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Calendar<br />

Calendar, Calendar,<br />

, F FFeatur<br />

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t he W WWashingt<br />

W ashingt ashington ashingt on <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> Socie Socie <strong>Society</strong> Socie Socie ty •<br />

Volume olume XIV XIV N NNumber<br />

N umber VIII VIII • Augus ugus ugust ugus t 2002<br />

2002<br />

In this issue:<br />

Bone Man Keeps the <strong>Blues</strong> Alive<br />

Charlie Musselwhite Speaks<br />

The Howlers<br />

Ritzville Rocks<br />

Northwest Harp Attack

Memo to Members<br />

August 2002<br />

The Board of Directors met at the University Plaza Hotel on July 2. We moved the meeting<br />

up a day, for those who had plans to attend the Portland Waterfront Festival. Remember,<br />

these meetings are open to the membership. We wouldn’t mind seeing some different<br />

faces, and it’s an opportunity for you to express your concerns, ideas, and sample the tasty<br />

food at the UPH....<br />

This will be short, because you should be out at the many, many blues events happening all<br />

around the state this summer, instead of sitting somewhere, reading this.<br />

Biz this month:<br />

We are proceeding with legal action against one of our former big advertisers that<br />

continues to ignore their large outstanding debt to us. It was a tough decision, and we<br />

tried other avenues, to no avail. Not pretty, but this is YOUR money, and it’s a year<br />

overdue.<br />

Revenue from Fremont Fair was $663.00. Thanks to the volunteers who worked over the 2<br />

day event!!<br />

We’ve had a huge response to our offer to sell merchandise for musicians - THANK YOU FOR<br />

YOUR SUPPORT!!! We have some dedicated volunteers who are knowledgable enough about<br />

our local blues that they are quite successful at selling CDs unheard by the purchaser!<br />

Speaking of support, check out the list of New and Renewed Members - yowza!!<br />

It’s festival season, and we hope to see you all out enjoying all the talent that’s scheduled<br />

to appear in the next few months. Stop by the WBS booth and introduce yourselves. Don’t<br />

forget our monthly meetings at ToST in Fremont on the second Wednesday of each month.<br />

If you haven’t attended, you’ve missed some fine talent [and BBQ at July’s meeting!!].<br />

Yours in the blues,<br />

Leslie Fleury<br />

President<br />


WBS Annual Summer Picnic<br />

Concert<br />

as part of Don Glenn’s Seattle Peace Concert Series<br />

At Seattle’s Gasworks Park On Lake<br />

Union<br />

2 • <strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong><br />

Sunday, Aug 11, from noon to 6 pm<br />

free, but please bring food donation for NW Harvest<br />

Featuring...<br />

Stickshift Annie & the Overdrive<br />

Tweety and the Tomcats<br />

The Howlers<br />

The Jelly Rollers<br />

Mark Riley (acoustic)<br />












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The <strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong> (WBS) is a nonprofit<br />

organization whose purpose is to promote,<br />

preserve, and advance the culture and tradition<br />

of blues music as an art form.<br />

Annual membership fee is $20 for individuals,<br />

$30.00 per couple, and $40 for overseas memberships<br />

(please see membership application form<br />

at back).<br />

The <strong><strong>Blues</strong>letter</strong> is the official monthly publication<br />

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Kim Field<br />

Robert Horn<br />

James Middlefield<br />

Leslie Fleury<br />

<strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong><br />

The Sheriff<br />

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The Sheriff<br />

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Features<br />

Randy andy Oxf Oxfor Oxf Oxfor<br />

or ord or d - - Alls Allstar Alls ar Boneman<br />

Boneman..............................6<br />

Boneman<br />

Char Charlie Char lie Musselwhit<br />

Musselwhite Musselwhit<br />

Musselwhit e int inter int int er ervie er vie view..................................4<br />

vie<br />

Ritzville Ritzville R RRoc<br />

R oc ocks..............................................................8<br />

oc<br />

Wat at ater at er erfr er fr fron fr on <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> F FFes<br />

F es estiv es tiv tival tiv al al...........................................10<br />

al<br />

Nor or or orthw or hw hwes hw es est es t Har Harp Har p A AAtt<br />

A tt ttac ttac<br />

ac ack..............................................11<br />

ac<br />

The The Ho Howler Ho ler lers ler s Ar Are Ar e Int Into Int Int o Some Something<br />

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hing<br />

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Columns<br />

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<strong><strong>Blues</strong>letter</strong> • August 2002 • 3

4 • <strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong><br />

A Talk with Charlie Musselwhite<br />

Interveiw by Kim Field<br />

At least they got a little taste of it before their time was up. And gosh,<br />

Magic Sam would really just be huge today. He’d be bigger than Buddy<br />

Guy. He was so warm and he would just connect with people. He just<br />

made you feel good with his music and personally, when you met him. He<br />

was a good guy. Everybody loved him. He was a great entertainer, hell of<br />

a good singer and guitar player. I wish he was still here.<br />

KF: It seems like a lot of gospel influences are coming out in your music<br />

KF: The critics are making a big deal out of the fact that the songs on<br />

your new CD, “One Night In America,” constitute a real mixed bag. That<br />

there’s a Johnny Cash song on there, that you’ve got blues luminaries like<br />

Robben Ford playing with you, as well as country picker Marty Stuart and<br />

“Saturday Night Live” lynchpin G.E. Stewart. This new CD isn’t really a<br />

departure for you in that sense, though, is it? You’ve always pushed the<br />

boundaries—on your first album you had Little Walter’s rhythm section<br />

and psychedelic rock guitarist Harvey Mandel.<br />

the last few years. Is the attraction that gospel is a bluesy music that is<br />

somewhat more tuneful, that offers more in the way of chord progressions,<br />

a different sound?<br />

CM: It’s just about the feeling. Gospel is loaded with feeling. It means a<br />

lot to me. If you’ve ever been to Memphis, you just turn on the radio<br />

and the dial is just loaded with gospel. A lot of those programs are live,<br />

or taped from the night before or something. You really get a good<br />

gospel hit growing up in Memphis, so it’s always been real special to me.<br />

CM: Usually I go in the studio with everything I want to<br />

do, but this was a different situation. I didn’t pick all<br />

KF: You grew up in Memphis, one of the great blues<br />

centers. Who did you see at a tender age?<br />

the songs. The album is what I would call a “producer’s<br />

CM: I saw Muddy in Memphis. And Chuck Berry, Bo<br />

project.” Randy Labbe came to me with this idea. At<br />

Diddley, and Jimmy Reed. Those are the only guys I<br />

first some of the tunes he had in mind I didn’t<br />

saw doing professional gigs in club situations. The rest<br />

particularly care for, but they grew on me after I<br />

of the players I heard were like street singers and<br />

listened to them for a while. Like “Trail of Tears.” First<br />

guys playing on the corner for tips or in their homes.<br />

time I heard that—well, I just didn’t relate to it<br />

People like Will Shade, who played with the Memphis<br />

initially, but it’s become a real strong tune for me in<br />

Jug Band, Furry Lewis and Gus Cannon. They all<br />

live shows lately. And that Los Lobos tune on the CD,<br />

recorded in the 1920s. I’d go hang out with them and<br />

“One Time One Night”—a friend of mine has been<br />

pass the jug around.<br />

trying to get me to do that for years. And I felt that it<br />

really fit with the rest of the ideas. And the songs that<br />

I wrote are actually re-recordings of tunes I’d done<br />

before, and the producer picked those.<br />

KF: I was knocked out by your guitar playing tonight.<br />

It’s so rare these days to hear someone play in that<br />

classic blues style. How long have you been playing the<br />

guitar on stage?<br />

KF: You’re one of the all-time road warriors. What’s the<br />

road like these days?<br />

CM: This is kind of a recent thing, although I was<br />

playing guitar back in Memphis. But when I got to<br />

CM: Well I’ll tell ya, a lot of people are having a hard<br />

Chicago there were tons of guitar players, but not<br />

time. I think 9/11 had a big impact. I was on the road right after that, many harp players. So my guitar playing sort of leveled off. I kept<br />

and I noticed that the further east I went, the more the club owners playing guitar for my own enjoyment. My wife Henrietta kept bugging<br />

were complaining that people just weren’t going out.<br />

me: “You know, people would like to hear that.” It was time to do it for<br />

KF: You’ve always had a good eye for fresh young talent. Who are some<br />

other people, too, I guess.<br />

of the younger players out there now who you’ve been really impressed KF: It’s great to hear you play solo and in a duo setting with Rusty. It’s<br />

with?”<br />

pretty low overhead without the band, too, isn’t it?<br />

CM: Well, of course there’s Rusty Zinn, who’s playing with me on this CM: Oh, yeah. It’s great working with Rusty. The two of us, just traveling<br />

trip. He’s in his early thirties, which seems awful young to me. The light. Rusty is a hell of a player and a great singer, too. It’s a lot of fun<br />

guitarist in my band these days, Kirk Flettcher, is a phenomenal guitar working with him.<br />

player who hasn’t’ even hit thirty yet. And he’s a young black man who is<br />

playing blues. How many young black guys even give a hoot about the<br />

blues? So that’s refreshing. And another guy in my band, Bob Welch, is a<br />

fine piano player and guitar player. These guys all play with taste. And<br />

I’m kinda playing rock and roll, and they’re playing straight-ahead blues,<br />

and that’s great.<br />

KF: You had the good fortune of coming up in the early and mid-1960s<br />

when the A line—Muddy, the Wolf, Lightnin- Hopkins—were all still going<br />

strong. You had personal relationships with a lot of those guys. You were<br />

in the right place at the right time…<br />

KF: Well, as a fan it seems that your career is hitting on all cylinders<br />

these days. You’re put out some outstanding recordings on a regular basis<br />

and your touring schedule is more packed than ever.<br />

CM: It just seems to keep coming in. I’m not under contract to any label,<br />

but that’s the way I want it. I don’t want to be under contract. Just do<br />

one record at a time, and if something works out with a label, well,<br />

we’ll talk about doing another one. There’s no reason to sign a contract.<br />

KF: You were really badly injured in an automobile accident in Mexico a<br />

couple of years ago.<br />

CM: Yeah, I didn’t even know it at the time.<br />

KF: When you look back at that cast of characters, is there a person or<br />

two who you really miss?<br />

CM: I almost died. I got T-boned—hit broadside—by a semi. Broke every<br />

rib on one side. I had twelve broken ribs altogether. And I almost lost my<br />

spleen and one of my kidneys. One whole side of my body was just black<br />

and purple. I remember in the hospital when they told me I was still in a<br />

CM: Oh, all of them. Muddy. Wolf. Sonny Boy. I think if Little Walter had life-and-death situation. I said, “You’re kiddin’ me.” I knew I was<br />

lived he would have gotten his chops back together. He was going<br />

leaving. It turned out to be the nicest stay I’ve ever had in a hospital.<br />

through some real hard times with alcohol, and the alcohol was actually The best food. Nobody spoke any English except one doctor, so my<br />

giving him mental problems like really low self-esteem, those kind of Spanish got real good. I was even able to joke with them in Spanish. It<br />

things. I think he would have really re-blossomed, if that’s the way to happened on December 13<br />

put it. And guys like Lightnin’ and Big Joe Williams—I reallyh miss them.<br />

th . And on the 30th While we had Charlie Musselwhite pinned down at<br />

the Kit Cat Theater for <strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong> Best<br />

of he <strong>Blues</strong> event, we sic’d local blues harp wizard,<br />

Kim Field on him for an exclusive interview. Kim got<br />

the goods, and we hereby present our interview with<br />

Memphis Charlie. Thanks Kim and thanks Charlie!<br />

photo by the Sheriff<br />

I left to do a gig. They said,<br />

“No, no, you’ve got to stay at least another week,” and I said, “Naw, I

got a gig. Gotta go.” So I got in a wheelchair and flew home and played<br />

from a wheelchair onstage on New Year’s Eve. The millennium New Year’s<br />

Eve. It was a good gig.<br />

KF: So you’re back 100%, physically?<br />

CM: Well, I still have pains that I feel from time to time. They’ll<br />

probably always be there, but that’s a small price to pay. Beats the<br />

alternative. It’s okay with me. No complaints.<br />

KF: Having been in the business for so long, do you have any problems<br />

reconnecting with the music? Do you find yourself hitting plateaus in<br />

terms of your relationship with the music, or are you able to keep finding<br />

that wellspring of inspiration?<br />

CM: It just seems to keep coming. Sometimes I feel something like what<br />

you might call “writer’s block,” but when it’s showtime, it’s all there.<br />

It’s always there for you. I’ve got lots of ideas. It’s just finding the right<br />

connections to put them together. Musicians that can play a certain kind<br />

of music.<br />

KF: You’ve spent years consistently serving up great blues, but what<br />

really sets you apart as an artist is the fact that you’re always trying<br />

something different and going in new directions.<br />

CM: Well, to me it’s all about feeling. So I hope that’s what comes<br />

across.<br />

Guitar Lessons from BB Award Winning Guitarist<br />

Tim Sherman<br />

Electric Texas<br />

& Chicago styles<br />

Beginners welcome<br />

206-547-1772<br />

Camp Klawata<br />

A Camp For Autistic Children<br />

Fund Raiser 2002<br />

Featuring<br />

Steve & the Goodtimes · Steve<br />

Stefanowicz ·Nicole Fournier & Randy<br />

Oxford · Loose Gravel & the Quarry ·<br />

Real Times Band · Stay Tuned<br />


Sunday, August 18 th 1:00pm – 10:00pm<br />

$5.00 suggested donation<br />

South Tacoma Eagles<br />

72 nd & Pine in Tacoma·<br />

474-5637<br />

To donate or volunteer call Rebecca @ 253-318-9134<br />

<strong><strong>Blues</strong>letter</strong> • August 2002 • 5

Tracking down Randy Oxford for an interview is not an easy<br />

task. Randy, while one of the nicest people in the world, is<br />

also one of the busiest. And one of the friendliest. No matter<br />

where or when we would schedule time together, we would<br />

constantly be interrupted as friends would stop by to chat. And<br />

Randy would always greet them by name and ask about their<br />

children, their pets, and their neighbors. And all of this is done with<br />

absolute sincerity. He does care about your Mother. He asked me<br />

about mine just last night as we attempted to set up another time<br />

to finish the world’s longest running<br />

interview. Thank God there is a cutoff date<br />

for this article, otherwise, we’d still be<br />

working on it at Christmas. Now I don’t want<br />

to leave the reader with the impression that<br />

Randy is a difficult subject, just the<br />

opposite, he bubbles over with enthusiasm<br />

and joy for the life he leads. Every gig he<br />

plays is the best ever. Every musician he<br />

plays with is the best ever. I checked around<br />

with old band mates and old girl friends and<br />

no one would give me any dirt. All I got was<br />

praise and compliments for the nicest guy<br />

in the NW blues scene. Even Little Bill<br />

Engelhart took time out from kicking around<br />

his latest guitar player to say nice things<br />

about Randy. This article was going nowhere<br />

fast.<br />

To give you an idea as to how busy Randy is, let’s check out his<br />

calendar. In the year 2002, Randy has played or is scheduled to play<br />

at 150 jam sessions. Since Randy manages these sessions, he is<br />

there from beginning to end keeping track of each player and<br />

figuring out which combination of musicians will work out the best.<br />

And he is playing trombone at each session. On top of the jam<br />

sessions, Randy has an additional 125 nights playing with various<br />

bands. The Steamers, The Howlers, Fat Cat, Little Bill and The<br />

Bluenotes, Jr. Cadillac, Funkin Groovin, Loose Gravel, The Hudson<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Band, The Silverbacks, The Michael Kahler Band, and Randy’s<br />

new band, Nicole Fournier and Her Three Pound Universe are just<br />

some of the bands Randy plays with this year. Now for those<br />

mathematically challenged blues lovers out there, that’s 275 nights<br />

of playing in one year. Randy swears that he spends the other few<br />

nights a year checking out the local scene.<br />

It’s no wonder that this man has received<br />

multiple awards from The <strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong><br />

<strong>Society</strong> (Entertainer of the year, Hall Of<br />

Fame, Keeping the <strong>Blues</strong> Alive, 4 times Horn<br />

of the year, and also a number of band<br />

awards). This man is truly amazing. I have<br />

followed Randy this year to a number of gigs<br />

and it’s been a wonderful experience. Randy<br />

knows the name of every musician at every<br />

jam and how they play. He knows the name<br />

of every waitress and bartender. He also<br />

knows everyone in the bar. If I was out at<br />

night that much, I wouldn’t know my name,<br />

but Randy? He knows everybody. He’s like a<br />

traveling Cheers (the old TV sitcom). So how did he get this way<br />

you ask. Let’s turn back the way back machine.<br />

Randy was born in Ballard in 1960. At age 5 he moved to Chicago.<br />

Randy remembers growing up with music always playing in the<br />

house. In 6th grade, he took up the trombone and credits band<br />

director Steve Hoernamann as an early influence. In high school, he<br />

played in the 200 piece marching band, the concert band, and the<br />

stage band. Obviously his obsessive personality started early. Randy<br />

6 • <strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong><br />

Randy Oxford<br />

All-star Bone Man<br />

By Patrick Lee<br />

played in the Orange Bowl Parade and also received the Louis<br />

Armstrong award from his high school. Randy said he had to choose<br />

between music and baseball due to time constraints and we are so<br />

glad he chose music. I have a hard time seeing that distinctive<br />

figure of his in Center Field at Safeco. Although since Randy will be<br />

gracing both Cheney Stadium in Tacoma and with the Aquasox in<br />

Everett this Summer, maybe Safeco isn’t so far off. Randy remembers<br />

seeing Maynard Ferguson and Led Zeppelin in high school and<br />

being impressed with their energetic performances. Anyone who<br />

has ever seen Randy knows he gives it all at<br />

every show. As Little Bill says, 110 per cent,<br />

all the time. After high school, Randy joined<br />

the Army with the understanding that he<br />

would be in the Army Band. So for the next 6<br />

years, Randy got the best training in the<br />

world. He played all over Europe in a variety<br />

of musical settings. He played in large jazz<br />

bands using Stan Kenton and Count Basie<br />

charts. He played with the Berlin Radio<br />

Orchestra. He played in smaller combos in<br />

NCO Clubs on Earth Wind & Fire and Kool &<br />

The Gang tunes. In addition to his earlier<br />

recordings with his high school ensembles,<br />

Randy recorded LPs with The Berlin Brigade<br />

Army Band and The Ambassadors of Jazz, as<br />

well as with the Al Porcino (of Woody<br />

Herman fame) Big Band.<br />

In 1981 Randy finagled a transfer to California to Fort Ord. There,<br />

Randy hooked up with his first blues band, The Broadway <strong>Blues</strong><br />

Band. This band included a B-3, and a three piece horn section. The<br />

highlight of their time together was playing the 25th anniversary of<br />

The Monterey Jazz Festival. What an honor! Randy played with this<br />

group until he left the Army in 1984. In his post army career Randy<br />

managed a number of Domino’s Pizza franchises (I make none of<br />

this up) in the San Francisco area until he was held up at gunpoint<br />

one too many times. Randy then packed his bags and moved back to<br />

the NW to join his parents printing supply business.<br />

After settling in Redmond in 1986, Randy called up Marlee Walker<br />

who was at that time hosting her show, “All <strong>Blues</strong>”, Sunday nights<br />

on KPLU-FM. Marlee sent Randy down to the Blue Monday jam at<br />

The Owl in Ballard. At Randy’s first night at<br />

The Owl, he played with Dick Powell backing<br />

up singer Lily Wilde. Not bad for the new kid<br />

in town. Randy then hooked up with the<br />

band Duo Glide and ended playing Larry’s in<br />

Pioneer Square on Sundays for the next few<br />

years with likes of Mark Whitman and Leslie<br />

Clinkingbeard. Playing with Les and Lily also<br />

led to many memorable nights playing with<br />

Jr. Cadillac throughout the NW. Randy’s first<br />

commercial NW release is on Jr. Cadillac’s<br />

20th Anniversary cassette from the Sheraton<br />

Ballroom.<br />

In early 1989, Randy met the man who would<br />

turn out to be the most influential person in<br />

his career. Randy was asked to play at Little Bill Engelhart’s 50th birthday party at Prosito’s in Tacoma. Soon after, Randy was asked<br />

to join the Bluenotes and for the next 8 years played in one of the<br />

finest blues bands ever to grace NW stages. Bill considers that lineup<br />

of Randy, Buck England, Tommy Morgan, Hans Ipsen, Robbie<br />

Jordan/Brian Kent, and Hadi Al-Saadoon to be his favorite Bluenotes<br />

line up. They played the Winthrop <strong>Blues</strong> Festival, The Waterfront<br />

Festival in Portland, Gig Harbor Jazz Festival, Sun Banks, Mt Baker<br />

and every bar and club in between. During this stretch, Randy

ecorded a series of classic NW blues CDs with Bill. Down For<br />

Double, Another Rainy Day, Shades, Retrospectively Yours, and<br />

Sweet Cucumber ’89 all have great Bill Engelhart originals with<br />

Randy blowing his bone right along. Randy attributes Bill’s professionalism,<br />

consistency, and financial acumen as major factors in<br />

influencing Randy’s future direction. Randy also says he learned to<br />

play the slow blues from Bill. Bill has a whole chapter in his book,<br />

“Next Stop Bakersfield”, about Randy. My favorite description of<br />

Randy is in there, as Bill says it so delicately, “Randy is a ball<br />

grabber”. But after 8 years on the road and a full time day job,<br />

Randy was burnt out and took a break until his next big adventure.<br />

Randy’s reputation was growing by this time. His ability to quickly<br />

sight read written music has made him a favorite of NW record<br />

producers. He has appeared on over 25 CDs including Mark Riley,<br />

Annieville <strong>Blues</strong>, Led Jaxon, L.J. Porter, The Night Sticks, Kevin<br />

Wallace, Nora Michaels, and Seattle Women in Rhythm and <strong>Blues</strong>.<br />

Through 1997 and into early 1998, Randy played with the group Fat<br />

Cat, and of course won the award for “New Band of the Year” from<br />

the WBS. Fat Cat is a horn driven band featuring the strong vocals<br />

of Bear Barrus, original songs by keyboardist and vocalist Pat<br />

Gossan, Hans Ipsen and Hadi Al-Saadoon from the Little Bill band<br />

and a great rhythm section of Major Durst and James Busch. In late<br />

1998, Randy started jamming with a Tacoma based band called<br />

Junkyard Jane. They play an eclectic array of original music based<br />

in folk, rock, blues, and country. The band features the song writing<br />

talents of Leanne Trevalyan and Billy Stoops with a solid rhythm<br />

section anchored by Barbra Blue on bass. When Randy first joined<br />

the band, he was part of a horn section with Sue Orfield on<br />

saxophone. After Sue had moved on, Randy found himself, for the<br />

first time in his career, the only horn player in the band. This new<br />

found freedom allowed Randy the room to grow and find new ways<br />

to express himself on his instrument. Randy recalls his three years<br />

with Junkyard Jane with great fondness. They quickly turned into<br />

one of the most popular bands on the NW circuit. The highlight was<br />

certainly the trip to Memphis where Junkyard Jane placed in the<br />

final 8 in national competition. This was a major achievement for a<br />

band that was not a traditional blues band. Randy contributed his<br />

playing ( Washboard Highway and Milkin’ The Frog) and for the first<br />

time his singing and songwriting (Swampabilly Snake Oil Freakshow)<br />

to the first three Junkyard Jane CDs. Randy fans should seek out<br />

the first printing of Freakshow for the two extra Randy tunes, Cool<br />

Bus and 4 Dukes. After three years of touring, Randy felt he had<br />

contributed what he could to the band and felt it was time to turn<br />

his promotional and booking skills into a full time career in music.<br />

Randy credits Barb and Bill Mosher of Jake’s Ales in Federal Way for<br />

helping him get started. Randy started a weekly jam session on<br />

Wednesday nights that is one of the most musician friendly nights in<br />

the local scene. With a core band including rock steady bassist Jack<br />

Kinney of Stickshift Annie and the ever smooth Andrew Clouthier of<br />

Left Hand Smoke on drums, Randy imports two special guests every<br />

week. Past guests have included Alice Stuart, Henry Cooper, John<br />

Stephan, Mike Lynch, John Hodgkin, Ned Neltner, Tommy Boyle,<br />

Perry Sanders, Tim Sherman, and Steve Bailey. Regular jammers<br />

include the horn section of Steve Sarandos and Cheryl Clark and the<br />

vocal talents of Peaches with Paul Krug on keyboards. Randy soon<br />

started working with club owner Karl Hintz and added jams on<br />

Sunday nights at The Lucky Star in Kent and Tuesday nights at The<br />

Redondo Grill in Des Moines. These jams feature Nicole Fournier on<br />

guitar, Michael Stubblefield on very electric bass, and Karl Hintz on<br />

drums. Recent guests have included Kathi MacDonald and Patti<br />

Allen. Randy then decided to get busy and began co-hosting jams<br />

on Thursday nights with Loose Gravel at Tacoma’s Emerald Queen<br />

and also started up Oxford Entertainment which is booking<br />

musicians in every nook and cranny Randy can find. Bill Graham<br />

would have been very proud of this boy.<br />

If this wasn’t enough, Randy and Nicole Fournier decided to start<br />

up a new band called Nicole Fournier and her 3 Lb. Universe. The<br />

band has already recorded a CD of all original music featuring the<br />

song writing and guitar playing of Nicole, the intricate and<br />

expressive keyboards of Ric Ulsky and the solid rhythm section of<br />

Michael Stubblefield and Michael Kinder on drums. Randy feels this<br />

band has amazingly talented musicians and the band has great<br />

potential for success. Randy thinks that this is a great time for<br />

blues in the NW due to the support given to him and other<br />

musicians by The <strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong>. Specifically, the board<br />

of the WBS headed by Leslie Fleury has shown real commitment and<br />

dedication to the blues and to its practitioners. I think Randy’s<br />

success is not due to just his talent as a trombone player. Randy<br />

takes his responsibilities very seriously. He feels very strongly that a<br />

musician should give his or her best show every time they are on<br />

stage. It costs a lot for a couple to go out to dinner these days.<br />

When you add in babysitting, parking, and cover charges, it’s a real<br />

bite. By taking the time to meet the customers and get to know<br />

them, you make the people feel special and they will want to come<br />

back and hear you again. If you don’t want to play for people,<br />

Randy feels you should just stay home. As I’ve mentioned before,<br />

and can’t emphasize enough, Randy’s enthusiasm for life comes<br />

through every time he plays.<br />

Randy’s plans for the future include recording projects with Eric<br />

“Two Scoops” Moore, The Howlers, Michael Kahler, Nicole Fournier,<br />

and a solo project. As of now, he still has Monday nights free so if<br />

any club owners out there need a Blue Monday jam, please contact<br />

Oxford Entertainment at 253-973-9024.<br />

Drums, Drummer & Drumming...<br />

Seasoned <strong>Blues</strong> Drummer available. Lots of Experience,<br />

pro gear and local references. Full<br />

time to one time, shuffles to funk to swing.<br />

Call Steve at 206.282.6775<br />

for a pocket full of groove.<br />

<strong><strong>Blues</strong>letter</strong> • August 2002 • 7

I’m a very white girl. Very white, and very averse to becoming a<br />

boiled lobster at the various summer festivals. However, when<br />

offered the opportunity to go to Ritzville this past weekend and<br />

become the first kid on my block to see homeboy Mark DuFresne<br />

fronting Roomful of <strong>Blues</strong>, I jumped at the chance.<br />

Ritzville is a straight shot 3 1/2<br />

hour drive from Seattle on I-90;<br />

one of those glorious, peculiarly<br />

<strong>Washington</strong> drives that sees the<br />

scenery shift from forest to neardesert<br />

within minutes. Arriving in<br />

Ritzville we were somewhat<br />

intimidated by the heat (which<br />

rose to 107 degrees as the day<br />

wore on), but the festival is so<br />

arranged that there are plenty of<br />

places to take refuge from the<br />

heat and the sun.<br />

The town closes its main drag and<br />

a number of food (delicious)<br />

vendors move in, along with a few<br />

standard-issue festival clothing<br />

and jewelry stalls. The main stage<br />

sits at a crossroads, and people<br />

set up their lawn chairs behind<br />

what serves as a large dance area<br />

in front of the stage. If one tired<br />

of the main stage acts (hard to<br />

conceive), there were six dark,<br />

cool bars within a 1-block radius<br />

featuring live regional blues to<br />

choose from.<br />

I might as well fess up from the get that I didn’t<br />

make it to any of these clubs, in spite of buzz about<br />

guitarist John Nemeth, highly recommended by<br />

Junior Watson. Instead, we parked ourselves in the<br />

shade in some lawn chairs conveniently set up by<br />

locals who then disappeared till evening. Very<br />

obliging of them, thought my companions Mark and<br />

Katha Dalton and I, as we took advantage of the<br />

very relaxed, easy-going atmosphere. Locals were<br />

spraying themselves with water bottles, and the<br />

mist often found us as we watched the main stage<br />

from the shade or while dancing in front of it.<br />

We missed opener Pat Coast, but enjoyed Chicago<br />

guitarist Steve Freund’s set. Mark bought his CD, I’ll<br />

be Your Mule, about which he says, “[the CD] is<br />

truly excellent - very nice, straight-ahead produc-<br />

Robert Jr. Lockwood<br />

The Delta Comes to Riztville<br />

Robert Jr. Lockwood was born on March 27th, 1915 in the little<br />

town of Marvell, Arkansas. His mother, Esther, was later married<br />

to Robert Johnson, and moved to Helena, Arkansas, where Robert<br />

Jr. grew up in a household filled with music. Lockwood started to<br />

get serious about music after some guitar lessons from his<br />

legendary step-father, and frequently worked house parties in the<br />

Helena area in the early 30's. After leaving home, Lockwood spent<br />

the depression years drifting through the Mississippi Delta as an<br />

itinerant musician, frequently working with Sonny Boy Williamson<br />

II, Howlin' Wolf and others at parties, picnics and on the streets,<br />

wherever a dollar was to be made playing the blues and popular<br />

tunes of the day. Robert Jr.'s recording career has spanned more<br />

than sixty years, starting with the Bluebird label in Chicago in<br />

1941, and he was a fixture on the famous "King Biscuit Time" show<br />

8 • <strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong><br />

Ritzville Rocks<br />

By Susan Waterworth<br />

tion, good tunes, and top-flight players...” Freund was followed by a<br />

typically fabulous set from Little Charlie and the Nightcats, featuring<br />

a few new Rick Estrin tunes, “That’s Big”, and “Real Love” (“that felt<br />

real to me, baby. Ain’t that true love?”) that had the crowd in the<br />

palm of their hands. How Estrin stayed looking so cool and smooth in<br />

that heat (the rest of the band<br />

had the decency to melt, like the<br />

rest of us) is beyond me. Man,<br />

that’s coooool. Scheduled<br />

performed Snooky Prior was ill, so<br />

87-year-old legend Robert Jr.<br />

Lockwood (see sidebar) replaced<br />

him and drew an appreciative<br />

crowd to the stage. In addition to<br />

“Steady Rolling Man.” “32/20<br />

<strong>Blues</strong>,” Can’t Face the Music” and<br />

others, he did an old timey<br />

ragtime piece right up Jack Cook’s<br />

alley called “Don’t Tear it Up.” We<br />

bailed on Sista Monica, an<br />

undistinguished blues shouter, in<br />

favor of an hour’s rest in the airconditioned<br />

hotel We had to rest<br />

up for the main event.<br />

Anyone who saw Roomful of <strong>Blues</strong><br />

at Jazzbones or at the EMP<br />

recently knows that the band and<br />

DuFresne are a great fit. Freshly<br />

reunited with wife Laura,<br />

DuFresne took the stage at<br />

Ritzville like he owned it and<br />

didn’t let go. He was home, and<br />

he was happy. The band is worthy of him, and<br />

turned in a great set, preceded by a dramatic, and<br />

welcome, thunderstorm. Look for more on Mark and<br />

Roomful in the <strong><strong>Blues</strong>letter</strong> soon. Suffice to say that<br />

Mark has fronted a number of very fine bands over<br />

the years, but he’s ready to fly with this one.<br />

Ritzville is a lovely little oasis that was truly<br />

welcoming and comfortable. The festival was very<br />

well run, with features like open hoses to mist<br />

oneself with, bathrooms readily available in all the<br />

open businesses and bars, picnic tables set up for<br />

eating, great food and brews, and continuous music<br />

from over 30 bands. The Daltons and I were<br />

delighted with the festival, and highly recommend<br />

it.<br />

Rick Estrin<br />

Chris Vachon (Roomful)<br />

photos by R. Bruce Eckley - www.eckleyphotography.com<br />

and other radio shows in the south throughout the 40's. Lockwood<br />

has appeared as a sideman on<br />

hundreds of recordings, with<br />

Muddy Waters, Little Walter,<br />

Otis Spann, Sunnyland Slim,<br />

Willie Mabon and countless<br />

others, as well as releasing<br />

many albums under his own<br />

name. As his appearance at<br />

the Ritzville <strong>Blues</strong> Festival on<br />

July 13th clearly demonstrated,<br />

this 87 year-old<br />

bluesman remains an intense<br />

and vital performer today, the<br />

last surviving link to the<br />

innovators of the delta blues.<br />

Mark Dalton<br />

photo by R. Bruce Eckley<br />

Robert Jr. Lockwood

Well… Well…Our Well… beloved HallOfFamer Randy Oxford will be playing<br />

trombone with Mighty Sam Mclain at the Yale Hotel in Vancouver, B.C.<br />

Aug 7th and 8th .<br />

Congratulations Congratulations to Julie Powers & Terry Kingen ... they got hitched<br />

Saturday 7/13/02<br />

Art Rodriguez writes S&H:<br />

Friends & Family,<br />

A dear friend, and one of our biggest musical influences is in need of<br />

our help. Rocco Prestia, long time bass player with Tower of Power, is<br />

in need of a liver transplant. Information and donations can be made<br />

through a website, which has been set up to help with this fundraising<br />

effort. Whatever you decide to donate, please send it today - the<br />

situation is urgent. http://www.francisroccoprestia.com/. Trust this<br />

site…we checked it out…S&H.<br />

Legendary Legendary Chicago Chicago bluesman bluesman Jimmie Jimmie Lee Lee Lee Robinson Robinson died Saturday,<br />

July 6, after a long painful bout fighting cancer, from a self-inflicted<br />

gunshot to the head. Over the years he worked with such greats as<br />

Freddie King, Elmore James and Little Walter. His latest releases were<br />

on the APO label, including “All My Life” and “Remember Me.” Jimmie<br />

will probably be best remembered as of late, though, for his tireless<br />

efforts to save Chicago’s famed Maxwell Street, going on multiple<br />

hunger strikes to prevent the destruction of the neighborhood where he<br />

grew up. Jimmie was 71.<br />

There’s There’s a a new new band band in in town town called called “The “The Real Real Deal”. Deal”. Deal”. They play blues,<br />

R&B, jazz, classic rock and some reggae, with and emphasis on having<br />

a good time. The Three musicians are Sean Denton (on guitar/vocals),<br />

Mark Talbot (on drums), and Pat Hues (on keyboards/vocals). Pat<br />

Hues who started the group has performed with such artists as: Jr.<br />

Cadillac, Little Bill & the Blue Notes, Sweet Talkin’ Jones, The New<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Bros., local guitar greats such as Rich Dangel, Danny Hoefer, &<br />

Mark Whitman. Others such as: Buddy Miles, Lee Oskar, Lloyd Jones,<br />

Marilee Rush, Tiny Tony & the Statics, Tim Turner, Roger Rogers and<br />

Dr. Funk just to name a few. (S&H…we don’t know what town these<br />

folks are in…but we wish them luck and blues.)<br />

King Biscuit <strong>Blues</strong> Festival, October 10, 11 & 12, 2002, Helena,<br />

Arkansas<br />

17th Annual King Biscuit <strong>Blues</strong> Festival Plans Unveiled. The Sonny Boy<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong> is pleased to announce the stage line-up for the 17th<br />

Annual King Biscuit <strong>Blues</strong> Festival in Helena, Arkansas. New stages and<br />

a new Main stage name will be dedicated during the opening ceremonies<br />

of this year’s festival. The Main Stage shall be dedicated as the<br />

Sonny Boy Williamson Main Stage and the Frank Frost Stage as well as<br />

the Sam Carr Stage will be dedicated this year. For additional information<br />

and complete festival information visit the website,<br />

www.kingbiscuitfest.org.<br />

HEY!!! HEY!!! HEY!!! Burnside Burnside and and Sideburn Sideburn Records Records Has Has Some Some Exciting Exciting Exciting News:<br />

News:<br />

They have 3 new releases.<br />

ALICE STUART “Can’t Find No Heaven”<br />

TERRY ROBB “ When I Play My <strong>Blues</strong> Guitar”<br />

JOHN BUNZOW “Darkness & Light”<br />

Check out their website at www.burnsiderecords.com for more dates<br />

on these and all their fabulous artists.<br />

David Jacobs-Strain returns Port Townsend Country <strong>Blues</strong> Workshop<br />

faculty.<br />

Northern<strong>Blues</strong> Music recording artist David Jacobs-Strain, of whom the<br />

Eugene Register-Guard said “His sure hands on the guitar and heartfelt<br />

vocals reveal a maturity of understanding of the music that makes it<br />

fascinating to speculate where his music might go from here,” will<br />

perform and teach at Centrum’s Port Townsend Country <strong>Blues</strong><br />

Workshop. For workshop information and registration, contact<br />

Centrum at 1-800-733-3608 or www.centrum.org.<br />

After After 6 6 years years Mark Mark Riley Riley will will be be leaving leaving Little Little Bills’ Bills’ band. band.<br />

band. During the<br />

summer Bill will be using several fine guitar players from the Seattle<br />

area including Rod Cook, Billy Stapleton, Criss Stevens, Tim Sherman<br />

and Steve Blood. Billy Stapleton is scheduled to fill the guitar chair full<br />

scene ‘n heard<br />

time in mid September. Mark will be going solo, we hear, and trio,<br />

with Greg Ibsen on bass, and Steve Sarkowski on drums. Riley is also<br />

working on a new CD project, to appear soon, so keep your ears open.<br />

The The blues blues acts acts have have been been finalized finalized for for The The Cirque Cirque de de Broadway Broadway Broadway and<br />

promoter Jeff Hayes is very grateful to all of the artists who’ve agreed to<br />

perform. “I’m very proud to be associated with all of you. Many<br />

<strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong> “Best of the <strong>Blues</strong>” Award winners in this<br />

group as well as future BB Award winners I’m sure. We’ve even got an<br />

Inland Empire <strong>Blues</strong> award winner with us this year. Now our<br />

challenge is to let people know about all of the great talent that will be<br />

on Seattle’s Capitol Hill on Sept. 14 & 15. Please help me and The<br />

Festival in making this an event that will become a tradition for local<br />

blues bands and fans for years to come! The best way to assure that<br />

we’ve got quality gigs in the future is to support other blues artists in<br />

those venues. Again, thanks everyone and I look forward to seeing all<br />

of you in September if not before.” Watch for line-up, or call Jeff at<br />

253.903.9047.<br />

David David Samson, Samson, award award winning winning host host of of “The “The Nightshift”, Nightshift”, saturday<br />

evenings at 10pm on kbcs 91.3 fm has assembled three of some of the<br />

finest slide guitar players in the northwest for a show at this year’s<br />

Bumbershoot. These players include Doug “Louisana Lightning”<br />

Kearney, Steve Bailey of “Steve Bailey and the Blueflames,” and Billy<br />

Stapleton, formerly of “The Mark DuFresne Band.” The show is on the<br />

Mural Stage, Saturday, August 31st at 12:15 pm.<br />

Send Send your your gossip gossip and and lies lies to S&H (Sangria & Halcyon) each month by<br />

the 5th c/o the WBS Calendar (wbscalendar@yahoo.com), or by mail to<br />

the WBS printed legibly on Springsteen tickets. If you don’t tell us<br />

about it, we can’t print it [with occasional inappropriate embellishment,<br />

of course].<br />

Yer pals,<br />

S&H<br />

Juke Box<br />

Juke Box fans and submittors, this month there will be no CD reviews. Two<br />

reasons:<br />

1) Coverage of hot blues blues events, such as Ritzville, Portland Waterfront,<br />

and the NW Harp Attack. This is important, time-sensitive material.<br />

2) A full page of advertising that arrived after our advertising cut-off. We<br />

hoes.<br />

I plan to publish the CD reviews both in the <strong><strong>Blues</strong>letter</strong> and on the web.<br />

Hang in there.<br />

the Sheriff<br />

Formerly of Stickshift Annie and the Overdrive<br />

Jak ak ake’ ak e’ e’s e’ s In Invita In vita vitational vita tional JJ<br />

Jam J am<br />

Hosted by 2002 WBS Award Winner &<br />

“Hall of Fame” Inductee<br />

Randy Oxford<br />

Every Wednesday, 8 to 11pm - Kids welcome until 9pm<br />

Jake’s Ales - 2318 SW 336th - Federal Way<br />

253-927-1288<br />

<strong><strong>Blues</strong>letter</strong> • August 2002 • 9

Waterfront <strong>Blues</strong><br />

by Bob (Maynard G.) Horn<br />

Portland Oregon July 3-7 was another great Waterfront <strong>Blues</strong><br />

Festival with 3 stages full of talent day and night. A great place to<br />

either dance in front of the music or lay in the sun and roll over<br />

when each side is done. Overlooking the Willamette River full of<br />

yachts and watching the sun go down as the sky starts turning pink,<br />

a nice place to be in early July every year. Mainly it’s the blues<br />

musical talent that is the reason it gets nominated for the Handy<br />

Award for <strong>Blues</strong> event.<br />

There were some lows but many more highs. First I will cover<br />

couple lows then focus on the main aspect of things. Breweries bid<br />

on the event and Miller won so there were no Micro brews in the<br />

festival. This happened in the Northwest which is real strange given<br />

that we have great micros here. The wine was, believe it or not,<br />

Vendage. Yuck!!!! Oregon’s Willamette Valley is great wine country<br />

and this happened. What’s next?—is Folgers Instant going to be<br />

served to a convention of 5-Star restaurant owners, or is<br />

Thunderbird going to be the official wine of choice for the staff of<br />

Wine Spectator? Watch for my new song, “I Got The Middle Class<br />

Taste-Bud <strong>Blues</strong>” soon to be released on Whiner Records.<br />

Musically there were only 2 low points and both were with oncelegendary<br />

performers. Ike Turner can sing some low notes very well,<br />

but when he tried to hit a wider range wider range I think many felt<br />

sorry for him who never thought they’d feel sorry for Ike Turner. I<br />

was temped to yell “play the piano Ike” (like as in “use the force<br />

Luke”) because he still can play the piano real well. His band is<br />

greater than he is—from guitar to horn section they were fine, real<br />

fine. Queen Ida was another that seemed a shadow of what I<br />

expected in terms of vocals. Okay, that’s all for the low points, Now<br />

for the main thing that was going on.<br />

Imagine a show with 50 great acts for a week where it is openned<br />

with Kelly Joe Phelps, Duke Robillard, and John Mayall then the<br />

other legends follow. Well a couple of us from the WBS were lucky<br />

enough to be there for most all of it. We voted unanimously that we<br />

liked it. On July 4th (day 2) we found where some local Hotels had<br />

nice wines, good food, and had a micro brew or 2, or so , and<br />

caught W.C. Clark,and Deborah Coleman who blew me away as well<br />

as 20-30,000 others who were in front of her. Then Candye Cain put<br />

on her usual act (one that a lot of us like a lot), and thenTommy<br />

Castro turned Portland into a gigantic party with what sure looked<br />

to me like about 50,000 people ( no I was not seeing double, really I<br />

wasn’t) I looked up at the hotels and people were standing or<br />

dancing in the windows, people were also on the bridges over the<br />

river, this was high energy. Then the fire works over the city began<br />

as Tommy finished. Great show.<br />

Friday and Saturday had so much going on that the seemed to be<br />

one long day with a brief time where the sun took short break.<br />

James Thackery was great as usual. I loved Gary Primich on<br />

harmonica. Speaking of harmonica, Paul Delay did what he has done<br />

every year in Portland since I can remember — the sounds that<br />

reach somewhere I can’t explain with words but feel. The Neal<br />

Family including Kenny performed twice — Friday on the Front<br />

Porch Stage located 1/2 mile form the southernmost stage and<br />

again on one of the main stages on Saturday. He impressed me both<br />

times but I think especially so on the Front Porch Stage where the<br />

audience feels closer to the music and it has a down-home flavor.<br />

Early Saturday The Howlers openned the show and Randy Oxford<br />

was there with them. The introduced him as the winner of the<br />

<strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong> Award for Entertainer of the Year in 2001.<br />

As usual, Randy’s horn playing shows why — I think he will get the<br />

award for most energy used by a horn player as well.<br />

Among the hometown favorites each year are acts like Terry Robb<br />

(if you haven’t heard his great acoustical guitar blues ya gotta go<br />

do that), and Paul Delay, and some others take turns. If you don’t<br />

see Robbie Laws, or Lloyd Jones, then you may see someone like,<br />

maybe, Curtis Salgado. His whole band looked great on stage.<br />

10 • <strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong><br />

Dan Gorgas<br />


Big Fun Boogie Piano<br />

Thanks for the BB Awards!<br />

2002 + 2001 BEST PIANO!<br />


Big Buffet! Clean Plate! Hungry!<br />

Eat it up (206) 933-9566 Pig out<br />

www.twoscoopscombo.com<br />

People talk about either his harmonica or his voice mainly — with<br />

different people mainly talking about one and others mainly talking<br />

about the other. One friend of mine says she worries that he will<br />

harm his voice doing some things he does, and other friend says he<br />

sounds just fine doing what he is doing. Gee, we can get a debate<br />

going in the pages of the <strong><strong>Blues</strong>letter</strong> on topics like that sometime,<br />

The hardest thing about the event is that it ended. After trying to<br />

figure out a way to just listen to music forever instead of having to<br />

work for a living the inevitable happened. That monday morning I,<br />

like many others there, went back to work.

Nowrthwest Harp Attack!<br />

Five harp masters wailed on a full house crowd at the Rockfish Grill. NW Harp Attack was sponsored by the <strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong>. If<br />

you missed it, woe is you! Photos by the Sheriff<br />

Steve Bailey<br />

Mike Lynch<br />

Bailey’s <strong>Blues</strong><br />

Steve Bailey and the Blue Flames<br />

reviewed by James Middlefield<br />

Steve Bailey has provided us with a CD that stays true to its concept from<br />

start to finish; a recording that, as Steve puts it on his cover, “...provides a<br />

tribute to the early history of electric blues sounds with nasty harp, wicked<br />

slide guitar and a solid groove.” From the very first cut called “Used to Be<br />

My Happy Home” he combines all those sounds in raw blues. On this cut John<br />

Stephan’s nasty slide rings true and Steve’s soulful voice and harp technique<br />

takes you back in true blues style.<br />

Next, Bailey serves up a tune about the satisfaction provided when playin’<br />

the blues on “It’s Alright” to which he adds his dedication “for Isaac Scott”.<br />

If you look through your collection of classic blues you’ll find many artists<br />

who have sung about the joy they find in playing the blues. Steve and his<br />

various Blue Flames spark that same joy throughout this CD. Another historic<br />

reference to the history of the blues comes with cut three “House Party Bar<br />

B Q”. It’s a musical history lesson describing some of the circumstances<br />

around the purpose and use for blues music in urban settings like Chicago and<br />

New York. This cut takes you back to the days of Louis Jordan and his<br />

Saturday Night Fish Fry.<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> was never lacking for love-lament songs and neither is this CD. Cuts<br />

4,5,6,7,8, 10,11,12 and 13 tell their stories about love’s dedications,<br />

infatuations and frustrations. With titles like “Knockin’ At Your Door”, “My<br />

Heart Fell Like a Rock” and “Long As My Baby’s There”, you’re covered. Pick<br />

one that relates to your situation and turn it up or sing it to your baby. There<br />

has always been room for a sense of humor in the blues too (and everywhere<br />

else for that matter). So Steve lightens up the CD with his novelty tune about<br />

love with Phyllis Diller (cut 9). Maybe a little Zappa esque for some, but just<br />

Kim Field<br />

smile and enjoy a laugh with Steve, there’s room for it at any blues party.<br />

Incredible skill, tone and his emotive performance on harmonica is what<br />

draws many of us to Steve Bailey and cut 14, “Steve’s Acoustic Boogie”, is a<br />

prime example you’ll enjoy; just pure Steve.<br />

The CD has 14 cuts, all penned by Steve Bailey and include performances<br />

from a wide array of area blues names including Guy Quintino (upright bass),<br />

James Clark (bass), John Stephan (guitar), Tim Sherman (guitar), Dan Newton<br />

(guitar), Andrew Cloutier (drums), Marty Lockwood (drums), Ric Howell<br />

(drums), Lonnie Williams (sax), Sam Newton (trombone) with Charlene Grant<br />

and Florence Baker-Wood on background vocals.<br />

One thing I’ve noticed about good blues listening is that if you are going to<br />

be lifted up by it you gotta turn it up so it surrounds you with it’s visceral<br />

instrumentation and poetry. Don’t put this or other blues music on for<br />

background, put it on and turn it up and it will lift you up. Then you’ll be<br />

ready for the other things that grind your life and make you lust for more of<br />

Bailey’s <strong>Blues</strong>.<br />

Paul Green<br />

<strong><strong>Blues</strong>letter</strong> • August 2002 • 11

12 • <strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong><br />

Inland Empire<br />

The The Ho Howler Ho ler lers ler s Ar Are Ar e Int Into Int o Some Something<br />

Some hing<br />

Since the Howlers’ home base in Richland, <strong>Washington</strong> is only a<br />

short drive from Walla Walla, I have been fortunate enough to<br />

witness their high energy blues show for several years, both with<br />

their old lineup and new, and I can tell you one thing for sure …<br />

these guys are the real deal! They come out of their corner and hit<br />

you right between the ears, before you know what hit you, with a<br />

bold and gutsy sound steeped in guitar driven Chicago blues … with<br />

an emphasis on <strong>Blues</strong>. If you are looking for some down to earth,<br />

authentic, bona fide Chicago Style <strong>Blues</strong> with a kick, you’ve come<br />

to the right place. The Howlers have been serving up hot entrees<br />

of Windy City blues for nearly a decade now, first with the original<br />

lineup that included Andy ‘High Roller’ Woehler on bass, and Perry<br />

Roper on lead guitar. But now, with the addition of ‘Deacon’ Dave<br />

Montague on drums and Tuck Foster on harp and vocals, this band<br />

is about as good as it gets.<br />

Deacon Dave Montague has been drumming for 28 years now and it<br />

really shows. He seamlessly glides<br />

from rollicking tunes to slow<br />

shuffles, without so much as<br />

missing a beat (even when the<br />

guys hired a ‘dancer’ a few years<br />

back to dance in front of his drum<br />

kit on his birthday).<br />

Andy Woehler effortlessly keeps<br />

the bass groove thick, strong and<br />

solid, and creates an atmosphere<br />

where the song can just flow. It’s<br />

not surprising that his bass playing<br />

heroes are Duck Dunn, Willie<br />

Dixon and Tommy Shannon.<br />

The addition of Tuck Foster on<br />

harp and vocals was a huge<br />

enhancement to the band. He is a<br />

good harmonica player, and his<br />

gritty vocals compliment the<br />

Chicago electric blues style of the<br />

Howlers perfectly, but I would<br />

have to say that his greatest<br />

contribution to the band is his<br />

stage presence. He takes hold of<br />

the crowd immediately and<br />

maintains total control … and his<br />

down-to-earth attitude and<br />

amusing onstage antics keeps ‘em<br />

at ease and grinnin’ from the first<br />

note to the last.<br />

And what can I say about Perry Roper? His guitar playing is nothing<br />

short of awe-inspiring. He attacks his Fender with a fiery passion,<br />

whether on a sizzling South Texas <strong>Blues</strong> number, or on a laid-back,<br />

slow burning Chicago <strong>Blues</strong> tune. His blistering fretwork is<br />

absolutely electrifying. I remember at a Ritzville <strong>Blues</strong> Festival 4 or<br />

5 years ago, the early Howlers lineup was playing in one of the<br />

many clubs on Main Street while a headlining band was playing out<br />

on the main stage outside. Man, when Perry broke into one of his<br />

stunning guitar solos, you should have seen the people making<br />

tracks inside to find out who was wringing those notes out of that<br />

guitar. I swear there were more people in that club than there<br />

were watching the main band out on the big stage. This guy does<br />

some mind-blowing things with that guitar of his, and if you get a<br />

chance to catch him live you certainly don’t want to miss it.<br />

I personally have been lucky enough to catch these guys live on<br />

several occasions over the years, but I must admit that I have been<br />

anxiously awaiting the arrival of a CD for way too long. But I’m<br />

happy to announce that The Howlers debut CD has finally hit the<br />

streets … and it was well worth the wait! Titled “Into Something”,<br />

the album is somewhat unique in that the Howlers stepped back<br />

and drug out an all analog recorder using 1" tape and 8-tracks.<br />

“We wanted that smooth sound of analog,” sez Roper. “With so<br />

By Kevin ‘Bad Dog’ Shenefiel dbaddog@hscis.net<br />

many studios converting to digital, it was possible to find a sweet<br />

deal on some very nice analog recording gear ... as long as we kept<br />

the track count low. So we opted for a big (400 lbs!) MCI 8-track<br />

machine and a late 60’s Ampex 2-track recorder and stayed analog<br />

all the way.”<br />

Recorded live in one room, The Howlers were able to capture their<br />

‘Live Vibe’ on tape and mix an album that, in many ways, is how all<br />

their favorite blues albums were recorded. Mixed down to 1/4"<br />

analog tape, the final mix reels were then sent to Marcussen<br />

Mastering in Hollywood to get final EQ and the Digital Conversion<br />

to CD format.<br />

“We recorded the album ourselves,” sez Perry. “We set up the<br />

mics, we pressed the record button and we played our best. We<br />

did it this way because we wanted that ‘Live Vibe’, and we wanted<br />

to make the album ourselves. It was a huge project, but we really<br />

took our time and we’re totally jazzed with the way it sounds and<br />

the bluesy vibe of the music we<br />

made.”<br />

And you will be too. “Into<br />

Something” is a fine collection of<br />

10 somewhat obscure covers of<br />

some of my favorite blues artists<br />

… and probably some of yours too.<br />

But these tunes aren’t merely<br />

copies of someone else’s songs.<br />

The Howlers make these songs<br />

unmistakably their own … and<br />

they come right out of the gate<br />

with a killer version of a Luther<br />

Allison tune, “Walking Papers”,<br />

from Luther’s fantastic “Blue<br />

Streak” album … one of my<br />

favorites. I don’t think it’s<br />

possible to do it any better than<br />

Luther did, but the Howlers give it<br />

a helluva try here, thanks in part<br />

to Tuck’s powerful set of pipes.<br />

Next is a cover of “Rollin’ and<br />

Tumblin” (as recorded by Elmore<br />

James) with some conservatively<br />

juicy pickin’ by Roper that really<br />

rocks, along with a scorching bass<br />

groove. Then there’s a really cool<br />

cover of “Oh Pretty Woman”, the<br />

one that Albert King recorded …<br />

not Roy Orbison. John Lee<br />

Hooker’s “Big Legs Tight Skirts” features rhythm guitar work by<br />

former Howler Gator Jim and is one of my favorite tunes these guys<br />

do live … and this sounds just like the live version. “I Could Have<br />

Loved You” is a haunting version of a Sugar Ray Norcia (Bluetones<br />

and Roomful Of <strong>Blues</strong>) cover with some very classy vocals and is<br />

followed by a slow shuffling T-Bone Walker tune, “Glamour Girl”,<br />

that showcases some of Roper’s signature emotive fretwork. Next<br />

is another Hooker cover, “Don’t Be Messin’ With My Bread” that<br />

also features Roper exorcising some pretty wicked stuff out of his<br />

guitar. “What Have I Done Wrong?”, the first Magic Sam song on<br />

the CD, is a smooth tune, with vocals that’ll have ya begging for<br />

mercy. It was originally Recorded in Magic Sam’s living room in<br />

1968. The title tune, “Into Something”, is a fun little number that<br />

includes background vocals by the rest of the band and is probably<br />

my favorite cut on the disc. Finally, the CD closes with another<br />

Magic Sam cover, “You Belong To Me”, with more rhythm guitar<br />

work by Gator Jim (ask me sometime how he got his nickname) that<br />

ends with more of Roper’s outstanding guitar riffs, leaving you<br />

hungry for more.<br />

But if you’re anything like me, you’ll just hit the play button and<br />

listen to the disc again anyway. And again. Or better yet, get out<br />

and see these guys live! But how to do that without having to drive

across our great state to see them? Well lately The Howlers have<br />

been doing several shows in the Seattle area with Tromboner<br />

extraordinaire Randy Oxford (recently of Junkyard Jane fame). In<br />

fact, by the time this <strong><strong>Blues</strong>letter</strong> hits the streets they will also have<br />

just recently performed together at the Waterfront <strong>Blues</strong> Festival,<br />

the Ritzville <strong>Blues</strong> Festival, the Rock Cut <strong>Blues</strong> Festival and the<br />

Winthrop Rhythm and <strong>Blues</strong> Festival (The Howlers have been steady<br />

performers at many of the hot Eastside fests such as Untapped,<br />

Ritzville, Sunbanks, and Joseph). I’m sure that by now there are a<br />

buttload of you Seattle area blues fans that are just achin’ for<br />

another chance to see them play live over on your side of the<br />

mountains, so that you can drag your friends that didn’t make it to<br />

Winthrop along to give ‘em a taste of what they missed. Well,<br />

you’re in luck pal. The Howlers just happen to be playing at the<br />

annual <strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong> Picnic at Gasworks Park on August<br />

11th. If you have a hankerin’ for a little Tabasco flavored blues, get<br />

on out there and check these guys out. And while you’re at it, be<br />

sure to pick up a copy of their new CD while you’re there, or off of<br />

their website at www.howlersblues.com … where you can also find<br />

their updated gig schedule, photos, bios, music clips and reviews.<br />

South Sound Profile<br />

by Al Earick<br />

Wow, too much to say, too much to do, too much to see! This<br />

months entry will be slightly different than previous entries. I<br />

know, you’re thinking, how are we going to know the difference?<br />

Well, just take my word for it! As I sit down to write this article, it<br />

is the Fourth of July, our independence day. “What a country”, was<br />

a funny byline for a stand-up comic, but it rings true. So, what has<br />

this got to do with anything? Well I’m glad you asked. I know of no<br />

other place where there are so many things to do, as there are in<br />

the Pacific Northwest. Live music abounds at nearly every event.<br />

Live <strong>Blues</strong> is represented at nearly every event. We have more<br />

blues festivals up here than anywhere else in the nation! Check it<br />

out, if you don’t believe me. Go online and check out other parts of<br />

the country. Nowhere does it happen as much as right here! Your<br />

W.B.S. website has links to other blues societies, so it is easy, and<br />

fun research.<br />

I am leaving for L.A. this weekend, and the most disturbing thing<br />

about the trip is that there are only three blues venues left in the<br />

entire L.A. area. The L.A. <strong>Blues</strong> society disbanded due to a lack of<br />

interest!<br />

The SoCal <strong>Blues</strong> society took two e-mails to two different people to<br />

get a response. Apparently, there is blues in the San Diego area, but<br />

after a week of emailing, I still don’t have the names of any venues<br />

there. On the upside, it won’t take very long to check out the blues<br />

scene in L.A. So, as I ponder the freedom I have as an American<br />

citizen, I have also to be very thankful for the live music available<br />

to me here.<br />

Back to the South Sound. This month I’d like to introduce Brian<br />

Feist to you. He is a young guitar slinger from Centralia. Now<br />

residing in Olympia, Brian started playing guitar at 13. He was a<br />

rocker then, and can’t specifically remember when he got turned<br />

on to the blues, he does remember that it was Eric Clapton and<br />

Stevie Ray Vaughn who first influenced him. Then it was Michael<br />

Bloomfield and Elmore James. Elmore James’ lyrics were particularly<br />

appealing to Brian. Someone introduced Brian to the guitar<br />

work of Freddy King. “Man that guy had attack” was his comments.<br />

“The equipment determined the sound, that’s why it is so hard to<br />

accurately reproduce the sound”. Take it from me, Brian has no<br />

problem making “the sound”.<br />

“I play tribute blues” was how he described himself. “Stevie Ray<br />

Vaughn played tribute blues. He played tribute to Albert King. He<br />

got ragged because he combined different musical styles. Ray<br />

Charles got ragged because he combined different musical styles.<br />

Now they’re geniuses”! When asked how his age, (or lack thereof),<br />

affected his career, he said, “I’m not a seventy-nine year old black<br />

guy, are ya gonna listen anyway?” He then furthered his point with,<br />

“People are trying to compare you to people who broke the mold<br />

anyway. What’s the point”?<br />

Brian currently is working with his band, which includes Sean<br />

O’leary on drums and enthusiasm, and Michael Carrol on bass.<br />

These guys have a great sound, and it is constantly evolving. “Little<br />

Bill and Mark Reilly are like Gods to me”, He gushed, after a recent<br />

show at Tugboat Annies. “Mark is so talented, yet he will take the<br />

time to show you his licks. What a great influence”. No doubt, kid.<br />

With heroes like those, you can’t go wrong!<br />

When asked about the frustration of getting recognition for his<br />

band, he commented, “Don’t overlook where you’re at, or you<br />

don’t deserve to get to the next level”<br />

Brian is also currently doing solos, and duets, “just to see if I can<br />

hold it up by myself” was his reasoning.<br />

I am looking forward to playing with Brian this Friday. He will be a<br />

special guest of FunkinGroovin at El Serape on the Westside if<br />

Olympia. I can’ wait to tell you how much fun it was!<br />

See, told ya it would be different! Now, off to that barbecue grill,<br />

after all it is the Fourth! TTFN (that’s tiggerspeak……..tata for now)<br />

<strong><strong>Blues</strong>letter</strong> • August 2002 • 13

14 • <strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong>

<strong><strong>Blues</strong>letter</strong> • August 2002 • 15

George T. Cowan *<br />



James ames Walls alls ~ ~ b bblues<br />

b blues<br />

lues sax saxophonist<br />

sax ophonist<br />

gigs ~ sessions ~ lessons<br />

“The horn duties...were very well done by Jim Walls.<br />

He has a nasty, raspy tone that fits the blues perfectly.”<br />

-Randy Oxford<br />

free demo 206 333 2450 ~ saxguyjim@hotmail.com<br />

16 • <strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong><br />

Free Initial Consultation<br />

(up to one hour)<br />

(206) 386-5903<br />

gcowan@vjglaw.com<br />

Vandeberg, Johnson & Gandara<br />

One Union Square<br />

600 University Street, Suite 2424<br />

Seattle, WA 98101<br />

*Licensed in California and <strong>Washington</strong><br />

The Dan Page Trip<br />

July 4 Red, White and <strong>Blues</strong> Fest., Lake Chelan 1-4 PM<br />

July 4 Deepwater Brewing, Lake Chelan 8-12 PM<br />

July 11 Viscount Ballroom, Portland 9 PM<br />

July 12 Tugboat Annie's, Olympia 9 PM<br />

July 13 Tukwila Days, Tukwila Noon<br />

July 20 Allyn Day's, Allyn 4 PM<br />

July 23 Frontier Saloon, Fall City 6 PM<br />

July 26 Whaling Day's, Silverdale 6 PM<br />

July 27 Tour De Terrace, Mountlake Terrace 1-3 PM<br />

July 27 The Castle, Centralia (open for former Foghat guitarist<br />

Rod Price) Call or email for ticket info<br />

July 28 Aquafest, Lake Stevens 3-5 PM<br />

New CD HERO available through website<br />

Booking: Andy Page 360-895-0971<br />

www.danpagegroup.com<br />

the Hudson <strong>Blues</strong> Band<br />

on the web<br />

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on stage<br />

www.hudsonblues.com<br />

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& The Funk Brothers<br />

Tuesday - August 13th Strummin' Time Live<br />

Public Access TV 8:00<br />

Saturday - August 24th Diamond Knot Brewery<br />

8:00 - 12:00<br />

August 29 Rox Broiler (Kenmore)<br />

See Website for Additional Dates<br />

www.marymcpage.com * (206) 850-4849<br />

Look for the CD “Leaving OZ “ to be resleased soon!<br />

Thursday<br />

Night is<br />

<strong>Blues</strong><br />

Night<br />

8-10 ~ Clancy’s Bar & Grill<br />

10-Midnite ~ <strong>Blues</strong> Odyssey


Jeky Jekyll Jeky ll & & Hyde Hyde’s Hyde<br />

Pub<br />

Pub<br />

Now Featuring Great Music<br />

and Family Dining<br />

Aug. 9th and 10th..SPECIAL ZYDECO<br />

WEEKEND..The “Gumbo Twins,” Marc Bristol<br />

and Doug Bright from the File Gumbo band.<br />

Cajun BBQ with Crawfish and Ribs.<br />

Food starts at 5 p.m. Music at 9:30...<br />

Aug 16th..Night Train<br />

Aug 17th..Crossroads<br />

Aug 23rd and 24th..Mark Riley Band<br />

All shows 930pm to 130am<br />

Jeky Jeky Jekyll Jeky Jeky ll and and Hyde Hyde’s Hyde s Pub<br />

Pub<br />

3222 56th Street NW<br />

Gig Harbor<br />

(just behind Lumbermans)<br />

253-858-5555<br />

Fun, Friendly Atmosphere!<br />

Welcome Wagon<br />

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Lilli White<br />

Pam Cox<br />

“The <strong>Blues</strong> Stage”<br />

New Members<br />

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Don & Sue Beranek<br />

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Greg Roberts<br />

Patrick Lynch<br />

Steve Wood<br />

Gary Court<br />

Patricia McCollum<br />

Neil Kelly<br />

Larry Jamieson<br />

Michael Stevenson<br />

Theresa Bartolini & Wayne O’Brien<br />

Dennis “Zab” Zyvoloski<br />

Rhea Rolfe<br />

Dennis Clark<br />

David Samson<br />

Cirque de Broadway Street Festival<br />

Presented by the <strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong><br />

September 14 & 15, 2002<br />






ANNIE<br />



B AND<br />



R OLLERS<br />



TY<br />





COOPER<br />

Peter Christian<br />

Brian Moore<br />

Sandra Hopp<br />

Marty Solis<br />

Doris “Peaches” Gray<br />

Denise Souza<br />

Additional Festival Attractions:<br />

Food, Crafts, Performance Stage, Main Stage Music, Arts Exhibit, Poetry Slam, Kids Fair.<br />

For Festival information contact: Gina Gregory 206.323.2929 or gina@seattlebroadway.com<br />

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Bad Alberts<br />

Bobby Moody<br />

Marel Harsted & Ralph Baker<br />

Jeff Nicely<br />

Cathy Gaylord<br />

Buzzard Inc.<br />

Michael Coy<br />

Arlen Rons<br />

Fred Langford<br />

Andy Page- The Dan Page Trip<br />

<strong><strong>Blues</strong>letter</strong> • August 2002 • 17

18 • <strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong><br />

Join Join the the <strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong><br />

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Oxford Saloon, Snohomish • $1 off admission<br />

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Jeff Zionte<br />

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August 2002 WBS Meeting<br />

7:00 PM Wednesday, August 14<br />

Tost<br />

513 N 36th Street, Fremont<br />

206 547-0240<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Performers:<br />

Thomas David Corlett<br />

Badd Dog <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong><br />

August Board Meeting<br />

7:00 PM Tuesday, August 6<br />

Universtiy Plaza Hotel<br />

400 NE 45th, Universtity District<br />

206 634-0100<br />

Members Welcome<br />

206 979-0666<br />

Andrew “Hurricane” Larsen Bruce Raabe<br />

Jim Collins<br />

Brian Lee Julia Reece<br />

photos by the Sheriff<br />

Brian Lee<br />

Dateline Fremont - ToST – July 10 th , 2002<br />

Between the 80° heat, urban terrorist smoke bombs<br />

in downtown Seattle, and traffic jams more miserable<br />

than an accordion version of Mustang Sally, it<br />

wasn’t easy to drag yourself out to the monthly WBS<br />

meeting, but it was worth it.<br />

The night began with guest acoustic fingerstyle<br />

guitarist, Brian Lee. Brian is more visible as the<br />

lead singer and guitarist for Seattle’s exciting<br />

electric blues act, the <strong>Blues</strong> Orbiters. Brian was<br />

introduced by <strong>Blues</strong> Orbiter drummer and singer/<br />

songwriter Jeff Hayes. We were treated to an<br />

intimate performance via Brian’s vintage Gibson six<br />

string and an alternately tuned Martin guitar. The<br />

audience was fixated on Brian’s unassuming charm<br />

and exceptional skill as he played blues standards<br />

like “Walkin By Myself and Big Road <strong>Blues</strong>”. Halfway<br />

through the set Brian switched guitars for some<br />

great slide blues including gospel influences and a<br />

more out there slide style à-la John Fahey and Leo<br />

Kottke. Brian has a very nice voice and emotive<br />

vocal style served up with confidence and congeniality.<br />

With the <strong>Blues</strong> Orbiters Brian adds terrific<br />

harmonica playing as well.<br />

Between sets, the WBS raffled off tickets to Bronze<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> and Brews in Joseph, Oregon (won by yours<br />

truly), passes to the Winthrop Rhythm and <strong>Blues</strong><br />

festival, an autographed copy of Nick Vigarino’s<br />

CD, Victims of Cool, a harmonica necklace and a WBS<br />

license plate holder. Leslie Fleury finished by<br />

reviewing the summer festival schedule before<br />

introducing Greg Roberts BB photo award - the Sheriff winner for Best New/Reformed<br />

Band, Girl Trouble <strong>Blues</strong>.<br />

Girl Trouble <strong>Blues</strong> is led by keyboardist Andrew<br />

Larsen, (aka: Hurricane) with vocalist Julia Reece,<br />

bassist Jim Collins, Jeff Zionte on guitar and<br />

Bruce Raabe on drums.<br />

As I said in a previous column, it is interesting<br />

to see how a band adapts to a room throughout a set<br />

of music. Tonight was no different but a little<br />

more of a challenge than usual because there was an<br />

unfamiliar sound system left-over from performances<br />

during the Fremont Festival. The result was that<br />

Brian Lee played his whole set without mains. And<br />

it wasn’t until Norm Arnett arrived from an earlier<br />

commitment that they were turned on for Girl<br />

Trouble <strong>Blues</strong>, much to the relief of Andrew and<br />

Julia. Finally we could hear the vocal harmonies<br />

they had obviously worked very hard on. Thanks<br />

Norm.<br />

Girl Trouble <strong>Blues</strong> finished the evening playing<br />

rock-n-roll blues and boogie without missing a<br />

beat. They included covers from Louis Jordon and<br />

Johnny Guitar Watson and added some nice rhumbas<br />

and shuffles.<br />

On top of the great music and the WBS raffle an<br />

additional feature this month was a special Barbecue<br />

offering from a new-to-Seattle catering service<br />

called Smoke-Ring BBQ. This company recently moved<br />

up from Louisiana and brought along their authentic,<br />

down home, award winning BBQ. Great ribs and<br />

sandwiches were available alongside terrific baked<br />

beans and cole slaw, for only $8.50. If you need<br />

any catering help, call Mike Weeks at 425-466-7331,<br />

or visit their web site at www.SmokeRingBBQ.com.<br />

See you at the <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong> Picnic / Peace Concert,<br />

James Middlefield<br />

<strong><strong>Blues</strong>letter</strong> • August 2002 • 19

<strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> Radio<br />

Radio<br />

W eekda eekda eekday<br />

eekda eekda<br />


FM 90.3 KEXP (Seattle)<br />

6 - 9 p.m.<br />

Roadhouse with Jim Kelton<br />

FM 90.7 KSER (Lynnwood)<br />

10 p.m. - 12a.m.<br />

Gator Gumbo w/Rod Emery<br />


KCWU 88.1 FM (Ellensburg)<br />

6 – 9 p.m.<br />

Dawn Forbes<br />

internet www.cwu.edu/~kcwu<br />

FM 90.7 KSER (Lynnwood)<br />

8-10 p.m.<br />

Clancy’s Bar & Grill w/ Clancy<br />

Dunnigan<br />

FM 90.7 KSER (Lynnwood)<br />

10 p.m. - 12 a.m. Fri.<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Odyssey with Leslie Fleury<br />

FM 91.3 KBCS (Bellevue)<br />

12 a.m. - 3 a.m.<br />

Night Train w/ "Jimmy James"<br />

Patten<br />


FM 90.3 KEXP (Seattle)<br />

6 - 9 p.m.<br />

Shake The Shack w/ Leon<br />

Berman<br />

A.M. KKNW<br />

6 - 7 p.m.<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Plate Special w/ Jim<br />

Leingang & Jim Gangster<br />

FM 90.7 KSER (Lynnwood)<br />

8 – 1 0 p.m.<br />

‘60s & ‘70s Soul and R&B w/Jeff<br />

Hofman<br />

FM KEWU - 89.5 (Cheney, WA)<br />

6 - 10 p.m.<br />

Roger Roberts<br />

FM 91.3 KBCS (Bellevue)<br />

11 p.m. - 2 a.m. Sat.<br />

Juke w Hal Durden & Chuck Cox<br />

Advertise in the<br />

<strong><strong>Blues</strong>letter</strong> <strong><strong>Blues</strong>letter</strong>! <strong><strong>Blues</strong>letter</strong><br />

It’s bitchin’<br />

Call Patrick Lynch about size and shape<br />

details and design fees: 425-879-8058<br />

Advertising DEADLINE: 15th of each month.<br />

Full page (7 x 9.5): $175<br />

Back half page, incl. spot color (7 x 5): $150<br />

Half page (7 x 4.5): $100<br />

Quarter page (3.5 x 4.75): $60<br />

Biz card (3.5 x 1.75) $20<br />

for spot color add 25%<br />

10% discount for 12 months advance payment.<br />

20 • <strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong><br />

Acoustic Café, The (253) 227-7200<br />

Alki Tavern – Seattle (206) 932-9970<br />

Alligator Soul – Everett (425) 259-6311<br />

Arts West Theater – Seattle<br />

Bad Albert’s – Ballard (206) 782-9623<br />

Basement – Kingston (360) 297-8566<br />

Bit Saloon – Ballard (206) 782-1680<br />

Big Daddy’s – Woodinville (425) 402-9887<br />

Blackthorne Village Pub – Seattle (206) 285-9756<br />

Blarney’s - Kirkland (425) 821-8194<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Vespers @ Presbyterian Church – Tacoma<br />

(253) 472-4795<br />

Blue Yonder Café – Everett (425) 337-5040<br />

Borders Books – Puyallup (253) 845-8751<br />

Borders Books – Tacoma (253) 473-9111<br />

Breadline Café – Omak (509) 826-5836<br />

The Brickyard Bar & Grill - Tacoma (253) 472-5602<br />

Brown Lantern Ale House – Anacortes (360) 293-<br />

2544<br />

Caddy Shack – Burien (206) 246-9007<br />

Cascade Tavern –Vancouver, WA (360) 254-0749<br />

Celtic Bayou - Redmond (425) 869-5933<br />

Central Club – Kirkland (425) 827-0808<br />

Central – Pioneer Square (206) 662-0209<br />

Charlie’s – Olympia (360) 786-8181<br />

China Beach – Langley, WA (360) 530-8888<br />

China Sea – Des Moines (206) 878-2593<br />

Clancy’s – Olympia (360) 753-8008<br />

Clearwater Casino – Bainbridge Is. (360) 598-6889<br />

Club Broadway /The Big Apple Casino - Everett<br />

(425) 259-3551<br />

Cole’s – Ruston (253) 879-1119<br />

Connektion – Burien (206) 243-0229<br />

Cookin’ Musician – North Burlington (360) 757-9637<br />

Corner Inn – W. Seattle (206) 935-4818<br />

Cosmo’s – Bellingham (360) 734-1500<br />

Crossroads Shopping Center – Bellevue (425) 644-<br />

1111<br />

Dakota Creek Roadhouse - Blaine (360) 332-9554<br />

Daverthumps – Lynnwood (425)-774-6573<br />

Destination Harley Davidson – Fife (253) 922-3700<br />

Destiny Seafood & Grill – Port Angeles (360) 452-<br />

4665<br />

Diamond Knot – Mukilteo (425) 355-4488<br />

Elliott Bay Brewery – W. Seattle (206) 932-8695<br />

Elso’s – Mt Vernon (360) 428-5678<br />

4th Ave Alehouse – Olympia (360) 786-1444<br />

Fiddler’s Inn – Seattle (206) 525-0752<br />

Firecreek Grill – Kent (253) 856-5170<br />

Forecasters – Woodinville (425) 483-3212<br />

Galway – Seattle (206) 527-9868<br />

Good Times Lounge - Tacoma (253) 565-1007<br />

Industrial Café – Georgetown/Seattle (206) 763-<br />

0354<br />

Irish Emigrant – Seattle (206) 525-2955<br />

Italo’s Bela Roma Restaurant & Lounge - Seattle<br />

(206) 362-8934<br />

J&M Cafe – Pioneer Square (206) 292-0663<br />

Jakes Ales Pub & Grill – Federal Way (253) 927-<br />

1288<br />

Jazzbones – Tacoma (253) 396-9169<br />

Jekyll & Hydes - Gig Harbor (253) 858-5555<br />

(The New) Jet Deck - Everett (425) 353-0770<br />

Junction Tavern – Pt. Angeles (360) 452-9880<br />

Kangaroo & Kiwi Public - Seattle (206) 297-0507<br />

Larry’s <strong>Blues</strong> Café – Pioneer Sq. (206) 624-7665<br />

Latona Pub – Seattle (206) 525-2238<br />

Little Creek Casino – Shelton (360) 427-7711<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> Club Club Guide<br />

Guide<br />

Little Roadside Tavern - Everson (360) 592-5107<br />

Lock & Keel – Ballard (206) 781-8023<br />

Lucky Star – Kent (253) 859-1783<br />

Main Street Tavern – Omak (509) 826-2247<br />

Mardini’s – Snohomish (360) 568-8080<br />

McCoy's Firehouse's - Seattle - (206) 652-5797<br />

Mint Alehouse – Enumclaw (360) 825-8361<br />

Mondo Shrimp – Kirkland (425) 893-9458<br />

Murphy’s – Seattle (206) 634-2110<br />

New Orleans – Seattle (206) 622-2563<br />

Novo’s - Tacoma (253) 573-1278<br />

Old Timer’s – Pioneer Sq. (206) 623-9800<br />

Old Town Ale House – Seattle (206) 782-8323<br />

Oxford – Snohomish (360) 568-3845<br />

Paragon – Seattle (206) 283-4548<br />

Plaza Broiler – Shoreline (206) 533-6299<br />

Portside Restaraunt – Tacoma (253) 627-2111<br />

Raging River Saloon – (425) 222-6669<br />

Rattlesnake Brewery – Richland (509) 783-5747<br />

Redondo Grill – Des Moines (253) 839-5040<br />

The Riviera - Tukwila (425) 271-9971<br />

River Rock Ale House – Renton (425) 430-0311<br />

Rocco’s Fireside Alehouse – Everett<br />

Rock Bottom – Seattle (206) 623-3070<br />

Rockfish Grill – Anacortes (360) 588-1720<br />

Rocksport – W. Seattle (206) 935-5838<br />

Sally’s – Spanaway (253) 875-4533<br />

Salmon Bay Eagles – Ballard (206) 783-7791<br />

Scarlet Tree – Seattle (206) 523-7153<br />

Seafarers Sports Bar & Grill – Tacoma (253) 572-<br />

8141<br />

Seven Seas – Seattle (206) 522-3863<br />

Silver Dollar Pub – Spanaway (253) 531-4469<br />

Smooth Rail Espresso House – Covington (425) 432-<br />

4458<br />

Spar – Tacoma (253) 627-8215<br />

St. Clouds – Seattle (206) 726-1522<br />

Steilacoom Deli & Pub – Steilacoom (253) 587-7693<br />

Stewart’s – Snohomish (360) 568-4684<br />

Stump Bar & Grill – Arlington (360) 653-6774<br />

Sully’s Snowgoose Saloon – Seattle (206) 782-9231<br />

Suni’s on 99 – Lynnwood (425) 743-5400<br />

Swiss – Tacoma (253) 572-2821<br />

TLC & More - Marysville (360) 657-4416<br />

Timberline Café & Lounge – Granite Falls (360)<br />

691-7011<br />

Trolleyman Pub – Seattle (206) 548-8000<br />

Tugboat Annie’s – Olympia (360) 943-1850<br />

Tuttolini’s – Renton (425) 255-9246<br />

Wild Buffalo – Bellingham (360) 752.0848<br />

Watertown Pub – Anacortes (360) 293-3587<br />

Workshop Tavern – Redmond (425) 885-7772<br />

The following venues give<br />

discounts to card-carrying<br />

WBS members :<br />

Jazzbones • Tacoma<br />

Larry’s <strong>Blues</strong> Cafe • Pioneer Square<br />

New Orleans Creole Restaurant •<br />

Pioneer Sq.<br />

Oxford Saloon • Snohomish<br />

Raging River Saloon • Fall City

Albritten McClain & Bridge of Souls 206-298-6565<br />

Alice Stuart 206-937-4542<br />

Annieville <strong>Blues</strong> 206-994-9413<br />

Bad Dog <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong> 360-733-7464<br />

Big Nasty 253-582-5136<br />

Beth Wullf & the Howlers 206-367-6186<br />

Bill Mattocks Band 425-486-8166<br />

Blue Five Five 206-216-0554<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Bully Band 253-847-5952<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Healers 206-440-7867<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Hounds 206-726-4836<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Monsters 360-705-1180<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Orbiters 253-903-9047<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Therapy 360-435-6863malan-nicely@tgi.net<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Torpedoes 360-491-1450<br />

Breadline <strong>Blues</strong> 425-821-9388<br />

Brian Butler Band 206-361-9625<br />

Bryon Warhall & King Bee 509-937-2404<br />

Brother Music Power House 208-265-9295<br />

The Cathouse <strong>Blues</strong> Band 360-599-3364<br />

C. D. Woodbury & The Prime Rate 425-882-8808<br />

Charlie Butts & the Filtertips 208-687-2007<br />

Charles White Band 425-303-8761<br />

Chester Alley Band 425-333-4162<br />

Chris Stevens Band 206-236-0412<br />

Colonel & Doubleshot 425-744-2765<br />

Cooke & Green 425-787-0148<br />

Crossroads Band 206-255-6427<br />

Cryin’ Shame 425-831-6861 vipak@isomedia.com<br />

Daddy Treetops 206-525-8965<br />

Dan Page Trip 360-895-0971<br />

Dana & the Jive Guys 206 525-3385<br />

David Brewer & The Intimidators 206-363-4078<br />

Dick Powell Band 425-742-4108<br />

DX Biscuit 509-662-6872<br />

Ender Brothers 206-255-5643<br />

Eric Madis and Blue Madness 206-362-8331<br />

Fatcat 425-743-3563<br />

Fat James Band 360-312-9042<br />

File Gumbo 425-788-2776<br />

Forrest C. Rosaire & Co. 360-452-4930<br />

Freddy James &The Rockin’ 88s 425-486-6040<br />

Funkin’ Groovin‚ 253-535-5205<br />

George Clark 360-599-3364<br />

Gia McClellan gmcclellan@sprynet.com<br />

Girl Trouble <strong>Blues</strong> 253-874-5484<br />

Greg Roberts 206-783-8631<br />

Hambone Wilson & Goldtooth 360-966-7161<br />

Harmonica Playboy & his MidnightMovers 206-932-4819<br />

Henry Cooper 206-329-4451<br />

Hudson <strong>Blues</strong> Band 253-630-5276<br />

Jack Cook & Phantoms of Soul 206-517-5294<br />

James ‘Curley’ Cook 253-945-7441<br />

Jeff & the Jet City Fliers 206-469-0363<br />

Jelly Rollers 206-706-8728<br />

Jerry Miller & Co 253-759-5279<br />

John Hodgkin Band 206-365-6492<br />

Jude Bowerman Band 360-357-8044<br />

Julie Powers & the Rhythm Rockers 425-462-0292<br />

Jump Up! 425-643-6853<br />

Junkyard Jane 253-759-7775<br />

Kathi McDonald Band 206-932-1975<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> Band Band Directory<br />

Directory<br />

Kimball Conant & the Fugitives 206-720-0411<br />

Kinzel & Hyde: lynnhyde@hotmail.com<br />

Krewe of <strong>Blues</strong> 206-783-8389<br />

Laurette Langille & Rogue Paradise <strong>Blues</strong> 360-734-7489<br />

Little Bill & the Bluenotes 425-774-7503<br />

LJ Porter 425-825-2460<br />

Loose Gravel Band 253-927-1212<br />

Malcolm Clark Band 253-475-8084<br />

Maia Santell & House Blend 253-983-7071<br />

Mark DuFresne 206-533-1912<br />

Mark Riley 425-226-7170<br />

Mark Whitman Band 206-721-1255<br />

Mary McPage 206-850-4849<br />

Mick Knight 206-675-0620<br />

Mojo Daddies 206-932-9057<br />

Moss Brothers Band 253-474-1167<br />

Naked City <strong>Blues</strong> Band 253-847-9194<br />

Nick Vigarino’s Meantown <strong>Blues</strong> 360-387-0374<br />

Nicole Fournier & Her 3 Lb Universe 253-924-1630<br />

Night Train 206-498-3470<br />

Norm Bellas 206-722-6551<br />

Northwest Music Legends 206-579-3808<br />

Pat Coast & Out of the Blue 509-662-6872<br />

Paul Whistler & Nora Michaels 206-762-3856<br />

Pete Borg 360-466-0376<br />

Pete Hutson & Dick Powell Band 206-696-2247<br />

Pete Moceri Band 253-473-1622<br />

Steve Power Band 206-938-5989<br />

Randy Oxford’s Bluebowne 253-924-1630<br />

Raven Humphreys & The Empty Shoes Band 360-659-<br />

0578<br />

Reggie Miles 360-793-9577<br />

Road House Jukes 425-379-0442<br />

Robert Casey’s <strong>Blues</strong> Party 206-284-4634<br />

Rod Cook & Toast 206-878-7910<br />

Roger Rogers Band 206 526 3202<br />

Ryan Harder 253-226-1230<br />

Smokin’ Gun 360-939-2102<br />

Snakeoil Daddy 253-862-2549<br />

Star Drums & Lady Keys 425-488-7833<br />

Steamers 253-620-5737<br />

Steele Blu 360-466-1187<br />

Steve Bailey & The Blueflames 206-935-8985<br />

Steve Cooly Band 206-756-0919<br />

Steve Trembly Band 360-221-3<br />

Stickshift Annie & the Overdrive 206-522-4935<br />

Straight Shot 425-771-7641<br />

T-Boy O’Neil Band 360-491-5445<br />

Ted Bellusci Band 206-281-7489<br />

Three Martini Lunch 206-280-8972<br />

Tim Casey & The <strong>Blues</strong> Cats 425-820-4387<br />

Tim Sherman Band 206-367-1030<br />

Tim Turner Band 206-301-9855<br />

TJ Read 206 782-9121 • www.tjread.com<br />

Too Slim & The Taildraggers 509-534-3153<br />

Trouble at Home 206-789-6477<br />

Tube Kings 360-658-0452<br />

Tweety & the Tomcats 206-369-2468<br />

Two Scoops Combo 206-933-9566<br />

Unknown Authority 425-775-7913<br />

Virginia Klemens/Jerry Lee Davidson 206-632-6130<br />

Wayward Members of the Mudbay Jug Band 360-867-<br />

9333<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> Radio<br />

Radio<br />

W eek eekend<br />

eek end<br />


FM 89.3 KAOS (Olympia)<br />

10:30 a.m.-1 p.m.<br />

Retroactive <strong>Blues</strong> and Rock Roots<br />

with J. Syrja<br />

FM 90.3 KSVR (Mt. Vernon)<br />

12 noon - 2p.m.<br />

KC <strong>Blues</strong><br />

FM 88.5 KPLU (Tacoma)<br />

6 – 12 p.m.<br />

All <strong>Blues</strong> with Robin Lloyd<br />

FM 91.3 KBCS<br />

8 - 10 p.m.<br />

One Step Beyond with Bob<br />

Anthony<br />

FM 91.7 KZAZ (Bellingham)<br />

8p.m. - 12 a.m. Sun.<br />

Fish Fry with Dan Barrett &<br />

Dawn Groves<br />

FM KPBX - 91.1 (Spokane)<br />

9 - 11 p.m.<br />

with Tina Bjorklund<br />

FM 91.3 KBCS (Bellevue)<br />

10 p.m. - 12 a.m. Sun.<br />

The Night Shift with Dave Samson<br />

www.nightshiftfm.com<br />

FM 91.7 KZAZ (Bellingham)<br />

12 a.m. Sun. - 2 a.m. Sun.<br />


FM 90.3 KEXP (Seattle)<br />

9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Mon.<br />

Preachin’ The <strong>Blues</strong> w/Marlee<br />

Walker<br />

FM 106.3 KVLR (Twisp)<br />

6 p.m. - 12 a.m. Mon.<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> with Keith Wolford<br />

FM 88.5 KPLU (Tacoma)<br />

6 p.m.- 12 a.m. Mon.<br />

All <strong>Blues</strong> with John Kessler<br />

FM 102.5 KZOK (Seattle)<br />

8 - 9 p.m.<br />

House of <strong>Blues</strong><br />

w/Dan “Elwood <strong>Blues</strong>” Akroyd<br />

A.M. 1450 KRIZ (Renton)<br />

8 - 9 p.m.<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> w/Joe White<br />

FM 91.3 KBCS (Bellevue)<br />

10 p.m. - 12 a.m. Sun.<br />

The <strong>Blues</strong>house with Jon<br />

Stromberg<br />

www.theblueshouse.com<br />

<strong><strong>Blues</strong>letter</strong> • August 2002 • 21

1 1 Thursday<br />

Thursday<br />

Centrum’s Centrum’s Country Country Country <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> Workshops<br />

Workshops<br />

Alice Stuart Band @ The Owl & Thistle<br />

Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Torpedoes @ Salmon Bay Eagles<br />

Brown & <strong>Blues</strong> Band @ City Hall Saloon (Cumberland<br />

5:00)<br />

Charlotte Vanderwolf @ The Galway Arms<br />

Eddie Cotton Mt. Baker Preview @ Wild Buffalo<br />

File Gumbo @ Marina Park (Kirk 7:00)<br />

Junkyard Jane @ Cascade Bar & Grill (Van)<br />

Little Bill @ Destination Harley (Fife 5:00)<br />

2 2 Friday<br />

Friday<br />

Centrum’s Centrum’s Centrum’s Country Country Country <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> Workshops<br />

Workshops<br />

Centrum’s Centrum’s Centrum’s <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> & & Heritage Heritage Festival<br />

Festival<br />

Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court<br />

Charles White Band @ Larry’s<br />

Colonel & Doubleshot w/ Polly O’Keary @ Raging River<br />

Saloon<br />

Cooke ‘n’ Green @ Saffron Cow (8:00)<br />

Dan Page Trip @ Oxford<br />

David Jacobs-Strain @ <strong>Blues</strong> & Heritage Festival<br />

Eddie Cotton @ New Orleans<br />

Eric Madis & Blue Madness @ Celtic Bayou<br />

Kimball & The Fugitives @ Steel Sky Bistro<br />

Laurette Langille & Rogue Paradise <strong>Blues</strong> @ Herbs<br />

Tavern<br />

Little Bill w/Dick Powell & Billy Stapleton @ Clear<br />

Water Saloon<br />

Mark Whitman Band @ Magnolia Festival (Mag Pk 4:30)<br />

& Trolleyman Pub (9:00)<br />

Miles From Chicago @ Summer Sumner Arts Fest (6:00)<br />

Nick Vigario @ City Limits (Brem)<br />

Nicole Fournier & Her 3 lb. Universe @ Big Daddy’s<br />

Rod Price @ Cascade Tavern (Van)<br />

Taylor James @ Mt. Baker <strong>Blues</strong> / Wild Buffalo<br />

Teri Derr @ Forecasters<br />

The Jelly Rollers @ Sirens<br />

The Steamers @ River Rock Pub<br />

TubeKings @ Last Frontier<br />

Unknown Authority - The Jet Deck<br />

3 3 3 Saturday<br />

Saturday<br />

Centrum’s Centrum’s Country Country <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> Workshops<br />

Workshops<br />

Mt. Mt. Baker Baker <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> Festival Festival Festival: Festival Festival Walter Trout and the<br />

Radicals, Eddie Cotton, Taylor James, Incognito, Bump<br />

Kitchen, Cathouse <strong>Blues</strong> Band, Cindy Land Band<br />

(www.bakerblues.com)<br />

Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court<br />

Blue 55 @ Magnolia Days (1:30)<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Orbiters @ New Orleans<br />

Charles White Band @ Cheney Stadium (Tac 8:00)<br />

Chris Stevens @ Latona Pub<br />

Dan Page Trip @ Oxford<br />

Emerald City Diva’s Featuring Kathi McDonald @ New<br />

Orleans<br />

James Curley Cooke @ Uncommon Grounds<br />

John Stephan Band @ Forecasters<br />

Junkyard Jane @ Tacoma <strong>Blues</strong> Bash<br />

Laurette Langille & Rogue Paradise <strong>Blues</strong> @ Herbs<br />

Tavern<br />

Miles From Chicago @ The Clark County Fair (6:00)<br />

Motown Cruisers @ Wild Buffalo<br />

Nick Vigario @ Solo Kitsap Folk Festival (4:00)<br />

Nicole Fournier & Her 3 lb. Universe @ Tacoma <strong>Blues</strong><br />

Bash (Cheney Stad 2:00)<br />

Rod Cook & Jon Bayless @ The Fiddler’s Inn<br />

Smokin Gun @ Tacoma <strong>Blues</strong> Bash<br />

Spar Tree <strong>Blues</strong> Festival w/ Tim Casey & The <strong>Blues</strong>cats<br />

(4:00), Two Scoops Combo<br />

Steve James w/ Del Ray @ Centrum Country <strong>Blues</strong><br />

Festival<br />

The Jelly Rollers @ Port Townsend <strong>Blues</strong> Festival & @<br />

Sirens<br />

The Steamers @ River Rock Pub<br />

Tony Coleman @ Rockfish<br />

Too Slim & The Taildragers @ Moxihop Festival (Yak)<br />

4 4 4 Sunday<br />

Sunday<br />

Mt. Mt. Baker Baker <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> Festival Festival: Festival Hubert Sumlin & Henry Gray,<br />

Eddie Cotton, Jude Bowerman, Raven Humphres & the<br />

Empty Shoes Band featuring Patti Allen, Mark Whitman<br />

(www.bakerblues.com)<br />

B.B. King <strong>Blues</strong> Festival @ The Gorge w/ George<br />

Thorogood, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Joe<br />

Bonamassa<br />

Jeff & The Jet City Fliers @ Snoqualmie Railroad Days<br />

Little Bill w/ Dick Powell & Tim Sherman @ Anacortes<br />

Arts Festival<br />

Mark Whitman Band @ Mt. Baker <strong>Blues</strong> Festival (11:00<br />

am)<br />

Spar Tree <strong>Blues</strong> Festival w/ Nick Vigario, Cooke ‘n’<br />

Green<br />

22 • <strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong><br />

<strong>Washington</strong>’s <strong>Washington</strong>’s <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> Calendar<br />

Calendar<br />

5 5 Monday Monday<br />

Monday<br />

Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court<br />

Dirk “Al Moss” Jugg @ Columbia Street Pub (5:00)<br />

Randy Oxford National Anthem @ Cheney Stadium<br />

Tacoma Rainier’s (7:00)<br />

The Balloons @ The Wild Ginger<br />

6 6 Tuesday<br />

Tuesday<br />

Bobby Holland & Breadline <strong>Blues</strong> @ The New Jet Deck<br />

Double Cookin’ @ Renton Farmer’s Market (5:00)<br />

Nicole Fournier & Her 3 lb. Universe “Out to Lunch” @<br />

Occidental Park (Noon)<br />

Steve James @ New Orleans<br />

The Steamers @ The Junction (8:00)<br />

Tim Turner Band @ Larry’s<br />

7 7 Wednesday<br />

Wednesday<br />

Alice Stuart Band @ The Rockfish / CD Release Party !!<br />

Dirk “Al Moss” Jugg @ Columbia Street Pub (5:00) & @<br />

The Tequila Bar<br />

John Hiatt & The Goners, Jimmie Vaughan @ Pier 62/63<br />

Mark Whitman Band @ Bicentenial Park (Tukwila<br />

Noon)<br />

Nick Vigario @ Richmond Beach Arts Festival (7:00)<br />

Rod Cook’s Artist Showcase feat Paul Green @ Bad<br />

Albert’s<br />

8 8 Thursday<br />

Thursday<br />

Alice Stuart Band @ Central Club<br />

Harmonica Playboy @ Salmon Bay Eagles<br />

Little Bill w/ Dick Powell @ Laurelhurst Park (6:00)<br />

Mark Whitman Band @ Destination Harley (Fife 5:00)<br />

Nicole Fournier & Her 3 lb. Universe City Hall Saloon<br />

(Cumberland 5:00)<br />

Snakeoil Daddy @ Redhook Brewery Amphitheater<br />

Too Slim (solo) @ Brown Addition (Spok)<br />

9 9 Friday<br />

Friday<br />

Andrew Larsen @ Tacoma Borders<br />

Badd Dog <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong> @ Herb’s<br />

Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court<br />

Blue Healers @ Alligator Soul<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Bully @ Caddy Shack<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Therapy @ Timberline Café<br />

Charles White Band @ Taste of Edmonds (5:30) & @ Big<br />

Daddy’s<br />

Colonel & Doubleshot w/ Polly O’Keary @ Cole’s<br />

Cooke & Greene @ Liquid Lounge<br />

Dan Page Trip @ Celtic Bayou<br />

Dirk “Al Moss” Jugg @ Columbia Street Pub (5:00)<br />

High Rollers @ Forecasters<br />

John Hodgkins @ New Orleans<br />

Junkyard Jane @ Jake’s<br />

Little Bill w/Dick Powell & Billy Stapleton @ Trolleyman<br />

Marc Bristoil & Doug Bright @ Jekyll & Hydes<br />

Mark Riley @ Redmond Borders (7:00)<br />

Nicole Fournier & Her 3 lb. Universe @ Rattle Snake<br />

Brewery (Rchlnd)<br />

Nora Michaels @ Paul Whistler @ Tukwila Borders<br />

Scott “ Smokehouse” @ Borders<br />

T-Boy Neal Band @ Tugboat Annie’s<br />

The Mudsharks @ The Raging River<br />

Tim Casey & The <strong>Blues</strong>cats @ Oxford<br />

10 10 Saturday<br />

Saturday<br />

Bronze <strong>Blues</strong> & Brews: Joe Louis Walker & the Boss<br />

Talkers, Curtis Salgado, Bill Rhoades & the Party Kings,<br />

David Jacobs-Strain, The Polecats<br />

(www.bronzebluesbrews.com)<br />

Alice Stuart @ Rockfish / CD Release !!<br />

Badd Dog <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong> @ Herb’s<br />

Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court<br />

Blue 55 @ Sirens<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Bully @ Manette Saloon<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Orbiters @ Jake’s<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Therapy @ Timberline Café<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Torpedoes @ Auburn Good Ole’ Days (3:00)<br />

Brian Butler & The Crossroads Band @ Community<br />

Center Clubhouse (Indianola)<br />

Charles White Band @ Big Daddy’s<br />

Cooke & Greene @ Liquid Lounge<br />

Dan Page Trip @ Jammwood<br />

John Hodgkins @ New Orleans<br />

Laurette Langille & Rogue Paradise <strong>Blues</strong> @ Little<br />

Roadside Tavern<br />

Little Bill w/Dick Powell & Billy Stapleton @ Wild<br />

Buffalo<br />

Maia Santell & House Blend @ The Brickyard Bar & Grill<br />

Marc Bristoil & Doug Bright @ Jekyll & Hydes<br />

Mark Riley @ Federal Way Borders<br />

Nick Vigario @ Raging River Saloon<br />

Randy Hansen, Leon Hendrix @ Sky Church<br />

Rod Cook Artists Showcase @ Bad Albert’s<br />

Roger Rogers @ Forecasters<br />

Ryan Shea Smith @ The Maple Leaf Grill (10:00)<br />

Smokin’ Gun @ <strong>Blues</strong> By The Bay / Salty Sea Days<br />

Snakeoil Daddy @ American Custom Cycle<br />

Tim Casey & The <strong>Blues</strong>cats @ Oxford<br />

Tweety & The Tom-Cats @ Bothell Arts Festival (Noon)<br />

Summerfest 2002 in Pt. Angeles, WA<br />

11 11 Sunday<br />

Sunday<br />

WBS WBS WBS PIcnic PIcnic @ Gas Works Park w/ The Howlers,<br />

Stickshift Annie & The Overdrive, The Jellyrollers &<br />

Tweety & The Tom-Cat’s / Bring Canned Food Donation<br />

Arlington Garlic Festival w/ Miles From Chicago, Nick<br />

Vigario (4:00)<br />

David Lindley & Wally Ingrahm w/ The Phil & James<br />

Show @ Bellingham High Performing Arts Center<br />

Matt Garretty @ New Orleans<br />

The Casuals @ Redhook Beer Garden (2:00)<br />

Summerfest 2002 in Pt. Angeles, WA<br />

12 12 Monday<br />

Monday<br />

Dirk “Al Moss” Jugg @ Columbia Street Pub (5:00)<br />

Little Bill @ Out to Lunch<br />

Miles From Chicago @ Seattle Singles, (China Harbor)<br />

Randy Oxford w/ Little Bill @ Out to Lunch Concert<br />

Series @ Pier 57 (Noon)<br />

The Balloons @ The Wild Ginger<br />

13 13 Tuesday<br />

Tuesday<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Orbiters @ The New Jet Deck<br />

Junkyard Jane @ Freddie’s Club<br />

Mary McPage & The Funk Bros / Strummin’ Time Live<br />

(Public Access TV)<br />

The Steamers @ The Junction<br />

Tim Turner Band @ Larry’s<br />

14 14 Wednesday<br />

Wednesday<br />

WBS WBS General General Meeting Meeting Meeting w/ Thomas David Corlett &<br />

Badd Dog <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong> @ ToST (7:00)<br />

Dirk “Al Moss” Jugg @ Columbia Street Pub (5:00) & @<br />

The Tequila Bar<br />

Rod Cook’s Artist Showcase featuring Max Paul<br />

Schwennson @ Bad Albert’s<br />

15 15 Thursday<br />

Thursday<br />

Alice Stuart @ Steel Sky Bistro (8:00)<br />

Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court<br />

David Friesen Trio @ New Orleans<br />

Junkyard Jane @ Destination Harley (Fife)<br />

Kahler @ Rox Broiler<br />

Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers, Steve Lucky<br />

& The Rhumba Bums @ Sky Church<br />

Miles From Chicago @ Outdoor Concert (Pt Orchard)<br />

Nicole Fournier & Her 3 lb. Universe @ Jazzbones<br />

Smoke ‘n <strong>Blues</strong> Allstars @ City Hall Saloon<br />

(Cumberland 5:00)<br />

Sweet Talkin’ Jones Featuring Mark Whitman @ Salmon<br />

Bay Eagles<br />

Tim Casey & The <strong>Blues</strong>cats @ Puyallup Concert (6:30)<br />

16 16 Friday<br />

Friday<br />

Alice Stuart Band @ Siren’s<br />

Badd Dog <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong> @ Jazzbones<br />

Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Attitude @ Legends<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Bully @ Oxford<br />

Del Rey & Steve James @ The Upstage (Pt Twnsnd)<br />

Dirk “Al Moss” Jugg @ Columbia Street Pub (5:00)<br />

Harmonica Playboy & The Midnight Movers @<br />

Forecasters<br />

In The House @ Novo’s<br />

Junkyard Jane @ New Orleans<br />

Little Bill w/ Dick Powell @ Tug Boat Annies<br />

Mark Whitman Band @ Goldie’s on Airport Way<br />

Nick Vigario @ w/ Kathi McDonald @ The Orginal Rome<br />

Ristorante (Arl 9:00)<br />

Nicole Fournier & Her 3 lb. Universe @ Corner Inn<br />

Night Train @ Jekyll & Hydes<br />

Robert Casey’s <strong>Blues</strong> Party River Rock<br />

Rod Cook & Toast @ 3rd Place Books<br />

Steve James @ Upstage (Pt Townsend)<br />

The Jelly Rollers @ Conor Byrne’s<br />

Salmon Arm Roots & <strong>Blues</strong> Festival (Salmon Arm, BC)<br />

17 17 Saturday<br />

Saturday<br />

Alice Stuart Band @ Siren’s<br />

Badd Dog <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong> @ Wild Buffalo<br />

Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Bully @ Oxford<br />

Bobby Holland & Breadline <strong>Blues</strong> @ Forecasters<br />

Carolyn Wonderland @ New Orleans<br />

Charles White Band @ Jake’s<br />

Crossroads @ Jekyll & Hydes<br />

Dan Page Trip @ Arts By The Bay & Tower Tavern<br />

Duffy Bishop Band @ Case of The <strong>Blues</strong> Festival Yakima<br />

(9:00)<br />

Greta Matassa @ Rockfish<br />

Hutson & Powell Band @ Raging River<br />

Jeff & The Jet City Fliers @ Bad Albert’s

Junkyard Jane @ Hi-Iu-Hee-Hee<br />

Little Bill @ Destination Harley (Fife Noon) & @ Third<br />

Place Books<br />

Maia Santell & House Blend @ Cole’s<br />

Miles From Chicago @ Best of the Nortwest (Sand Pt)<br />

Moonlighters @ Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival<br />

Nick Vigario @ Richie D’s (Mtlk Trce)<br />

Randy Oxford w/ The Howlers @ Entiat Brew Hall<br />

Robert Casey’s <strong>Blues</strong> Party River Rock<br />

Smokin Gun @ Whitehorse Mountain Classic Rock Fest<br />

Terry Robb @ Cascade Tavern (Van)<br />

Salmon Arm Roots & <strong>Blues</strong> Festival (Salmon Arm, BC)<br />

18 18 Sunday<br />

Sunday<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Torpedoes @ Mason County Summer Thunder<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Festival (3:00)<br />

Dan Page Trip @ Arts By The Bay<br />

De Ray & Steve James @ New Orleans<br />

Little Bill w/ Rod Cook @ Dock Street Landing<br />

Mark Whitman Band @ SeaTac Concert In The Park<br />

(Angle Lk 4:00)<br />

Miles From Chicago @ Family Concert (Forest Pk)<br />

Nick Vigario @ w/ Chris Leighton @ Alki Tavern (5:00)<br />

The Steamers @ Edmonds Town Center (2:00)<br />

Two Scoops Combo @ Mill Creek City Hall (3:00)<br />

Salmon Arm Roots & <strong>Blues</strong> Festival (Salmon Arm, BC)<br />

19 19 Monday<br />

Monday<br />

Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court<br />

Dirk “Al Moss” Jugg @ Columbia Street Pub (5:00)<br />

Little Bill w/ Billy Stapleton @ The Swiss<br />

Steve James @ Jazzbones<br />

The Balloons @ The Wild Ginger<br />

20 20 Tuesday<br />

Tuesday<br />

Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court<br />

Dan Page Trip @ Bremerton Park Concert<br />

Little Bill w/Rod Cook @ Freddies Casino<br />

The Steamers @ The Junction (8:00)<br />

Tim Turner Band @ Larry’s<br />

21 21 Wednesday<br />

Wednesday<br />

Alice Stuart, Leif Totusek & Robert Cray Band @<br />

Woodland Park Zoo<br />

Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court<br />

Dirk “Al Moss” Jugg @ Columbia Street Pub (5:00) & @<br />

The Tequila Bar<br />

Randy Oxford National Anthem WBS Night Everett<br />

Aqua Sox (7:00)<br />

Reggie Miles @ Rockfish<br />

Rod Cook’s Artist Showcase feat Scotty Harris @ Bad<br />

Albert’s<br />

22 22 Thursday<br />

Thursday<br />

Brian Butler Band @ Salmon Bay Eagles<br />

Charles White Band @ The Rox Broiler<br />

Del Rey & Steve James @ Bonnie & Bruce’s House<br />

Concert (7:30)<br />

Junkyard Jane @ Tacoma Farmers Market<br />

Maia Santell & House Blend @ Post Office Park<br />

23 23 23 Friday<br />

Friday<br />

Alice Stuart Band @ Murphy’s<br />

Badd Dog <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong> @ Dry Dock Golf Tournament<br />

Weekend (Birch Bay 9:00)<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Bully @ The Junction<br />

Colonel & Doubleshot w/ Polly O’Keary @ Jazzbones<br />

Cooke ‘n’ Green @ St. Cloud’s<br />

Dan Page Trip @ Tugboat Annie’s<br />

Dirk “Al Moss” Jugg @ Columbia Street Pub (5:00)<br />

Hudson <strong>Blues</strong> Band @ Forecasters<br />

Junkyard Jane @ Ripple Tavern (Ms Lk)<br />

Little Bill w/Dick Powell & Billy Stapleton @ Chehalis<br />

Garlic Festival (4:00)<br />

Mark Riley Band @ Jekyll & Hydes<br />

Mark Whitman Band @ Goldie’s on Airport Way<br />

Nicole Fournier & Her 3 lb. Universe, @ Sam’s Saloon<br />

(Kenn)<br />

RadioKings @ Novo’s<br />

Rod Cook & Toast @ The River Rock<br />

Roger Rogers @ Oxford<br />

The Steamers @ Celtic Bayou Pub<br />

TubeKings @ Fire Creek Grill<br />

24 24 Saturday Saturday<br />

Saturday<br />

Hot Hot Hot August August August <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Blues</strong>: <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> Deborah Coleman, Curtis Salgado,<br />

Junkyard Jane, The Bumpy Jump Band<br />

(www.wwbs.com)<br />

Alice Stuart Band w/ George Rezendes @ Wild Buffalo<br />

Annieville <strong>Blues</strong> & Mark Whitman @ Mama Lucia’s<br />

(8:00)<br />

Badd Dog <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong> @ Dry Dock Golf Tournament<br />

Weekend (Birch Bay 2:00 & 9:00)<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Bully @ The Junction<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Orbiters w/ The Brown & <strong>Blues</strong> Band @ @ Shishole<br />

Bay / Benefit For The NW Burn Foundation (1:00)<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Torpedoes @ Caddyshack<br />

August August 2002<br />

2002<br />

Charles White Band @ Goldies Casino<br />

Cooke ‘n’ Green @ Bad Albert’s<br />

Double Cookin’ @ Destination Harley (Noon)<br />

Eric Madis Trio @ Fiddler’s Inn<br />

Janie Cribbs @ Rockfish<br />

Jump Up! @ Leif Erikson Ballroom<br />

Junkyard Jane @ Hot August <strong>Blues</strong> (Walla Walla)<br />

Kahler @ Paragon<br />

Little Bill @ Steilacoom Deli<br />

Lizard Kings @ Forecasters<br />

Maia Santell & House Blend @ The Brickyard Bar & Grill<br />

Mark Riley Band @ Jekyll & Hydes<br />

Mary McPage & The Funk Bros @ Diamond Knot<br />

Brewery<br />

Nick Vigario @ Nudestock 2002 (Issaq 3:00) & @ Jake’s<br />

Roger Rogers @ Oxford<br />

Smokin Gun @ Larry’s<br />

The Steamers @ Chehalis Garlic Festival<br />

Tim Casey & The <strong>Blues</strong>cats @ Raging River Saloon<br />

Too Slim & The Taildragers @ Jazzbones<br />

TubeKings @ Fire Creek Grill<br />

Zeus Storage @ Steel Sky Bistro<br />

25 25 25 Sunday<br />

Sunday<br />

Beth Wulff w/ The Joe Joseph Band @ New Orleans<br />

Dan Page Trip @ Chehalis Garlic Festival<br />

Fourth Degree @ Forecasters Beer Garden (2:00)<br />

Joe Joseph & Company @ New Orleans<br />

Kahler @ Suni’s on 99<br />

Two Scoops Combo @ Normandy Park (5:00)<br />

26 26 Monday<br />

Monday<br />

Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court<br />

Dirk “Al Moss” Jugg @ Columbia Street Pub (5:00)<br />

Junkyard Jane @ The Swiss<br />

The Balloons @ The Wild Ginger<br />

27 27 Tuesday<br />

Tuesday<br />

Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court<br />

Charles White Band @ American Lake Park (Tac 6:00)<br />

Double Cookin’ @ Out to Lunch Concert @ Key Tower<br />

(Noon)<br />

Terry Robb @ Kalama <strong>Blues</strong> Festival<br />

The Steamers @ The Junction<br />

Tim Turner Band @ Larry’s<br />

28 28 Wednesday<br />

Wednesday<br />

Beth Wulff Band @ The Noble Court<br />

Dirk “Al Moss” Jugg @ Columbia Street Pub (5:00) & @<br />

The Tequila Bar<br />

Miles From Chicago @ Central Club<br />

Rockfish Opry w/ Dan Duggin & Ron Bailey @ Rockfish<br />

Rod Cook’s Artist Showcase featuring Henry Cooper @<br />

Bad Albert’s<br />

29 29 Thursday<br />

Thursday<br />

Badd Dog <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong> @ Roche Harbor (San Juan Isl)<br />

Little Bill w/ Dick Powell & Billy Stapleton @ Salmon<br />

Bay Eagles<br />

Mary McPage & The Funk Bros @ Rox Broiler<br />

The Balloons @ Jazzbone’s<br />

Voodoo Spoon @ Wild Buffalo<br />

30 30 30 Friday<br />

Friday<br />

Alice Stuart Band @ Tugboat Annie’s<br />

Blue Healers @ Alligator Soul<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Torpedoes @ Winthrop Palace<br />

Bumbershoot @ Mural Stage w/ The Jelly Rollers @<br />

(12:45) Tim Casey & The <strong>Blues</strong>cats (4:00)<br />

Dan Page Trip @ Legends<br />

Duffy Bishop Band w/ Henry Cooper @ Tractor Tavern<br />

Eouffe Zydeco Band @ New Orleans<br />

Fossil Rock @ Sally’s II<br />

Hutson & Powell Band @ Caddy Shack<br />

Jeff & The Jet City Fliers @ Oxford Saloon<br />

Jr. Cadillac @ Wild Buffalo<br />

Junkyard Jane @ The Junction<br />

Laurette Langille & Rogue Paradise <strong>Blues</strong> @ Old Edison<br />

Inn<br />

Little Bill Duo w/ Billy Stapleton @ 5th Ave Grill<br />

Mark Whitman Band @ The Corner Inn<br />

Nicole Fournier & Her 3 lb. Universe @ Clearwater<br />

Saloon<br />

Orville Johnson & Mark Graham @ Latona Pub<br />

Rod Cook & Toast @ Bumbershoot (Mural Stage 2:30) &<br />

@ The Fire Creek Grill<br />

Too Slim & The Taildragers @ Pig Out in The Park<br />

(Spok)<br />

Tube Kings @ Forecasters<br />

31 31 Saturday<br />

Saturday<br />

Rendevious Rendevious <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> Festiva Festival Festiva (Oroville): Tim Turner<br />

Band, Pole Cats, Roger Rogers Band, Nicole Fournier &<br />

3 lb. Universe, Chuck G. Jones<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Therapy @ Rockfish<br />

<strong>Blues</strong> Torpedoes @ Winthrop Palace<br />

Dan Page Trip @ Legends<br />

Duffy Bishop Band @ Riverfront Park (Spok 4:00)<br />

Etouffe Zydeco Band @ New Orleans<br />

Fossil Rock @ Sally’s II<br />

Jeff & The Jet City Fliers @ Oxford Saloon<br />

Junkyard Jane @ Longbranch Labor Day Dance<br />

Kahler @ Oroville <strong>Blues</strong> Festival (with Tim Turner)<br />

Little Bill Duo w/ Billy Stapleton @ 5 th Ave Grill<br />

Maia Santell & House Blend @ The Brickyard Bar & Grill<br />

Mark Whitman @ Destination Harley (Fife Noon)<br />

Nick Vigario @ 4 th Annual <strong>Blues</strong> Bash Lake City<br />

Community Center (7:00)<br />

Nicole Fournier & Her 3 lb. Universe @ Rendvous <strong>Blues</strong><br />

Festival (Oriville 8:00)<br />

NW <strong>Blues</strong> Slide Guitar Showcase Featuring Doug<br />

“Louisana Lightning” Kearney, Steve Bailey & Billy<br />

Stapleton @ Mural Stage (12:15)<br />

Rod Cook & Toast @ The Fire Creek Grill<br />

The Steamers @ Forecasters<br />

Tony Coleman @ Wild Buffalo<br />

Too Slim & The Taildragers @ Bumbershoot (Main<br />

Stage 12:30) &<br />

1 1 Sunday<br />

Sunday<br />

Rendevious Rendevious <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> Festival Festival (Oroville): Duffy Bishop,<br />

Nick Vigarino’s Meantown <strong>Blues</strong>, <strong>Blues</strong> Torpedos, Dan<br />

Page Trip, Powers & Kingman<br />

Weekly Weekly Jams<br />

Jams<br />



China Clipper – Scotty Harris Band Featuring Mark<br />

Whitman<br />

Dakota Creek Roadhouse – Laurette Langille (5:00)<br />

Daverthumps – Raven & Stan Eike w/ The Empty Shoes<br />

Band<br />

Larry’s – Roger Rogers Invitational Jam<br />

Lucky Star Pub & Eatery – Randy Oxford Invitational<br />

Schooner’s – Tim Hall<br />

The Swiss – Acoustic w/ Malcolm Clark<br />



Cole’s – Blue Mondays<br />



Blarney’s – Chester Alley Band w/ Dennis Jones<br />

Cole’s – Brown & <strong>Blues</strong> Band (13th / 27th )<br />

Oxford – Songwriter’s Open Mic w/ Patrick Thayer<br />

(8:30)<br />

Plaza Broiler – Dave Prez & His Combo Nation<br />

Redondo Grill – Randy Oxford Invitational Jam (8:00)<br />

Seafarers Sports Bar – Acoustic w/ Malcolm Clark<br />

(8:00)<br />

Wild Buffalo – Tuesday <strong>Blues</strong>day Invitational Jam<br />



Charlie’s Bar & Grill – <strong>Blues</strong> Attitude (Oly)<br />

Jake’s – Randy Oxford Invitational Jam<br />

Larry’s – Charles White All Star Jam<br />



Bad Albert’s – Annieville <strong>Blues</strong><br />

Cole’s – Pete Morceri Band<br />

Destiny Seafood & Grill – Blue Thursday w/ Forrest C.<br />

Rosaire (8:00)<br />

Jekyll & Hydes – Acoustic /w Malcolm Clark<br />

Riveria – Rod Cook, Burnie LaCombe & Scott Morris<br />

(7:00)<br />

BEER Swilling <strong>Blues</strong> Fans needed to<br />

staff booth, beer pavillion, etc. at<br />

events. Must stay sober while on<br />

the job. Contact Leslie Fleury -<br />

bluzwork@hotmail.com or call 425<br />

239-3321<br />

<strong><strong>Blues</strong>letter</strong> • August 2002 • 23

Affiliated Affiliated Member<br />

Member<br />

Non-Profit<br />

U.S. Postage Paid<br />

Seattle, WA<br />

Permit No. 5617<br />

Moving? Please notify us of address change<br />

USPS does not forward bulk mail items<br />

<strong>Washington</strong> <strong>Blues</strong> <strong>Society</strong> POB 70604 Seattle WA 98107<br />


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