Issue 43 News, reviews, gossip, latest product info & more - Transpose

Issue 43 News, reviews, gossip, latest product info & more - Transpose

OctOber News

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ovember 2009

ssue: 33



Issue 43

8th instalment of

“Maid for Life”

Girl of the




News, reviews, gossip, latest product info & more

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Intro Bit – 03

Girl of the Month – 04

Maid for Life – 05

Sexytaries – 06

Prize Winners – 07

Tea Girls – 08


Intro bit..

Next Tea with Teela evening is on the 18th October.

Starts at 7pm.

Hey girls,

I hope this newsletter finds you

fit and well and managing to

hold off those horrible bugs that

are now doing the rounds!!

Wasn’t the last Tea evening

good? So many of you turned up

that we didn’t have enough parking

outside!! It was so good to

see so many familiar faces and a

couple of new ones too. Welcome

to those girls who came for the

first time, I hope you enjoyed it

so much you want to come back

again next month.

The next Tea evening will be on

Monday 28th October.

As Tilly is on YET ANOTHER

holiday, there is no blog for this

month but I will make sure that

she makes it up to you by bringing

you an extra long one next


- 3

Tilly and I will be at the

Harmony Weekend in Matlock

Bath on Saturday 30th October

(please spare us the Witch

similarity jokes!!!!) with lots of

freebies and goodies for sale - hope

to see you there.

If any one has any special stories

or articles that you would like

featured in this newsletter, please

email me on




- 4

Girl of the month

Jessika from Holland.........

Transpose has girls from far and wide

coming to visit for their make-over

and photo-shoot. This month, Jessika

came for her photo-shoot all the way

from Holland. She purposefully made

the appointment to coincide with our

monthly Tea evening so she could

meet all the other girls. So, here is

our very own Dutch girl -Jessika.”

“I had a great day,

thank you Teela-

Jane - it was good

to meet all your girls


Over the past

few months

I have


some of the

ups and

downs of my

life “in service” as a parttime

TV maid. After all these trials

and tribulations, during which I had travelled

around the UK in search of a suitable position, I

heard about an amazing lady who not only ran

a dressing service but might also offer occasional

opportunities for me to work for her at her country

residence in the heart of Cheshire, quite close to

my own home.

“Lady B”, and her assistant Elaine, seemed

pleased to meet me on my initial visit, especially

as I arrived with several classical maid’s uniforms

which I had bought over the years. Their dressing

service was extremely well organised and, as I

soon became a regular visitor, I learned that they

expected everything to be done correctly. The

premises, which occupied three storeys with a

private flat on the top floor, had to be kept clean

and tidy at all times.

Her Ladyship always required me to dress, and

do my own make-over, as soon as I arrived so

that I could be put to work without delay. Often

there were other “ladies” visiting and I soon got

to recognize some of the regulars who came in

every week. One or two were retired folk for

whom the opportunity to spend a day each

week as their “alter ego” was an important part

of their lives. Some seemed quite well-to-do and

able to afford very classy outfits, especially for the

“special occasions” which Her Ladyship arranged

from time to time. Kay trying on


One very special occasion which I will always

remember was a Charity Garden Party at Her

Ladyship’s country residence. I was invited – or

instructed – to attend there one August Bank

Holiday weekend.


Nancy’s Story

Chapter Eight

“The Cheshire Set”

- 5

When I arrived I was allocated one of the

bedrooms and informed that, once I was

dressed, I was to help prepare and serve food

and drinks in Her Ladyship’s huge and beautiful

garden to over a hundred “straight” guests!

I loved it! For the first hour or so I was stationed

at the entrance to the garden and required to

curtsey to each guest as they arrived and to offer

them a drink. Then, throughout the afternoon

and into the evening, I had to walk around the

garden, tray in hand, topping up everybody’s

drinks and serving sandwiches etc. It was a

glorious summer weekend and when the party

was over, and I asked Her Ladyship if I could “go

off duty” and return home, I was secretly thrilled

to be told that I was to stay on and serve her and

her family!

It was not unusual for Her Ladyship to insist

on me staying on duty for longer than had

been arranged. Occasionally I would only

discover, after I was changed and busy with the

housework, that she would be entertaining friends

later that day and I was required to remain on

duty to serve during the evening.

On other occasions I would be escorted by

Elaine to attend Northern Concord events in

Manchester, which I also loved doing. We

would go into Manchester early in the evening

and walk around the shops or around the village

as well as attending the regular Wednesday

evening gatherings. And for a couple of years

Her Ladyship got me to accompany her to “Le

Big En”, the three-day Northern Concord event

which takes place every February. For these

I was treated by Her Ladyship as her personal

maid, so had to be by her side, or on call,

throughout the weekend. I will tell readers more

about these weekends when I write again next


- 6



Belinda (our cover girl) was my

PA twice this month and a great

help she was too - keeping me

in coffee, helping out with the

Tea night and generally tidying

up after my mess. She was a joy

to have around!



Other sexy-taries this month included

Michelle and Caroline. Unfortunately

Caroline didn’t want her photo to appear

but both girls did a really great job.

If you fancy a day as my sexy-tary,

please book your day soon.


- 7

Two prize winners claimed their prizes this month. Jenny

Banford won the Transpose raffle at Sparkle 2010 and Paula

won the raffle on our launch night last March. It was tough

just to pick one of their pictures - they were all

great!! Here are their results!!!

- 8

Tea Girls

- 9

- 10

LSL Transpose

Station Road

Ellesmere Port


CH65 4BQ

Tel: 0151 356 8555



SHOP opening hours:-

Mon-Tues One-to-one appointments only

Wednesday 10:00 - 20:00 (late night by prior appointment)

Thursday 10:00 - 17:00 (prior appointment)

Friday 10:00 - 17:00 (prior appointment)

Saturday 10:00 - 13:00 (prior appointment)

Because the retail shop is a secondary business to the main Makeover

and Photography business, it is not run as a traditional shop

where you can come and go as you please, therefore we would

appreciate a call before a visit.

- 11

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