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4085 LuLu_FEZ_Jul.Aug.2012:Layout 1 - Lu Lu Shrine Temple




Stay alert...we are moving

so fast we should be

running with lights and


April 14th…Lady Emily

and I were treated royally

at LuLu’s Potentate’s Ball.

What a terrific turnout.

All but one club and one

unit were represented.

Chairmen Tom Spoltore,

Hugh McGinnis, their

lovely Ladies Linda and

Grace, Jeff Greene and

Lady Maureen, Lady Bea, Mike

Chaykowski and Lady Jackie, our

daughter Jennifer and all who

assisted did an outstanding job.

The decorations were spectacular.

Hospitality was incredible. The

food, as always was phenomenal

and the music great. We are extremely

grateful for all the hard

work and dedication.

April 17th…I traveled to Fritz

Lodge to make a presentation on

behalf of LuLu Shriners. I was

warmly received by Master and

Noble Phil Candelore and our

brethren. We must pursue these opportunities

if we expect to increase

our membership.

April 29th…We hosted Cahall

Dunne at LuLu’s Irish Concert.

Chairman Billy Morwald, PP and

Lady Mary did an extraordinary job

with advertising, decorations, tickets

Illustrious Sir

Ed Cervonka

Potentate 2012

and prizes. I am happy to

report that the concert was

an entertainment triumph

and a financial success. Our

appreciation goes to Steve

Sacks, as well, for his assistance

with this endeavor.

The Irish fare consisting of

potato soup, sandwiches and

scones provided by Grand

Buffet was, as always, an

incredible edible.

With our toes still tapping,

we headed for the

airport on April 30th. The Potentate’s

trip to Las Vegas was a certain success.

The weather was outstanding

(even by Las Vegas standards) with

temperatures hovering in the mid

80s for our entire stay. The luxurious

Luxor Hotel lived up to its name.

The shows, casinos and attractions

were all top shelf. The Pote’s Dinner

exemplified scrumptious not to

mention picturesque. We traveled to

Red Rock Canyon, Old Vegas and

Hoover Dam. We cruised Lake

Mead while dining and relaxing on

our paddle boat. Then, having left

our deposit at the slots we headed

home. Our heartfelt thanks to Joel

Brookstein, PP and Lady Margie for

a job well done in organizing this

trip and seeing it through.

Upon our return from Las Vegas

we reported right back to our tour of

duty. High on the agenda: the Circus.

July/August 2012







September 19


For the Purpose of

Dues and Membership



September 29





October 17


To Vote on Results of

Dues Proposal Meeting

of September 19th







(continued on page 4) The Voice of LuLu

Recorder’s Remarks

We just completed another

Circus – our 71st edition.

In one word WOW!!

The Fink boys, Doug and

Don, did a fabulous job.

They doubled last year’s

results. This is certainly a

new record for LuLu.

They have taken the job

as co-chairmen and really

run with it.

Let’s hope they can assist

with our other fundraisers

in the same way.

We just held our first ceremonial

of the year and created more than

30 new Nobles. They, along with their

ladies, were bussed to Philadelphia

where they toured Shriners’ Hospital

on Saturday morning before enjoying

lunch back at LuLu.

Most of our Units and Clubs had

table displays and from all reports

they were successful in adding many

new members from the class who

will be joining their ranks.

The official bi-monthly

publication of the LuLu Shriners.

Business Manager: Harry L. Reiter

5140 Butler Pike

Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

Business Phone: 610-828-9050

Website: www.lulushriners.org

Editor: Bernie Homer

2605 Egypt Rd.,Trooper, PA 19403

Business Phone: 610-539-8400

All articles must be submitted

electronically to

homer@homergroup.com with

the subject “LULU FEZ

We would like to thank everyone who

has submitted articles and photos.

Harry L. Reiter P.P.


Our recent arena rental

featuring a motorcycle

thrill show and monster

trucks was a financial

success for LuLu. Thanks

to all the Units & Clubs

that manned the parking

lot and food booths.

We were able to generate

considerable income

in 1 day. Our next arena

rental will be a Brazilian

Bull Riding on Saturday

July 21st. This is always

an exciting day and requires minimal

staffing from our Nobility. This

also generates great income for the


The Divan will be off to the

138th Imperial Session in Charlotte,

NC in a few days. We will be considering

various By-Law proposals

and Hospital agenda items. This is

an intense week long series of daily

8-10 hour days of meetings and dis-

(continued on page 6)


We would like to publish more

stories and news items from

your organizations. Please send

your information electronically

with “LuLu Fez” as the subject

to: homer@homer group.com



All articles not submitted electronically

may not be published as

submitted due to possible errors

that may occur during translation.


NOV/DEC . . . OCT 1, 2012

JAN/FEB. . . . DEC 1, 2012


Calendar of Events . . . . . . . . . . 4

Virginia Beach Trip . . . . . . . . . . 5

Middletown Grange Fair . . . . . 6

Shrine Ceremonial Photos . . . . 7

LuLu Circus Photos . . . . . . . . 8-9

Award Winning Klownz. . . . . . 10

Bucks County Shrine Club . . . 11

Membership Benefits . . . . . . . 11

LuLu Shriners Need

Your Help . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

Popcorn and Cotton Candy

Booth Reports. . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

Stewards Follies . . . . . . . . . . . 14

Doylestown Parade Photos . . 15

Ocean City Photos . . . . . . . . . 16

Charity Golf Tournament . . . . 17

Yacht Club Seafood Fest . . . . 18

Love to the Rescue

Campaign Launched . . . . . . . . 19

Legion of Honor . . . . . . . . . . . 20

Tomb of the Unknowns Trip . . 21

FuXia’s Bike Ride. . . . . . . . . . . 23

UV-Blocker. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24

Monster Truck Show . . . . . . . . 25

LuLu Shrine Rental Hall . . . . . . 26

History of the Shrine . . . . . 27-28

Let’s Consider What

Masonry is Really all About . . 29

Bylaws . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30

Cahall Dunne Photos . . . . . . . 31


often to stay informed of

the latest news and events:



“Buzz from the Fuzz” (continued from page 1)


was spectacular thanks to the chairmen

Don and Doug Fink. The 2012

LuLu Circus was truly an entertainment

and financial success thanks to

their tireless efforts. Kudos to Mosque

Operating, George Scheerbaum, Fred

Simkins along with their imaginative

and skillful crew, our accomplished

office staff, and Bea Bane for making

arduous almost impossible tasks run

smoothly. And a huge thank you and

round of applause to all those who

staffed the midway, parking, ticket

booths, sign-in trailer and all those

behind the scenes, but essential jobs

most of us are unaware of.

Then May 26th came the real test

of endurance. The weekend following

the circus some of us found ourselves

back at the arena with the

Monster Truck Show. With sore

muscles, aching backs and now

“painful ears”, we manned parking

and concessions for a very loud, very

crowded and very successful rental.

And once again Mosque Operating,

along with Bill Morwald, came to the

rescue with the grounds and arena.

After all was said and done, LuLu

again received a much needed financial

infusion. Thanks to Gary Davis,

CR for chairing this event and keeping

it organized. Many thanks to

those Nobles, Ladies and friends


whose unwavering support (and

muscle) helped to strengthen LuLu.

Memorial Day, May 28th, was as

significant as it was memorable.

LuLu came out in numbers and

strength for the Doylestown Parade.

Our show of respect for those who

made the ultimate sacrifice so that

we can enjoy the freedoms afforded

us made for a very proud and heartwarming

display. Special thanks go

to Bucks County Shrine Club, LuLu

Klownz, Legion of Honor, Motor

Unit, Mounted Guard, Northeast

Shrine Club and Oriental Band for

their participation. Thanks to

Delaware Shrine Club for lending

their float to the Legion of Honor.

Many thanks to Carlo Sr and the

Stewards for providing nourishment

and drinks to a very hungry

and thirsty bunch of Shriners. And

most sincere thanks and praise to

Colonel of the Units, Chuck Quaste

and Lt. Colonel Hugh Mc Ginniss for

preparing, planning, implementing

and successfully commanding this

exceptional display.

As we head to the Jersey Shore

for the LuLu Ocean City Family

Weekend for fun, fellowship and the

camaraderie we have come to enjoy,

remember we can only accomplish

this through membership in this

great organization.


July 28


September 6-9


September 14, 15 & 16


September 19


September 29



Remember the LAW OF THE

BATH…When the body is fully immersed

in the bath, the telephone

will ring.

Law of Close Encounters…The

probability of meeting someone you

know increases dramatically when

you are with someone you don’t

want to be seen with.

Law of Logical Argument…

Anything is possible if you don’t

know what you are

talking about.


Over and out.

Recorder’s Remarks (continued from page 3)

cussions. This year’s parade will take place on July 4th

in downtown Charlotte. Our mounted Guard will once

again lead the LuLu contingent in the parade. They will

also be competing both in the drill and parade.

My office is the cornerstone for communication. Do

I have your email? If not, you are missing out on the

periodic newsletters and event and other happenings

at LuLu that I regularly send out. Just email your information

to recorder@lulushriners.org and I will add you

to our blast list.

As I have stated many times; I, along with the office

staff, am here to aid and assist you with Protocol,

By-Laws, Membership, Hospital or just general Shrine

questions. Call 610-828-9050 if we can help in any way.

“Remember always ride in the front of the Herd”




AUGUST 15-19, 2012

Sign up to help LuLu with the Paper Crusade

at Middletown Grange Fair from August 15-

19, 2012 in Wrightstown, PA. The Hospital

Float will be there and your help is needed to

hand out papers, tell others about the work

done at our Hospitals, and accept donations.

It will be a great way to share information

about the care that our Hospitals provide

regardless of the patients’ ability to pay and

to hear thanks from those who have been

patients. Sign up as a club or unit for a block

of time or individually on one or more days so

we can man the station throughout the week.

Hours are from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Wednesday

and Thursday, 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Friday and

Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Please call the Recorder’s Office to schedule

your time: 610.828.9050




Potentate . . . . . . . . Edward Cervonka

Chief Rabban . . . . . . . . . . . Gary Davis

Assistant Rabban . . . . . . . . . Bob Gold

HP&P. . . . . . . . . . . Matthew Hallowell

Oriental Guide . . . . . . . Joseph Rocco

Treasurer. . . . . . . . Christopher Mason

Recorder . . . . . . . . . . Harry Reiter P.P.



By Fuzzy The Clown, Director

LuLu Shrine Klownz

On May 18th, 19th and 20th, 2012,

our own “Greatest Show on Earth”

came to Plymouth Meeting, PA. I

am, of course, referring to the LuLu

Shrine Circus.



Along with the circus come those

crazy LuLu Shrine Clowns. This is

our chance to appear and perform

for young and old alike. As usual, the

clowns did an outstanding job, performing

skits, posing for pictures,

autographing the circus program

books, handing out stickers, and

magically making them squeak.

This year’s circus started out

with a great surprise when our own

“Zounds The Clown“ opened each

and every show with the singing of

our National Anthem. The clowns

performed two routines at each

show, which produced laughter and

joy for those in attendance. In the

first half of each show they performed

the “Clown Down” routine,

in which Digger attempted to hit a

home run, resulting in poor Stinky

being struck. Don’t worry; he was

quickly attended to by our stretcher

crew, Cuz and Mertie, who somehow

left him lying on the field. In

the second half, with the help of the

Klownz Precision Drill Team, Finky

volunteered to be shot out of the

Klownz Kannon into the net at the

far end of the arena. Finky somehow

missed the net, but was able to

survive the landing. He magically

appeared at the far end of the arena

and reported he was okay. During

the flight he gained about 50 lbs.

and ended up looking exactly like

Stinky. What a wonderful time we

had performing those skits!

Thanks to Cuz, Mertie, Pell Mell,

Hopper, Chuckles, Uncle Nick,

Zounds, Kwotes, CupCake, Toe Knee,

Digger, Sully, Smitty, Milk Dud, Shlep,

Fast Eddie, Press-Toe, Stinky and

Finky for their participation. Spanky,

Hooter, Caboose, Patches and Sniffles

from Zembo joined us along with

Jimbo from Crescent, and members

from the Mecca Clown unit.

LuLu Clowns continue to be the

best at what they do as evidenced by

this year’s M.A.S.C.A. Clown Competition

held in Wilkes Barre, PA,

where Zounds, Finky, Stinky, Uncle

Nick, Kwotes and Pell Mell received

awards in various categories such

as make-up, costume, and the skit


We look forward to next year’s

circus. Until then, I echo the closing

words of Tim the Ringmaster:

“May All Your Days Be Circus Days.”




Who says Clowning Around is not Hard Work?

By Ed Blum (ZOUNDS)

1st Vice President, Klownz Unit

At the 2012 MASCA Clown Arama

held at Irem Shrine in Wilkesboro,

PA the LuLu KLOWNZ unit took 13

of the 25 awards that were available

to be won. Included in these

awards is the coveted “Freddie

Award” which is a traveling trophy

that is an award for the best clown

unit of the year. This award moves

from Shrine to Shrine, and this year

was the sixth time that LuLu has

won the award.

Each of the six Klownz (Finky,

Stinky, Pell Mell, Zounds, Uncle Nick

and Quotes) that participated in this

year’s competition won at least one

trophy. Finky won three, one of which

was a tie with his Brother Stinky.


Klownz on a job well done!!!

By Mark Gatta, President

Bucks County Shrine Club meets the first Tuesday of

every month at the VE Club located at: 130 Davisville

Road, Warminster PA.

We have many exciting things happening in the

BCSC in the months to come. I would like to take this

time to introduce our new float chairman Ray Bloemker.

Ray is currently our 3rd VP and looks forward building

our float back to the breathtaking wonder it once was.

For any Noble that has interest in helping this revitalization

project please contact Ray at 215-669-1388.

Membership Has Its Benefits

By Len Brownstein, Membership Chairman

In case you missed it, there is a new and better

revamped Shrine Savers program. This program offers a

wide range of discounts and benefits to Shrine members.

The benefits include a health care program that has

prescription drugs, vision, hearing and other health

care programs. Also included is a travel service that

includes, condo rental worldwide, hotel discounts and

travel tour specials. There is also a consumer shopping

section that has insurance discounts, and an online

shopping mall. The service is provided through an

organization called Essential Member Services. They

will be adding new benefits on a continuing basis. For

those with computers type www.shrinesavers.com.

I was given a copy of the LuLu Shrine Recorder’s

message from October 1963. The recorder in 1963 was

Noble John Paul Koitzsch. His message was about membership.

At that time LuLu had 9000 members and he


Bucks County Shrine Club is also looking for willing

and experienced drivers to help bring our beautiful

float to Virginia Beach for MASA. If interested, please

contact Ray. For any Noble that lives in Bucks County

or nearby areas and has interest in joining our club,

contact president Mark Gatta for more information

215-630-2040. We are having a wonderful year and

look forward to seeing some new members come find

out what everyone is talking about.

Enjoy your summer!

was worried about the average of the members being in

their mid 60’s. That’s what it is today. His concern was

then, that the Temple did not have the 21-49 year olds

active in the Temple. Guess what? That’s true today. The

only difference is that we do not have 9000 members.

The article mentions that we need to replace ourselves

with a younger member and that Units need to

recruit new members.The newer Nobles need to

become involved, so that they feel welcome and also

enjoy the fun of being a Shriner.

If you have never been on a tour of Shriners Hospital,

you should try and visit.

Your dues for 2012 is now due. PLEASE IF YOU


This copy of the FEZ will be too late for the June

ceremonial, but it is not to late to start asking your

Lodge Brethren to become a Shriner at our next ceremonial

on September 29th.


LuLu Shriners Need Your HELP

Listed below are the Masonic Blue Lodges in the LuLu

Shriners oasis. Are you a member of one of the Lodges

listed below? Would you like to become an ambassador

and represent LuLu in your Lodge? The job is easy; all

you need to do is inform the members of your Lodge

on what is happening at LuLu Shrine Center.

We as Shriners need to provide information on all of

the activities that are occurring within our organization.

Room 5 is a game room, so bring your Lodge mem-

Lodge Name and Number Ambassador

No. 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mark DeMatteis

No. 3

No. 9

Hackenburg Mt. Moriah No. 19 . . . . . Gil Stein

Bristol No. 25. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Wayne Beck

University No. 51. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Domenic Marcellino

Wm Penn Harmony No. 52 . . . . . . . . . Charles Pierro

Washington No. 59 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Karl Miller

Concordia No. 67 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bernie Homer

Phila.-Potter No. 72. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jerry Farrell

Phoenix No. 75

Hiram No. 81 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bill Pugliese

Columbia No. 91 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carl Levin

St. John’s No. 115 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Leon Werb

Hermann Humboldt No. 125

Brotherhood No. 126

Palestine Roxbourgh No. 135 . . . . . . . Paul Feigel Sr

Charity No. 190

Widener-Apollo-Kensington No. 211

Richmond No. 230

Chester No. 236 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Robert Parkinson

Doylestown No. 245

Shekinah No. 246

Stichter No. 254

Wm. Elkins No. 271

Cassia Mt. Herob No. 273. . . . . . . . . . Winton Hewitt

Frankford No. 292

Melita No. 295

Mitchell No. 296

George Bartran-Paul Sands No. 298

Fritz No.308

Williamson No. 309

Warren No. 310

West Chester No. 322

Thomson No. 340

Skerrett No. 343

Oxford No. 353 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fran Norbeck


bers out to have fun. Use it as a recruiting tool to bring

in members to your Lodge and the Shrine.

We need you to tell your Lodge what is happening

at the Shrine Center. Sign up and become an ambassador

representing the Shrine to your Lodge. You will find

a lot of Lodges not represented, so please help.

Please call the Len Brownstein at 215-677-4147

with your Name and Lodge.

Lodge Name and Number Ambassador

Williamsom-Corinthian No. 368

Brandywine Goddard No. 383

Richard Vaux-Ivanhoe No. 384

Friendship-Williams No. 400 . . . . . . . . Harry Speth

Howell No. 405

W.K. Bray No. 410

Newtown No. 427

Mozart No. 436 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . James Rae

Mt. Pickering No. 446

Kennett No.475

Athelstan No. 482

Robert A. Lamberton No. 487 . . . . . . Barry MacBride

Jerusalem No. 506. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bob Stringer

St. Alban No. 529 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Robert Swan

Fernwood No. 543 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Donald L. Baker

New London No. 545

Spring City No. 553

Shiloh No. 558

Prospect No. 578. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . William G. Savage

Royersford No. 585

Equity No. 591

Perkiomen No. 595

MacCalla No. 596 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carl Levin

Tacony No. 600 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tom White

Norristown No. 620. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Walter Thaler

Concord No. 625

Thomas R. Patton No. 659 . . . . . . . . . Peter Gergo lll

Penn No. 709

Lansdowne No. 711. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mel Myers

Pilgrim No. 712 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Frank Jones Jr

Harry A. Houseman No. 717. . . . . . . . Dan Hartnett

Community No. 744 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Walter Kollar

Boyertown No. 741

Joseph H. Brown No. 751 . . . . . . . . . . Gene Geary

Springfield-Hanby No. 767 . . . . . . . . . Howard Fury

Fairless Hills Levittown No. 776

Southampton Radiant Star No. 806

Popcorn and Cotton

Candy Booth Reports

By Bob Gold, Asst. Rabban

I hope all the Nobles and Ladies who worked in our

booth this year are recovered from the onslaught of

business that was done in our booth.

Many thanks go out to the following people who made

this year the best. In no particular order, Cheryl Davis,

Arlene Jay, Donna Hower, Norma Gold, Nobles Jerry Jay,

Laird Bevitz, Barry Oppenheim, Doug and Don Fink.

I also must recognize my two grandsons, Sam and Ross

Gold who worked the stands and the counter. I would

like to thank Noble Howard Pressman for the outstanding

work he did with the cotton candy and in setting up our

booth. I have promoted him to commander in chief of the

booth with the rank of six star general.

Business was so good that they even bought most of

our corn dogs. This year our sales were the highest in the

25 years that I have been associated with the booth and

we all must thank Finky and Stinky Fink for the effort

they put into making this year the best ever.


Stewards Follies

By Jim Bockius

The Stewards are very busy this time of the year planning

their summer and fall activities.

First on the list is the last day of school picnic at the

Luther School. This is the 3rd Annual Picnic at the school

where the Stewards prepare and serve lunch to over 300

students and staff. The picnic will be held June 21st.

Second is our annual Stewards Appreciation night

held on Wednesday, June 27th. All Stewards and their

Ladies are treated to a clam bake prepared by Grand

Buffet Trolley Catering.

Third is the preparing and serving of the food for

Lulu’s Family Picnic and Bazaar held on Saturday July

28th. This event is always a fun activity and keeps the

Stewards very busy serving food to over 400 people.

Last, but not least, is our 7th Annual Beef and Beer

Comedy Night held on Saturday, November 10th. Even

though food and entertainment prices have increased,

the Stewards voted to hold the price at $25.00 a person.

Watch for our 1/2 page ad in the September/October

Fezz for specific details.

Interested in joining the Stewards of Lulu. Contact

Scott Malantonio, our Chairman at scottmal091@aol.com





LuLu Shriners 15th Annual


To Benefit Shriners Hospitals for Children – Philadelphia

Monday, September 24, 2010

Held at LuLu Country Club

1600 Limekiln Pike, North Hills (Glenside), PA 19038


Yacht Club Events

Every LuLu Shriner knows we brag

about being the Greatest Yacht Club

in the World. Two events for the Fall

reinforces this claim. The sumptuous

Seafood Dinner is famous, I hope to

see you there, This year there is

something new. You are invited to


join us in a three day weekend at

Peddlers Village!! The Village is a

delightful place and you would

surely enjoy yourself. The shops,

restaurants and the Saturday

evening Commodore’s Dinner will

be wonderful. Call Vice Commodore

Dan Rose at 267-446-3113 for

details. This joyous affair will be at

the height of natures Fall colors

OCTOBER 6,7, 8. A Shriner is Kids

Best Friend is our new motto which

will be introduced there, too. You

will enjoy!





HOW ...

NOW ...


A Campaign to Increase

Awareness and Donations

To Continue Our Legacy of Love

By Telling Our Remarkable Story

Encourage People to Donate

Starting June 11 in National Media

Our Love to the Rescue message will appear in a wide

variety of advertising and public relations outlets:


From the Desk of the Legion of Honor

Tomb Trip

Mark the date for the annual trip to Arlington National

Cemetery on November 4th 2012. Reservations are

being taken. The trip cost is $65.00 per person, which

includes coffee and pastries before leaving, box lunch,

stop at the Maryland House, laying of the Wreath at the

Tomb of the Unknown Solder, departure for the Marine

Corps Museum (usmcmuseum.com) back to Kena’s

Shrine for dinner and back home. Contact; Adjutant

Gary Portnoy for reservation forms.





17 August 2012

Depart at 0815 from LuLu Shrine

Arrive by Tour Bus at 1015

Air Show from 1030 to ~ 1500

Depart AC at 1615

Arrive LuLu Shrine ~1800

Legion of

Honor in the


Day parade,


PA. Saturday

May 28th


Casino Rewards to be Determined


Must be 21 years old to attend! Photo ID required.

Bob Duffy, PC, Trip Coordinator

28 Whitemarsh Avenue, Erdenheim, PA 19038

Phone: 215-402-0382

Welcome to Our Newest Member

Jerome D. Udell, USAF Last assigned to a USAF Civil

Engineering Squadron. He now living in Philadelphia.

Arthur Jervis US Navy to swear in at the June meeting.

DFAS Warns Service Members

of Scam Emails

By Tech. Sgt. Benjamin Rojek Defense Media Activity


Finance and Accounting Service official recently released

a statement warning of email scams targeting military

members, military retirees, and civilian employees.

According to the statement, the most recent email

scam indicates that individuals who are receiving

disability compensation from the Department of Veterans

Affairs may be able to obtain additional funds from the

Internal Revenue Service, but only if they send copies

of their income tax information.

Scammers have even gone so far as to “spoof” DFAS

email addresses so that the recipients think it was

actually coming from DFAS personnel. In a spoofing

email, the scammer makes it appear that the message

is coming from a legitimate source. This is to try to lure

the reader into believing it’s genuine.

For more retiree news and information, please visit


Ladies Night Dinner

The Commanders guest for the evening was Terry

Diamond from the Shrine Hospital. Terry gave a brief

presentation on the hospital.

Commander Jerry Schmidt then presented Terry

with a check from the Legion of Honor and the Legion

Ladies to go towards new equipment needed in the

hospital expanded facilities.

Need to Dispose of a Flag?

The Legion of Honor will be placing a white carton in

the lobby to receive American flags that are damage,

weathered, and tattered. The LOH will have a ceremonial

flag burning later in the fall. So check out your flag if it

is tired, place it in the white carton.

(continued on page 22)

From the Desk of the Legion of Honor (continued from page 20)

Iwo Jima Memorial Ceremony “Return With Honor”

By Walt West, Legion of Honor, March 14, 2012

On March 14th, this year, I attended a Memorial Service

that was different from any that I’ve attended before.

It was on the distant small eight square mile island now

known in history and the annals of the U.S. Marine

Corps as ‘Iwo Jima!’

Those of us who were living during WWII know the

military value of Iwo Jima – to both sides.

The purpose of the tour was to attend an annual

memorial service held jointly by the U.S. and Japanese

governments, named “Return with Honor”… to honor

respectfully the sacrifices of the many lives lost on both

sides during the horrific battle starting on February 19,

1945. The American U.S. Marine 3rd, 4th, and 5th

Divisions were the attacking force. Frank Krakowski,

PC’87 was there with the 4th Marine Division. Also, my

late cousin was there with the 5th Marine Division.

They both lived through it. We had been advised to

dress appropriately and not act “celebratory”. The

Japanese would be wearing suit jackets and ties: they

consider this island to be “Sacred Soil”. No one permanently

lives on the island now, only maintenance workers;

and no visitors are allowed, except for the one day of

the year that we were going, for the Ceremony.

Our small tour group of about 30, consisted mostly

of veterans or relatives of WWII, or dedicated history

buffs. We were combined with a much larger group of

about 250 from Military History Tours Assoc. (MHTA).

This group has an active “Iwo Jima Survivors” group:

some of them attend every year. Other U.S. attendees

were military personnel brought in from bases in the

Pacific for logistical support.

Our two chartered United Airlines planes departed

Guam at about 6AM for the two hour flight to Iwo. As

we were taxiing for takeoff, Airport fire trucks stood by

along the side of the taxi strip and saluted us with geysers

of water from their nozzles, forming an “arch of honor”.

At that moment, I really started to feel the honor and

magnitude of being on this pilgrimage.

On landing, as we walked down the steps from the

plane to the tarmac, we were greeted, each of us, individually,

by a U.S. Marine Corps Lt. General who shook

our hands and thanked each of us for coming. Before

the ceremony, I got on a van going up the steep slopes

of Mt. Suribachi, to the actual spot where the U.S. Flag


had been raised and the

iconic photo taken. The

slope of the hill was

more than 45 deg. During

the battle, this road

did not exist. I stood at

Walt West, on Iwo Jima,

March 14, 2012, Standing alongside

Memorial to U.S. 5th Marine

Division; at historic site of U.S.

Flag raising, February, 1945

the actual spot on the summit, now marked by a small

memorial, honoring the men of the 5th Marine Division

who had placed our flag, It overlooked the entire island

and the landing beaches. As I stood there, I sensed a

humbling feeling. Everyone does.

The Ceremony site itself was just above the landing

beaches. It was centered on a 15 ft. square low flat

memorial of gray rocks, with two commemorative

plaques honoring the fallen: one facing the sea for the

attacking Americans; and the other on the land side for

the defending Japanese.

On the ground rising beyond the speakers’ podium

stood two proud military bands; one Japanese, and one

U.S. Marines.

The solemn Ceremony lasted about 1¼ hours.

Speakers from both countries were introduced, alternatively,

by a USMC Sgt., in English, and then by a

Japanese civilian, in Japanese. Speeches were all limited

to one page in length, with the central theme

throughout the Ceremony one of: Peace, Reconciliation,

and Harmony. The Japanese speakers were all high

ranking government officials: for the Americans, most

were high ranking military. As each of the Japanese

speakers concluded, they always respectfully bowed in

the direction of the Americans.

The final moments of the Ceremony were the traditional

Placing of Memorial Wreaths by both countries;

first by the Japanese, with their solemn water ritual;

and then one by the American representatives.

With that, the Ceremony concluded, and a joint

Color Guard was retired. I’ll speak for myself, but I’m

sure that every one of us attending felt a deep personal

satisfaction for being there. On this tiny rocky piece of

land in a far-distant part of the Pacific Ocean, just a couple

of hundred miles off the coast of mainland Japan.

As a WWII U.S. Army Air Forces veteran, I’d like to

end this brief report with the time-honored salutary

expression of the U.S. Marine Corps: “Semper Fi”.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors,

Without Getting Burned by the Sun

Now that Summer time is here, the

sun and heat seem to be stronger

than ever before. Summer means so

many wonderful things to so many

people. For children and adults alike,

vacations at the beach, picnics, pools,

and backyard barbecues are all part

and parcel of the joy of Summer.

But for some folks, Summer means

greater sun exposure and concerns

over the sun’s harmful UV rays

which takes away some of that joy.

Striking a balance and reclaiming


We Reach Out…

one’s joie de vive is what UV-Blocker

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LuLu Shriner, Russ Coulon,

started UV-Blocker over 5 years

ago with friend Ron Walker after

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the sun’s harmful UV rays. Their

mission is to help sun sensitive folks

escape the confines of their homes

and walk or just sit and relax in the

sun with their own portable shade.

Ron was diagnosed with melanoma,

We want to hear about Nobles and/or their Ladies that reach out.

When you read the newspapers or listen to the radio or television

all you hear about are horrible happenings. The Fez wants to tell

you about folks who reach out to others. When you reach out to

help others, that is what being a Shriner is all about.

Be proud to be a LuLu Shriner because “WE REACH OUT”

or skin cancer, because of years of

unprotected sun exposure while

vacationing at the beach. There

was a time when lathering up with

sunscreen before stepping out into

the sun was not the norm. Today, we

are all more aware of the damage

caused by the sun on our skin. UV-

Blocker Umbrellas are proven to

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keeping you cool on those hot, lazy

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Blocker’s line of umbrellas are

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Relaxing in your own backyard, or

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As a special offer to our LuLu

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your loved ones, safe. Take advantage

of making more happy Summer

memories with this unbeatable offer.



The History of The Shrine and LuLu (#16)

Chapter LII (52) – LULU SHRINE STAGE CREW UNIT (1884-2012)

The Ceremonial Producers The Stunt Team

The Stage Crew was one of the first

Committees authorized by the

Potentate. It was directly controlled

by the Potentate for the purpose of

assisting in the Stage requirements

for Ceremonials and other theatrical

or entertainment events. It was,

and still is, sometimes called “The

Ceremonial Producers”.

It was Chartered probably in late

1884 or early 1885 (exact date unknown).

It is probably the oldest

Unit in LuLu. Many early records of

Units and Clubs were lost in the Great

Fire of 1945. In 1967, this Committee

was re-chartered as a Unit. The

Presiding Officer title was changed

from Chairman to President.

It is the responsibility of the Stage

Crew to set up the stage for the first

section of the Ceremonial, run the

stage which includes lighting, sound,

and sound effects during the Ceremonial,

and dismantling the stage

after the Ceremonial. The Stage

Crew has been doing this for over

one hundred and twenty five years.

Service to the Potentate and the

Nobility of LuLu Temple is the key

word of the Unit.

In addition, the Stage Crew is

constantly up-grading the stage

equipment, so as to keep the stage

facilities at the current state of the

art. This would include the installation

of new curtains and curtain

runners, expanding the sound system

to make it a professional system,

and improving the stage lighting

and spot lighting systems. They

By Harry Speth, Historian

strive to make the LuLu stage the

best in Shrinedom.

The Second Section of the Ceremonial,

known as “The Hot Sands”,

which existed until 1989, did not

use a prescribed ritual. It was a Fun

Section operated by a sub-committee

of the Stage Crew known as the

Stunt Team. This Second Section

was eliminated by Imperial Decree.

1910 – Earliest record of the Stage

Crew existing today, is a note in the

February 1910 Meeting Notice:

“good work in the Ceremonials”.

1920-1929 – During these years

with membership peaking around

40, the Crew was divided into subcommittees:

Art and Decorations,

Electrical Effects, Property, Microphone,

Wardrobe and First Aid.

The Business Meeting was held on

the First Wednesday of each month at

“1337”. The Chairman, during these

years, was Noble Wilmer Middleton.

1930-1960 – Chairman was Edwin C.

Dreby. Membership averaged about

25 in the Stage Crew, plus some 30

members of the Stunt Team under

Director John Clutcher with 30

others. Business Meetings still held

First Wednesday.

1964-1979 – Director was Edgar H.

Mancam. Membership averaged

about 20-25 Nobles.

1980-1991 – Several Presidents

served short terms of 1-2 years:

Nobles Robert Carpenter, Henry

Hilliard, James Bunn, Julius Haaf,

Louis Fox, “Skip” Myers and Elmer

Duncan. During these years, the Unit

was meeting on the 2nd Thursday

in Room #9. Olive Winter was

re-elected “FEZ” reporter. Funds

were raised by selling Fruit cakes,

cheeses and “Citrus Sale” items.

Summer picnics were held at the

home of “Skip” Myers. The Unit

was “working” the Circus and the

Horse Show at Devon. Later in this

Era, the Business Meeting changed

to the 3rd Thursday in Room #5.

1990 – Obtained permission from

Ill Sir John F. Kull (1970), Chairman

of MOC, to use the former “Directors

Room” under the stage to store


Also, this year, orchestrated by

the Stage Crew, the Temple invested

$5,000 in new fireproof stage curtains.

Allentown Consistory donated

an Electric Board, with LuLu only

responsible for the moving expenses.

1991 – Move to the room under the

stage was completed with minimal

expense; leak repaired; lighting

improved; and a hand rail was

added to the stairs.

1992-2004 – President Lee A Seymour.

Membership averaged about

7-10 Nobles. In 2003, Noble Roger

Shaver became Secretary/Treasurer.

He continues to serve in this capacity

to this date. In 2001, the Business

(continued on page 28)


The History of The Shrine and LuLu (#16) – LuLu Shrine Stage Crew Unit

(continued from page 27)

Meeting was changed to the 2nd

Thursday at the Mosque. In 1992,

the Unit adopted a Uniform: green

jacket, red tie, navy pants – to be

worn during Parades, Business Meetings

and other designated occasions.

2005 to Date – President Emil J.E.

Gombosi. Between 2006 and 2008

ca., several members of the Stage

Crew, on their own initiative, raised

funds by selling fruit cakes for stage

equipment, but then donated it to

LuLu to purchase six (6) sets of allweather

picnic tables with benches,


primarily to be used on the outdoor


The Unit has been pro-active in

acquiring Wireless Microphones, a

Mixing Board and an Amplifier

donated by the Grand Lodge of PA.

Membership is eight Nobles. Dues

are $10. The Unit is meeting “as

necessary to conduct business”.

Secretary Noble Shaver noted

that several Nobles (members of

Fort Washington Lodge #308) were

exceptionally active with the Stage

Crew: Nobles Elmer Dungan, Walter

Unruh and Lou Fox. Any Noble

having Stage Crew skills or wanting

to learn the same, are urged to contact

the President or Secretary of

the Unit.

All is not work in the Stage

Crew. Like all Shriners, they like to

party. Several times a year, the

Crew gathers with members of the

Video Unit to honor their Ladies,

and a good time is had by all.

Let us hope that future Nobles of

the Stage Crew will be serving the

Temple, when the 200th Anniversary

is celebrated in the year 2084.

Let’s Consider What Masonry is Really all About

In our last issue I promised to share

with you some of the many lessons

the Joseph saga might teach us for

our lives now. But, for now I will

take one issue divergence to tell

you about what makes us a “good”

mason. So let’s ask: what makes us

a good mason? First a mason is

one who is in one of the building

trades; i.e. construction of homes,

highways, bridges, skyscrapers etc.,

Fr. Otto Lolk+

but also in electrical work, plumbing,

painting etc, etc., these kinds

of masons are referred to as “operative” masons. Free

masons found in lodges, on the other hand, are also in

the building trades, but we do not build things, rather

we build better men. We aspire to refine our character

as mature men. We make this very clear in the three

charges delivered after the completion of each degree.

We say and speak of: “The tools of an operative mason

are the 24 inch gage and the common gavel. The tools

of a Fellow Craft mason are the plumb, the level, and

the square. The tools of a Master Mason are all the tools

in Free Masonry more especially the trowel. In each

case we say that these are the tools used by operative

masons but then we add a big “but”; but, we as free and

accepted masons are taught to make use of these tools

for a far more noble and glorious purpose. The 24”

gage divided in 24 parts is emblematic of the 24 hours

of the day. The common gavel to divest our hearts of

the vices and super fluidics of life, the plumb to walk

uprightly before God and man, the level to remind us

that we are walking upon that level of time, the square

to square our actions by the square of virtue and the

trowel to spread the cement of brotherly love and

affection, whereby we are united into a band of brothers

among whom no contention should ever exist. Essentially

these are the qualities of a free mason if he is to

be a better man.

Considering then, the above ascriptions, and allow

me to raise the question with you about whether your

life could be measured as a man who has practiced

these qualities? Consciously, allow me also to alert you

to some of the finest way one could put into practice

your free mason’s manhood. The Shrines’, for instance,

sponsor several hospitals for children needing extraordinary

specialized care that families normally could not

afford. We have just such a hospital on 3551 North

Broad Street., Philadelphia owned and operated by the

Shriners. I myself have had the privileged of ministering

to these special children by the dozens. Children of

all kinds and persuasions, religions, and races. I never

knew whether I was engaging a Christian, Jew, Muslim

or another kind of creed, children will be children, and

all I knew was that they were God’s creation, and looking

into their eyes I could see the face of God; they all

reflected the Creator’s trade mark in being a valuable

and precious in the sight of god. In each one, I could see

and experience God residency in that child. What a

privilege to practice ones manhood to visit these children

and to experience such delight within such a child,

especially when that child is still recovering from a

disastrous injury or illness. One would never fail to

experience the priceless and helpless child and receive

such attention from such a one.

My point is, here is just one potent example for a free

mason to practice his advanced manhood by availing

himself to spend his time with these cherished and

beloved children not because they deserve it but simply

because they are. Afford yourself to experience such

encounters. They, in turn, could not even pay you, or

give you anything in return except the delight they offer

you while you are in their presence, their lives will be

indelibly and forever changed to the good because you

touched their lives with your care and love. Your Life

will be enriched. Why not call the Shrine 610-828-9050

and find out when could make such a monthly or weekly

appearance. The masonry will say of you: “you have

rendered yourself deserving of the honor your lodge

has conferred upon you, and worthy of the confidence

it has reposed.”





5140 Butler Pike

Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462








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