant has a moisture

content of 50% DM.

Chumroen believes that because leucaena provides

reasonable and satisfactory yields, it is easier to manage this

fast growing tree as an energy crop.

Harvesting and processing the foliage is a very labour

intensive operation.

Leucaena Information Days, keep

an eye out

Three Leucaena Information Days were held at Craig

Antonio’s Millmerran property as well as Terry, Dell and

David Wells Hannaford property and Lingi owned by

Bryant and Sussan Ussher during the second week of


Even though drought conditions prevail over a large

section of Southern Queensland landholders attending it

agreed that the most important thing for them to do was

to make time to learn more about leucaena.

Interest in leucaena grass pastures is increasing across

cooler areas, participants came from wide a-field,

Tamworth and Moree in the south as far west as Surat and

Roma and north to Mundubbera. 120 people attended the

three (3) days.

Stuart Buck QPI&F left asking Bryant Ussher about his

dryland leucaena grass pastures at Lingi.

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