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Give, Eat, and Live - The University of Texas at Dallas

Give, Eat, and Live - The University of Texas at Dallas

Solorzano's lobo de

Solorzano's lobo de labio. Forthcoming in 2009/20 I0 are three poetry books and two new translations: Sincopes by Guatemalan poet Alan Mills and Negro marfil by Mexican poet Myriam Moscona. James Hoggard is an award-winning poet, short story writer, novelist, essayist, and literary translator from the Spanish. In 2007 he was awarded the PEN Southwest Poetry Award. The author of 19 books, his most recent volumes are Triangles of Light: The Edward Hopper Poems and Ashes /n Love, a translation of recent poems by Oscar Hahn. Lynn Hoggard's translation of Nelida by Marie d' Agoult won the Texas Institute of Letters Soeurette Diehl Fraser Award in 2005 as the best translation by a writer living in Texas. A former president of AL TA, she teaches English, French, and Humanities at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX. Gail Holst-Warhaft, Adjunct Professor of Classics, Comparative Literature, and Near Eastern Studies, directs the Mediterranean Studies Initiative at Cornell University's Institute for European Studies. Her books include Dangerous Voices: Women's Laments and Greek Literature; The Cue for Passion: Grief and its Political Uses; Collected Poems of Nikos Kavadias; and Penelope's Confession. Priscilla Hunter translates to and from Spanish and teaches literature and literary translation for senior Spanish majors at Southern Oregon University. Her publications include critical articles, translations, and poems. Daniela Hurezanu's latest book in translation (with Stephen Kessler) is Eyeseas by Raymond Queneau. Other recent translations: an essay by Jean-Luc Nancy, featured in the film Outlandish­ Strange Foreign Bodies by Phillip Warnell, and an interview of Paul Virilio with Sylvere Lotringer, Trajectories of the Catastrophic (also a film). Laura Janisniemi, from Tampere, Finland, has been translating both fiction and non-fiction from English and Swedish into Finnish since 1996. Her most recent translations include Marilynne Robinson's Gilead and Jay Parini's The Last Station. Edith Jonssoll-Devillers has written aIiicles about and translated Octavio Paz, Saint-John Perse, George Sand, Borges, Aime Cesaire, Marcela del Rio, as well as several books on the philosophy of Indian mystics. She is interested in contemporary poetry, especially that of women from Spanish America, and has translated Nela Rio into French and English. Kersti J uva has translated novels and plays from English into Finnish for almost 40 years and has received several prizes for her work. She was appointed Artist Professor of Finland in 2009. Jim Kates is a poettranslator and president of Zephyr Press. He is the translator of The Score of the Game by Tatiana Shcherbina and Say Thank You by Mikhail Aizenberg, the translation editor of Contemporary Russian Poet/y, and the editor of /n the Grip o.fStrange Thoughts: Russian Poet/y in a New Era. Susan Kepner has published translations of two Thai novels and many short stories, as well as books and essays on Southeast Asian literature and translation, and is now completing a cultural biography of a leading Thai novelist and critic. She recently retired from teaching at the University of California, Berkeley. Stephen Kcsslel" is a poet, translator, essayist, and editor. His most recent 18

19 books include Burning Daylight (poems), Desolation of the Chimera by Luis Cernuda (translation), and Moving Targets: On Poets, Poetry & Translation (essays). He is the editor and principal translator of The Sonnets of Jorge Luis Borges (Spring 20 I0). Sandra Kingery's most recent translation is Rene Vazquez Diaz's Welcome to Miami, Dr. Leal. She has translated three books by Ana Maria Moix, two Julio Cortazar stories ("The Pursuer" and "Bix Beiderbecke"), and is working on two books by Esther Tusquets. Kingery received a Fellowship at Banff International Literary Translation Centre in 2008 and a 20 I0 NEA Translation Fellowship. Lucas Klein edits the online translation journal He is pursuing a Ph.D. at Yale in modern and medieval Chinese poetry and translation. His translations, essays, and poems have appeared or are forthcoming in CipherJournal, Jacket, Drunken Boat, Frank, Manoa, and Big Bridge. He co-edited The Chinese Wrillen Character as a Medium for Poetry: A Critical Edition (Fordham UP). Astrid Klocke is Associate Professor of German at Northern Arizona University. native language is Her Gennan. She has published articles on Holocaust fiction, a chapter translation from Edgar Hilsenrath's novel Bronskys Gestaendnis, and has co-authored a Gennan literature textbook. Her current translation projects include literary and philosophical texts. Silvia Kofler's work has been published in The Sixth Surface: Steven Holl Lights the Nelson-Atkins Museum, The Kansas City Star, The Dirty Goat, and numerous other publications. Her book of poetry, From the Suburbs with the Wedding Dress in its Coffin/Vom Vorort mit dem Hochzeitskleid im Sarg, was published by The Edwin Mellen Press. Alicia Kozamch, a former prisoner of the Argentine dictatorship during the Dirty War, is the author of two books published in the USA Steps Under Water and 259 Leaps, the Last Immortal (translated by Clare Sullivan). Two of her short stories, "Alicra in Yellows" and "Impression of Heights," have appeared in feminist anthologies in this country. Chana Kronfeld is Professor of Literature at UC Berkeley and author of On the Margins of Modernism: Decentering LiteralY Dynamics (MLA Scaglione Prize for Best Book in Comparative Literary Studies). She collaborated with Chana Bloch on Yehuda Amichai's Open Closed Open (PEN Award for Poetry in Translation) and Hovering at a Low Altitude: The Collected Poetry of Dahlia Ravikovitch. Andrea G. Labinger is Professor of Spanish emerita, University of La Verne. She has published nine translations of Latin American novels, three of which were finalists in the PEN USA competition. Recent publications include Angelina Muf1iz­ Hubennan's The Confidantes (Gaon Books, 2009) and Ana Maria Shua's Death as a Side Effect (University Nebraska Press, of forthcoming 20 I0). Clifford E. Landers has translated some of the most noted names in contemporary Brazilian literature, among them Jorge Amado, Rubem Fonseca, Moacyr Scliar, Rachel de Queiroz, Joao Ubaldo Ribeiro, and Patricia Melo. He has also helped to keep alive awareness of such great Brazilian writers from the past as Lima BalTeto, Jose de Alencar, and Monteiro Lobato. Ingrid Lansford holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Texas at Austin. Her prose

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