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in General Information - LilyPond

in General Information - LilyPond

Download 44 or File >

Download 44 or File > Open to open and edit any files you have saved before. You must save any new edits you make before you compile it and if the PDF file is not created, check the log file that will have been created during the compilation attempt, for any errors. This log file is overwritten each time you compile your LilyPond file. The PS file is used internally by LilyPond to create the PDF file and can be ignored. It also gets overwritten each time you compile your file. If you are viewing your file in a PDF viewer, then you must close the PDF if you wish to make a new compilation as it may fail to create the new PDF while it is still being viewed.

Download 45 Running on the command-line ☛ ✟ Note: If you are happy with the GUI, then please ignore these instructions. ✡ ✠ Windows on the command line The most convenient way to run LilyPond is by adding the folder which contains LilyPond executable files to the environmental variable “Path”. 1. Open your “System” on the Control Panel, select Advanced tab and click Environmental Variables button. 2. Select the Variable “Path” from Environmental variables list and click the Edit button. You will be presented a window titled “Edit System Variable”; append to “Variable value” the name of the folder which contains LilyPond executable files like this: [pre-set paths];DIR\LilyPond\usr\bin ☛ ✟ Note: DIR will generally be C:\Program Files. ✡ ✠ and click “OK” button to close the window. Invoking individual executable files LilyPond executable files – such as lilypond, lilypond-book, convert-ly, and so on – can be run from the command-line by invoking them: Legalese lilypond All logos and product images are copyright and trademark acknowledged. The “four colored rectangles image” is not a registered trademark. It was created by Rohitbd and placed under the GNU Free Documentation License version 1.2. We found the image on this Wikimedia Commons page. Source ☛ ✟ Source tarball Note: LilyPond is a text-based music engraver; it is more similar to a programming language than a graphical score editing program. Before downloading LilyPond, please read about our [Text input], page 18. ✡ ✠ ☛ ✟ Note: We do not recommend that you attempt to build LilyPond yourself; almost all user needs are better met with the pre-built version. ✡ ✠ Source: lilypond-2.14.1.tar.gz For an extensive listing of all versions (old and new), see our download site. Compiling instructions Instructions are listed in Section “Compiling” in Contributor’s Guide.

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