International Business


International Business Places of Study

“International Business” is an internationally orientated

Bachelor study programme off ered for the past 15 years by

the Berlin School of Economics (BSE) in conjunction with

the Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge & Chelmsford. It

refi nes the skills of those with an interest in Business who

see their future in the Marketing, Personnel or Financial

Controlling sector of a global player.

Students gain multifaceted business knowledge and capabilities

with the course of studies takes place at both schools.

Classes are taught in German at the BSE and in English at

the Anglia Ruskin University and students have the choice

between the locations for the completion of their fi nal

project work. Graduates are awarded two degrees: the

Bachelor of Arts” by the BSE and the “Bachelor of Arts

(Honours)” by the Anglia Ruskin University.

Th e international and intercultural nature of the programme

ensures that graduates have important skills required for

daily business in an international context. Students gather

fi rst valuable work experience during two scheduled internships,

one of which taking place in an English-speaking


Berlin School of Economics

At the Berlin School of Economics (BSE) you study in a

demanding academic environment, with well-equipped

multimedia facilities, a comprehensive library and lecturers

tailoring the learning experience to individual needs. A

Career Service eases the transition into working life.

Th e integration of modern research into teachings, intense

contact with businesses, practically oriented course content

and the international character of the BSE are all central

to students’ everyday life. Th e Berlin School of Economics

cultivates close relationships with more than 60 partner

colleges and universities around the world.

Th e spectrum of study opportunities covers classical economics

and business administration, specialised, companylinked

and MBA programmes. Almost all courses are accredited

by a German foundation for accreditation.

Anglia Ruskin University

Th e Anglia Ruskin University has two campus sites:

Cambridge and Chelmsford. Cambridge, renowned for

the University of Cambridge, is an important cultural and

economical centre of the region. Chelmsford, the capital of

Essex County, sits in a beautiful landscape. Both locations

are near London, have the best modern equipment and

excellent learning environments.

2 Berlin School of Economics International Business


Important information Content

Type of study programme


Duration of study programme

8 semesters (incl. two obligatory practical semesters)

Semester begins

1 st October (Winter semester)

Programme structure

First and second section of the study programme each take

four semesters. Th e fi rst section consists of one year in Berlin

and one in Cambridge. Berlin starters have the choice where

to complete their fi nal year. One of the two practical semesters

has to be carried out in an English-speaking environment.

Languages of instruction

German at the BSE and English at the Anglia Ruskin University.

Qualifi cation

Upon successful completing students are awarded two degrees:

the “Bachelor of Arts” from the BSE and the “Bachelor

of Arts (Honours)” from the Anglia Ruskin University.

Th e degree is worth a total of 240 ECTS credit points.


BSE: 238,18 €* (30,68 € Studentenwerksbeitrag + 6,00 €

Studentenschaft sbeitrag + 50 € Rückmeldegebühr +

151,50 € Semesterticket).

Anglia Ruskin University: Approx. 1530 £* tuition fees per

semester for EU-nationals in the 4 th year of study.

(For Cambridge starters and non-EU-nationals, additional

fees apply). Financial aid is possible from Anglia Ruskin


*subject to change

First section of the study programme

General Business Studies

General Macroeconomics

Business Law

Social Science


Business mathematics



Financial reporting

Management accounting

Business English

Second section of the study programme

Th e second section of the study programme includes foundation

and specialisation courses. Foundation courses will

be off ered in:

Strategic management

Business simulation game

International business administration

International economic relations

International business law

From the range of the following electives of specialisation

courses students choose one:



Human Ressource Management (HRM)

Accounting and Controlling

4 Berlin School of Economics International Business


Admission Application

General Requirements

General qualifi cation for post-secondary education

German language examination for university admission

in the case of foreign applicants

Very good knowledge of English and Mathematics

Applicants must pass an English and Mathematics test

(„Prüfung zum Nachweis von englischen Sprachkenntnissen

und Mathematikkenntnissen“) in order to be eligible for

the programme. Aft er timely submission of the application,

applicants are invited to attend this test (taking place each



Th e test in English and Mathematics takes place in June. Th e

English test may be waived for candidates who are:

Graduates of a secondary school where English is the

language of instruction, and for

Applicants holding an English translator’s or interpreter’s

certifi cation.

In addition, applicants holding one of the following certifi -

cates are eligible for a waiver:

London Chamber of Commerce (English for Commerce,

Stage 3)

Cambridge Profi ciency (A–C)

Cambridge “Advanced” (A)

IELTS (Result: minimum of 7)

TOEFL (Result: minimum 80 ‘internet based’, minimum

250 ‘computer based’, minimum 550 ‘paper based’)

Application period

Winter semester: 1 June–15 July

Application documents

From 1 st of April all required documents are available on

the internet (www.fh or at the Study Offi ce III.

6 Berlin School of Economics International Business



Academic Director

Professor Susanne Hannappel

Telephone: +49 (0)30 85789-168

E-Mail: hannapps@fh

Study Offi ce III

Clara Brandenburg

Telephone: +49 (0)30 85789-351

E-Mail: ibu@fh

Study guidance

Marion Senf-Denker

Telephone: +49 (0)30 85789-254

E-Mail: studinfo@fh

Fachhochschule für Wirtschaft Berlin

Berlin School of Economics

Badensche Straße 50–51

10825 Berlin

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