The Villages Cruise Travel Club

The Villages Cruise Travel Club

Cruise Packages at Better Than Cruise Line


•Local Professional Management of Your


•Monthly Information & Social Meetings.

Brought to you by:

Terry Ford

•Save $$$$$ On Your Cruise.

•Our Source Agency Has Over 17 Years of

Professional Experience.

•Meet and Cruise With Village Residents With

Like Interest in Cruising.

A Wonderful Way To Travel












Travel Depot

In The Villages



Our Cruise Provider












•How To Get Message Out

•How to Make Information Available

The Villages Cruise Travel Club

Provides Lower Prices

We’ll Call It The Share Program

Travel Depot


$100 in Commissions

on Your Booking

up to 70%




Travel Club

The Agency

in Turn Passes

70% or $70

Back to You

Why Does Travel Depot Do This?

What Do They Get Out Of This?


To You


To Travel Depot

•What We Do!

•Why We Do What We Do!

•How We Do What We Do!

•Provide Reduced Cruise Pricing For Village


•Provide Management For Your Cruise


•Provide Source of Special Cruises and Other

forms of Travel.

•Provide Forum For Discussions and

Knowledge Gathering.

•Positive Contribution to Our Neighbors and

Fellow Residents.

•Source and Knowledge Provides Interesting

Interactive Opportunities.

•Involvement Keeps Terry Busy and Gray Cells


Travel Depot, the travel agency we book through, keeps 30% of

the commissions received from their travel vendors and passes,

up to, 70% back to you through the cruise travel club.

The increased booking volume = higher commissions. The 30%

they keep helps cover their fixed expenses. Higher commissions

means more savings to you. Travel Depot is able to provide this

for The Villages Cruise Travel Club, based on the Cruise Club’s

volume of bookings.

The savings you receive on a cruise booking is about the same as a

travel agent would receive working for a travel agency.

Saved Passengers 10’s of Thousands of $$$

June 2009 (Real Example)

A Family of 10 with 5 cabins

Celebrity Cruise Lines

Total Price $37,208,70

We Saved Them $3,330.76

Saved Passengers 10’s of Thousands of $$$

February 2009 (Real Example)

36 Cabins – Fund Raising Event

Carnival Cruise Lines

Total Price $46,015.28

We Raised For The Event $6,700.00

Saved Passengers 10’s of Thousands of $$$

July 2009 (Real Example)

1 Cabin – Family of Two

Carnival Cruise Lines

Total Price $1824.12

We Saved Them $141.86

Saved Passengers 10’s of Thousands of $$$

October 2009 (Real Example)

1 Cabin – Family of Two

Viking River Cruise

Total Price $8182.00

We Saved Them $601.18

Mission Statement

� To Provide Cruises at Reduced Pricing For

Residents of The Villages.

� To Provide Professional, Experienced

Management For All Travel, Start to Finish.

� To Provide Forums For Information And Learning


We Work With All Cruise Lines

� Royal Caribbean

� Celebrity

� Carnival

� Norwegian

� Holland America


� Disney

� Crystal

� Regents Seven Seas

� Costa

� Princess

� Cunard

� Viking River Cruises

� ACC Small Ships

� And Many Many More

Special Rates – Special Sailings

Special Rates

� State Resident Rates

� Senior Rates

� Military Rates

� Past Passenger Rates

� Group Rates

� Individual Rates

� 3rd & 4 th Passenger Rates

� Early Booking Rates

� Air Special Rates

� Other Specialty Rates

Cruise Specials

Theme Cruises

� Religious Cruises

� Trans Atlantic Cruises

� Repositioning Cruises

� Alaska Cruises

� Hawaii Cruises

� Caribbean Cruises

� China Cruises

� Around The World Cruises

� Canada & New England Cruises

Group Cruises

•Often Lower Prices.

•Our Usual Reduced Pricing.

•One Free Bed For Every 8 Cabins.

•Amenity Points From Cruise Line Menu.

Family Groups Neighborhood Groups

Fund Raising Groups Church Groups

Card Playing Groups Golfing Groups

Other Services

Travel Protection Air

Transportation Special Diets

Special Medical Needs Meeting Rooms

Benefits To Residents Of The Villages

The Club Will Make Every Attempt To

Provide The Lowest Pricing.

•Special Attention To Each And Every

Booking. You Are My Neighbors

•Socializing And Sailing With Villagers

•Completeness Of Travel Package

Your Ongoing Source Of Information

Check It Often

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