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Broadening Horizons Broadening Horizons - TOLL Group


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Broadening Horizons

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Broadening Horizons

Toll is very pleased

to announce it

received overwhelming

shareholder approval at its

Extraordinary General

Meeting on 28 May 2007,

to effect the restructure.

This resulted in the separation of Toll’s

infrastructure assets into a new ASX listed

entity, Asciano (AIO), which began trading

for the first time on 6 June 2007 per a

stapled security.

The restructure has now freed up Toll’s

balance sheet and set the Company up to

accelerate growth throughout all current

operations – broadening horizons.

We take this opportunity to thank all

shareholders and employees for their valued

support during this significant milestone event.

Strategic Interest in CSFE

In May, Toll acquired a strategic interest in

one of the Peoples’ Republic of China’s

largest specialist export consolidators,

Cargo Services Far East (CSFE), making it

our second acquisition in Asia following

SembCorp Logistics a year earlier.

Based in Hong Kong, CSFE has extensive

operations in mainland China, providing

export services to many significant European,

US and Australian importers. In addition,

CSFE operates as a shipping agent, and has

recently commenced a barging operation on

the Yangzi River in China.

We see CSFE as a cornerstone operation in

our Asian expansion strategy, complementing

our continuing drive to deliver integrated,

door-to-door services to our customers across

the Asian region.

CSFE operations will be aligned and

integrated with Toll's domestic logistics

businesses throughout the Asian region,

aiding the delivery of seamless international

logistics services.

Cover: Pictured after the Press Conference on

Thursday 14 June 2007 at the Shangri-La Hotel are

(left to right): Toll Director Strategy, Mergers and

Acquisitions – Mr Stephen Stanley; Sembawang

Kimtrans Group Chief Executive Officer – Mr Peter Tan;

Toll CFO – Mr Neil Chatfield; Toll Legal Manager –

Mr Adam Martin; Toll Managing Director –

Mr Paul Little, and Sembawang Kimtrans Group Chief

Operating Officer, Operations – Mr Victor Tan.

Asian marine and mining

logistics growth platform


On 13 June, Toll’s wholly owned subsidiary

Toll Express (Asia) Pte Ltd (Toll) announced

an intention to make a voluntary general offer

to acquire control of Sembawang Kimtrans

Limited (SWKT), a publicly listed Company

in Singapore, specialising in integrated

logistics and marine transportation.

Toll, which already holds a 26% interest,

secured irrevocable undertakings from a

company associated with the Executive

Directors of SWKT and another substantial

shareholder, which together with Toll’s

existing interest amounts to more that 57%

of the issued shares of SWKT.

SWKT has its own fleet of purpose built

barges and tugs as well as specialist

warehouses, providing distribution and

transport operations in Singapore and

Indonesia, and the region generally.

The Company has been able to assist multi

nationals in the planning, coordination and

completion of major projects within the

South East Asia-Pacific region. Examples

include the transportation of mill equipment

to remote sites in Indonesia, Myanmar,

Thailand and Papua New Guinea and

subsequent continuity of supply during the

production stages of the mine projects.

In addition, Sembawang Kimtrans provides

logistical support to pipeline operations in

Vietnam, as well as other resources projects

in India and South Africa.

Toll has been impressed by the calibre of the

Sembawang Kimtrans management, and we

are excited to be increasing our stake in a

well managed and profitable business with

strong exposure to the high growth, energy

and resources market in South East Asia.

The two biggest shareholders in Sembawang

Kimtrans other than Toll have already

committed to tender their shares, meaning

that the passing of control in Sembawang

Kimtrans to Toll will be achieved.

Toll Express (Asia) will offer S$0.70 per

Sembawang Kimtrans share, increasing to

S$0.80 per Sembawang Kimtrans share, in

the event that acceptances are received from

shareholders of not less than 90% of the

Sembawang Kimtrans shares the subject of

Paul Little

Managing Director

the offer and Toll is entitled to proceed to

compulsory acquisition.

At a consideration of S$0.80 per share, the

offer premium would be 20.7% above the

12 month VWAP for Sembawang Kimtrans’

shares traded to close on 12 June 2007.

The acquisition will be EPS accretive

immediately and funded by debt facilities in


It is expected that the offer document will

be forwarded to shareholders by early

July 2007.

The acquisition of

Sembawang Kimtrans

will enhance Toll’s strategic

position within the Asian

region, especially within

the marine and mining

logistics sector.

In addition, it will assist

in driving Toll’s strategy

to become the pre-eminent

integrated logistics provider

in the Asian region.


Asia Pacific Focus – Global Reach

Toll’s push into global logistics markets is

gathering momentum with our drive to:

• Grow our Toll Asia business in all the key

domestic markets in the region; and

• Develop an international supply chain and

forwarding business of genuine scale.

Toll Asia

Toll is now exceptionally positioned, through

its pan-Asian footprint, to capitalise on the

enormous growth in the Asian logistics markets.

China continues to grow at a phenomenal rate

of 8 percent GDP and other exciting markets

including India and Vietnam are also on the

move, both too are growing at over 8 percent

GDP per annum. In addition, most other Asian

countries are exceeding 5 percent GDP per

annum, offering Toll enormous opportunities to

provide integrated logistics services.

Toll Asia is now looking to grow aggressively

across the region through strategic

acquisitions, winning new contracts, as well

as starting up new services such as

AutoLogistics, based on our Australian

business model.

To that, we are striving to make Toll competitive

in a global environment. Our future success is

reliant upon maintaining best practice

throughout our operations and continuing to

address the challenges as we compete

vigorously with most of the world’s largest

logistics companies, and many strong, specialist

Asian companies with detailed knowledge of

the vagaries of their home markets.

Toll Group Director Strategy, Mergers and

Acquisitions Mr Stephen Stanley, is currently

driving the Toll Asia business, since the recent

retirement of the former President and CEO

Mr Koh Soo Keong.

Toll Global Forwarding

In support of our Asian, Australian and New

Zealand businesses, we are developing an

international freight forwarding and supply

chain management business of significant

scale, with blue-water and air freight


We are utilising our existing Toll International

business as our platform to springboard and

grow our new Global Forwarding business.

Toll International today, represents the

progressive integration of the original Toll

International, Patrick International Freight,

Tranzlink, and elements of Carpentaria


Although this newly merged single business unit

had excellent capability in Australia and New

Zealand, it had limited capability elsewhere.

Our recent acquisition of a strategic equity

stake in Hong Kong / China based specialist

consolidator and freight forwarder Cargo

Services Far East (CSFE), constitutes Toll

International’s first office outside Australia

and New Zealand, and gives us great start-up

capability in China. CSFE provides specialist

supply chain services and technology to some of

the world’s largest retailers, including Walmart

in the UK and Woolworths in Australia.

This strategic move now enables us to provide

customised door-to-door and value-add

services to our Australian and New Zealand

customers that import from China.

In addition to building our operational

capabilities outside Australia and New

Zealand, we are also leveraging the

significant investment we’ve made in

technology over the past five years to develop

a global visibility platform for our expanding

international operations.

To continue the momentum, we have created

two key roles within the Toll International

business and appointed high calibre

candidates for the positions:

• Peter Winslow has been appointed as

General Manager Asia-Pacific, joining us

with 25 years international freight

experience with DHL and UPS; and

• Paul Damkjaer takes over as Toll

International General Manager for Australia

and New Zealand, after a long career with

Kuehne and Nagel, one of the world’s largest

international freight forwarders.

Stephen Stanley


Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions

Peter Winslow

General Manager

Asia Pacific

Hugh Cushing

Director Business Development

This business too, will be looking for key

acquisitions across the region to fast track

our growth plans for 2007 / 08.

Hugh Cushing

Director Business


After starting with QRX in Brisbane in

1975, Hugh took over his current role

in 2002, with the responsibility for

coordinating business development

activity across the Group, which now

also encompasses New Zealand and

Asia. He is also responsible for our Toll

Solutions team.

Hugh has been given the task of

developing our international freight

forwarding and supply chain

management capabilities, and has line

responsibility for the Toll International


Pictured are Cargo Services Far East Limited's

Managing Director, Mr John Lau (left) and Assistant

Managing Director, Mr Christopher Lau.

Paul Damkjaer

Toll International General Manager

Australia and New Zealand






Toll Partners Local Automotive Manufacturer

Creating Global Competitive Capability

Toll officially opened its new state-of-the-art Logistics Optimisation

Centre (LOC) on 28 March 2007 in the northern Melbourne suburb

of Campbellfield, unlocking significant value to its automotive

customers in Australia.

The spacious 17,500 sqm world-class centre, is focussed on providing

a wide range of superior automotive logistics services to companies

such as Ford, Toyota, Holden and a number of domestic and

international components manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers.

The State Treasurer of Victoria, Minister for Innovation and Minister

for Regional and Rural Development, The Hon John Brumby MP,

opened the centre before an audience of key government, business

and industry dignitaries including: Mr Peter Upton, Chief Executive

FAPM; Cr Gary Jungwirth, The Mayor, Hume City Council, Mr Wal

Lawson, Director City Infrastructure, Hume City Council; Ford Motor

Company of Australia; General Motors Holden and Toyota Motor

Corporation of Australia.

Toll Group’s Managing Director, Mr Paul Little said that Toll is

constantly collaborating with its customers developing cutting edge

industry solutions to changing market demands.

Mr Little said, “Included in our vision of the automotive sector, is the

development of similar optimisation facilities in China and India,

which will further enhance our ability to offer even greater efficiencies

for the automotive sector, to further streamline the movement of parts

and finished cars into the Australian market.

“Toll’s logistics optimisation centre is a key component of the overall

solution, which tracks material throughout the entire supply chain,

providing customers with the parts they require.The centre therefore,

minimises inventory and the costly expediting of material. In addition,

our investment in the new centre demonstrates our commitment to our

customers in the automotive industry.”

Toll Group Managing Director Paul Little delivering his speech.

Key to the success of the LOC is Toll’s AutoLogistics Transport and

Optimisation Management system (ATOM), capturing data at source

using real-time information, backed by specialised decision support

tools to achieve greater supply chain visibility and improved

cost control.

“Toll continues to differentiate its services based on technology, and

we see this as a major point of difference domestically and globally.

“We look forward to continuing our investment in our unique logistics

offering and working in concert with customers to develop the best

possible solutions,” said Mr Little.

The State Treasurer of Victoria, Minister for Innovation and Minister for Regional and

Rural Development, The Hon John Brumby MP (right); congratulates Toll Group

Managing Director Paul Little on the new facility.



Toll SPD Successful in Qenos Plastics Tender

Toll SPD has signed a $225 million

contract to supply a comprehensive

range of logistics services to Australia’s

leading plastics manufacturer, Qenos

Pty Ltd nationally.

Toll SPD’s current operation is based in

Laverton North in Melbourne’s western

suburbs and has serviced Qenos’ Altona

operations for the past twelve years.

The Laverton North facility (also in

Melbourne’s western suburbs) in Cherry Lane

consists of a 15,000 pallet warehouse,

storage for 3,000 shipping containers and a

dedicated packaging plant converting bulk

product into palletised stock.

The transport operation handles around

200,000 tonnes of plastic per annum from

Qenos’ Altona plant into the Toll facility, then

delivers it either in bulk or palletised to

destinations in all states.

The existing business is a significant user of

rail, particularly on the east coast and

expands to around 15,000 rail movements

per annum under the new contract.

The recent tender resulted in Qenos awarding

Toll an additional 200,000 tonnes per annum

from its Botany facility under a five

year contract.

Toll’s success recognises the strength of the

existing relationship and commitment to

work with Qenos to achieve ongoing cost and

productivity targets in the highly competitive

Plastics Industry.

To service Qenos nationally, Toll will expand

existing and develop new operations in

Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

The new arrangement will commence in June

2008 and requires significant investment in

The facility at Cherry Lane; Laverton North.

new containers and specialised bulk transport

equipment including development of a new

packaging line in Sydney.

Toll and Qenos have formed a joint project team

to implement the new arrangements requiring

detailed planning over the next twelve months.

Toll Victorian Warehousing Manager Howard

Haysom and Project Coordinator Graham

Besley lead the Toll team.

Congratulations to Toll Laverton DC Manager

Frank Moody and his Laverton North staff and

employees for their continued commitment to

our valued customer.

Qenos General Manager Commercial, Dr

Stephen Bell said that the innovation and

synergies in the Toll contract will further

assist Qenos to meet its increasingly

competitive challenges. Toll Managing

Director Paul Little added that Toll’s

coordinated and customised solution will see

Qenos optimise its supply chain efficiencies.

For further information please contact:

Howard Haysom

T: +61 3 9931 5402


Cherry Lane packaging line.

25 kg bags on the Cherry Lane packaging line.

Left to right: Dr Stephen Bell – Qenos General Manager Commercial; Howard Haysom – Toll Victorian Warehousing Manager;

Paul Ebsworth – Toll SPD General Manager; Shaun Harris – Toll; Dave Plunkett – Qenos General Counsel; Demara Jackson

– Qenos Supply Chain Manager; Gary Lyon – Qenos Logistics Manager; Frank Moody – Toll Laverton DC Manager and

Tony McAvaney – Qenos Logistics Project Manager. Seated: Toll Director John Ludeke and Qenos CEO Ross McCann.





Toll Rescues Zinifex

On 7 February at approximately 5.45am

Zinifex’s transfer vessel, MV Wunma

based at Queensland’s Karumba, started

taking on water in severe seas caused by

cyclone Nelson. As per cyclone weather

protocols the vessel had to be anchored

45 km offshore in the Gulf of Carpentaria

in Queensland. The vessel was carrying

approximately 5,000 tonnes of zinc


The MV Wunma was towed into Weipa where

urgent repairs were undertaken. Toll was

engaged by Zinifex to transport critical

vessel parts required for this repair. Service

Delivery Manager Bruce McDonald,

expediting for Toll Australia Group Business

Development, successfully coordinated with

NQX Freight System and Toll Priority special

‘Hot Shot’ deliveries ex Sydney, Brisbane,

Newcastle, Townsville, Cloncurry, Melbourne,

Wollongong and Tasmania to meet Zinifex’s

charter plane and onsite delivery deadlines.

In addition to the above, Toll Priority

chartered a plane specifically for Zinifex ex

Transferring bulk zinc from MV Wunma to the export vessel

at sea.

Melbourne picking up mooring ropes and

hydraulic parts in Bankstown arriving on site

within the specified timeframe.

The excellent service provided by Toll

was recognised by Zinifex Century Mine

Management. Ray Luff, Supply Superintendent

for Century Mine’s Commercial Department

expressed his appreciation for the excellent

service provided by Toll, in particular,

Bruce McDonald:

“On behalf of the GM,

Commercial Manager and

Port Operations Manager

and the whole of Zinifex,

we would like to pass on

our thanks for Toll’s support

so far in assisting us with

our freight requirements

to assist with the repairs

to the Wunma.

“We would like to make a special note of the

work of Bruce McDonald – not only has he

managed to make it all happen at Weipa and

Karumba when requested, he has also

managed all the specials for the shutdown

and bore pump issues. Would you mind

passing on our thanks to him personally and

let him know we appreciate all of his efforts.”

This is just one of many crucial service

deliveries that Bruce has achieved with an

exceptional outcome. Comments are regularly

received from our major mining accounts on

Bruce’s customer focus and commitment.

Congratulations Bruce on continually

striving to achieve excellent outcomes.

Geoff Kennard

Sadly Missed

Geoff Kennard, 51 of Essendon – sadly

killed in the Burnley Tunnel crash on

23 March 2007 – was a true gentleman

and a ‘nice guy’ according to all who new

him at Toll Fast.

Geoff was one of three people who died after

cars and trucks collided in the tunnel causing

a 15m fireball. He is survived by his wife,

Jenny, and children Sarah, 21, and Tim, 19.

He and Jenny had been married 25 years.

Although his work colleagues said he was a

very quiet man, they all agreed he was the

nicest, most unselfish and happy bloke you

could meet. He was always willing to help

whenever it was needed.

Mr Kennard was working

as a courier with Toll Fast

in Melbourne and was

driving his van through the

tunnel when the accident


Mrs Kennard said her husband had been

driving for more than 30 years and had only

had one minor accident.

Mr Kennard was a keen Melbourne Cricket

Club member and Melbourne AFL supporter.

He also enjoyed playing golf and playing

tennis with his son,Tim.

He is sadly missed by all at Toll Fast and our

deepest condolences go out to his family at

this time.

Transfer Vessel – MV Wunma. Geoff Kennard pictured with his daughter Sarah.



Latest Investment in Toll Priority Depot

Toll Priority’s new 5,000 sqm depot at Export Park, Brisbane

Airport commenced operations in March 2007, after

outgrowing the Coorparoo and Acacia Street, Brisbane

Airport locations.

The facility is the latest example of our investment in new depots

already operational in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

The state-of-the-art design provides improvements in our overall

service with:

New 5,000 sqm depot at Export Park, Brisbane Airport.

Out of the Box Solution

Toll Priority TechServ accepted the challenge of safely packaging

and transporting complex and sensitive equipment interstate for

Suncorp, and was commended for the successful outcome.

Specialising in the safe delivery and onsite installation of technical

equipment, Toll Priority TechServ was entrusted by Suncorp to

securely handle considerable volumes of valuable sound, visual and

IT equipment during their office relocations in Sydney

and Brisbane.

Such crucial relocation requires a service provider who can address

any potential risks or damages associated with transporting high-risk

goods. Toll Priority did just that, in addition to being on hand upon

arrival in both states, where they met the freight, scanned and

carefully inspected the equipment to ensure all was intact before

supervising its safe delivery.

“The most challenging items to pack and

transport were the 2.2 metre high racks,

which already had sensitive IT hardware

loaded and were previously configured in

Melbourne,” said Toll Priority DX

Solutions Manager Paul Walker.

• Increased operational capacity.

• Fully secured reception for after hours lodgement and collections.

• Improved safety for customers, staff and visitors.

• On-site cold room for specialised products.

• Parking for 100 vehicles.

• Heightened security with 24 hour video surveillance across

32 cameras and swipe card access to all areas.

This issue was resolved by inserting an INSTAPAK (see picture)

between the components. When activated, it expands to lock and

provide a cushion effect to support the equipment in place. Wrapping

the racks in a layer of soft foam, bubble wrap and shrink wrap was the

icing to top off the smooth transition into the new offices.

The interior of an INSTAPAK between the components provides a cushion effect to

support the sensitive equipment.





The Giant on

our Doorstep

The Tasmanian Chamber

of Commerce and Industry

(TCCI) hosted a successful

and informative trade

conference during May

called ‘The Giant on our

Doorstep – Trading with


Keynote speakers covered topics such as

Intellectual Property, Risk Management,

Marketing, as well as some of the potential

prizes and pitfalls of doing business in China.

Speakers included State Treasurer The Hon

Michael Aird, The Hon Richard Colbeck

Senator for Tasmania, plus several

international trade specialists.

Toll Priority exhibited its global services at

the conference. “The Giant on our Doorstep

Conference is a perfect opportunity to

promote our international service,” said Toll

Priority’s Business Development Manager in

Tasmania Mr Michael Gilmore. “We’re rapt

to be able to talk to so many Tasmanian

business leaders in the one day.”

There is a growing international hunger for

Tasmanian products. Austrade State

Supporting MobileMuster

Toll Priority is proud to be involved with

the MobileMuster – the official national

recycling program of the mobile phone

industry in Australia – in conjunction with

Infoactiv – by exchanging full recycling

bins with empty ones.

Initiated voluntarily by the telecommunications industry in 1999, the

program’s overall aim is to prevent mobile phones ending up in

landfill. Funded solely by Australian Mobile Telecommunications

Association members, the recycling service is free to consumers and


The program collects and recycles mobile phone handsets, batteries and

accessories from a network of over 1,700 mobile phone retailers, local

council, government agencies and businesses from drop off points

across Australia.

Michael Gilmore – Toll Priority, Tristram Travers – Austrade, Louie Georgievski – Toll Priority and Kim Hewett – Austrade.

Manager Tristram Travers said, “Tasmanian

businesses are increasingly targeting the top

end of overseas markets. A reputation for

quality assists Tasmanian companies that are

selling their goods in emerging markets like

China. China’s ever-growing middle class

seeks out premium international goods and

there are countless examples of Tasmanians

enjoying success in China.”

Toll Priority Global offers express services to

China and can look after express import

requirements as well.

For further information

please contact Toll Priority:

T: 13 15 13

By 2008, the goal is to treble annual collection of mobile phone

handsets, batteries and accessories from 50 to 150 tonnes per annum

and halve the number of handsets going to landfill.

Toll Priority driver Brian Taylor with Martin Dickson, MLA, collecting telephones received

via the MobileMuster program.


Supporting National

Manufacturing Week

Toll Priority in Melbourne recently participated in the National

Manufacturing Week Expo held at the Melbourne Convention &

Exhibition Centre.

Over 12,000 people attended the four day expo covering around

300 exceptional displays featuring automation and robotics, air

technology, manufacturing software solutions, general tooling and

industrial equipment.

It was deemed the most successful

exhibition to date, and next year this

expo moves to the harbour city, Sydney.

Toll Priority had the opportunity to network with some very prominent

customers and had much success promoting its overnight and global

services to many iconic Australian and overseas brands.

A special mention should go to Sandra Douglas from the Melbourne

Toll Priority sales department. Her efforts were tireless throughout the

entire week and Sandra was greatly supported by many of the other

sales colleagues.

The Toll Priority display at the National Manufacturing Expo.

A Liquid Solution for

Woodside Energy

Toll Liquid Distribution was recently awarded a five-year contract

worth over $2 million annually, to cart bulk liquid condensate

between the Woodside Energy Ltd joint venture facility at Port

Campbell and the Shell Refinery in Geelong.

Toll Liquid Distribution General Manager, Rupert Hussey said that

Toll worked closely with Woodside and Origin Energy to develop a

solution enabling all parties to benefit from the volumes already being

transported by Toll into the Geelong Refinery.

“The outcome was a cost effective solution for both Origin and

Woodside that also helped Toll to maximise equipment utilisation,”

Mr Hussey said.

The Woodside work will employ two 25 metre B-Double tankers on a

7 day, 24 hour operation.Toll chose the short bonneted T404, 515 HP

Caterpillar powered Kenworth to pull a 25 metre tanker combination

that also sports a new suspension package, providing the customer

with an additional 400 kg payload.

Mr Hussey said, “Although 400 kg does

not sound like much, when extrapolated

over the life of the contract it adds up to

some significant savings for our customer.”

Given Toll Liquid’s focus on safety, it was natural that both prime

movers came fitted with GPS tracking via Eze-Trak as well as the new

OptAlert glasses that assist in identifying when a driver is drowsy

behind the wheel.

In combination with the other tools already in place to manage driving

hours and fatigue, Toll Liquid Distribution believes that the inclusion

of Eze-Trak and OptAlert ensures that Toll Liquid Distribution is well

placed to maintain our enviable safety record into the future.

Toll tankers ready to deliver the goods to our customer Woodside Energy.






Gets Stronger

Dairy Farmers is one of Australia's largest

dairy processors, supplying fresh milk

and dairy products every day to people

in NSW, Queensland, South Australia,

Victoria and to overseas markets.

Toll’s relationship with Dairy Farmers spans

many years – but rose to further significance in

November 2002 when Contract Logistics were

successful in winning the SEQ/NNSW

(South-East Queensland and Northern New

South Wales) milk distribution contract.

During our partnership, both parties have

worked collaboratively to drive efficiencies and

produce significant transportation savings.

It was this approach that not only helped retain

this contract in the most recent tender process,

but also saw Contract Logistics awarded the Far

North Queensland milk distribution contract.

Dairy Farmers have two milk processing

facilities in Queensland – based at Booval in

Brisbane and Malanda (approx 80 kms south

west of Cairns) in far North Queensland. The

geographic coverage starts at Coffs Harbour in

NSW and reaches north to the Torres Strait

Islands in Far North Queensland.

Booval Milk Operations. Malanda Milk Operations.

School Based Trainee Wins Award

Toll IPEC Altona North School Based Trainee, Jessica Lenoury,

has won the Western Metropolitan Industry and Education

Award in the School-based Apprentice category.

The Awards are an initiative of the Department of Education that

recognise achievement and excellence in young people undertaking

Vocational Education and Training as part of their school curriculum.

Toll IPEC State Risk Manager, Sue Forsyth said that this is the first

time that the recipient of this award has been from the Transport,

Distribution and Logistics industry.

“As a result of winning this award, Jessica has been asked to speak

about her impressions of Transport at an upcoming Local Learning

and Employment Network General Meeting, and will also present to

the Board of the Werribee Community Centre where she is completing

year 12 VCAL,” said Ms Forsyth. “Jessica is a great young

ambassador for Toll IPEC and the industry.”

Toll IPEC employs six school students across the Altona, Clayton South

and Geelong depots through the Transporting Your Future program,

an initiative of Banksia Consulting. Toll IPEC has been participating

since the inaugural program commenced in Geelong in 2005.

Over the past 14 months, Jessica has worked with Josephine Weate in

Customer Service (Returns) and has recently moved to Sales where

she is being trained by Julie Eastlake in a set of new skill bases.

From these two facilities and one third-party

warehouse, Contract Logistics delivers direct

to store for the hundreds of Coles and

Woolworth's supermarkets. We also distribute

milk to the metropolitan and regional Dairy

Farmers franchise owner network.

It is a business that operates 24/6 and requires

a combination of vehicles ranging in size from

two tonne refrigerated rigids up to 34 pallet

B-Double configurations.

We look forward to the extension of our

relationship with Dairy Farmers for many

years to come.

On average every Australian

consumes about 100 litres

of milk per year

Not only has Jessica won this award, she has also been nominated for

the Transporting Your Future Excellence Award, which will be

announced in May.

Tamsin Burrough, Transporting Your Future Manager says that

Jessica’s achievement will help to strengthen the growing awareness

of the Transport and Logistics Industry in schools and promote the

industry as one of the career options and opportunities.

Congratulations to Jessica, Toll IPEC, Werribee Community Centre

and Banksia Consulting.

Award Winner Jessica Lenoury proudly displays her award with her mentor Toll IPEC

Victorian Risk Manager Sue Forsyth (left) and colleague Josephine Weate – Customer

Service (Returns) Co-ordinator.


A Chain of Responsibility

Co-winner of the 2007 WorkCover NSW Safe Work Awards ‘Best

Individual Contribution to Workplace Health and Safety’.

Pick-up and delivery driver Ron Christiansen knows first hand the

importance of health and safety for truck drivers.

As a truckie and TWU delegate, at the 477 employee Toll IPEC

Moorebank site, Ron has been instrumental in the promotion of safe

driving throughout the road transport industry.

When the NSW WorkCover Long Distance Driver Fatigue reputation

was introduced to the industry in 2005, Ron worked hard to raise

awareness of the legislation and the associated Chain of Responsibility

(COR) principles.

He lobbied and liaised with Toll IPEC to ensure all drivers at the site,

whether permanent, casual or labour hire workers, were appropriately

inducted and understood their role in the COR.

By highlighting the new legislation, Ron was able to work with Toll

IPEC to implement the development of safe driving plans and a

system of monitoring driving hours.These initiatives extended not just to

the Moorebank site, but to all contractors being used by Toll at the site.

His continuing efforts ensure that regulations are regularly monitored

and are being complied. Part of this strategy is Bluecard training and

accreditation (Ron promotes this for all new employees), which

ensures that all industry standard for occupational health and safety

is maintained at all times.

Through a deliberate strategy of targeting areas within the company

that could be enhanced (such as driver fatigue) or have the potential

for non-compliance, Ron has helped to ensure potentially ‘at risk’ OHS

areas are controlled, monitored and improved.

Courtesy: WorkCover News – Issue 68

Ron Christiansen proudly displays his awards.

Delegation of Shipping Officials From China

Visits Toll Port Facilities Brisbane

Some of the delegates pictured with in2store’s National Business Development Manager Gerard Corrie (illuminated by

his reflectors).

Some of the delegates pictured with Toll Group Business Development Manager Mike Smith (without cap) following

their visit to Toll City.

In mid April, a delegation

from the Peoples Republic

of China visited the Port

facilities in Brisbane,

Sydney and Melbourne

with a view to increasing

their knowledge of the

processes, equipment and

technology used in Australia.

The delegates represented a number of

shipping companies including, China Ocean,

Shanghai Ocean, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Zhongli

and Zhanjang plus a representative from

the Government’s Waterborne Transportation


During their stay in Melbourne they were

given a presentation on the operation of

Patrick’s port facility at Coode Road by the

Terminal Manager Damian Ryan, and an

overview of Toll’s broader capabilities by the

Toll Group Business Development Manager

Mike Smith. This also included a visit to Toll

City at Altona and a walk through Toll

In2store, the Toll Nike facility and Toll IPEC.





‘Simplified’ Superannuation Rules to

Take Effect from 1 July 2007

In what has been described by the Federal Treasurer as ‘the most

significant reform of Australia’s superannuation in decades’,

major reform to the Australian superannuation regime is being

implemented effective 1 July 2007. The changes were broadly

outlined in the March–May 2007 edition of Toll Today and include:

• Superannuation benefits paid from a taxed fund either as a lump

sum or as an income stream (ie pensions) will be tax free for people

aged 60 and over.

• Reasonable Benefit Limits (RBLs) and compulsory cashing of

benefits will be abolished.

• The concessional tax treatment of superannuation contributions

and earnings will remain at 15%. Age based restrictions limiting

tax deductible (concessional) superannuation contributions will

be replaced with a streamlined set of rules – refer below.

• The self employed will be able to claim a full deduction for their

superannuation contributions, as well as being eligible for the

Government co contribution for their after-tax contributions.

• The tax exemption for invalidity payments will also be extended to

the self employed.

• The ability to make deductible employer contributions will be

extended up from age 70 to age 75.

• From 20 September 2007 the pension assets test taper rate will

be halved to $1.50 per fortnight for every $1,000 of assets above

the assets test free area.


Deductibility of employee contributions to change from 1 July 2007

Prior to 1 July 2007, the deductibility of superannuation contributions

paid on behalf of employees was capped based on an employee’s age.

These were called Maximum Deductible Contributions (MDC). This

cap will be abolished from 1 July 2007.That is, an employer is eligible

to claim a full tax deduction for all super contributions made on

behalf of an employee (subject to contribution rules being satisfied).

The changes are outlined in the table below (based on 2006/07

age-based limits):

From an employer’s perspective, this provides flexibility in terms of

being able to structure the superannuation component of employee

salary packages without detriment in the form of denied deductions.

Sounds good? Not quite, the sting in the tail has instead been placed

squarely on employees in the form of capping the concessional tax

treatment of these contributions in their hands.

From 1 July 2007, superannuation contributions will fall under two

categories – concessional and non-concessional contributions:

• Concessional contributions – includes employer contributions

(including salary sacrificed contributions), and contributions by

self-employed persons claimed as a tax deduction.

• – generally all contributions


Non-concessional contributions

where a tax deduction is not claimed (ie contributions from after

tax dollars, co-contribution and spouse contributions).

Concessional contributions

Concessional contributions will be capped at $50,000 (indexed

annually in steps of $5,000) for all employees, with a transitional

period between 1 July 2007 and 30 June 2012, allowing employees

aged over 50 to make larger contributions up to $100,000 (this

larger cap will not be indexed). If an employee turns 50 during

the transitional period their cap will increase to $100,000 also.

Contributions above this amount (excessive contributions) will be

taxed at 31.5%. The tax is levied on the employee or they can elect

for their super fund to pay on their behalf. Note also the limit applies

on a ‘per person / per year’ basis, not per employer.

Tax on concessional contributions in the fund will remain at 15%

which when added to the excessive contributions tax (‘ECT’) of

31.5% equals 46.5% – the top marginal tax rate.

The ECT makes it virtually ineffective, tax wise, to contribute above

the concessional limits hence most employee contributions will be

limited to $50,000 and $100,000 depending on which side of 50 they

are – effectively imposing an age-based limit. Note however, for

employees aged under 35, the three-fold increase to their

contributions limit is significant, the benefits taper off for employees

aged 35 or more.

The above ‘age-based’ limits underscore a broader push to remove

restrictions on superannuation fund members accumulating benefits

in a low-tax environment from 1 July 2007 through:

• Removal of the Reasonable Benefits Limit (a cap on concessionally

taxed benefits anyone can have, for 2006/07 the limits are

$678,149 for lump sums, $1,356,291 for pensions).

• Removal of compulsory cashing requirements for individuals

aged over 65 who do not meet work test requirements –

effectively allowing members to retain benefits in a low-tax

environment indefinitely.

• Lifting the age limit for employer contributions to 75.

Age of Employee Contributions deduction limit Contributions deduction limit

pre 1 July 2007 post 1 July 2007

Under 35 15,260 Unlimited

35 to 49 42,385 Unlimited

50 and over 105,113 Unlimited



• Extension of Eligible Termination Payment (ETP) roll-overs into a

superannuation fund to 30 June 2012 where agreement was in

place at 9 May 2006.

• Extending government co-contributions to self-employed persons

and allowing a full deduction for all contributions made (previously

the first $5,000 was allowable plus 75% of the excess).

Non concessional contributions

A special transitional cap of $1,000,000 applies until 30 June 2007

in respect of non concessional contributions.

These provisions operate from 10 May 2006 through to 30 June 2007

and will offset the total of all employer contributions in excess of their

MDC limit against the employee’s transitional non concessional

contributions cap of $1,000,000.

Post 1 July 2007, non concessional contributions will be capped at

$150,000 per annum, three times the concessional contribution cap –

accordingly as the concessional contribution cap is indexed, the non

concessional cap will also rise.

In addition, you can bring forward non concessional contributions caps

from the next two years. This allows you to make additional non

concessional contributions up to a maximum of $300,000 in the

current year.

Effectively, this means you can make a non concessional contribution

of $450,000 in year 1. Note however, under this approach you would

not be able to make further non concessional contributions until the

beginning of year 4.

Contributions in excess of the non concessional contributions caps (called

excessive non concessional contributions) will be taxed at 46.5% in the

individual’s hands, irrespective of their actual marginal tax rate.

Tips before the fact – what are your options before 1 July 2007?

• If you currently have accumulated benefits in excess of the

Reasonable Benefit Limits, consider delaying your retirement and

accessing your superannuation benefits to post 1 July 2007 –

excessive benefits no longer exist post 1 July 2007. If you are over

60, post 1 July 2007, then the benefits including the excessive

component can be received tax free.

• Salary packaging and superannuation – employees closer to

retirement age should now consider maximising their

superannuation by salary sacrificing additional employer

contributions, subject to the existing age based limit rules.

• Making after tax contributions into superannuation. Utilise where

possible the transitional non concessional contribution cap of

$1,000,000 available until 30 June 2007.

– Remember that employer contributions in excess of the existing

pre 1 July 2007 MDC made during the periods 10 May 2006 to

30 June 2006 and 1 July 2006 to 30 June 2007 count towards

your transitional non concessional contributions cap and should

be taken into account prior to making any additional non

concessional contributions prior to 30 June 2007.

– Please remember, once the money has gone into a superannuation

fund, it cannot be accessed until you reach preservation age and

trigger a condition of release.

• It is possible for the superannuation fund to repay non concessional

contributions made prior to 7 December 2006 where these

contributions cause you to exceed the transitional non concessional

contributions cap.

• Don’t forget the transitional non concessional contributions cap of

$1,000,000 is per individual, so if you have surplus funds, consider

making the non concessional contribution in the name of your spouse.

• Reducing tax on investment income or capital gains. Where an

individual is not in receipt of employer support, they can make

personal tax deductible contributions to a superannuation fund.

This strategy is useful particularly where an individual has triggered

a large capital gain.

• Spousal splitting. This strategy is particularly useful if your spouse

will be 60 or over post 1 July 2007. Spousal splitting allows you to

transfer 85% of Toll’s employer superannuation contributions to

your spouse. If your spouse is over the age of 60, then these

contributions can be accessed free from tax post 1 July 2007.

Tips after the fact – what are your options on 1 July 2007

and beyond?

• Look to utilise the transitional concessional contributions cap

($100,000) for those employees who are 50 years and over, or turn

50 during the five year period ending 30 June 2012.

• For employees 55 years of age and over, consider utilising a transition

to retirement pension. This strategy is particularly effective for

employees aged 60 years and over as the pension is tax free.

• For employees over 60, consider putting your superannuation into

pension mode. Once the fund is in pension mode, the fund pays no

income tax or capital gains tax on its earnings and as you are over

60, you pay no income tax on the pension received from the fund.

• Ordering your contributions. Given the various caps in place from

1 July 2007, it is critical that contributions are made in the right

amounts and in the right sequence.Typically this would be:

– Make deductible contributions up to the $50,000 cap (increased

cap of $100,000 may be applicable in some instances).

– Make non concessional contributions up to the $150,000 cap.

– If you wish to make further non concessional contributions in the

current year, consider bringing forward the two non concessional

contributions caps attributable to each of the next two years.This

allows you to make additional non concessional contributions up

to a maximum of $300,000 in the current year. Under this

approach, you would not be able to make further non concessional

contributions until the beginning of year 4.

• Don’t forget the non concessional contributions caps of $150,000 /

$450,000 are per individual, so if you have surplus funds,

consider making the non concessional contribution in the name of

your spouse.

We trust you have found the above information useful in

considering your personal superannuation options. However this

article does not represent personal tax advice and should not

be relied upon without consulting a licensed financial planner

and/or your personal tax adviser.




TCL a Winner at the BlueScope Steel

Safety and Service Excellence Awards 2007

On 22 May, Toll Contract Logistics (TCL)

Victoria accepted an award as well as

recognition for their exemplary work in

safety and service, during a formal event

hosted by BlueScope Steel at the plush Swiss

Grande Hotel located in Bondi, NSW.

The BlueScope Steel Safety and Service

Excellence Awards 2007 proved to be an

exciting and rewarding evening for Toll, as

Jeff Newton and his Team accepted the High

Commendation for Innovation trophy as a

result of Toll’s recent initiative to install

electronic locking systems on all new prime


The patented Electronic Lock Indicator

Systems [ELITM], monitors the coupling

between the fifth wheel and the kingpin using

two sensors and an in-cab alert mechanism

which notifies the driver that the trailer

connection is safe for transport. When an

issue occurs, the system locks and delivers an

error message and diagnostic code which the

driver must resolve before he is able to

continue transport.

Avoid the Credit Card Trap

Ease of obtaining and use, convenience and a high degree of

flexibility have won credit cards a massive market acceptance

and usage. The Reserve Bank figures show that total credit card

debt now exceeds $6 billion.

Today many people get caught in the credit trap and some even obtain

extra credit cards to help them survive however, they are merely

spiralling downwards into the credit trap.

With a little thought and planning you can avoid, or minimise, the level

of debt you incur with your credit card by obtaining a credit card that

suits your financial needs. Consumers who do not wish, or are unable,

to pay off the total amount owing each month should seek out a ‘no

frills’ credit card with a low interest rate to minimise the interest

payable. Those who choose to pay off their balance within the card’s

payment period do not incur interest charges so they may look for

other benefits such as reward points or interest free days.

Kevin Durbridge, Business Development Manager, for Industries

Mutual Credit Union says there are tips for minimising the cost of your

credit card:

• Do not withdraw cash from your credit card – you will be charged

a larger fee.

• Constantly shop around for lower interest rate cards – swap if it

saves you money. Log onto and compare all the

Toll Contract Logistics Queensland, also on

the nominations list, received formal

recognition for their contributions to safety

and service alongside their Victorian


Both the Queensland and Victorian business

units handle the metropolitan, as well as

portions of the regional distribution for

BlueScope Steel for their respective regions.

Safety is the predominant focus at all levels

of the organisation, however, special

recognition goes to all of the drivers and

operators supporting the BlueScope Steel


These operators consistently demonstrate

their strict focus on load restraint, load

auditing, PPE compliance, safe driving and

overall commitment to the Take 2 philosophy

which is indeed creating a safer work

environment for all.

Congratulations to all! This recognition is

something we all should be proud of.

rates available in the market.

• Beware of unsolicited offers to increase your card’s credit limit.

• Always ask what other fees will apply to your credit card.

• Reduce the number of cards you have – this will save you paying

additional annual fees.

• Pay as much as you can off your card each month – if you only pay

the minimum amount it will take you many years to repay the debt.

If you find that due to your credit card debt you struggle to pay the

bills, then consider taking out a personal loan with a credit union, or

a bank, to consolidate your debts into one easy payment and make

budgeting your weekly or fortnightly finances easier.

If you are having financial difficulties and need advice contact your

local financial counsellor or alternatively call Industries Mutual

Credit Union on 1300 655 116.

This article provided by:

Industries Mutual Credit

Union Limited

ABN 84 087 650 691 AFSL 238382

Serving the Transport Industry

Toll Contract Logistics State Manager Jeff Newton

accepting the award.

At the Awards dinner (all names are left to right), standing:

Len Pearce (BlueScope Steel), Jeff Newton (Toll) and

Adam Lee (BlueScope Steel). Seated: Ben Church

(BlueScope Steel), Gavin Palmington (BlueScope Steel),

David Hastings (Toll) and Craig Piggott (BlueScope Steel).



New Carriages

Recent Chartered train journey from Masterton to Wellington

marked the arrival of the first train carriages on the Wairarapa

Line in 60 years.

Carrying regular commuters, Greater Wellington Regional Councillors

and guests from the Wairarapa community, the four-carriage train

was officially launched in a ribbon cutting ceremony and then

welcomed in Wellington by Transport Minister Annette King, Greater

Wellington Passenger Transport Committee Chairperson Peter

Glensor, Toll NZ CEO David Jackson and other Members of

Parliament and special guests.

The cars are the first in a $25 million fleet of 18 units being

progressively introduced on the line this year. The trains have been

bought by Greater Wellington Regional Council who is leasing them to

Toll NZ and Tranz Metro to operate on their behalf.

Features of the modern carriages include air conditioning, better

lighting, baby changing facilities, easy-to-open doors and a more

relaxing décor.

Councillor Glensor described the train’s arrival in Wellington as a ‘very

special occasion’. “We have waited a long time for these new

carriages,” he said.

“But they are well worth the wait. I believe we will really notice the

improved overall travel experience they provide.

The first train carriages on the Wairarapu line in 60 years. The interior of the new carriages.

Lord of the Rings Link

Toll Rail’s Passenger Services Group (PSG) and

Hillside Engineering beat off international competition

to win the contract to build the 18 Wairarapa carriages,

with their previous performance on ex-British Rail

MK11, Capital Connection and Auckland SA/SD models

proving strong.

“But their arrival today really marks

the beginning of a new era in public

transport in Wellington. Once the rest of

the Wairarapa fleet arrives and the 70

brand new electric trains are introduced

across the region’s network, passengers

will begin to see a real improvement in

comfort and reliability.

“We should also recognise the skill and

expertise of the engineers at Hillside

for producing such a high-quality product.

The carriages are a real tribute to New

Zealand workmanship.”

In other improvement work taking place, some Wairarapa station

platforms are to be lengthened and in some cases adjusted for height.

There will also be more parking spaces, new station lighting and

security, including closed circuit television at certain stations.

A valuable boost was also provided to

PSG’s ‘Ideas’ computer, on which the cars

were modelled and designed, through the

purchase of five near-new high-specification

Silicon Graphics Unix workstations from

fellow Wellington designers WETA Digital.

These workstations were surplus after

completion of special effects work on Lord

of the Rings.




Driver’s Diligence Avoids Collision

A prompt and correct reaction from one

of our female Tranz Metro Train Drivers

recently averted a potential major tragedy

in Petone (Wellington), explains Toll

NZ Corporate Affairs General Manager

Sue Foley.

“The train's driver had only been on the job

for a year, but did everything right after

seeing a truck go over a bridge and land on

the rail network in front of her,” says Sue.

“There were 41 passengers on the train,

which came to rest just 7.2 metres from

where the truck landed.

National HR Award Win

Toll NZ Human Resources (HR) Team has

been recognised with the national 2006

HRINZ HR Initiative of the Year Award.

Toll NZ's entry to the awards, which

recognises HR teams who introduce

innovative practices, focused on the

Recruitment Centre and bringing recruitment

in-house through supporting services such as

electronic vacancy management and the

Advisory Centre.

The award judges were impressed with the

link forged between HR strategy, the business

and its culture. They also commended

how the services offered by the Recruitment

Centre were regularly reviewed and amended

to ensure they continually meet the business’


Toll NZ Human Resources General Manager

Margaret Gracie said: “I am delighted that

our HR Team has been recognised at such a

TranzAlpine Sets 2 New Records

A record single week's

carriage of over 7,000

passengers and record

single day's return carriage

of over 1,100 passengers

has recently been achieved

by the TranzAlpine train

service between Christchurch

and Greymouth.

Due to celebrate its 20th anniversary this

November, the service now carries over

“Fortunately the train had made a recent

stop at Petone so was not going at full speed

when the incident occurred.”

Emergency crew at the scene.

200,000 passengers a year on what is

considered one of New Zealand's iconic

tourism experiences.

Tranz Scenic South Island Manager Tony

McManus says staff are delighted at the

support being shown to the service.“But, it is

not surprising when you look at the stunning

scenery it transverses as it makes its way

through the Southern Alps to the West

Coast,” he says.

Toll NZ assumed control of Tranz

Scenic over three years ago and has since

implemented a carriage refurbishment

program and increased the marketing of

all services.

Higher point of view shot of the scene. The shaken

truck driver escaped the accident unharmed.

high level and want to acknowledge all the

work our staff have put into making the

recruitment centre the success that it is.”

Having earlier won the regional HR award,

Toll NZ's national award win was achieved

ahead of close competition from the

Wellington City Council and Canterbury


A good contingent of Toll NZ staff were on hand to see

HR win a National Award recently.

Left to right: John Nobilo – Interislander; Sarah Caunter –

Corporate; Margaret Gracie – GM HR, Toll NZ;

Julie Robertson – Interislander; Lynn Osbourne – Hillside

Engineering, Rowena Foster – Toll Recruitment;

Seamus O'Sullivan – GGM Interislander; Nicole Rosie –

GM Risk and Strategy; Steve Brittenden – Woburn

Training centre; Julie Maude – Toll Rail; Craig Nelson –

Toll Rail; Angela Aprea – Corporate HR; Natalie Thompson

– Passenger Services; Maree Cooper – Passenger Services;

Sue Foley – GM Corporate Affairs; Christina Desbonnets –

Toll Tranzlink; Ross Hayward – GM Passenger Services

and Ruth Ingram – Corporate.

TranzAlpine travelling through some magical scenery on

its way to Christchurch.



Tranzlink Handles

Marlborough Grape Crop

Harvesting of the Marlborough grape crop in the South Island in

New Zealand is under way, with Toll Tranzlink Blenheim deploying

10 truck and trailer units and 25 drivers to transport this

season's produce to the wineries for processing.

Running for about six weeks, this intense 24/7 operation is overseen

by Toll Tranzlink Blenheim Branch Operations Supervisor Lee Thorpe

with the assistance of Dennis Brennan. It will result in about 25,000

tonnes of grapes being transported on behalf of the Delegats, Nobilos

and Cloudy Bay wineries.

“We have a great team of high-calibre drivers this year, with many

who have returned from last year's harvest,” says Lee.“This has made

my job a lot easier."

This year also saw Lee and his team move a significant volume of grapes

from Hawkes Bay to Blenheim on behalf of Delegats Winery. Once made

into wine at Hawkes Bay, the produce is then transported by Toll

Tranzlink as a bulk liquid to Auckland for bottling throughout the year.

Toll Tranzlink Operations Supervisor Lee Thorpe in front of the truck.

Casual Driver Reon Kitto supervising the loading.

Loading the grapes into the truck.

Hillside Tackles

Ballast Wagon Project

The new 40 YJ ballast wagons.

A technically challenging project to

complete 40 YJ ballast wagons for

Ontrack, under considerable time

constraint has recently been successfully

completed by Hillside Workshops in

Dunedin in New Zealand.

Hillside Workshops Project Supervisor Paul Beattie said that having

completed work on the wagon prototype in July last year, the division

has managed to average the build of two wagons a week since.

“The hydraulic, electronics and complexity of the wagon is a little bit

more than we’d normally deal with in a freight unit, and the timing to

build them in was quite tight as well,” said Paul.

The YJ wagons have replaced previous four-wheeler units, which could

only run on trains travelling at about 50kph and had less capacity.

These are on a high-speed freight bogie, which enables Ontrack to run

them with normal trains.

“The design was from Toll Rail Professional Services Group in

Wellington, loosely based around the hopper wagons that we have

manufactured for coal,” said Paul. “We got the door mechanism from

Gemco Rail in Perth. It is a hydraulic remote controlled system that

they are using in Australia.”

Hillside Workshops also enjoyed the interaction of Ontrack and its

engineers throughout the design and construction process. “We talked

with them to get the right mix of what was required for their guys on

the ground.”

“There was some up-front design work from them, and then we had

the prototype out for their guys to run with and check.They came back

with a few modifications to that, which was good,” said Paul.




Overlander the

Scenic Route

Toll NZ are delighted at the patronage

they have received since announcing the

continuation of the Overlander train

between Auckland and Wellington.

A number of new marketing initiatives have

been introduced including these two new

Overlander advertising posters which are

being displayed by agents and at information

centres throughout New Zealand.

Good Fun at Palmerston North One-Dayer

A one day cricket match organised by Toll Rail Locomotive

Engineer Glen Mulholland and Toll Rail Rail Operator Brent

Moody, was recently enjoyed by staff and family of the

Palmerston North Toll Rail Depot.

Left to right standing: B Hiscox, M Raji, G Mullholland, C Porteous, C Bremner, D Donoghue,

H Goss, G Coley, A Geurin, R Dennerly, L Lavin, P Lockyer, A Wheeler, P Geurin, P Burns,

T Warren, G Bardell and D Barrett.

Left to right kneeling: T Donoghue, B Moody, E Cairncross, R Hiscox, O Wallbutton, R Richbell,

A Allen and J Keenan.

Tranz Metro Security Manager

Former Policeman and Crime Prevention Through Environmental

Design Specialist (CPTED) Mark Pettitt has recently been

appointed Tranz Metro Security Manager.

Mark says his focus is the proactive development of security

procedures and programs to promote the security of Tranz Metro

staff, passengers, rolling stock and property, and sees his previous

work experience as invaluable to this role.

Having served nine years as a Policeman and then Police Architectural

Liaison Officer with the Lancashire Constabulary, Mark and his family

immigrated to New Zealand in December 2005.

He then assumed a position researching vehicle crime at the New

Zealand Police National Headquarters, which involved providing

specialist advice to councils, building developers, architects and

Toll Rail Locomotive Engineer John Keenan says the event, which was

also sponsored in the form of food and refreshments, care of local Toll

Rail Managers Bryan Fryer and Robin Simmons, was contested by

32 staff at Coronation Park.

“The weather was a scorching 25 degrees – as it always is in Palmy –

and the pitch was hard and had signs of being able to turn the

ball,” said John. “Sunscreen was a must, as was fluid. The game was

a 32-over match with each player having to bowl two overs.

The game got off to a great start with our opening batsmen both

going for ducks!”

“Both teams had a mixture of players, with one team having two

ex-Manawatu cricket reps – namely a bowler and a wicket keeper –

and the other team three ex-cricket reps and one who I believe played

for India in his younger days.”

During the course of the game, heated but all-in-fun exchanges took

place. All in all, an excellent day's outing and one of the most

memorable in the life of a railway worker.

A huge ‘thank you’ goes to Toll NZ for its kind generosity and

understanding.This was highly appreciated by all the staff and families.

members of the public on methods and initiatives to design-out crime

and reduce opportunities for crime and disorder.

Mark’s specialisation is in

CPTED principles, personal

safety and achieving bestevidence

interview techniques.

Outside work, Mark says he

enjoys most sport – ‘particularly

football (round ball)’ playing,

coaching and supporting his two

sons’ teams.

Mark Pettitt appointed Tranz Metro

Security Manager.



Fully Enclosed Rail Wagons a Hit

A new vehicle-carrying rail service

between Christchurch and Invercargill in

the South Island has proved an instant

success with car dealers, lease companies,

vehicle importers and members of the

public – so much so that Toll NZ is

considering expanding the service to run

each week day.

Auto Express – part of Toll Tranzlink – is

running specially designed, fully enclosed rail

wagons between the two South Island cities.

The modified rail wagons are capable of

transporting ten vehicles each, including four

wheel drives or light commercials and provide

absolute protection against the weather, theft

or vandalism.

Auto Express National Manager Hamish

Turner says that Auto Express offers several

significant advantages compared to road

transport. The covered wagons protect the

vehicles from stone chips, grease and grime

as well as from possible vandalism.

“The wagons are sealed when they depart

and the vehicles are not unloaded again until

An initiative of Toll Rail Locomotive Engineer Darryl Hoare to

recently organise a return train between Mount Maunganui and

Britomart has been well received by fellow staff.

Darryl says our company kindly donated the use of Capital Connection

carriages, which enabled the Mount Maunganui Team to spend at least

three hours in the heart of Auckland.

“The seats were snapped up very quickly by staff members from all

quadrants of the Toll spectrum – including stevedoring, BHP, Owens,

Container Terminal and Shed 12, as well as Toll Rail staff from

Kawerau, Hamilton,Tauranga and Mount Maunganui,” said Darryl.

“The train arrived into Britomart with 310 passengers on board,

they reach destination,” said Hamish. “We

can also offer individual containers for

customers who want to ship their vehicle with

other bits and pieces. For example, with

vintage cars being restored, we can offer

containers to take other vehicle body parts

that can travel with the car.”

Alternatively, where people want that

‘personalised’ service, when they need their

high-value luxury vehicle such as a Ferrari,

Auto Express can meet specialised needs.

Another market niche is moving the vehicles

of people on job relocations, or families

moving between cities.

Auto Express has been a big success for Toll

in recent years on the key routes between

Auckland-Wellington-Christchurch, where the

majority of vehicle moves occur.

An overnight service is offered between

Auckland and Wellington and between

Wellington and Christchurch, and a two-day

transit between Auckland and Christchurch.

It was this success that persuaded Toll to

Mount-Britomart Train Welcomed

Photographed by Dennis Wells at Britomart are Toll Rail Locomotive Engineers

Darryl Hoare, Dennis Wells and Billy Baker.

upgrade and extend the fleet of specialist

wagons needed for the service, and this

allowed Auto Express to extend its vehicle

delivery offering to the Christchurch-

Invercargill route.

“We have been running four return services a

week, with the vehicles ready for collection at

the destination depot the day following

loading. However, if the volumes continue to

grow we will consider running a service each

weekday,” said Hamish.

Auto Express Manager – Hamish Turner.

heading for various destinations – including the casino, Kelly Tarltons,

Parnell Baths, Viaduct Harbour and Victoria Market – and also

catching up with relatives. This was after dropping 45 or so off at

Manurewa to go to Rainbows End.”

Darryl paid tribute to those who helped himself and Jeanette Hoare

run the event, including Dennis and Minda Wells, Billy Baker, Soren

Low, Mark Ferguson, Colin Vickery, Ray Steele, Bob Turley, Jim Mau

and the Harbour City Lions Club.

“I believe this was the first DFT-hauled excursion into Britomart,

the first train to take up the whole length of the longest platform and

the first time the Capital Connection Cars have gone into Britomart,”

said Darryl.

Jeanette Hoare (behind counter) and Judy Connolly organise the trays of sandwiches

which were served to every car.




Impressive Health and Safety Turnaround

Employees of Toll Tranzlink's Southdown Freight Shed have made a significant

improvement in their health and safety culture and notched up 75 consecutive days

without a lost-time incident.

Handling an average of 4,000 cubic metres of

freight per day, the busy freight shed

was one of the main targets of a recent

drive to improve Toll Tranzlink’s overall health

and safety performance, explains Toll Tranzlink’s

Health and Safety Manager Don Roberts.

“Having discussed our concerns with the guys on

the floor at the morning shift and afternoon shift

huddles, they really rose to the challenge,” he

says. “Further targets have been set, and the

team is really keen to keep things going forward.

They have recently changed the format of their

pre-shift huddles, to ensure that the main focus

is health and safety, and are very keen to further

develop a very positive health and safety

culture,” said Don.

Celebrating Half a Century with Toll NZ

Toll held a function for Owen Aitken

recently to celebrate Owen's phenomenal

50 years' service with the company.

Owen joined New Zealand Railways on 21st

January 1957 in Timaru as a Junior Porter.

After a stint at Pleasant Point, Owen then

transferred back to Timaru.

In March 1959, Owen worked in the

Locomotive Department and passed his

boiler examination on 17 April 1959. He then

transferred to Greymouth in 1965, passing

To acknowledge the achievement, Don and

Toll Tranzlink Branch Manager Peter Witton

recently took some of the team out for a

small celebration.

the prescribed examination for Engine Driver

on 21st February 1967 and First Class

Engine Driver on 5 November 1971.

Owen transferred to Christchurch in 1988 and

drove for Tranz Scenic from February 2003

until January 2004, then back to Toll Rail.

Owen’s fondest memories are his time spent

on the West Coast of the South Island.

Prime Minister Rt Hon Helen Clark sent

Owen a letter of congratulations.

Dana takes out Barista Comp

Some of the team members pictured left to right:

Vetea Prendergast, Hemi Ngatai, Foli Ikitule, John Unu,

Kelly Povey, Asiga Alofa, Don Roberts and Peter Witton.

Owen Aitken is pictured with General Manager Toll Rail

Joe Garbellini and his partner Jocelyn.

Aratere staff member Dana Smith has won this year's

Barista Competition for Interislander staff.

Dana prevailed in a final held at the Wellington Terminal recently and will now take part in the

Wellington heats of the Barista of the Year Competition, with the help of Cafe Express and will

also get to attend the Barista of the Year finals in Auckland.

Warmly congratulating Dana, Interislander Sales and Marketing Manager Julie Robertson

says the competition has been a great success for all involved.

“It is wonderful to see so much support for the team and the high standards shown by

Interislander staff is simply outstanding,” said Julie. “Coffee is popular with Kiwis

and we’ve worked to make it a focus of our onboard service. Our next aim is to

take honours at the Barista of the Year competition.”

Cafe Express' Graeme Smith, Dana Smith and Interislander Passenger Services Manager Ray Wolff.



Contract Extension with Heinz Watties

A new contract signed between Heinz

Watties and Toll Tranzlink is the first of its

kind to be seen in many years due to the

three-plus two year term conditions, and

the opportunity for further extension by

mutual consent.

The new contract is a sign of the confidence

both businesses have developed in each

other in recent years. It signals a growing

commitment to each other in the Hawkes Bay

region, domestically around New Zealand and

extending into Trans-Tasman activities

as well.

This level of confidence comes as a direct

result of the improved services Toll NZ has

delivered across the road and rail sections

of our business. In addition, is an illustration

of commitment to the customer shown by the Hastings Branch

Team, led by Mark Allan, as well as the rest of Toll Tranzlink

and Toll NZ management.

Toll Tranzlink recognises the relationship with Heinz Watties is a

significant result for all concerned, and in no small part due to the


STARS JV Wins Bangalore Airport Contract

Bharat STARS Services Pvt Ltd, a

joint venture between one of India’s

premier oil companies, Bharat Petroleum

Corporation Ltd and ST-Airport Services

Pte Ltd, has won the bid to provide into

plane refuelling services at the future

Bangalore International Airport in India.

The contract, signed on 14 March 2007

in Bangalore, is worth US$7 million over

a period of 10 years.

The new Bangalore International Airport will

open for commercial operations in early 2008

and is expected to be one of India’s leading

airports, handling some 70,000 to 80,000

aircraft movements annually, with a projected

double digit annual growth.

ST-Airport Services were elated that, despite

the intense competition from major players,

they have been selected to provide this key

service at the Bangalore International

Airport. This contact win is testimony to the

high confidence level in our capabilities.

ST-Airport, a 67/33 partnership between Toll

Asia and aviation fuel supplier Air BP, was

established in 1996. Today, it is a leading

aviation fuel logistics specialist providing a

wide spectrum of aviation fuel related

services, including:

• supply and transportation of aviation fuel;

• operating and maintaining fuel storage


leadership shown by Max Birt and Eric Raulet from Heinz Watties

Hastings and supported by Nigel Comer and his Heinz Watties Head

Office Team.

Senior management from both companies (left to right) at the recent contract signing

include Greg Miller (Toll NZ), Nigel Comer (Heinz Watties), David Jackson (Toll NZ), Max Birt

(Heinz Watties), Michael Gibson (Heinz Watties) and Wilson Pollock (Toll NZ).

• de-fuelling and storage services; and

• consultancy services as well as into-plane

re-fuelling services.

STARS serves both military and commercial

customers which includes airlines, airports

and aircraft maintenance companies.

The contract for the Bangalore International Airport Into-Plane Refuelling Services was inked on 14 March 2007, in Bangalore.





Working with the UN

A little known part of the Patrick Defence Logistics (PDL)

business is our work with the United Nations (UN) Department

of Peace Keeping Operations.

With the UN decision to increase the UN military force in Lebanon,

following the Israeli incursion into Lebanon, the existing UN mission

in Lebanon did not have enough people to coordinate and move the

incoming international troops.

The quickest solution for the UN was to use PDL under an existing

contract. So after a quick planning process, PDL support to UNIFIL

(United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon) started on 3 September

2006 with the first team arriving in Cyprus on 4 September 2006, and

transitting to Lebanon on 5 September 2006.

In all, PDL would have had personnel in Lebanon for 192 days. The

team peaked at eight and for the majority of the time, six people were

deployed to Lebanon operating out of Naqoura (near the Israeli

border) and Beirut.

PDL has drawn people from its own resources as well as Toll

International Freight and Patrick Stevedores to make it work. In all,

a total of 21 people have manned the operation which has been led by

Rocky Hoare in Beirut (who has been there for the entire duration)

and Michael O'Brien in Naqoura.

Neil Gray, UN Chief Movement Control Officer for UNIFIL based at

Naqoura in South Lebanon praised PDL's commitment:

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and

gratitude to the entire team of PDL staff who came to Lebanon at

short notice and in difficult circumstances. You can be proud of their

accomplishments and the professionalism shown in performing a

diverse number of functions, mostly in adverse conditions, in order to

deploy the increased UNIFIL force.

“Your staff demonstrated their expertise, showed dedication and were

pro-active in getting the job done in a positive manner.The PDL team

played a vital role in deploying UNIFIL contingents and without their

presence it would have been difficult to achieve the mandate. "

For further information please contact:

Ewen Anderson

Administration Officer Patrick Defence Logistics

T: +61 7 3260 3929 E:

Raquel Taylor looking after some Italian peace keeping troops before they headed south

from Beirut to the Israeli / Lebanese border area.

Rocky Hoare working with a Ghanaian peace keeping soldier in Beirut.

Graham Magoffin ensuring that new UN vehicles are tightly secured before the difficult

trip to the south of the country.

Israeli air attacks caused major structural damage to the southern Lebanese road

infrastructure. Without any street lights in remote areas, motorists were known to simply

drive off the edge as the road disappeared in the dark.

Nigel Cunningham, with Lebanese soldier checking out the PDL company vehicle after

it was destroyed.



Carbon Trading – Why Going Green is Good

What is Carbon Trading?

Carbon trading is the term applied to the trading

of certificates representative of the volume of

carbon generated by businesses. If reducing

carbon emissions is not possible, investing in

carbon offsetting to become carbon neutral is

required by:

• Buying and trading in carbon credits or

• Sequestration by investing in forestation


Currently Carbon Trading is a black market

affair in Australia as the Australian Government

has yet to establish acceptable emission levels to

match the international industrial acceptance

of carbon trading.

How does this affect your

business unit?

Toll Group is a signatory member to the

Greenhouse Challenge Plus and the Energy

Efficiency Opportunity Program. Both require

establishing emission abatement initiatives to


Still smiling after a gruelling six hour slog on foot and mountain bike riding is the Toll

NZ team who participated in the Cure Kids Great Adventure Race. Left to right: Andrew

De Lisle – Toll Rail; Bruce Houghton – Toll NZ Corporate; Gretchen Stone – Toll NZ

Corporate and Mark Thomson – Toll NZ Corporate.

reduce our carbon emission in the course of

normal operations.

Failing to meet compliance, will place Toll’s Fuel

Tax Credit claim rebate at risk and incur

fines of $100,000 per instance of breaching

the agreement.

Toll Group is currently establishing the

Australian Government program compliance

requirements focusing on carbon trading, in the

event that carbon emission levels with business

units cannot be reduced.

As part of compliance, all communication

relating to the Toll Group emissions and carbon

trading is to be recorded and documented

by the Environment and Energy Manager –

Pierre Lauwers.

What should be done?

Report your potential emission abatement and

carbon offsetting validated ideas to your

respective Operational Manager and OH&S /

Risk Managers by October 2007.

Team Toll Shines in Cure Kids

Over 34 teams from a variety of companies last week

participated in the Cure Kids Great Adventure Race, including

a Toll NZ contingent for the first time.

The event involves at least six hours of ‘hard slog’ on foot and by bike

through the Waitakere Ranges and along the coast – sometimes in

chest-deep water.

“Our company’s team, which entailed Bruce Houghton, Mark Thomson,

Andrew De Lisle and Gretchen Stone, finished in a creditable eighth

position,” says Toll NZ Corporate Communications Manager Sue Foley.

“Gretchen's effort was made even more remarkable by the fact she

came in with only three weeks' training after Angelique McCall had

injured herself at the last minute,” says Sue. “All team members paid

tribute to their Leader, Bruce, who did an outstanding job of guiding

the team through the day, ensuring they ate at key times and also most

importantly did not get lost.”

In November 2007, emission abatement ideas

will be presented to the Australian Government

assisting Toll as a group to meet its program

compliance requirements.

Your idea could

be amongst them.

Good luck!

Pierre Lauwers –

Toll Group


and Energy



Development in energy saving globes has

taken a new leap forward

12V and 240V down lights now come in an energy

saving fluorescent globe whilst maintaining the down

light shape and fitting

The new globe claims a 15,000 hour life expectancy

and 28 percent electricity usage saving

Contact your local lighting supplier

or Beacon Lighting for more information


The support crew consisted of David Jackson, Greg Steele, Angelique and

Paul Watene, who also want to thank Toll Tranzlink Driver Dion who most

ably ensured the crew and all their gear arrived at each transition area.

Despite the remoteness of the location, full points to Greg for ensuring

no matter where they were, the music still played on. Sue says it was

a great moment when Team Toll appeared on the final leg to much

cheering from the ground crew.

“Big thanks to all those who took part,” said Sue. “Special mention

also needs to be made to Rowen Elford who amongst all other

miracles on the day, ensured even at 6.30am in the middle of nowhere,

we all got hot coffee. Also to Angela Aprea and Sonny who, with Paul,

came all the way from Hamilton to back the team.

“Special thanks to everyone who donated money and the Interislander

Team who were out early in the morning rattling tins under

passengers. We look sure to have a team entered next year.”

The Team Toll with the full support crew that included Toll NZ CEO David Jackson, 5th

from left.





Off to Kenya

to Help

Battle AIDS

Rebecca Felsinger,

the daughter Toll

AutoLogistics Scheduler

and Planner – Metro, Gary

Felsinger will spend seven

weeks in Kenya during

June and July representing

Australia as a volunteer for

World Youth International

to offer medical care and

education to victims in

Africa’s AIDS crisis.

Rebecca is in her third year of Bachelor

of Health Science (paramedic) degree

and will work in orphanages and rural

medical clinics located in Mutumbu.

Rebecca will be offering medical care and

education to AIDS victims and also teach

the importance of nutrition and hygiene in

disease prevention.

Toll AutoLogistics have held many

fundraising events to assist Rebecca in

funding this trip and contributed one third

towards the total cost. We wish Rebecca

safe travelling and look forward to her safe

return mid July.

World Youth International is a not-for-profit

and non-religious charity.

Rebeeca Felsinger with her proud father Gary Felsinger

from Toll AutoLogistics.

Hillside ANZAC Day

Service Well Observed

Good Attendance was seen at this year’s

ANZAC Day service at Hillside Engineering,

with local Member of Parliament David

Benson-Pope (pictured third from right)

joining current company management,

along with past and present staff

members and their families.

Reflecting a trend observed throughout

the country, Hillside Engineering Contracts

Toll to the Rescue – Over

55,000 Cans of Food Donated

In April 2007, Toll AutoLogistics came to

the rescue on behalf of the Kiwanis Club

of Geelong Inc by donating the services of

a B-Double truck and driver to transport

40 tonnes of canned food from the SPC-

Ardmona factory at Mooroopna to Geelong.

The Management team at Toll AutoLogistics

– Components readily made the decision to

assist Kiwanis Club of Geelong Inc in this

Salvation Army row of pallets.

Manager Lyn Harris says the Hillside

service has been attracting a steadily

increasing following.

Lyn also gives particular praise to Hillside

Engineer Fitter and Turner Wayne Ritchie

(who took the attached photograph) for his

efforts in both increasing awareness and

attendance at the commemoration.

worthy project to provide over 55,000 cans of

food to distribute to needy families in Geelong.

The Kiwanis Club of Geelong Inc, in a

combined effort with Salvation Army

Kardinia Network and Uniting Care

‘Concern’, donated the items to needy

families during the month of May and thank

Toll AutoLogistics for donating transport

services to this important community cause.

Pallets being loaded onto the Toll B-Double.



Toll Corporate Hosts its Biggest Morning Tea

Throughout May, more than one million

people came together at work, school,

home and in their community to make

their cups count in the fight against


Toll Corporate was excited and proud to be a

part of Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea,

raising $2,160 in support of much needed

cancer research.

Our Unofficial Social Office Co-ordinator and

Head Office Accountant Chiara Lestuzzi, was

a magnificent host and organiser of the

successful event.

“I was initially hesitant in arranging the

event but once my email got around, the

response was instant and positively

overwhelming,” said Chiara. “I had to

actually ask some people (late responders),

not to bother bringing anything in as there

was going to be way too much.”

Toll’s refurbished kitchen at its new address

was the perfect venue to enjoy the enormous

spread. It looked amazing, the variety, the

colours and the quantities had everyone a gasp.

There was a lot of pressure on our budding

pastry chefs. And the result? Perfection.

Definitely no evidence of any amateurs, with

a fabulous line-up of traditional favourites

including cheesecake (apparently the low fat

type), rumballs (less the rum), caramel slice

(for the authentic sweet tooth), scones (with

loads of cream and jam) and the deadly mint

slice (pure decadence), just to name a few.

As everyone honed in on their favourite treats,

we were entertained with a Charity Auction

hosted by our Payroll Administrator (by week

days) and wine maker extraordinaire (by

weekends), Lilian Gordon.

Lilian auctioned two bottles of Rubicon –

Upper Goulburn – 2005 Chardonnay and two

Lots of food left over even after everyone honed in on their favourite treats.

The wines which were auctioned for the cause.

bottles of Rubicon – Upper Goulburn – 2005

Cabinet Sauvignon, from her Winery –

Rubicon Estate.

The proud owners (mostly from the

Secretariat department) and monies donated

are listed below:

Rubicon – Chardonnay

General Manager HR – Rod Walters

$50; and Company Secretary –

Bernard McInerney $50.

Rubicon – Cabinet Sauvignon

Personal Assistant to Company Secretary –

Brigitte Waras Carstensen $60, Company

Secretary – Bernard McInerney (just having

too much fun) $150 – bought it, then donated

it back into the auction, Consultant to the

Secretariat – Ken Sleep (thought it was a

bargain) $120.

Then out of the blue, our IT Security Analyst

Robert Rose just happened to have an Andrew

Harris 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon Magnum

which he, kindly and selflessly donated to the

cause. It fetched another $150 by its proud

new owner our Legal Manager Adam Martin.

The event touched a few emotional cords with

a lot of people at Corporate, leading to the

generous contributions.

“Thanks to the fabulous chefs, the generous

purchasers, the kind donators (Robert Rose

at the last minute), the energetic bidders, the

volunteers who helped set up and clean the

kitchen and everyone who turned up to

support,” Chiara said.“And a huge thank you

to Mr Paul Little for matching the monies

raised – $1,080.”

To read more about the event and how

your money helps – log onto

(Left to right) Standing: Bernard McInerney – Company Secretary; Brigitte Waras Carstensen – PA to Company

Secretary; Robert Rose – IT Security Analyst; Chiara Lestuzzi – Head Office Accountant; Ken Sleep – Consultant and

Adam Martin – Legal Manager. Seated: Rod Walters – GM HR and Lilian Gordon – Payroll Administrator.






Toll Assisting Brisbane Canoeing

Brisbane Canoeing Inc recently celebrated

the arrival of new equipment funded

through the Queensland Government’s

Gambling Community Benefit Fund for the

purchase of kayaks,paddles and accessories.

Single and double kayaks,paddles and heart rate

monitors were purchased as well as a number of

“Guppy” boats. These boats – a European

design, are a small version of the single kayak

which makes it easier for young children to learn

to paddle with correct technique.

Brisbane Canoeing received extra help from

NQX who transported the Guppy boats from

Perth. NQX Commercial Manager Mark

Eisentrager, also a club member said, “Toll is

very happy to assist the local community


Toll Corporate Triathlon

In February Toll Corporate fielded two teams in the Melbourne BP

Ultimate BRW Corporate Triathlon.

The event is held in each state in Australia over the period from January to

April and comprises of three legs: a 300m swim, 10km bike and 4km run.

With Melbourne attracting over 5,000 competitors it was an atmospheric

day of great racing and plenty of entertainment.

The weather was kind with a smooth sea for the swim leg, pity the other

competitors were so determined to create choppy conditions.

Both teams reported that the bike leg felt fast on the way out, but found

out why at the turn around as they discovered that the fantastic tail wind

was now a shocking head wind!

The run leg would have been quite a pleasant jog by the beach, but after

the swim and ride, all thoughts were on getting it over with and enjoying a

well earned rest.

Some of the Club members with the Guppies NQX kindly transported.

through groups such as Brisbane Canoeing who

provide so much opportunity for the children of

the area.”

Jonathan Clark, the club’s Coaching Coordinator,

Toll Fast Courier Claims Victory

Victorian Toll Fast bicycle courier Andrew

Bell overcame exhaustion and a rugged Mt

Majura track to claim a hard-fought victory

in the 2007 Australian Solo 24 hour

Mountain Bike Championships in Canberra.

Andrew, who finished second in the

championships last year, triumphed over 70

riders including Australia’s best endurance

specialists, to win Australia’s most gruelling 24

hour mountain bike race at Innabaanya Guide

Camp at Mt Majura pine forest during the

Easter long-weekend.

said, “This equipment will greatly enhance our

junior program providing the latest in kayak

design and a range of new equipment specifically

designed for young paddlers in the 8-10 years

age group.”

All six competitors put in awesome efforts and a special mention to

the Toll1 team who came 4th in the Corporate Mixed Transport and

Logistics Category.

This was the first year that Toll Corporate has entered the event and the

participants are keen to be back next year stronger and fitter

than ever.

Mark Duque – Senior Tax Advisor (Toll 2); Bruno Carreto – Tax Advisor (Toll 2); Angela Hall –

(Toll 1); Timothy Mann – Assistant Treasurer (Toll 2); Rod Walters – General Manager Human

Resources (Toll 1) and Shaun Mooney – Divisional Commercial Manager (Toll 1).

We at Toll Fast congratulate Andrew on his

efforts, and look forward to his representation in

the 24 hrs World Solo Championships in

Monterey, California in October.

More information about the race can be found

on the web site:

Andrew Bell (right) said, “It’s the best thing ever – I’ve

been working towards this for three years and it was a

bonus to win the national championships and represent

Australia at the world championships.”




Ben Royals,Toll Contract Logistics, Minchinbury, NSW

Brian Miller,Toll Tasmania / Edwards Transport, Burnie,TAS

Cavan Carr,Toll SPD, Welshpool, WA

Daniel Blanch,Toll AutoLogistics, Wagga Wagga, NSW

Darren Urquhart,Toll Contract Logistics, Archerfield, QLD

David Gile,Toll Contract Logistics, Minchinbury, NSW

David Zoldak, in2store, Knoxfield, VIC

Donald Smith,Toll Contract Logistics, Archerfield, QLD

Donato Uy, in2store, Altona, VIC

Frank Imberti,Toll SPD, Kewdale, WA

Geoffrey Gray,Toll AutoLogistics, Dry Creek, SA

Glenn Mitchell,Toll Contract Logistics, Arndell Park, NSW

Gregory Edwards, NQX Freight System, Mackay, QLD

Heather Doody,Toll Tasmania / Edwards Transport, Port Melbourne, VIC

Heikki Kahkonen,Toll AutoLogistics, Campbellfield, VIC

James Turner,Toll Tasmania / Edwards Transport, Hobart,TAS

Jean Sanstoupet, in2store, Knoxfield, VIC

Judy Pinto,Toll Contract Logistics, Greenacre, NSW

Justin Yeoman,Toll Contract Logistics, Kensington, VIC

Kenneth Griffin,Toll Tasmania / Edwards Transport, Port Melbourne, VIC

Kenneth Sandford,Toll AutoLogistics, Wagga Wagga, NSW

Kevin Crisp,Toll Tasmania / Edwards Transport, Hobart,TAS

Klaus Edinger, in2store, Yerrora, NSW

Leonard Harriss,Toll AutoLogistics, Wagga Wagga, NSW

Livia Crognale,Toll AutoLogistics, Campbellfield, VIC

Lynette Gilmore,Toll AutoLogistics, Laverton North, VIC

Mark Hodgson,Toll IPEC,Townsville, QLD

Merrelyn Brown,Toll Resources,Tomago, NSW

Michael Ashcroft,Toll IPEC, Chester Hill, NSW

Narelle Kerr,Toll AutoLogistics, Laverton, VIC

Nuccia Formica,Toll Tasmania / Edwards Transport, Port Melbourne, VIC

Pamela Gilbert,Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Paul Daley,Toll Contract Logistics, Arndell Park, NSW

Paul Pepyat,Toll AutoLogistics, Campbellfield, VIC

Peter Brooks,Toll SPD, Welshpool, WA

Peter Crosbie,Toll Contract Logistics, Morwell, VIC

Peter Dolensky,Toll IPEC, Dry Creek, SA

Philip Dunlop,Toll Contract Logistics, Arndell Park, NSW

Raymond Kustreba,Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW

Robert Azar,Toll Tasmania / Edwards Transport, Revesby, NSW

Rowan Jones,Toll AutoLogistics, Wagga Wagga, NSW

Samantha Green,Toll Australia Group, Archerfield, QLD

Shane Morrison,Toll Liquid Distribution, Strathfield, NSW

Terry McKenzie,Toll AutoLogistics, Wagga Wagga, NSW

Tuan Tran,Toll AutoLogistics, Campbellfield, VIC

William Robinson,Toll Tasmania / Edwards Transport, Launceston,TAS


Bruce Kelly, Interislander, Picton, NZ

David Waddilove, Rail Passenger Services, Upper Hutt, NZ

Deane Smith,Toll Rail, Mt Maunganui, NZ

Dylan Simmons,Toll Rail, Mt Maunganui, NZ

Harry Smith, Interislander, Aratere, NZ

Jackie Ransfield,Toll Rail, Murupara, NZ

Jan Morehu, Rail Passenger Services, Wellington, NZ

Kevin Gestro, Rail Passenger Services, Wellington, NZ

Malcolm MacLeod,Toll Rail, Middleton, NZ

Michael Marumaru,Toll Rail, Mt Maunganui, NZ

Nadun Kithulagoda, Interislander, Wellington, NZ

Nathan Rose,Toll Rail, Wellington, NZ

Nicci Greenwood,Toll Tranzlink, Hamilton, NZ

Nick Hide, Interislander, Picton, NZ

Peter Witton,Toll Tranzlink, Southdown, NZ

Shayne Waaka,Toll Rail, Mt Maunganui, NZ

Steven Wilson,Toll Rail, Kawerau, NZ


Andrew Schreck,Toll Fast, Port Melbourne, VIC

Barry Bass,Toll Tasmania / Edwards Transport, Port Melbourne, VIC

Ben Picken,Toll QRX,Townsville, QLD

Christopher Henry,Toll Tasmania / Edwards Transport, Port Melbourne, VIC

Christopher Whitehead, NQX Freight System, Altona, VIC

Clare Tolley,Toll SPD, Footscray, VIC

David Gardiner,Toll Group Business Development, Chullora, NSW

Douglas Giltrow,Toll Contract Logistics, Wingfield, SA

James Heil,Toll QRX,Tennyson, QLD

Jeffery Player,Toll AutoLogistics, Wagga Wagga, NSW

John Danaher,Toll Refrigerated, Altona, VIC

John Nicholson,Toll QRX,Tennyson, QLD

Kenton Muller,Toll IPEC, Forrestfield, WA

Lambro Petrevski,Toll Contract Logistics, Matraville, NSW

Lyall Pearce,Toll IPEC, Forrestfield, WA

Neil Pettiford,Toll Contract Logistics, Kensington, VIC

Peter Walker,Toll Tasmania / Edwards Transport, Hobart,TAS

Robert Broadbent,Toll Contract Logistics, Scorseby, VIC

Rom Lipka,Toll QRX,Tennyson, QLD

Ron Shaw,Toll QRX,Tennyson, QLD

Stephen Delia,Toll SPD, Chullora, NSW

William Neeves, NQX Freight System, Darwin, NT

William Olive,Toll QRX,Tennyson, QLD


Bev Garbutt,Toll Tranzlink, Dunedin, NZ

David Bird, Interislander, Arahura, NZ

Gail Tuhoro, Interislander, Wellington, NZ

John Clark, Interislander, Kaitaki, NZ

Karen MacDonald,Toll Rail, Stratford, NZ

Raymond Cook, Interislander, Kaitaki, NZ

Scott Phillips,Toll Rail, Hillside, NZ

Stuart Hodges,Toll Rail. Dunedin, NZ


Andrew Schreck,Toll Fast, Port Melbourne, VIC

Barbara Parton,Toll SPD, Welshpool, WA

Barry Bishop, NQX Freight System, Hamilton, QLD

Christopher Carrington, NQX Freight System, Hamilton, QLD

Damien Edwards,Toll SPD, Regency Park, SA

George Riabczenlo,Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Helen Capron,Toll SPD, Welshpool, WA

James MacGregor,Toll QRX,Tennyson, QLD

Jean Downing,Toll Australia Group, Archerfield, QLD

Jill Walsh,Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW

Justin Hayes,Toll Tasmania / Edwards Transport, Launceston,TAS

Mark McHarg,Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW

Peter Pavey,Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Rodney Crisp,Toll Tasmania / Edwards Transport, Burnie,TAS

Rodney Lord, NQX Freight System,Toowoomba, QLD

Roger Taylor,Toll Contract Logistics, Archerfield, QLD

Ron Wilson,Toll SPD, Footscray, VIC

Stuart Moore,Toll Tasmania / Edwards Transport, Launceston,TAS

Wayne Borland,Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW

William Gollan,Toll AutoLogistics, Hamilton, QLD


Rick Proctor,Toll Rail, Wellington, NZ

Todd Harbour, Rail Passenger Services, Wellington, NZ


Brett Sproule,Toll Tasmania / Edwards Transport, Hobart,TAS

Charles Italia,Toll Tasmania / Edwards Transport, Port Melbourne, VIC

Darryl Beckwith,Toll Refrigerated, Archerfield, QLD

John Phillips, NQX Freight System, Mackay, QLD

Michael Sullivan,Toll AutoLogistics, Wagga Wagga, NSW


Andre Evans,Toll Rail, Whangarei, NZ

Chris Duffell, Rail Passenger Services, Wellington, NZ

Darryl Dodd,Toll Rail, Middleton, NZ

Dilip Narasy,Toll Tranzlink, Wellington, NZ

Heemi Hope,Toll Rail, Kawerau, NZ

Jillo Shikongo,Toll Rail, Middleton, NZ

Paul Teatai Ariki, Interislander, Wellington, NZ

Peter Manson,Toll Rail, Middleton, NZ

Steve Watson,Toll Rail, Lyttelton, NZ

Tom Lyons,Toll Rail, Palmerston North, NZ

Vic Maciulaitis,Toll Rail, Middleton, NZ

Warren Chapman,Toll Rail, Middleton, NZ


Barry Smith,Toll IPEC, Richlands, QLD

David Greeney,Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Des Carrodus,Toll SPD, Acacia Ridge, QLD

John Wallis,Toll Tasmania / Edwards Transport, Hobart,TAS

Kenneth Mepstead,Toll IPEC, Altona North, VIC

Stacey Stanbridge,Toll SPD, Acacia Ridge, QLD

Steven Fing,Toll IPEC, Moorebank, NSW


Ashely Hunt,Toll Rail, Palmerston North, NZ

Eric Tait,Toll Rail, Picton, NZ

Gedi Grigaliunas,Toll Rail, Westfield, NZ

Graeme Archer,Toll Rail, Palmerston North, NZ

John Clarke,Toll Rail, Westfield, NZ

Kim Burt,Toll New Zealand, Wellington, NZ

Noel Wilcock,Toll Rail,Te Rapa, NZ

Owen Christopher,Toll Rail, Westfield, NZ

Paul Henry,Toll Rail, Dunedin, NZ

Phil Gilchrist,Toll New Zealand, Woburn, NZ

Ricky Kuka,Toll Rail, Mt Maunganui, NZ

Telai Sefesi,Toll Rail,Takapuna, NZ

Terry Stonham,Toll Rail,Te Rapa, NZ

Warren Elliot,Toll Rail, Middleton, NZ


Cecil McGregor,Toll AutoLogistics, Hamilton, QLD


Charlie Ogston, Rail Passenger Services, Christchurch, NZ

Gary Carter, Rail Passenger Services, Upper Hutt, NZ

Gene Tutemahurangi,Toll Rail, Mt Maunganui, NZ

Malcolm Stone,Toll Corporate, Worburn, NZ

Tony Batters,Toll Rail,Te Rapa, NZ

William Wood, Interislander, Kaitaki, NZ


Allan Fox,Toll Rail, Whangarei, NZ

Anthony Mark,Toll Rail, Napier, NZ

John Blackmore,Toll Rail, Picton, NZ

Wayne Wenham,Toll Rail, Wenham, NZ


Toll Group is the

Asian Region’s leading

integrated logistics provider,

operating an extensive network

throughout Australia, Asia and

New Zealand, delivering seamless,

end-to-end, regional and global

supply chain solutions.


Evelyn Papadopoulos, Corporate Marketing Communications Manager

contact as per Head Office or e-mail

Our Vision:

To be the most successful provider

of 'integrated total logistics solutions'

to the Asian Region.

Toll's access to strategic transport and

infrastructure assets including: road fleets,

shipping, warehousing, air freight capacity,

ports and rail rolling stock, offers customers

modal choice and flexibility in solving

complex logistic demands.

When these assets are combined with the

latest in technology, operational expertise,

flexible customer interfaces, excellent

service delivery and innovative supply chain

solutions, they drive best practice in supply

chain management, and provide customers

with reliability and cost competitiveness.

Toll is continually expanding its service

offerings to build operational diversity that

presents customers with a range of fully

integrated logistics solutions.

Toll... The total logistics solution...

Head Office

Level 7, 380 St Kilda Road Melbourne 3004

Telephone: + 61 3 9694 2888

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