Method Snowboard Magazine 13-2

The cover story of the volume 13 issue two of the Method Snowboard Magazine is about the Yes Crew and their last days in Hok-Kaido. They went to a secret pillow zone where no one ever goes to. The hole issue is dedicated to Japan and the powder that can be found in this beautiful country.

The cover story of the volume 13 issue two of the Method Snowboard Magazine is about the Yes Crew and their last days in Hok-Kaido. They went to a secret pillow zone where no one ever goes to. The hole issue is dedicated to Japan and the powder that can be found in this beautiful country.


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photo: sean sullivan<br />

blunt pressing, tail<br />

tweaking, log jamming,<br />

small child bonking,<br />

you name it, this board<br />

delivers.<br />


“TBt, THE ORigINal<br />

HYBrId CAmBEr THaT<br />







JED<br />




P: Oli Gagnon<br />

P: Oli Gagnon


design unlikely futures / analogclothing.com<br />

Check out Mikkel in , out now / photos by Dean Blotto Gray

photo: endo tsutomo<br />

rider: yuta kiohara<br />

spot: hakuba, japan<br />

trick: yukiita slash<br />



photo: endo tsutomo<br />

rider: yuta kobayashi & kyota miyake<br />

spot: nagano, japan<br />

trick: double trouble<br />



“The world is a book and those who<br />

do not travel read only one page.”<br />

- St. Augustine<br />

Wise words from the blessed patron<br />

of brewers and printers. Words to<br />

live by. You see, the world is indeed<br />

your oyster, if you chose to make it so.<br />

But you must also understand that<br />

traveling isn’t easy. It’s taxing on the<br />

body, mind and soul. It will strip you<br />

of control and force you into situations<br />

that might be uncomfortable, at<br />

times even downright dangerous. It<br />

will expose you to both the kindness<br />

and cruelty we are all capable of.<br />

Yet despite all this, traveling will<br />

change your life forever, for the better.<br />

It will teach you so very much, it will<br />

show you how beautiful our blue<br />

planet is, how varied human cultures<br />

and habits are and how similar we<br />

are despite those differences. All this<br />

learning doesn’t come cheap though,<br />

but it is precisely the trials and tribulations<br />

that make traveling so special.<br />

Nothing worthwhile ever came easy,<br />

so roll with the punches, keep moving<br />

and you’ll be a better human for it.<br />

This issue is dedicated to Japan, a<br />

faraway land populated by an honorable<br />

people whose fascinating culture<br />

and delicious food (not to mention ridiculous<br />

amounts of powder) should<br />

be experienced by every snowboarder<br />

on the planet. We love Japan and we<br />

hope to return many more times.<br />

As Tolkien once said, “not all those<br />

who wander are lost”.<br />

Now go wander!<br />

– TAG<br />

EDIT<br />

-ORIAL<br />

on one of our last days in hokkaido,<br />

clint allan arranged<br />

for us (the yes crew) to visit his<br />

cousin who owns a snowcat<br />

and could take us to a secret<br />

pillow zone that no one ever<br />

goes to. we’d been sessioning a<br />

section of the zone which was<br />

already super sick but when<br />

tadashi went for a walk around<br />

the corner he found the most<br />

badass pillow line we’d seen so<br />

far. it looked borderline undoable<br />

with the steps being so far<br />

apart, but the snow was tits deep<br />

and tadashi is a ninja — i’ve gotten<br />

used to seeing fuse-san do<br />

crazy shit without showing any<br />

sign of fear or hesitation. just as<br />

the storm took a breather to let<br />

some sunshine poke through the<br />

clouds, tadash styled a fat ollie<br />

off the top pillow and pointed it<br />

down the line before disappearing<br />

in a cloud of cold smoke.<br />

– Phil Tifo<br />

camera: nikon d-300<br />

lens: 12mm<br />

aperture: f/4.5<br />

speed: 1/1600 iso 200<br />

rider: tadashi fuse<br />

trick: crushing pillows<br />

spot: hokkaido, japan<br />

date: 01/22/2012 @ <strong>13</strong>:36<br />

-----------------<br />

Photo: Liam Gallagher<br />

<strong>13</strong>.2<br />

18<br />

volume<br />

thirteen<br />

issue<br />

two<br />


EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Thomaz Autran Garcia<br />

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EDITORIAL INTERN: Franziska Porst<br />

franzi@methodmag.com<br />

wEb REPORTER: Klaus Lotto<br />


Daniel Blom, Oli Gagnon<br />


Ray Barbee, Ben Birk, Carlos Blanchard, Jeff Curtes,<br />

Perico Dominguez, Andoni Epelde, Joel Fraser, Liam<br />

Gallagher, Kazuhi Kokitayama, Justin L’Heureux,<br />

Alex Mertz, Dasha Nosova, Taro Omagari, Ahriel<br />

Povich, Daniel Rönnbäck, Frode Sandbech, Ke Sato,<br />

Yves Suter, Phil Tifo, Endo Tsutomo, Lenn Verjans,<br />

Kevin Westenbarger, Hiroyuki Yamada, Mike<br />

Yoshida, Rip Zinger.<br />


Johannes Brenning, Jesse Burtner, David Carrier-<br />

Porcheron, Jeff Curtes, Chris de Campo, Joel Fraser,<br />

Marko Grilc, Eiki Helgason, Halldor Helgason, Louif<br />

Paradis, Ian Thrashmore, Phil Tifo.<br />

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<strong>13</strong>.2<br />



5 things<br />

HANA<br />

B EAMAN<br />

-----------------<br />

Hana has plenty of rad-itude, corked out<br />

back fiver in Whistler.<br />

photo: justin l’heureux<br />

5 things<br />

5 things you won’t put in your<br />

mouth<br />

- Razor blades<br />

- Assholes<br />

- Dog poop<br />

- Vagine<br />

- Fish hooks<br />

5 things you always have with you<br />

on the mountain<br />

- Knife<br />

- Phone/camera<br />

- Avalanche beacon<br />

- Tampons<br />

- Snacks<br />

5 things you want to do this<br />

winter<br />

- Double cork<br />

- Backflip<br />

- Have fun<br />

- Big lines<br />

- Not have to fix my sled<br />

20<br />

5 things guys say to you that piss<br />

you off<br />

- I don’t care<br />

- Whatever you wanna do<br />

- Girls are crazy<br />

- Girls suck at snowboarding<br />

- So do you wanna, like, hang or<br />

something?<br />

5 things you would do if you had<br />

10 million euros<br />

- Throw a huge, week-long party<br />

and fly in all my friends from<br />

around the world<br />

- Heliboarding, all the time<br />

- Buy a sailboat and sail it around<br />

the world<br />

- Get a sweet little cabin and just live<br />

- Give my parents an extended holiday<br />

5 reasons why filming for<br />

Intervals was amazing<br />

- On our own schedule<br />

- No contests<br />

- Good friends<br />

- New experiences<br />

- Control<br />

5 things you should never do<br />

while filming<br />

- Spread yourself too thin<br />

- Eat on camera<br />

- Cry<br />

- Piss off the camera guy<br />

- Not try something new<br />

- Talk shit<br />

5 things you think are pointless<br />

- Worrying<br />

- Road rage<br />

- Cooking for 1<br />

- Holding a grudge<br />

- Politicians<br />

5 things you wish were easier<br />

than snowboarding<br />

- Traveling<br />

- Skateboarding<br />

- Surfing<br />

- Love<br />

- Computers<br />

5 people you want to thank<br />

- Mom<br />

- Dad<br />

- Robin Van Gyn<br />

- Tom Sims<br />

- <strong>Method</strong> Mag<br />

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<strong>13</strong>.2<br />




Read the full story on:<br />

www.methodmag.com<br />

my cameras<br />

RIP<br />

Z INGER<br />

How did photography first come<br />

into your life?<br />

Just like any other kid, when your<br />

hero visits your city, you go out with<br />

mom’s camera and shoot some<br />

photos. For me that started with my<br />

freestyle BMX hero, Eddie Fiola, and<br />

taking his pictures in 1984. I got into<br />

skateboarding soon after and started<br />

taking photos of my friends, as well<br />

as for my high school and stuff. It<br />

got serious when I was 19, I got my<br />

first SLR and started shooting with<br />

pro skaters who came to visit Tokyo<br />

from all over the world. Pretty soon I<br />

started shooting snowboarding too,<br />

my equipment got pretty serious,<br />

magazines started buying my shots<br />

and the rest is history…<br />

What is the most important tool you<br />

have as a photographer?<br />

I feel the most important thing<br />

to be able to express yourself or<br />

influence people is having your own<br />

personality. For photographers, it<br />

means having your own perspective,<br />

I believe. I’m not saying I have it, but<br />

it’s good to keep that in mind and<br />

try to look for it in yourself. So the<br />

answer is “find your own angle”.<br />

What makes a photo extraordinary?<br />

I’m like a baby compared to other<br />

snowboard photographers shooting<br />

for this magazine, so I wanna<br />

keep my mouth semi-shut, but I<br />

feel that for me it’s always good to<br />

focus on what’s there, not what’s<br />

not, especially when it comes to<br />

photography and skateboarding.<br />

Shitty conditions, but killing it! Let<br />

the situation breathe and maximize<br />

it. That looseness creates the “gap”<br />

into which you can insert your<br />

originality, I believe.<br />

Who or what inspires you?<br />

Inspiration comes from everything,<br />

I feel. For example, I’m inspired<br />

by this hyper-physical, extremely<br />

talented snowboarder called Terje<br />

Haakonsen. He’s smart about taking<br />

care of his body and he turned my<br />

life upside down. Coconut water,<br />

fresh smoothies, surf and gardening.<br />

Yeah, brah! Over 10 years of yoga<br />

experience gave him the highest air<br />

world record when he was 34 years<br />

old. Eat well and stay strong, be ready<br />

for anything and do the best you can.<br />

I’m doing a totally different thing on<br />

a totally different level from him, but<br />

he always inspires me to do my best.<br />

Totally relaxed and having fun, that<br />

always brings the best results. But<br />

even my friend’s little kid inspires<br />

me. I get inspired by people who<br />

have fun and do what they love.<br />

Skaters, musicians, painters, surfers,<br />

snowboarders, whoever can’t stay in<br />

one place and has to keep moving. I<br />

want to make things happen through<br />

something I can find within myself.<br />

Every day I’m hustling, hustling!!<br />

my cameras<br />

-----------------<br />

photo: ray barbee<br />

24<br />

Biggest differences between<br />

shooting skateboarding and<br />

snowboarding?<br />

Distance and focus. When I’m<br />

snowboarding I ride small things,<br />

like skate-sized features. It’s almost<br />

like skating vert for me. So when<br />

I shoot in the mountains there’s<br />

people flying across the sky like<br />

motocross or something, I can hardly<br />

believe it. The riders always go way<br />

bigger than I thought they would,<br />

which screws up my composition<br />

and focus. Another thing about<br />

snowboarding photos, the apex and<br />

the perfect moment of the trick are<br />

almost never the same. I still want to<br />

get one good shot which conveys the<br />

sound and reality of the moment,<br />

besides the good move by the rider<br />

in the air or surfing the snow. Where<br />

the peak of pressure and peak of<br />

spray coincide. It’s like a challenge,<br />

an infinite desire to take good<br />

pictures in snowy mountains.


THE<br />

BRISSE<br />


<strong>13</strong>.2<br />

FIND OUT<br />

MORE<br />

ABOUT<br />




A4 Distribution + 39 0342 683494 / info@a4distribution.it<br />

<strong>13</strong>.2<br />

2012 / 20<strong>13</strong> CAPiTA SUPER CORPORATION<br />


Danny Davis | Mason | gravisfootwear.com<br />


<strong>13</strong>.2<br />

Order your free <strong>Snowboard</strong> catalogue 2012/<strong>13</strong> now!<br />


posse page<br />

CAR<br />

D ANCHI<br />

posse page<br />

----------------photos:<br />

ke sato<br />

TOP: Neil hanging in the mobile village.<br />

BOTTOM: Shinya, nuts deep pow plow.<br />

32<br />

Read the full story on:<br />

www.methodmag.com<br />

What does the name Car Danchi mean?<br />

(Neil Hartmann) The word “danchi” in Japanese means<br />

apartments! So basically it means “car apartments”, but<br />

it actually has a little more meaning than that. Danchi<br />

refers to older apartments that were built by the<br />

government or a large company and the rent is usually<br />

subsidized. Danchi are generally not a place people<br />

would be excited to live in, you know what I mean? In<br />

New York they have something called the projects, that<br />

might be similar to what danchi means. So it’s kind of<br />

like ghetto-style car apartments!<br />

Who are the people and the people behind it?<br />

Car Danchi started out with about 8 guys in total,<br />

mostly the crew I have been riding and shooting<br />

with for the last ten years here in Hokkaido: Uemura,<br />

Yamauchi, Shinya, Mino, Takamasa, Hayato, Deshi,<br />

Ken. In the late 90’s everybody in Japan was still pretty<br />

much into riding park and pipe, plus of course street<br />

rails. Our crew formed because we liked freeriding and<br />

powder, so we started going away from the resorts<br />

in search of fresh lines and new jumps with soft<br />

landings. We wanted to be close to the mountains, but<br />

we couldn’t afford staying in a hotel every night while<br />

searching for the perfect spot, so we all just started<br />

sleeping in our cars! The key is to have a really good,<br />

warm sleeping bag.<br />

How long have you guys been living the<br />

Car Danchi life?<br />

It’s been about 12 years now since we chose to start<br />

sleeping in our cars. Personally I’ve had five different<br />

cars in that time, so I guess you could say I move a<br />

lot! Japan has always had a history of people sleeping<br />

and traveling in their cars. They have a word for it —<br />

“Shahaku” — which literally translated means, “vehicle<br />

sleep”. We just put a new twist on it by traveling with<br />

a crew, lining up the cars close together at night and<br />

called it Car Danchi!<br />

What is it about snowboarding in Japan that makes it<br />

so special?<br />

Obviously the powder is the number one thing. The<br />

quantity and quality are truly world-class. The terrain<br />

is not the steepest, but there are so many fun features<br />

and the snow sticks to everything here. That’s what<br />

brings everybody over here at least once, but I think it’s<br />

the other aspects of Japan and Japanese culture that<br />

keep bringing people back. The people, the food, the hot<br />

springs, the monkeys, the foxes, the Seicomart stores,<br />

the huge cans of beer, the sushi, the yakitori, the futon<br />

beds, the cheap lift tickets, the friendly people, night<br />

riding, transportation that runs on time, electronics<br />

stores, hot cans of coffee sold nearly everywhere, and<br />

some pretty cute chicks.<br />

CAr DAnCHI 6 IS AvAIlABle on ITuneS!

Jeremy Jones – Swatch Proteam<br />


<strong>13</strong>.2<br />

@ Blom<br />


Michi Stanschitz Lorenz Richard Gastein / Austria<br />


available in both – Rocker & Camber Shape<br />

forgiving & easy to turn – medium flex<br />

robust & stable – Shock Absorber & Völkl Premium Carbon Weave / POP 1.0<br />

normal & wide edition – the best width for any boot size<br />


VOELKL-SNOWBOARDS.COM Available in rocker construction and camber construction!<br />


Tell us a bit about how you chose<br />

the title, Drifting Decade, does<br />

it have to do with your nomadic<br />

lifestyle during that decade?<br />

It sure does. I’m not really sure<br />

where I got it from but it was the<br />

first title I thought of, and I just<br />

stuck with it.<br />

What prompted you to publish a<br />

book, was it more of a personal<br />

thing than a commercial endeavor?<br />

Yeah, if you wanna make money<br />

you should be selling something<br />

other than books these days. Unless<br />

I can get on Oprah and promote it!<br />

When you’ve worked hard for ten<br />

years shooting photos, you don’t<br />

really wanna make a book on the<br />

cheap either, so I ended up adding<br />

(<br />

fartpage<br />


D ECADE<br />


f<br />

a<br />

r<br />

t<br />

p<br />

a<br />

g<br />

e<br />

)<br />

really nice paper, glossy UV coating<br />

and so on… My margins could be<br />

better, to put it another way. All<br />

in all, I don’t really care about the<br />

commercial aspect, my only goal<br />

was to complete the project and get<br />

it out there.<br />

How long was the process of going<br />

through all your material? Was it<br />

hard to make your final selection?<br />

Was there a balance between<br />

lifestyle and action shots you<br />

wanted to achieve?<br />

It was quite long, I first printed<br />

about 1,000 shots on contact sheets<br />

that I cut into 3x3 cm images. I<br />

laid them out all over the studio<br />

and worked my way down to a<br />

final selection. I also consulted the<br />

designers of the book www.1-2-3info.cc<br />

to get an outsider’s point<br />

of view and that was very helpful.<br />

I wanted to include a bunch of<br />

landscape and portrait/lifestyle<br />

images as well, since snowboarding<br />

isn’t just about the heavy tricks.<br />

We went for a mix that includes it<br />

all and I believe we found a good<br />

balance.<br />

Where would you like to see this<br />

book end up?<br />

I’d love for a snowboard kid to<br />

be able to flip through it and get<br />

hyped, and for people that might<br />

38<br />

have never seen snow (100 years<br />

from now that could be most<br />

people) to pick it up and maybe<br />

get an understanding of what<br />

snowboarding is.<br />

How many rolls of film (or memory<br />

cards) would you say are in this<br />

book?<br />

I have no idea, to be honest. A bunch,<br />

for sure.<br />

How many copies were published<br />

and where can people get their own<br />

copy of Drifting Decade?<br />

The initial print run was 1,000<br />

copies and the book is available on<br />

the site for 65€ including shipping:<br />

www.driftingdecade.com<br />

last words are yours!<br />

Oh damn, I’ve never been much for<br />

speeches but… I’d like to mention<br />

that some people were asking if this<br />

is my farewell to snowboarding,<br />

now when I’m shooting a bunch<br />

of other stuff, but that is not the<br />

case. My love for the snow is just as<br />

strong now as it was ten years ago,<br />

I just felt like I wanted to take the<br />

opportunity and make something<br />

less ephemeral than a website, and<br />

now was the time to do it. So, if<br />

you´re at the ISPO tradeshow this<br />

winter, stop by and check the book<br />

out for yourself!



Gabby<br />

Heida<br />

<strong>13</strong>.2<br />

Shot in Akureyri ICELAND


JA E G E R<br />

B A I L E Y<br />

Introduce yourself to your cell mate.<br />

What up, G? My name is Jaeger Bailey, you<br />

can say it like the alcohol or like the singer.<br />

It works just fine either way, whatever you<br />

prefer. I’m reppin’ that Washington stee,<br />

out of the great city of Chewelah (pop.<br />

2,600), as well as Mammoth.<br />

Cellmate asks, “Gimme one good reason<br />

why I shouldn’t shank you right now?”<br />

Better off getting shanked now than<br />

impaled tonight! Ha. But no, really, I’m<br />

chill, I’ll watch your back, homeboy.<br />

What mob do you roll with?<br />

This depends on what time of the year<br />

it is, and where I’m posted up. For the<br />

most part my crew consists of Garrett<br />

Warnick (#hideyourdaughterhesaG),<br />

Mitch “HardBody” Richmond, and myself.<br />

Us three kill it as a crew, we work hard for<br />

what we want and always with a good<br />

mentality. Dudes are G’s. Besides that I’ll<br />

be kickin’ it with the Think Thank guys<br />

this season, and always shredding with<br />

different homies wherever I’m at!<br />

What would you do if you were surrounded<br />

by a crazy gang like the MS-<strong>13</strong>?<br />

First I’d try the old silent keep-to-myself<br />

treatment, but if they continued to give<br />

me shit I guess I’d try to join them. Think<br />

I’d be more stoked in a gang than dead on<br />

a prison floor.<br />

-----------------<br />

Copping some coping at Superpark.<br />

photos: kevin westenbarger<br />

(portrait) & mike yoshida (action)<br />

Tell us something you did that you<br />

should get sent to the slammer for?<br />

I just got a driving on a suspended<br />

license... 2nd degree.<br />

What would your jail nickname be?<br />

Hopefully not bitch or cutie pie.<br />

If you drop the soap in the shower, would<br />

you pick it up?<br />

Guess I’ll be dirty till the next shower. No.<br />

If you were allowed to bring one thing to<br />

jail, what would it be?<br />

iPhone, shit is key.<br />

Would you try to escape or wait for your<br />

sentence to be up?<br />

42<br />

I’ve seen enough prison escape movies to<br />

know you just have to move the ceiling<br />

tile and crawl out the air vents. Duh.<br />

What is the first thing you are going to<br />

ride when you get out of jail?<br />

Anything. YOLO, right?<br />

If being rad at snowboarding was a crime<br />

who wound be sentenced to death?<br />

Too many felons to count, death row is<br />

stacked with names like Scott Stevens,<br />

Chris Larson, Hobush, Dylan Alito, Worm &<br />

Body, RP, the Helgasons and many more…<br />

Who will pick you up on the day you<br />

make parole?<br />

Anthony Manfred, my TM and Hardbody.


Introduce yourself to your cell mate?<br />

My name is Erik Leon. I have been<br />

snowboarding for about 8 years now,<br />

pretty addicted to it -it’s probably why<br />

I am here.<br />

Cell mate asks, “gimme one good<br />

reason why I shouldn’t shank you?”<br />

Because I am a California native and<br />

I know my way around all mountain<br />

hoods.<br />

What mob do you roll with?<br />

All the homies at Bear Mountain! For<br />

real! Jupiter People. Cats of Anarchy.<br />

The Markass homies, Gremlinz GBP,<br />

Sababa, HellsAnglers, Boreal park crew,<br />

bHhappy friends. Air-blasterz. Homies<br />

I’ve been fishing with. Everyone who<br />

likes snowboarding.<br />

What would you do if you were<br />

surroun-ded by a crazy gang like the<br />

MS-<strong>13</strong>?<br />

I would probably square up and form a<br />

posse real quick.<br />

E R I K L E O N<br />

Tell us something you did that you<br />

should get sent to the slammer for?<br />

If having too much fun on a<br />

snowboard was a crime I would be<br />

sentenced for life, because it’s so much<br />

fun, for real.<br />

What would your jail nickname be?<br />

Jahlion.<br />

If you drop the soap in the shower,<br />

would you pick it up?<br />

Hell no.<br />

If you were allowed to bring one thing<br />

to jail, what would it be?<br />

A skateboard.<br />

Would you try to escape or wait for<br />

your sentence to be up?<br />

I would escape to some mountains far,<br />

far away.<br />

What is the first thing you are going to<br />

ride when you get out of jail?<br />

Boreal or Bear Mtn.<br />

-----------------<br />

Blasting a back one in Boreal. photos: ben birk<br />

If being rad at snowboarding was a crime<br />

who wound be sentenced to death?<br />

Curtis Woodman, Ben Lynch, Brandon<br />

Cocard, Pat Bridges, Ian Sams, Mathias<br />

Nordby, Jessi Blackwell, Scotty Vine, Jake<br />

Devine, Nicolas Müller, Chris Bradshaw,<br />

Forest Bailey, Justin Bennee, Brandon<br />

Hammid, Craig Kelly, so many more I<br />

could list...<br />

44<br />

Who will pick you up on the day you<br />

make parole?<br />

Hopefully Brad Farmer and Matt Patti<br />

at Arbor! Or Cale Meyer at Airblaster. Or<br />

maybe Kara and Ray at Flux Bindings,<br />

or even Maria from EMA. I would hope<br />

they would come get me!!

photo: oli gagnon<br />

<strong>13</strong>.2<br />




www.bonfi resnowboarding.com

Introduce yourself to your cell mate.<br />

What up! I’m Kike Carcelen, from<br />

Barcelona. Somebody said I was good at<br />

snowboarding and that’s why I’m here...<br />

Fuck, only 21 and already a prisoner!<br />

Dude, I love music and skateboarding,<br />

do you think I can get a guitar here?<br />

Or maybe a skateboard to do some<br />

flatground? Why are you here?<br />

Cell mate asks, “gimme one good<br />

reason why I shouldn’t shank you?”<br />

There’s not that many Spanish<br />

snowboarders, you can’t kill me cuz<br />

we’ll go into extinction…<br />

What mob do you roll with?<br />

I ride with a lot of people, I don’t have<br />

a main crew but I guess I should name<br />

some dudes from Spain, like Iker<br />

Fernandez, Marc Salas, Harry Carbonell...<br />

What would you do if you were surrounded<br />

by a crazy gang like the MS-<strong>13</strong>?<br />

I would join ‘em, haha.<br />

Tell us something you did that you<br />

should get sent to the slammer for?<br />

Sure, I break some laws from time to<br />

time… but who doesn’t?<br />

What would your jail nickname be?<br />

Metraka, Key, Kilo, youngK... there are a<br />

couple they could use.<br />

If you drop the soap in the shower,<br />

would you pick it up?<br />

I don’t think so, haha.<br />

If you were allowed to bring one thing<br />

to jail, what would it be?<br />

An iPod full of music and a charger.<br />

Would you try to escape or wait for<br />

your sentence to be up?<br />

I’d try to escape, but only if I found a safe<br />

way to do it!<br />

What is the first thing you are going to<br />

ride when you get out of jail?<br />

I’m gonna ride a poppy backcountry<br />

kicker.<br />

46<br />

-----------------<br />

Baqueira back seven from heaven.<br />

photos: perico domínguez<br />

(portrait) & andoni epelde<br />

(action)<br />

K I K E<br />

C A R C E L É N<br />

If being rad at snowboarding was a crime<br />

who wound be sentenced to death?<br />

Hahaha… Mark Sollors or Mikkel Bang<br />

wound be sentenced to die, definitely!<br />

Who will pick you up on the day you<br />

make parole?<br />

I hope someone from Burton<br />

<strong>Snowboard</strong>s or Analog Clothing or<br />

Oakley or Monster Energy Drink, but<br />

you never know... haha.

H O W L S U P P LY. C O M<br />

N I C K D I R K S<br />

J A K E K U Z Y K<br />

G U S E N G L E<br />

N I M A J A L A L I<br />

D A N N Y L A R S E N<br />

J E D A N D E R S O N<br />

<strong>13</strong>.2<br />

J O E S E X T O N<br />

J O N A S M I C H I L O T<br />

J A K E O L S E N - E L M<br />

D A R R E L L M AT H E S<br />

D E S I R E E M E L A N C O N<br />

L A U R E N T- N I C O L A S P A Q U I N

Introduce yourself to your cell mate.<br />

I’m Max de Vries, from Ede in the<br />

Netherlands. I wanted to snowboard<br />

at my local snow dome but you had<br />

to be 8 so I started skiing at 6. Kept<br />

bugging my mom about it and got to<br />

go snowboarding for the first time at 8,<br />

been doing it since.<br />

Cell mate asks, “gimme one good<br />

reason why I shouldn’t shank you”?<br />

I’m really nice and will make very pretty<br />

kids someday.<br />

What mob do you roll with?<br />

Wessel (van Lierop), Luc (Büthker), Kees<br />

(Perry), Gerben (Verweij), Cees (Wille),<br />

Kas (Lemmens) and Joey (van Essen).<br />

M A X<br />

D E V R I E S<br />

What would you do if you were surrounded<br />

by a crazy gang like the MS-<strong>13</strong>?<br />

I would tell them who I am, that it’s<br />

none of their fucking business why I’m<br />

there and walk away.<br />

Tell us something you did that you<br />

should get sent to the slammer for?<br />

Nothing, man, I’m a pretty sweet kid,<br />

you know. But once I did hit a kid at my<br />

old school for calling me names.<br />

What would your jail nickname be?<br />

Max Miller, yo!<br />

If you drop the soap in the shower,<br />

would you pick it up?<br />

No.<br />

If you were allowed to bring one thing<br />

to jail, what would it be?<br />

My snowboard, as a weapon.<br />

Would you try to escape or wait for<br />

your sentence to be up?<br />

I would sleep the whole time and just<br />

chill, I wouldn’t try to escape cause if I<br />

get caught I can’t snowboard.<br />

What is the first thing you are going to<br />

ride when you get out of jail?<br />

Montana, it’s my local snow dome, man!<br />

If being rad at snowboarding was a<br />

crime who would be sentenced to<br />

death?<br />

Cees, Gerben, Kas, Mike Ravelson.<br />

Who will pick you up on the day make<br />

parole?<br />

My parents, Forum (but they no longer<br />

exist), LA River, Skullcandy, Montana<br />

(they give me a free pass) and Vans.<br />

-----------------<br />

Pre-pubescent press, half-cab 5-0 at<br />

the Rock A Rail.<br />

photos: lenn verjans<br />


Media Offline<br />

SC3<br />


photos: oli gagnon<br />

L O U I F P A R A D I S<br />

This is not an easy trick to teach because<br />

this spot is kind of unique. We found it<br />

in Sapporo, Japan, while I was out there<br />

filming for my Real Snow part last year.<br />

It’s pretty much one of those “get there<br />

and figure out how to ride it” spots, but<br />

I’ll take you through some of the steps I<br />

was probably considering unconsciously.<br />

Make sure you know how to frontside<br />

50-50 and boardslide before you try<br />

something like this. Set up your run-in so<br />

you have enough speed and your landing<br />

so you have enough cushion, that way<br />

you can lower some of the consequences<br />

if you fall.<br />

done -----------------<br />

Ride into the first rail with enough<br />

speed to transfer to the second rail. Ollie<br />

onto the 50-50 knowing that you’re not<br />

<strong>13</strong>.2<br />

staying on forever. You kinda have to<br />

keep some momentum to get out of that<br />

first rail so don’t give everything you got<br />

on the 50-50.<br />

When it comes time for the transfer, give<br />

it a little ollie, whatever you feel like you<br />

need to make it to the other rail. Then,<br />

with the second rail being so angled, you<br />

kinda have to try and lock the boardslide<br />

on the inside of the rail if you want to<br />

make it to the end. Otherwise you’d slip<br />

out. Once you are on the rail, try to slide<br />

the whole thing and ride away.<br />

But actually this is a feature with a lot<br />

of consequences, I was scared trying it.<br />

So the biggest part of this trick is really<br />

commitment to try it. Make sure you<br />

have the skills to do something like this<br />

before you try it and even if you do, know<br />

that you might get hurt, haha...<br />

- louif

Read the full story on:<br />

www.methodmag.com<br />

-----------------<br />

Poke and mirrors tail snatcher.<br />


-----------------<br />

Cool as a cucumber, back nose<br />

pretzel out in Umeå.<br />

B R A N D O N<br />

H O B U S H<br />

----------------photo:<br />

daniel rönnbäck<br />

Yo, Bush, what you got homie?<br />

Yo, <strong>Method</strong>. My name’s Brandon Hobush<br />

a.k.a. Bush, I’m 23 years old and I live in<br />

Salt Lake City, Utah.<br />

Ho or good girl?<br />

Good girl.<br />

Bush or shaved?<br />

Depends on the occasion, haha.<br />

Bear Mountain or Park City?<br />

Both.<br />

We hear you’re a pretty rad skateboarder,<br />

does it help your snowboarding?<br />

54<br />

Yeah, it definitely helps out. The only<br />

thing that feels weird is when I go back<br />

to snowboarding after skateboarding my<br />

stance feels crazy wide.<br />

So you’re a convicted criminal?<br />

Haha! Some friends and I got caught<br />

smoking weed in Snowbird by the cops,<br />

so we ran into the woods and hid there<br />

for about ten minutes, but right when we<br />

stepped onto the actual hiking trail there<br />

were 4 cops with taser guns pointed at us.<br />

We ended up going to jail for the night. I<br />

got put on probation for a year and after 9<br />

months I missed a drug test and got sent<br />

to jail for 10 days. That sucked!!!


-----------------<br />

Eiki lobster tail<br />

bone-age in the<br />

deep white sea.<br />


-----------------<br />

TOP: Coach Thunder<br />

goes incognito.<br />

BOTTOM: Hot rice is nice.<br />

-----------------<br />

Short bus.<br />

<strong>13</strong>.2<br />

D U M P<br />

ON MY<br />

TITS<br />

----------------photos:<br />

carlos blanchard<br />

Japaaaaaan! This trip was insane.<br />

It was my second time there, but<br />

the first time I actually rode, and<br />

god DAMN that powder was epic.<br />

We were in Niseko for a week<br />

and it pretty much never stopped<br />

snowing, so we ended up not<br />

getting as much stuff done as we<br />

wanted, but it was all good because<br />

we were just cruising around in<br />

powder like there was no tomorrow.<br />

Can’t complain about that.<br />

We did some night shredding and<br />

shot a cool zone, but didn’t do any<br />

extreme stuff – just jibbing around<br />

in the powder, pretty much. Then<br />

we met a whole bunch of cool<br />

Kiwis who showed us a sick spot<br />

and left us a jump (thanks a lot<br />

for that, boys!). Too bad when we<br />

got there the weather was really<br />

bad, we waited for like five hours<br />

just window shopping, waiting<br />

for sucker holes. We all ended up<br />

getting about four hits each, the<br />

jump actually turned out to be a<br />

lot smaller than we expected due<br />

to the massive amount of snow<br />

that fell, but it was still fun. We did<br />

one street spot as well – a super<br />

random rail to wallride to revert<br />

landing. Chris de Campo and Eiki<br />

got bangers on that one.<br />

( cont. ––––> )

HOT BALLS:<br />


The whole crew we had in Japan<br />

was awesome – everyone super<br />

mellow with the same nasty kind<br />

of humor. Johannes (our filmer)<br />

was there so it wasn’t really<br />

possible to be in a bad mood, and<br />

Diggles (<strong>Method</strong> filmer) felt like a<br />

part of the group because everyone<br />

on the trip had a foreskin.<br />

Overall, Japan was a lot of fun<br />

and the vibe there is so awesome<br />

– everyone respects everyone.<br />

Thanks a lot to the <strong>Method</strong> crew,<br />

Shinji, Chris de Campo and Grilo,<br />

and everyone else that was there. I<br />

would still take filming street over<br />

filming powder any day, but just<br />

riding powder is one of the most<br />

fun things you can do, and Japan<br />

is the best place to do it. Kampai!<br />

PEACE.<br />

– Halldor Helgason<br />

-----------------<br />

Halldor, gnarly press with<br />

serious consequences as his<br />

bro looks on in awe.<br />

-----------------<br />

Chris de Campo,<br />

all zen n’ shit.<br />

-----------------<br />

It snowed a lot while we were<br />

there, Halldor and Thunder.<br />


-----------------<br />

Halldor jerks one out<br />

all alone in the trees.<br />

<strong>13</strong>.2<br />

-----------------<br />

Halldor’s bindings.

62<br />

-----------------<br />

Eiki playing pinball in tight<br />

places, BS 50-50 to FS3 wall<br />

smash redirect.


----------------uP:<br />

Halldor, blind ass<br />

backside transfer.<br />

DOWN: De Campo also<br />

left his mark.<br />

<strong>13</strong>.2<br />

Our trip to Japan was insane.<br />

I could only ride pow for three<br />

days before leaving for the Toyota<br />

Big Air, but I wish I’d stayed for a<br />

whole month. We were the sickest,<br />

most mellow crew ever; I don’t<br />

know why, but everybody was<br />

just having a blast. And I have<br />

to say, snowboarding in Japan<br />

really impressed me. It was the<br />

first time I got to shred pow there<br />

and I thought the terrain was<br />

insane. There is so much stuff to do<br />

right off the side of the highway.<br />

I was bummed I missed the zone<br />

that the guys hit the day before I<br />

arrived, though. It looked like so<br />

much fun. In the end, I think the<br />

thing that stoked me out the most<br />

was that when I arrived in Niseko,<br />

straight off the plane and then the<br />

bus, we dumped our shit and went<br />

night riding, and it was blower<br />

pow. We did runs in the dark<br />

where the pow was just so blower.<br />

Fucking amazing. I love that place.<br />

I love Japan!<br />

– Marko Grilc

HOT BALLS:<br />


Japan was a super sick trip.<br />

Before going there we had all<br />

seen footage and pictures of the<br />

powder, and it always looks so<br />

crazy. I was thinking we were<br />

super lucky because we got it<br />

as good as it always looks, but<br />

then you realize that those giant<br />

mushrooms on the signs and trees<br />

are always there, no matter what.<br />

We had a super sick day in a closed<br />

amusement park, and that day I<br />

filmed the sickest shot of Eiki that<br />

we’ve ever gotten together. It’s a<br />

true banger.<br />

– Coach Thunder<br />

aka Johannes Brenning<br />

-----------------<br />

DOWN: Wreckfast...<br />

64<br />

-----------------<br />

Eiki likes to hang out in<br />

amusement parks.

-----------------<br />

…followed by a late night flight.<br />

-----------------<br />

Grilo pow chow<br />

during the day...<br />


-----------------<br />

Eiki lassoes a<br />

powder rodeo.<br />

-----------------<br />

Hot bowls or hot balls...?<br />


-----------------<br />

Halldor, sidecountry<br />

method to the face.<br />

<strong>13</strong>.2<br />


The Japan trip was sick. It was<br />

my third time there, but the first<br />

time I rode pow. We didn’t get a<br />

lot of sun, but we had a lot of pow<br />

because it didn’t stop snowing the<br />

whole time we were there, and we<br />

just went out and rode it for fun.<br />

We stayed up in Niseko and the<br />

hotel was sweet – we had a natural<br />

hot spring (they’re called “onsen”<br />

in Japan) that was so perfect after<br />

riding. In Niseko, they have night<br />

riding every night; it’s so sick to<br />

shred the pow at nighttime. There<br />

was a Kiwi crew that built a jump<br />

and couldn’t hit it because it just<br />

wouldn’t stop snowing so they<br />

had to leave. They told us that<br />

we could just go up there and<br />

hit it. That doesn’t ever happen<br />

in the backcountry, so that was<br />

amazing – thanks guys! We filmed<br />

both urban and pow, so it was a<br />

fun trip; everyone got good shots<br />

and I really liked the food too. We<br />

went to some sick sushi places,<br />

but I have to say that in the end,<br />

I really wanted some pizza and<br />

burgers. Haha. Japanese people are<br />

awesome, though – they were so<br />

hyped on everything.<br />

– eiki Helgason

<strong>13</strong>.2<br />

Big thanks to Shinji Hirose at IXSM Travel, he<br />

was instrumental in liaising with hotels and<br />

the resort for our stay. Without his help our<br />

trip would have sucked, so if you’re planning a<br />

trip to Japan check out www.ixsmtravel.com<br />

for the ultimate experience.<br />

Also many thanks to Niseko Promotion Board<br />

for hosting our stay. For further info go to<br />

www.nisekotourism.com/en<br />

-----------------<br />

Grilo “duff-duff”<br />

in the bush .

*YES (hai!)<br />

IN JAPAN<br />

----------------words:<br />

phil tifo & dcp / photos: phil tifo<br />

calligraphy: jenny teng (& akira toriyama)<br />

There had been a lot of snow at home in Whistler, but<br />

we were also facing one of the gnarliest avalanche<br />

cycles in recent memory. I got a call from DCP the<br />

morning after our last sledding day to talk about our<br />

options – we had been hearing of copious amounts<br />

of snow in Japan, where the terrain is more protected<br />

and less avy-prone. And just like that, it was on.<br />

Clint Allan had just left Australia and was heading<br />

to Niseko on the northern island of Hokkaido; Benji<br />

Ritchie was keen on joining us too, and Tadashi was<br />

happy to host YES in his home country. With a solid<br />

crew sorted, tickets were booked immediately, and<br />

less than 48 hours later we were flying over the west<br />

coast of Vancouver Island, looking at huge swells<br />

belting the shore and daydreaming of the deep<br />

powder days ahead.<br />


<strong>13</strong>.2<br />

-----------------<br />

DCP, 420 bunny hop.

Tadashi, who is already in Japan, greets us at our<br />

modest hotel and tells us: “YES, the snow is all time!”<br />

The resort is still open at night, so we don’t waste a<br />

minute pulling on our gear, jumping on a chairlift and<br />

washing off the long trip with some cold nighttime<br />

Japanese face shots. We’re super stoked and feel like<br />

we’ve scored already.<br />

DCP – with the help of The North Face, who supported<br />

a big part of our trip – has arranged to work with the<br />

Niseko Powder Guides for the first three days of our<br />

stay. These guys know every corner of the region. If<br />

you want to score, go with them. Our guides Mako<br />

and Tomoko have arranged for us to go touring<br />

nearby and warm up the legs after the long travels.<br />

After a good night of sleep and with snowshoes on<br />

our feet, we get our first feel for the place and the<br />

snow: light and deep!<br />

-----------------<br />

Tadashi,<br />

Kamehameha blast!<br />

72<br />

*YES (hai!)<br />

IN JAPAN<br />

-----------------<br />

Clint Allan threading a<br />

method thru the trees.<br />

-----------------<br />

Tadash, “Hory shit!”.

We spend the first two days shredding lines (well, them<br />

– not me) and being stoked to freeride steeps in Japan.<br />

In general, DCP gets gnarly, Clint flows some super fun<br />

looking lines, Benji goes fast (and later finds a sick gap<br />

to spin over) and Tadashi airs some spines. Tadashi<br />

then tells us about some spots that are accessible right<br />

off the highway to Niseko, which have some fun short<br />

runs and jumps. Sure as shit, mere steps from the road,<br />

we find accessible runs and a natural jump that Benji<br />

destroys. DCP busts out the new YES 420 board – a short<br />

pow stick that feels like nothing less than epic fun –<br />

and hikes the run like 10 times.<br />

<strong>13</strong>.2<br />

-----------------<br />

DCP heelside, local<br />

knowledge sprays off.

With a few days left on our trip, Clint calls his cousin,<br />

who runs a little cat skiing business, and asks if we<br />

can go hit a pillow zone he’d been to years before.<br />

“A’ight mates, shit’s good to go!” says Clint, and the<br />

next morning we meet up at the tiny yellow snowcat.<br />

With two Aussies in the front seat it suddenly feels<br />

like we’ve switched countries, but nope – pretty soon<br />

we’re dropped off next to a big-ass Japanese pillow<br />

stack. It’s puking out at first and the snow is super<br />

deep. Everyone finds something huge to jump off,<br />

and once the pillows are done, all there’s left to do is a<br />

bunch of laps just for the pure fun of snowboarding.<br />

We spend a few more hours hitting one last zone<br />

next to the highway on the way back to Niseko before<br />

heading back to the city for the usual last-night rager.<br />

Japan is so sick – YES, we’ll be back next year!<br />

– Tifo<br />

74<br />

-----------------<br />

DCP method, is it 420 yet?<br />

-----------------<br />

DCP, chi-power balance.

-----------------<br />

Tadashi putting some<br />

base in your face, FS3.<br />

<strong>13</strong>.2<br />

*YES (hai!)<br />

IN JAPAN<br />

-----------------<br />

You down with D-C-P,<br />

yea, you know me.

*YES (hai!)<br />

IN JAPAN<br />

This year, YES it’s a Movie Too is based on friendship<br />

and fun, so we wanted a bit more time spent at home,<br />

focusing on exploring new zones, building jumps<br />

and picking lines we haven’t ridden before. We also<br />

included some travel pieces to Chile, Alaska, Japan<br />

and Washington. We made sure to keep the new<br />

flick fun and funny; it shows the 2012 season as it<br />

happened for us, with a little bit of humor added in.<br />

We invited Clint Allan to join us on the trip to Japan<br />

– it was really fun to see him charge the pillows and<br />

butter the pow. Clint is a pow surfer for sure. Tadashi<br />

and Benji were also there and rode some deep-ass<br />

pow pow. It was amazing. We rode our new board,<br />

the 420 – a 146cm long, 29cm-wide board designed<br />

for deep pow. It was definitely the funnest trip of the<br />

season – it’s always so deep and fluffy, I love Japan!<br />

– DCP<br />

sayo<br />

nara!<br />

76<br />

-----------------<br />

Kapow! Benji<br />

floats a frontside.

-----------------<br />

Drop bears made it<br />

to Japan! Clint Allan<br />

half-cab sender.<br />

<strong>13</strong>.2<br />

-----------------<br />

Nerding out by the heater.

EXTRA<br />

RAMEN,<br />

EXTRA<br />

SPICY!!<br />

----------------text:<br />

joel fraser<br />

photos: joel fraser &<br />

endo tsutomo<br />

I love JAPAn. I mean, I really love<br />

it – the people, food, onsen, the<br />

shredding, ass-showering toilets,<br />

the language – all of it. over the<br />

past seven years, I’ve been ten<br />

times - I don’t really need an<br />

excuse to visit. Thus, when faced<br />

with the opportunity to finally<br />

experience the fabled snow<br />

bowls (which I have lusted over<br />

and dreamed about for years), I<br />

am tickled beyond belief. not to<br />

mention the fact that I have pool/<br />

bowl skating hentai.<br />

First, I recommend you read Pat<br />

Bridges’ Holy Bowly article in the<br />

August issue of <strong>Snowboard</strong>er Mag.<br />

He breaks down the history of the<br />

mystical snow bowls, something<br />

I choose not to do - both in the<br />

interest of space, and because Pat’s<br />

article killed it. Read it. Long story<br />

short: you have the Gentem Stick<br />

crew (Taro Tamai & Tomoki Takaku,<br />

along with team rider Bubbles) to<br />

thank for this phenomenon. They<br />

took the bowl torch and ran with it,<br />

starting in 2005.<br />

DELICIOUS...<br />

-----------------<br />

TOP: Scott Blum finesses a fingertip<br />

FS air. ph: joel fraser<br />

RIGHT: Kampai!<br />

ph: endo tsutomo<br />


<strong>13</strong>.2<br />

-----------------<br />

LEFT: Pat Moore loves boobies!<br />

ph: endo tsutomo<br />

TOP: Zizo loves Hasselblads!<br />

ph: joel fraser.

-----------------<br />

Yusaku Horii is a style ninja, Grasser.<br />

ph: joel fraser<br />

HOTTTT!!!<br />


-----------------<br />

RIGHT: Forest gettin’ weird, <strong>Method</strong>.<br />

ph: joel fraser<br />

---------------ph:<br />

endo tsutomo<br />

Krush Kulesza (NW shred event<br />

wizard) has been feeling the pull<br />

of the Nippon trannies for some<br />

time as well, and together with Pat/<br />

<strong>Snowboard</strong>er a plan was hatched<br />

to birth the Holy Bowly, an East-<br />

West collaboration of shred. They<br />

joined forces with Bubbles and<br />

the Gentem crew (with the help<br />

of Kenji Kato), and voila, the Holy<br />

Bowly was born.<br />

<strong>13</strong>.2<br />


EXTRA<br />

RAMEN,<br />

EXTRA<br />

SPICY.<br />

When I arrived in April, we were<br />

hearing rumors of potential<br />

cancellation, due to some drama<br />

between the resort owners and the<br />

organizers. Luckily, a last minute<br />

solution arose, and the event was<br />

on. In a true collaborative effort,<br />

all riders and crew helped create<br />

the bowl. Cats were used to push<br />

up large mounds, but the majority<br />

of the shaping was done by hand.<br />

Everyone pitched in and put in<br />

some elbow grease, a nice contrast<br />

to most events, where shreds just<br />

turn up to ride. Gambare yo! Earn<br />

those turns.<br />

An impressive contingent of gaijins<br />

showed up for the event, creating a<br />

truly international “brotherhood of<br />

the shred” vibe. Included were the<br />

likes of Jamie Lynn, Wes Makepeace,<br />

Forest Bailey, Scott Blum, Sean<br />

Genovese, Seth Huot, Jesse Burtner,<br />

Jess Kimura, Kyle Lopiccolo, Pat<br />

Moore, Austin Hironaka, and others<br />

- alongside Nihonjin heavy hitters<br />

such as Teddy Koo, Kohei Kudo and<br />

Yusaku Horii, not to mention the<br />

many, many Japanese rippers and<br />

soul surfers that you have likely<br />

never heard of.<br />

-----------------<br />

The Eye salt shaker.<br />

ph: joel fraser


EXTRA<br />

RAMEN,<br />

EXTRA<br />

SPICY.<br />

Jamie set the event off with a<br />

classic method and it was on.<br />

High-speed FS carves through the<br />

corner, double and multi-rider<br />

lines, full beer-in-hand corner<br />

carves, corner pocket tit blasters,<br />

alley oops and so on. Some chose to<br />

blast it like a multi-hit pipe, others<br />

shralped it strictly like a skate<br />

bowl. All styles were welcome and,<br />

in true Japanese fashion, lots of<br />

handmade and innovative shapes<br />

were on hand.<br />

Posi vibes were the norm & new<br />

friends were made. The stoke<br />

level was at an all-time high.<br />

This isn’t a contest, or even a jam<br />

session, remember – it’s shredding<br />

amazing transitions in its purest<br />

form. No pressure, no stress.<br />

Those two days of epic times went<br />

by too fast, I’m still dreaming<br />

about riding it. Easily one of, if<br />

not THE, raddest shred events I<br />

have ever attended, no question.<br />

Put a pilgrimage to Japan in the<br />

springtime to ride the holy bowls<br />

on your bucket list, you will be<br />

better because of it.<br />

dinner<br />

is over<br />

-----------------<br />

TOP: Geno front D on<br />

the rim of the bowl.<br />

BOTTOM: Mugi high-speed carve.<br />

ph: joel fraser<br />


-----------------<br />

TOP: Think Thank in full effect. ph: joel fraser<br />

<strong>13</strong>.2<br />

-----------------<br />

TOP: Krush Kulesza,<br />

Jamie Lynn & Scott Blum.<br />

BOTTOM: Immortal style, you can’t<br />

touch a Jamie Lynn method.<br />

ph: endo tsutomo

T<br />

A D<br />

A S<br />

H I<br />

S<br />

A<br />

N<br />

----------------intro:<br />

dcp<br />

photos: phil tifo<br />

I’ve always been a huge fan of Tadashi’s riding<br />

and style, he’s got it so dialed. He rolls up to<br />

Whistler the day before opening every season<br />

and rides every single day. He goes fast,<br />

shreds mad pow and loves snowboarding. You<br />

can tell when you watch him or ride with him<br />

that he shreds from the heart. It’s actually<br />

contagious, in a universal way. Although most<br />

people think Tadashi only speaks Japanese,<br />

but give him a couple beers and he’s fluent in<br />

English. Tadashi is a humble guy who lets his<br />

actions speak for themselves when he rides or<br />

skates. But when you go to Japan, he’s beyond<br />

the man, everyone respects him, he knows<br />

all the best places to go and he’s always one<br />

phone call away from knowing where the<br />

best snow is. When I’m there with him I just<br />

roll with it, no questions asked. Tadashi’s<br />

personality, fluidity and strength mixed with<br />

how big he goes and how solid he is makes<br />

him my personal favorite YES rider.<br />

– DCP<br />

m e t h o d ’s r i d e r i n t e r v i e w 1 3 . 2 ·<br />


<strong>13</strong>.2<br />

-----------------<br />

Deep in the no-wifi zone.

“my older brother yasushi<br />

started skating when i was<br />

about 15. that’s when i got<br />

into skating and decided i<br />

wanted to turn pro. then<br />

maybe 2 years later an<br />

older friend of mine called<br />

masahiro showed me my<br />

first snowboard movie:<br />

roadkill. right then and<br />

there i decided i wanted<br />

to be a pro snowboarder<br />

instead.”<br />

“My home is in Yamagata, Japan<br />

and I mostly ride Canada during the<br />

winter. I hang out with my family<br />

during the summer but I hardly<br />

see them in the winter because I’m<br />

constantly on the road”<br />

“I’d already been thinking<br />

about stepping outside the box<br />

and leaving Japan when I met<br />

photographer Dice-K Maru. We<br />

both shared the same vision and<br />

decided to make the move to<br />

Whistler together. Since Dice had<br />

just graduated from school in<br />

Canada, it was a total no-brainer.<br />

While there, he met the infamous<br />

Wildcats and started hanging out<br />

with those dudes, as his English<br />

was better than mine, haha. They<br />

started asking Dice who I was and<br />

that’s how I first hooked up with<br />

the Wildcats.”<br />


-----------------<br />

TOP: Tadash is an “indy-pendent”<br />

thinker, massive spine blast in Niseko.<br />

LEFT: Swishing a 3-pointer from midcourt,<br />

cab 5 stepdown in Whistler.<br />

<strong>13</strong>.2<br />

“Moving to North America felt so refreshing &<br />

different! Everything was so foreign and new to<br />

me, the roots of our lifestyle are there so it was a<br />

huge motivation for me to progress my riding.”

“I would have definitely been<br />

a different rider if I had stayed<br />

in Japan! Not even a question”<br />

“My biggest influences are my<br />

brother, Masahiro, Cardiel, Jamie<br />

Lynn, Devun, JF Pelchat…”<br />

“the hardest word to<br />

pronounce in english? uh,<br />

most of them. haha!”<br />

“I’m not really<br />

into technology,<br />

I’m an analog<br />

kind of guy”<br />

“I parted ways on good terms with<br />

Burton, basically my contract was<br />

up and I was contacted by the<br />

YES boys. We were all on Burton<br />

together and got along well, so<br />

it didn’t require much thinking.<br />

I’m stoked because things are still<br />

small enough that we are really<br />

core and have creative control of<br />

every aspect, from factories, to<br />

manufacturing, brand image/<br />

direction, etc.”<br />

“I am pretty in tune with nature,<br />

especially during the winter.<br />

When it really matters to me.”<br />

88<br />

“weirdest thing i’ve ever<br />

seen in a vending machine<br />

was… porn? soiled panties?<br />

i’ve seen these things<br />

around since i was a kid<br />

so i guess it’s nothing out<br />

of the ordinary. haha!”<br />

“My favorite karaoke jam is ‘Blue<br />

Hearts - Ao Zora (Blue Sky)’”.<br />

“You Westerners should have<br />

better convenience stores! The CS’s<br />

here in Japan are insane! SO good!<br />

Ask JP or Romain! Why are the<br />

ones abroad so boring and stale?”<br />

“heart films and i have<br />

gone our separate ways.<br />

i’m working on the life<br />

style project right now.<br />

check it out: l.s.p.!”<br />

“I would never<br />

live completely<br />

off the grid, I<br />

need to watch<br />

my skate vids!”<br />

-----------------<br />

RIGHT: Starting some shit in the steeps,<br />

Haines, AK.


-----------------<br />

Full speed back 3 sushi roll in Haines.<br />


<strong>13</strong>.2<br />

“I think Japanese<br />

riders are really<br />

passionate. They really<br />

pour their souls in<br />

whatever it is they do”<br />

“If you wanna party, go to Tokyo,<br />

if you wanna ride, go to Hokkaido,<br />

if you wanna surf, head to Chiba.<br />

And if you’re in LA stop by Sanuki<br />

No Sato.”<br />

“I want to thank my family<br />

& friends. Without them<br />

I would not be who I am<br />

or where I am now. It’s<br />

all about the good people<br />

that surround you.”<br />

domo<br />

arigato<br />



THINKING...<br />

----------------text:<br />

jesse burtner<br />

photos: alex mertz<br />

...JAPANESE!<br />

We knew we wanted to head back to the mountains of<br />

Hakuba, Japan to shred rad stuff with rad people. The<br />

“rad stuff” part of the equation is always a matter of a<br />

little searching with just a dash of perseverance. The<br />

“rad people” are our good Japanese friends; Masaki<br />

Kitae, Kenji Kato, Jimmy Concrete and Ken Ken<br />

(amongst others). That’s a lot of “K” sounding names, I<br />

never realized that until just now... Get’s you thinking.<br />

Anyhow, we knew that much, rad stuff and rad people.<br />

The next thing we knew was that photographer Alex<br />

Mertz was joining us for his inaugural Japan trip,<br />

and that he looked like Opie from “Sons of Anarchy”.<br />

This often earned quizzical looks from the locals and<br />

was an interesting conversation starter (or ender,<br />

depending on your Portland bike gang comfort level).<br />


IN JAPAN<br />

94<br />

-----------------<br />

RIGHT: Slip n’ slide, Chris<br />

Beresford multi-tasking<br />

with a nose/board/tail<br />

slide.<br />

LEFT: Konichiwaaaa!

96<br />

-----------------<br />

TOP: Sean Black didn’t forget how to do<br />

boardslides.<br />

LEFT: Total automation.<br />

RIGHT TOP: Whatchu lookin’ at, Willis?<br />

RIGHT BOTTOM: Jesse Burtner actually<br />

strapped into both binders for once.


We soon discovered we were also<br />

being joined by the illustrious, and<br />

chronically forgetful, Sean Black.<br />

Sean looked like Ein, the Welsh<br />

corgi, a fact we wouldn’t know<br />

until our first night in Japan, when<br />

we met Ein and made the obvious<br />

connection, that their souls were<br />

brothers despite being born of<br />

different mothers.<br />

We now knew almost everything<br />

there was to know when one<br />

steps off into the adventure of<br />

travel, snowboarding, food and<br />

friendships. The rest of the crucial<br />

<strong>13</strong>.1<br />

details Pika had filled in for us<br />

via a miniature binder she put in<br />

my hands as I stepped onto the<br />

train and she wished us well and<br />

headed off to business school. At<br />

that moment we knew things, yet<br />

had experienced nothing. We were<br />

just starting.<br />

Just to keep things straight, the<br />

“we” here is Sean Genovese, Ross<br />

Phillips, Chris Beresford and<br />

myself, and together with Mertz<br />

(the biker) and Sean (the corgi) we<br />

made Think Thank’s fifth journey<br />

to film in Japan.

<strong>13</strong>.1<br />



This is how it went: Rain, snow,<br />

powder, pillows, jungle gyms,<br />

trees, monkeys, milk tea, karagi<br />

burger, Keenan, Kulesza, Iizuna,<br />

Boxes For Days, Genovese<br />

slaughter fest, Mackie’s style, Ein,<br />

junkyards, wind, smiles, mixes,<br />

forgetting Mertz, Yokohama,<br />

Tokyo, kerosene, tatami mats. All<br />

of this happened. And it didn’t just<br />

happen to us, we didn’t just get<br />

happened on. It was with eager<br />

participation that we lived those<br />

moments, I’m proud of that.<br />

-----------------<br />

Geno on the Hakuba Stairmaster.



Along the way Sean Black forgot<br />

many things and Sean Genovese<br />

landed many tricks. The rest is<br />

just a pleasant memory of good<br />

snow and great people, snapshots<br />

of time well spent. We stayed in<br />

a traditional Japanese house in<br />

the mountains, they cooked us<br />

a Shabu dinner, it was the best<br />

meal ever. We invented a jumping<br />

salmon dance at a techno party<br />

in a ski lodge. Chris Beresford and<br />

Sean Black were attached at the<br />

hip and earned a “celebrity couple”<br />

nickname: BlackBerry. And of<br />

course Ein, the corgi. Seriously, so<br />

cute yet so strong.<br />

At the end of our journey the<br />

equation had flipped; we now<br />

knew nothing for certain, but we<br />

had experienced much. We were<br />

now experienced in something,<br />

something rad. Domo arigato, Japan!<br />

100<br />

-----------------<br />

TOP: Beresford front 3 floater.<br />

RIGHT TOP: Snow plows and peace signs<br />

in Hakuba.<br />

RIGHT BOTTOM: Geno is such a tourist...

<strong>13</strong>.1<br />

Thanks to: Masaki Kitae, Iizuna<br />

Resort, Komin Kasaisei in Otari,<br />

Ken Ken for being the man, Kenji,<br />

Jimmy, Angela, Yasu, Krush and<br />

that guy in Tokyo that helped us<br />

find our hotel.<br />


photo: joel fraser<br />

rider: konno<br />

spot: hakuba, japan<br />

trick: the amazing spiderman<br />


volume thirteen · issue two<br />



photo: endo tsutomo<br />

rider: yukiita homies<br />

spot: hakuba, japan<br />

trick: earning turns<br />

104<br />

photo: endo tsutomo<br />

spot: tateyama, japan


volume thirteen · issue two<br />

<strong>13</strong>.1<br />

photo: rip zinger<br />

rider: mads jonsson<br />

spot: niseko, japan<br />

trick: gentemstick method

photo: endo tsutomo<br />

rider: shin biyajima<br />

spot: hokkaido, japan<br />

trick: bush hop<br />

106<br />

photo: rip zinger<br />

rider: gigi rüf<br />

spot: niseko, japan<br />

trick: tree bash


volume thirteen · issue two<br />

<strong>13</strong>.1<br />

photo: yves suter<br />

rider: dominik betschart<br />

spot: hokkaido, japan<br />

trick: stalefish<br />

photo: mike yoshida<br />

rider: dylan thompson<br />

spot: nagano, japan<br />

trick: ollie to wallride

photo: endo tsutomo<br />

rider: masaki kitae<br />

spot: nagano, japan<br />

trick: slob stiffy<br />


volume thirteen · issue two<br />

photo: mike yoshida<br />

rider: eric jackson<br />

spot: hokkaido, japan<br />

trick: fs 3<br />

end GALLERY<br />


photo: oli gagnon<br />

rider: lnp<br />

victim: will demers<br />







Check out Danny in , out now.<br />

photos by Adam Moran<br />


design unlikely futures / analogclothing.com

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