An Essex Wedding - Just Bespoke

An Essex Wedding - Just Bespoke


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Unforgettoble weddings require good orgonisotion skills ond o lot of imoginotion. lf

you're short on either, you're in Iuck, becouse Just Bespoke is giving owoy o complete

consultoncy wedding plonning pockoge to ensure your big doy goes without o hitch


your big doy con be

\-r/stressful, time consuming ond

bewildering. With so much choice on

offer, ond so mony ihings to think obout,

o little help con go o long woy. However,

rother thon turn to friends ond fomily, why

not consider employing the services of o

professionol insteod?

Jusi Bespoke, o leoding boutique wedding

consultoncy bosed in Breniwood, speciolises

in creoting individuol, inspirotionol ond

memoroble weddings for couples ocross ihe

south eost ond hos more thon seven yeors

experience in the events industry.

Following on initiol consultotion with o

wedding coordinotor, Just Bespoke will do

everything from pulling together o timeline

ond monoging your budget, to trocking

down the perfect venue ond sourcing

suiioble suppliers. On-the-doy monogement

is olso provided ond couples con be rest

ossured ihot their wedding will run smoothly

ond be stress-free.

Owner Liso Sobin iells us: "To ensure

o beoutiful ond originol wedding, Just

Bespoke likes to reflect eoch couple's

individuol style ond personolity in the event.

Stoff ore ot the forefront of the lndustry ond

we ioke pride in keeping up with the lotest

irends so thot eoch clients' doy is full of

unique, creotive touches thot will leove their

guests dozzled."

For further informotion, visit the websiie or contoci Liso on

01277 228 068.



We've teomed up wiih Just Bespoke to

offer you the chonce to win o complete

consulioncy wedding plonning pockoge

worih more ihon 13,000.

The winning bride ond groom-to-be

will enioy on initiol consuliotion with

o Just Bespoke wedding coordinoior

to discuss their ideos. As porl of the

compleie consultoncy pockoge, the

coordinotor will then proceed lo:

? help source the venue

? creote o theme/colour scheme

? source ond Iioise wiih suppliers

? monoge timings ond budgets

? provide unlimited supporl in the

Ieod-up to the big doy

? ottend the wedding to monoge the

eveni ond ensure thot everything goes

occording to plon

ln short, the winning couple will

benefit {rom complete monogement of

their speciol doy ond enjoy o bespoke

wedding full of wonderful memories.

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