Filmography blue eyes 090922


Filmography blue eyes 090922

Filmography September 2009

blue eyes Fiction

Filmography blue eyes Fiction GmbH & Co KG

blue eyes Fiction GmbH & Co. KG blue eyes Film & TV GmbH & Co. KG

Managing Director Managing Director

Corinna Mehner Martin Husmann

Müllerstr. 1 Klenzestraße 11

80469 Munich 85737 Ismaning

tel +49 89 324907-500 tel +49 89 969893-10

mail: mail:

Founded in 2003, blue eyes Fiction is a young company that develops and produces international

and national Feature Films for theatrical release and DVD and TV exploitation. Already at this early

stage blue eyes Fiction has been able to realize a slate of interesting and committed projects.

Filmography September 2009

blue eyes Fiction

Martin Husmann, who founded 1997 an experienced television production company for nonfiction

and entertainment formats with a long track record, is shareholder and creative mind of blue eyes

Fiction. Since 2003 blue eyes Fiction succeeded in establishing a national and international

reputation within the feature film sector by producing internationally and nationally financed films

for the international market.

Corinna Mehner is head of development and production. Ms. Mehner has been in the film industry

since 1992 and gained extensive experience in production and financing with the most widely

acknowledged creative and financial partners in Germany before founding her company.

In the nineties Ms Mehner played a major role in establishing and building up Asset Media

München, a company specialized in 3-D animation. She then became head of production at the Film

Fund MFP/KGAL of the Dresdner Bank, where she was able to take a close look at the inner

workings of major Hollywood studios such as Paramount. Ms. Mehner also held the post of

managing director of Velvet Mediadesign GmbH, the largest and internationally most successful

media design company in Germany.

blue eyes Fiction aims to produce high quality products for an international audience. Mehner and

Husmann intend to achieve this by putting an emphasis on large-budget mainstream feature films

which can travel outside Germany, as well as bringing the originality and cutting-edge ideas of a

generation of young filmmakers onto the screen by supporting arthouse films.

Filmography blue eyes Fiction:

Founded in 2003, blue eyes Fiction (BEF) immediately began an intensive period of development on

a number of projects. blue eyes Fiction’s goal is to establish an image of quality for its productions.

Realised Projects:

3° COLDER 2005

DEBUT/ Drama

Director: Florian Hoffmeister

Producer: blue eyes Fiction

Coproducer: Sabotage Film, Berlin

Distributor: Blue Eyes Pictures GmbH

World Sales: Media Luna, Köln

Release Date: 16. March 2006 Germany

TV Release: 14. June 2007 ARD

Festivals: Locarno International Film Festival 2005

Prizes: Silver Leopard Best First or Second Film, Locarno 2005

Filmography September 2009

blue eyes Fiction

In July of 2005, blue eyes Fiction wrapped up the production of their first full-length cinema

project, 3° COLDER. The dramatic love story was the debut film of Florian Hoffmeister, who already

made a name for himself as Director of Photography with such successful films as LEARNING TO

LIE, ONE DAY IN EUROPE and HAMBURG CELL. At the Locarno International Film Festival, the film

was awarded the Silver Leopard Prize for the best first or second feature film. In March 2006 3°

COLDER was released in German cinemas and DVD exploitation started in February 2007. World

Sales Agent is Media Luna who sold all rights to Spain and Portugal.



ART HOUSE / Mystery Film

Director: Milcho Manchevski

Producer: Senka Films, Macedonia

Co-producer: blue eyes Fiction, Germany / Bulgaria / Italy / Spain

TV Co-production: Bayerischer Rundfunk Germany, arte

World Sales: Bavaria International

World Premiere: Toronto Film Festival, September 2007,

Category: Special Presentation

Festivals: Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Sofia, Sao Paolo and more

In summer 2006 principal photography had started for the second Project SHADOWS of blue eyes

Fiction in Macedonia. The Macedonian director Milcho Manchevski, whose war drama BEFORE THE

RAIN was honored with the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival and was widely considered to be

one of the most important filmmakers of the 1990s, is living and working in New York. Now he has

returned to Europe with the new and exciting film project SHADOWS. The film is a European co-

production with Macedonia, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and blue eyes Fiction in Germany. Postproduction

finalized in August 2007 (VFX at Trixter (Munich), digital postproduction at ARRI Munich). On 9 th

September 2007 SHADOWS premiered in the special Presentation Section at the Toronto

International Film Festival together with the latest films by Francois Ozon, Sidney Lumet, Neil

Jordan and Michael Moore. Milcho Manchevski’s film enters the Academy Award race for Macedonia

in February 2008. World Sales Agent for SHADOWS is Bavaria International and has already been

sold to Australia, Greece, India, Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Venezuela and Hungary.

Filmography September 2009

blue eyes Fiction



Director / Script: Tim Trachte (diploma film)

Majority producer: blue eyes Fiction

Coproducer: Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München

Premiere: Int. Festival der Filmhochschulen München

Broadcaster: ZDF/arte

Festivals: Int. Festival der Filmhochschulen München / Max

Ophüls, Saarbrücken


LILLY THE WITCH, the Dragon and the Magic Book /2008

FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT, Live-action with animation elements

Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky

Producer: blue eyes / TRIXTER Productions, Germany

Co-producers: Austria, DOR Film; Spain, Steinweg Emotion

Pictures; Italy, Classic SRL; Germany, Buena Vista International

Filmproduction; Babelsberg Film

Distributor (Germany, Spain, Austria, Italy): Walt Disney Studios

Motion Pictures Germany GmbH

World Sales: Telepool GmbH

Theatrical Releases: Germany and Austria in February 2009,

Spain on 15 th June 2009,; France on12 th of August; Netherlands

on 20 th of August, Italy in August 2009, Poland on 25 th of

December amongst other further releases

Recently blue eyes Fiction has produced the first part of the family-entertainment franchise LILLY

THE WITCH in coproduction with TRIXTER, Dor Film, Steinweg Emotion Pictures, Classic, Buena

Vista International Film Production and Babelsberg Film with a budget of 9 Million Euro. In the fifth

week after release LILLY THE WITCH hit the mark of one million admissions in German cinemas.

LILLY is a live action movie featuring a fully 3D animated character, the small dragon Hector, Lilly’s

faithful companion, which required a year for the animation phase.

All animation processes and effects are realized by co-production partner TRIXTER in Munich.

Director of the film was Stefan Ruzowitzky, who became widely known for his films such as

ANATOMY and DIE SIEBTELBAUERN. In 2007 his film COUNTERFEITERS (Die Fälscher) was a

competition entry at the Berlin Film Festival and won the Foreign Language Oscar in 2008.

Filmography September 2009

blue eyes Fiction

Based on the successful children’s book series by renowned author and entertainer KNISTER, which

have sold over 15 million copies worldwide and the animation series broadcast by the BBC and

KIKA, LILLY THE WITCH will now become a big screen event, distributed and released by Walt

Disney Studios in February 2009. LILLY THE WITCH will be the first Film ever, produced outside

America, which will receive the Walt Disney Branding – a huge success for the young production


LILLY has been nominated for the German Filmprize 2009 in the category of Best Children’s Film,

received three awards at the festival “Goldener Spatz” and the main actress Alina Freund won the

“White Elephant” on the film festival Munich 2009.


Projects in Production:



Script: Jens Maria Merz / John Chambers a.o., Germany

Director: Eckart Fingberg

Dramaturgy: Jörg Zimmermann

Producer: blue eyes Fiction

Coproducer: ndf - neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft

TV Coproduction: ZDF

Production start: 2009

Based on the children’s novel of Kirsten Boie, blue eyes starts off the New Year 2009 with financing

the 13 x 22 minutes long Animation series for the ZDF. Production started in May 2009 – Broadcast

is planned for 2010.

Filmography September 2009

blue eyes Fiction

LILLY THE WITCH – The Journey to Mandolan


Script: Achim & Bettine von Borries

Director: Harald Sicheritz

Producer: blue eyes Fiction, TRIXTER Productions,

Coproducer: DOR Film, Austria / Steinweg Emotion

Pictures, Spain / Buena Vista International Film

Production, Germany / Babelsberg Film, Germany

Production date: Summer 2009

Cinema release: Jan 2011

Theatrical Distributor: Walt Disney Studios Germany

World Sales Company: Telepool

LILLY is the new superwitch - although she is only an 11 year old girl! In this first adventure she

receives the Book of Spells from SURULUNDA, who was the superwitch before her and has decided

to go into retirement. With her friend, the little dragon HECTOR, Lilly manages to save the world

from the mischievious sorcerer HIERONIMUS. Now a new adventure is waiting for her: The Journey

to Mandolan!

The throne of Mandolan is bewitched - a huge problem for the great Wezir GULIMAN who wants to

enthrone himself as the new king of Mandolan. As his mean court - sorcerer ABRASH is helpless in

the matter he calls for LILLY for help. But a superwitch cannot be beceived: LILLY senses a

conspiracy. With the support of the dragon HECTOR and the smart street urchin MUSA, LILLY

conquers the palace guards of GULIMAN, mortal deserts and worst of all: her own fears in the

FORBIDDEN TOWN to free the noble King of Mandolan and his people from the tyranny of Guliman!


Projects in Development:



Original Author: KNISTER

Script Writer: Gerrit Hermanns

Majority producer: blue eyes Fiction

Production date: 2010

Cinema release: 2011

Funding: FFF Script Funding

Theatrical Distributor: in neg. SONY

Filmography September 2009

blue eyes Fiction

YOKO is a small Yeti Child from the Himalayas, who is kidnapped by a brutal poacher. His plan is to

market the small child as a world sensation in Germany. But YOKO is able to escape and hides with

the 11 year old PIA. The poacher tries everything to bring YOKO back into his cage – and he finally

succeeds! With a dangerous attempt to rescue her small friend PIA, her Granny and Lukas forge

plans to bring back YOKO to his home. But the plan is risky!




Script: Regine Kühn, Germany / TBA

Script Editor: Jörg Zimmermann

Director: Ben Verbong, Holland / Germany

Producer: blue eyes Fiction

Coproducers: Hepp Film, Sweden

Theatrical Distributor: In neg. with Constantin, Fox,

Warner, Disney

Planned Principal photography: 2010

Shooting Location: Germany and Sweden

Prizes: German Filmprize Script

ZARAH L. is based on the life story of Zarah Leander. 2007 was the 100th anniversary of Zarah’s

birth. The script was written by Regine Kühn, who received the German Filmprize for it. The

director for this ambitious project will be Ben Verbong. Verbong had his first big national and

international success ith his film THE GIRL WITH THE RED HAIR, which takes place in Holland

during World War II and describes the story of a young woman who fights against the Nazis.

In Germany Ben Verbong became well known for his highly successful big-budget family

entertainment films which were released by the most important distributors in Germany and sold

internationally. ZARAH L. is planned as a European co-production with an international female star

in the main role.

Filmography September 2009


blue eyes Fiction


Script: Regine Kühn, Germany

Script Editor: Claudia Boysen

Director: Andreas Kleinert, Germany

Producer: blue eyes Fiction

Coproducer: Steinweg Emotion Pictures, Spain

Planned principal photography: Winter 2010 / 2011

Shooting Location: Germany and Morocco

Cinema release: 2011

MUCK is based on the fairytale LITTLE MUCK (Der Kleine Muck), by novelist Wilhelm Hauff (1826)

and narrates of the story of a little boy, who sets out to fight his enemies with his magic shoes and

a talking cat.

The first film adaption by the famous director Wolfgang Staudte in 1953 THE STORY OF LITTLE

MOOK sold internationally and reached 13 million viewers worldwide. It was the most successful

DEFA- Film of all time, and the most successful German children’s film ever. In the new adaption

the storyline of the classical fairytale will be transported into the Germany of today. While

searching for his real father the little boy Muck will discover that the wall between Orient and

Occident and between real and magic world of the Arabian nights is indeed very thin.

The script is being developed by Regine Kühn and the director will be Andreas Kleinert

(FREISCHWIMMER). Principal photography is planned for the end of 2010.




Director: tba

Original Author: Klaus Kordon

Script Writer: David Sandreuther

Script Editor: Claudia Boysen

Majority producer: blue eyes Fiction

Shooting Location: Germany, India




Director: Achim von Borries

Script Writer: Jürgen Michel

Script Editor: n.n.

Shooting Location: Germany

Majority producer: blue eyes Fiction

Filmography September 2009


FILM NOIR / TV Film Series 3x90 min

Director: n.n.

Script Writer: David Sandreuter

Shooting Location: Spy Story in

Majority producer: blue eyes Fiction

Broadcaster: n.n.

blue eyes Fiction

DARK SERIES is an hommage to the British cult author Peter Cheney, whose work has been

adapted to the screen many times (amongst others ALPHAVILLE, 1965 by Jean-Luc Godard). In the

planned TV-miniseries the books of the famous Dark Series will be explored in an innovative and

modern way. MATRIX meets film noir.

The Englishman, 29-year-old Nick Bloggin, works for a navy enterprise in Amsterdam. He is in love

with Anne-Victorie, a French girl, and wants to marry her. One day he explores a secret game on

his computer that changes his life completely. The fascinating and dangerous world of secret

agents of Europe in the forties comes alive on the screen and becomes more and more seductive

for Nick. Who is behind the game? Who is playing with him? Slowly the boundry between reality

and the film-noir world of the game begins to disappear…

DARK SERIES will be realized as a European co-production for TV.

Further Film- and TV Projects are in development.

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