nauonal capital chapter i bmw car club of america - der Bayerische ...

nauonal capital chapter i bmw car club of america - der Bayerische ...


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"Maifest" were either Easter weekend in April or

early August. We chose the earlier date. We

were also offered Saturday-Sunday weekend in

late October, but that would have conflicted

with the Florida Oktoberfest which will draw

many of our members .

You should also note that Friday, July 3, will be

the national holiday for the Fourth, and

Monday, October 12 is Columbus Day. Those

days should be well attended based on our

experiences in the recent past.

If these dates are not enough to fill your needs,

remember that nearby chapters have

scheduled schools at Mid-Ohio (May 9-10),

Watkins Glen (June 20-21), and Charlotte

Motor Speedway (August 22-23). Nelson

Ledges has been repaved but its dates are

unknown at this time. As if May 9-10 didn't

have enough going on, Road Atlanta and Road

America are also hosting BMW CCA schools

that weekend.

David Roach


A strange thing happened to me the other day

on the way to work...I got flashed. No, no, no,

not by some pervert not even by a sex

goddess in a trench coat. I was flashed by

another bimmer... late model 535. What's so

strange about this you say? Well, once upon a

time in bimmer land, long before the advent of

yuppies, uppies, and whatever folks who drove

BMWs flashed their headlights whenever they

met one another in oncoming traffic etc. They

did this as a display of camaraderie of the

marque. It didn't make a difference if you were

driving a 7-series or an 02, or anything in

between, if you met another bimmer the two

flashed each other. I also own a Porsche and

the 911 guys almost always flash back or

wave. Anyway, I haven't been flashed by a

bimmer in years and usually when I flash I get

a strange look, the finger, or they slam on

brakes to slow down for radar. Needless to

say, when this 1990 BMW flashed, it startled

me so bad I didn't have time to flash him back,

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