Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

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An elk panel sculpture from Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art is

a natural addition to the indigenous Malapai stone fireplace. The goldenred

Merbau wood floors highlight the Asian influence in the accessories.

rustic ethnic elegance

by Greg Lilly

In their travels, the Mace family collects items they love. “We ship

furniture home from all over the world,” Susan Mace explained

about her family’s globetrotting. The Mace home at Forest Highlands

Golf Community in Flagstaff, Arizona illustrates that love of travel

and of beautiful surroundings.

The home perches on a hill overlooking the 18th fairway of Forest

Highlands and delivers views of the ninth green, the eighteenth

green and fairway. Mormon Mountain to the east and the San

Francisco Peaks to the north accent the panoramic view over the

ponderosa pines. In addition to the fairway views, golf has invad-

ed the home. A putting green occupies the lower deck, Susan

described the continuous use of the green, “My husband and our

fourteen-year-old son have a great time out here, and it’s fun for a

party, too.” Susan’s husband, Tom, loves the game. In Tom’s study,

photographs of golf courses from such locales as Scotland, Ireland

and all over America line the walls. “Everywhere he’s traveled when

he’s golfed, he’s bought a photo,” Susan explained. Pictures of his

favorite golfers, Arnold Palmer and Tom Watson, also grace

the walls.

cool living

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Summer 2004 Sedona Home & Garden 39

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cool living

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A bronze elk sculpture welcomes visitors from

his fireplace niche across from the entry hall.

In the kitchen, the rich woodwork gleams in the sunlight.

The cabinets’ color is unique, and Susan

described how the stain color was named after her family:

“Flagstaff Cabinet Company came up with this stain

to match my floor. I love the floor and wanted the cabinets

to match. So they created this custom stain and

called it the Mace Stain.” The coloring works beautifully.

Her floors are Merbau, which is an exotic wood

from Southeast Asia with a reddish orange hue and

flecks of gold. “I love the red in them,” Susan said,

Above right: The kitchen cabinets’ color is

unique, blended by Flagstaff Cabinet Company

to match the Merbau flooring and named after

the Mace family. Old Hickory furniture lends

the perfect rustic charm to the breakfast table.

Below right: The wine cellar tucks away a collection

of wine gathered from vineyards on the

family’s extensive travels. Painted concrete

floors give the look of Saltillo tiles.

“that’s why I went with it, to match the Asian influences.”

Asian influences abound in the home. The Mace family

lived in Hong Kong before moving to Flagstaff.

“When the opportunity came to move to Hong Kong,”

Susan said, “we decided to try it. We ended up staying

for ten years.” Susan has blended Asian, American

Southwest, Alpine and Traditional into a style all her

own, a style of old world elegance intermingled with

rustic charm. Flagstaff pinecones, Navajo rugs, Chinese

Sedona Home & Garden

Summer 2004

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delicate Asian silks merge for Rustic Elegance.

The artwork is distinctive. “Art is a very personal

thing, so when you find something you love, you get

it,” confided Susan. The living room hosts a painting

by world famous Chinese artist Wu Guanzhong. “He

came to the Grand Canyon in the eighties and the

canyon really moved him,” Susan described. “He did

three paintings of the Grand Canyon and we have

one. The other two paintings are in private collections.”

She motioned to the enormous canvas of

A delicate silk Kimono hangs in the master bedroom adding texture to the wall and

memories of the family’s time in Asia.

cool living

abstract beauty - black, gray, brown and red strokes in

the Chinese form combined to represent a uniquely

American landscape icon, “That,” she said, “is his

interpretation of the Grand Canyon.”

A central fireplace of indigenous Malapai stone separates

the dining room and living room. Mike Hrinko

of MH Stone Masonry designed and laid the stone.

Special touches, such as the fan design at the corners

of the dining room fireplace, can be found in his

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Below right: In the golf-themed study, golf

course photographs and memorabilia from

such locales as Scotland, Ireland and all over

America line the walls. A classic wood-burning

stove adds warmth to the room.

Lower right: Always ready for adventure, travel

trunks and family pictures accent the Mace’s

“travel corner.”

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cool living


Builder: R.C. Hubbard, LLC

Custom Cabinets: Flagstaff Cabinet Company

Stonework: MH Stone Masonry




Hillside Sedona E-ST4

671 Hwy 179 Sedona, Arizona

928.204.0565 (Phone)

928.282.3682 (Fax)

David M. Martinez, Artist

Crystal Glass Trophies

Custom Plaques

Stained Glass

Glass Carvings

Arts & Fine Arts

Rustic Ethnic Elegance (continued from p.41)

work. On the living room side of the fireplace, a threepaneled

elk wall sculpture from Sedona’s Exposures

International Gallery of Fine Art adds a touch of rustic


The combination of the building’s stone, wood and site

orientation lend a sense of strength and intensity to structure.

Bob Hubbard of RC Hubbard, LLC built the 5300

square foot Mace home. “We have a very personal relationship

with Bob and Janet Hubbard,” Susan said.

“We’ve become very good friends while working with

them and building this home. I was here every day doing

painting, wallpapering, faux painting. It was a great

process, a lot of fun.” Janet Hubbard assisted with the

selection of materials, paints and stain colors…and the fun


The Mace home in Forest Highlands represents the best of

the High Country rustic style with the exotic international

travels of the family. In combination, they have created

Rustic Ethnic Elegance.

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Sedona Home & Garden

Summer 2004

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