View from the Cupola/Annual Report v.27 - Mount de Sales Academy

View from the Cupola/Annual Report v.27 - Mount de Sales Academy


Mount de Sales Academy forms young women in the

spirit of Saint Francis de Sales and in fidelity to the

Sacred Scripture and the Sacred Tradition of the

Roman Catholic Church through a college preparatory

education that nurtures the whole person.

Anchored in faith, the community of Mount de Sales Academy

is committed to academic excellence, lifelong learning,

moral responsibility, service to others,

and the dignity of the human person.

From the Principal

Dear Friends,

Greetings in Christ! With this combined Annual Report/

View from the Cupola issue, we break from our traditional

format in order to thank you and keep you informed about

the exciting things happening at Mount de Sales. As I

look out my office window, I see the goodness of many

friends and benefactors made manifest: the new convent

is nearing completion, and our hope is that the sisters

will move in by mid-May! Research and planning is also

moving ahead for the new HVAC system at school.

None of us deserves the incredible outpouring of

generosity we have witnessed at Mount de Sales this

year, but thanks to God’s grace, He is offering our school

community a true opportunity for spiritual and physical

growth. As we prepare to move into the new convent, the

sisters recognize that our greatest act of thanksgiving for

this unmerited gift will be to commit ourselves ever more

unstintingly to prayer and union with Christ in love, daily

dedicating our minds and hearts to the young women of

Mount de Sales Academy and their families.

As you recall, at the beginning of this year the school

received a matching grant for $1.5 million dollars to Phase

I of the Capital Campaign. Thrilled by this gift, we have

promised to raise funds to match it by June 30. Although

we are more than halfway to our goal, we need your help

in pushing to the finish line. Some of you have not yet

been formally asked to contribute to the future of Mount

de Sales Academy. Now I humbly ask you for your help.

As Scripture says, “Now is the acceptable time! Now is the

day of salvation!” (2 Cor. 6:1) Lent is the season in which

we ask the Lord how we can give our hearts more fully

to Him. Sharing our blessings to ensure the education

of future generations of Mount de

Sales girls is certainly a tangible

way to give back to the Lord in

thanksgiving for all He has

given us.

In this issue

From the Principal 3

Capital Campaign 4

Annual Report 9

In Memoriam 32

Alumnae News 33

Spotlight on Campus 35

Twenty-five years ago, Mount de Sales Academy

threatened to close, its noble walls presumably destined

to become little more than a hollow reminder of a bygone

era. Miraculously, however, the Lord has breathed new

life into this Academy. Our enrollment has never been

higher, and our commitment to Catholic identity and

academic excellence has gained us the honor of one of

the Top 50 Catholic High Schools in the country for the

7th year in a row. When Archbishop O’Brien celebrated

Mass with us on March 1, he said that our school is known

not simply for a good education; it is known for strong


As you page through this issue and read the highlights

of our talented young ladies, please know that their

achievements do not happen in isolation. It takes the

dedication of many people, people like you, who believe

that our families, our churches, and our culture can be

transformed through the formation in Christian virtue

of the young women of tomorrow. Please help us by

contributing to the Anchored in Excellence Charting our

Future Capital Campaign, and be assured that the Lord

cannot be outdone in generosity.

Gratefully in Christ,

Sister Anne Catherine, O.P.


Volume 27 Issue 1 3



Phase I: $4 Million Dollar Goal

This is it! Please help

us raise the remaining


to complete Phase I.

We need your help!



already raised

toward the total

Phase I

$4 million

goal since

campaign kick-off

last summer!



matching grant

pledged to

Phase I

by generous

supporters of

Mount de Sales


Anchored in Excellence Charting our Future

Why Phase I of our Capital Campaign and why now? For more than

a quarter of a century, the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia have shared the fruits

of their religious life with members of the Mount de Sales community. During

these years, the school has grown nearly 165%. More than half of the school’s

current alumnae have benefited from the Dominican Sisters’ commitment to

Mount de Sales. With their love for truth, their fidelity to the Church and her

teachings, and their witness to a life centered in Christ and his sacraments, the

Sisters continue to call each student to friendship with Him who is “the answer

to the question that is every human life.”

Why is a new convent needed when the Dominican Sisters have

lived in the Gatehouse for 25 years? The Nashville Dominicans

currently boast a median age of 36, and every year additional young Sisters

are available to staff the congregation’s schools around the country. The new

convent will allow more Sisters to serve the Mount de Sales community in a

setting where their work can be even more the fruit of the contemplative-active

religious life to which they are committed.

How does Phase I support the life of the Sisters? The new convent has

been designed to provide an environment for the Sisters to pursue the four pillars

of Dominican life: prayer; study; community; and the apostolate of teaching.

The result will enable the Sisters "to contemplate and to give to others the fruits

of their contemplation," a motto of the Dominican Order. The students, current

and future, are the beneficiaries of their contemplation.

Why is Phase I vital to the life of our students? By providing a

home that is conducive to the Sisters' religious life, the students and our entire

Mount de Sales Academy community are blessed. More Sisters will be able to

be accommodated at the new convent and our school. The presence of the Sisters

at Mount de Sales reinvigorates our renaissance, which began 25 years ago, and

reverberates in the hearts of our past, present, and future Sailors. Our Mission

statement says in the first few words, "Mount de Sales Academy forms young

women…" The Dominican Sisters, like the Visitation Sisters before them, are

critical to that formation.

Visitation nuns bought land in

Catonsville (76 acres purchased in

Mother Mary Cecilia Brooks’ name

from William T. Somerville on

August 20, 1850 for $5000)


1851 1852

On September 6, 1852

classes begin for first

graders - high schoolers

Ground breaking on January 29, 1851; named

Mount de Sales by Archbishop Eccleston. Laying

of the cornerstone for chapel and academy wing

on May 27, 1851


Music Hall added, plumbing

installed, and back portico built

(2 Cor. 6:1)

Gatehouse expanded to accommodate the chaplain


Mary Pinkney Hardy (Mrs. Arthur MacArthur, Jr.),

mother of General Douglas MacArthur,

graduates from MDSA

When you give to the Anchored in Excellence Charting our Future Capital Campaign, you are making a gift to the

current and future students of Mount de Sales Academy. All that we do is for the girls! Each day we strive to make an

imprint on their hearts. Your generous help will do this. If you have questions that have not been answered, please

contact Sister Philip Joseph, O.P. in the Development Office at 410.744.8498 x131 or

What is going to happen to the Gatehouse?

Since their arrival in 1985, the Dominican Sisters have

lived in the Gatehouse, a structure that was originally

built as a hunting lodge, but was later used for the

Academy’s chauffeur, and then served as a residence

for the school chaplain and caretaker. While the

exterior is architecturally important and attractive,

the living space was not designed for Dominican

religious community life. After a new convent is built,

the Academy will continue to use the Gatehouse. In

keeping with their vow of poverty, the Sisters do not

need nor desire extravagant surroundings, but it is our

responsibility to provide a convent that supports their

religious life and, therefore, blesses their work for our


Why replace the boiler and install air

conditioning? While the scorching heat that comes

with the start and end of the school year and the frigid

temperatures in between make for memories that are

often recounted at alumnae gatherings, they detract

from an optimal learning environment. Currently,

the two main boilers are decades old and our heating

system is completely inefficient. It is our responsibility

to the students, as well as a matter of caring for their

health, to improve the heating system and install air


Why does campus security need to be

addressed? Our students feel safe on the Mount de

Sales Academy campus, as well as they should in their

home-away-from-home. The 21st century reality is that

measures need to be taken to ensure the continued safety

of all who learn, live, work on, and visit our campus.




Additional tract of 17

acres purchased

1871 1883 1884 1887 1892 1895 1896

Stained glass windows installed in

the chapel, from Chartres, France,

a gift from the Bogne family



Edmondson Avenue

entrance built

Alumnae Association

established by

Regina Keenan Knott

Mount de Sales Academy Site Plan

Phase III

Phase I

Phase II

Phase I: $4 Million

New Convent

Security Fencing,

Lighting, and



HVAC System for

1852 Building

Remember: only $600,000 additional dollars are

needed to reach our Phase I goal of $4 million!

Please consider making a gift today!

Phase II

Regulation Turf Athletic Field with built-in Hillside

Stadium Seating (Estimated $1.5 million)

Phase III

Performing Arts Building (Estimated $9 million)



♥ To ♥ With Mother Ann Marie, O.P.

Nashville Dominican's Prioress General and Sister Anne Catherine, O.P. discuss Phase I

Mother Ann Marie, you were one of the Dominican sisters who first visited

Mount de Sales in 1985 to see if it could be a possible Mission for our sisters.

What drew the congregation to this school? When we arrived at Mount de Sales

we were impressed by the dedication and love for the school so beautifully expressed by

Mr. Chris Cuddeback, members of the Board, the principal, students, and above all by

Father Michael Roach, whose devotion to the school and knowledge of its history was

inspiring. We clearly saw the rich heritage of the school, the devotion and care of the

Visitation nuns who had recently retired to other convents of their order. We also believed

the school was needed and could flourish.

Over the twenty-five years that the Dominican sisters have administered and

taught at Mount de Sales, what are some of the most significant changes you

have observed? The physical growth and expansion of the school has been necessary to

meet the needs of the growing student population and expanding curriculum needs. The beauty

and charm of the buildings and campus is a tribute not only to the present, but to the Visitation

nuns who sacrificed for this Academy, laid its spiritual foundation, and prayed for its future.

The young women at Mount de Sales have a unique and lovely spirit that will hopefully be

passed on for many generations.

Why is a new convent being built at this time? Why is it needed? The Gatehouse

is historic and lovely but it was not built as a convent with its areas of silence and cloister.

The sleeping areas in the third floor attic were also a concern in the event of a fire.

Why are Mount de Sales Academy and the Nashville Dominicans good

partners? The partnership between the Visitation nuns and the Nashville Dominicans

at Mount de Sales has been blessed by God. Although we were not at the Academy at the

same time, we can see the loveliness of both charisms mingled in this

school. This Academy will be even more necessary in the future.

What is the value of a Catholic education for young

women in 2011? Catholic education: education in the light

and Spirit of the Catholic faith, has become ever more important

as our society has become more secular. Our young people are

flooded with ideas and ideals, sometimes contrary to the faith,

in this age of easy access to technology. They must know

what is right and true and good. They must know their

faith so that they can judge in the light of that faith.

If women are to nurture the faith in

their families and in our society, it

is essential that they be better and

more deeply educated; it is crucial

that our young women of today

receive an excellent Catholic


Mother Ann Marie Karlovic, O. P. during her visit to MDSA, October 2010

Facts and Figures

Enrollment for


2010 - 2011

school year:





courses courses

and offered


Student to

teacher ratio

$10.6 Million in


awarded to the Class of 2010


Top 50



School Honor Roll since 2004


athletes from the

Class of 2010 playing

at the collegiate level

Growth in



since 1985


median age of the

Dominican Sisters of

St. Cecilia


Student body from







and parishes


hours of Christian community

service annually by students

Academic Excellence

in the Catholic


Tradition since

Boarding school ends, 4th floor

closed, and total enrollment: 55



Closing of the grade school;

Mount de Sales becomes solely

a high school


Did you know??

Fun Behind-the-Scene Facts about MDSA

• The Gatehouse, which has served as the convent for the

past 25 years, was the first building on the property and

originally constructed as a hunting lodge. It then served as the

chauffeur’s residence and an addition was added during the

Civil War in 1862 for a chaplain’s residence. The Gatehouse

was never intended as a convent!

• In the attic you can find a series of wooden troughs of

graduated heights that run the length of the building.

Engineers think that by filling the troughs with ice, this served

as a primitive air conditioning system for the 1852 building,

forcing cool air from outside and down through vents in the

ceiling. Mechanical engineers, HVAC consultants looking at

our project, and the members of the 1852 Crew have never

seen anything like this!

100 th anniversary of MDSA,

8 graduates in the Class of 1952, and

Ionic Columns yearbook series begins


Visitation nuns sell 44.70 acres

for what is now known as the

neighborhood of Academy Heights

• A dumbwaiter, which connects the

present Craft Room to classroom B204, would

transport food by a series of pulleys to nuns

who were in the monastery infirmary and

could not travel to the refectory, which is now

the Music Room.

• The 1852 Building

was originally heated with coal, then oil,

and now natural gas. The current boiler

was repaired in 2008 and last replaced

over 25 years ago.

• The Freshman locker room was the original

carriage room and the brick floor found there

today is historically significant because the

bricks were fired on campus. It is said that

the Visitation nuns helped construct the floor

by carrying the bricks from the area where

they were being fired on the property to the

workers who put them in place.


Science laboratory installed

Progress and Plans to Date

The Anchored in Excellence; Charting our Future Capital

Campaign is the result of years of evaluation and planning.

Seeds of the Capital Campaign were planted in

2000 when the Board of Trustees developed a

comprehensive Strategic Plan. The deteriorating

Gatehouse, need for a new heating system and

installation of air conditioning, and desire for

security enhancements have been identified for

more than a decade. Additionally, Phase II and

Phase III elements of our Campaign have been

dreams for some time!

In response to the concerns of parents, Dominican Drive

was installed two years ago to alleviate traffic congestion.

While this was a visible sign of the progress at

Mount de Sales, other projects were simultaneously

being planned. Convent construction plans started

coming together in the fall of 2008 and then an

official campaign launch took place in June 2010.

At this time it was also determined that it was cost-effective

to begin installation of a fence encircling the campus with

entry and exit gates. This project was completed in

April of 2010. The continuity and result of careful

planning can be seen in the complementary convent

architecture and the fence and gates, which many

people have commented look like they have always

been in place.

The Board of Trustees and the Building Committee

are continuing to consider and compare all options,

including both geothermal heating and cooling and

a variable refrigeration system with heating and

cooling delivered through forced air. The system

will be selected based upon best value to the school

including factors such as cost, savings, efficiency,

schedule, and conduciveness to the historic building

requirements. This project, as with the other Capital

Campaign projects, is cost and environmentally


For 25 years, under the Administration of the Dominican

Sisters, exponential growth has taken place in enrollment,

academics, and student life. Now the physical growth

on our 159 year-old campus will meet the increased

number and needs of our students!

Mother Mary Bernard Schlitzer announces that MDSA will

close at the end of the school year…massive fundraising

efforts ensue for renovations and necessary safety

improvements and Fr. Robert W. Duerr named as principal


Arrival of the Dominican Sisters of

St. Cecilia Congregation of

Nashville; Held Memorial Drive built


Visitation nuns retire; formation of the Board of

Trustees who purchase the school for $300,000



Our Sailors: At the HEART of it All

The Visitation Nuns and the Dominican Sisters have their roots in the

hearts of Jesus and Mary. While centuries have set them in different times

and locals, the recipients of the fruits of their faith are the same, our students.

The girls are the heart of our mission and all of the work at Mount de Sales


Every element of the Anchored in Excellence Charting our Future Capital

Campaign is focused on the benefit to current and future students of

Mount de Sales. The Phase I projects all support the development and

well-being of our students. The girls are the heart of Mount de Sales and the

Sisters dedicate their lives to making sure those hearts are being formed in

Christ. While the academic, spiritual, and social development of the girls is

being guided by the Dominican Sisters and the members of the faculty and

staff, this formation needs to take place in a school and on a campus where

our students are supported and protected. Our progress and promise for the

current and future students doesn’t stop here.

Upon the successful completion of Phase I, the Capital Campaign

will continue its forward momentum and move right into Phase II, the

creation of a regulation turf athletic field with hillside seating. All students

will benefit from the new field that can integrate with the physical education

curriculum. Additionally, the design will allow more teams to utilize the

field for practice and other activities. Ever since competitive athletics were

introduced to the school, Mount de Sales has fielded strong teams. For many

years this was done without a gymnasium and convenient athletic amenities.

While we are limited by our campus size, the turf field will enable us to more

efficiently utilize our space for the benefit of students. The same is true with

the Performing Arts Building.

The long time dream of a Performing Arts Building will become a reality as

the final phase of the Anchored in Excellence Charting our Future. Phase

III of the Capital Campaign has been developing over a period of many years.

Recognizing the needs of our students, more than 80% of whom participate

in some type of Fine Arts, many constituents have generously contributed

to this dream that will in time become a reality. These gifts and many more

will be required to fund the $9 million project. When the Performing Art

building is complete, our students will have a performance space that more

fully supports their academic and extracurricular activities.


After the arrival of the Dominican Sisters in 1985, renovations began

connecting the hallways of the academy and monastery wings



Science wing renovated, gift of Mr. William Carrigan

in memory of his wife, Mrs. Ramona Carrigan

1989 1998

Dedication of renovated Padre Pio Library,

gift of Mr. and Mrs. William Carrigan

Constance and Samuel Pistorio

Sports Complex dedicated

Restoration of the Infirmary, renamed

Regina Keenan Knott Alumnae Hall

Dates and facts listed on the time line were compiled from An Academy of Every Virtue: A History of Mount de Sales Academy.


Growth in Enrollment

Over the Past 25 Years









Completion of Dominican Drive

and Gazebo renovation



June 12, 2011:

Save the Date,

New Convent

Open House



1985 1995 2005 2010 year

Anchored in Excellence

Charting our Future

Phase I To Do List:

Campus fence

Controlled entry and exit gates

Finish and furnish new convent

Install new school HVAC

system for heating and cooling

Improve front and rear

campus lighting

Add key code access

Enhanced video surveillance

Make a gift (by June 30!)


Campaign kick-off: Anchored in Excellence Charting our Future;

construction of campus fence completed; construction on new

convent began; and $1.5 million dollar matching grant established

Annual Report of Donors

2009 - 2010

Annual Report of Donors Annual Report of Donors

Mount de Sales Academy's Financial Summary FY 2009 - 2010 FY 2008 - 2009 FY 2007 - 2008


Tuition and Fees

Contributions, Gifts, and Donations

Investment Income

Auxiliary Enterprises

Miscellaneous Income

Total Revenue



Scholarships and Financial Aid

Operation and Maintenance

General Institutional

Total Expenses

Change in Net Assets:

Net assets, Beginning of Year

Net assets, End of Year

Contributions, Gifts, and Donations Detail:

Annual Fund

Restricted (Capital Campaign)


Total Contributions, Gifts, and Donations

(July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010)

$ 5,631,835

$ 849,887

$ 84,427

$ 71,769

$ 414,410

$ 7,052,328

$ 4,269,837

$ 284,637

$ 580,037

$ 587,316

$ 5,721,827

$ 1,330,501

$ 8,758,847

$ 10,089,348

$ 214,766

$ 629,321

$ 5,800

$ 849,887

$ 5,206,412

$ 355,931

$ 95,310

$ 62,304

$ 298,632

$ 6,018,589

$ 4,214,079

$ 297,445

$ 570,757

$ 596,038

$ 5,678,319

$ 340,270

$ 8,418,577

$ 8,758,847

$ 174,416

$ 133,065

$ 48,450

$ 355,931

$ 4,784,636

$ 267,327

$ 115,310

$ 62,194

$ 432,466

$ 5,661,933

$ 4,046,686

$ 238,078

$ 522,280

$ 569,357

$ 5,376,401

$ 285,530

$ 8,133,047

$ 8,418,577

$ 200,676

$ 54,801

$ 11,850

$ 267,327





Your Participation Matters

The Mount de Sales Academy education

is renowned for being well-rounded. As our

mission states, we nurture the whole person

and we are committed to, among other things,

moral responsibility and service to others. One of

the many components of our daily fulfillment of

our mission, which takes countless forms, is the

Your Participation Matters campaign.

Your Participation Matters is Mount de Sales

Academy’s student annual giving campaign that

teaches students the importance of financially

supporting their school as students and future

alumnae. The 2009-2010 was another great

student success. Ninety-two percent of the

students gave a total of $4,125! Student giving

was then multiplied by Mrs. Autee and

Mr. Francis Smyth, former member of the

Board of Trustees, who further reinforced the

importance of philanthropy while amplifying

the impact for the school by matching each

dollar raised by the students. Each and every

gift to Mount de Sales is valued and appreciated.

The generous support of our current students,

many of whom sacrifice for the benefit of their

school, is especially meaningful.

Your Participation Matters Total:

2009 - 2010 Campaign













Class of 2010 Class of 2011 Class of 2012 Class of 2013

Class of 2010

Emily N. Ajluni

Caitlyn M. Ames

Casey E. Amoss

Maria T. Amrhein

Margaret E. Amy

Lauren E. Anderson

Margaret C. Andrew

Alyssa L. Arnold

Lauren N. Aro

Katherine R. Audy

Hilary S. Badger

Megan E. Barnes

Christina M. Barrett

Nicole A. Benzing

Clare E. Black

Erin T. Boyle

Catherine L. Buck

Stephanie L. Buhr

Kelsey M. Burns

Larissa M. Caple

Alexandra A. Carella

Stefanie M. Carroll

Paige B. Cesky

Andrea K. Clarke

Madeline R. Collins

Chelsea L. Cross

Kimberly M. Culp

Petra W. Currie

Ruth M. Cutler

Kelly M. Dalton

Laura E. Darmody

Elizabeth L. Dempsey

Stephanie M. Denhardt

Lea N. Desrosiers

Olivia A. Doller

Emily A. Dressel

Corrie Dubyoski

Danielle N. Dunn

Cara A. Facchina

Kelly M. Fisher

Anne K. Fitzpatrick

Maggie A. Flannery

Amanda A. France

Naomi L. Garcia

Elizabeth A. Gielner

Alexandra E. Gracia

Courtney T. Griffith

Hannah T. Gutcher

Rachel K. Guzman

Helen T. Haines

Margaretta Harding

Kristi Hedrick

Kimberly A. Hutchison

Jennifer M. Jeffries

Eleanor Jeske

Gabrielle B. Johnson

Morgan E. Kavanagh

Helen M. Kirby

Caroline E. Kirby-Smith

Kelsey A. Koenig

Katherine L. Kreft

Elizabeth A. Lane

Kathryn B. Langan

Cassidy E. Larkin

Anna E. LaVardera

Sarah E. Leisher

Anne T. Leppert

Amanda C. Lindner

Jordan M. Lombardi

Elizabeth Loomis

Ashley M. Loth

Emily A. Luco

Emily K. Macari

Amber M. Maltagliati

Kristin N. Marciszewski

Anam Masih

Chelsea E. Massari

Megan N. McCawley

Annie M. McGuire

Keelin K. McHale

Paige H. Millsap

Megan K. Moran

Stephanie M. Moscati

Margaret B. O'Ferrall

Catherine M. Ogden

Kelli A. Palmer

Abigail M. Parrish

Stephanie R. Payton

Lindsay I. Pisanic

Madeline N. Plaut

Amanda R. Polanowski

Lauren E. Pollock

Sarah M. Robbins

Mary J. Rosa

Alyssa C. Scarfo

Carolyn M. Schorr

Katherine T. Seeberger

Erin E. Shea

Blair Sheldon

Pamela A. Sheppard

Samantha M. Shetterly

Anne E. Skomba

Virginia G. Smist

Kerry A. Smith

Meghan E. Smith

Regina C. Smith

Christina L. Staso

Hannah K. Strasser

Sadie K. Straughn

Emily C. Targonski

Sonia L. Tompkins

Mara E. Vukcevich

Andrea J. Warfel

Danielle E. Warwick

Mary Weadon

Megan D. Welsh

Brittany L. Werner

Kacy E. Wesselman

Holly A. Whitehead

Lauren E. Wiegmann

Emily A. Wiess

Julie E. Winpisinger

Shannon K. Wright

Margaret M. Zimmermann

During their 4 years at Mount

de Sales Academy, the Class of

2010 raised a total of $5,689.38

through the Your Participation

Matters Campaign. In addition,

half of these recent graduates

pledged to continue their support to

MDSA during college through the

Your Participation Always Matters

Campaign! We are grateful!


Class of 2011

Kathleen E. Abdo

Murielle Ahawo

Amy L. Albrecht

Caroline R. Arnold

Sarah M. Bacon

Becky Bastien

Nina T. Bergbauer

Samantha Bissally

Alllie M. Blair

Anna M. Boehk

Ali M. Brill

Katherine Butrim

Mary A. Cadigan

Shannon E. Carlin

Caroline R. Casey

Theresa M. Cecil

Gabrielle E. Clarke

Celeste Coajou

Corinne Cohagan

Margaret C. Croxson

Maura K. Cunningham

Allyson E. Curley

Mary C. Daschbach

Katie Delaney

Louanna L. Doll

Starrla D. Donavanik

Katherine M. Dunklee

Alecia M. Enriquez

Mary Kate Facchina

Alyssa T. Ferguson

Maggie M. Finamore

Elizabeth J. Fioretti

Amy Fly

Maura E. Forrestel

Ellen K. Fromm

Maria T. Furletti

Daniella Galindo

Kelly A. Gallager

Blake B. Gentner

Madeline K. Girard

Victoria L. Gottleib

Ashley T. Gough

Carly M. Green

Kathleen Gueritot

Jessica N. Henry

Maria K. Hooe

Emily A. Hooper

Julia N. Howser

Rebecca Hren

Hannah M. Jones

Erin D. Kelly

Natalie Kelly

Rachel King

Bridget C. Knepper

Grace Kording

Rachael C. Kvech

Emily Lambert

Danielle E. Larkin

Brook E. Leahy

Heather A. Leary

Emily C. Lemmon

Mary E. Leppert

Krysten M. Lewis

Taylor N. Lutz

Rebecca S. Lyons

Brianna Maddox

Mary A. Martin

Elizabeth A. McCollum

Molly E. McGrain

Megan E. McGuirk

Caroline S. Menendez

Elizabeth A. Morris

Kelsey T. Morsberger

Amy L. Myers

Michele M. Nappi

Jilllian F. Nieberding

Katie A. Oursler

Meghan W. Owings

Elizabeth A. Parks

Debra M. Parks

Ashley M. Peeling

Joy S. Penaso

Elisabeth A. Petras

Jennifer M. Phelps

Sydney Q. Phillips

Nicole L. Presti

Courtney R. Price

Margaret Protzman

Corinne Purcell

Lindsey M. Rennie

Maria C. Rigatuso

Lauren Rivera

Mary J. Robbins

Molly K. Rodahaver

Maria E. Romanelli

Madison D. Russell

Emily Sadler

Kelly E. Sagastume

Margaret M. Scavilla

Madison R. Scheidt

Hannah Z. Schmidt

Melissa V. Singer

Kristin R. Steranka

Meghan K. Stesch

Laura E. Steuerman

Erin L. Thompson

Catherine E. Tierney

Abbie M. Tucker

Caitlyn M. Van Wie

Mary Catherine Walter

Karalee A. Watts

Alexa Welch

Danielle C. Wilson

Melissa Wood

Allison I. Wright

Kelsey M. Zarlenga

Annual Report of Donors

Class of 2012

Randi N. Amoss

Catherine S. Amy

Kaitlyn B. Anderson

Jessica C. Auburger

Rachel M. Baldwin

Patricia K. Basil

Taylor A. Beaumont

Julie C. Betta

Meghan Blodgett

Laura E. Bochenek

Natalie A. Boegel

Bridget M. Boland

Kaitlyn K. Bolesta

Amanda P. Bonnett

Caroline S. Butler

Meagan A. Campbell

Maureen E. Cashen

Victoria C. Chester

Alexandra E. Clasing

Colleen M. Crawford

Hunter A. Cynkar

Nichole N. Dantoni

Cara A. Dawson

Molly L. D'Elia

Elizabeth B. Desel

Brooke E. Dignan

Rachel M. Donovan

Class of 2013

Meghan Abdo

Alexandra Albrecht

Megan Arnold

Stephanie Arnold

Ann Babcock

Emily Barbour

Regan Beck

Breanna Becker

Elizabeth Bell

Rachel Blackert

Madison Bolesta

Emily Boyle

Leslie Briggs

Megan Brooks

Meghan Brown

Kayli Burns

Patricia Butrim

Emma Callahan

Brianna Celestina

Gabrielle Cha

Taylor Chester

Marina Congedo

Mary Connolly

Emily Cook

Nicole E. Dowling

Grace F. Duffy

Branan D. Durbin

Clara E. Ehrman

Courtney E. Fair

Kaitlin M. Fletcher

Courtney A. Geier

Julie M. Gillis

Rebecca M. Gregory

Zoey E. Gross

Kara M. Hand

Emily A. Harrigan

Alexandra S. Harrison

Madelyn K. Harrison

Helene E. Hauf

Sarah C. Huber

Breianna D. Hulede

Chantel A. Hunter

Clare E. Jennings

Kayley S. Jones

Mary C. Kavanagh

Julie E. Kearney

Emily Kerstetter

Kelsey L. Kirby

Jessica N. Ladd

Bridgette A. Lappe

Meghan C. Lawrence

Christine N. Leimkuhler

Anastasia Countiss

Jasmine Couvillion

Emma Cusick

Aaliyah Cuthrell

Megan Davis

Grace Davis

Emma d'Epagnier

Shannon Doyle

Kelsey Everett

Colleen Finley

Margaret Furletti

Callie Gahagan

Elizabeth Galka

Kaitlyn Gamboa

Jaclyn Gates

Lana Gaver

Lily Glenn

Amanda Golebiowski

Bridget Graef

Amanda Gretz

Lauren Guzman

Claire Halligan

Kylie Handler

Leah Henry

MacKenzie Herlihy

Gina Hisky

Jordan L. Leishear

Rebecca M. Leisher

Nicole M. Leo

Ann C. Lipscombe

Lindsay M. Manser

Kourtni T. McClain

Sarah E. McKinnon

Emily L. O'Brocki

Caroline L. O'Ferrall

Caitlyn A. O'Neel

Emily R. Ordakowski

Kathleen A. Pereira

Kelly L. Phelan

Julia Plants

Jennifer A. Pumphrey

Mary T. Quinn

Julie A. Ratcliffe

Jordan Hofmeister

Keri Holt

Kathryn Hostutler

Emily Huber

Regina Hufford

Sarah Hughes

Erin Hunter

Frantzie Jeannot

Haley Jones

Emily Jordan

Catherine Jordan

Sydney Jupitz

Emily Kallmyer

Katryna Katulski

Catherine Keane

Angela Koerner

Margaret LaCourse

Catherine Lawrence

Haley Leatherbarrow

Ashley Lesniewski

Catina Llanes

Erin Lloyd

Megan Lowcher

Alexandria Lukasavage

Connelly Magin

Claire Martineau

Molly Ritmiller

Ashley M. Robertson

Megan E. Rodahaver

Meghan L. Ross

Gina L. Salacki

Jodi L. Schneider

Allison E. Schuessler

Megan M. Sedney

Elizabeth C. Sheffer

Rosalyn K. Sherron

Caitlin A. Shoemaker

Emily A. Sipes

Karly E. Sites

Melissa M. Skopek

Margaret M. Smith

Lauren M. Smith

Jennifer K. Snell

Kimberly Mazziott

Mary McKernan

Sarah Milesky

Lara Miller

Andrea Miller

Colleen Miller

Meredith Miller

Anna Minnick

Cecilia Mires

Ayla Montague

Nabila Moubarak

Abbey Mules

Casey Muller

Emily Nava

Carrie Naylor

Kathryn Nevin

Colleen Ogden

Chelsea Owensby

Jennifer Parker

Olivia Penn

Abigail Pfau

Taylor Price

Jane Protzman

Veronica Rittie

Emily Roberts

Casey Ross

Angelica Sorauf

Kayla E. Spaar

Carolyn E. Stolte

Emma K. Talbot

Nicole J. Teodosio

Lucia M. Thomas

Shelbi A. Timmons

Taylor A. Tornatore

Sophia D. Trapani

Frances M. Tufts

Gabriella R. Voso

Alexandra L. Walker

Sarah A. Walther

Molly R. Wheltle

Audrey M. Wilkinson

Mollie A. Williams

Veronica M. Zoeckler

The heart of a Sailor is...

"Strong and spirited because a Sailor works hard

and tries to develop her talents, remembering

God is her true strength." ~Veronica '12

Christina Ruzzi

Isabelle Ryan

Emily Saia

Elena Salas

Ashley Santana-Trebes

Christina Sarver

Kathryn Sauter

Sarah Schneider

Lucy Scrivener

Julianna Shearer

Angela Shipley

Emily Simms

Mary Skora

Jennifer Slade

Savannah Smith

Bayley Taylor

Lindsey Theisen

Megan Tucker

Sarah Turgeon

Helen Van Natta

Catherine Vartain

Christa Walsh

Lauren Wilhelm

Caroline Williams

Grace Woo


Annual Report of Donors

Padre Pio Patrons Gifts up to $100

Mr. James Aaron

Ms. Patricia A. Adams

Captain and Mrs. Mark H. Adamshick

Mr. and Mrs. Koffi Ahawo

Ms. Rachel M. Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Altiere

Mrs. Jeanette K. Ambrose

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Ames, Jr.

Mrs. Regina J. Amoss

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Amrhein

Mrs. Lauren R. Haines Ambrogio

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Anderson, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Anderson, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Angeletti






Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Appleby

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Atkinson

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Ayres

Mr. and Mrs. Chad L. Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Baker

Mrs. Dolores Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Baldwin

Mr. and Mrs. Donnell E. Balmert

Ms. Cynthia R. Barbour

Mr. Dennis Bardman

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Barrett

Mr. Christopher S. Barrett

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Barrick

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Barth

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Bartlinski, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Baylor

Dr. and Mrs. Ray Becker

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Beliveau

Ms. Sarah Belk


Mr. and Mrs. Alexander B. Bell

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Bennett, Jr.

Mrs. Constance A. Benson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Betta

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Beynon

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Biagiotti

Mr. and Mrs. John Birrane

Ms. Suzanne Blair

Mr. and Mrs. John Blair, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Blodgett

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Bochenek

Mr. John Bodnar and

Dr. Mary Ellen P. Bodnar

Mr. and Mrs. Irving Boehm

Commander and Mrs. William J. Boulay

Ms. M. Catherine B. Bowen

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Boyd

Mr. and Mrs. William Boyle

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Brady

Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Briggs

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Brinkley

Ms. Maria T. Brocato

Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Broedel

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Brusini

Mr. James Bryant

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Buck

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Buhr

Mr. and Mrs. Thurl Burdette

Ms. Grace Burke

Ms. Elizabeth M. Burnham

The heart of a Sailor is...

"Loving and joyful!"

~Merry '14

The heart of a Sailor is...

"Compassionate. We all pull

together whenever anyone needs

help." ~Alexa '11

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Butler

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Butrim

Mr. and Mrs. Fillippo Caccamisi

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Cahoon

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Callahan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Callens

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cardoni

Mrs. Kathleen R. Carmella

Mr. and Mrs. John Carmody

Mrs. Rosalie B. Carroll

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Carver

Mr. and Mrs. William Carver

Mr. Salvatore Cascio, III

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Casey

Mrs. Mary Jean Cashen

Mr. and Mrs. John Cecil

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Celestina

Mr. and Mrs. John Chall

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart H. Charnovitz

Ms. Meghen Chester

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Chester

Ms. Laura N. Christian

Ms. Hannah Church

Mrs. Ann Cichowicz

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Cinquino

Ms. Virginia M. Clark

Mr. Martin J. Clarke

Mr. and Mrs. John Clements

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Cline

Mrs. Jane W. Clopein

Mr. Patrick Coajou and

Captain Mary Coajou

Ms. Corinne Cohagan

Ms. Kathryn A. Cohagan

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Colburn

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Colclough

Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Congedo

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Connolly

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Connolly

italic type indicates corporate matching gift

Annual Report of Donors Annual Report of Donors

Ms. Catherine Connor

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Coolahan, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James Costello

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Crampton, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Crossman

Ms. Angela Crowe

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Cunningham

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Cuthrell

Mr. and Mrs. David Cutler

Ms. Ruth M. Cutler

Mrs. Patricia Dahlberg

Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Darmody

Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore J. D'Avella

Mrs. Alisa W. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Dawson

Mrs. Elizabeth A. de Beavoir

Ms. Deborah C. D'Elia-Church

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Demski

Ms. Cynthia Dickerson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Dickson

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dix

Ms. Kathleen S. Dobson

Mr. and Mrs. John Doller

Mr. and Mrs. William Donovan

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Donovan

Ms. Alice C. Dontell

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Downs

Mrs. Mary Ellen L. Doyle

Mr. and Mrs. Victor J. Dragin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Driggers

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dubicki

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Dunklee

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Durholz

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Eby

Ecolab Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Nance

Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Ehart

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Eichelberger

Ms. Alberta Eidman

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Eller

Mr. and Mrs. Preston M. Ellis

Ms. Teresa Ertel

Ms. Marian Z. Falkenstine

Mr. and Mrs. Denis L. Falter

Mrs. Margaret E. Faya

Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Fenwick

Mrs. Barbara A. Fernandez

Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Fettig, Sr.

Mrs. Margaret M. Finamore

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Fischer

Colonel and Mrs. Gerard W. Fischer

Mr. and Mrs. J. Warren Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Fitzpatrick

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Fleischer

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Fleischhacker

Mr. and Mrs. George A. Ford, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Forest

Mr. Michael J. Frentz

Mrs. Lola G. Frey

Mrs. Betty Friedel

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Fucci

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Fucheck

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fuhrman

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Fusselbaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Gahagan

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Galka

Dr. and Mrs. Laurence R. Gallager

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Gardner, Jr.

Mrs. Mary Garmer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Garner

Mr. and Mrs. David Gates

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Gentner

Mrs. Mary L. Gerwig

Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Gettmann

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy M. Gilless

Mr. and Mrs. James Gleason

Ms. Nina D. Glose

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Goerling

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Goetz

Ms. Laurie Goldman

Mr. and Mrs. Mirek S. Golebiowski

Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Golibart, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Gosnell, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Gottleib

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Goudreau

Mr. and Mrs. Francis B. Gough

Mr. and Mrs. F. Michael Grace

Ms. Norma Graves

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Gregg

Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Gregory

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Griffin, III

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Grochmal

Mr. and Mrs. Groot

Mrs. Erin Grunden

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Grue

Ms. Katelyn Grue

Mr. and Mrs. Christian H. Gueritot

Mrs. Eileen S. Gulley

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. David Hammen

Mr. and Mrs. William K. Hammond

Mr. and Mrs. George Hardinger

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Harner

Mr. and Mrs. Brooke Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff R. Haskell

Ms. Maureen R. Hattrup

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hauf

Mr. and Mrs. Erik A. Hauptmann

Ms. Christina R. Hayden

Mr. and Mrs. Newton Hayden

Ms. Kathleen D. Heckrotte

Mr. and Mrs. Norman V. Henn

The heart of a Sailor is...

"Fun, Christ-loving, awesome, and

filled with 'Hakuna Matata' - no

worries at all. " ~Aaliyah '13

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Hennick, Jr.

Mrs. Amelia C. Herlihy

Mr. and Mrs. Max F. Hesselbein, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hibbs

Ms. Carol High

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Hillman

Ms. Miriam M. Hines

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hines

Ms. A. E. Hines

Mr. Thomas Hisky, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hobbs

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoch

Ms. Theresa A. Hodge

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Holeck

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holt

Mrs. Theresa M. Houghton

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Howard

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Howser

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Hughes

Mrs. Antoinette L. Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. T. Kevin Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hunter

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hunter

Mrs. Shari Airey Hurtado

Mr. Bernard Hynson

Mr. and Mrs. Jablecki

Ms. Megan Jablecki

Ms. Sandra Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Jarboe

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Johnson

Mrs. Mary J. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory T. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Jones

Mrs. Helene Jones

The heart of a Sailor is...

"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph."

~Bridget '12

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Jordan

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jordan

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Kalb

Mr. and Mrs. Roch Kallmyer

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Kane

Ms. Angela Karner

Mrs. Helene E. Katulski

Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Kavanagh

Mr. and Mrs. John O. Keane

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Kearney

Colonel and Mrs. Thomas G. Keller

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Keller

Ms. Corinne M. Kelly

Ms. Lauren Kelly

Ms. Kathryn M. Kelly

Ms. Michelle N. Kemp

Ms. Maura B. Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Kerby, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Seth Kerekes

Mr. and Mrs. Karl Kerwath

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Kiehl

Ms. Helen G. Kinigopoulos

Mr. and Mrs. James Kirby

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kirby-Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon E. Kirk

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Klug

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Knepper

Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Knight

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Knowles

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Koenig, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Koerner

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Konstantas, Jr.

Mrs. Brooke L. Korch

Mr. and Mrs. David Kording

Mrs. Mary Ann C. Kramer

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kronen

Ms. Jane Krosin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kuehnl

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Kuehnl

Mrs. Lucy M. Kunert

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Kuziel

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kwiatkowski

Ms. Sandra M. La Baw

Mrs. Jane H. LaBate

Mr. and Mrs. George Lake

Ms. Mary Lou LaMartina

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lamont

Ms. Suzanne G. Lancelotta

Mr. and Mrs. Jay C. Landsman Jr.

Mr. Hugh Lane and Dr. Margaret Lane

Mr. and Mrs. James Langan

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Lanthier

Ms. Belinda Lathe


Annual Report of Donors Annual Report of Donors

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Lauer

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lazard

Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Leimkuhler

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leishear

Mr. and Mrs. William Leishear

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Leisher

Mrs. Clorinda Leonardi

Mr. and Mrs. Emory M. Lesho

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Lesniewski

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lindner

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lindner

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Linthicum

Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Lipscombe

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Luco

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Lutz

Mrs. Dianne C. Lybolt

Mr. and Mrs. Randolph H. Lytton

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Mabe

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Macari

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Maltagliagti

Mrs. Helene Manser

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Marciszewski

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Marks

Ms. Kathryn C. Marlatt

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob D. Martin

Ms. Jessica M. Marxen

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mason

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mastracci

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Matthews

Ms. Marilyn T. Mattingly

Dr. William E. May and Dr. Patricia A. May

Ms. Jeannine Mazziott

Ms. Carol McAuliffe

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. McAuliffe

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McClain

Mr. Arthur J. McColgan

Cadet 2nd Class Francesca McCrary

Mr. and Mrs. Shaun R. McCullough

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. McCusker

Mr. and Mrs. Miles E. McDermott Jr.

Mr. Gerald L. McDonald

Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael McDonough


The heart of a Sailor is...

"Filled with kindness and

acceptance of others." ~Christy '14

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. McGarvey

Ms. Marie McGinn

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McGinty

Mr. and Mrs. Robert McGrain

Mrs. Margaret S. McGrath

Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. McGregor

Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. McGuire

Mr. Glenn McGuirk

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn McHale

Mr. and Mrs. James D. McKim, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James M. McKinnon, II

Mr. George W. McManus

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard C. Melka

Mr. and Mrs. Grant Menefee

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Meng

Mrs. Kathleen E. Messier

Mr. and Mrs. John V. Mianulli

Mr. Dyr Middleton

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Miller

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Miller

Ms. Diane Miller

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Minnich, III

Mrs. Inez L. Mix

Mr. James M. Monaghan

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Morency

Mrs. Naomi Morris

Ms. Rosa Motsay

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Mulholland

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Munley

Mr. and Mrs. John Murphy

Ms. Shannon Murr

Mrs. Joan A. Musser

Mr. and Mrs. Norvin Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Nance

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. S. Nauman

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nava

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Nelson

Dr. and Mrs. William J. Neugebauer

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Nitsch

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Norton

Ms. Joyce E. Nuttall

Mrs. Anna O'Brien

Mr. and Mrs. Mell A. O'Donnell

Mr. and Mrs. Neil O'Keefe

Mrs. Josephine O'Neel

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. O'Neill

Mr. and Mrs. James E. O'Neill

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Ordakowski

Mr. and Mrs. John Orem

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Owings

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Palmer

Mr. and Mrs. Jay E. Parker

Mrs. Joanne Parks

Dr. Catherine A. Parrish

Mr. Frank Paul and Dr. Jeanne McCauley

Ms. Robin Peace

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Person

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Pescrille

Ms. Daniela M. Petchik

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Pettiford

Mrs. Patricia M. Phillips-Priller

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Piechocki

Ms. Carol M. Pierpont

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pisanic

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Plitt

Mr. John Pocius

Mr. Howard Posner

Ms. Mary W. Powell

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Powell

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Presti

Mr. and Mrs. A. Scott Preston

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Prindeze

Mr. Steven L. Proctor

Mr. and Mrs. William Protzman

Ms. Lisa Pumphrey

Mr. and Mrs. Clement Purcell

Mrs. Christine M. Purkey

Mrs. Betty D. Quinn

Mrs. Margaret M. Radecke

Mrs. Lee E. Rainey

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Ramsburg

Mr. and Mrs. Casimir Raszewski

Mr. and Mrs. William Ratcliffe

Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Rauchhaus

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy T. Raver

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Podge Reed, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Reitz

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Renehan

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Reynolds

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ribb

Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Ricker

Mrs. Kathleen Riebel

Ms. Patricia Riley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rittie

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Ritz

Mr. and Mrs. Louis S. Rizzo

Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Roman

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Romanelli

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Romeo, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Ronnenburg

Mrs. Jeannie M. Rooney

Mr. and Mrs. Alex J. Rosa

Mrs. Sally Ross

Mrs. Angela C. Rossetti

Ms. Mary Kathleen Russell

Mrs. Virginia A. Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. James Sadler

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Sagastume

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos A. Salazar

Mrs. Rita Saltysiak

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sarver

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Sasser

Mr. and Mrs. John Scavilla

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Schaefer

Ms. Joan C. Schatz

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scheidt

Mr. and Mrs. Valentine J. Schell, Jr.

Ms. Linda Schilling

Mrs. JoAnn S. Schotta

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher F. Schuster

Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Schwartz

Mrs. Mary Charie Costello Scranton

Mrs. Merry K. Seablom

Mr. and Mrs.+ Earl F. Seboda

Mr.+ and Mrs. Jay Seering

Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand M. Selby

Mrs. Kathy M. Shearin

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Sheridan

Mr. and Mrs. Darrin Shifflett

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shifflett

Ms. Dianne Shipler

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Sikorsky, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff L. Singer

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Slade

Ms. Mary C. Slicher

Ms. Catherine M. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. David Smith

Mrs. Debra A. Smith

Mrs. Frances Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Smith-

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Snader

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Snyder

Mr. and Mrs. Jan E. Sochurek

Mrs. Mary Beth Spaeth

Ms. Pamela L. Stach

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Stark

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Steffe

Mrs. Ann Harmon Steffens

+ deceased

italic type indicates corporate matching gift

Mrs. Rosie M. Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. David Stovenour

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Stromberg

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stromberg

Brother Kevin P. Strong, FSC

Mrs. Jane B. Strong

Mrs. Carol A. Suarez

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Tacka, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Tacka

Mr. Ron Tassi

Mr. James A. Terry

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Theisen

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lee Thomas, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tierney

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Toczek

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Todd

Mr. and Mrs. Jaime C. Tolentino

Ms. Rebecca L. Tolle

Mr. Paul W. Tolle

Mr. and Mrs. David O. Tomlinson

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Tornatore

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Towle

Mr. and Mrs. William Trautwein

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tringali

T. Rowe Price Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Diane Miller

Mr. Raymond Truitt

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Tucker

Mr. + and Mrs. Christopher Tufts

Ms. E. Anne Tull

Ms. Mary Jo Tull

Mr. and Mrs. William Tupper

Mrs. Kathleen H. Twilley

Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Tyrrell

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Tyzack

Ms. Christina A. Urban

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Van Hollen

Mrs. Virginia S. Vanek

Mrs. Ursula H. Varner

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Vidmar

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vollaro

Mrs. Josephine Volpe

Ms. Karen Von Hagel

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Voskuhl

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Wall

Ms. Sheila Walsh

Ms. Bessie E. Walter

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Walther

Mr. Rae Warshaw

Mr. and Mrs. David Wasmund

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Weber

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Weinkam

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Weitzel

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wells

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Werner

Ms. Deborah A. Wetzel

Captain and Mrs. Daniel Whalen

Ms. Ashley P. Wheeler

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wheeler

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Whipp

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wiess

Mrs. Julia E. Wilkinson

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Wille, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Williams

Mrs. Ellen S. Willinghan

Ms. Anne Marie Willis

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Wilson

Ms. Jacqueline Wineholt

Ms. Jessica N. Wineholt

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Wingard

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Winpisinger

Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Wiseman

Ms. Margaret M. Woods

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Yarber

Ms. Denise Young

Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Zeller, III

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Zeltman, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Zerhusen

Ms. Sharon Zerhusen

Ms. Lacey M. Zielezinski

Mrs. Patricia Ziff

Mrs. Janet P. Zinzeleta

Annual Report of Donors

St. Cecilia Guild Gifts from $100 - $499

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Abitabile

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ajluni

Mrs. Margaret D. Albright

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Altoz

Ms. Theresa Angelozzi


Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Arnold

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Arnold

Mr. and Mrs. William Badger

Baird Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. James Furletti

Baltimore Jewish Council

Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse Bankard, III

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Barnes

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Barrick

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bastien

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bauer

Ms. Anne A. Beatty

Mrs. Amanda M. Bednego

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Belk

Ms. Julie Belkin

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Benzing

Mr. Gerard T. Benzing

Mr. and Mrs. Louis V. Bergbauer

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Bielaski

Dr. and Mrs. Damian Birchess

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Black

Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Blurton-Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Boffen

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Boland

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Bonner

Mr. and Mrs. Algirdas J. Brasauskas

Dr. and Mrs. Clark Brill

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Brocato

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Brown

Ms. Mary Brust

Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Brust

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Brzostowski

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Burns

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Burr

italic type indicates corporate matching gift

The heart of a Sailor is...

"Is open to everything MDSA has to offer,

such as, family, sisterhood, and faith - the

foundation of Mount de Sales." ~ Joy '11

Ms. Emily A. Butler

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Callahan

Mr. and Mrs. Ian G. Cardall

Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Carideo

Mr. and Mrs. John Carmody

Mr. Calvin Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Cashour

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Church

Ms. Alicia M. Cignatta

Mr. and Mrs. Lucien L. Clark

Class of 1989

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Clements

Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Cohagan

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Colbourn

College Board

Ms. Erin M. Connole

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Counselman

Mr. and Mrs. Clark Culp

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Cunningham

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Curley

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Currie

Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Czaja

Mrs. Alice M. Dasch

Mrs. Rose D'Auria

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey F. Davidson

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Davis

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Davis

Mrs. Karen G. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Delaney

Mr. and Mrs. John A. d'Epagnier

Ms. Sally DeSapio

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Diegelman

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Doherty

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Duffy

Edward St. John Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Pfeiler

Ms. Christina Eichelman

Mrs. Elizabeth Elfrey

Mr. Leonard F. Gmeiner and

Mrs. Patricia Elliott-Gmeiner

Colonel and Mrs. John Ellsworth

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Feild

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard C. Fell

Mr. and Mrs. David Ferguson

Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Feustle

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Finamore

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Finley

Mr. and Mrs. William Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Flaherty

Mrs. Diane T. Fleckenstein

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Francis, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John Frizzera, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnathon Fuchs

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Furletti

Mrs. Dorothy Temmink Furnary

Most Reverend Victor Galeone

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence B. Gallager

Mrs. Danielle M. Gaspar

Mr. James P. Gillece

Mrs. Mary Jo Giulioni

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Glose

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gottleib

Ms. Julie D. Gover

Dr. and Mrs. George Thomas Grace

Mr. and Mrs. Barry C. Greenberg

Mrs. Mary E. Griffith

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Gross

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hagen

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert F. Haines

Mrs. Leslie A. Handler

The heart of a Sailor is...

"Full of friendships that

will last a lifetime." ~Nicole '14


Annual Report of Donors

Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Harding

Dr. and Mrs. Michael T. Hargadon

Mr. Richard Harmon

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Harrigan

Mrs. Maureen C. Harris

Mr. Joseph J. Harrison

Mr. and Mrs. John Hartnagel

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Hattrup

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hauf

Mr. James M. Hauf

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Herlihy

Mr. Charles Herling

Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Herold

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Herron

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hewins

Mr. Michael E. Hinkey and

Ms. Kathryn L. Benson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Hisky

Mr. Thomas M. Hisky, Sr.

Mrs. Mary Holden

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Holden

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Holland

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hollenshade

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Hooper

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Hooper

Mr. John T. Hooper

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Horsmon

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Horvath

Dr. and Mrs. Scott A. Huber

Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Hufford

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Hunter

Ms. Stephanie A. Hunter

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Jaecksch

Dr. Bayly E. Janson-La Palme


The heart of a Sailor is...

"Compassionate, determined,

and as big as the ocean." ~Rebecca '11

The heart of a Sailor is...

"As selfless as it can be and is

anchored in Faith in the Lord."

~Megan '14

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Jeffries

Mrs. Mary G. Jobson

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Johnson, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley A. Jones

Mrs. Helene Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jopson

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Judge

Mr. Raymond J. Kane, Jr.

Mrs. Ann H. Kendrall

Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Kenney

Mrs. Elizabeth Keyes

Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. Kidwell

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Kippenbrock

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Koenig

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Kreft

Mrs. Harriet K. Krotz

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Kunkel

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kvech

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Langan

Mrs. Rosemarie S. Laque

Mrs. Corinne M. Larkin

Mr. and Mrs. James LaVardera

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lawrence

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Leahy

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Leary

Mrs. Lynne Miller Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lemmon

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Leo

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin J. LeQuang

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph G. Lightner

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Lombardi

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Lombardo

Mrs. Mary W. Louzon

Mrs. Susan H. Lyon

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Mahoney

Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Malarkey, III

Ms. Katherine A. Malloy

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Malloy

March for Life Education & Defense Fund

In honor of Ms. Amy Fly

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Marlatt

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Marlatt

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Martineau

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Maselko

Ms. Hillary McCarthy

Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. McCarthy

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McCawley

Mr. and Mrs. John McCloskey

Dr. Sharon J. McCormack

Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. McCullough

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd McCurdy

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne G. McDowell

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. McMullen

Mr. and Mrs. Martin B. McNulty

Mrs. Frances Meccariello

Merrill Lynch

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Cunningham

Mr. and Mrs. James Menendez

Mr. + and Mrs. James K. Middleton

Major and Mrs. Roland H. Miller, USAF, Ret.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks A. Minnick

Moyer Sports Corner, Inc.

Mrs. Bonnie L. Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Muth

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nappi

Ms. Michelle Natale

The heart of a Sailor is...

"Good natured and friendly, warm

and kind to everyone." ~Becca '12

+ deceased

italic type indicates corporate matching gift

Annual Report of Donors Annual Report of Donors

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Neary

Mr. Henry Nejfelt

Ms. Jeane M. Neuman

Northrop Grumman Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Turgeon

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick D. O'Connell

Mr. James O'Donnell

Ms. Agnes O'Ferrall

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ogden Jr.

Ms. Helene M. O'Higgins

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Oursler

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Owen

Mr. and Mrs. Candido Palting

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse D. Payton

Mr. and Mrs. Ante Penaso

Mr. and Mrs. Genivaldo Pereira

Mr. and Mrs. John Peters

Mr. Michael Peters

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Petras

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Pfeiler

Captain and Mrs. Thomas M. Pigoski

Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Pisciotta

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Plants

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Poisal

Ms. Sharon Pollock

Mr. and Mrs. Sol M. Pombuena

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Poulson

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Price

Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Prozeller

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Reinckens

Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Reis

Mr. and Mrs. William Rennie

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Reynolds

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Richards

Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Rigatuso

Ms. Angela M. Rinaudo

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Rittie

Riviera Beach Supermarkets, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Robinson

Dr. Marian Williams Roman

Mrs. Mary Ann Roth

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ruf

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Ryan, Sr.

Dr. and Mrs. Ramon A. Salas

Ms. Elizabeth Saverino

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Sawyer

Mrs. Florence Schaefer

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schmidt

Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Schneider

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Schuessler

Mrs. Carol Scully

Reverend Gilbert Seitz

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Self


Mr. Gering J. Senner

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shearer

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Sikorski, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Simms

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Simon

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Skora

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Sorauf

Mrs. Aida Sorra

Ms. Nicole M. Sroka

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Stearn

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Stetz

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Street

Mr. and Mrs. Abe Sussan

Mr. and Mrs. G. Harman Switzer, III

Mrs. Mary C. Sysko

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Szczybor

Ms. Teresa S. Tacka

Ms. Carol J. Tamburo

Ms. Maggie Tanczyn

Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thiemeyer

Mr. and Mrs. William Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Eric P. Tilyou

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Tirocchi

Mr. Robert M. Tirocchi

Mr. and Mrs. John V. Tomasulo

T. Rowe Price Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Horvath

Mrs. Frances Tuite

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Turgeon

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Vogelpohl

Mr. and Mrs. David K. Wain

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walter

Mr. Gregory K. Walton

Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Ward

Ms. Norma C. Wheatley

Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. White

Mr. and Mrs. James White

Whiteford, Taylor & Preston L.L.P.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Whitney

Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Wiegmann

Mrs. Regina Wieman

Mrs. Kathryn D. Williams

Mrs. Steuart G. Wilson

Mrs. Elizabeth Wissmann

Mr. Robert J. Wobbeking

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Terence R. Zagar

Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Zerhusen

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Ziegenhein, III

Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Zoeckler

St. Jane Frances de Chantal Circle Gifts from $500 - $999

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Audy

Dr. and Mrs. John Baronas

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Beck

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bergbauer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Callens

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carella

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. Cashen

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Croxson

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Dalton

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Dewine

Mr. and Mrs. R. Gregory Douglas

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Eichelman

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Ferencz

Mr. and Mrs. James Furletti

Father Salvatore C. Furnari, S.A.C.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Gahagan, Jr.

Mr. Joseph A. Gallo

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Geier

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Gibbons

Mrs. Frances Grace Glinka

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Gretz

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Hackett

Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Hockstra

Mr. and Mrs. John Hughes

Reverend John Kelly

Lt. Col. Elizabeth A. Kruger, USA Retired

Ms. Elizabeth M. Krastel

Mr. and Mrs. William LaCourse

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Liberto

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Loth

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Mohler

Reverend Edward J. Mullowney, S.S.J.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Nettina

Mr. Patrick Neubauer

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Nevin

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pastore

Mr. and Mrs. David Plaut

Mrs. Velia J. Saverino

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley W. Scott, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Shoemaker

Mr. and Mrs. David Skomba

Mr. and Mrs. James K. Smith

Mrs. Patricia Knott Smyth

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest O. Tucker

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Van Wie

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Watts

Wells Fargo Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gretz

The heart of a Sailor is...

"Dependable, full of compassion,

creative, and always wanting to share

her faith." ~Jessica '14

St. Francis de Sales Society Gifts from $1,000 - $2,499

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Arnold

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Hyuk Cha

Class of 1960

Mrs. Jowina Crehan

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Croteau

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy S. Dignan

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Ehrman

Reverend Timothy J. Fell

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Garland

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Gates

Giant Food

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gillis

italic type indicates corporate matching gift italic type indicates corporate matching gift

Mr. J. Sebastian Grabenstein

Mr. David Hand and Ms. Mary Dan

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hauf

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Howland

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Julio

Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Kaufman

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Krastel

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Lombardi

Captain and Dr. Donald Marcus

Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Martin

Dr. and Mrs. Michael May

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McCollum

The heart of a Sailor is...


~Emily '13

Mr. William McCormack, Jr.

Northrop Grumman Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. John Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Phelan

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Picco

Mr. and Mrs. Don Pistorio

Deacon and Mrs. Mark E. Ripper

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ryan

Dr. and Mrs. Louis A. Salas

Mrs. Frances E. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Svehla

Monsignor Philip F. Thoni

T. Rowe Price Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Croteau

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy S. Dignan

T. Rowe Price Foundation, Inc.

In honor of Mrs. Kathy Wineholt’s

volunteer hours

Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Willliams

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Wineholt


italic type indicates corporate matching gift

Annual Report of Donors Annual Report of Donors

Immaculate Heart of Mary Society Gifts from $2,500- $4,999

Mr. Dale Dean

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Howard, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Mules

Sacred Heart Society Gifts from $5,000 - $9,999

Mr. and Mrs. John Clark

Mr. and Mrs. James Doty

Dr. and Mrs. Ivan H. Garcia

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Klein

Christ the King Gifts $10,000 - $249,999

Mr. Michael J. Abromaitis and

Dr. Carol N. Abromaitis




Mrs. Sally Norton

Mr. and Mrs. Louis V. Pugliese

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Reiter

Reverend Michael J. P. Roach


Mr. and Mrs. Richard Arnold

Reverend Msgr. Carl F. Cummings

Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Falter, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Gallagher

Christ the King Gifts $250,000+

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pfau

Thank you!

From the Dominican Sisters,

♥ faculty, staff, and students of

Mount de Sales Academy, we are immensely grateful for your

generosity and support of our school. You and your loved ones

are remembered daily in our prayers. During the Easter Octave,

The heart of a Sailor is...

"Faith, hope, and

love." ~Madi '11

Mr. and Mrs. John Shipley

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., INC.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis V. Pugliese

Mrs. Mary Jo Warthen

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Geier

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Giermek

Estate of Eileen Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Smyth

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Voigt, Jr.

you will be remembered in the Masses at the Basilica of the

National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington,

D.C. May the Risen Christ fill you with every grace and blessing

during this Easter Season and always. From the bottom of every

Sailor's heart, thank you!

Parents' Club

The hard work and dedication of the Parents’ Club reliably and consistently

impacts our students and improves our school. Student activities, campus

beautification and improvements, and investment in the long-term growth of

Mount de Sales Academy are just a few of the ways their tireless dedication

touches the lives of our current and future students.

Parents’ Club activities enrich our community through forums for fellowship

that yield much needed funds and transform the school, such as the recently

renovated gazebo behind the 1852 Building. Many, many thanks to the

Parents’ Club for all they do for the students, faculty, and staff of Mount de

Sales Academy!

Gifts in Kind

Candle Light Inn

Mr. and Mrs. Ian G. Cardall

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Christensen

Mr. and Mrs. F.P. Galeone

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Garner

Mr. James P. Gillece

Hobo International

Gifts in Honor

Sister Elizabeth Anne Allen, O.P.

Sister Philip Joseph Davis, O.P.

Reverend Terence Ehrman

Gifts in Memory

Mrs. Helen Carter ‘44

Mr. Ray Casten

Mr. Richard Chilcoat

Mrs. Frances Costello ’39 P ’58 ’62 ’64,

GP ‘93

Mrs. Viola Curran

Mrs. Miriam Burke Dean ‘23

Mrs. Nancy Feist

Mr. Albert Grochmal

Mr. Michael Hahn

Mr. Charles Head

Mrs. Ruth Head

Ms. Tara Howard ‘05

Mr. Omar Jennings

Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Malarkey, III

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McCollum

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McCusker

Mr. Patrick Neubauer

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Saboe

Ships Cafe Restaurant & Crabhouse

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Williams

Mrs. Mary Holden ‘43

Mrs. Theresa Wiseman ‘86

Mrs. Kathryn Theresa Kearns

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Klein

Mrs. Regina Liberto ‘50

Mrs. Helen Maisel ‘30

Mrs. Alma Kinlein McCormack ’36 P ’72 ‘77

Ms. Marion Kaye McCormack ‘72

Dr. John C. Norton

Mr. John Oberender

Ms. Valerie Sheridan ‘77

Mrs. Anne Short ‘46

Mr. Richard Tamburo

Mr. George Tolzman

Ms. Judith Valinsky

Planned Giving

Do you know how easy it is for you to

remember Mount de Sales Academy in

your estate plans? A bequest to Mount de

Sales Academy is a powerful expression

of your faith in the future of the school.

An estate gift provides significant future

support to Mount de Sales Academy.

You can provide for the school in your

will or in a trust. The full value of a

bequest is deductible for federal estate

tax purposes, and there is no limit to the

size of a bequest.

Bequests may be general in nature, or

restricted for a specific purpose. All

assets, including cash, securities, real

estate and tangible personal property,

may be transferred to Mount de Sales

Academy through your estate. You may

also wish to consider naming the school

as the beneficiary of your qualified

retirement plan or a life insurance policy.

For more information, please contact the

Development Office at 410.744.8498.

Tax Benefits of Giving Gifts of

Stock/Appreciated Securities

If you own appreciated securities, that

have been held for more than twelve

months, and give them as a gift to Mount

de Sales Academy, you can benefit by:

• claiming a charitable income tax

deduction for the full value of the

shares; and

• avoiding the capital gains tax that

would have been due if the shares

were sold.

Please consult your tax attorney or tax

preparer for the deductibility of your gift.

Circumstances will vary with income

and other factors.

Gifts of stock are sold upon receipt. You

will be credited for the value of the stock

on the date the gift is made and a receipt

is generated that reflects that value.

Every gift is important to Mount de Sales Academy, but in a list of this magnitude, errors sometimes occur. The gifts reflected in this report

were received by Mount de Sales Academy between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010. If you know that a donor's name has been misspelled,

incorrectly placed, or omitted, please accept our sincere apology. We will be grateful if you inform us of any such errors at the Mount de Sales

Academy Development Office, 410.744.8498.


Annual Report of Donors Annual Report of Donors

Donations by Class Year

Class of 1923

Graduates: 8

In memory of Mrs. Miriam Burke Dean

Class of 1930

Graduates: 9

In memory of Mrs. Helen Maisel

Class of 1933

Graduates: 10

Mrs. Antoinette Lawrence Hughes

Class of 1936

Graduates: 7

In memory of Mrs. Alma Kinlein McCormack

Class of 1937

Graduates: 8

Mrs. Catherine Roloson Counselman

Class of 1939

Graduates: 13

In memory of Mrs. Frances Costello

Mrs. Virginia Shanahan Vanek

Mrs. Jean Biser Wain

Class of 1940

Graduates: 17

Mrs. Frances H. Cahoon

Mrs. Mary Dumler Griffith

Class of 1941

Graduates: 16

Mrs. Margaret D. Albright

Mrs. Mary Ann Crook Kramer

Mrs. Betty Dukehart Quinn

Class of 1942

Graduates: 19

Mrs. Anne Sehlstedt Feild

Mrs. Dorothy Temmink Furnary

Mrs. Margaret Strickroth McGrath


Class of 1943

Graduates: 18

Mrs. Mary Roth Holden

Mrs. Mary Ann Ritter Roth

Ms. Margaret M. Woods

Class of 1944

Graduates: 25

In memory of Mrs. Helen Carter

Class of 1945

Graduates: 16

Mrs. Elizabeth Holden Clements

Mrs. Olivia Peach Gleason

Mrs. Mary Sue Plunkett McGuire

Class of 1946

Graduates: 20

Mrs. Rosemarie Serio Laque

Mrs. Frances Fowler Lauer

Mrs. Margaret Millman Radecke

In memory of Mrs. Anne Short

Mrs. Ursula Hentz Varner

Class of 1947

Graduates: 17

Mrs. Martha Howell Colbourn

Mrs. Alice Brown Dasch

Mrs. Susan Hoover Lyon

Ms. Norma C. Wheatley

Mrs. Joan Clark Zeltman

Mrs. Janet Plunkett Zinzeleta

Class of 1948

Graduates: 13

Ms. Anne Aiken Beatty

Mrs. Katherine Jane Peters Geier

Mrs. Rita Murray Saltysiak

Mrs. Ann Harmon Steffens

Mrs. Regina Fortin Wieman

The heart of a Sailor is...

"Polite and kind, loves the Lord,

always willing to help and gives

100%." ~Colleen '13

Class of 1949

Graduates: 21

Mrs. Amelia Harris Balmert

Mrs. Nancy Smith Davis

Mrs. Mary Kaulfuss Gerwig

Mrs. Mary Buser Kane

Lt. Col. Elizabeth A. Kruger, USA Retired

Ms. Jeane M. Neuman

Class of 1950

Graduates: 16

Mrs. Patricia LeVay Garland

Mrs. Agnes Peach Kirk

In memory of Mrs. Regina Liberto

Class of 1952

Graduates: 8

Mrs. Barbara Wolfsheimer Fernandez

Mrs. Eugenia Hogg McKim

Class of 1953

Graduates: 14

Mrs. Frances Grace Glinka

Class of 1955

Graduates: 19

Mrs. Cynthia Zei Piechocki

Mrs. Barbara Leister Ritz

Mrs. Virginia Athey Ryan

Ms. Joan C. Schatz

Mrs. Carol Hafele Scully

Mrs. Annette Sass Stark

Mrs. Carol Miller Suarez

Class of 1956

Graduates: 16

Mrs. Mary Mockler Jones

Ms. E. Anne Tull

Class of 1957

Graduates: 20

Mrs. Margaret Rose Davis

Mrs. Rosalie Culotta Falter

Dr. Gail Stasiowski Keller

Mrs. Lucy Brocato Kunert

Mrs. Rita Mellendick McDonough

Mrs. Patricia Henn McNulty

Ms. Angela M. Rinaudo

Ms. Mary Kathleen Russell

Mrs. JoAnn Schapperle Schotta

Ms. Mary Jo Tull

Mrs. Barbara Musella Weitzel

Class of 1958

Graduates: 35

Mrs. Elizabeth Dorsey Gentner

Mrs. Bernadette Miller Hennick

Mrs. Mary Dodson Jobson

Mrs. Diane Turner Fleckenstein

Mrs. Corinne Lusco Larkin

Mrs. Karen Muse Lightner

Mrs. Joan Tucker Musser

Mrs. Judith Zei Pescrille

Mrs. Jeannie Mullican Rooney

Mrs. Mary Charie Costello Scranton

Mrs. Helen Walters Sikorsky

Mrs. Rosie DiPaolo Stevens

Class of 1959

Graduates: 23

Ms. Alice C. Dontell

Mrs. Elizabeth Meehan Dragin

Mrs. Jane Mellendick Grochmal

Mrs. Inez Hopkins Mix

Mrs. Anne Migan Ramsburg

Mrs. Merry Rogers Appler Seablom

Class of 1960

Graduates: 32

Mrs. Katharine D. Benzing

Mrs. Katherine T. Brusini

Mrs. Alice Marie Darby Falter

Mrs. Teresa Slicher Fenwick

Mrs. Diane Edmonds Harris

Ms. Mary Lou LaMartina

Mrs. Clorinda DiPaola Leonardi

Mrs. Frances Streckfus Meccariello

Mrs. Corinne Dignan Muth

Mrs. Eleanor Wise Prozeller

Mrs. Mary Bacigalupa Ronnenburg

Mrs. Maria Payne Scott

Mrs. Barbara Arkuszeski Snyder

Mrs. Susan Devlin Switzer

Mrs. Mary Federline Tolentino

Mrs. Margaret Dukehart Whitney

Mrs. Kathryn Unitas Williams

Class of 1961

Graduates: 30

Mrs. Constance A. Benson

Mrs. Rosalie B. Carroll

Mrs. Mary Ellen Lancelotta Doyle

Ms. Miriam Metzger Hines

Mrs. Kathleen Showacre Greenberg

Mrs. Mary Carroll Klug

Mrs. Harriet Redmiles Krotz

Mrs. Patricia Willeke Mabe

Mrs. Joy Restivo Nelson

Mrs. Joanne Bloom Parks

Mrs. Mary Lowrey Toczek

Class of 1962

Graduates: 23

Mrs. Margaret Walsh Groot

Mrs. Mary Claire Gilley Knight

Mrs. Faye Provenza Kuehnl

Class of 1963

Graduates: 27

Mrs. Jean Seba Jaecksch

Mrs. Lynne Miller Lee

Mrs. Ann Redmiles Self

Mrs. Theresa James Snader

Ms. Sheila Walsh

Class of 1964

Graduates: 38

Mrs. Jayne Goette Fleischer

Mrs. Mary Rodenhi Johnson

Mrs. + Lorraine Mirabile Kronen

Ms. Joyce E. Nuttall

Mrs. F. Louise Lilley Smith

Mrs. Kathlyn McCarthy Tupper

Mrs. Judith Schiaffino Wille

Class of 1965

Graduates: 32

Mrs. Patricia Cascio Bonner

Mrs. Jane Stutz Koenig

Mrs. Nancy Clayton Mahoney

Mrs. Susan Roth Tomasulo

Class of 1966

Graduates: 36

Mrs. Marguerite Blaire Ehart

Mrs. Patricia Elliott-Gmeiner

Ms. Kathleen Cutter Heckrotte

Mrs. Ellen Neyer Lytton

Mrs. Nancy Frey Malloy

Mrs. Christina Ferrara Purkey

Class of 1967

Graduates: 36

Mrs. Judith Shields Charnovitz

Mrs. Katherine Percival Colburn

Mrs. Elizabeth Hyde Fleischhacker

Mrs. Dianne Catalana Lybolt

Mrs. Mary Heim O’Connell

Dr. Marian Williams Roman

Mrs. A. Lynn Tawney Street

Mrs. Jessie Henn Tacka

Mrs. JoAnn Kuhn Weber

The heart of a Sailor is...

"Loving God and doing whatever

she can to serve Him." ~Lillian '14

Class of 1968

Graduates: 48

Mrs. Katherine McGrain Jarboe

Ms. Helen Galinis Kinigopoulos

Mrs. Julia Kennedy Wilkinson

Class of 1969

Graduates: 24

Mrs. Jane Wunder Clopein

Mrs. Bernadette Neville Hillman

Mrs. Ann Hennigan Kendrall

Ms. Mary C. Slicher

Class of 1970

Graduates: 41

Ms. Laurie Kurtz Goldman

Mrs. Victoria Fields Keller

Ms. Marie McGinn

Ms. Carol J. Tamburo

Mrs. Kathleen Heimbuch Twilley

Class of 1971

Graduates: 26

Mrs. Patricia Hahn Carver

Mrs. Patricia M. Phillips-Priller

Class of 1972

Graduates: 37

Mrs. Alisa Ware Davis

Mrs. Maureen Bracken Kirby-Smith

In memory of Ms. Marion Kaye McCormack

Class of 1973

Graduates: 20

Mrs. Wendy Nelson Poulson

Class of 1974

Graduates: 26

Ms. M. Catherine B. Bowen

Mrs. Margaret Wachter Harding

Mrs. Ellen Schneider Willinghan

Ms. Anne Marie Hunter Willis

Class of 1975

Graduates: 32

Ms. Kathleen S. Dobson

Mrs. Linda Freter Henn

Ms. Teresa S. Tacka


+ deceased

Annual Report of Donors

Class of 1976

Graduates: 32

Mrs. Julia G. Baylor

Mrs. Holly Getka Brown

Mrs. Jane Huppmann LaBate

Mrs. Jowina Crehan Sochurek

Class of 1977

Graduates: 59

Mrs. Mary Kay C. Barrick

Mrs. Patricia H. Birchess

Dr. Sharon J. McCormack

Mrs. Lynda Geier Mules

Mrs. Susan Budosh Ripper

In memory of Ms. Valerie Sheridan

Mrs. Kathleen Gemmill Stromberg

Mrs. Mary Thorn Tacka

Class of 1978

Graduates: 48

Mrs. Claire Middleton Cohagan

Ms. Stephanie A. Hunter

Mrs. Elizabeth Hisky Konstantas

Mrs. Mary Lee Walsh McCusker

Mrs. Deborah Phillips Ribb

Mrs. Michele Faraone Selby

Class of 1979

Graduates: 44

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Waters Audy

Mrs. Donna Phillips Costello

Mrs. Mary Catherine Eller

Ms. A. E. Hines

Mrs. Maureen Gemmill Johnson

Mrs. Suzanne Cichowicz Jones

Class of 1980

Graduates: 35

Mrs. Stephanie Adamshick

Mrs. Donna Geppi Donovan

Mrs. Mary Walsh Duffy

Mrs. Kathy Brown Shearin

Class of 1981

Graduates: 55

Mrs. S. Erin Baker

Mrs. Beth Krebs Kerekes

Mrs. Nancy Dragin Reed

Mrs. Patricia West Smith

Class of 1983

Graduates: 48

Mrs. Jeanette Kwedar Ambrose

Mrs. Lisa Lyons Hauptmann

Class of 1984

Graduates: 48

Ms. Corinne M. Kelly

Mrs. Melissa Linthicum


Mrs. Suzanne Smuck Richards

Mrs. Michelle Cascio Zalucki

Class of 1985

Graduates: 42

Mrs. Jeanie M. Bennett

Mrs. Alleesha Cougnet Davidson

Mrs. Maria Battalgia McAuliffe

Mrs. Nina Bulson Stearn

Class of 1986

Graduates: 53

Mrs. Shari Airey Lynn Hurtado

Mrs. Jacqueline Falter McCusker

Mrs. Maria Schaefer Nauman

Mrs. Jackie Seboda Pfeiler

Mrs. Robyn Dragin Van Hollen

Mrs. Theresa Giardina Wiseman

Class of 1987

Graduates: 45

Mrs. Laura Slunt Cunningham

Mrs. Mary Jennifer Reynolds Fucci

Ms. Theresa A. Hodge

Mrs. Erin Dower Lanthier

Ms. Elizabeth M. Saverino

Mrs. Doreen DiSibio Stovenour

Class of 1988

Graduates: 47

Mrs. Katherine Lee Bielaski

Mrs. Elizabeth Martin Blurton-Jones

Mrs. Dawn Baker Kippenbrock

Ms. Carol Schwart Pierpont

Mrs. Heather Johnson Schell

Mrs. Rosemarie Amrhein Vollaro

Class of 1989

Graduates: 33

Mrs. Katherine Deramo Johnson

Mrs. Jenny Held Miller

Ms. Robin Peace

Class of 1990

Graduates: 34

Mrs. Patty Beliveau Martin

Mrs. Jennifer Nolte Preston

Mrs. Joan Miceli Robinson

Mrs. Lisa Duncan Wall

The heart of a Sailor is...

"Well-rounded and virtuous because

God is such a presence at Mount de

Sales." ~Regina '13

Class of 1991

Graduates: 46

Mrs. Stacy A. Baker

Ms. Julie D. Gover

Mrs. Jennifer Tirocchi Griffin

Mrs. Lee Ennis Rainey

Class of 1992

Graduates: 42

Mrs. Elisabeth Skowronek Czaja

Mrs. Melissa Emanuel Downs

Mrs. Gina Tirocchi Frizzera

Mrs. Jennifer Wallace Landsman

Mrs. Kristene Hamilton McCullough

Class of 1993

Graduates: 61

Mrs. Kelly H. Atkinson

Mrs. Kelly Burke Cardall

Ms. Alicia M. Cignatta

Ms. Erin M. Connole

Class of 1994

Graduates: 37

Mrs. Julie Simon Gilless

Mrs. Kara Spiva Hockstra

Mrs. Rachel Lancelotta Horvath

Mrs. Angela Burke Romeo

Class of 1995

Graduates: 62

Ms. Katherine A. Malloy

Mrs. Gina B. Stromberg

Class of 1996

Graduates: 54

Mrs. Theresa Myers Houghton

Ms. Jessica M. Marxen

Mrs. Kathleen Kristovich Riebel

Mrs. Teresa Crocker Tyrrell

Class of 1997

Graduates: 79

Mrs. Julia Kuziel Dickson

Ms. Megan Jablecki

Ms. Shannon Murr

Mrs. Bridget Castellan Pettiford

Ms. Nicole M. Sroka

Annual Report of Donors

Class of 1998

Graduates: 86

Mrs. Erin Bonner Grunden

Mrs. Brooke L. Korch

Mrs. Amy Furletti Reynolds

Class of 1999

Graduates: 67

Mrs. Kathleen Eder Messier

Mrs. Mary C. McAuliffe Sysko

Ms. Christina A. Urban

Class of 2000

Graduates: 98

Mrs. Lauren R. Haines Ambrogio

Mrs. Courtney Giulioni Gahagan

Mrs. Elizabeth O’Connell Kerby

Mrs. Meaghan Gardner Neary

Class of 2001

Graduates: 105

Ms. Maria T. Brocato

Ms. Elizabeth M. Burnham

Ms. Maureen R. Hattrup

Ms. Kristin E. Hendricks

Ms. Catherine M. Smith

Mrs. Janet McKinnon Smith

Class of 2002

Graduates: 112

Mrs. Amanda Dutrow Barrick

Mrs. Amanda Dauer Bednego

Mrs. Allison Ryan Hines

Ms. Maura B. Kennedy

Ms. Elizabeth M. Krastel

Ms. Pamela L. Stach

Class of 2003

Graduates: 105

Ms. Laura N. Christian

Mrs. Danielle M. Ko Gaspar

Ms. Michelle N. Kemp

Ms. Daniela M. Petchik

Class of 2004

Graduates: 113

Ms. Virginia M. Clark

Mrs. Alicia DeNardis Meng

Mrs. Kathleen Matthews Nance

Ms. Mary W. Powell

Class of 2005

Graduates: 113

Ms. Rachel M. Allen

Mrs. Elizabeth Ko Elfrey

Mrs. Maureen C. Maselko Harris

In memory of Ms. Tara Howard

Ms. Kathryn M. Kelly

Class of 2006

Graduates: 105

Ms. Rebecca L. Tolle

Ms. Jessica N. Wineholt

Class of 2007

Graduates: 106

Ms. Meghen Chester

Ms. Kathryn A. Cohagan

Ms. Christina Eichelman

Ms. Hillary McCarthy

Ms. Sharon Zerhusen

Class of 2008

Graduates: 120

Ms. Erica Brown

Ms. Hannah Church

Ms. Anna Danz

Ms. Kirsten Dahlberg

Ms. Merena Gettmann

Ms. Annie Grace

Ms. Katelyn Grue

Ms. Megan Hagen

Ms. Lauren Kelly

Ms. Kirsten Kidwell

Ms. Shelby Kirby-Smith

Cadet 2nd Class Francesca McCrary

Ms. Jenny Powell

Ms. Maria Procopio

Ms. Jessica Reyes

Ms. Mollie Rogers

Ms. Kristen Shuffler

Ms. Olivia Smist

Ms. Jacqueline Wineholt

Class of 2009

Graduates: 115

Ms. Meghan P. Bardman

Ms. Sarah Belk

Ms. Sara E. Bishop

Ms. Emily A. Butler

Ms. Maura K. Duffy

Ms. Nina D. Glose

Ms. Emily A. Hite

Ms. Christine M. Hutchison

Ms. Alexandra M. Konstantas

Ms. Kathryn C. Marlatt

Ms. Genevieve Murphy

Ms. Mary Petras

Ms. Catherine M. Ratcliffe

Ms. Veronica A. Ruf

Ms. Maria K. Schuberth

Ms. Elizabeth A. Skora

Ms. Tricia M. Tacka

Ms. Ashley P. Wheeler

Ms. Lacey M. Zielezinski

Mount de Sales Academy

Alumnae Association

The Alumnae Association is an

important organization to the

life of Mount de Sales Academy.

Our alumnae bring together the

Academy's past, present, and

future. Every year, the Alumnae

Association chooses one deserving

rising sophomore and awards a

scholarship in the amount of halftuition.

Other worthwhile projects

of the Alumnae Association


• Homecoming Dance

• Homecoming and Reunion Day

• Sailor Social

• Alumnae Memorial Mass

• Alumnae Wine and Cheese

• Easter Egg Hunt

• Alumnae Crab Feast

It is particularly important for the

alumnae to volunteer and ensure

that Mount de Sales continues to

thrive for the young women who

will follow in our footsteps, just

as we received the support of the

alumnae who came before us.

Contact Jenna Schuberth ’05,

Director of Alumnae Relations, at

410.744.8498 x265 or jschuberth@ to find out how

you can get involved!


In Memoriam

Teacher, Mentor, and Friend: Mount de Sales Mourns the Loss of our Beloved Mr. Evans

by Jessica Cahill '08

This past November,

Mount de Sales lost

a highly valued and

loved teacher when

Mr. Charles Evans

passed away. It

is extremely hard

to believe that

Mr. Evans no longer graces the halls of

Mount de Sales, but now rests eternally

with the Lord.

For over 20 years, Mr. Evans taught

at Mount de Sales and touched the

lives and hearts of all his students and

colleagues. An inspirational teacher

with tremendous faith in God, he

left an impact on Mount de Sales and

its Alumnae, which will always be

remembered and cherished.

Students who didn't have Mr. Evans

for Western Civilization had the same

adoration and respect for him as the

girls who did. Many Mount de Sales

girls remember the pop quizzes in the

blue books, the "pencil" test to see if

their hoop earrings were too big, and

the typewriter-typed tests; Mr. Evans

refused to use a computer. Success and

excellence were expected in his class; he

pushed his students until it was achieved.

Current Mount de Sales students

remember him on lunch duty, in

charge of raising the American flag,

the Archivist, or directing parking lot

traffic. Alumnae and current Sailors, I

can say with confidence that Mr. Evans

truly cared for every single one of you.

Mr. Evans made a name for himself

on my Shadow Day. The student I

shadowed greeted me by saying, "You

came on a good day because I have

Mr. Evans' class today!" I had high



Sure enough, I was not let down, greeted

by a smiling, very put-together gentleman

with a firm handshake. Mr. Evans was

special. It was obvious how much the

students admired him. He respected the

girls and had a passion for teaching.

Mr. Evans tried to attend every Sailor

sporting event possible. Whenever he

could make it to our swim meets, our

team was in high spirits. The most

memorable meet he came to was my

senior year. We beat McDonogh for the

first time ever and Mr. Evans was in

McDonogh’s pool balcony, wearing his

sports coat and tie, cheering for us.

Mr. Evans was a grandfather figure to

me. We bonded over a shared passion

for politics. Last semester, he wrote my

letter of recommendation to intern at

the Republican National Committee.

Mr. Evans’ encouragement and support

in my political aspirations push me

to further my career. Currently, as an

intern with Congresswoman Michele

Bachmann, I know he is proud of me.

As soon as I heard he was sick, I called

him on the phone. During the twenty

minute phone call, he told me he was

fine and would be back up at school in no

time. Typical Mr. Evans, being positive

and assuring no one should worry.

Mr. Evans was the heart and soul of

Mount de Sales Academy. I cannot

thank him enough for all that he did

for me. Because of him, I will be sure

to push myself as far as I can, never

forgetting the values Mount de Sales

and Mr. Evans instilled in me. Mount

de Sales will always miss his smile and

dedication to the school and students,

but we were blessed and forever touched

by the time he spent with us.

Jessica Cahill '08 and Mr. Evans

Mr. Evans lending a hand to direct parking

during Homecoming celebrations

Briana Lee '08 and Mr. Evans during a class

trip to St. Mary's City

Alumnae News

50s ..........................

Anne Marie Migan Ramsburg '59

is happy to share that she and her

husband, Don, have been married

for fifty-one years! They are very

proud of their ten grandchildren,

nine of whom are home-schooled.

Two of Anne's grandchildren will

graduate from college and one from

high school this Spring.

90s ..........................

Tracey Mathias-Ameur '91 and her

husband welcomed their second child,

Solomon Andrew, on December 4,

2010. He joins big sister, Sofia, age 6.

Stephanie Moss Collins '97 and

Nicholas Collins were married in

Annapolis on November 13, 2010.

Four Mount de Sales Alumnae

were among the bridal party; Maid

of Honor, Carrie Platt '96 and

bridesmaids, Stacy Platt Casey '93,

Angela Schneider Johnson '93, and

Heather Byrode Holsey '97.

90s ..........................

Nicole Lynn Hartnagel '97 and

Kevin Matthew Fearns were

married on October 10, 2009 in

the St. Francis de Sales Chapel

at Mount de Sales Academy.

Laurie Ward '97 was her Maid of

Honor, Katie Taylor '97 and Kerry

Monaghan '97 were bridesmaids.

Nicole and Kevin both graduated

from Salisbury University. Nicole is

currently pursuing a nursing career

and Kevin is a manager for Diageo

and pursuing his Master's Degree

in Business. The couple resides in

Ellicott City, Maryland.

Jessica Dauer Lowrance '97 and

husband, Joe, welcomed their second

child, Joseph, Jr. (a.k.a. "JJ") on

April 6, 2010. JJ joins his very proud

big sister, Reagan, age two.

00s ..........................

Tia Igetha Scagliarini '00 was

married to Randall Mark Levine

of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on

August 29, 2009. The wedding took

place at her parents' Water's Edge

Farm in Laurel, Maryland. The

bridal party included Maid of Honor,

Stacey Green '00 and bridesmaid,

Virginia Hess '00. Tia is a manager

at Tryst and Randy is an attorney

with Bingham McCutchen LLP, both

located in Washington, D.C.

Danielle Ko '03 married Brian Gaspar

on November 27, 2010 at Villanova

University. Bridesmaids included

her sisters, Elizabeth Ko Elfrey '05 and

Emily Ko '07, and Molly Grace '03.


Alumnae News

00s ..........................

Kristine Armstrong '04 and

Justin Moore were united in

marriage on October 16, 2010

at St. Joseph Monastery in

Baltimore, Maryland. Her

sister, Megan Armstrong '02,

was her Maid of Honor.

Bridesmaids were Katie

Shutt '04, Emilie Menefee '04,

and Betsy Lappe '04. Mia

Benedetto, granddaughter of

Deborah Armstrong Campion

'72, was the flower girl.

The couple spent a week in

Arbua for their honeymoon.

Elizabeth Alice Ko ’05 was

married to John Christopher

Elfrey of Philadelphia on

September 18, 2010. The

ceremony was held in the

St. Francis de Sales Chapel,

and the bridal party included

Emily Ko ’07 and Danielle Ko

Gaspar ’03. Elizabeth worked

for the 2009-2010 school

year at Mount de Sales as

Admissions Assistant, and

is relocating for John’s career

as an officer in the U.S.



Krista Waldhauser

Henley '04 and her

husband Stephen

announce the birth

of their son, Seamus

Michael, on July 26,

2010. Seamus weighed

seven pounds, four

ounces. Seamus

joins big sister, Ava


In Memoriam

Please pray for the following people who have entered eternal life:

Josephine Peach Doyle ’41

Ann Redmiles Self ’63

Eva Auer (mother of Sister Terese Auer, O.P.)

Margarita Beaty

(grandmother of Lizzie O’Ferrall ’06, Maggie O’Ferrall ’10

and Caroline O’Ferrall ’12)

Vincent Bettwy (grandfather of Jaclyn Gates ’13)

Helen Bezold (mother of Helen Hufford, MDSA faculty member,

grandmother of Regina Hufford '13)

Stephen Budosh (father of Susan Budosh Ripper ’77)

William Duffy (father of Caroline Duffy, MDSA faculty member)

George Eisenberger (uncle of Nora Coakley Reiter ’70)

Charles O'D. Evans

Robert Lee Fairchild (grandfather of Gillian Smith ’14)

Anne Finnel (mother of JoAnna Finnel Rutkowski ’87)

Carmela Forte

Michael J. Hahn

(brother of Janis Hahn Murray ’68 and Sally Hahn Kasper ’71)

Thomas Hren

(grandfather of Megan Hren ’14 and Rebecca Hren ’11)

Robert Hutchinson (grandfather of McKenzie Hutchinson ’14)

Charles E. Jones (father of Christina Jones ’06)

Ruth Kelly (grandmother of Jessica Auburger ’12)

Vera Libertini

(grandmother of Rosie Hyrbyk, MDSA play Director)

Jean McGuirk (grandmother of Megan McGuirk '11)

Maria Melkit (grandmother of Jenny H. Miller ’89)

Carol Ann Seboda (mother of Jackie Seboda Pfeiler ’86)

Jay Seering (father of Sarah Seering ’09)

Lorraine E. Tallerico (grandmother of Jessica Cahill ’08)

Christopher Tufts (father of Frances Tufts ’12)

Sister Anne Therese, O.P.

Richard Randt (father of Justine Randt ’98)

Helen Regina Reymann

(mother of Mary Kay Reymann Burch ’80 and

Teresa Reymann ’80)

Alice Waldhauser

(grandmother of Krista Waldhauser Henley ’04)

Kenneth Wright (uncle of Teresina Palumbo ’09)

Please send your news or the name of a loved

one for inclusion in the View from the Cupola

to Courtney Gahagan ’00 at cgahagan@ or by phone 410.744.8498 x140.

Have you recently moved or do you have a new

e-mail address? Contact Beth Krastel ’02 via

e-mail at or by phone

410.744.8498 x137.

Please excuse our mistakes in the View from the Cupola,

Vol. 26, i.4: Petra Currie's name was missing from the

Presidential Education Award list. Anne Skomba's name

was misspelled on page 16.

Spotlight on Campus

Touch the Future ~ Leave a Legacy

For more information on the many ways to

make gifts to Mount de Sales Academy, please

visit the How Can I Make My Gift? section

of our newly redesigned website, found at There, you can learn

more about making outright, pledged, and

planned gifts as well as the different vehicles

for making these gifts such as through a stock


With your support, we continue our mission

of Academic Excellence in the Catholic Tradition.

Mount de Sales Academy is also proud to be

named to the Top 50 Catholic Honor Roll

annually since 2004. For information about the

Honor Roll, visit Below, our

student body celebrated the announcement of

Mount de Sales Academy's seventh consecutive

Top 50 Honor in the fall of 2010. Mount de Sales

is the only all-girls school in the NATION to

have received this honor seven years in a row.

Ways to Make a Gift

Your financial support helps us continue our mission of providing an

atmosphere in which young women can develop their fullest potential

in all areas: spiritual, intellectual, cultural, physical, and social. There

are a variety of ways you can support Mount de Sales Academy:

• Checks made payable to Mount de Sales Academy

(envelope enclosed for your convenience)

• Credit Card (use the enclosed envelope,

go online to, or

snap the tag with your smart phone and

go directly to our online giving site.)

• Multi-year pledge

• Gifts of Stock/Appreciated Securities

• Independent Retirement Accounts (IRAs),

IPOs, Options, and Restricted Stock

• In-kind gift

• Estate planning

• Pray for our students and school!

Thank you and please include the continued success of our students

and school in your prayers. All of our friends and benefactors are

remembered in the daily prayers of our students.

New Convent Open House


Please Save the Date: June 12, 2011



The Mount de Sales Academy Board of Trustees,

the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia Congregation,

and the Development Committee

cordially invite you to mark your calendars for June 12, 2011.

Please save the date to attend an Open House for the new convent!

You are invited to walk through the new convent and visit with the

Sisters from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. on Sunday, June 12.

Pen sketch of the new convent by Amy Fly '11

Please make sure you mark your calendar for these additional events!



Senior Art


8 a.m.-2 p.m. daily

Music Hall

Parents' Club

Golf Tournament

Oakmont Green

Golf Club





Sailor Social

Alumnae 21+

6 - 8 p.m.

Mama's on the Half Shell

Honors Assembly

8:30 a.m.

Mount de Sales




159 th Graduation

1961 Alumnae Honored

3:30 p.m.

Music Hall

Crab Feast 21+


4 p.m. Mass

20 5 - 9 p.m. Crab Feast

Mount de Sales

Mount de Sales Academy

Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

Nora Coakley Reiter, CPA '70 P'08


Sister Anne Catherine Burleigh, O.P.


Joseph Geier P'08 '12

Vice President

Mary Jo Warthen P'87


Christopher Giermek P'14


General Board

Carol N. Abromaitis, Ph.D.

Richard Arnold P'11

Chris Brown, J.D. P’04 '08

Monsignor Carl F. Cummings

Keith Dalton P'10

Frank H. Falter, Jr. P'84 '86

Barry Fitzpatrick

Elizabeth Gibbons Jennings '80 P’12

Sharon McCormack, M.D. '77

Susan Budosh Ripper '77

Reverend Michael J.P. Roach

John L. Voigt, Jr. P'03

Alumnae Association Board

Donna Hall Denhardt '85 P'10 '14


Kay McElgunn Everett '85 P'13

Vice President

Jeanne Schaible Langeluttig '84


Meghen Chester '07


Comments, contributions or

corrections? Please contact:

Courtney Giulioni Gahagan ’00

Director of Communications

Mount de Sales Academy

700 Academy Road

Catonsville, Maryland 21228


p: 410.744.8498 ext. 140

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