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In this issue:

Bone Man Keeps the Blues Alive

Charlie Musselwhite Speaks

The Howlers

Ritzville Rocks

Northwest Harp Attack

Memo to Members

August 2002

The Board of Directors met at the University Plaza Hotel on July 2. We moved the meeting

up a day, for those who had plans to attend the Portland Waterfront Festival. Remember,

these meetings are open to the membership. We wouldn’t mind seeing some different

faces, and it’s an opportunity for you to express your concerns, ideas, and sample the tasty

food at the UPH....

This will be short, because you should be out at the many, many blues events happening all

around the state this summer, instead of sitting somewhere, reading this.

Biz this month:

We are proceeding with legal action against one of our former big advertisers that

continues to ignore their large outstanding debt to us. It was a tough decision, and we

tried other avenues, to no avail. Not pretty, but this is YOUR money, and it’s a year


Revenue from Fremont Fair was $663.00. Thanks to the volunteers who worked over the 2

day event!!

We’ve had a huge response to our offer to sell merchandise for musicians - THANK YOU FOR

YOUR SUPPORT!!! We have some dedicated volunteers who are knowledgable enough about

our local blues that they are quite successful at selling CDs unheard by the purchaser!

Speaking of support, check out the list of New and Renewed Members - yowza!!

It’s festival season, and we hope to see you all out enjoying all the talent that’s scheduled

to appear in the next few months. Stop by the WBS booth and introduce yourselves. Don’t

forget our monthly meetings at ToST in Fremont on the second Wednesday of each month.

If you haven’t attended, you’ve missed some fine talent [and BBQ at July’s meeting!!].

Yours in the blues,

Leslie Fleury



WBS Annual Summer Picnic


as part of Don Glenn’s Seattle Peace Concert Series

At Seattle’s Gasworks Park On Lake


2 • Washington Blues Society

Sunday, Aug 11, from noon to 6 pm

free, but please bring food donation for NW Harvest


Stickshift Annie & the Overdrive

Tweety and the Tomcats

The Howlers

The Jelly Rollers

Mark Riley (acoustic)












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The Washington Blues Society (WBS) is a nonprofit

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preserve, and advance the culture and tradition

of blues music as an art form.

Annual membership fee is $20 for individuals,

$30.00 per couple, and $40 for overseas memberships

(please see membership application form

at back).

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Bluesletter • August 2002 • 3

4 • Washington Blues Society

A Talk with Charlie Musselwhite

Interveiw by Kim Field

At least they got a little taste of it before their time was up. And gosh,

Magic Sam would really just be huge today. He’d be bigger than Buddy

Guy. He was so warm and he would just connect with people. He just

made you feel good with his music and personally, when you met him. He

was a good guy. Everybody loved him. He was a great entertainer, hell of

a good singer and guitar player. I wish he was still here.

KF: It seems like a lot of gospel influences are coming out in your music

KF: The critics are making a big deal out of the fact that the songs on

your new CD, “One Night In America,” constitute a real mixed bag. That

there’s a Johnny Cash song on there, that you’ve got blues luminaries like

Robben Ford playing with you, as well as country picker Marty Stuart and

“Saturday Night Live” lynchpin G.E. Stewart. This new CD isn’t really a

departure for you in that sense, though, is it? You’ve always pushed the

boundaries—on your first album you had Little Walter’s rhythm section

and psychedelic rock guitarist Harvey Mandel.

the last few years. Is the attraction that gospel is a bluesy music that is

somewhat more tuneful, that offers more in the way of chord progressions,

a different sound?

CM: It’s just about the feeling. Gospel is loaded with feeling. It means a

lot to me. If you’ve ever been to Memphis, you just turn on the radio

and the dial is just loaded with gospel. A lot of those programs are live,

or taped from the night before or something. You really get a good

gospel hit growing up in Memphis, so it’s always been real special to me.

CM: Usually I go in the studio with everything I want to

do, but this was a different situation. I didn’t pick all

KF: You grew up in Memphis, one of the great blues

centers. Who did you see at a tender age?

the songs. The album is what I would call a “producer’s

CM: I saw Muddy in Memphis. And Chuck Berry, Bo

project.” Randy Labbe came to me with this idea. At

Diddley, and Jimmy Reed. Those are the only guys I

first some of the tunes he had in mind I didn’t

saw doing professional gigs in club situations. The rest

particularly care for, but they grew on me after I

of the players I heard were like street singers and

listened to them for a while. Like “Trail of Tears.” First

guys playing on the corner for tips or in their homes.

time I heard that—well, I just didn’t relate to it

People like Will Shade, who played with the Memphis

initially, but it’s become a real strong tune for me in

Jug Band, Furry Lewis and Gus Cannon. They all

live shows lately. And that Los Lobos tune on the CD,

recorded in the 1920s. I’d go hang out with them and

“One Time One Night”—a friend of mine has been

pass the jug around.

trying to get me to do that for years. And I felt that it

really fit with the rest of the ideas. And the songs that

I wrote are actually re-recordings of tunes I’d done

before, and the producer picked those.

KF: I was knocked out by your guitar playing tonight.

It’s so rare these days to hear someone play in that

classic blues style. How long have you been playing the

guitar on stage?

KF: You’re one of the all-time road warriors. What’s the

road like these days?

CM: This is kind of a recent thing, although I was

playing guitar back in Memphis. But when I got to

CM: Well I’ll tell ya, a lot of people are having a hard

Chicago there were tons of guitar players, but not

time. I think 9/11 had a big impact. I was on the road right after that, many harp players. So my guitar playing sort of leveled off. I kept

and I noticed that the further east I went, the more the club owners playing guitar for my own enjoyment. My wife Henrietta kept bugging

were complaining that people just weren’t going out.

me: “You know, people would like to hear that.” It was time to do it for

KF: You’ve always had a good eye for fresh young talent. Who are some

other people, too, I guess.

of the younger players out there now who you’ve been really impressed KF: It’s great to hear you play solo and in a duo setting with Rusty. It’s


pretty low overhead without the band, too, isn’t it?

CM: Well, of course there’s Rusty Zinn, who’s playing with me on this CM: Oh, yeah. It’s great working with Rusty. The two of us, just traveling

trip. He’s in his early thirties, which seems awful young to me. The light. Rusty is a hell of a player and a great singer, too. It’s a lot of fun

guitarist in my band these days, Kirk Flettcher, is a phenomenal guitar working with him.

player who hasn’t’ even hit thirty yet. And he’s a young black man who is

playing blues. How many young black guys even give a hoot about the

blues? So that’s refreshing. And another guy in my band, Bob Welch, is a

fine piano player and guitar player. These guys all play with taste. And

I’m kinda playing rock and roll, and they’re playing straight-ahead blues,

and that’s great.

KF: You had the good fortune of coming up in the early and mid-1960s

when the A line—Muddy, the Wolf, Lightnin- Hopkins—were all still going

strong. You had personal relationships with a lot of those guys. You were

in the right place at the right time…

KF: Well, as a fan it seems that your career is hitting on all cylinders

these days. You’re put out some outstanding recordings on a regular basis

and your touring schedule is more packed than ever.

CM: It just seems to keep coming in. I’m not under contract to any label,

but that’s the way I want it. I don’t want to be under contract. Just do

one record at a time, and if something works out with a label, well,

we’ll talk about doing another one. There’s no reason to sign a contract.

KF: You were really badly injured in an automobile accident in Mexico a

couple of years ago.

CM: Yeah, I didn’t even know it at the time.

KF: When you look back at that cast of characters, is there a person or

two who you really miss?

CM: I almost died. I got T-boned—hit broadside—by a semi. Broke every

rib on one side. I had twelve broken ribs altogether. And I almost lost my

spleen and one of my kidneys. One whole side of my body was just black

and purple. I remember in the hospital when they told me I was still in a

CM: Oh, all of them. Muddy. Wolf. Sonny Boy. I think if Little Walter had life-and-death situation. I said, “You’re kiddin’ me.” I knew I was

lived he would have gotten his chops back together. He was going

leaving. It turned out to be the nicest stay I’ve ever had in a hospital.

through some real hard times with alcohol, and the alcohol was actually The best food. Nobody spoke any English except one doctor, so my

giving him mental problems like really low self-esteem, those kind of Spanish got real good. I was even able to joke with them in Spanish. It

things. I think he would have really re-blossomed, if that’s the way to happened on December 13

put it. And guys like Lightnin’ and Big Joe Williams—I reallyh miss them.

th . And on the 30th While we had Charlie Musselwhite pinned down at

the Kit Cat Theater for Washington Blues Society Best

of he Blues event, we sic’d local blues harp wizard,

Kim Field on him for an exclusive interview. Kim got

the goods, and we hereby present our interview with

Memphis Charlie. Thanks Kim and thanks Charlie!

photo by the Sheriff

I left to do a gig. They said,

“No, no, you’ve got to stay at least another week,” and I said, “Naw, I

got a gig. Gotta go.” So I got in a wheelchair and flew home and played

from a wheelchair onstage on New Year’s Eve. The millennium New Year’s

Eve. It was a good gig.

KF: So you’re back 100%, physically?

CM: Well, I still have pains that I feel from time to time. They’ll

probably always be there, but that’s a small price to pay. Beats the

alternative. It’s okay with me. No complaints.

KF: Having been in the business for so long, do you have any problems

reconnecting with the music? Do you find yourself hitting plateaus in

terms of your relationship with the music, or are you able to keep finding

that wellspring of inspiration?

CM: It just seems to keep coming. Sometimes I feel something like what

you might call “writer’s block,” but when it’s showtime, it’s all there.

It’s always there for you. I’ve got lots of ideas. It’s just finding the right

connections to put them together. Musicians that can play a certain kind

of music.

KF: You’ve spent years consistently serving up great blues, but what

really sets you apart as an artist is the fact that you’re always trying

something different and going in new directions.

CM: Well, to me it’s all about feeling. So I hope that’s what comes


Guitar Lessons from BB Award Winning Guitarist

Tim Sherman

Electric Texas

& Chicago styles

Beginners welcome


Camp Klawata

A Camp For Autistic Children

Fund Raiser 2002


Steve & the Goodtimes · Steve

Stefanowicz ·Nicole Fournier & Randy

Oxford · Loose Gravel & the Quarry ·

Real Times Band · Stay Tuned


Sunday, August 18 th 1:00pm – 10:00pm

$5.00 suggested donation

South Tacoma Eagles

72 nd & Pine in Tacoma·


To donate or volunteer call Rebecca @ 253-318-9134

Bluesletter • August 2002 • 5

Tracking down Randy Oxford for an interview is not an easy

task. Randy, while one of the nicest people in the world, is

also one of the busiest. And one of the friendliest. No matter

where or when we would schedule time together, we would

constantly be interrupted as friends would stop by to chat. And

Randy would always greet them by name and ask about their

children, their pets, and their neighbors. And all of this is done with

absolute sincerity. He does care about your Mother. He asked me

about mine just last night as we attempted to set up another time

to finish the world’s longest running

interview. Thank God there is a cutoff date

for this article, otherwise, we’d still be

working on it at Christmas. Now I don’t want

to leave the reader with the impression that

Randy is a difficult subject, just the

opposite, he bubbles over with enthusiasm

and joy for the life he leads. Every gig he

plays is the best ever. Every musician he

plays with is the best ever. I checked around

with old band mates and old girl friends and

no one would give me any dirt. All I got was

praise and compliments for the nicest guy

in the NW blues scene. Even Little Bill

Engelhart took time out from kicking around

his latest guitar player to say nice things

about Randy. This article was going nowhere


To give you an idea as to how busy Randy is, let’s check out his

calendar. In the year 2002, Randy has played or is scheduled to play

at 150 jam sessions. Since Randy manages these sessions, he is

there from beginning to end keeping track of each player and

figuring out which combination of musicians will work out the best.

And he is playing trombone at each session. On top of the jam

sessions, Randy has an additional 125 nights playing with various

bands. The Steamers, The Howlers, Fat Cat, Little Bill and The

Bluenotes, Jr. Cadillac, Funkin Groovin, Loose Gravel, The Hudson

Blues Band, The Silverbacks, The Michael Kahler Band, and Randy’s

new band, Nicole Fournier and Her Three Pound Universe are just

some of the bands Randy plays with this year. Now for those

mathematically challenged blues lovers out there, that’s 275 nights

of playing in one year. Randy swears that he spends the other few

nights a year checking out the local scene.

It’s no wonder that this man has received

multiple awards from The Washington Blues

Society (Entertainer of the year, Hall Of

Fame, Keeping the Blues Alive, 4 times Horn

of the year, and also a number of band

awards). This man is truly amazing. I have

followed Randy this year to a number of gigs

and it’s been a wonderful experience. Randy

knows the name of every musician at every

jam and how they play. He knows the name

of every waitress and bartender. He also

knows everyone in the bar. If I was out at

night that much, I wouldn’t know my name,

but Randy? He knows everybody. He’s like a

traveling Cheers (the old TV sitcom). So how did he get this way

you ask. Let’s turn back the way back machine.

Randy was born in Ballard in 1960. At age 5 he moved to Chicago.

Randy remembers growing up with music always playing in the

house. In 6th grade, he took up the trombone and credits band

director Steve Hoernamann as an early influence. In high school, he

played in the 200 piece marching band, the concert band, and the

stage band. Obviously his obsessive personality started early. Randy

6 • Washington Blues Society

Randy Oxford

All-star Bone Man

By Patrick Lee

played in the Orange Bowl Parade and also received the Louis

Armstrong award from his high school. Randy said he had to choose

between music and baseball due to time constraints and we are so

glad he chose music. I have a hard time seeing that distinctive

figure of his in Center Field at Safeco. Although since Randy will be

gracing both Cheney Stadium in Tacoma and with the Aquasox in

Everett this Summer, maybe Safeco isn’t so far off. Randy remembers

seeing Maynard Ferguson and Led Zeppelin in high school and

being impressed with their energetic performances. Anyone who

has ever seen Randy knows he gives it all at

every show. As Little Bill says, 110 per cent,

all the time. After high school, Randy joined

the Army with the understanding that he

would be in the Army Band. So for the next 6

years, Randy got the best training in the

world. He played all over Europe in a variety

of musical settings. He played in large jazz

bands using Stan Kenton and Count Basie

charts. He played with the Berlin Radio

Orchestra. He played in smaller combos in

NCO Clubs on Earth Wind & Fire and Kool &

The Gang tunes. In addition to his earlier

recordings with his high school ensembles,

Randy recorded LPs with The Berlin Brigade

Army Band and The Ambassadors of Jazz, as

well as with the Al Porcino (of Woody

Herman fame) Big Band.

In 1981 Randy finagled a transfer to California to Fort Ord. There,

Randy hooked up with his first blues band, The Broadway Blues

Band. This band included a B-3, and a three piece horn section. The

highlight of their time together was playing the 25th anniversary of

The Monterey Jazz Festival. What an honor! Randy played with this

group until he left the Army in 1984. In his post army career Randy

managed a number of Domino’s Pizza franchises (I make none of

this up) in the San Francisco area until he was held up at gunpoint

one too many times. Randy then packed his bags and moved back to

the NW to join his parents printing supply business.

After settling in Redmond in 1986, Randy called up Marlee Walker

who was at that time hosting her show, “All Blues”, Sunday nights

on KPLU-FM. Marlee sent Randy down to the Blue Monday jam at

The Owl in Ballard. At Randy’s first night at

The Owl, he played with Dick Powell backing

up singer Lily Wilde. Not bad for the new kid

in town. Randy then hooked up with the

band Duo Glide and ended playing Larry’s in

Pioneer Square on Sundays for the next few

years with likes of Mark Whitman and Leslie

Clinkingbeard. Playing with Les and Lily also

led to many memorable nights playing with

Jr. Cadillac throughout the NW. Randy’s first

commercial NW release is on Jr. Cadillac’s

20th Anniversary cassette from the Sheraton


In early 1989, Randy met the man who would

turn out to be the most influential person in

his career. Randy was asked to play at Little Bill Engelhart’s 50th birthday party at Prosito’s in Tacoma. Soon after, Randy was asked

to join the Bluenotes and for the next 8 years played in one of the

finest blues bands ever to grace NW stages. Bill considers that lineup

of Randy, Buck England, Tommy Morgan, Hans Ipsen, Robbie

Jordan/Brian Kent, and Hadi Al-Saadoon to be his favorite Bluenotes

line up. They played the Winthrop Blues Festival, The Waterfront

Festival in Portland, Gig Harbor Jazz Festival, Sun Banks, Mt Baker

and every bar and club in between. During this stretch, Randy

ecorded a series of classic NW blues CDs with Bill. Down For

Double, Another Rainy Day, Shades, Retrospectively Yours, and

Sweet Cucumber ’89 all have great Bill Engelhart originals with

Randy blowing his bone right along. Randy attributes Bill’s professionalism,

consistency, and financial acumen as major factors in

influencing Randy’s future direction. Randy also says he learned to

play the slow blues from Bill. Bill has a whole chapter in his book,

“Next Stop Bakersfield”, about Randy. My favorite description of

Randy is in there, as Bill says it so delicately, “Randy is a ball

grabber”. But after 8 years on the road and a full time day job,

Randy was burnt out and took a break until his next big adventure.

Randy’s reputation was growing by this time. His ability to quickly

sight read written music has made him a favorite of NW record

producers. He has appeared on over 25 CDs including Mark Riley,

Annieville Blues, Led Jaxon, L.J. Porter, The Night Sticks, Kevin

Wallace, Nora Michaels, and Seattle Women in Rhythm and Blues.

Through 1997 and into early 1998, Randy played with the group Fat

Cat, and of course won the award for “New Band of the Year” from

the WBS. Fat Cat is a horn driven band featuring the strong vocals

of Bear Barrus, original songs by keyboardist and vocalist Pat

Gossan, Hans Ipsen and Hadi Al-Saadoon from the Little Bill band

and a great rhythm section of Major Durst and James Busch. In late

1998, Randy started jamming with a Tacoma based band called

Junkyard Jane. They play an eclectic array of original music based

in folk, rock, blues, and country. The band features the song writing

talents of Leanne Trevalyan and Billy Stoops with a solid rhythm

section anchored by Barbra Blue on bass. When Randy first joined

the band, he was part of a horn section with Sue Orfield on

saxophone. After Sue had moved on, Randy found himself, for the

first time in his career, the only horn player in the band. This new

found freedom allowed Randy the room to grow and find new ways

to express himself on his instrument. Randy recalls his three years

with Junkyard Jane with great fondness. They quickly turned into

one of the most popular bands on the NW circuit. The highlight was

certainly the trip to Memphis where Junkyard Jane placed in the

final 8 in national competition. This was a major achievement for a

band that was not a traditional blues band. Randy contributed his

playing ( Washboard Highway and Milkin’ The Frog) and for the first

time his singing and songwriting (Swampabilly Snake Oil Freakshow)

to the first three Junkyard Jane CDs. Randy fans should seek out

the first printing of Freakshow for the two extra Randy tunes, Cool

Bus and 4 Dukes. After three years of touring, Randy felt he had

contributed what he could to the band and felt it was time to turn

his promotional and booking skills into a full time career in music.

Randy credits Barb and Bill Mosher of Jake’s Ales in Federal Way for

helping him get started. Randy started a weekly jam session on

Wednesday nights that is one of the most musician friendly nights in

the local scene. With a core band including rock steady bassist Jack

Kinney of Stickshift Annie and the ever smooth Andrew Clouthier of

Left Hand Smoke on drums, Randy imports two special guests every

week. Past guests have included Alice Stuart, Henry Cooper, John

Stephan, Mike Lynch, John Hodgkin, Ned Neltner, Tommy Boyle,

Perry Sanders, Tim Sherman, and Steve Bailey. Regular jammers

include the horn section of Steve Sarandos and Cheryl Clark and the

vocal talents of Peaches with Paul Krug on keyboards. Randy soon

started working with club owner Karl Hintz and added jams on

Sunday nights at The Lucky Star in Kent and Tuesday nights at The

Redondo Grill in Des Moines. These jams feature Nicole Fournier on

guitar, Michael Stubblefield on very electric bass, and Karl Hintz on

drums. Recent guests have included Kathi MacDonald and Patti

Allen. Randy then decided to get busy and began co-hosting jams

on Thursday nights with Loose Gravel at Tacoma’s Emerald Queen

and also started up Oxford Entertainment which is booking

musicians in every nook and cranny Randy can find. Bill Graham

would have been very proud of this boy.

If this wasn’t enough, Randy and Nicole Fournier decided to start

up a new band called Nicole Fournier and her 3 Lb. Universe. The

band has already recorded a CD of all original music featuring the

song writing and guitar playing of Nicole, the intricate and

expressive keyboards of Ric Ulsky and the solid rhythm section of

Michael Stubblefield and Michael Kinder on drums. Randy feels this

band has amazingly talented musicians and the band has great

potential for success. Randy thinks that this is a great time for

blues in the NW due to the support given to him and other

musicians by The Washington Blues Society. Specifically, the board

of the WBS headed by Leslie Fleury has shown real commitment and

dedication to the blues and to its practitioners. I think Randy’s

success is not due to just his talent as a trombone player. Randy

takes his responsibilities very seriously. He feels very strongly that a

musician should give his or her best show every time they are on

stage. It costs a lot for a couple to go out to dinner these days.

When you add in babysitting, parking, and cover charges, it’s a real

bite. By taking the time to meet the customers and get to know

them, you make the people feel special and they will want to come

back and hear you again. If you don’t want to play for people,

Randy feels you should just stay home. As I’ve mentioned before,

and can’t emphasize enough, Randy’s enthusiasm for life comes

through every time he plays.

Randy’s plans for the future include recording projects with Eric

“Two Scoops” Moore, The Howlers, Michael Kahler, Nicole Fournier,

and a solo project. As of now, he still has Monday nights free so if

any club owners out there need a Blue Monday jam, please contact

Oxford Entertainment at 253-973-9024.

Drums, Drummer & Drumming...

Seasoned Blues Drummer available. Lots of Experience,

pro gear and local references. Full

time to one time, shuffles to funk to swing.

Call Steve at 206.282.6775

for a pocket full of groove.

Bluesletter • August 2002 • 7

I’m a very white girl. Very white, and very averse to becoming a

boiled lobster at the various summer festivals. However, when

offered the opportunity to go to Ritzville this past weekend and

become the first kid on my block to see homeboy Mark DuFresne

fronting Roomful of Blues, I jumped at the chance.

Ritzville is a straight shot 3 1/2

hour drive from Seattle on I-90;

one of those glorious, peculiarly

Washington drives that sees the

scenery shift from forest to neardesert

within minutes. Arriving in

Ritzville we were somewhat

intimidated by the heat (which

rose to 107 degrees as the day

wore on), but the festival is so

arranged that there are plenty of

places to take refuge from the

heat and the sun.

The town closes its main drag and

a number of food (delicious)

vendors move in, along with a few

standard-issue festival clothing

and jewelry stalls. The main stage

sits at a crossroads, and people

set up their lawn chairs behind

what serves as a large dance area

in front of the stage. If one tired

of the main stage acts (hard to

conceive), there were six dark,

cool bars within a 1-block radius

featuring live regional blues to

choose from.

I might as well fess up from the get that I didn’t

make it to any of these clubs, in spite of buzz about

guitarist John Nemeth, highly recommended by

Junior Watson. Instead, we parked ourselves in the

shade in some lawn chairs conveniently set up by

locals who then disappeared till evening. Very

obliging of them, thought my companions Mark and

Katha Dalton and I, as we took advantage of the

very relaxed, easy-going atmosphere. Locals were

spraying themselves with water bottles, and the

mist often found us as we watched the main stage

from the shade or while dancing in front of it.

We missed opener Pat Coast, but enjoyed Chicago

guitarist Steve Freund’s set. Mark bought his CD, I’ll

be Your Mule, about which he says, “[the CD] is

truly excellent - very nice, straight-ahead produc-

Robert Jr. Lockwood

The Delta Comes to Riztville

Robert Jr. Lockwood was born on March 27th, 1915 in the little

town of Marvell, Arkansas. His mother, Esther, was later married

to Robert Johnson, and moved to Helena, Arkansas, where Robert

Jr. grew up in a household filled with music. Lockwood started to

get serious about music after some guitar lessons from his

legendary step-father, and frequently worked house parties in the

Helena area in the early 30's. After leaving home, Lockwood spent

the depression years drifting through the Mississippi Delta as an

itinerant musician, frequently working with Sonny Boy Williamson

II, Howlin' Wolf and others at parties, picnics and on the streets,

wherever a dollar was to be made playing the blues and popular

tunes of the day. Robert Jr.'s recording career has spanned more

than sixty years, starting with the Bluebird label in Chicago in

1941, and he was a fixture on the famous "King Biscuit Time" show

8 • Washington Blues Society

Ritzville Rocks

By Susan Waterworth

tion, good tunes, and top-flight players...” Freund was followed by a

typically fabulous set from Little Charlie and the Nightcats, featuring

a few new Rick Estrin tunes, “That’s Big”, and “Real Love” (“that felt

real to me, baby. Ain’t that true love?”) that had the crowd in the

palm of their hands. How Estrin stayed looking so cool and smooth in

that heat (the rest of the band

had the decency to melt, like the

rest of us) is beyond me. Man,

that’s coooool. Scheduled

performed Snooky Prior was ill, so

87-year-old legend Robert Jr.

Lockwood (see sidebar) replaced

him and drew an appreciative

crowd to the stage. In addition to

“Steady Rolling Man.” “32/20

Blues,” Can’t Face the Music” and

others, he did an old timey

ragtime piece right up Jack Cook’s

alley called “Don’t Tear it Up.” We

bailed on Sista Monica, an

undistinguished blues shouter, in

favor of an hour’s rest in the airconditioned

hotel We had to rest

up for the main event.

Anyone who saw Roomful of Blues

at Jazzbones or at the EMP

recently knows that the band and

DuFresne are a great fit. Freshly

reunited with wife Laura,

DuFresne took the stage at

Ritzville like he owned it and

didn’t let go. He was home, and

he was happy. The band is worthy of him, and

turned in a great set, preceded by a dramatic, and

welcome, thunderstorm. Look for more on Mark and

Roomful in the Bluesletter soon. Suffice to say that

Mark has fronted a number of very fine bands over

the years, but he’s ready to fly with this one.

Ritzville is a lovely little oasis that was truly

welcoming and comfortable. The festival was very

well run, with features like open hoses to mist

oneself with, bathrooms readily available in all the

open businesses and bars, picnic tables set up for

eating, great food and brews, and continuous music

from over 30 bands. The Daltons and I were

delighted with the festival, and highly recommend


Rick Estrin

Chris Vachon (Roomful)

photos by R. Bruce Eckley - www.eckleyphotography.com

and other radio shows in the south throughout the 40's. Lockwood

has appeared as a sideman on

hundreds of recordings, with

Muddy Waters, Little Walter,

Otis Spann, Sunnyland Slim,

Willie Mabon and countless

others, as well as releasing

many albums under his own

name. As his appearance at

the Ritzville Blues Festival on

July 13th clearly demonstrated,

this 87 year-old

bluesman remains an intense

and vital performer today, the

last surviving link to the

innovators of the delta blues.

Mark Dalton

photo by R. Bruce Eckley

Robert Jr. Lockwood

Well… Well…Our Well… beloved HallOfFamer Randy Oxford will be playing

trombone with Mighty Sam Mclain at the Yale Hotel in Vancouver, B.C.

Aug 7th and 8th .

Congratulations Congratulations to Julie Powers & Terry Kingen ... they got hitched

Saturday 7/13/02

Art Rodriguez writes S&H:

Friends & Family,

A dear friend, and one of our biggest musical influences is in need of

our help. Rocco Prestia, long time bass player with Tower of Power, is

in need of a liver transplant. Information and donations can be made

through a website, which has been set up to help with this fundraising

effort. Whatever you decide to donate, please send it today - the

situation is urgent. http://www.francisroccoprestia.com/. Trust this

site…we checked it out…S&H.

Legendary Legendary Chicago Chicago bluesman bluesman Jimmie Jimmie Lee Lee Lee Robinson Robinson died Saturday,

July 6, after a long painful bout fighting cancer, from a self-inflicted

gunshot to the head. Over the years he worked with such greats as

Freddie King, Elmore James and Little Walter. His latest releases were

on the APO label, including “All My Life” and “Remember Me.” Jimmie

will probably be best remembered as of late, though, for his tireless

efforts to save Chicago’s famed Maxwell Street, going on multiple

hunger strikes to prevent the destruction of the neighborhood where he

grew up. Jimmie was 71.

There’s There’s a a new new band band in in town town called called “The “The Real Real Deal”. Deal”. Deal”. They play blues,

R&B, jazz, classic rock and some reggae, with and emphasis on having

a good time. The Three musicians are Sean Denton (on guitar/vocals),

Mark Talbot (on drums), and Pat Hues (on keyboards/vocals). Pat

Hues who started the group has performed with such artists as: Jr.

Cadillac, Little Bill & the Blue Notes, Sweet Talkin’ Jones, The New

Blues Bros., local guitar greats such as Rich Dangel, Danny Hoefer, &

Mark Whitman. Others such as: Buddy Miles, Lee Oskar, Lloyd Jones,

Marilee Rush, Tiny Tony & the Statics, Tim Turner, Roger Rogers and

Dr. Funk just to name a few. (S&H…we don’t know what town these

folks are in…but we wish them luck and blues.)

King Biscuit Blues Festival, October 10, 11 & 12, 2002, Helena,


17th Annual King Biscuit Blues Festival Plans Unveiled. The Sonny Boy

Blues Society is pleased to announce the stage line-up for the 17th

Annual King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena, Arkansas. New stages and

a new Main stage name will be dedicated during the opening ceremonies

of this year’s festival. The Main Stage shall be dedicated as the

Sonny Boy Williamson Main Stage and the Frank Frost Stage as well as

the Sam Carr Stage will be dedicated this year. For additional information

and complete festival information visit the website,


HEY!!! HEY!!! HEY!!! Burnside Burnside and and Sideburn Sideburn Records Records Has Has Some Some Exciting Exciting Exciting News:


They have 3 new releases.

ALICE STUART “Can’t Find No Heaven”

TERRY ROBB “ When I Play My Blues Guitar”

JOHN BUNZOW “Darkness & Light”

Check out their website at www.burnsiderecords.com for more dates

on these and all their fabulous artists.

David Jacobs-Strain returns Port Townsend Country Blues Workshop


NorthernBlues Music recording artist David Jacobs-Strain, of whom the

Eugene Register-Guard said “His sure hands on the guitar and heartfelt

vocals reveal a maturity of understanding of the music that makes it

fascinating to speculate where his music might go from here,” will

perform and teach at Centrum’s Port Townsend Country Blues

Workshop. For workshop information and registration, contact

Centrum at 1-800-733-3608 or www.centrum.org.

After After 6 6 years years Mark Mark Riley Riley will will be be leaving leaving Little Little Bills’ Bills’ band. band.

band. During the

summer Bill will be using several fine guitar players from the Seattle

area including Rod Cook, Billy Stapleton, Criss Stevens, Tim Sherman

and Steve Blood. Billy Stapleton is scheduled to fill the guitar chair full

scene ‘n heard

time in mid September. Mark will be going solo, we hear, and trio,

with Greg Ibsen on bass, and Steve Sarkowski on drums. Riley is also

working on a new CD project, to appear soon, so keep your ears open.

The The blues blues acts acts have have been been finalized finalized for for The The Cirque Cirque de de Broadway Broadway Broadway and

promoter Jeff Hayes is very grateful to all of the artists who’ve agreed to

perform. “I’m very proud to be associated with all of you. Many

Washington Blues Society “Best of the Blues” Award winners in this

group as well as future BB Award winners I’m sure. We’ve even got an

Inland Empire Blues award winner with us this year. Now our

challenge is to let people know about all of the great talent that will be

on Seattle’s Capitol Hill on Sept. 14 & 15. Please help me and The

Festival in making this an event that will become a tradition for local

blues bands and fans for years to come! The best way to assure that

we’ve got quality gigs in the future is to support other blues artists in

those venues. Again, thanks everyone and I look forward to seeing all

of you in September if not before.” Watch for line-up, or call Jeff at


David David Samson, Samson, award award winning winning host host of of “The “The Nightshift”, Nightshift”, saturday

evenings at 10pm on kbcs 91.3 fm has assembled three of some of the

finest slide guitar players in the northwest for a show at this year’s

Bumbershoot. These players include Doug “Louisana Lightning”

Kearney, Steve Bailey of “Steve Bailey and the Blueflames,” and Billy

Stapleton, formerly of “The Mark DuFresne Band.” The show is on the

Mural Stage, Saturday, August 31st at 12:15 pm.

Send Send your your gossip gossip and and lies lies to S&H (Sangria & Halcyon) each month by

the 5th c/o the WBS Calendar (wbscalendar@yahoo.com), or by mail to

the WBS printed legibly on Springsteen tickets. If you don’t tell us

about it, we can’t print it [with occasional inappropriate embellishment,

of course].

Yer pals,


Juke Box

Juke Box fans and submittors, this month there will be no CD reviews. Two


1) Coverage of hot blues blues events, such as Ritzville, Portland Waterfront,

and the NW Harp Attack. This is important, time-sensitive material.

2) A full page of advertising that arrived after our advertising cut-off. We


I plan to publish the CD reviews both in the Bluesletter and on the web.

Hang in there.

the Sheriff

Formerly of Stickshift Annie and the Overdrive

Jak ak ake’ ak e’ e’s e’ s In Invita In vita vitational vita tional JJ

Jam J am

Hosted by 2002 WBS Award Winner &

“Hall of Fame” Inductee

Randy Oxford

Every Wednesday, 8 to 11pm - Kids welcome until 9pm

Jake’s Ales - 2318 SW 336th - Federal Way


Bluesletter • August 2002 • 9

Waterfront Blues

by Bob (Maynard G.) Horn

Portland Oregon July 3-7 was another great Waterfront Blues

Festival with 3 stages full of talent day and night. A great place to

either dance in front of the music or lay in the sun and roll over

when each side is done. Overlooking the Willamette River full of

yachts and watching the sun go down as the sky starts turning pink,

a nice place to be in early July every year. Mainly it’s the blues

musical talent that is the reason it gets nominated for the Handy

Award for Blues event.

There were some lows but many more highs. First I will cover

couple lows then focus on the main aspect of things. Breweries bid

on the event and Miller won so there were no Micro brews in the

festival. This happened in the Northwest which is real strange given

that we have great micros here. The wine was, believe it or not,

Vendage. Yuck!!!! Oregon’s Willamette Valley is great wine country

and this happened. What’s next?—is Folgers Instant going to be

served to a convention of 5-Star restaurant owners, or is

Thunderbird going to be the official wine of choice for the staff of

Wine Spectator? Watch for my new song, “I Got The Middle Class

Taste-Bud Blues” soon to be released on Whiner Records.

Musically there were only 2 low points and both were with oncelegendary

performers. Ike Turner can sing some low notes very well,

but when he tried to hit a wider range wider range I think many felt

sorry for him who never thought they’d feel sorry for Ike Turner. I

was temped to yell “play the piano Ike” (like as in “use the force

Luke”) because he still can play the piano real well. His band is

greater than he is—from guitar to horn section they were fine, real

fine. Queen Ida was another that seemed a shadow of what I

expected in terms of vocals. Okay, that’s all for the low points, Now

for the main thing that was going on.

Imagine a show with 50 great acts for a week where it is openned

with Kelly Joe Phelps, Duke Robillard, and John Mayall then the

other legends follow. Well a couple of us from the WBS were lucky

enough to be there for most all of it. We voted unanimously that we

liked it. On July 4th (day 2) we found where some local Hotels had

nice wines, good food, and had a micro brew or 2, or so , and

caught W.C. Clark,and Deborah Coleman who blew me away as well

as 20-30,000 others who were in front of her. Then Candye Cain put

on her usual act (one that a lot of us like a lot), and thenTommy

Castro turned Portland into a gigantic party with what sure looked

to me like about 50,000 people ( no I was not seeing double, really I

wasn’t) I looked up at the hotels and people were standing or

dancing in the windows, people were also on the bridges over the

river, this was high energy. Then the fire works over the city began

as Tommy finished. Great show.

Friday and Saturday had so much going on that the seemed to be

one long day with a brief time where the sun took short break.

James Thackery was great as usual. I loved Gary Primich on

harmonica. Speaking of harmonica, Paul Delay did what he has done

every year in Portland since I can remember — the sounds that

reach somewhere I can’t explain with words but feel. The Neal

Family including Kenny performed twice — Friday on the Front

Porch Stage located 1/2 mile form the southernmost stage and

again on one of the main stages on Saturday. He impressed me both

times but I think especially so on the Front Porch Stage where the

audience feels closer to the music and it has a down-home flavor.

Early Saturday The Howlers openned the show and Randy Oxford

was there with them. The introduced him as the winner of the

Washington Blues Society Award for Entertainer of the Year in 2001.

As usual, Randy’s horn playing shows why — I think he will get the

award for most energy used by a horn player as well.

Among the hometown favorites each year are acts like Terry Robb

(if you haven’t heard his great acoustical guitar blues ya gotta go

do that), and Paul Delay, and some others take turns. If you don’t

see Robbie Laws, or Lloyd Jones, then you may see someone like,

maybe, Curtis Salgado. His whole band looked great on stage.

10 • Washington Blues Society

Dan Gorgas


Big Fun Boogie Piano

Thanks for the BB Awards!

2002 + 2001 BEST PIANO!


Big Buffet! Clean Plate! Hungry!

Eat it up (206) 933-9566 Pig out


People talk about either his harmonica or his voice mainly — with

different people mainly talking about one and others mainly talking

about the other. One friend of mine says she worries that he will

harm his voice doing some things he does, and other friend says he

sounds just fine doing what he is doing. Gee, we can get a debate

going in the pages of the Bluesletter on topics like that sometime,

The hardest thing about the event is that it ended. After trying to

figure out a way to just listen to music forever instead of having to

work for a living the inevitable happened. That monday morning I,

like many others there, went back to work.

Nowrthwest Harp Attack!

Five harp masters wailed on a full house crowd at the Rockfish Grill. NW Harp Attack was sponsored by the Washington Blues Society. If

you missed it, woe is you! Photos by the Sheriff

Steve Bailey

Mike Lynch

Bailey’s Blues

Steve Bailey and the Blue Flames

reviewed by James Middlefield

Steve Bailey has provided us with a CD that stays true to its concept from

start to finish; a recording that, as Steve puts it on his cover, “...provides a

tribute to the early history of electric blues sounds with nasty harp, wicked

slide guitar and a solid groove.” From the very first cut called “Used to Be

My Happy Home” he combines all those sounds in raw blues. On this cut John

Stephan’s nasty slide rings true and Steve’s soulful voice and harp technique

takes you back in true blues style.

Next, Bailey serves up a tune about the satisfaction provided when playin’

the blues on “It’s Alright” to which he adds his dedication “for Isaac Scott”.

If you look through your collection of classic blues you’ll find many artists

who have sung about the joy they find in playing the blues. Steve and his

various Blue Flames spark that same joy throughout this CD. Another historic

reference to the history of the blues comes with cut three “House Party Bar

B Q”. It’s a musical history lesson describing some of the circumstances

around the purpose and use for blues music in urban settings like Chicago and

New York. This cut takes you back to the days of Louis Jordan and his

Saturday Night Fish Fry.

Blues was never lacking for love-lament songs and neither is this CD. Cuts

4,5,6,7,8, 10,11,12 and 13 tell their stories about love’s dedications,

infatuations and frustrations. With titles like “Knockin’ At Your Door”, “My

Heart Fell Like a Rock” and “Long As My Baby’s There”, you’re covered. Pick

one that relates to your situation and turn it up or sing it to your baby. There

has always been room for a sense of humor in the blues too (and everywhere

else for that matter). So Steve lightens up the CD with his novelty tune about

love with Phyllis Diller (cut 9). Maybe a little Zappa esque for some, but just

Kim Field

smile and enjoy a laugh with Steve, there’s room for it at any blues party.

Incredible skill, tone and his emotive performance on harmonica is what

draws many of us to Steve Bailey and cut 14, “Steve’s Acoustic Boogie”, is a

prime example you’ll enjoy; just pure Steve.

The CD has 14 cuts, all penned by Steve Bailey and include performances

from a wide array of area blues names including Guy Quintino (upright bass),

James Clark (bass), John Stephan (guitar), Tim Sherman (guitar), Dan Newton

(guitar), Andrew Cloutier (drums), Marty Lockwood (drums), Ric Howell

(drums), Lonnie Williams (sax), Sam Newton (trombone) with Charlene Grant

and Florence Baker-Wood on background vocals.

One thing I’ve noticed about good blues listening is that if you are going to

be lifted up by it you gotta turn it up so it surrounds you with it’s visceral

instrumentation and poetry. Don’t put this or other blues music on for

background, put it on and turn it up and it will lift you up. Then you’ll be

ready for the other things that grind your life and make you lust for more of

Bailey’s Blues.

Paul Green

Bluesletter • August 2002 • 11

12 • Washington Blues Society

Inland Empire

The The Ho Howler Ho ler lers ler s Ar Are Ar e Int Into Int o Some Something

Some hing

Since the Howlers’ home base in Richland, Washington is only a

short drive from Walla Walla, I have been fortunate enough to

witness their high energy blues show for several years, both with

their old lineup and new, and I can tell you one thing for sure …

these guys are the real deal! They come out of their corner and hit

you right between the ears, before you know what hit you, with a

bold and gutsy sound steeped in guitar driven Chicago blues … with

an emphasis on Blues. If you are looking for some down to earth,

authentic, bona fide Chicago Style Blues with a kick, you’ve come

to the right place. The Howlers have been serving up hot entrees

of Windy City blues for nearly a decade now, first with the original

lineup that included Andy ‘High Roller’ Woehler on bass, and Perry

Roper on lead guitar. But now, with the addition of ‘Deacon’ Dave

Montague on drums and Tuck Foster on harp and vocals, this band

is about as good as it gets.

Deacon Dave Montague has been drumming for 28 years now and it

really shows. He seamlessly glides

from rollicking tunes to slow

shuffles, without so much as

missing a beat (even when the

guys hired a ‘dancer’ a few years

back to dance in front of his drum

kit on his birthday).

Andy Woehler effortlessly keeps

the bass groove thick, strong and

solid, and creates an atmosphere

where the song can just flow. It’s

not surprising that his bass playing

heroes are Duck Dunn, Willie

Dixon and Tommy Shannon.

The addition of Tuck Foster on

harp and vocals was a huge

enhancement to the band. He is a

good harmonica player, and his

gritty vocals compliment the

Chicago electric blues style of the

Howlers perfectly, but I would

have to say that his greatest

contribution to the band is his

stage presence. He takes hold of

the crowd immediately and

maintains total control … and his

down-to-earth attitude and

amusing onstage antics keeps ‘em

at ease and grinnin’ from the first

note to the last.

And what can I say about Perry Roper? His guitar playing is nothing

short of awe-inspiring. He attacks his Fender with a fiery passion,

whether on a sizzling South Texas Blues number, or on a laid-back,

slow burning Chicago Blues tune. His blistering fretwork is

absolutely electrifying. I remember at a Ritzville Blues Festival 4 or

5 years ago, the early Howlers lineup was playing in one of the

many clubs on Main Street while a headlining band was playing out

on the main stage outside. Man, when Perry broke into one of his

stunning guitar solos, you should have seen the people making

tracks inside to find out who was wringing those notes out of that

guitar. I swear there were more people in that club than there

were watching the main band out on the big stage. This guy does

some mind-blowing things with that guitar of his, and if you get a

chance to catch him live you certainly don’t want to miss it.

I personally have been lucky enough to catch these guys live on

several occasions over the years, but I must admit that I have been

anxiously awaiting the arrival of a CD for way too long. But I’m

happy to announce that The Howlers debut CD has finally hit the

streets … and it was well worth the wait! Titled “Into Something”,

the album is somewhat unique in that the Howlers stepped back

and drug out an all analog recorder using 1" tape and 8-tracks.

“We wanted that smooth sound of analog,” sez Roper. “With so

By Kevin ‘Bad Dog’ Shenefiel dbaddog@hscis.net

many studios converting to digital, it was possible to find a sweet

deal on some very nice analog recording gear ... as long as we kept

the track count low. So we opted for a big (400 lbs!) MCI 8-track

machine and a late 60’s Ampex 2-track recorder and stayed analog

all the way.”

Recorded live in one room, The Howlers were able to capture their

‘Live Vibe’ on tape and mix an album that, in many ways, is how all

their favorite blues albums were recorded. Mixed down to 1/4"

analog tape, the final mix reels were then sent to Marcussen

Mastering in Hollywood to get final EQ and the Digital Conversion

to CD format.

“We recorded the album ourselves,” sez Perry. “We set up the

mics, we pressed the record button and we played our best. We

did it this way because we wanted that ‘Live Vibe’, and we wanted

to make the album ourselves. It was a huge project, but we really

took our time and we’re totally jazzed with the way it sounds and

the bluesy vibe of the music we


And you will be too. “Into

Something” is a fine collection of

10 somewhat obscure covers of

some of my favorite blues artists

… and probably some of yours too.

But these tunes aren’t merely

copies of someone else’s songs.

The Howlers make these songs

unmistakably their own … and

they come right out of the gate

with a killer version of a Luther

Allison tune, “Walking Papers”,

from Luther’s fantastic “Blue

Streak” album … one of my

favorites. I don’t think it’s

possible to do it any better than

Luther did, but the Howlers give it

a helluva try here, thanks in part

to Tuck’s powerful set of pipes.

Next is a cover of “Rollin’ and

Tumblin” (as recorded by Elmore

James) with some conservatively

juicy pickin’ by Roper that really

rocks, along with a scorching bass

groove. Then there’s a really cool

cover of “Oh Pretty Woman”, the

one that Albert King recorded …

not Roy Orbison. John Lee

Hooker’s “Big Legs Tight Skirts” features rhythm guitar work by

former Howler Gator Jim and is one of my favorite tunes these guys

do live … and this sounds just like the live version. “I Could Have

Loved You” is a haunting version of a Sugar Ray Norcia (Bluetones

and Roomful Of Blues) cover with some very classy vocals and is

followed by a slow shuffling T-Bone Walker tune, “Glamour Girl”,

that showcases some of Roper’s signature emotive fretwork. Next

is another Hooker cover, “Don’t Be Messin’ With My Bread” that

also features Roper exorcising some pretty wicked stuff out of his

guitar. “What Have I Done Wrong?”, the first Magic Sam song on

the CD, is a smooth tune, with vocals that’ll have ya begging for

mercy. It was originally Recorded in Magic Sam’s living room in

1968. The title tune, “Into Something”, is a fun little number that

includes background vocals by the rest of the band and is probably

my favorite cut on the disc. Finally, the CD closes with another

Magic Sam cover, “You Belong To Me”, with more rhythm guitar

work by Gator Jim (ask me sometime how he got his nickname) that

ends with more of Roper’s outstanding guitar riffs, leaving you

hungry for more.

But if you’re anything like me, you’ll just hit the play button and

listen to the disc again anyway. And again. Or better yet, get out

and see these guys live! But how to do that without having to drive

across our great state to see them? Well lately The Howlers have

been doing several shows in the Seattle area with Tromboner

extraordinaire Randy Oxford (recently of Junkyard Jane fame). In

fact, by the time this Bluesletter hits the streets they will also have

just recently performed together at the Waterfront Blues Festival,

the Ritzville Blues Festival, the Rock Cut Blues Festival and the

Winthrop Rhythm and Blues Festival (The Howlers have been steady

performers at many of the hot Eastside fests such as Untapped,

Ritzville, Sunbanks, and Joseph). I’m sure that by now there are a

buttload of you Seattle area blues fans that are just achin’ for

another chance to see them play live over on your side of the

mountains, so that you can drag your friends that didn’t make it to

Winthrop along to give ‘em a taste of what they missed. Well,

you’re in luck pal. The Howlers just happen to be playing at the

annual Washington Blues Society Picnic at Gasworks Park on August

11th. If you have a hankerin’ for a little Tabasco flavored blues, get

on out there and check these guys out. And while you’re at it, be

sure to pick up a copy of their new CD while you’re there, or off of

their website at www.howlersblues.com … where you can also find

their updated gig schedule, photos, bios, music clips and reviews.

South Sound Profile

by Al Earick

Wow, too much to say, too much to do, too much to see! This

months entry will be slightly different than previous entries. I

know, you’re thinking, how are we going to know the difference?

Well, just take my word for it! As I sit down to write this article, it

is the Fourth of July, our independence day. “What a country”, was

a funny byline for a stand-up comic, but it rings true. So, what has

this got to do with anything? Well I’m glad you asked. I know of no

other place where there are so many things to do, as there are in

the Pacific Northwest. Live music abounds at nearly every event.

Live Blues is represented at nearly every event. We have more

blues festivals up here than anywhere else in the nation! Check it

out, if you don’t believe me. Go online and check out other parts of

the country. Nowhere does it happen as much as right here! Your

W.B.S. website has links to other blues societies, so it is easy, and

fun research.

I am leaving for L.A. this weekend, and the most disturbing thing

about the trip is that there are only three blues venues left in the

entire L.A. area. The L.A. Blues society disbanded due to a lack of


The SoCal Blues society took two e-mails to two different people to

get a response. Apparently, there is blues in the San Diego area, but

after a week of emailing, I still don’t have the names of any venues

there. On the upside, it won’t take very long to check out the blues

scene in L.A. So, as I ponder the freedom I have as an American

citizen, I have also to be very thankful for the live music available

to me here.

Back to the South Sound. This month I’d like to introduce Brian

Feist to you. He is a young guitar slinger from Centralia. Now

residing in Olympia, Brian started playing guitar at 13. He was a

rocker then, and can’t specifically remember when he got turned

on to the blues, he does remember that it was Eric Clapton and

Stevie Ray Vaughn who first influenced him. Then it was Michael

Bloomfield and Elmore James. Elmore James’ lyrics were particularly

appealing to Brian. Someone introduced Brian to the guitar

work of Freddy King. “Man that guy had attack” was his comments.

“The equipment determined the sound, that’s why it is so hard to

accurately reproduce the sound”. Take it from me, Brian has no

problem making “the sound”.

“I play tribute blues” was how he described himself. “Stevie Ray

Vaughn played tribute blues. He played tribute to Albert King. He

got ragged because he combined different musical styles. Ray

Charles got ragged because he combined different musical styles.

Now they’re geniuses”! When asked how his age, (or lack thereof),

affected his career, he said, “I’m not a seventy-nine year old black

guy, are ya gonna listen anyway?” He then furthered his point with,

“People are trying to compare you to people who broke the mold

anyway. What’s the point”?

Brian currently is working with his band, which includes Sean

O’leary on drums and enthusiasm, and Michael Carrol on bass.

These guys have a great sound, and it is constantly evolving. “Little

Bill and Mark Reilly are like Gods to me”, He gushed, after a recent

show at Tugboat Annies. “Mark is so talented, yet he will take the

time to show you his licks. What a great influence”. No doubt, kid.

With heroes like those, you can’t go wrong!

When asked about the frustration of getting recognition for his

band, he commented, “Don’t overlook where you’re at, or you

don’t deserve to get to the next level”

Brian is also currently doing solos, and duets, “just to see if I can

hold it up by myself” was his reasoning.

I am looking forward to playing with Brian this Friday. He will be a

special guest of FunkinGroovin at El Serape on the Westside if

Olympia. I can’ wait to tell you how much fun it was!

See, told ya it would be different! Now, off to that barbecue grill,

after all it is the Fourth! TTFN (that’s tiggerspeak……..tata for now)

Bluesletter • August 2002 • 13

14 • Washington Blues Society

Bluesletter • August 2002 • 15

George T. Cowan *



James ames Walls alls ~ ~ b bblues

b blues

lues sax saxophonist

sax ophonist

gigs ~ sessions ~ lessons

“The horn duties...were very well done by Jim Walls.

He has a nasty, raspy tone that fits the blues perfectly.”

-Randy Oxford

free demo 206 333 2450 ~ saxguyjim@hotmail.com

16 • Washington Blues Society

Free Initial Consultation

(up to one hour)

(206) 386-5903


Vandeberg, Johnson & Gandara

One Union Square

600 University Street, Suite 2424

Seattle, WA 98101

*Licensed in California and Washington

The Dan Page Trip

July 4 Red, White and Blues Fest., Lake Chelan 1-4 PM

July 4 Deepwater Brewing, Lake Chelan 8-12 PM

July 11 Viscount Ballroom, Portland 9 PM

July 12 Tugboat Annie's, Olympia 9 PM

July 13 Tukwila Days, Tukwila Noon

July 20 Allyn Day's, Allyn 4 PM

July 23 Frontier Saloon, Fall City 6 PM

July 26 Whaling Day's, Silverdale 6 PM

July 27 Tour De Terrace, Mountlake Terrace 1-3 PM

July 27 The Castle, Centralia (open for former Foghat guitarist

Rod Price) Call or email for ticket info

July 28 Aquafest, Lake Stevens 3-5 PM

New CD HERO available through website

Booking: Andy Page 360-895-0971


the Hudson Blues Band

on the web

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on stage




& The Funk Brothers

Tuesday - August 13th Strummin' Time Live

Public Access TV 8:00

Saturday - August 24th Diamond Knot Brewery

8:00 - 12:00

August 29 Rox Broiler (Kenmore)

See Website for Additional Dates

www.marymcpage.com * (206) 850-4849

Look for the CD “Leaving OZ “ to be resleased soon!


Night is



8-10 ~ Clancy’s Bar & Grill

10-Midnite ~ Blues Odyssey


Jeky Jekyll Jeky ll & & Hyde Hyde’s Hyde



Now Featuring Great Music

and Family Dining

Aug. 9th and 10th..SPECIAL ZYDECO

WEEKEND..The “Gumbo Twins,” Marc Bristol

and Doug Bright from the File Gumbo band.

Cajun BBQ with Crawfish and Ribs.

Food starts at 5 p.m. Music at 9:30...

Aug 16th..Night Train

Aug 17th..Crossroads

Aug 23rd and 24th..Mark Riley Band

All shows 930pm to 130am

Jeky Jeky Jekyll Jeky Jeky ll and and Hyde Hyde’s Hyde s Pub


3222 56th Street NW

Gig Harbor

(just behind Lumbermans)


Fun, Friendly Atmosphere!

Welcome Wagon

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James Lowry

Thomas Fitzhugh

Lilli White

Pam Cox

“The Blues Stage”

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Gary Court

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Neil Kelly

Larry Jamieson

Michael Stevenson

Theresa Bartolini & Wayne O’Brien

Dennis “Zab” Zyvoloski

Rhea Rolfe

Dennis Clark

David Samson

Cirque de Broadway Street Festival

Presented by the Washington Blues Society

September 14 & 15, 2002





















Peter Christian

Brian Moore

Sandra Hopp

Marty Solis

Doris “Peaches” Gray

Denise Souza

Additional Festival Attractions:

Food, Crafts, Performance Stage, Main Stage Music, Arts Exhibit, Poetry Slam, Kids Fair.

For Festival information contact: Gina Gregory 206.323.2929 or gina@seattlebroadway.com

Bill Mattocks

Ian Gunsul

Clave McCraw

Gael Kurath & Dale Schultz

Mark Colombo

Michal Denully

Chuck Larson

Ester Wilfong

Bad Alberts

Bobby Moody

Marel Harsted & Ralph Baker

Jeff Nicely

Cathy Gaylord

Buzzard Inc.

Michael Coy

Arlen Rons

Fred Langford

Andy Page- The Dan Page Trip

Bluesletter • August 2002 • 17

18 • Washington Blues Society

Join Join the the Washington Washington Blues Blues Society


your your blues blues authority


�New �Renewal �Address change �I would like to volunteer!






City State Zippo


email phone


Sponsored by

____ Individual $20

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____ Total

Receive the Bluesletter in the mail every month and receive discounts

with membership card at businesses listed below.

Bit Saloon, Ballard • 10% off food and drink

Jazzbones, Tacoma • $1 off admission and 10% off food

Larry’s Blues Cafe, Pionner Square • $1 off admission

New Orleans, Pionner Square • $1 off admission

Oxford Saloon, Snohomish • $1 off admission

Raging River Saloon, Fall City • $1 off admission and 25% off food

Send check or money order to: P.O. Box 70604, Seattle, WA 98107

� Please note: from time to time we make our mailing list available to other

blues-related organizations. Please check this box if you do NOT want your name

made available.

Jeff Zionte

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August 2002 WBS Meeting

7:00 PM Wednesday, August 14


513 N 36th Street, Fremont

206 547-0240

Blues Performers:

Thomas David Corlett

Badd Dog Blues Society

August Board Meeting

7:00 PM Tuesday, August 6

Universtiy Plaza Hotel

400 NE 45th, Universtity District

206 634-0100

Members Welcome

206 979-0666

Andrew “Hurricane” Larsen Bruce Raabe

Jim Collins

Brian Lee Julia Reece

photos by the Sheriff

Brian Lee

Dateline Fremont - ToST – July 10 th , 2002

Between the 80° heat, urban terrorist smoke bombs

in downtown Seattle, and traffic jams more miserable

than an accordion version of Mustang Sally, it

wasn’t easy to drag yourself out to the monthly WBS

meeting, but it was worth it.

The night began with guest acoustic fingerstyle

guitarist, Brian Lee. Brian is more visible as the

lead singer and guitarist for Seattle’s exciting

electric blues act, the Blues Orbiters. Brian was

introduced by Blues Orbiter drummer and singer/

songwriter Jeff Hayes. We were treated to an

intimate performance via Brian’s vintage Gibson six

string and an alternately tuned Martin guitar. The

audience was fixated on Brian’s unassuming charm

and exceptional skill as he played blues standards

like “Walkin By Myself and Big Road Blues”. Halfway

through the set Brian switched guitars for some

great slide blues including gospel influences and a

more out there slide style à-la John Fahey and Leo

Kottke. Brian has a very nice voice and emotive

vocal style served up with confidence and congeniality.

With the Blues Orbiters Brian adds terrific

harmonica playing as well.

Between sets, the WBS raffled off tickets to Bronze

Blues and Brews in Joseph, Oregon (won by yours

truly), passes to the Winthrop Rhythm and Blues

festival, an autographed copy of Nick Vigarino’s

CD, Victims of Cool, a harmonica necklace and a WBS

license plate holder. Leslie Fleury finished by

reviewing the summer festival schedule before

introducing Greg Roberts BB photo award - the Sheriff winner for Best New/Reformed

Band, Girl Trouble Blues.

Girl Trouble Blues is led by keyboardist Andrew

Larsen, (aka: Hurricane) with vocalist Julia Reece,

bassist Jim Collins, Jeff Zionte on guitar and

Bruce Raabe on drums.

As I said in a previous column, it is interesting

to see how a band adapts to a room throughout a set

of music. Tonight was no different but a little

more of a challenge than usual because there was an

unfamiliar sound system left-over from performances

during the Fremont Festival. The result was that

Brian Lee played his whole set without mains. And

it wasn’t until Norm Arnett arrived from an earlier

commitment that they were turned on for Girl

Trouble Blues, much to the relief of Andrew and

Julia. Finally we could hear the vocal harmonies

they had obviously worked very hard on. Thanks


Girl Trouble Blues finished the evening playing

rock-n-roll blues and boogie without missing a

beat. They included covers from Louis Jordon and

Johnny Guitar Watson and added some nice rhumbas

and shuffles.

On top of the great music and the WBS raffle an

additional feature this month was a special Barbecue

offering from a new-to-Seattle catering service

called Smoke-Ring BBQ. This company recently moved

up from Louisiana and brought along their authentic,

down home, award winning BBQ. Great ribs and

sandwiches were available alongside terrific baked

beans and cole slaw, for only $8.50. If you need

any catering help, call Mike Weeks at 425-466-7331,

or visit their web site at www.SmokeRingBBQ.com.

See you at the Blues Society Picnic / Peace Concert,

James Middlefield

Bluesletter • August 2002 • 19

Blues Blues Radio


W eekda eekda eekday

eekda eekda


FM 90.3 KEXP (Seattle)

6 - 9 p.m.

Roadhouse with Jim Kelton

FM 90.7 KSER (Lynnwood)

10 p.m. - 12a.m.

Gator Gumbo w/Rod Emery


KCWU 88.1 FM (Ellensburg)

6 – 9 p.m.

Dawn Forbes

internet www.cwu.edu/~kcwu

FM 90.7 KSER (Lynnwood)

8-10 p.m.

Clancy’s Bar & Grill w/ Clancy


FM 90.7 KSER (Lynnwood)

10 p.m. - 12 a.m. Fri.

Blues Odyssey with Leslie Fleury

FM 91.3 KBCS (Bellevue)

12 a.m. - 3 a.m.

Night Train w/ "Jimmy James"



FM 90.3 KEXP (Seattle)

6 - 9 p.m.

Shake The Shack w/ Leon



6 - 7 p.m.

Blues Plate Special w/ Jim

Leingang & Jim Gangster

FM 90.7 KSER (Lynnwood)

8 – 1 0 p.m.

‘60s & ‘70s Soul and R&B w/Jeff


FM KEWU - 89.5 (Cheney, WA)

6 - 10 p.m.

Roger Roberts

FM 91.3 KBCS (Bellevue)

11 p.m. - 2 a.m. Sat.

Juke w Hal Durden & Chuck Cox

Advertise in the

Bluesletter Bluesletter! Bluesletter

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20 • Washington Blues Society

Acoustic Café, The (253) 227-7200

Alki Tavern – Seattle (206) 932-9970

Alligator Soul – Everett (425) 259-6311

Arts West Theater – Seattle

Bad Albert’s – Ballard (206) 782-9623

Basement – Kingston (360) 297-8566

Bit Saloon – Ballard (206) 782-1680

Big Daddy’s – Woodinville (425) 402-9887

Blackthorne Village Pub – Seattle (206) 285-9756

Blarney’s - Kirkland (425) 821-8194

Blues Vespers @ Presbyterian Church – Tacoma

(253) 472-4795

Blue Yonder Café – Everett (425) 337-5040

Borders Books – Puyallup (253) 845-8751

Borders Books – Tacoma (253) 473-9111

Breadline Café – Omak (509) 826-5836

The Brickyard Bar & Grill - Tacoma (253) 472-5602

Brown Lantern Ale House – Anacortes (360) 293-


Caddy Shack – Burien (206) 246-9007

Cascade Tavern –Vancouver, WA (360) 254-0749

Celtic Bayou - Redmond (425) 869-5933

Central Club – Kirkland (425) 827-0808

Central – Pioneer Square (206) 662-0209

Charlie’s – Olympia (360) 786-8181

China Beach – Langley, WA (360) 530-8888

China Sea – Des Moines (206) 878-2593

Clancy’s – Olympia (360) 753-8008

Clearwater Casino – Bainbridge Is. (360) 598-6889

Club Broadway /The Big Apple Casino - Everett

(425) 259-3551

Cole’s – Ruston (253) 879-1119

Connektion – Burien (206) 243-0229

Cookin’ Musician – North Burlington (360) 757-9637

Corner Inn – W. Seattle (206) 935-4818

Cosmo’s – Bellingham (360) 734-1500

Crossroads Shopping Center – Bellevue (425) 644-


Dakota Creek Roadhouse - Blaine (360) 332-9554

Daverthumps – Lynnwood (425)-774-6573

Destination Harley Davidson – Fife (253) 922-3700

Destiny Seafood & Grill – Port Angeles (360) 452-


Diamond Knot – Mukilteo (425) 355-4488

Elliott Bay Brewery – W. Seattle (206) 932-8695

Elso’s – Mt Vernon (360) 428-5678

4th Ave Alehouse – Olympia (360) 786-1444

Fiddler’s Inn – Seattle (206) 525-0752

Firecreek Grill – Kent (253) 856-5170

Forecasters – Woodinville (425) 483-3212

Galway – Seattle (206) 527-9868

Good Times Lounge - Tacoma (253) 565-1007

Industrial Café – Georgetown/Seattle (206) 763-


Irish Emigrant – Seattle (206) 525-2955

Italo’s Bela Roma Restaurant & Lounge - Seattle

(206) 362-8934

J&M Cafe – Pioneer Square (206) 292-0663

Jakes Ales Pub & Grill – Federal Way (253) 927-


Jazzbones – Tacoma (253) 396-9169

Jekyll & Hydes - Gig Harbor (253) 858-5555

(The New) Jet Deck - Everett (425) 353-0770

Junction Tavern – Pt. Angeles (360) 452-9880

Kangaroo & Kiwi Public - Seattle (206) 297-0507

Larry’s Blues Café – Pioneer Sq. (206) 624-7665

Latona Pub – Seattle (206) 525-2238

Little Creek Casino – Shelton (360) 427-7711

Blues Blues Club Club Guide


Little Roadside Tavern - Everson (360) 592-5107

Lock & Keel – Ballard (206) 781-8023

Lucky Star – Kent (253) 859-1783

Main Street Tavern – Omak (509) 826-2247

Mardini’s – Snohomish (360) 568-8080

McCoy's Firehouse's - Seattle - (206) 652-5797

Mint Alehouse – Enumclaw (360) 825-8361

Mondo Shrimp – Kirkland (425) 893-9458

Murphy’s – Seattle (206) 634-2110

New Orleans – Seattle (206) 622-2563

Novo’s - Tacoma (253) 573-1278

Old Timer’s – Pioneer Sq. (206) 623-9800

Old Town Ale House – Seattle (206) 782-8323

Oxford – Snohomish (360) 568-3845

Paragon – Seattle (206) 283-4548

Plaza Broiler – Shoreline (206) 533-6299

Portside Restaraunt – Tacoma (253) 627-2111

Raging River Saloon – (425) 222-6669

Rattlesnake Brewery – Richland (509) 783-5747

Redondo Grill – Des Moines (253) 839-5040

The Riviera - Tukwila (425) 271-9971

River Rock Ale House – Renton (425) 430-0311

Rocco’s Fireside Alehouse – Everett

Rock Bottom – Seattle (206) 623-3070

Rockfish Grill – Anacortes (360) 588-1720

Rocksport – W. Seattle (206) 935-5838

Sally’s – Spanaway (253) 875-4533

Salmon Bay Eagles – Ballard (206) 783-7791

Scarlet Tree – Seattle (206) 523-7153

Seafarers Sports Bar & Grill – Tacoma (253) 572-


Seven Seas – Seattle (206) 522-3863

Silver Dollar Pub – Spanaway (253) 531-4469

Smooth Rail Espresso House – Covington (425) 432-


Spar – Tacoma (253) 627-8215

St. Clouds – Seattle (206) 726-1522

Steilacoom Deli & Pub – Steilacoom (253) 587-7693

Stewart’s – Snohomish (360) 568-4684

Stump Bar & Grill – Arlington (360) 653-6774

Sully’s Snowgoose Saloon – Seattle (206) 782-9231

Suni’s on 99 – Lynnwood (425) 743-5400

Swiss – Tacoma (253) 572-2821

TLC & More - Marysville (360) 657-4416

Timberline Café & Lounge – Granite Falls (360)


Trolleyman Pub – Seattle (206) 548-8000

Tugboat Annie’s – Olympia (360) 943-1850

Tuttolini’s – Renton (425) 255-9246

Wild Buffalo – Bellingham (360) 752.0848

Watertown Pub – Anacortes (360) 293-3587

Workshop Tavern – Redmond (425) 885-7772

The following venues give

discounts to card-carrying

WBS members :

Jazzbones • Tacoma

Larry’s Blues Cafe • Pioneer Square

New Orleans Creole Restaurant •

Pioneer Sq.

Oxford Saloon • Snohomish

Raging River Saloon • Fall City

Albritten McClain & Bridge of Souls 206-298-6565

Alice Stuart 206-937-4542

Annieville Blues 206-994-9413

Bad Dog Blues Society 360-733-7464

Big Nasty 253-582-5136

Beth Wullf & the Howlers 206-367-6186

Bill Mattocks Band 425-486-8166

Blue Five Five 206-216-0554

Blues Bully Band 253-847-5952

Blues Healers 206-440-7867

Blues Hounds 206-726-4836

Blues Monsters 360-705-1180

Blues Orbiters 253-903-9047

Blues Therapy 360-435-6863malan-nicely@tgi.net

Blues Torpedoes 360-491-1450

Breadline Blues 425-821-9388

Brian Butler Band 206-361-9625

Bryon Warhall & King Bee 509-937-2404

Brother Music Power House 208-265-9295

The Cathouse Blues Band 360-599-3364

C. D. Woodbury & The Prime Rate 425-882-8808

Charlie Butts & the Filtertips 208-687-2007

Charles White Band 425-303-8761

Chester Alley Band 425-333-4162

Chris Stevens Band 206-236-0412

Colonel & Doubleshot 425-744-2765

Cooke & Green 425-787-0148

Crossroads Band 206-255-6427

Cryin’ Shame 425-831-6861 vipak@isomedia.com

Daddy Treetops 206-525-8965

Dan Page Trip 360-895-0971

Dana & the Jive Guys 206 525-3385

David Brewer & The Intimidators 206-363-4078

Dick Powell Band 425-742-4108

DX Biscuit 509-662-6872

Ender Brothers 206-255-5643

Eric Madis and Blue Madness 206-362-8331

Fatcat 425-743-3563

Fat James Band 360-312-9042

File Gumbo 425-788-2776

Forrest C. Rosaire & Co. 360-452-4930

Freddy James &The Rockin’ 88s 425-486-6040

Funkin’ Groovin‚ 253-535-5205

George Clark 360-599-3364

Gia McClellan gmcclellan@sprynet.com

Girl Trouble Blues 253-874-5484

Greg Roberts 206-783-8631

Hambone Wilson & Goldtooth 360-966-7161

Harmonica Playboy & his MidnightMovers 206-932-4819

Henry Cooper 206-329-4451

Hudson Blues Band 253-630-5276

Jack Cook & Phantoms of Soul 206-517-5294

James ‘Curley’ Cook 253-945-7441

Jeff & the Jet City Fliers 206-469-0363

Jelly Rollers 206-706-8728

Jerry Miller & Co 253-759-5279

John Hodgkin Band 206-365-6492

Jude Bowerman Band 360-357-8044

Julie Powers & the Rhythm Rockers 425-462-0292

Jump Up! 425-643-6853

Junkyard Jane 253-759-7775

Kathi McDonald Band 206-932-1975

Blues Blues Band Band Directory


Kimball Conant & the Fugitives 206-720-0411

Kinzel & Hyde: lynnhyde@hotmail.com

Krewe of Blues 206-783-8389

Laurette Langille & Rogue Paradise Blues 360-734-7489

Little Bill & the Bluenotes 425-774-7503

LJ Porter 425-825-2460

Loose Gravel Band 253-927-1212

Malcolm Clark Band 253-475-8084

Maia Santell & House Blend 253-983-7071

Mark DuFresne 206-533-1912

Mark Riley 425-226-7170

Mark Whitman Band 206-721-1255

Mary McPage 206-850-4849

Mick Knight 206-675-0620

Mojo Daddies 206-932-9057

Moss Brothers Band 253-474-1167

Naked City Blues Band 253-847-9194

Nick Vigarino’s Meantown Blues 360-387-0374

Nicole Fournier & Her 3 Lb Universe 253-924-1630

Night Train 206-498-3470

Norm Bellas 206-722-6551

Northwest Music Legends 206-579-3808

Pat Coast & Out of the Blue 509-662-6872

Paul Whistler & Nora Michaels 206-762-3856

Pete Borg 360-466-0376

Pete Hutson & Dick Powell Band 206-696-2247

Pete Moceri Band 253-473-1622

Steve Power Band 206-938-5989

Randy Oxford’s Bluebowne 253-924-1630

Raven Humphreys & The Empty Shoes Band 360-659-


Reggie Miles 360-793-9577

Road House Jukes 425-379-0442

Robert Casey’s Blues Party 206-284-4634

Rod Cook & Toast 206-878-7910

Roger Rogers Band 206 526 3202

Ryan Harder 253-226-1230

Smokin’ Gun 360-939-2102

Snakeoil Daddy 253-862-2549

Star Drums & Lady Keys 425-488-7833

Steamers 253-620-5737

Steele Blu 360-466-1187

Steve Bailey & The Blueflames 206-935-8985

Steve Cooly Band 206-756-0919

Steve Trembly Band 360-221-3

Stickshift Annie & the Overdrive 206-522-4935

Straight Shot 425-771-7641

T-Boy O’Neil Band 360-491-5445

Ted Bellusci Band 206-281-7489

Three Martini Lunch 206-280-8972

Tim Casey & The Blues Cats 425-820-4387

Tim Sherman Band 206-367-1030

Tim Turner Band 206-301-9855

TJ Read 206 782-9121 • www.tjread.com

Too Slim & The Taildraggers 509-534-3153

Trouble at Home 206-789-6477

Tube Kings 360-658-0452

Tweety & the Tomcats 206-369-2468

Two Scoops Combo 206-933-9566

Unknown Authority 425-775-7913

Virginia Klemens/Jerry Lee Davidson 206-632-6130

Wayward Members of the Mudbay Jug Band 360-867-


Blues Blues Radio


W eek eekend

eek end


FM 89.3 KAOS (Olympia)

10:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

Retroactive Blues and Rock Roots

with J. Syrja

FM 90.3 KSVR (Mt. Vernon)

12 noon - 2p.m.

KC Blues

FM 88.5 KPLU (Tacoma)

6 – 12 p.m.

All Blues with Robin Lloyd

FM 91.3 KBCS

8 - 10 p.m.

One Step Beyond with Bob


FM 91.7 KZAZ (Bellingham)

8p.m. - 12 a.m. Sun.

Fish Fry with Dan Barrett &

Dawn Groves

FM KPBX - 91.1 (Spokane)

9 - 11 p.m.

with Tina Bjorklund

FM 91.3 KBCS (Bellevue)

10 p.m. - 12 a.m. Sun.

The Night Shift with Dave Samson


FM 91.7 KZAZ (Bellingham)

12 a.m. Sun. - 2 a.m. Sun.


FM 90.3 KEXP (Seattle)

9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Mon.

Preachin’ The Blues w/Marlee


FM 106.3 KVLR (Twisp)

6 p.m. - 12 a.m. Mon.

Blues with Keith Wolford

FM 88.5 KPLU (Tacoma)

6 p.m.- 12 a.m. Mon.

All Blues with John Kessler

FM 102.5 KZOK (Seattle)

8 - 9 p.m.

House of Blues

w/Dan “Elwood Blues” Akroyd

A.M. 1450 KRIZ (Renton)

8 - 9 p.m.

Blues w/Joe White

FM 91.3 KBCS (Bellevue)

10 p.m. - 12 a.m. Sun.

The Blueshouse with Jon



Bluesletter • August 2002 • 21

1 1 Thursday


Centrum’s Centrum’s Country Country Country Blues Blues Workshops


Alice Stuart Band @ The Owl & Thistle

Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court

Blues Torpedoes @ Salmon Bay Eagles

Brown & Blues Band @ City Hall Saloon (Cumberland


Charlotte Vanderwolf @ The Galway Arms

Eddie Cotton Mt. Baker Preview @ Wild Buffalo

File Gumbo @ Marina Park (Kirk 7:00)

Junkyard Jane @ Cascade Bar & Grill (Van)

Little Bill @ Destination Harley (Fife 5:00)

2 2 Friday


Centrum’s Centrum’s Centrum’s Country Country Country Blues Blues Workshops


Centrum’s Centrum’s Centrum’s Blues Blues & & Heritage Heritage Festival


Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court

Charles White Band @ Larry’s

Colonel & Doubleshot w/ Polly O’Keary @ Raging River


Cooke ‘n’ Green @ Saffron Cow (8:00)

Dan Page Trip @ Oxford

David Jacobs-Strain @ Blues & Heritage Festival

Eddie Cotton @ New Orleans

Eric Madis & Blue Madness @ Celtic Bayou

Kimball & The Fugitives @ Steel Sky Bistro

Laurette Langille & Rogue Paradise Blues @ Herbs


Little Bill w/Dick Powell & Billy Stapleton @ Clear

Water Saloon

Mark Whitman Band @ Magnolia Festival (Mag Pk 4:30)

& Trolleyman Pub (9:00)

Miles From Chicago @ Summer Sumner Arts Fest (6:00)

Nick Vigario @ City Limits (Brem)

Nicole Fournier & Her 3 lb. Universe @ Big Daddy’s

Rod Price @ Cascade Tavern (Van)

Taylor James @ Mt. Baker Blues / Wild Buffalo

Teri Derr @ Forecasters

The Jelly Rollers @ Sirens

The Steamers @ River Rock Pub

TubeKings @ Last Frontier

Unknown Authority - The Jet Deck

3 3 3 Saturday


Centrum’s Centrum’s Country Country Blues Blues Workshops


Mt. Mt. Baker Baker Blues Blues Festival Festival Festival: Festival Festival Walter Trout and the

Radicals, Eddie Cotton, Taylor James, Incognito, Bump

Kitchen, Cathouse Blues Band, Cindy Land Band


Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court

Blue 55 @ Magnolia Days (1:30)

Blues Orbiters @ New Orleans

Charles White Band @ Cheney Stadium (Tac 8:00)

Chris Stevens @ Latona Pub

Dan Page Trip @ Oxford

Emerald City Diva’s Featuring Kathi McDonald @ New


James Curley Cooke @ Uncommon Grounds

John Stephan Band @ Forecasters

Junkyard Jane @ Tacoma Blues Bash

Laurette Langille & Rogue Paradise Blues @ Herbs


Miles From Chicago @ The Clark County Fair (6:00)

Motown Cruisers @ Wild Buffalo

Nick Vigario @ Solo Kitsap Folk Festival (4:00)

Nicole Fournier & Her 3 lb. Universe @ Tacoma Blues

Bash (Cheney Stad 2:00)

Rod Cook & Jon Bayless @ The Fiddler’s Inn

Smokin Gun @ Tacoma Blues Bash

Spar Tree Blues Festival w/ Tim Casey & The Bluescats

(4:00), Two Scoops Combo

Steve James w/ Del Ray @ Centrum Country Blues


The Jelly Rollers @ Port Townsend Blues Festival & @


The Steamers @ River Rock Pub

Tony Coleman @ Rockfish

Too Slim & The Taildragers @ Moxihop Festival (Yak)

4 4 4 Sunday


Mt. Mt. Baker Baker Blues Blues Festival Festival: Festival Hubert Sumlin & Henry Gray,

Eddie Cotton, Jude Bowerman, Raven Humphres & the

Empty Shoes Band featuring Patti Allen, Mark Whitman


B.B. King Blues Festival @ The Gorge w/ George

Thorogood, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Joe


Jeff & The Jet City Fliers @ Snoqualmie Railroad Days

Little Bill w/ Dick Powell & Tim Sherman @ Anacortes

Arts Festival

Mark Whitman Band @ Mt. Baker Blues Festival (11:00


Spar Tree Blues Festival w/ Nick Vigario, Cooke ‘n’


22 • Washington Blues Society

Washington’s Washington’s Blues Blues Calendar


5 5 Monday Monday


Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court

Dirk “Al Moss” Jugg @ Columbia Street Pub (5:00)

Randy Oxford National Anthem @ Cheney Stadium

Tacoma Rainier’s (7:00)

The Balloons @ The Wild Ginger

6 6 Tuesday


Bobby Holland & Breadline Blues @ The New Jet Deck

Double Cookin’ @ Renton Farmer’s Market (5:00)

Nicole Fournier & Her 3 lb. Universe “Out to Lunch” @

Occidental Park (Noon)

Steve James @ New Orleans

The Steamers @ The Junction (8:00)

Tim Turner Band @ Larry’s

7 7 Wednesday


Alice Stuart Band @ The Rockfish / CD Release Party !!

Dirk “Al Moss” Jugg @ Columbia Street Pub (5:00) & @

The Tequila Bar

John Hiatt & The Goners, Jimmie Vaughan @ Pier 62/63

Mark Whitman Band @ Bicentenial Park (Tukwila


Nick Vigario @ Richmond Beach Arts Festival (7:00)

Rod Cook’s Artist Showcase feat Paul Green @ Bad


8 8 Thursday


Alice Stuart Band @ Central Club

Harmonica Playboy @ Salmon Bay Eagles

Little Bill w/ Dick Powell @ Laurelhurst Park (6:00)

Mark Whitman Band @ Destination Harley (Fife 5:00)

Nicole Fournier & Her 3 lb. Universe City Hall Saloon

(Cumberland 5:00)

Snakeoil Daddy @ Redhook Brewery Amphitheater

Too Slim (solo) @ Brown Addition (Spok)

9 9 Friday


Andrew Larsen @ Tacoma Borders

Badd Dog Blues Society @ Herb’s

Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court

Blue Healers @ Alligator Soul

Blues Bully @ Caddy Shack

Blues Therapy @ Timberline Café

Charles White Band @ Taste of Edmonds (5:30) & @ Big


Colonel & Doubleshot w/ Polly O’Keary @ Cole’s

Cooke & Greene @ Liquid Lounge

Dan Page Trip @ Celtic Bayou

Dirk “Al Moss” Jugg @ Columbia Street Pub (5:00)

High Rollers @ Forecasters

John Hodgkins @ New Orleans

Junkyard Jane @ Jake’s

Little Bill w/Dick Powell & Billy Stapleton @ Trolleyman

Marc Bristoil & Doug Bright @ Jekyll & Hydes

Mark Riley @ Redmond Borders (7:00)

Nicole Fournier & Her 3 lb. Universe @ Rattle Snake

Brewery (Rchlnd)

Nora Michaels @ Paul Whistler @ Tukwila Borders

Scott “ Smokehouse” @ Borders

T-Boy Neal Band @ Tugboat Annie’s

The Mudsharks @ The Raging River

Tim Casey & The Bluescats @ Oxford

10 10 Saturday


Bronze Blues & Brews: Joe Louis Walker & the Boss

Talkers, Curtis Salgado, Bill Rhoades & the Party Kings,

David Jacobs-Strain, The Polecats


Alice Stuart @ Rockfish / CD Release !!

Badd Dog Blues Society @ Herb’s

Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court

Blue 55 @ Sirens

Blues Bully @ Manette Saloon

Blues Orbiters @ Jake’s

Blues Therapy @ Timberline Café

Blues Torpedoes @ Auburn Good Ole’ Days (3:00)

Brian Butler & The Crossroads Band @ Community

Center Clubhouse (Indianola)

Charles White Band @ Big Daddy’s

Cooke & Greene @ Liquid Lounge

Dan Page Trip @ Jammwood

John Hodgkins @ New Orleans

Laurette Langille & Rogue Paradise Blues @ Little

Roadside Tavern

Little Bill w/Dick Powell & Billy Stapleton @ Wild


Maia Santell & House Blend @ The Brickyard Bar & Grill

Marc Bristoil & Doug Bright @ Jekyll & Hydes

Mark Riley @ Federal Way Borders

Nick Vigario @ Raging River Saloon

Randy Hansen, Leon Hendrix @ Sky Church

Rod Cook Artists Showcase @ Bad Albert’s

Roger Rogers @ Forecasters

Ryan Shea Smith @ The Maple Leaf Grill (10:00)

Smokin’ Gun @ Blues By The Bay / Salty Sea Days

Snakeoil Daddy @ American Custom Cycle

Tim Casey & The Bluescats @ Oxford

Tweety & The Tom-Cats @ Bothell Arts Festival (Noon)

Summerfest 2002 in Pt. Angeles, WA

11 11 Sunday


WBS WBS WBS PIcnic PIcnic @ Gas Works Park w/ The Howlers,

Stickshift Annie & The Overdrive, The Jellyrollers &

Tweety & The Tom-Cat’s / Bring Canned Food Donation

Arlington Garlic Festival w/ Miles From Chicago, Nick

Vigario (4:00)

David Lindley & Wally Ingrahm w/ The Phil & James

Show @ Bellingham High Performing Arts Center

Matt Garretty @ New Orleans

The Casuals @ Redhook Beer Garden (2:00)

Summerfest 2002 in Pt. Angeles, WA

12 12 Monday


Dirk “Al Moss” Jugg @ Columbia Street Pub (5:00)

Little Bill @ Out to Lunch

Miles From Chicago @ Seattle Singles, (China Harbor)

Randy Oxford w/ Little Bill @ Out to Lunch Concert

Series @ Pier 57 (Noon)

The Balloons @ The Wild Ginger

13 13 Tuesday


Blues Orbiters @ The New Jet Deck

Junkyard Jane @ Freddie’s Club

Mary McPage & The Funk Bros / Strummin’ Time Live

(Public Access TV)

The Steamers @ The Junction

Tim Turner Band @ Larry’s

14 14 Wednesday


WBS WBS General General Meeting Meeting Meeting w/ Thomas David Corlett &

Badd Dog Blues Society @ ToST (7:00)

Dirk “Al Moss” Jugg @ Columbia Street Pub (5:00) & @

The Tequila Bar

Rod Cook’s Artist Showcase featuring Max Paul

Schwennson @ Bad Albert’s

15 15 Thursday


Alice Stuart @ Steel Sky Bistro (8:00)

Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court

David Friesen Trio @ New Orleans

Junkyard Jane @ Destination Harley (Fife)

Kahler @ Rox Broiler

Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers, Steve Lucky

& The Rhumba Bums @ Sky Church

Miles From Chicago @ Outdoor Concert (Pt Orchard)

Nicole Fournier & Her 3 lb. Universe @ Jazzbones

Smoke ‘n Blues Allstars @ City Hall Saloon

(Cumberland 5:00)

Sweet Talkin’ Jones Featuring Mark Whitman @ Salmon

Bay Eagles

Tim Casey & The Bluescats @ Puyallup Concert (6:30)

16 16 Friday


Alice Stuart Band @ Siren’s

Badd Dog Blues Society @ Jazzbones

Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court

Blues Attitude @ Legends

Blues Bully @ Oxford

Del Rey & Steve James @ The Upstage (Pt Twnsnd)

Dirk “Al Moss” Jugg @ Columbia Street Pub (5:00)

Harmonica Playboy & The Midnight Movers @


In The House @ Novo’s

Junkyard Jane @ New Orleans

Little Bill w/ Dick Powell @ Tug Boat Annies

Mark Whitman Band @ Goldie’s on Airport Way

Nick Vigario @ w/ Kathi McDonald @ The Orginal Rome

Ristorante (Arl 9:00)

Nicole Fournier & Her 3 lb. Universe @ Corner Inn

Night Train @ Jekyll & Hydes

Robert Casey’s Blues Party River Rock

Rod Cook & Toast @ 3rd Place Books

Steve James @ Upstage (Pt Townsend)

The Jelly Rollers @ Conor Byrne’s

Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Festival (Salmon Arm, BC)

17 17 Saturday


Alice Stuart Band @ Siren’s

Badd Dog Blues Society @ Wild Buffalo

Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court

Blues Bully @ Oxford

Bobby Holland & Breadline Blues @ Forecasters

Carolyn Wonderland @ New Orleans

Charles White Band @ Jake’s

Crossroads @ Jekyll & Hydes

Dan Page Trip @ Arts By The Bay & Tower Tavern

Duffy Bishop Band @ Case of The Blues Festival Yakima


Greta Matassa @ Rockfish

Hutson & Powell Band @ Raging River

Jeff & The Jet City Fliers @ Bad Albert’s

Junkyard Jane @ Hi-Iu-Hee-Hee

Little Bill @ Destination Harley (Fife Noon) & @ Third

Place Books

Maia Santell & House Blend @ Cole’s

Miles From Chicago @ Best of the Nortwest (Sand Pt)

Moonlighters @ Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival

Nick Vigario @ Richie D’s (Mtlk Trce)

Randy Oxford w/ The Howlers @ Entiat Brew Hall

Robert Casey’s Blues Party River Rock

Smokin Gun @ Whitehorse Mountain Classic Rock Fest

Terry Robb @ Cascade Tavern (Van)

Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Festival (Salmon Arm, BC)

18 18 Sunday


Blues Torpedoes @ Mason County Summer Thunder

Blues Festival (3:00)

Dan Page Trip @ Arts By The Bay

De Ray & Steve James @ New Orleans

Little Bill w/ Rod Cook @ Dock Street Landing

Mark Whitman Band @ SeaTac Concert In The Park

(Angle Lk 4:00)

Miles From Chicago @ Family Concert (Forest Pk)

Nick Vigario @ w/ Chris Leighton @ Alki Tavern (5:00)

The Steamers @ Edmonds Town Center (2:00)

Two Scoops Combo @ Mill Creek City Hall (3:00)

Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Festival (Salmon Arm, BC)

19 19 Monday


Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court

Dirk “Al Moss” Jugg @ Columbia Street Pub (5:00)

Little Bill w/ Billy Stapleton @ The Swiss

Steve James @ Jazzbones

The Balloons @ The Wild Ginger

20 20 Tuesday


Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court

Dan Page Trip @ Bremerton Park Concert

Little Bill w/Rod Cook @ Freddies Casino

The Steamers @ The Junction (8:00)

Tim Turner Band @ Larry’s

21 21 Wednesday


Alice Stuart, Leif Totusek & Robert Cray Band @

Woodland Park Zoo

Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court

Dirk “Al Moss” Jugg @ Columbia Street Pub (5:00) & @

The Tequila Bar

Randy Oxford National Anthem WBS Night Everett

Aqua Sox (7:00)

Reggie Miles @ Rockfish

Rod Cook’s Artist Showcase feat Scotty Harris @ Bad


22 22 Thursday


Brian Butler Band @ Salmon Bay Eagles

Charles White Band @ The Rox Broiler

Del Rey & Steve James @ Bonnie & Bruce’s House

Concert (7:30)

Junkyard Jane @ Tacoma Farmers Market

Maia Santell & House Blend @ Post Office Park

23 23 23 Friday


Alice Stuart Band @ Murphy’s

Badd Dog Blues Society @ Dry Dock Golf Tournament

Weekend (Birch Bay 9:00)

Blues Bully @ The Junction

Colonel & Doubleshot w/ Polly O’Keary @ Jazzbones

Cooke ‘n’ Green @ St. Cloud’s

Dan Page Trip @ Tugboat Annie’s

Dirk “Al Moss” Jugg @ Columbia Street Pub (5:00)

Hudson Blues Band @ Forecasters

Junkyard Jane @ Ripple Tavern (Ms Lk)

Little Bill w/Dick Powell & Billy Stapleton @ Chehalis

Garlic Festival (4:00)

Mark Riley Band @ Jekyll & Hydes

Mark Whitman Band @ Goldie’s on Airport Way

Nicole Fournier & Her 3 lb. Universe, @ Sam’s Saloon


RadioKings @ Novo’s

Rod Cook & Toast @ The River Rock

Roger Rogers @ Oxford

The Steamers @ Celtic Bayou Pub

TubeKings @ Fire Creek Grill

24 24 Saturday Saturday


Hot Hot Hot August August August Blues Blues Blues: Blues Blues Deborah Coleman, Curtis Salgado,

Junkyard Jane, The Bumpy Jump Band


Alice Stuart Band w/ George Rezendes @ Wild Buffalo

Annieville Blues & Mark Whitman @ Mama Lucia’s


Badd Dog Blues Society @ Dry Dock Golf Tournament

Weekend (Birch Bay 2:00 & 9:00)

Blues Bully @ The Junction

Blues Orbiters w/ The Brown & Blues Band @ @ Shishole

Bay / Benefit For The NW Burn Foundation (1:00)

Blues Torpedoes @ Caddyshack

August August 2002


Charles White Band @ Goldies Casino

Cooke ‘n’ Green @ Bad Albert’s

Double Cookin’ @ Destination Harley (Noon)

Eric Madis Trio @ Fiddler’s Inn

Janie Cribbs @ Rockfish

Jump Up! @ Leif Erikson Ballroom

Junkyard Jane @ Hot August Blues (Walla Walla)

Kahler @ Paragon

Little Bill @ Steilacoom Deli

Lizard Kings @ Forecasters

Maia Santell & House Blend @ The Brickyard Bar & Grill

Mark Riley Band @ Jekyll & Hydes

Mary McPage & The Funk Bros @ Diamond Knot


Nick Vigario @ Nudestock 2002 (Issaq 3:00) & @ Jake’s

Roger Rogers @ Oxford

Smokin Gun @ Larry’s

The Steamers @ Chehalis Garlic Festival

Tim Casey & The Bluescats @ Raging River Saloon

Too Slim & The Taildragers @ Jazzbones

TubeKings @ Fire Creek Grill

Zeus Storage @ Steel Sky Bistro

25 25 25 Sunday


Beth Wulff w/ The Joe Joseph Band @ New Orleans

Dan Page Trip @ Chehalis Garlic Festival

Fourth Degree @ Forecasters Beer Garden (2:00)

Joe Joseph & Company @ New Orleans

Kahler @ Suni’s on 99

Two Scoops Combo @ Normandy Park (5:00)

26 26 Monday


Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court

Dirk “Al Moss” Jugg @ Columbia Street Pub (5:00)

Junkyard Jane @ The Swiss

The Balloons @ The Wild Ginger

27 27 Tuesday


Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court

Charles White Band @ American Lake Park (Tac 6:00)

Double Cookin’ @ Out to Lunch Concert @ Key Tower


Terry Robb @ Kalama Blues Festival

The Steamers @ The Junction

Tim Turner Band @ Larry’s

28 28 Wednesday


Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court

Dirk “Al Moss” Jugg @ Columbia Street Pub (5:00) & @

The Tequila Bar

Miles From Chicago @ Central Club

Rockfish Opry w/ Dan Duggin & Ron Bailey @ Rockfish

Rod Cook’s Artist Showcase featuring Henry Cooper @

Bad Albert’s

29 29 Thursday


Badd Dog Blues Society @ Roche Harbor (San Juan Isl)

Little Bill w/ Dick Powell & Billy Stapleton @ Salmon

Bay Eagles

Mary McPage & The Funk Bros @ Rox Broiler

The Balloons @ Jazzbone’s

Voodoo Spoon @ Wild Buffalo

30 30 30 Friday


Alice Stuart Band @ Tugboat Annie’s

Blue Healers @ Alligator Soul

Blues Torpedoes @ Winthrop Palace

Bumbershoot @ Mural Stage w/ The Jelly Rollers @

(12:45) Tim Casey & The Bluescats (4:00)

Dan Page Trip @ Legends

Duffy Bishop Band w/ Henry Cooper @ Tractor Tavern

Eouffe Zydeco Band @ New Orleans

Fossil Rock @ Sally’s II

Hutson & Powell Band @ Caddy Shack

Jeff & The Jet City Fliers @ Oxford Saloon

Jr. Cadillac @ Wild Buffalo

Junkyard Jane @ The Junction

Laurette Langille & Rogue Paradise Blues @ Old Edison


Little Bill Duo w/ Billy Stapleton @ 5th Ave Grill

Mark Whitman Band @ The Corner Inn

Nicole Fournier & Her 3 lb. Universe @ Clearwater


Orville Johnson & Mark Graham @ Latona Pub

Rod Cook & Toast @ Bumbershoot (Mural Stage 2:30) &

@ The Fire Creek Grill

Too Slim & The Taildragers @ Pig Out in The Park


Tube Kings @ Forecasters

31 31 Saturday


Rendevious Rendevious Blues Blues Festiva Festival Festiva (Oroville): Tim Turner

Band, Pole Cats, Roger Rogers Band, Nicole Fournier &

3 lb. Universe, Chuck G. Jones

Blues Therapy @ Rockfish

Blues Torpedoes @ Winthrop Palace

Dan Page Trip @ Legends

Duffy Bishop Band @ Riverfront Park (Spok 4:00)

Etouffe Zydeco Band @ New Orleans

Fossil Rock @ Sally’s II

Jeff & The Jet City Fliers @ Oxford Saloon

Junkyard Jane @ Longbranch Labor Day Dance

Kahler @ Oroville Blues Festival (with Tim Turner)

Little Bill Duo w/ Billy Stapleton @ 5 th Ave Grill

Maia Santell & House Blend @ The Brickyard Bar & Grill

Mark Whitman @ Destination Harley (Fife Noon)

Nick Vigario @ 4 th Annual Blues Bash Lake City

Community Center (7:00)

Nicole Fournier & Her 3 lb. Universe @ Rendvous Blues

Festival (Oriville 8:00)

NW Blues Slide Guitar Showcase Featuring Doug

“Louisana Lightning” Kearney, Steve Bailey & Billy

Stapleton @ Mural Stage (12:15)

Rod Cook & Toast @ The Fire Creek Grill

The Steamers @ Forecasters

Tony Coleman @ Wild Buffalo

Too Slim & The Taildragers @ Bumbershoot (Main

Stage 12:30) &

1 1 Sunday


Rendevious Rendevious Blues Blues Festival Festival (Oroville): Duffy Bishop,

Nick Vigarino’s Meantown Blues, Blues Torpedos, Dan

Page Trip, Powers & Kingman

Weekly Weekly Jams




China Clipper – Scotty Harris Band Featuring Mark


Dakota Creek Roadhouse – Laurette Langille (5:00)

Daverthumps – Raven & Stan Eike w/ The Empty Shoes


Larry’s – Roger Rogers Invitational Jam

Lucky Star Pub & Eatery – Randy Oxford Invitational

Schooner’s – Tim Hall

The Swiss – Acoustic w/ Malcolm Clark



Cole’s – Blue Mondays



Blarney’s – Chester Alley Band w/ Dennis Jones

Cole’s – Brown & Blues Band (13th / 27th )

Oxford – Songwriter’s Open Mic w/ Patrick Thayer


Plaza Broiler – Dave Prez & His Combo Nation

Redondo Grill – Randy Oxford Invitational Jam (8:00)

Seafarers Sports Bar – Acoustic w/ Malcolm Clark


Wild Buffalo – Tuesday Bluesday Invitational Jam



Charlie’s Bar & Grill – Blues Attitude (Oly)

Jake’s – Randy Oxford Invitational Jam

Larry’s – Charles White All Star Jam



Bad Albert’s – Annieville Blues

Cole’s – Pete Morceri Band

Destiny Seafood & Grill – Blue Thursday w/ Forrest C.

Rosaire (8:00)

Jekyll & Hydes – Acoustic /w Malcolm Clark

Riveria – Rod Cook, Burnie LaCombe & Scott Morris


BEER Swilling Blues Fans needed to

staff booth, beer pavillion, etc. at

events. Must stay sober while on

the job. Contact Leslie Fleury -

bluzwork@hotmail.com or call 425


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