Palm Sunday

Fourth of Sunday the

Passion of Lent of the Lord

March 18, 2012

April 1, 2012


Monsignor John J. McCann | Pastor

Father Allan Sikorski | Associate Pastor

Deacon Frank X. Bice

Deacon Charles Kammerer

Dr. Jo-Ann Metzdorff | Pastoral Associate

Monsignor John. J. Skelly | Pastor Emeritus

1300 Northern Boulevard | Manhasset, New York 11030

516 627 0385 | Fax 516 627 6070

Parish Mission Statement

We, the community of Saint Mary’s, Manhasset, building on our rich heritage of Catholic faith and tradition, center

ourselves in the Eucharist and honor God in proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Guided by the Holy Spirit, we seek to be the presence of Christ through our liturgical, educational and social ministries.

We dedicate our time, talent and treasure to the service of all as we build the kingdom of God in our world. We commit

to this mission in the name of Jesus Christ.

Church of Saint Mary

1300 Northern Boulevard

Manhasset, New York 11030

(516) 627-0385

Fax (516) 627-6070

Schedule of Masses

Monday–Friday 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM

Saturday 5:00 PM

Sunday 7:30 AM, 9:00 AM (Family Mass),

10:30 AM, 12:00 Noon and 5:00 PM

Sacrament of Penance

Saturdays from 4:00-4:45 PM and by

appointment. Please call 627-0385.

Anointing of the Sick

Th e Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick

is celebrated in the Chapel on the second

Sunday of the month following the

10:30 AM Mass. If you are unable to come

to Church, please call the Parish Offi ce to

make arrangements for Anointing or to

receive the Eucharist.

Parish Offi ce

627-0385 | Fax 627-6070

Monday - Th ursday 9:00 AM–8:00 PM

Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

Saturday 8:30 AM–5:00 PM

Sunday 9:45 AM–1:30 PM


Parish Social Ministry


Monday-Th ursday 9:45 AM-12:00 Noon

1:00 PM-4:00 PM

Offi ce of Faith Formation

Grades 1-8 | 627-4028

Grades 9-12 | 627-5759

Monday 11:00 AM-9:00 PM

Wednesday 9:00 AM–5:00 PM

Tuesday and Th ursday 9:00 AM–6:00 PM

Closed on Friday


Pastoral Staff

Rev. Msgr. John J. McCann


627-0385 | ext. 1004

Fr. Allan Sikorski

Associate Pastor

627-0385 | ext. 1006

Fr. Raphael Soadwah

Assistant Priest


Fr. Vincent Ritchie, SJ

In Residence


Dr. Jo-Ann Metzdorff

Pastoral Associate

627-0385 | ext. 1010

Deacon Frank Bice


Deacon Charles Kammerer


Deacon Jacob Onyumbe


Parish Staff

Martha Brincat

Music Director

627-0385 | ext. 1021

Anthony Chiofolo


627-0385 | ext. 1007

Lorraine Czarniak

Director of Faith Formation

Gr. K–8

627-4028 | ext. 1127

Th eresa Perrella Gaudiuso

Parish and Elementary School

Offi ce of Development

627-0385 | ext. 1000

Terence Goff

Choir Director

627-0385 | ext. 1021

Vincent Hartley

Facilities Manager

627-0385 | ext. 1002

Patricia McDonough

Director of Youth Ministry

(Faith Formation Gr. 9-12)


Christine Sutherland

Coordinator of Parish

Social Ministry

365-2705 | ext. 1126

Eileen Symmons ‘86

Director of Communications

627-0385 | ext. 1001

St. Mary’s Elementary School


Celeste M. Checchia, PhD


Elaine Drzymalski

Assistant Principal

St. Mary’s High School


Grace M. Cavallo


Jonathan D. Kramer ‘92


Kristin Lynch Graham ‘88

Director of Development

and Alumni Relations


From the Pastor’s Desk

Holy Week

During this Holy Week we have the opportunity to enter

liturgically into the Passion, Death and Resurrection of

Jesus Christ. I invite you to set aside the time to allow

yourself to participate in as many of the Holy Week

services as possible.

If you have not yet celebrated the Sacrament of Penance

this Lent, plan to do so this week. Confessions will be

heard on Monday from 3:00 to 9:00 PM and on Good

Friday and Holy Saturday from 9:30 to 10:30 AM.

Th e Easter Mass Schedule

Th e Mass of the Easter Vigil will be celebrated at 8:00 PM

on Holy Saturday. It is the only Mass on Holy Saturday.

On Easter Sunday, Mass will be celebrated in the Church

at 7:30 AM, 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM and 12:15 PM.

Two additional Masses will be celebrated in the

Elementary School’s Wiest Gymnasium at 10:45 AM and

12:30 PM. Th e Wiest Gymnasium is on the lower level of

the Elementary School. For those who have diffi culty with

the stairs, there is an elevator to the Gym level. Th ere will

be no 5:00 PM on Easter Sunday.

Sunday of Divine Mercy

Th e Sunday of Divine Mercy is celebrated on the Sunday

following Easter. A Divine Mercy Service will be held at

3:00 PM on Sunday, April 15th.

God Bless!

Msgr. John J. McCann

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord | April 1, 2012

Holy Week and Easter


Saint Mary’s

Monday, April 2nd

Masses: 7:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 12:00 Noon

Confessions: 3:00 to 9:00 PM.

Tuesday, April 3rd

Masses: 7:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 12:00 Noon

Wednesday, April 4th

Masses: 7:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 12:00 Noon

Holy Th ursday, April 5th

9:00 AM Morning Prayer

7:30 PM Mass of the Lord’s Supper

with Procession of the Blessed

Sacrament to the Altar of Repose.

Adoration will follow Mass

until Midnight in the Chapel.

Good Friday, April 6th

A Day of Fast and Abstinence

9:00 AM Morning Prayer

9:30 to 10:30 AM Confessions

3:00 PM Liturgy of the Passion

7:30 PM Living Stations of the Cross

Holy Saturday, April 7th

9:00 AM Morning Prayer

9:30 to 10:30 AM Confessions

8:00 PM Mass of the Easter Vigil

Easter Sunday, April 8th

Note the special Mass schedule:

Church: 7:30 AM, 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM,

12:15 PM

Elementary School Gym: 10:45 AM, 12:30 PM

No 5:00 PM Mass on Easter Sunday

Stewards of God’s Gifts

Good stewards strive to conform their lives to that of Christ—emptying themselves of all pride and putting

themselves at the service of others.

We are grateful this week for all stewards in our parish who have committed to supporting the vision

and mission of Jesus—to build the Kingdom of God—by serving others through ministry.


We celebrate Baptism at 2:00 PM on the Second and

Fourth Sundays of the month. Please call to arrange for

a pre-baptismal interview. Parents are required to attend

a baptism preparation session held once every month.

Th ose chosen as sponsors for Baptism should lead lives

in harmony with the Catholic faith and the role of



At least six months before you plan to be married and

before you make arrangements for the reception, please

make an appointment with one of the priests to begin the

necessary preparations.

Children’s Education

Saint Mary’s Elementary School off ers excellent education

in the spirit of the Gospel from grades N, Pre-K to Eighth

grade. For information call 627-0184.

Empowering Character, Innovation and Leadership in

our students, Saint Mary’s High School is a dynamic,

contemporary, Catholic value-centered school, combining

a commitment to academic excellence and educational

innovation, with a passion for learning, and an emphasis

on moral character development through the pursuit of

truth and discovered in faith and reason. For information

call 627-2711.

Th e Faith Formation Program provides excellent formation

in the Catholic Faith for children in public or private

schools. Preparation for First Holy Communion and

Confi rmation requires two years. All classes are held at

Have you enrolled yet? Visit Our parish code is NY281.

We Care for Our Parish Community

Church of Saint Mary | 4

St. Mary’s. Grades 1 through 5 meet on Tuesdays and

Th ursdays from 4:30 to 5:30 PM. Families choose which

day. Grades 6, 7 and 8 meet on Mondays from 7:30 to

8:30 PM. For information about Grades 1-8 call 627-4028

and for Grades 9-12 call 627-5759.

Parish Social Ministry

We care for our sisters and brothers through our Parish

Social Ministry and Food Pantry. For information call


Youth Ministry

We reach out to our teens though our Youth Ministry

Program. For information call 627-5759.

New Parishioners

We welcome new members to the Catholic Church and to

Saint Mary’s Parish. If you are new in the area or interested

in learning more about the Catholic faith, please call the

Parish Offi ce.

Opportunities For Prayer

Th e Church is open Monday to Friday until 8:45 PM

and on Saturday and Sunday until the end of the 5:00

PM Mass so that we may have the opportunity for quiet

prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. Th e Miraculous

Medal Novena is said each Monday following the 9:00

AM Mass. Monday to Friday the Rosary is said following

the 9:00 AM Mass. Eucharistic Adoration is held every

Th ursday from 1:00 to 8:00 PM in the Chapel. On First

Saturdays the Scriptural Rosary is recited following the

8:00 AM Mass. Each Monday evening a Rosary Service

is held at 7:00 PM.

Masses and Special Intentions

Please Pray for the Ill

Livia Richards

James P. Rice

Mary Santucci

Patricia Tietjen Gagliardo Rick Hinshaw

Joseph Procopio

Kevin Byrnes

Teresa Aretakis

Betty Butler

Audrey Brensic

Dr. Stella Reyes

Eugene Travers

Dorothy Michaelson Billy Fischer

Martin Cavanagh Janet Mahoney

Names will remain on the list for three months. Please notify the Bulletin Editor

if you would like to continue with the listing.

In Memoriam

Please pray for our loved ones who have gone before us.

John O’Keefe Sophie Tressa

Please Remember Th ose Serving in the Military

125th Brigade Support Battalion

23rd Marine Regiment

25th Marine Regiment

Abbott, Kyle C., LCpl, USMC

Alexander, James W., CPT, USA

Amerson, Jason, CPT, USA

Arnold, James, LCpl USMC

Avasthi, David, 2d Lt, USAF

Baber, Joseph, Maj, USAF

Broderick, Evan, SGT, USA

Broderick, Steven, SN, USN

Brown, Jason, SGT, USA

Cannon, Garrett E., PFC, USMC

Conroy, Craig, PFC, USA

Delaney, Matthew, LCDR, USN

DiStefano, Matthew, Capt, USAF

Drury, Patrick, ENS, USN

Fontanetta, Joseph, 1stLt, USMC

Higgins, James, GySgt USMC

Hilton, Justin, PVT, USA

Hilton, Nathaniel, PVT, USA

Horner, Brian G., 2ndLt, USMC

Howard, Edward, PV2, USA

Keating, Peter, Col, USMC

Keating, Th omas, Col, USMC

Keenom, Chris, SrA, USAF

Keenom, Craig, SrA, USAF

Lanza, Anthony E., LtCol, USMC

Miller, Ryan, 2ndLt, USMC

O’Leary, Jason, SSgt, USAF

Petracca, Evan L., LTJG, USN

Polowczyk, John P., CAPT, USN

Rodi, Caroline G., LCDR, USN

Sharkey, John J., LtCol, USMC

Spivak III, Edmund, Capt, USAF

Unger, Matthew J., SPC, USA

Vaughan, Kevin, Cpl, USMC

Wilson, Gordon S., CDR, USN

If you have a service member that you would like to add to this list please contact

Fr. Sikorski via E-mail at Please include name, rank and

branch of service.

Mass Schedule

April 7th and April 8th. Subject to change without notice.

Saturday, April 7th - Eastrer Vigil

8:00 PM Msgr. John J. McCann

Sunday, April 8th - Easter

7:30 AM Fr. Jeremias George

9:00 AM Fr. Raphael Soadwah (Dn. Jacob preaching)

10:30 AM Msgr. John J. McCann

10:45 AM (Wiest Gym) Fr. Raphael Soadwah (Dn. Jacob preaching)

12:15 PM Fr. Vincent Ritchie

12:30 PM (Wiest Gym) Fr. Allan Sikorski

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord | April 1, 2012

Masses for the Week

Monday, April 2nd

Is 42:1-7, Jn 12:1-11

7:00 AM | Carol Concannon

9:00 AM | Barbara Benz

12:00 Noon | Geraldine Baker

Tuesday, April 3rd

Is 49:1-6, Jn 13:21-33, 36-38

7:00 AM | Charles LaSalle

9:00 AM | Joseph Iannacci

12:00 Noon | Paul Zing

Wednesday, April 4th

Is 50:4-9a, Mt 26:14-25

7:00 AM | Florence Ciampa

9:00 AM | Walter Fischer

12:00 Noon | Juanita Figueroa

Th ursday, April 5th

Holy Th ursday

Ex 12:1-8, 11-14, 1 Cor 11:23-26,

Jn 13:1-15

9:00 AM | Morning Prayer

7:30 PM | Mass of the Lord’s Supper and

Procession of the Blessed Sacrament

to the Altar of Repose with Adoration

until Midnight

Friday, April 6th

Good Friday of the Passion of the Lord

Is 52:13-53:12, Heb 4:14-16, 5:7-9,

Jn 18:1-19:42

9:00 AM | Morning Prayer

3:00 PM | Liturgy of the Passion

7:30 PM | Living Stations of the Cross

Saturday, April 7th

Holy Saturday

Gen 1:1-2:2, Ex 14:15-15:1, Is 55:1-11,

Ez 36:16-17a, 18-28, Rom 6:3-11, Mk 16:1-7

9:00 AM | Morning Prayer

8:00 PM | Mass of the Easter Vigil

Sunday, April 8th

Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord

Acts 10:34a, 37-43, Col 3:1-4, Jn 20:1-9

Masses in the Church: 7:30, 9:00, 10:30 AM

& 12:15 PM

Masses in Wiest Gym: 10:45 AM & 12:30 PM

No 5:00 PM Mass on Easter Sunday

Holy Week


Th e Th ird Edition of the Roman Missal

Th e Th ird Edition of the Roman Missal, which was

implemented on the First Sunday of Advent, also contains

revisions for Holy Th ursday, Good Friday and the Easter

Vigil. Most of the changes aff ect the presider’s texts, but

there are a few revisions pertinent to the assembly.

Holy Th ursday - Th ere are no changes in the assembly’s

texts apart from the revisions already implemented for

Sunday Mass.

Good Friday - Th e term “Veneration of the Cross,”

has been changed to “Adoration of the Holy Cross.”

Refl ecting this change, the invitation and response during

the procession with the Cross has been revised. Th e priest

chants “Behold the wood of the Cross, on which hung the

salvation of the world,” and the assembly’s response is now

“Come, let us adore.” Th e major change in this liturgy is

that there is no longer the option to use more than one

Cross for adoration. To facilitate this change here at St.

Mary’s, adoration of the Cross will be off ered on the north

side of the Church fi rst and then the Cross will be moved

to the south side. Th e Cross is large enough so that more

than one person at a time may adore it. We adore the

Cross, the instrument of torture on which Jesus died. Th e

hymn Crux Fidelis (Faithful Cross) expresses this well:

Faithful Cross the Saints rely on, noble tree beyond compare!

Never was there such a scion, never leaf or fl ower so rare.

Sweet the timber, sweet the iron, see the burden that they bear.

Easter Vigil - Th e most noticeable change will be the

chanting of the Exsultet or Easter Proclamation. For many

years, we heard it sung as a hymn by the choir with a

congregational response. Th e revised rubrics state that it

must be sung as written in the Missal. It will be chanted

by the deacon using the traditional setting as few new

settings are available. Th e text is in the missalette if you

wish to follow along. Th is ancient text, written between

the second and fourth centuries and following the pattern

of a Eucharistic Prayer, is a blessing of the Paschal Candle.

Th is exquisite liturgical poetry takes us through salvation

history and also sings the praises of the candle, the work of

bees and human hands, which is a symbol of the Light of

Christ that we are called to keep burning.

Easter Sunday - Th e rubrics of Easter Sunday Mass

require the singing of the Easter Sequence before the

Gospel Acclamation. Th e text is in the Missalette.

Readings and Questions

for Faith Sharing

on Palm Sunday

Reading I: Isaiah 50:4-7

Th e Lord God is my help.

Reading II: Philippians 2:6-11

He emptied himself, taking the form of a slave.

Gospel: Mark 14:1-15:47

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

Question for Adults:

Have I ever felt that God had

abandoned me? How was my trust is his love

and forgiveness restored?

Question for Children:

What would I say to Jesus

if I met him carrying his cross to Calvary?

Pastoral Council

Minutes of the Pastoral Council Meeting

of March 15, 2012

Submitted by John M. Iacono

Members of the Council present: Fran Bourget, Alexander

Burke, Edward Wachowicz, Ronnie Masterson, John

Iacono, Janet McHale, Gloria Alvir and Msgr. John

McCann. Th e meeting came to order at 7:25 PM.

Th e fi rst item on the agenda was a scriptural reading

followed by refl ection and discussion.

Th e following items were discussed and deliberated:

1. Th e increasing practice of saving of seats for friends

and relatives at the 4:00 PM Vigil Mass on Christmas

Eve. After discussion it was decided that this practice

should not be allowed to continue. It is unfair to the

elderly and disabled and to those who come before 4:00

PM and see empty seats only to be told that they are


2. Discussion of the optional practice at Funeral

Masses of off ering a “Refl ection on the Faith Life of

the Deceased.” Th is matter was brought to the Council’s

attention because too often what is said at this time should

not be said in Church during the Holy Sacrifi ce of the

Mass. It would be better said at the funeral home during

the wake or at the funeral lunch.

Th e following are the Parish guidelines on refl ections

given at Funeral Masses:

A refl ection on the faith life of the deceased is optional.

If a family chooses to ask a family member or friend to

off er a short (two or three minutes) refl ection on the faith

life of the deceased, the completed typed text must be

submitted to the Parish Offi ce the day before the Funeral

Mass or earlier. Th e Parish Offi ce is open from 9:00 AM

to 8:00 PM Monday through Th ursday; 9:00 AM to 5:00

PM on Friday; 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday; and

9:45 AM to 1:30 PM on Sunday.

• Th e refl ection is not to be a eulogy. In our Catholic

tradition, eulogies are not given at Funeral Masses,

but rather during the wake service or at the gathering

following the funeral.

• Th e refl ection speaks about how the deceased

refl ected Christ to others by the manner of their

life. It is not biographical or an account of the

deceased’s achievements in life.

• Th e refl ection is never extemporaneous, but always

prepared well before the Funeral Mass and given to

the priest celebrant the day before for review with the

possibility of editing.

• Th e refl ection is given from the cantor’s stand. Th e

pulpit is reserved for the scripture readings, homily

and general intercessions.

• Only one refl ection is to be given. If others wish

to speak on behalf of the deceased, they should do

so at the wake service or the gathering following the


• Refl ections not presented the day before the

Funeral Mass may not be given.

Th e Pastoral Council will continue to monitor this matter.

3. Tuition policy for Faith Formation was discussed.

A suggestion was made that there be a two-tier tuition

schedule for the Faith Formation Program: one fee for

those who contribute in the weekly off ertory collection

and a higher tuition for those who do not. It was decided

that we would continue with a one-tier fee schedule.

4. A discussion concerning the timing of the second

collection during Mass took place. A parishioner

had suggested that because of the number of people

who leave Mass early, when there is a second collection,

that it be taken up right after the fi rst collection at the

Off ertory. Th e decision was made to continue the present

practice. Th e Off ertory collection will always be for

the Parish and any additional collections shall be made

after Communion. Th e Pastoral Council encourages the

parishioners to utilize the services of Faith Direct as their

method of making contributions to the Parish.

5. A report was given by Mr. Ed Wachowicz, member

of the Diocesan Pastoral Council. Some of the issues

reported were:

• Th ere is a declining Catholic population on Long


• Schools will be consolidated to reduce costs.

• Th e long term plan is to keep the viable schools open.

• Th ere is also a shrinking child population which is

having an eff ect on the closing of public schools as


• Bishop Murphy has announced a “Year of Faith” to

begin in October of this year.

• Th e major seminaries of the Archdiocese of New

York and the Diocese of Rockville Center will be

consolidated and located at St. Joseph’s Seminary

(Dunwoodie) in Yonkers.

Th e meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord | April 1, 2012

Adult Faith Formation

Do You Know?

For the next few weeks, our question will come from the book Rediscover Catholicism. You have to read the book to

fi nd the answer.

Th is week’s question: According to Matthew Kelly, what are the four steps for evangelization?

Answer to last week’s question: What does Matthew Kelly feel we need to focus on in order for the Church to thrive

and grow and for us to be more spiritual people? Kelly believes the enemy of the Church is ignorance and indiff erence. He

feels education in the faith is paramount. He also believes that WE need to become evangelizers. We need to bring others

to Christ. He also writes that we all need to fi nd our vocation in life and challenge young people to consider a vocation to

the priesthood or religious life.

If you have a question you would like to see answered in this column, please call, write, or E-mail Jo-Ann Metzdorff in the

Parish Offi ce (627-0385 or

Please keep our Elect in your prayers this week as they enter into their fi nal preparations

to be baptized and to receive Confi rmation and First Eucharist at the Easter Vigil.

Our Elect will be celebrating the Preparation Rites following Morning Prayer on Holy

Saturday. All are welcome to celebrate with them.

Following the Easter Vigil Mass, please continue the celebration and congratulate

our newest Catholics by joining us for cake and coff ee in the Marian Room.


We hope that you enjoyed the fi rst fi ve sessions of Fr. Robert Barron’s CATHOLICISM series. We will resume with the other

fi ve episodes (4-8) on April 18th. Th ere is a slight change in that both the evening and morning sessions will be on

Wednesdays at 7:15 PM in Immaculata Auditorium and at 10:00 AM in the Marian Room respectively. Due to the

unavailability of the auditorium on Wednesday, May 16th, the video will be shown on Tuesday, May 15th, at 7:15 PM in

the auditorium.

Decorating the Church for Easter

Our Church always looks so beautiful on Easter but it doesn’t get that way without the help

of volunteers. If you can help with decorating, please come to the Church on Saturday,

April 7th, at 10:00 AM. Depending on how many people come to help, we should be

fi nished before Noon.

Church of Saint Mary | 8

Faith Formation | Grades 1-8

Liturgical Ministries

Is God Calling You

to Serve

as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

or a Lector?

We are in need of additional lectors and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMs). EMs must be 18 years of

age, registered and active members of the parish, and living a life in accord with Catholic moral teaching and marriage

laws. Diocesan training for liturgical ministers, both EMs and lectors, will take place on Saturday, April 14th, from 9:00

AM to 1:00 PM at Kellenberg High School in Uniondale, or Saturday, April 21st, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Mercy-

McGann High School in Riverhead (near the Tanger Outlets). If you are interested, please call Jo-Ann Metzdorff in the

Parish Offi ce or E-mail

Music Ministry

Families have another opportunity to go to Confession on Monday, April 2nd, after

school or in the evening. Show your gratitude for Jesus’ sacrifi ce by renewing your

relationship with Him in this healing sacrament.

Th ere will be classes for grades 6, 7, 8 on Monday, April 2nd.

Th ere will be no classes for grades 1 through 5 this week.

From the Music Director

As the Sacred Paschal Triduum approaches, we invite you to join in singing the wonderful

chants and hymns that only come along at this time in the liturgical year. We mentioned last

week a few signifi cant examples of plainchant used on Holy Th ursday and Good Friday.

At the Easter Vigil, be sure to follow along with the triumphant Easter Proclamation, the

Exsultet, which is traditionally proclaimed by the Deacon after the procession with the newly

lit Paschal Candle. On Easter Sunday, listen for the Easter Sequence, Victimae Paschali

Laudes (Give praise to the Paschal Victim) which leads so magnifi cently to the joyous

“Alleluia” of the Gospel Acclamation.

We encourage you to join in singing the Mass part chants as much as possible. Most of these are in English, except for

the Greek Kyrie eleison (Lord, have mercy) and the Latin Agnus Dei (Lamb of God). Th ey can be found in our missalette,

mostly between pages 113 and 122.

Interested in listening to the Mass part chants? Go to for audio recordings of the Holy,

Holy, Memorial Acclamation (fi rst form), Doxology, and Agnus Dei.

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord | April 1, 2012

Parish Social Ministry


Parish Social Ministry is still collecting Easter candy for needy children of the parish and community. Donations may be

left in the food collection baskets located in the north and south lobbies of the Church, or at the Parish Social Ministry

offi ce. Your participation in this collection is warmly welcomed!


Parish Social Ministry would like to extend a special thank you to the students and Catechists of St. Mary’s Faith

Formation program who have so generously given their time and talents assisting us with our mission of helping those

in need. Th rough your acts of kindness and Christian charity, you have conveyed the message of Christ’s love for us

all. - Christine Sutherland, Coordinator Parish Social Ministry


Th is support group is for adult cancer survivors no longer in active treatment. Th is group is open to those who have

completed treatment within the last eighteen months. Th e group, which will run for twelve weeks, is facilitated by a

professional CanceCare oncology social worker. Th is program is free of charge. Registration is required.

Date: Begins Th ursday, April 5, 2012

Time: 5:30 – 7:00 PM

Location: CancerCare

20 Crossways Park Drive North, Suite 110, Woodbury, NY 11797

Contact: CancerCare’s Long Island offi ce for an application or additional information

Telephone: 364-8130 E-mail:


Friends Off ering Care Understanding and Support for the divorced, singles and widowed

April 26th & May 24th - Monthly Bridge game. 12:00 Noon in the Marian Room. Cost is $5.00.

Contact Parish Social Ministry if you have any questions.

SAVE THE DATE! May 23rd – Mass and Candlelight Dinner at Inisfada. 5:00 – 8:30 PM.

Valet parking will be provided. Cost is $60.

Need to reach us? Telephone: 365-2705 E-mail:

Church of Saint Mary | 10

Easter Flowers

Julia & Gerard Sorrentino

Joseph & Mary Veltri

Gallo and Walukiewicz Families

John Gula

Edward A. Leskowicz

Anna & Lorenzo Calcagno

Julia & Ciro De Angelis

Bernard Tauss

Richard Harper

Deceased Members of the Landolphi/

Fanning Families

Catalano and D’Amico Families

Dorothy & Joseph Salat

Gloria M. Maichin

James Ross Dobson Sr.

Mary De Rosa

Mildred Sciara

Joseph & Harriet Brensic

Joseph Jr. & Donald Brensic

Frank & Dorothy Crean

Frank & Margaret Beyer

John & Julia Kobilca

Jay Paul Morrissey

Th eresa McCormack

Henry J. Miller

Doris C. Urig

John & Mary Geoghegan

Frank & Mary De Maio

Marie Montalbano

John & Emma Racioppo

Virginia Mongno

Remedios C. Samala

Dr. Anthony J. Pesiri

Felix R. Suarez

Margaret Dunn

Deraney and Iervolino Families

Margaret Cirillo

Timothy & Mary O’Connor

Eileen O’Connor

Mr. & Mrs. Luigi Ianiro

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Francesa

In Memory Of

Daniel Larocca

Delia Egan

Stanley & Rose Wiencko

O’Neill and Hallissy Families

Bernard Fallon

Edward J. Brady

James C. Sheridan Jr.

James & Katharine Rooney

James & Kathryn Sheridan

Charles Ancona

Irene Miller

Angelo Papa

Donald Finlay

Diane Marie Urban

Th e Breland Family

Winifred A. Every

Rose E. Yavel

Mari & Edmond Cullinan

John Palmadessa

Mary Herlihy

William Morris

Deceased Members of the

Schaefer-Indinemao Family

Arthur J. Kear

Juanita Figueroa

Grandma Engel

Elizabeth & Henry Runge

Cesare & Jospeh Benedetto

Donald Scott

Th e Nigro Family - Rose, Filadelfo,

Margherita, Marion & Pat

Alice Coughlin

Mary Hannan

Joan Ryan

Josephine McLaughlin

Mary Culburne

Calosso and Ricciuti Families

Sofi a & Frank Masso

Angelina & Anthony Palmucci

Donated by

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Vivinetto

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent F. Nicolosi

Mildred Machetti

Ann Perillo

Rose & Louis Caruso

Sal Caruso

Albert Iuele

Caroline & Joseph Iuele

Josephine & Anthony Giannattasio

Nelson Portela

Grace Reff elt

Jean Beltrandi

John & Margaret Sugrue

Anthony & Mary Evanov

Edith & Ed Arienti

Marie & Al Iacono

Viola Conron

Locastro and Vetrano Families

Mortimer T. Nolan

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Pinzino

Paul & Mary Horner

Phyllis & Walter Bryant

Mary Toronto

Nicole Ann Jaronczyk

Th e Casareto and Zaso Family

Deceased Members of the

Romano, Marino, and Barbera


Mary & Gasper Indelicato

Valentine Brincat

Charles Brincat

Martin P. Bischoff

Deceased Members of the Bischoff

and Kolb Familes

Vincenza Bonventre

Carmela Pennisi

John Leiva Marchissano

Jim Kelly

Th omas J. Th ornton

Florence & Harry Kramisen

Christina Calcagno

Ms. Marilyn Salierno

Mr. & Mrs. John McSweeney

We endeavor to record your intentions accurately; please forgive any typographical errors.

Additional fl ower off ering intentions will appear in next week’s bulletin.

Rosary Society

St. Mary’s Rosary Society

Cordially invites you to our

Annual Mass & Communion Brunch

Sunday, April 22, 2012

10:30 AM Mass at St. Mary’s Church

with induction of New Members

Rosary Society Brunch immediately following

Manhasset Bay Yacht Club

Port Washington, New York

Msgr. John McCann - Mass Celebrant

Proudly Presenting

Father John McCartney

as Guest Speaker

RSVP by April 14th

Th is year, we ask each guest to wear a spring hat

(Prizes will be given)

For Reservations, please call

Linda Sellars at 578-7113

2012 Catholic Ministries Appeal

One Faith, One Hope, Many Gifts

It’s not too late to make a gift to this

year’s appeal. Pick up an appeal

envelope in the Church or Parish Offi ce

or visit www.CatholicMinistriesAppeal.

org to donate on-line.

Knights of Columbus

Father William A. Daly S. J. Council #2122

Serving St. Mary's Parish in Manhasset

& St. Aloysius Parish in Great Neck

Serve Your Church Serve Your Community

To join or find out more about the Knights, see the

website, or contact Grand Knight Pierenzo A. Calosso

at 516-448-0970 or

Our Columbian Squires program welcomes

young men ages 10 through 18

We welcome submissions to the weekly Bulletin. All copy

and material is due by noon on Mondays. Please E-mail

your submission to

Th is spring, couples that have been married fi fty years

or more will be honored at liturgies on Sunday, April

22nd, at the Church of St. Lawrence the Martyr in

Sayville and on Sunday, May 20th, at the Church of

Maria Regina in Seaford. Both liturgies will begin

at 2:30 PM. Couples may register for ONE litrugy.

Registration forms and complete instructions can be

obtained in the Parish Offi ce. Registration must be

received by the Offi ce of Worship by April 5th for the

April liturgy and by May 3rd for the May liturgy. Th ere

will be additional celebrations in the fall for those

who may fi nd that more convenient. If you have any

questions, you may call 678-5800, ext. 207.

Good Friday


Each year the Holy Father

invites Catholics to support

fellow Christians and sacred

shrines in the Holy Land.

God bless you for your


Franciscans of the

Holy Land

1400 Quincy Street, N.E., Washington, D.C. 20017

Saint Mary’s Elementary School

cordially invites you to the

Sixteenth Annual

Take-A-Break Dinner Dance

Starry, starry Night

Saturday the twenty-eighth of April

Cocktail Reception at half past six o’clock

Dining and Dancing at eight o’clock

Plandome Country Club




Have you fi nished it?

Pass it on.

The Saint Mary’s High School Gaels Parents’ Association

cordially invites you to the

16th Annual

Ladies’ Night Out

benefiting Saint Mary’s High School

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Leonard’s of Great Neck

555 Northern Boulevard

Great Neck

6:30 pm | Cocktails and Raffles

7:30 pm | Dinner and Fashion Show

$65 per person

Sponsorships, journal reservations and donations

are now being accepted daily.

Register online at

For more information, please call Mary Lou de Venoge at

516.365.6269 or

What should I do if I suspect a child is being abused?

If you or someone you know has experienced an incident of sexual abuse by clergy,

employee or volunteer of the Diocese of Rockville Centre, please contact law enforcement

and the Offi ce for the Protection of Children and Young People.

Th e offi ce maintains a special phone for these situations:


Who needs a will?

Every adult who owns anything, has children, or who cares what happens when they have passed, needs a will.

Also, anyone who believes in life-long stewardship and wants to ensure the future of our Parish for generations to come.

For more information, or to receive a copy of an informational brochure, please call 379-5210 ext. 229

or E-mail

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