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Picking and Sortation System The H.T. Hackney ... - ViaStore Systems


Picking and Sortation System

The H.T. Hackney Company

Grand Rapids, MI, USA


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New Installations

Initial Situation

For over 100 years H.T. Hackney pro -

vides its customers with everything

they need to be successful in today's

increasingly competitive market. As

one of the largest wholesale distributors

in the United States, Hackney services

over 20,000 retail customers and

stocks over 25,000 products. Hackney

uses cutting edge technologies and

sets their own industry standard. The

H.T. Hackney Company wanted to be

the best. They were picking only one

truck load at a time. They had a

manual merge point that was a

bottleneck in their system. They ex -

panded operations and added automation

to their Grand Rapids, MI

facility. viastore systems, Inc. helps

them achieve their goals.

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25% increase in productivity with

a new Picking and Sortation System

System Solution

The new operation was designed working

backwards. Hackney wanted to be able to stock

three truck loads to three dock doors at one

time. They built a new building that was

160,000 square feet and had ceiling clearance

of 32 feet. They added selection zones that

were three levels high and put the entire conveyor

system in one bay. They also hung that

conveyor system completely from the ceiling in

order to maximize space and utilize the floor

space underneath. The pick zones were located

close to the conveyor system. Pick routes were

shortened. Without a huge conveyor system

they are able to stage orders up to ¾ of the

required load at a time. Wave picking was

implemented to pick the three loads at one

time. Multiple levels of pick zones and a sort -

ation system that puts waves together in order

by dock door allowed an increase in efficiency.

The Result

In the first two years Hackney never had one truck

that was late for delivery. Orders are delivered the

next day. After three years they had the same

amount of people producing more. Cost per unit

went down 25% increase in productivity in the

first three months.

Scope of Supply:

Multiple Level Pick Module

Multiple Level Saw-tooth Merge

Sortation: High Speed Wheel Sorter

Operator Interface

Upper Level Software interface

Remote Diagnostic Capabilities

Essential Features:

New building with 160,000 sq ft.

Ceiling clearance of 32 ft.

Contact: Tel. 616 977 3950 · info.us@viastore.com · www.us.viastore.com

viastore systems Inc. · 4890 Kendrick SE · Grand Rapids · Michigan 49512

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