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A choice you’ll never regret!

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GARAGA has established continuous improvement programs for all its products. As a result of this ongoing quest,

technical specifi cations for various doors are subject to change without notice.

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Virtual Design Centre


Visit our virtual Design Centre to create the Garaga of your

dreams. Upload a photo of your home and then change its

garage door. Choose your Garaga style, your color blends and

add accessories. Dozens of combinations are available to you.

It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s inspiring. See for yourself!

H-Tech, 8’ x 7’, Tundra, Orion windows.

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Tech Series


H-Tech Plus

Top Tech

Cover: H-Tech, 9’ x 8’ 6” and 12’ x 8’ 6”, Tundra, Classic raised panels with Orion

windows (Claystone grids).

Tech Series

H-Tech, 8’ x 7’, Ivory, Classic raised panels.



R-16 insulated aluminum doors

The H-Tech is a 13⁄4 inch thick insulated

aluminum door with an R-16 thermal

resistance rating. It is available in ten

colors and in three styles: raised classic

panels, fl ush or with 2 decorative grooves.

All carry a limited Lifetime Warranty.

Choice! Color!

The value of a home depends to a great extent on its charm and the

attention the owners pay to even the slightest architectural details. Today,

more than ever, the garage door is both a functional and a decorative

element that gives a property character. That’s why the Garaga Tech

Series offers a choice of colors and styles that have the fl exibility to blend

harmoniously with today’s homes. They adapt to enhance the aesthetic

qualities of your environment.

H-Tech Plus,

10’ x 8’,

Terra Brown,

Classic raised

panels with



H-Tech Plus

H-Tech Plus

R-18 insulated aluminum doors

A 2” thick insulated aluminum door, the

H-Tech Plus has an R-18 thermal resistance

rating. It is available in ten colors and in three

styles: raised classic panels, fl ush or with

2 decorative grooves. All carry a limited

Lifetime Warranty.

Top Tech

Top Tech, 16’ x 7’, Tex White, grooved panels.

A choice

you’ll never regret!

Garaga overhead doors have set the standard for quality in

the industry. They are manufactured using the most advanced

technology. Choosing Garaga insulated panels installed with

Dura+ hardware, ThermaBlok TM

perimeter weatherstripping,

and a CarGO TM

garage door opener will provide you with

a system that is truly 100% Garaga. When combined with

professional installation performed by a Garaga specialist, a

system that is 100% Garaga allows our doors to operate with

maximum efficiency for many, many years. We do everything

to ensure that you never regret buying a Garaga!

Top Tech

R-16 insulated steel doors

A 13⁄4” thick insulated steel door with

a light textured finish, the Top Tech gives

a very stylish look to your garage. It comes

in white and in two styles: raised classic

panels or with 2 decorative grooves.

The Top Tech carries a limited

Lifetime Warranty.

A customized beauty

Make your beautiful Garaga a masterpiece, chosen to fit your surroundings.

Put a little of yourself in

your garage door. Choose

decorative accessories that

set you apart and add a

touch of class to your home.

Each 100% Garaga

accessory, designed and

crafted according to our

strict quality requirements,

assures you of flawless

compatibility and

unmatched durability.

CarGOTM Door Openers: Smooth, Quiet and Reliable

The Garaga satisfaction promise – available in door automation systems with the CarGO TM


European-engineered and built to surpass the highest garage door system standards in the industry, the soft

start/soft stop CarGO TM

system guarantees years of smooth and trouble-free operation.

Features & Benefits

Components of a system that is 100% Garaga





14-gauge galvanized steel tracks, bearing the Garaga seal

Reinforced Horizontal Track (on double door only)

Welded anchoring plates holding the door firmly to the wall




Top Tech


H-Tech Plus




th e r M aBLok tM Frame Weatherstripping:

Double lip PVC Frame ThermaBlok TM

weatherstripping with exterior

screw cover.

Metal plate inside the panel:

14-gauge steel reinforcement

plate for hinges, handle and electric

door opener attachment.

23-gauge commercial spec galvanized steel

0.60 mm aluminum

Pressure-Injected polyurethane foam

(R-16; thickness 13/4”)

Pressure-Injected polyurethane foam

(R-18; thickness: 2”)

3 Wood End block (Kiln-dried pine)

4 Flexible Top Weatherstripping

Features Benefits

One piece injected window frame made of polypropylene;

windows are thermopane

CarGO 500e or CarGO 700e; smooth, quiet & reliable garage

door openers




Top Tech


H-Tech Plus















5 6


White Nylon Rollers:

White nylon rollers with

11-ball bearings.

InterLok tM:

Solid Mechanical Interlocking

joint with double contact InterLok TM


Bottom Seal Weatherstripping:

Flexible U weatherstripping.

Garaga door systems help you save energy and

money because the numerous thermal breaks keep

the heat in and the cold out.

Garaga’s outstanding energy conservation leaves

the others out in the cold.

Heavy-duty corrosion-resistant steel or aluminum

doors and Dura+ TM hardware makes it the

longest-lasting garage door system on the market.

Built to withstand extreme Canadian weather and

rough handling; this is the world’s most rugged

garage door system.

Garaga door systems have the lowest average air

infiltration ratings in the industry.

Garaga door systems are versatile for your

renovation projects and special dimensions.


Decorative windows

Standard (21” x 13”)

Clear Glue Chip

Color of frames: White, Claystone, Desert Sand, Dark Sand

and Brown.

Printing Process (21” x 13”)

Empire Caprice

Color of frames: White, Claystone, Desert Sand, Dark Sand

and Brown.

Antique (21” x 13”)

Nottingham Manchester

Color of frames: White, Claystone, Desert Sand, Dark Sand and Brown.

Plastic Inserts (21” x 13”)

Cathedral Sherwood

Orion (21” x 13”)

Williamsburg 8’

Williamsburg 9’ and 10’

Williamsburg 15’ and 16’

Williamsburg 17’ and 18’


Color of frames and inserts: White, Claystone, Desert Sand, Dark Sand

and Brown.

3 lites 4 lites 6 lites

Color of frames and grids: White, Claystone, Desert Sand, Dark Sand

and Brown.

4 lites

Williamsburg 11’ and 12’

Williamsburg 13’ and 14’


H-Tech Plus

Top Tech

Color of frames: White, Claystone, Desert Sand, Dark Sand and Brown.

Color of came: Pewter

Available Colors

White Nordic

Ivory Savana

Tex White

Available size




Terra Brown Universal Brown

Widths: 8’ to 18’ (in 1” increments)

Heights: 4 sections; 6’ 6” to 8’ (in 1” increments) *

* Also available in 9’ and 10’


Door sections: Limited Lifetime

Windows: 10 years

Dura+ hardware: 2 years

Weatherstripping: 1 year

CarGo 700e: Limited Lifetime

CarGo 500e: 15 years

Model Patterns

Classic raised panels


8’ to 18’

Warning: The colors shown on this page are

as exact as printing techniques will allow.

Please request an actual color sample.

8’ 9’ - 10’ 11’ - 12’

13’ - 14’ 15’ - 16’

17’ - 18’

Not available

for Top Tech


8’ to 18’

Heron Blue

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