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Give, Eat, and Live - The University of Texas at Dallas

Give, Eat, and Live - The University of Texas at Dallas

include Gloria Alcorta's

include Gloria Alcorta's Le Jeu de la Peur and La Gran Laguna and Katy Camille-Meister's Coupeur de Canne. Her translation of Dany LaFerriere's "Vers Ie sud" appeared in Words Without Borders in 2008. Tanyika is currently translating selected tales by Peruvian author Max Palacios. Pamela Carmell has translated Jose Lezama Lima's Oppiano Licario under an NEA grant. She co-translated the short story anthology Cuba on the Edge; Nancy Morejon's With Eyes and Soul; Matilde Asensi's The Last Cato; and Antonio Larreta's The Last Portrait of the Duchess of Alba. She is currently at work on Morejon's love poems. Lisa Carter is a full-time freelance Spanish-to­ English translator based in Ottawa, Canada. Her translation of The Book of Destiny: Unlocking the Secrets of the Ancient Mayans and the Prophecy of 2012 was published by HarperCollins in 2009. She is currently translating EI caligrafo de Voltaire by Pablo De Santis, also for HarperCollins. Inara Cedrins is an artist, writer and translator of Latvian descent who received her B.A. in Writing from Columbia College in Chicago and her M.A. in Arts Administration at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her anthology of contemporary Latvian poetry was published by the University of Iowa Press, and she is currently working on a new Baltic anthology. Norman Cheadle has translated the canonical Argentine novel Adon Buenosayres (1948), by Leopoldo Marechal; authored The Ironic Apocalypse in the Novels of Leopolda Marechal (Tamesis Books, 2000); co-edited Canadian Cultural Exchange: Translation and Transculturation (Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2007); and published several articles on Spanish American literature and culture. Stephen Clark is Associate Professor of Spanish at California State University, Channel Islands. Stephen's area of interest is contemporary Latin American literature. He has published translations of authors such as Denzil Romero, Leonardo Padura, and Emilio Bejel. His translation of Mexican author Fernando Fabio Sanchez's Artful Assassins is due out from Vanderbilt University Press in 20 I O. Jonathan Cohen is a translator of Latin American poetry and scholar of inter-American literature. His latest book is Ernesto Cardenal's Pluriverse: New and Selected Poems (New Directions, 2009). His compilation of William Carlos Williams' poems from the Spanish will be published by New Directions in 20 II. Martha Collins is the author of the book-length poem Blue Front (Graywolf, 2006), which won several awards. Collins has also published four co llections of poems and two collections of cotranslated Vietnamese poetry: Nguyen Quang Thieu's The Women Cany River Water and Lam Thi My Da's Green Rice (with Thuy Dinh). John K. Cox, a professor of history at North Dakota State University in Fargo, is the author of historical works on Serbia and Slovenia and has translated novels by Danilo Kis and Ivan Cankar. He is currently writing a study of the fiction of Ismail Kadare. Ruth Katz Crispin currently teaches in the Humanties department of the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. She is author of Song of the Sell The Poetl}) of Pedro Salinas and of numerous scholarly essays; her translations of Salinas' love poetry will be published this year. 14

15 Lisa Dillman translates from the Spanish and Catalan and teaches at Emory University in Atlanta. Her most recent translations include Juan Eslava Galan's The Mule (Bantam) and Juan Filloy's Op Oloop (Dalkey). She's currently seeking a publisher for her translation of Andres Barba's Las manos pequena.\'. Gratyna Drabik is a translator of Polish poetry into English and Portuguese. Her work has appeared in literary journals and anthologies in the U.S., such as The Massachusetts Review, Modern Poetry in Translation, and The Bedford Anthology of World Literature (Bedford/ St. Martin's Press). She is a contributing writer for Nowy Dziennik (The Polish Daily News) in New York. Alison Dundy coordinates the translation and interpretation studies programs at New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies, where she also teaches French-to-English literary translation and translating the news. She is currently translating Sony Labou Tansi's La vie et demie for Indiana University Press. Natasa Durovicova is the house editor of the International Writing Program and the publisher, the IWP's on-line journal. She teaches in the Department of Cinema and Comparative Literature, all at the University of Iowa. She is the chair of the Translation Committee at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Marisa Estelrich is a writer and translator from Argentina. Her publications include an award-winning collection of short stories, Desnudos del alma, published in Argentina, and her most recent novel, finalist for the Premio de NoveIa Corta "Cristobal Zaragoza" Cuando yo te vuelva a vel', published in Spain in April of2009. Jennifer Feeley is an Assistant Professor of Chinese at the University of Iowa, where she teaches courses in modem Chinese literature and film. Her translations of contemporary Chinese poetry have appeared in various anthologies and journals. Currently she is writing a manuscript on the influence of the American confessional school on contemporary Chinese women's poetry. Nancy Festinger is chief interpreter in the Manhattan federal court and a translator of nonfiction, fiction, and drama from French and Spanish into English. Most recently she translated a play by Borja Ortiz de Gondra, Picasso and His Barber. She has been studying jazz piano and vocals for the past decade. Marc Fitten is a Ph.D. student at Georgia State University and received the Paul Bowles Fellowship for Fiction. He is currently the editor of The Chattahoochee Review, Atlanta's oldest journal, and Red Hen Press' Translation Series Editor. Valeria's Last Stand, published by Bloomsbury in May 2009, is his first novel. Luise yon Flotow translates from French and German and also teaches at the University of Ottawa School of Translation. She is currently working on a re-translation of Christa Wolfs Del' getei/te Himmel (1963) and is also scouting for contemporary German writing about the Berlin Wall. Linda Gaboriau is an award-winning literary translator based in Montreal. Her translations of plays by Quebec's most prominent playwrights have been published and produced across Canada and abroad. As a literary manager and dramaturg, she has directed numerous translation residencies and international exchange programs. From 2002 to 2007, she was the founding director of the

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