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ERCO Innovations 2013

ERCO Innovations 2013


ERCO Innovations 2013 Indoor luminaires with LED Compact LED Developed and produced in­house by ERCO, the lens system of the Compact LED produces a particularly efficient and uniform distribution – with rotationally symmetrical wide flood or axially symmetrical oval flood characteristic. The luminaire’s photometrics have been optimised in terms of efficient visual comfort by using an anti­glare ring and cross baffle and offer a cut­off angle of 30°. This combination of efficient visual comfort, striking design, especially shallow recess depth and good value for money makes Compact LED a truly unique luminaire. The Compact LED is an ideal lighting tool for ambient lighting in retail or in administrative buildings, where effective solutions and brilliance are required for the illumination of merchandise, objects and materials. Page 565 Quadra The Quadra range also uses the innovative and highly efficient LED lens projection system. Quadra, therefore, excels with photometric performance in the same way as the new Compact LED. The usage of a square cover glass offers a clear and elegant design. As with Compact LED, Quadra uses the same mounting frames and rings as the Quintessence range for practical installation without tools. Accordingly, both the Quadra and the Compact LED are available in three and five sizes respectively, with covered or flush mounting detail. The wide flood characteristic can be used to illuminate expansive areas, providing ambient lighting in areas such as foyers, restaurants, hotels and residential properties, whereas the oval flood ensures linear lighting with generous luminaire spacing in traffic zones, for example, or on retail surfaces. Page 555 LED LED Downlights 8W – 40W 640lm – 4000lm Wide flood, oval flood Size 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 Downlights 8W – 24W 640lm – 2400lm Wide flood, oval flood Size 3, 4, 5 ERCO Program 2013 17

ERCO Innovations 2013 Indoor luminaires with LED Logotec with LED in two sizes The Logotec range of spotlights excels in terms of efficient lighting technology, a sturdy design and excellent user­friendliness. The additional larger size supports deployment in different applications thanks to the increased lumen packages. The innovative Spherolit technology has resulted in highly uniform light beams with a slightly soft edge and a high light output ratio. The Logotec system concept is particularly optimised for the requirements of sales area lighting and is a cost­efficient option for effective planning and design. The modular Spherolit technology allows tool­free exchange of the lenses, offering different characteristics suiting various lighting tasks. Logotec is also available as recessed spotlight for lighting solutions that are integrated into the ceiling. Page 113 Pollux spotlights with LED The Pollux product range addresses a wide selection of lighting tasks running the gamut from accentuation through to light effects produced by projections. With this in mind, ERCO has now added projector spotlights with LED to the range. Their framing attachment produces sharp­edged beams that can be individually adjusted, for instance, to suit the format of images. The highly compact LED light head made of cast aluminium makes Pollux perfect even for small rooms whether in sales areas, in the catering industry or in homes. Page 154 18 ERCO Program 2013 LED LED Spotlights 4W – 24W 320lm – 2400lm Narrow spot, spot, flood, wide flood Spotlights 2W – 6W 160lm – 600lm Narrow spot, spot, flood, wide flood Floodlights 12W – 24W 960lm – 2400lm Projector spotlights 6W 480lm – 600lm Lens wallwashers 12W – 24W 960lm – 2400lm Floodlights 6W 480lm – 600lm Lens wallwashers 6W 480lm – 600lm

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