Volume 1 , Issue 2 - Makerere University Business School


Volume 1 , Issue 2 - Makerere University Business School

Volume 1, Issue 2



DCJ opens CAPA conference

The Deputy Chief Justice

(DCJ) of the Republic of

Uganda, Hon Lady Justice

Alice Mpagi Bahigeine was

the Chief Guest at the opening

of the Commonwealth

Association of Polytechnics

in Africa (CAPA) Conference

on May 23, 2011.

Held under a the theme

“Enhancing Skills Development

in TVET Institutins

in Africa” the conference

drew participants

from more than 10 African

nations. Kenya, Tanzania,

Zambia, Lesotho, Malawi,

Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique

were among the

countries represented

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Lady Justice, Alice Mpagi Bahigeine and Prof. Waswa

Balunywa at the CAPA conference

MUBS ICT centre launched

Staff in the ICT Centre during the launch of the ICT and

Research Centre for Africa

On 5th April

2011 MUBS

launched the ICT

& Research Centre

for Africa with the

overall objective of

generating knowledge

and finding

solutions to Africa’s


challenges through

ICT. The centre

will also

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MUBS - Drake

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PhD pg 10

Enabling the future through research 1

CAPA is an African wide

association that brings together

technical and vocational

institutions of the

commonwealth countries

in Africa. MUBS is been a

member of CAPA and is

an active participant in the

CAPA activities. CAPA is

intended to bring together

polytechnic to benchmark,

learn from one another and

discuss common problems

to find common approaches

to common problems. The

conferences are held thrice

a year in different member

countries. The conference

enables the teachers in the

polytechnic to research and

share research findings

with colleagues.

A unique feature of the

CAPA is that even administrative

staff write papers

or their stories about their

practical experience and

share them at the conference.

This conference was


DCJ opens CAPA conference - continued

Enabling the future through research

dominated by delegates

from Kenya who had over

40 participants; this was

followed by Nigeria with

about 30 participants.

The conference attracted

over 150 participants from

Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda,

Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi,

Zambia, Mozambique

among others.

On this occasion only

one paper came from host

Uganda. However the conference

was rated highly

successful and international

participants were

pleased with Uganda’s hospitality.

The Aims and Objectives

of CAPA focus on the development

and improvement

of technical education

and training, and the

The international and local participants in a group photo during the CAPA conference

“The best way to predict the future is to

invent it.”

Alan Kay


transfer and development

of technology. In terms

of membership development,

CAPA has recorded

very impressive gains since

1978. Starting with a modest

membership of about 20

in 1978, the members have

increased to 195 by 2010

distributed throughout the

eighteen countries of Commonwealth

Africa as follows:-

Botswana1; Gambia 1;

Ghana10; Kenya 41; Lesotho

1; Malawi 9; Mauritius

1; Namibia 1; Nigeria 50;

Seychelles 1; Sierra-Leone

3; Swaziland 1; Tanzania

23; Uganda 10; Zambia 31;

Zimbabwe 7, Republic of

South Africa 1 and Mozambique


The Deputy Chief Justice,

Alice Mpagi Bahigeine

who was the guest of

honor commended MUBS

for her tremendous and

tireless efforts of making a

contribution through to the

economic development of

the country.

“First get your facts; then you can

distort them at your leisure.”

Mark Twain

The 2nd Annual International

Leadership Conference

The second Annual International

Leadership Conference

(AILC) was successfully

held at the Serena

hotel between 16th -18th of

June 2011. The conference

was preceded by a training

of young managers in the

leadership skills and a colourful

exhibition of photographs

and stories of different

world leaders. Nelson

Mandela’s pictures told his

story of the struggle against


The main conference had

a number of tracks including

that of Women and

one Political. The Women

truck that was chaired by

H.E the former Vice President

Specioza Wandira

Naigaga. Among the presenters

were Hon Miria

Matembe,Hon Margret

Ziwa and Prof. Chanika

Jones. Prof. Jones a Visiting

Professor at MUBS set

Participants in a group photo after the conference

the tone for the discussion

when she highlighted the

conditions under which

women are relegated. The

academic component had

various papers presented

by professors from India,

Ghana, Nigeria among others.

The MUBS research

community was well presented.

Leadership Conference pictorial

Dr. Chanika Jones Associate

Professor of Criminology

from Southern University

Ms. Bridget Namubiru

Lecturer MUBS

Dr.G.V.Joshi from Justice

K.S. Hegde Institute of

Management -India

Dr. Joseph Ntayi Dean

Faculty of Computing

and Management Science

Ms. Saada Kimuli a Lec

turer in the Department

of Entrepreneurship

Ms. Regis Namuddu-

Director, Leadership


Dr. Abed Bwanika

President Peoples Development

Party (PDP)

Fr. Dr. Lawrence L.

Ssemusu- Chaplain and

Spors tutor - MUBS

Enabling the future through research 3

Research Awards


MUBS recognised

her best performers

at the May graduation


MUBS recognised

several members of

Enabling the future through research

MUBS awards best

performers in research

L-R Prof. Augustine Ahiauzu and Prof. J.C

Munene at the 6th MUBS graduation ceremony

A paper titled ‘Personal Savings

and Entrepreneurship

among Ugandan Women’ authored

by MUBS staff members

Sam Dawa, Rebecca Namatovu

and Fiona Mulira is one

of 10 papers from across Af-

staff including Prof.

Augustine Ahiauzu,

Prof. JC Munene,

Ms. Eyaa Sarah Balamu

and Ms. Rebecca

Namatovu Dawa.

Prof. Augustine Ahiauzu

and Prof. JC Munene

were recognized

for their contribution

to the development of

research and supervision

of doctoral candidates

in MUBS. Prof.

Munene started working

with MUBS in the

early 1990s and Prof.

Ahiauzu in 1995 they

both pioneered the

doctoral programmes

Ms. Eya Sarah


rica that has won a travel and

accommodation scholarship

from the Africa Academy of

Management for its presentation

at this year’s conference in

San Antonio, Texas in August

and possible inclusion in the

Africa Journal of Economics

and Management Studies. The

trio had earlier landed an invitation

to be on an Expert Panel

on Women Entrepreneurship

at the Academy of Management

conference this year. It is

these academic achievements

that improve the profile of

MUBS which rubs off on all

of us. Once again, congratulations

to Sam, Fiona and Rebecca.

Papers by MUBS staff members

that were accepted for

presentation but not necessarily

scholarship were authored

in MUBS.

Rebecca was recognised

for her contribution

to research. In the

first issue we wrote

about her as having

won an award of US

dollars 100,000 with

her team.

Ms. Rebecca

Namatovu Dawa

MUBS Dons win scholarship

Ms. Fiona Mulira

Lecturer Human Resource


by Sarah Kyejjusa, Janet Kyogabirwe

and Vincent Bagire,

Dr. Warren Byabasaija and

Prof. Samuel Sejjaaka.

“Nothing stops the

man who

desires to achieve.

Every obstacle is

simply a course to

develop his

achievement muscle.

It ’s a strengthening

of his powers of accomplishment.”

Eric Butterworth

Profiles John

Prof. J. C Munene

C. Munene

(PhD, BirckBeck College,

University of

London, 1981) is a

Professor of Organisational

and Industrial

Psychology at Makerere

University Business

School. In both

current research and

consultancy interests

Professor Munene occupies

a competence

development niche in

Rebecca joined

MUBS in 2002 as a

teaching assistant

in the Department

of Finance. She rose

through the ranks to

the position of Lecturer.

She holds an

Msc in Accounting &


Rebecca first encounteredentrepre-

neurship research

when she was hired

as a research assistant

in the Global Entrepreneurship


Uganda, a research

project hosted in

MUBS. She has since

then been appointed

Project manager of

GEM Uganda, a role

that entails running

the survey, pre-analysis

and authoring part

of the GEM Uganda


Rebecca has in the

last two years been at

the helm of authoring

fundable research

projects. She is the

Prof. John C. Munene

Human Resources-

Management, Organisational

and institutional


He has a wide experience

in the Public

Sector, NGO Sector,

Public Enterprise/

Authority Sector and

Private Sector. Professor

Munene is the

founding Director of

PILA Consultants and

has conducted several

organisational development


in high profile organizations

in Uganda

and across the entire

East Africa region. He

designed the Rwanda

National Tourism

and Wildlife Training

Strategy for the

Republic of Rwanda

lead author of the

Marginalized Group


project funded by a

Canadian Government’s

IDRC research

grant of $100,000. She

also co-authored the

Youth and Employment:

Role of Entrepreneurship


research project running

in 3 African

countries. This project

is funding 2 PhDs in


Ms. Namatovu is

also the co-author of

four entrepreneurship

publications that are

Government. Prior He

worked in England

as a trainer for three

years. He also taught

OD, training, and Organisational

theory at

Jos University.

He is now an Adjunct

Professor of

Human Resources

at Ghana Institute

of Management and

Public Administration.

Professor Munene

is the African Ambassador

on the Human

Resources Division of

the American Academy

of Management

and is a member of the

International Academy

of African Business


International Associa-

Ms. Rebecca Namatovu Dawa

Ms. Rebecca

Namatovu Dawa

in press in international

journals. She is

also a co-author of the

Students Training in

Entrepreneurship Promotion

(STEP) module

on finding start-up

capital, part of which

is due for publication

in the Academy of

Management Conference.

Rebecca is the local

lead researcher of

two entrepreneurship

research collaborations

between MUBS

and the Universities

of California, Long

Beach and the University

of Minnesota in

the USA.

Rebecca was a winner

of a best paper

award and commendation

at the Entrepreneurship

in Africa

conference 2010 held

in New York, USA and

the Academy of Innovation

and Entrepreneurship


2010 held in Beijing,


tion of Applied Psychologists;


Psychological Association;


Association of Cross-

Cultural Psychologists;

and Organisation

for Social Science

Research in Eastern

and Southern Africa.

He has presented

several papers on the

application of competence

models in Africa

in international fora

and has completed

a manuscript on the

Competences of Public

Service Chief Executives

in Public Sector

Undergoing Change.

He is famously

known among MUBS

graduate students as

“Don’t eat mangoes”

Her tireless and

exemplary research

efforts have been rewarded

with a special

invitation to the 2011

Annual Academy of

Management conference

in San Antonio,

Texas, USA to sit on a

special panel discussion

on women entrepreneurship.

In recognition of her

tireless efforts in entrepreneurship


she recently was appointed

by the Regional

Center for Enterprise


to be a faculty mentor

on Micro Small and

Medium Sized Enterprises


She recently received

an award from

MUBS in recognition

of her continuous and

consistent research efforts.

Enabling the future through research 5


MUBS conferences in pictures

Participants of the of the 2nd Annual International Leadership Conference pose for a group photo at the closure

of the conference

Prof. Waswa Balunywa (left) handing over a present

to Dr. Ntayi after his presentation during the 2nd AILC

L & R - Dr. Samuel Sejjaaka, Dr. Chanika Jones,

Council Chairman Dr. Collin Sentongo and Prof.

Waswa Balunywa during the conference dinner

Enabling the future through research

From L - R Ms. Edith Basalirwa Head Department of

Entreprenuership, Ms. Florence Lunkuse School Librarian

and Ms. Gorrette Kyeyune School Bursar at the 2nd AILC

Phina Mugerwa “Massanyalaze” or “Ugandan Shakila”

entertaining participants during the Leadership Conference

at Serena hotel

MUBS conferences in pictures

From left to right Col. Felix Kulayigye, Hon Salam Musumba, RDC Fred Bamwine

and former presidential candidate Abed Bwanika

From left to right Dr. Chanika Jones, Hon Margret

Ziwa, former Vice President Specioza Wandira Naigaga

and Hon Miria Matembe

The Director of the Leadership Centre Ms. Regis

Namuddu (centre) with the ushers during the leadership

conference at Serena hotel

Mr. BSK Bataringaya,the

Director ICT centre Charles

Olupot (centre) and Mr.

Richard Bekalaze during the

launch of the ICT centre

MUBS team that participated in ICT for Africa Conference

with Prof. Waswa Balunywa in Lagos Nigeria.

Left is Ms. Anne Begumisa the School Registrar and

other participants during the 2nd Annual International

Leadership Conference

Enabling the future through research 7

MUBS research collaborations


Enabling the future through research

Dean Edwards from Drake

university visits MUBS

As part of the collaboration

with Drake University

(USA) students annually

visit MUBS. This May

18 students visited MUBS

with 6 members of staff

including the Dean of College

of Business and Public

Administration Charlie

Edwards. Three of the staff

remained back to perform

the visiting professorship

role including supervising

doctoral candidates and

research with individual

staff. The three are Prof.

Tom Root, Prof. Deborah

Bishop and Prof. Jimmy

The students from Drake University in a group picture with

Prof. Waswa Balunywa (centre)

Students from Xavier Institute of Management

and Research (XIMR) visit MUBS

The students from Xavier Institute of Management in a

group picture with Prof. Waswa Balunywa (3rd from


“Competing against each other

leaves little space for reciprocity

and the growth of social capital.

Running against another in

a race may benefit our speed, but

jointly organising the sports day

produces cooperation and trust.

There are many situations where

Xavier Institute of Management

& Research in Mumbai

(India). A group of 15 students

spent a the month of May in

MUBS. 11 of them were attached

to companies for internship

and understanding how

companies in Uganda are run.

Four of the students were doing

research in hair products, body

products and water. The Leadership

Center and the Entreprenuership

Center are working

with the Xavier Institute of

Management on a research on

women social exclusion in universities

cooperation and reciprocity are

more effective than competition.

Civic virtues come from building

on what we have in common rather

than by using our differences to

create in-groups, outgroups and

fear driven competition”

Eva Cox

MUBS collaborates with academicians from

leading universities in the world

MUBS has entered into a number

of collaborations with world

class institutions so as to benchmark

best practices in business

and management training and

research. This has led to superior

performance in service delivery

and has enabled MUBS to improve

the quality of its courses

and reaching new heights of being

the leading provider of Business

and Management Education in

the region. We bring you some of

the staff MUBS collaborates with

from Drake University and there

brief profiles

Dean Charlie Edwards

visited MUBS and discussions

were held on how

the two institutions (MUBS

and Drake University)

would carry out research


Edwards was named

Dean of the School of Journalism

and Mass Communication

in March 2002. In

June 2003, he added Dean

Dr. Debra Bishop is a visiting

professor in the Department

of Management


Dr. Debra S. Bishop

has been on the faculty

at Drake University since

1996. She holds a Ph.D.

in Industrial Engineering

Tom Root Associate

Professor Drake University

of the College of Business

and Public Administration

to his responsibilities.

In August 2004, Edwards

was named the Dean of

the School of Management

and Communication, a

joint venture of the School

of Journalism and Mass

Communication and the

College of Business and

Public Administration. Dean Charlie Edwards

Dr. Debra Bishop

Asst Professor

Professor Jimmy Senteza is a visisting

Professor in the Department of Finance in

MUBS. He has a wealth experience from

the different positions he has held at Drake

university. He is currently Assistant Professor

in the Department of College of Business

and Public Administration at Drake


He did his PhD in June 2000 from Washington

State University and his PhD thesis

is Changes in Institutional Ownership and

Abnormal returns when stocks change

trading Market.

His teaching and research interests are in

International Financ and Geographic areas

of special interest in Africa.

Prof. Tom Root is a visiting

professor in the Department

of Finance in

MUBS. His role as visiting

professors includes

supervising students both

at masters and PhD level

among others. This is one

of the experiences that sets

MUBS students apart from

other students.

Tom Root is associate

professor in the College of

from Iowa State University

where she was an AT&T

Bell Labs Student Fellow.

Dr. Bishop is the Director

of the John Pappajohn

Entrepreneurial Center

and an Assistant Professor

teaching Operations Management.

Business and Public Administration

at Drake University

where he teaches in

the Finance Department.

He teaches Corporate Finance

and Financial Institutions

Management at

the undergraduate level,

and Financial Risk Management

and Strategic Financial

Processes in the

MBA program. He earned

his bachelors of science,

Prof. Jimmy Senteza

Assistant Professor

Drake University

He serves on five community

boards in Iowa:

the Greater Des Moines

Community Foundation,

Des Moines Art Center, the

Iowa College Foundation,

the State Board of Education,

and President of the

Gardner and Florence Call

Cowles Foundation.

Dr. Bishop has work

experience in the semiconductor


field and does consulting

in the area of process improvement.

masters and PhD degrees

in economics at the University

of Kansas. Root has

been recognized for his

teaching and was voted

by students to receive the

Graduate Teaching Award

in the College of Business

and Public Administration

in Spring 2004. He also received

the College’s Harry

L. Wolk Research Award in

Spring 2006.

Enabling the future through research 9


MUBS ICT centre launched -continued

The center will also organise

the ICT for Africa Conference

that will be held by

MUBS in 2012. The International

Conference on ICT

for Africa is a conference

that brings together stakeholders

of the educational

and industrial sectors in

Africa, with the aim of reflecting

on how to transfer,

diffuse and adopt the Information

and Communication

Technologies (ICTs)

within the African context;

the innovation and development

of ICT solutions for

and within this context; im-

MUBS continues to accumulate

PhDs in a bid to

reaffirm her leadership position

in Business and Management

education training

in the region and to also

strengthen her research


Early this year we

brought to you six members

of staff who had completed

their PhDs and these

included; Dr. Nixon Kamukama,

Dr. Arthur Sserwanga,

Dr. Moses Kamya,

Dr. Isaac Magoola and Dr.

Jotham Byarugaba. This

time we present to you Dr.

Isabalija Stepen Robert who

has just completed his PhD

from Southern University,

Louisiana, USA. He did his

PhD in Public Policy and

International Relations.

Dr. Isabalija is a lecturer

at Makerere University

Business School in the Faculty

of Management. He

lectures and researches

change management, innovation

and organizational


He is the Head of the In-

Enabling the future through research

pacts of ICT on society and

of society on ICT; and other

relevant normative, empirical,

and theoretical concerns

of ICT development,

implementation, strategy,

management and policy

that are distinctive to Africa

and associated developing


MUBS to hold

the ICT for Africa

Conference in 2012

Dr. Isabalija S. Robert

and Prof. Victor Mbarika

stitute of Change Management

and Public Policy at

the International Center for

Information Technology

and Development (ICITD)

- USA.

Dr. Isabalija is a Finance

and Management Specialist

with Post-Graduate Training

and considerable field

experience in Specialized

Financial Management and

Project Management Skills

From L- R Dr. Chanika Jones, Prof. Victor Mbarika

and Prof. Waswa Balunywa during the launch of the

ICT Centre

Yet another PhD for MUBS

in Donor and Government

Accounting in areas of

Budgeting, Value-for-Money

Audits, Project Accounting,

Contract Accounting

and Management, Treasury

Management, Credit Management,

Project Management

and Evaluation, and

Financial Manual Writing.

He has participated in the

management, design and

implementation of a number

of consultancies with

public and private sector

institutions including

the Uganda Government,

World Bank, The Royal

Danish Embassy, Catholic

Relief Services, International

Foundation for Election

Systems and Ecumenical

Church Loan Fund.

Robert has been working

with donor-funded Projects

both in NGO’s and Government

institutions for the

last ten (10) years and his

work has been published

in conference proceedings

of the 2009 International

Academy of African Business.

Of all the

things you

have done, we


salute this

one; because

It proves that

hard work and

dedication can

always make

a difference.



you have made

us (MUBS)



Leadership Centre

Research Grants

Applications are invited from Scholars and Researchers

interested in the study of Leadership and Governance.

MUBS Leadership Centre offers small grants of up to

shillings 5 to successful applicants. The proposals should

be sent to the Director Leadership Centre.

The proposals should follow the MUBS research format.

The format is available at the Leadership Centre office,

MUBS Annex Farady Road Bugolobi, the Principal’s Office

Makerere University Business School, Nakawa or on


Contact Director Leadership Centre Tel 0414-220818/ 072836007/07525414,


Enabling the future through research 11






Doctor of Business Administration

Masters of Business Administration

Masters of Business Administration

(Weekend Module).

Masters of Science in Accounting & Finance

Masters of Science in Marketing

Masters in Leadership and Governance

Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship

Masters of Human Resources Management

Masters of Procurement and supplies


Masters of Banking and Investment.

Masters of Hospitality and Tourism Mgt

Masters in Economic Policy and




Bachelor of Human Resources Management

Bachelor of Leadership and Governance Mgt



Bachelors of Entrepreneurship

Bachelors of Business Administration



Bachelor of International Business

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Bachelor of Leisure and Hospitality Mgt

Bachelor of Catering and Hotel Mgt

Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Mgt


Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Science Accounting

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Bachelor of Real estate Management

Bachelor of Science in Finance



Bachelor of Business Computing

Bachelor of Office and Information Mgt

Bachelor of Procurement & Supply Chain


Bachelor of Business Statistics.

Bachelor of Transport & Logistics Mgt

Enabling your future through research



Postgraduate Diploma in

Business Administration

Postgraduate Diploma in

Micro Finance Mgt

Postgraduate Diploma in

Human Resource Mgt.

Postgraduate Diploma in ICT

Policy and Regulation

Postgraduate Diploma

Procurement & Supplies Mgt

Postgraduate Diploma Project




Diploma in Business


Diploma in Human Resource


Diploma in Local Government

Administration Mgt

Diploma in Local Government

Finance Mgt

Diploma in Project Planning &


Diploma in Procurement and

Supplies Mgt

Diploma in Office Mgt

Diploma in Secretarial Studies

(in service)

Diploma in Recreation and

Events mgt

Diploma in Hotel and Restau

raunt Mgt

Diploma in Transport Mgt

Diploma in Business


Diploma in Entrepreneurship

and small business Mgt

Diploma in Computer Studies

Diploma in Computer Science

Diploma in Accounting &


Diploma in Sales & Marketing


Diploma in Transport &

Logistics Mgt

Diploma in International




Certified Public Accountants of

Uganda (CPA-U)

Accounting Technician

Certificates of Uganda (ATC-U)

Association of Chartered

Certified Accountants (ACCA)

Institute of Chartered Secretaries

& Administrators (ICSA)

Chartered Institute of Marketing


Chartered Institute of

Purchasing & Supply (CIPS)




Uganda College of

Commerce - Aduku

Uganda College of

Commerce - Kabale

Uganda College of

Commerce - Pakwach

Uganda College of

Commerce - Soroti

Uganda College of

Commerce - Tororo



Jinja Study Centre

Mbarara Study Centre

Arua Study Centre

The School opened study

centres in Jinja Arua and

Mbarara . In order to decongest

the main campus and

increase access to business

education to up country areas.

The centres are avenues to expose

and market the School

programmes, enable working

people have access to opportunities

for furthering their education

and skill development.

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