Salvagnini and its surroundings

Salvagnini and its surroundings

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See, visit and discover with Salvagnini and around Salvagnini

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Police force (Carabinieri) 112

Emergency service 113

Fire brigade 115

Ambulance service 118

CCISS travel information 1518

ACI (Italian Automobile Club)

emergency road service 116

Hospital 0444 753111

Verona Tourist Offi ce (APT) 045 8068680

Vicenza Tourist Offi ce (APT) 0444 544122

Train information 166105050

Civil Airport

Valerio Catullo in Verona 045 8095666

Civil Airport

Marco Polo in Venice 041 2609260


Town hall 0444 720211

Tourist information 0444 830948

Local police 0444 831111

Police force (Carabinieri) 0444 830001

Fire brigade 0444 830222

Forest rangers 0444 831209

Emergency road service 0444 830217

Post offi ce 0444 720511

Railway station 0444 830052

Taxi 0444 830406

First aid 0444 431215

Municipal pharmacy 0444 437015

Via Roma, 1

Private pharmacy (Soresina) 0444 830002

Via Garibaldi, 34

Private pharmacy (Cardi) 0444 830076

Via Garibaldi, 1

USSL Local health service

Headquarters 0444 831022

Piazza Martiri Della Libertà


Useful, handy, quick and easy to use...

This is the fi rst edition of a new, exclusive guide book that Salvagnini

has dedicated to all of you. A book about our places: those where

Salvagnini was born, where it has grown up and where it

continues to create innovation. Places with a long history and

fascinating beauty that captures the eyes. Places you will

want to explore, discover, travel through and talk about.

Salvagnini and its surroundings, Vicenza and Verona,

are the places described in this fi rst Salvagnini guide

book that we have chosen to call “Free Book”. A book in

which the countryside and the cities are described in our

own way, the way we feel them. A book as free as the time

you dedicate to them, for the pure pleasure of travelling.

Salvagnini Free Book is a special guide book. It is a collection of sensations,

memories and writings that it wants to share with you. It wants to guide

you, to walk with you, to take you to discover the tastes and fl avours of

the territory it describes. A special book: handy, quick,

pleasing and easy to read; a book that does not want to be

extensive but concentrated. A book entirely dedicated

to travelling. This Salvagnini Free Book will take you

to this castle here, to that village or event there; and

who knows where else in its future editions?



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in brief

A brief description of the town,

without claiming to tell you all

about it, but just to give you

some tips on how to discover it


Salvagnini and its surroundings

Villas & castles:

This area is famous for its many

villas, castles and palaces.

Salvagnini has chosen some of

them for you

Art & wine

A section dedicated to the

pleasure of tasting wine,

surrounded by beautiful art and

amazing architecture

Not to be missed

The year 2007 is rich in events:

Salvagnini has chosen some of


in brief

Advice, suggestions and ideas,

especially for those who are

visiting Verona for the first time

them for you...


In this section you will find the

main sports centres in the area


Some useful addresses for those who

want to stay here longer and enjoy

the countryside, art and culture

Restaurants and trattorias

Restaurants and trattorias

where you can taste the

excellent local food

Your notes

And to finish the Salvagnini Free

Book, a few blank pages for you to

write your own travel notes

You are here

Salvagnini and its surroundings

Villas and castles - Villa Fracanzan Piovene

Villa Fracanzan Piovene is an

important work by Francesco

Muttoni (1668 - 1747), the architect

from Lugo, who came to Vicenza at

the end of the 17th century.

The monumental baroque structure,

rare in the Veneto, is famous for

its many decorative elements in

the Palladian tradition. A large

barchessa with twelve arches

connects the villa

to the old 13th

century courtyard.

The museum on

“Everyday life and

work in the villa”,

the farm buildings,

the collections

of farm tools

and old tractors and the

chamberlain’s house will allow you

to breathe the atmosphere of the

past. The countryside around the

villa is glorious.


Villa Fracanzan Piovene

Francesca Giusti Piovene

Via San Francesco, 2

36040 Orgiano (VI)

Tel. 02 72003658

Fax 0444 874589

Time necessary

2 hours or more


Only guided visits are allowed.

They take 1 hour and include: the

villa, the museum on “Everyday

life and work in the villa”, the

farm buildings, the collections of

farm tools and old tractors and

the chamberlain’s house.

At the end of the guided visit,

you can take a free walk in the

park and gardens.

Opening hours

From March 15 to November 1

on Sundays and public holidays

From 3.00 to 7.00 p.m.

Salvagnini and its surroundings

Villas and castles - Villa Pisani Ferri “Rocca Pisana”

This villa, built by Vittore

Pisani in 1576, was designed

by Palladio’s pupil Vincenzo

Scamozzi. It was built on a hill

near Lonigo, on the ruins of a

fort called the Rocca, destroyed

by Ezzelino da Romano, after

which it was named. Pisani

chose this pleasant place as

a refuge from the humidity

and malaria of the rice fields

in Bagnolo. A dome is placed

on a cube with incredible

elegance. The Roman stairs

on the main façade lead to the

neoclassical pronaos with six

Ionian columns, the toothed

tympanum and the octagonal

dome on top of it. A picturesque

effect is obtained by alternating

light and shadow, fullness

and emptiness. The sides are

dominated by the serliane, the

16th century version of the

classical style. The magnificent

view over the plain on clear

days may reach as far as the

Apennines. Light fills the large

round hall inside the villa

through the open dome, lightly

touching the walls with their

niches and windows.


Villa Pisani Ferri “Rocca Pisana”

Via Rocca, 1

36045 Lonigo (VI)

Tel. 0444 831625

Fax 049 8765819

Time necessary

1 hour or more


In spring and autumn. To book a

visit, please call 0444 831625.

Opening hours

From March 1 to November 6,

every Tuesday from 3.00

to 5.30 p.m.

Salvagnini and its surroundings

Art & Wine - Piovene Porto Godi Alessandro

The old name of Toara, a lovely

historical place near Vicenza, was

Thovara (good land). Vines have

been grown and wine produced

here since the 15th century. The

vineyards extend from the foot of

the hill up to about 250 meters

above sea level.

The grapes grown are red Tocai,

the traditional and exclusive wine

of the Beric hills, Cabernet Franc

and Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon,

white Pinot and Garganega.

The famous white Campigie is a

Sauvignon obtained from

well-ripened grapes, matured

in wooden barrels for six

months; there is an excellent

red Cabernet; the Pozzare is

a mixture of Cabernet Franc

and Sauvignon, aged in small

barrels of French oak for

more than a year. Very good results

have been obtained with the

Merlot “Fra i Broli”, with its deep

and intense aroma, obtained from

three different clones of Merlot and

aged in barrels for fi fteen months.

But it is the red Tocai, the local

variety par excellence of the Beric

hills, which the company bets on to

create the wine of the territory.


Piovene Porto Godi Alessandro

Via Villa, 14

36020 Toara di Villaga (VI)

Tel. 0444 885142

Fax 0444 885142



Fostine Sauvignon Colli Berici

doc, Polveriera Pinot bianco

Colli Berici doc, Pozzare

Cabernet Colli Berici doc,

Polveriera rosso Veneto igt,

Fra I Broli Merlot Colli Berici doc.

Typical product

Tocai Colli Berici doc red

Time necessary

2 hours or more


Booking essential

Opening hours

From Monday to Friday:

9.00 - 12.00 / 14.00 - 18.00


9.00 - 12.00

Salvagnini and its surroundings

Art & Wine - Villa Pigafetta Camerini also known as “Villa Montruglio”

After the main gate, a path

leads uphill and through a

centuries-old park of ash

and pine trees and cedars of


After the last bend and the rich

wrought-iron gate appears the

villa Camerini Pigafetta, also

called “Villa Montruglio”, with

a large front lawn geometrically

delimited by the walls. The

villa was originally designed by

the architect Antonio Pizzocaro

in 1680.

The chapel which looks

towards the valley and the

singular tympanum on the

top of the façade were added

in the second decade of the

18th century. Both have been

attributed to Francesco Antonio


The statues on the façade

are probably from the famous

Marinali school.

The central hall on the first

floor is decorated with frescoes

by Francesco Aviani, which are

some of the few documented

works of the artist.


Villa Pigafetta Camerini

Via Montruglio, 9

Mossano (VI)

Tel. 0444 886838



Tocai Rosso,

Tocai Bianco,


Time necessary

2 hours or more


The villa can be visited from

May to October. To book a visit,

please call 0444 886838.

You can visit the park, the two

central halls (the entrance and

the frescoed hall on the fi rst

fl oor), the Arms Hall on the

ground fl oor of the Barchessa

and the Olympus Hall on the

fi rst fl oor of the Barchessa.

Opening hours

Free entrance every fi rst

Wednesday of the month, from

10.00 to 12.00 noon.

Salvagnini and its surroundings

Art & Wine - Villa Dal Ferro-Lazzarini

The company was founded in

1961, around a charming 15th

century villa, which had no

vineyards at that time. The

first vineyards were planted by

Alfredo Lazzarini in 1962 on

the southern slopes of the Beric

hills at about 280 meters above

sea level, on an undulating

surface of about 10 hectares.

The grapes grown are Merlot,

Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon,

White Pinot and Rhine Riesling.

In 1996, a new and modern

vineyard was planted on the

“ashes” of the old Black Pinot

Nero, on a flat surface of about

3.5 hectares facing south-east

that could easily be irrigated,

a real boost for the Company.

The vineyards are managed by

Pamela Lazzarini

who is also in charge

of making and

subsequently selling

the wine, together

with oenologist

Giuseppe Carcereri

De Prati.


Azienda Agricola

Villa dal Ferro-Lazzarini Soc.s.

Via Chiesa 23

36040 S. Germano dei Berici (VI)

Tel. 0444 868025

Fax 0444 868638


Reference person:

Pamela Lazzarini


Merlot “Campo del Lago”,

Cabernet “Le Rive Rosse”,

Pinot “Bianco del Rocolo”,

Merlot “Il Massi”,

Pinot “Blatià”,

Cabernet Riserva “Alfredo Lazzarini”

Time necessary

1 hour or more

Opening hours

Booking essential.

Salvagnini and its surroundings

Not to be missed - Events in 2007

March 2007 - Lonigo

10 th exhibition of the wines of the

Beric hills

For information please call 0444 720237

March 2007 - Lonigo

“La corte dei sapori”

Exhibition of local wines and cuisine

For information please call 0444 720237

9 th April 2007

Montebello Vicentino, Selva

38th Gambellara wine exhibition

For information please call 0444 444183

4 th to 8 th May 2007


Rose festival

For information please call 0444 790001

12 th and 13 th May

18 th to 21 st May 2007


“Bisi” festival

Traditional village festival

where you can taste the

“bisi” (peas) of Lumignano.

For information please call 0444 953399

May 2007

Noventa Vicentina

Barbarigo’s Noventa

Historical festival with medieval music.

Exhibition of fl owers and plants. For

information please call 0444 788520

May 2007

Costozza di Longare (VI)

Villa Da Schio in bloom

Exhibition and market of fl owers

and plants in the beautiful terraced

gardens of the Villa Da Schio. For

information please call: Verde Rame,

tel. 049 662042

30 th June and 1 st ,6 th , 7 th and 8 th July

Nanto, Brazzolaro

8 th ham festival

For information please call 0444 638188

End of July / beginning of August in

Montecchio Maggiore

Villa Cordellina Lombardi

“Dinner under the stars”

Traditional outdoor dinner in

the beautiful surroundings of the

Villa Cordellina Lombardi. For

information please call 0444 908111

July and August 2007

Montecchio Maggiore

Romeo’s Castle

Summer Opera Festival

Cinema, dance and theatre

outdoors, in the glorious medieval

surroundings of the castle known

as “Romeo’s Castle”. For information

please call 0444 705737

From 14 th to 18 th September 2007

Grumolo delle Abbadesse

21 st Rice Festival

Rice specialities and entertainment.

For information please call 0444 380147

From 20 th to 23 rd September 2007


80 th Gambellara Grape and

Recioto Festival and 7 th

Gambellara Wine Festival

For information please call 0444 444183

From 24 th to 30 th September 2007

Sandrigo - 20 th Baccalà festival

Stands with dried salted cod, shows

and exhibitions. For information

please call 0444 658148

5 th November 2007


Music and New Wine

Presentation of the year’s new wine

and music. For information please

call 0444 720237

Salvagnini and its surroundings

Sports - Sports centres

Golf Club

Golf Club Vicenza S.r.l.

36051 Creazzo (VI)

Via Carpaneda, 5

Tel. 0444 340448

This natural paradise just a few

minutes from the centre of Vicenza,

the Vicenza Golf Club, situated

at the foot of the gentle hills that

surround the town, offers you

the possibility to practise this

fascinating sport in attractive


The old castle of the Scola -

Camerini with the castles of Romeo

and Juliet in the background and

the beautiful residence of the Loschi

- Zileri family, frescoed by Tiepolo,

surround this golf course along with

small lakes where grey herons and

other migrating birds stop for a rest.

How to get there

Follow the SP 500 main road to the

crossroads with the SR 11, take the

SR 11 state road towards Vicenza

until the sign indicating Creazzo.

Sports centres

Enny S.r.l. - Bowling

36075 Montecchio Maggiore (VI)

Via Nogara, 9

Tel. 0444 492280

Tennis Club Lonigo

36045 Lonigo (VI)

Via S. Marina, 14

Tel. 0444 831400

Tennis Montecchio Maggiore

36075 Montecchio Maggiore (VI)

Via Del Vigo, 11

Tel. 0444 697417

Swimming pools

Piscine di Vicenza

36100 Vicenza

Viale Ferrarin, 71

Tel. 0444 924868


37017 Lazise sul Garda (VR)

Via Fossalta, 1

Tel. 045 69 69 900

Open: from April to September

Terme di Giunone

S.S. 11 (Vicenza-Verona)

Caldiero (VR)

Tel. 045 6151288

Open: from April to September

Piscina Comunale Lonigo

36045 Lonigo (VI)

Via Turati, 7

Tel. 0444 833131


Centro Sport Palladio

36100 Vicenza (VI)

Via Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto, 29

Tel. 0444 963466

fax 0444 963466

with swimming pool

Pianeta Benessere Fitness Club

Associazione Sportiva

37047 San Bonifacio (VR)

Via Fermi Enrico, 75

Tel. 045 6104403

Fitness First

36100 Vicenza

Strada Padana verso Padova, 60

c/o Centro Commerciale “Palladio”

Tel. 0444 914600

fax 0444 914003

vicenza@fi tnessfi tnessfi

Palestra Movendum Fitness

Aquagym Estetica Danza

36045 Lonigo (VI)

Viale Vicenza, 26

Tel. 0444 835778

Cinemas and cinema complexes

Multisala Cinematografi ca Roma

36100 Vicenza (VI)

Stradella Dei Filippini, 2

Tel. 0444 525350

Warner Village Le Piramidi

36040 Torri Di Quartesolo (VI)

Via Brescia, 1

Tel. 0444 268000

Cinema Cristallo Teatro Multisala

37047 San Bonifacio (VR) - Corso

Italia, 9 - Tel. 045 7610171

Salvagnini and its surroundings

Accommodation - Hotels

Tasting & Savoring - Restaurants and trattorias

Trattoria Locanda Isetta

36040 Grancona (VI) - V. Pederiva, 96

Tel. 0444 889521

fax 0444 889521

In the hills but near main roads and

the town centres of Vicenza, Alte,

Montecchio Maggiore and Lonigo,

Trattoria Isetta has been offering

good food and hospitality for three

generations now. According to the

local tradition, you will be invited

to the kitchen to see the meat (for

instance, the famous Tuscan steaks

known as fi orentine) that will

subsequently be grilled for you.

Closed on Tuesday evenings and


€: 30-60

Drinks excluded

Ristorante Alle Acque

36045 Lonigo (VI) - V. Acque, 9

Tel. 0444 832844

The restaurant is situated in the

hills with a beautiful view of the

plain. It offers creative cuisine

based on traditional recipes such

as dried salted cod with fried

polenta and stewed onions, pumpkin

sauce with scallops and creamy

mozzarella, onion-scented roast

venison and crispy tiramisu.

The cellar has 200 Italian and

foreign wines.

Closed on Tuesdays

€: 30-35

Drinks excluded

Best Western Hotel Tre Torri

36077 Altavilla (VI)

Via Tavernelle, 71

Tel. 0444 572411

Albergo Ristorante Alle Acque

36045 Lonigo (VI)

Via Acque, 9

Tel. 0444 729172

Tel. 0444 436043

Trattoria La Rocca Leonicena

36045 Lonigo (VI) - V. Rocca, 6

Tel. 0444 832117

This restaurant is situated in the

green hills of Lonigo, near the

Villa La Rocca. The art deco style

rooms are decorated with frescoes.

The cuisine offers traditional local

dishes but the speciality of the

restaurant is horse meat prepared

in a variety of ways, from pastissada

(stew) to fi llet steak and tagliatelle

with meat sauce.

Closed on Tuesday evenings and


€: 20-30

Drinks excluded

Hotel Giberti Srl

37122 Verona (VR)

Via Giberti, 7

Tel. 045 8006900

fax 045 8001955

Albergo Ristorante Corte Quadri

36045 Lonigo (VI)

Via Pontespin, 17

Tel. 0444 834008

Ristorante Corte Quadri

36045 Lonigo (VI) - V. Pontespin 17/L

Tel. 0444 834008

fax 0444 832281

The restaurant offers a

sophisticated menu as well as

traditional dishes based on fi sh

and meat such as squid fi lled with

radicchio, vegetable tortellini,

potato gnocchi with scallop sauce,

roast beef in red wine sauce. Large

choice of wines

Closed on Sunday evenings and


€: 25-50

Drinks excluded

Vicenza in brief

Not to be missed - The town

Teatro Olimpico

The Teatro Olimpico, one of the

world’s most beautiful theatres, was

built in 1580.

S. Corona

The churches of Vicenza contain

extraordinary artistic treasures: in

the gothic temple of S. Corona you

can admire the “Baptism of Christ”,

G.B. Bellini’s masterpiece, the

“Adoration of the Magi” by P. Veronese

and an enchanting view of Vicenza by


Piazza dei Signori

Piazza dei Signori, as it is now,

is the result of many centuries

of history that have left indelible

traces in the main town square.

It is dominated by the marble

Basilica or the “Palace of Justice”

(built in 1549), the marvellous

masterpiece by A. Palladio who

also built the beautiful Loggia

del Capitaniato (1571) facing the


Corso Palladio

The Palazzo Braschi Brunello

and the Palazzo da Schio, also

called Cà d’Oro, belong to the most

elegant gothic period; the Cogollo

residence built by Palladio and the

Palazzo Trissino, now the Town

Hall, built by V. Scamozzi, belong

to the Renaissance; the Palazzo

Zileri by O. Calderari and all the

palaces in Corso Palladio date from

the 17 th century. This important

street begins with the Palazzo

Bonin Thiene Longare and the

Palazzo Chiericati.

Situated in the green plain of

the Veneto, at the foot of the

Beric hills where the rivers

Retrone and Bacchiglione

meet, the town of Vicenza is

universally known as the “town

of Palladio”, rich in art, splendid

architecture and harmonious


Basilica di Monte Berico

The Basilica of Monte Berico, built

where the Virgin Mary appeared

to Vincenza Pasini during the


plague, is visited

by millions of

pilgrims every


La Rotonda

On the hills or

in the plains

around the town, the nobles of

Vicenza have built some of the most

beautiful villas of the Veneto: for

instance, the Valmarana ai Nani

(“of the dwarves”), decorated by

Giambattista and Giandomenico

Tiepolo, and the famous Rotonda

built by Andrea Palladio. A writer

said that, more than a villa, the

Rotonda has the grandeur of a temple

erected to nature, art and beauty by

a man from Vicenza who was rightly

called ‘the prince of architects”.

Internet sites

Vicenza in brief

Not to be missed - Shows and events in 2007


Until February 25 th 2007 - Gallerie di

Palazzo Leoni Montanari

East-West: Pages of art and culture

in Palazzo Leoni Montanari.

Exhibition: “The thirteenth century:

two Russian icons”

Gallerie di Palazzo Leoni Montanari

For information please call 800 578875


Until March 22 th

Lonigo, Teatro comunale

Theatre Season 2006/2007

For information please call 0444 835010

From March 3 rd to April 14t h 2007

Vicenza Fair - Vicenza Dance 2007

International Dance Show - 11 th


For information please call:

Arteven, tel. 041 5074711


September - October 2007

Teatro Olimpico

60 th Cycle of Classical Theatre at the

Teatro Olimpico

For information please call 041

2402011 - 0444 222101


February 2, 21 - March 2, 14 and 23

- April 27, 28 and 29, 2007

Auditorium Canneti and Teatro

Olimpico - 97 th Concert Season

April 27, 28 and 29: Andràs Schiff

and his friends. Homage to Palladio,

10 th Edition - Società del Quartetto

and Amici della Musica di Vicenza

For information please call 0444 543729

From May 12 th to 19 th 2007

“New Conversations - Vicenza Jazz

2007” - 12 th edition

One of the most important national

jazz festivals, promoted by the Town

Council of Vicenza and by Trivellato

Mercedes Benz. Art director

Riccardo Brazzale has chosen to

dedicate this year’s edition of the

festival to Caribbean and South-

American jazz


June 2007

Teatro Olimpico

Musical Weeks at the Teatro

Olimpico - 15 th edition

For information please call 0444 302425

June-July 2007 (every week-end)

Province of Vicenza - “Concerts in

Villa” - XXIV Music festival

Classical music with the beautiful

villas of the Veneto as a backdrop;

the theme of this year’s festival is

fi re, and, for the fi rst time this year,

the concerts will be held at the Villa

Diedo in Breganze and the Rocca

Pisana in Lonigo, with the traditional

closing concert in the Villa

Cordellina Lombardi in Montecchio

Maggiore. For information please call

0444 908159.

Information about events

Provincia di Vicenza

Tourist offi ce

Piazza Matteotti, 12

Tel. 0444 320854

Fax 0444 327072

Piazza dei Signori, 8

Tel. 0444 544122

Fax 0444 325001

Internet sites

Vicenza in brief

Not to be missed - Shows and events in 2007


Every second Sunday of the month

(except in July and August) in the

town centre: Antique and collectors’


For information please call 0444 323863

Sunday May 27 th 2007

Vicenza and province: Open wine


The theme of the event: the local

wine, the territory and its people.

The local wine producers open the

doors of their wine cellars for the

public to taste their best wines.

For information please call 0444


September 2007

Vicenza, Monte Berico

Celebrations and music along the

arcades and around the Sanctuary

of Monte Berico

Assessorato alle Attività Culturali. For

information please call 0444 222101

September 8 th 2007

Dinner “Cena dei Oto - Ristorante


To celebrate the Birth of Mary,

this special dinner is served in

Corso Palladio, in the magical

atmosphere created by the palaces

and monuments of the town’s main

street. For information please call

0444 222101

From 14 th to 16 th December

Local food festival in the town square

For information please call 0444 569933

6 th - 7 th and 13 th - 14 th October

8 th Feast of “Baccalà alla Vicentina”

(Dried salted cod)

For information please call 0444 926988

From 1 st to 7 th October 2007

Throughout the province

Open distilleries

The whole week is dedicated

to activities connected with

grappa (the local brandy) and the

traditional art of distilling. For

information please call 0444 994750

7 th - 9 th December

Sweet tastes of Christmas

For information please call 0444 569933

Second half of December

Vicenza, squares in the town centre.

Christmas Market and Craft Market.

Assessorato allo sviluppo economico

For information please call 0444 221978

Information about events

Provincia di Vicenza

Tourist offi ce

Piazza Matteotti, 12

Tel. 0444 320854

Fax 0444 327072

Piazza dei Signori, 8

Tel. 0444 544122

Fax 0444 325001

Internet sites

Vicenza in brief

Tasting & Savoring - Restaurants and trattorias


Contra’ S. Stefano, 3

Tel. 0444 323721

Local cuisine

Informal atmosphere

Closed on Sundays and Monday mornings

€: 30-40

Drinks excluded


Contra’ Jacopo Cabianca, 13

Tel. 0444 326168

Refi ned and creative cuisine

Elegant atmosphere

Closed on Sundays

€: 20-40

Drinks excluded

Ristorante agli Schioppi

Contra’ Piazza Castello, 24

Tel. 0444 543701

Classical cuisine

Informal atmosphere

Closed on Saturday evenings and


€: 20-35

Drinks excluded

Amici Miei

Piazza delle Biade, 6

Tel. 0444 321061

Refi ned and creative cuisine

Elegant atmosphere

Closed on Sundays

€: 30-50

Drinks excluded

De Gobbi

Via Olmo, 52 - Creazzo(VI)

Tel. 0444 520509

Local cuisine

Elegant atmosphere

Closed on Fridays and Saturday


€: 25-35

Drinks excluded

Ristorante Lo Storione

Strada Pasubio, 64

Tel. 0444 566244


Elegant atmosphere

Closed on Sundays

€: 50-70

Drinks excluded

Internet sites

Verona in brief

Not to be missed - The town

The city walls have protected

precious gems of art, history

and culture for more than

two thousand years. These

extraordinary remains provide

a unique and charming setting

for both its citizens and visitors

from all over the world. The city’s

historical and cultural heritage

has enchanted artists and

travelers throughout the ages.


The Arena amphitheatre is the

most famous monument in Verona

and is a must-see for all the visitors

that come here from all over the

world. Located in Piazza Bra’, the

amphitheatre of Verona dates back

to the 1st century A.D., between

the end of the Empire of Augustus

and that of Claudius. It is the third

biggest amphitheatre in Italy after

the Colosseum and the Capua

amphitheatre and has an elliptical

shape in order to guarantee perfect

acoustics from each point and to

hold a great number of spectators.

Juliet’s House

“There is no world outside the walls

of Verona”: the words of William

Shakespeare have made Verona

eternal, thanks to the tragedy of the

two young lovers, Romeo Montague

and Juliet Capulet. The sad story

of their love takes place in two

particular places, Juliet’s house and

Juliet’s tomb. The Capulet house,

better known as Juliet’s House, dates

back to the 13th century. It is a tower

house that belonged for a long time to

the Dal Cappello family: their coat of

arms can be found on the arch inside

the courtyard. The bare brick façade

is decorated by elegant three-lobe

windows, one of which is the famous

balcony from which Juliet is said to

have talked to Romeo.

Church of San Zeno

The San Zeno cathedral is without

doubt one of the most beautiful

Romanesque churches in Italy. The

intense colours given by the tuff

stone, used alone or alternated with

brick, imprints itself immediately on

the minds of visitors. San Zeno, of

African origin, was the 8th Bishop of

Verona (about 362-380). The original

church was restored during the 6th


Church of San Lorenzo

Outside the walls of the Roman

Verona, near to Porta dei Borsari, in

the area between Via Postumia (now

Corso Cavour) and the right banks

of the Adige, arises a cathedral of

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Verona in brief

Not to be missed - The town

enormous historical and artistic

importance, dedicated to San

Lorenzo. Presumably belonging to

the era of San Zeno (4th century),

it was radically restored after an

earthquake in 1117 and a transept,

ladies’ galleries and scalar towers

were added.

Duomo architectural complex

What you see today of the

Cathedral dedicated to St. Maria

Assunta is the fi nal result of several

interventions that have been

carried out to the edifi ce along

the centuries, both in terms of

location and architecture. Rather

than being a single building, the

Cathedral is an architectural

complex, formed of S. Giovanni in

Fonte and S. Elena. It is of great

artistic and architectural interest.

Roman Theatre

One of the greatest Roman

complexes in northern Italy; from

its location facing the curve in the

Adige, you can grasp the city in all

its extension. It was necessary to

adapt the side of the hill to build it;

following the Greek examples, the

steps for the audience were created

by digging an inverted semicircular

cone in the hillside.

Giusti Gardens

The Giusti Gardens are the only

16th century Italian gardens

present in Verona. A green island

10 minutes from the Arena, where

you can fi nd collections of fl owers,

important Roman remains and an

impressive lane of cypress trees

which preserves all its original

characteristics untouched.

Piazza delle Erbe over

the centuries

Piazza delle Erbe was the core of the

civil, economic, social and religious

life of Verona for many centuries,

from the days of the Romans to the

days of Della Scala family. Today you

can still recognize the symbols of

the past in the numerous remains,

palaces and architectural elements

of a stratifi ed puzzle that has

witnessed numerous changes in the

shape, appearance and functions of

one of the most signifi cant squares

in Verona.

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Verona in brief

Not to be missed - Exhibitions and Events 2007



Il Settimo Splendore - Art exhibition

with paintings from ‘400 to ‘900

Info: 199 199 111



Concert Season

Classical music

Info: 045 914729


Philharmonic season

Opera, ballet and symphonic music

Info: 045 8005151


I Concerti Della Domenica (Sunday

concerts) - Classical music

Info: 045 8035173



Verona Jazz

Jazz Festival in the Roman Theatre

Info: 045 8077201

End of June-end of August

Opera Festival in the Roman Arena

Info: 045 8005151

All year round

Pop Music Concerts




Shakespeare Festival


Info: 045 8077201


Camploy Theatre - Festival of

Amateur Dramatics

Info: 045 8008184


L’altro Teatro - Theatre and dance

Info: 045 8008184


Il Grande Teatro - Theatre

Info: 045 8077201


Divertiamoci a Teatro

Theatre and Dance

Info: 045 8006100


Festival Atlantide

Music, words and dance

Info: 045 8006100


Market of the 3 As

3rd Saturday of the Month

Art, Antiques and artisans

Piazza San Zeno

Info: 045 8078575



800 shows and events

around the Province of Verona

Info: 045 8006100 - 045 9288486

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Province of Verona

Tourist Information Offi ce

Via degli Alpini, 9 - 37121 Verona

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Verona in brief

Tasting & Savoring - Restaurants and trattorias

12 Apostoli

Vicolo Corticella San Marco, 3

Tel. 045 596999

Refi ned and creative cuisine

Elegant environment

Closed on Sunday evenings

and Mondays

€: 50-65

Drinks not included

Oste Scuro

Vicolo S. Silvestro, 10

Tel. 045 592650

Refi ned and creative cuisine - seafood

Informal environment

Closed on Sundays and Monday mornings

€: 50-65

Drinks not included

La Bottega del Vino

Tel. 045 8004535

Local cuisine

Informal environment

Telephone to make a reservation

€: 50-65

Drinks not included

Trattoria al pompiere

Tel. 045 8030537

Local cuisine

Informal environment

Closed on Sundays and

Monday mornings

€: 35-50

Drinks are not included

Il Cenacolo

Via Teatro Filarmonico, 10

Tel. 045 592288

Local cuisine

Informal environment

Closed on Monday mornings and Tuesdays

€: 35-50

Drinks not included

Trattoria Giovanni Rana

Piazza Brà, 16

Tel. 045 8002464

Local cuisine

Elegant environment

Closed on Sunday evenings and


€: 50-65

Drinks not included

Osteria del Duca

Via Arche Scaligere, 2

Tel. 045 594474

Classical cuisine

Informal environment - Closed on

Sundays and Tuesday mornings

€: 20-30

Drinks not included

Trattoria La Taverna di Via Stella

Via Stella, 5c

Tel. 045 8008008

Classic cuisine

Informal environment

Closed on Monday mornings and


€: 20-30

Drinks not included

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