The RedUX Studio Challenge - Lunachix Design

The RedUX Studio Challenge - Lunachix Design

golden ticket

Don’t miss your chance to purchase a Golden Ticket!

At $100 each, you will have the chance to win any item of

your choosing from the Live Auction. We will draw the winner

before the Live Auction, so make sure to approach a ticket seller

carrying a yellow balloon to get yours now! We will only sell 50

tickets, so your odds of winning are very, very good!

the redUX studio Challenge

Some of the region’s best emerging and established artists have been asked to interpret

and reinvent Impressionism in their own contemporary style. Our REDUX Studio Challenge

Panel has reviewed all submissions and selected five artists to be nominated for the

$1,000 REDUX Studio Challenge Award. Now we ask that YOU determine the winner.

At each table you will find a voting card with the names of the five nominated artists along

with the title, description, and image of the piece. Each table has only one vote, so we ask

that you work together as a team to determine the most deserving contemporary take on

this year’s theme of Impressionism.

The 2009 REDUX Studio Challenge Nominees:

1. Julie Alpert

2. Justin Colt Beckman

3. Tim Cross

4. Nicholas Nyland

5. Whiting Tennis

Thank you to all of our participating REDUX Studio Challenge artists who have lent their

time and vision to make this event unlike any in the region by creating new works of art

just for REDUX.

redUX Participating artists

Renee Adams

Andy Arkley

Gala and Zack Bent

Francesca Berrini

Joanne Bohannon

Cynthia Camlin

Dale Chihuly

Mary Mac Dahlke

Rochelle Dammel

E. Valentine DeWald II

Curtis Erlinger

Julia Freeman

Justin Gibbens

Jonathan Gitelson

Diane Graves

Cable Griffith

Troy Gua

Patricia Hagen

Lois Harbaugh

Robert Hardgrave

Sol Hashemi

Julia Hews-Everett

Jason Hirata

Ben Hirschkoff

Christopher Martin Hoff

Makiko Ichiura

Steve Jensen

Deborah Knetzger

Weston Lambert

Anna Macrae

Roberta Martinez-Banks

Kevin McCarthy

Paul Metivier

Paul D. Natkin

Mikela Naylor

Molly Norris

Doug Parry

Chauney Peck

Sally Prangley

George Rodriguez

Danila Rumold

Erin Shafkind

Lynda Sherman

Birna Sigurbjornsdottir

Barbara Solomon

William Standing

Z.Z. Wei

Eva Sköld Westerlind

Coralyn W. Whitney

Joan Wrench

2 | KirKland arts Center 425.822.7161

Catalog design by Cara Masciana

evening schedule

5:30 PM Doors Open

7:00 PM Silent Auction 1 closes

7:20 PM Silent Auction 2 closes

Golden Ticket Drawing

7:30 PM Dinner and Live Auction

welcome led by KaC executive director Christopher shainin

KaC honors Board President Carol Belval

7:50 PM Dessert Dash and

REDUX Studio Challenge voting cards collected

8:30 PM Dessert Dash

8:45 PM Fund-A-Need

9:15 PM Closing Remarks

redUX studio Challenge award Presentation

table of Contents

Golden Ticket and REDUX Studio Challenge 2

Participating artists 2

Evening Schedule 3

Auction Rules 4

About the Auctioneer 5

Live Auction Items 1 – 15 6 – 10

Hotel Frenzy 1: Live Auction Items 16a – 16b 11

Live Auction Items 17 – 19 12

Hotel Frenzy 2: Live Auction Items 20a – 20b 13

Dessert Dash 14

Live Auction Items 21 – 26 15 – 16

Fund-A-Need 17

Live Auction Items 27 – 30 18

Golf Getaway: Live Auction Items 31a – 31b 19

Live Auction Items 32 – 34 20

Hotel Frenzy 3: Live Auction Items 35a – 35c 21

Live Auction Items 36 – 37 22

KAC’s Fine & Functional Art Store: has 23

Support Our Sponsors 24 – 25

Acknowledgements 26

About Kirkland Arts Center 27

Friday, deCeMBer 4, 2009 redUX | 3

auction rules

1. Upon arrival, you will receive a bid packet which will include a catalog of the

live auction items, the assigned table number, and bid number. Couples will share

a bid number and catalog.

2. Use your bid number to bid in the silent and live auction. A live bid accepted

by the Auctioneer is a legal contract to purchase the item. The top bid of the

silent auction is also a legal contract for purchase. The Auctioneer reserves the

right to reject a minimal bid over a prior bid.

3. Express Pay is available at registration. By leaving your card number at the

Cashier Desk, you eliminate standing in line to pay at the end of the evening. We

can accept Mastercard, VISA, or American Express.

4. Payment in full is mandatory the night of the Auction. Only one bid number is

accepted per auction item. Multiple purchasers of an item must be responsible

for reimbursing the bidder. Checks are to be made to Kirkland Arts Center. Cash

is welcome.

5. Kirkland Arts Center is a 501(c)3 organization. Your payments are tax

deductible as a charitable contribution to the extent of the law. Check with your

tax advisor for eligibility.

6. All purchases are final. Kirkland Arts Center shall not be responsible for the

correctness of descriptions, genuineness, authorship, provenance, or condition

of the items. No statements made in this catalog or orally at the auction shall be

deemed a warranty for tax purposes or Fair Market Value.

7. No exchanges or refunds unless noted on the item or certificate. All goods and

services must be used within (1) year of auction date unless otherwise noted.

8. All purchases must be removed by the end of the evening unless prior

arrangements have been made. Please pick up certificates for services and

non-tangible items at the Check Out table. When leaving, please show your Paid

receipt at the door for purchased items.

9. Reservations for trips and vacations are the responsibility of the purchaser and

must be mutually agreed upon with the donor. No refunds for canceled tickets

and/or accommodations. All travel will be provided as described, regardless of

future price changes.

10. Bidders agree to assume all risks and hazards related to the Auction and

items obtained thereof, and to hold harmless any liability arising from the auction

beneficiaries, their associates, volunteers, donors, and employees.

4 | KirKland arts Center 425.822.7161

about our Fundraising auctioneer, laura Michalek

“Betty Botter bought some butter, ‘But,’ she said, ‘this butter’s bitter.

If I bake this bitter butter, it would make my batter bitter!’” Auctioneer

Laura Michalek hasn’t completely lost her marbles—tongue twisters like

these are tools of her trade. The 44 year-old Chicago native was drawn to

her calling after 15 years as an owner of vintage furniture stores

(Mint; Standard Home). Stocking the stores meant attending auctions,

where she grew to appreciate the fine art of auctioneering, eventually

deciding to switch careers. She honed her craft at the Missouri Auction

School (learning how to chant, and other technical skills) and since

graduating in 2000, has brought her smarts, humor and unfailing

enthusiasm to a gamut of gigs. A die-hard proponent of the chant — the

continuous flow of words that advances bidding — she practices while

driving to and from her Tacoma home, galloping through tongue twisters and

pretending telephone poles are reluctant bidders.

Whether dressing up in a bunny costume to help a friend sell cakes or

hosting ritzy galas in more chic attire, Michalek works closely with clients

to understand their needs, strategizing how best to acquire and sell auction

goods. Working about 50 auctions a year — where she has raised as much

as $600,000 in an evening — Michalek favors events where her work helps

the beneficiary organization continue to do good work, such as Seattle’s

Home Alive, which teaches women self-defense. She also relishes the

learning curve that accompanies her job, listing autism and erotic art as just

two topics she’s become familiar with to better understand the crowd and

its cause. Clearly, auctioneering is about more than rattling off numbers at

the speed of light. Witty fun — for both auctioneer and audience — is also

part of the formula. As she says, “When I’m on, it’s a full-tilt boogie.”

By sarah Clise for seattle Magazine, February 2009.

To book Ms. Michalek for your auction, try

visit her website or call direct at 206.464.0850.

Friday, deCeMBer 4, 2009 redUX | 5


Robin in Autumn by Mary Mac

Value: $650 donor: Mary Mac

24” x 36”, Monotype print.

Private dinner Prepared by Chef amadeus

Value: $500 donor: Chef Amadeus

You and your friends challenge Chef Amadeus’ passion

and skills to create a meal with what you have in your

home. Invite seven of your friends to your home and

Chef Amadeus will arrive armed with knives, his line

of spices, and his deep passion for creating one-of-akind

dishes. While in your home, Chef Amadeus will

be more than happy to answer any of your culinary

questions, show you simple cooking techniques that

will make your time in the kitchen a “Bumpin” good

time. As an added bonus, you will receive a Southern

Passion line of spices.

Gratuity not included. Expires 12/4/2010.

A studio printmaker at Kirkland Arts Center since 2003,

Mary Mac received her BFA in Printmaking from Valdosta

State University. Mac’s monoprints are generally narrative

in nature, about young ladies and their individual

stories. Mac details with interest their clothes, shoes,

and posture. For REDUX, Mac wanted impressionistic

ideas to manifest in her work. She paid attention to the

relationship between grass and sky; the environment the

young ladies inhabited. Mac developed a technique to

create prints with thick layered textures by letting the inks

mix on the paper from the pressure. She plans to use this

technique in a new series of work.

Cle elum weekend getaway

Value: $800 donor: Kari & Van Schoessler

Spend a relaxing weekend in a mountain cabin near Cle Elum. The cabin

accommodates ten, with three bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. Choose between a summer

or winter stay. In the winter, enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. Winter

stay includes two nights in the cabin, a gift certificate to Beau’s Pizza, Pasta & Steak

in Cle Elum, two hours of one-on-one private ski

lessons with registered ski instructors for two

people at the Summit at Snoqualmie. If you prefer

to go in the summer, enjoy golf, boating, fishing,

biking, and hiking. Summer stay includes two

nights in the cabin and four rounds of golf at Sun

Country Golf Course and dinner at Roslyn Cafe.

Mutually agreed upon dates.

6 | KirKland arts Center 425.822.7161




“l’heure Verte” absinthe round

Value: Priceless

donor: VoViná & Integrity Spirits

Party like the Impressionists! Treat your table to

a round of Trillium absinthe generously donated

by Integrity Spirits and expertly prepared by

owner Jaymie Jones and Partner Craig Hummel

of Kirkland’s own VoViná – A Vodka and Wine

Tasting Martini Bar. This anise-flavored spirit

is served in the traditional French method by placing a sugar cube on a slotted

spoon atop a reservoir glass filled with absinthe, slowly dispensing cold water from

an absinthe fountain to bring the herbal flavors and aromas to bloom. Absinthe,

commonly referred to in historic literature as “The Green Fairy” or la fée verte”,

was so popular among Parisian artists and writers in cabarets, cafés, bars, and

bistros, that 5 PM was commonly referred to as “l’heure Verte” (the Green Hour).

Wenatchee River #41 (Anableps Series) by eva sköld westerlind

Value: $940 Donor: Eva Sköld Westerlind

16” x 21” image, 24” x 28” framed. Archival pigment print.

Like an impressionist painter, Westerlind seeks to express her perception of nature

in art rather than mirror images of the world. In her Anableps photographs, she

emphasizes the play of natural light and its reflection and distortions in the water. In

Wenatchee River #41, a moment was captured

of the afternoon light illuminating a submerged

autumn leaf in a quiet bend of the river, giving

it majestic importance. The photograph was

taken with the camera partially submerged in

the water, capturing the perspective of the socalled

four eyed fish Anableps, which can see

above and below the surface simultaneously.

Westerlind, recipient of an Artist Trust GAP

Award in 2007, has work currently on view at

G. Gibson Gallery. Westerlind’s work is also part

of the City of Seattle permanent collection.


leMond revMaster Pro Fitness Bike

Value: $1400 donor: Anne & John Post

Only Greg LeMond could reinvent the exercise

bike, making LeMond Fitness the industry

gold standard for high quality and exceptional

performance in stationary cycles. Throughout

his racing career, Greg transformed the world of

cycling – introducing innovations like superlight

frames, clipless pedals, and aerobars. LeMond

Fitness bikes reflect Greg’s same passion for

creating cycling products that break out of

the mold. Designed like great road bikes, all

LeMond Fitness exercise bikes offer the user easy

adjustments and innovative workout programs to

make an indoor cycling workout more effective.

Friday, deCeMBer 4, 2009 redUX | 7


dinner for six with northwest wine Flight at grand Cru wine Bar

Value: $750 donor: Grand Cru Wine Shop & Bar

Treat your friends or family to a night

out with a four-course dinner for six

and Northwest wine flight at Grand

Cru, the region’s newest premier wine

bar in Bellevue. Grand Cru Wine Bar

is a friendly place for wine-lovers of

every background and inclination,

where a menu inspired by culinary

traditions from around the globe is

expertly paired with the perfect wine.

Expires June 15, 2010.


Monet vs. Manet by Justin Colt Beckman

Value: $600 donor: Justin Colt Beckman

11.5” x 24” (diptych). Carbon-polymer prints on transparency from digital collages of

the artist’s face on found photos.

“Everyone loves Claude Manet. I mean Claude Monet. Whatever.” Beckman is not

alone in confusing these two artists’ names. In keeping with his recent body of

work, Beckman has digitally pasted

his face onto the bodies of others in

found photos, letting him vicariously

live the lives of the two well-loved and

popular artists. Beckman is a founding

member of Punch Gallery, Seattle and

a recipient of the 2008 4Culture Site-

Specific Project Grant.

Party at glassybaby studio

Value: $900 donor: glassybaby & Sasi’s Cafe

Host a private party for up to 50 guests at glassybaby’s

sleek studio boutique located in the Madrona

neighborhood in Seattle. An intimate atmosphere

will welcome your guests, as the space glows with

glassybaby’s illuminous and colorful votives. Appetizers

are provided by Sasi’s so you can snack as you watch

glassybaby’s expert glassblowers create new pieces as

you party! You can even bring your own iPod to create the

perfect soundtrack to your event. Bring your favorite wine

and 50 of your closest friends!

Expires 12/4/2010. Date and time to be mutually agreed upon

with glassybaby. Duration of party 3 hours.

8 | KirKland arts Center 425.822.7161




walla walla wine tour - weekend for two

Value: $800 donor: Kari & Van Schoessler

Create a memory that will last a lifetime with this oneof-a-kind

weekend getaway in Walla Walla wine country!

You’ll be chauffeured in a vintage Model A Ford as

you explore wineries of your choice in the hottest wine

terroir in the U.S. With over 100 wineries to choose

from, you’ll need a good night’s rest — and this getaway

includes two nights at the historic and elegant Marcus

Whitman Hotel.

Mutually agreed upon dates. Not valid during Walla Walla

wine themed weekend.

Journey Home by Z.Z. wei (limited edition Print)

Value: $2000 donor: Z.Z. Wei & Lin Hsuan

Giclee Print, Limited Edition of 30.

Z.Z. Wei was born in 1957 in Beijing. In 1989, Z.Z. was invited to participate in

the Pacific Rim Cultural Connection Project and to be a resident artist at Cornish

College of the Arts in Seattle. Another residency followed in 1991 at Whitman College,

followed by the WESTAF/NEA Regional Fellowship for

Visual Artists in 1992, and an exhibit at the Frye Art

Museum in 1993. Z.Z.’s first revelatory experiences in the

Pacific Northwest coupled with his own memories of home

informed the visual text in his work, conveyed with such

vigor and vitality that the spiritual nature of their simplicity

come to the fore. Liberated from the stringent boundaries

of his youth, he embarked on an artistic odyssey to

paint powerful images of rural America; his melancholy

meandering through the back roads of the Northwest

countryside set a strong tone for collectors throughout the

international art market.


Cooking Class for eight with Missy will

Value: $800 donor: Missy Will

A private cooking class and three course

dinner for eight people at your home, with

local caterer/chef Missy Will. Missy has

over twenty years of experience teaching

technique and principles to cooks and

chefs around the world. She hand-selects

recipes and ingredients to ensure your

culinary results are of the finest quality

and your presentations are superb. Pull

out that wine that has been languishing in

your cellar and Missy will pair it with an

unforgettable meal!


Friday, deCeMBer 4, 2009 redUX | 9

three nights in new york with two tickets to

the Colbert report or the daily show

Value: Priceless donor: Winspire

This complete New York weekend package is sure to make

your friends green with envy! Roundtrip airfare, 3 nights at

the 4-star Grand Hyatt Hotel on Park Avenue, and 2 tickets to

your choice of ONE of the following Comedy Central TV show

live tapings: the daily show with Jon stewart —

The Daily Show takes a reality-based look at news, trends,

pop culture, current events, politics, sports and entertainment

with an alternative point of view, oR the Colbert report —

Stephen Colbert is the host and executive producer of the

Emmy-nominated series on Comedy Central.

Round-trip coach class service for two from any American Airlines

destination in the 48 contiguous United States or Canada to

anywhere American Airlines flies in the 48 contiguous United

States or Canada subject to availability.


Cooper Lake by tim Cross

Value: $1000 donor: Tim Cross

24” x 36”, Oil on Canvas.

This work, a lighthearted and playful

reflection on the summer past, is a departure

from Tim Cross’ usual work. Cooper Lake was

inspired by several visits to the Cascades last

summer. Cross was born and raised locally.

He began making music in his teens and

soon changed to the plastic arts, working

in printmaking, clay, found objects, and

painting simultaneously. He received his BA

from The Evergreen State College in 1995,

and MFA from The School of The Art Institute

of Chicago in 2003. With a strong connection to the Northwest, Cross’ work is heavily

inspired by the culture and landscapes surrounding Seattle.

two nights at Hotel 1000 & breakfast for two at BoKa Kitchen+Bar

Value: $1000 donor: Hotel 1000

Two nights’ accommodations in a Luxe Guest Room at Seattle’s Hotel 1000, rated Best

Luxury Hotel in KING 5’s Best of Western Washington 2009, #3 Hotel in the World

by Expedia Insider Select, #16 of the Top 50 Large City Hotels by Travel + Leisure’s

World’s Best Award, 2009, and is listed among

the Top 100 Hotels in the World by Robb

Report. Package includes breakfast for two

each morning at BOKA Kitchen + Bar. BOKA

features sleek, contemporary design infused with a

menu of urban American food and handcrafted

cocktails, along with new and old world wines.

Expires 12/31/2010. Not valid during peak periods of

June – August or on holidays. Certificate has no cash

value and must be presented at time of redemption.

Cannot be extended or changed.

10 | KirKland arts Center 425.822.7161





Hotel Frenzy 1

two nights at Kenwood inn and spa in sonoma

Value: $1050 donor: Columbia Hospitality, Inc.

Kenwood Inn and Spa

is one of a kind. It

is a secluded, luxury

destination in the heart of

California’s historic Valley

of the Moon. Designed

artistically in the spirit

of a Mediterranean villa,

it is a private place full

of comfort, beauty, and

pampering service. The

relaxing hideaway offers

29 guest rooms and

suites, a dining room for

Inn guests, a full-service

spa, lush garden courtyards, complimentary breakfast, two outdoor swimming

pools, sunning terraces, a steam room, and a hot tub. Among the guest room

comforts are fireplaces, featherbeds, Italian bed and bath linens, full bath,

thick cotton robes, and twice-daily housekeeping service.

Contact Kenwood Inn and Spa for reservations. Certificate is based on space

availability and is not redeemable for cash. Does not include alcohol, tax, or

gratuity. Advance reservations are required. Please present certificate upon

check-in. Expires: December 31, 2010.

Pike Place Market experience with

two nights at Fifteen twenty one second avenue

Value: $1000 donor: OPUS Northwest

Stay in a


proportioned two

bedroom home

with uninterrupted

floor to ceiling

views of Elliott

Bay and the city

lights. Wake up to

the bustling Pike

Place Market, the

retail district, and

everything in-between, at Fifteen Twenty One Second Avenue - the West Coast’s

most sought-after residential address. This package includes two nights stay

in a model home with a champagne toast on the roof deck (showcasing your

breathtaking view), a romantic dinner for two at Matt’s at the Market, access

to concierge services and building amenities, tickets to tour the Seattle Art

Museum, and tickets to a seasonal performance at ACT Theatre.

Expires June 4, 2010.

Friday, deCeMBer 4, 2009 redUX | 11

First Impressions by Cable griffith

Value: $1000 donor: Cable Griffith

22” x 30”, Acrylic on paper.

Type “Impressionism” into Google’s Image Search

and you get a mixture of paintings by famous and

important artists along side paintings by artists who

are... not so much. Nonetheless, it is a contemporary

“impression” of the influential movement to the

untrained eye. Griffith extracted his favorite parts

from the first eight results, then arranged and copied

the selections. Griffith is KAC’s Exhibitions Director, and was a recipient of 4Culture’s

Individual Project Award in 2008 and PONCHO’s Merit Award in 2009.


Vacation in Maine

Value: $4000

donor: Esther Chen, Michele & Tom Parsons, and Louise & Peter Pathe

This is the perfect getaway for the

lucky bidder that really wants to “get

away”! Enjoy six nights on little lazy

gut island, a private eight acre coastal

Maine Island, and three nights in a

waterfront cottage on the coast of

Maine. Little Lazy Gut Island sits off the

coast of Deer Isle, an easy sail from the

mainland. Accommodations include a

rustic 1 room cabin with built in queen

bed and sleeping loft that comfortably

accommodates four. You will have the

use of an 18’ Oday Mariner sailboat

and a row boat. Fresh lobsters will be

provided for your first dinner. Island amenities include two beautiful sand beaches,

granite climbing rocks, a fire pit, picnic table, wooden tent platform and expansive

outdoor deck for relaxing and observing historic schooners traversing the shimmering

blue waters. the waterfront Cottage is a former boat house that sits on the shore.

This 2 bedroom, 1 bath cottage features a cozy living room with fireplace and

picture window, and a spacious desk with spectacular views of the rocky beach, the

islands, and the sunset. Who knows? You may just be inspired to write the next great

American novel! round trip airfare for two to Bangor, Maine is included.

Mutually agreeable dates between June 15 and September 15, 2010, excluding the month

of August. Expires September 30, 2010. Not available 4th of July or first three weeks in

August. Tickets must be purchased two months in advance.

Argus by Christopher Martin Hoff

Value: $900 donor: Christopher Martin Hoff

12” x 12”, Oil on canvas.

Monet’s paintings of urban and industrialized spaces

have always resonated with Hoff. Like Monet, Hoff

works directly from observation, so when seeing

this view (looking south near Jackson Street) he felt

compelled to paint. The artist received his BFA from

The Savannah College of Art and Design in 1998 and is

represented by Linda Hodges Gallery.

12 | KirKland arts Center 425.822.7161




Hotel Frenzy 2

a week in Maui at westin Ka’anapali ocean resort

Value: $5600 donor: Gaerda & Randy Zeiler

Swim, surf, snorkel, shop, watch a humpback whale breach the sea, tee

off at a championship golf course... what can’t you do in Maui? KAC

Supporters Randy and Gaerda Zeiler have generously donated their

exquisite one-bedroom condo at the Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas

for your one week vacation.

This is a time share. Reservations should be made at the earliest opportunity to

maximize availability. Not valid Christmas through New Year’s Day.

two nights at sheraton Maui,

two nights at royal Hawaiian waikiki

Value: $3220 donor: Kyo-Ya Hotels and Resorts

Spend 2 nights in an Ocean

Front Room at the Sheraton

Maui Resort Spa, and 2 nights

in an Ocean Front Room at the

Royal Hawaiian in Waikiki! Set

at the foot of the legendary

Black Rock, Sheraton Maui

Resort Spa overlooks the

pristine Ka’anapali Beach and

features breathtaking island

views. Surrounded by 23

acres of lush gardens and lava

rock waterways, it welcomes

you to an enchanting world

of comfort and luxury. Relax

in the brand new Spa at Black Rock, experience Hawaiian culture during a

family hula lesson, or enjoy a romantic Dinner Under the Stars. The winner

of the 2007 “Hotel of the Year” for the Sheraton brand, Sheraton Maui

Resort & Spa will inspire memories that last a lifetime. Known around the

world as “The Pink Palace of the Pacific”, The Royal Hawaiian (a Luxury

Collection Resort) set the standard for tropical escapism. Its enveloping pink

glow reflects both the radiant beauty of Hawaii’s spirit and the essence of

indulgent escape.

Expires December 2010


Friday, deCeMBer 4, 2009 redUX | 13

Dessert Dash

dessert donors: Dawn’s Candy & Cake, Hancock’s Bakery,

Hillcrest Bakery, Hoffman’s Fine Pastries, Sugee’s,

Sweetcakes and Whole Foods Market

Feast your eyes upon amazing desserts generously

donated by local bakeries. Table members decide

how much they would like to pay for first dibs at our

delectables! Write your individual bids on the Dessert

Dash bid sheet. (Your bidder number will be charged on

check-out.) Our Dessert Doyenne will collect bid sheets

and add up the donations. The table that raises the most

money gets first choice on desserts!

Our auctioneer will announce the highest bidding table

number. That table’s appointed runner will dash to the

dessert table to grab their

selection. You must be

quick because in a few

seconds the next highest

bidding table will get their

chance to dash. Good luck

and let the fun begin!

dessert dash generously sponsored by:

888 116th Avenue NE

Bellevue, WA 98004

14 | KirKland arts Center 425.822.7161

Haystack by nicholas nyland

Value: $800 donor: Nicholas Nyland

11” x 12”, Glazed terra-cotta.

As the title suggests, this piece refers to

Monet’s haystack paintings, painted in all

seasons and light conditions. For this Studio

Challenge, Nyland found a connection to the

near abstraction, use of color, and energetic

brushwork. Much of his current work concerns the

nature of abstraction through a variety of media. It

is from that standpoint he approached this piece

and applied impressionist painting techniques,

such as direct color application and optical

mixture, to a sculpture. He sought a similar visual

experience that set up a similar tension of an image/form that is nearly dissolving into

its constituent marks. Nyland was awarded an Artist Trust fellowship in 2008 and

was a Betty Bowen Award nominee the same year. He is a member of SOIL Gallery in

Seattle and is represented by Pulliam Gallery in Portland.


one year Membership to the Callahan Concierge Black Card

Value: $2388 donor: Callahan Concierge

Callahan Concierge Black Card members enjoy private

access to highly trained staff as well as access to the

world’s most sought after premier vendors and VIP

services globally. Being a Black Card holder means you

enjoy access to your very own virtual personal assistant.

Need restaurant reservations in Sun Valley or a plane

chartered last minute? Need a nanny or housekeeper

placed with your family? Want tickets to a sold-out

show? Callahan has you taken care of. You’ll also enjoy

access to Callahan’s anywhere/anytime errand service.

Call for grocery shopping, car maintenance, Costco

runs, gift wrapping, filing, waiting for the plumber, car

detailing, decorating for events, walking the dog, or

watering the plants. Callahan will simplify your life!

Impressionistic Photinia by eric elliott

Value: $1200 donor: Eric Elliott

16” x 20”, Oil on canvas.

Eric Elliott used a Van Gogh painting as influence,

being interested in his use of mark making. The

direction of marks in the air are in direct relation

to the object in the painting, and to how the figure

and ground become intertwined and interrelated.

Elliott, who received his BA in Art Practice from

UC-Berkeley in 2003 and an MFA in Painting and

Drawing from the University of Washington in 2007,

is a critically acclaimed award-winning artist.



Friday, deCeMBer 4, 2009 redUX | 15


south african Photo safari for two

Value: $3950 donor: Mardi Newman

This private reserve in South Africa provided an

unforgettable setting for the movie I Dreamed

of Africa. Make your own dreams of Africa

come true with a Zulu Nyala Photo Safari:

experience an incredible six days and nights at

Zulu Nyala Game Reserve! Zulu Nyala features

luxury Hemingway-style tents and lodge

accommodations (Heritage Lodge, Nyati/Ndlovu

Lodges, and Zulu Nyala Lodge.) Three delicious meals per day and two daily open Land

Rover trips to see the animals are included. Savor an exciting experience in the heart of

Africa’s richest conservation regions. View elephants, rhinos, leopards, giraffes, hippos,

zebras, Nyala Cheetah, buffalo, kuda, and much more. Dates subject to availability and

require advance reservations.

Does not include airfare or transfers. Personal beverages, side trips, and phone calls

not included. This package must be used within two years of purchase date and is nontransferable,

non-refundable and may not be given to any other person or organizations; it may

not be bartered or sold in any other manner, without written authorization. No exceptions.

Still Life with Dying Flowers by whiting tennis

Value: $4000 donor: Whiting Tennis

48” x 36”, Oil on Canvas.


In Still Life with Dying Flowers, Tennis worked as closely as

possible in the manner he imagined the original impressionists

made paintings, trying to produce one picture that is the sum

total of a series of observations of an ever changing subject

— in this case, the temporal studio light and dying flowers.

Tennis has included studies and references on his studio wall

(including Guston and Picasso), demonstrating his ever-growing

love and respect for oil painting, pictorial and otherwise.

Tennis, whose work was featured this spring in KAC’s exhibition

Dimensional Invention, is represented by Greg Kucera Gallery.

He won a Neddy Award in 2006 and a Schnitzer Prize in 2008.

laissez les Bons temps roulez:

summer Party at the home of gilles and Carol Belval

Value: $1200 donor: Carol & Gilles Belval and Lakestreet Catering

Laissez Les Bons Temps Roulez... with a

summer party at the Kirkland home of Carol

and Gilles Belval. Enjoy a Seafood Boil, a

favorite south Louisiana treat, prepared by

Lakestreet Catering. Fresh shrimp, crab,

and crawfish piled high with red potatoes,

andouille sausages, onions, and corn on the

cob in a special broth and seasonings. Add

Zydeco music and a refreshing Hurricane

cocktail, and you’ll soon be dancing on the

pool deck! First 12 couples to sign up at

$100 per couple are the lucky guests.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, July 10, 2010.

16 | KirKland arts Center 425.822.7161



While Kirkland Arts Center’s studio classes serve

approximately 2,000 students each year and

provide 62% of KAC’s annual budget through

earned income, this represents just a portion

of KAC’s overall activity. Each year, KAC also

provides arts education experiences at no cost

to people in need. The Art opens Doors program

(now in its sixth year) presents free family

workshops and free art classes to youth and teens

whose parents are registered with Hopelink.

Providing art instruction, food, take-home art supplies, and transportation,

Art opens Doors truly eliminates all obstacles to creative learning opportunities.

This year, KAC has also introduced New Friends, a collaborative effort with

Circle of Friends that provides scholarships to mentally disabled adults, and

Jump Start, a program that provides scholarships to individuals who have

recently lost their employment.

In addition to these hands-on education

opportunities, KAC presents 8-10 innovative

contemporary art exhibitions in the gallery and

10-20 satellite exhibits throughout the community

every year. The KAC exhibitions program nurtures

experimentation and collaboration, and serves as

a laboratory for the development of innovative,

interdisciplinary approaches to exhibiting

contemporary art. Through its exhibitions, artist

& curator lectures, panel discussions, and

community events, KAC facilitates interaction between artists, curators, critics and

audience around concepts that stimulate critical discussion in the community.

In addition to education and exhibitions

programming, KAC values the historic facility that

enables us to serve the Eastside. In 2010, KAC

will begin work on the Community and Artistic

Space Activation Project. This project aims to

refurbish currently unused or under-utilized

areas of the facilities in order to improve access

to programming and resources for local artists,

students, members, and visitors. Restoration of

the building’s grand staircase will create a central

entrance point for the public and to allow for

site-specific artistic installation. A redesign and renovations to the KAC kitchen

will create a central, functional community space for artists, students, faculty,

members and visitors. This is the first phase of a multi-phase improvement

project to make much-needed repairs and renovations to the Peter Kirk Building.

Special thanks to 4Culture for providing partial funding of this project.

Friday, deCeMBer 4, 2009 redUX | 17

Private seattle artist studio tour Party for 6

Value: Priceless donor: Cable Griffith

Truly a unique experience! This private party for six

includes a tour of three Seattle painters’ studios.

You and your guests will make your way from the

Lower Queen Anne studio of painter Tim Cross to the

Greenwood studio of Whiting Tennis, and finally to

the studio of painter and KAC Exhibitions Director,

Cable Griffith. In addition to access to works by three

of Seattle’s best and brightest painters, you and your guests will finish the tour with

drinks and hors d’oeuvres at Cable Griffith’s makeshift garage Speakeasy, The Rusty

Barnacle — a favorite watering hole for many of Seattle’s premier artists!

Mutually agreeable date set between bidder and artists. offer expires December 4, 2010.


Citron Basket by dale Chihuly

Value: $4500 donor: Chihuly Studio

This artist requires no introduction. In Chihuly’s Basket

series, the works are allowed to respond freely to gravity

in their molten state, so they slump and wrinkle, giving

them a unique sensuality. A fascination with fluid, visceral

form and uninhibited use of color inspired Citron Basket.

This asymmetrical, brilliant yellow-green vessel embodies

the light and malleable quality of Chihuly’s Basket

series. A cobalt blue lip wrap encircles the upper portion,

emphasizing its sleek surface.

dinner for eight at BriX with wine tasting

Value: $500 donor: BRIX Wine Cafe

Treat your friends and family to a private dinner with this

four-course, wine-paired dinner for eight in BRIX Wine Café’s

rich and rustic private dining room.

Mutually agreeable date (excluding Fridays) with a minimum of

two weeks advance notice. Does not include gratuity.


BOT (Voyager series) by steve Jensen

Value: $900 donor: Steve Jensen

16” x 20”, Oil on Recycled Wood.

“My best friend Sylvan did a drawing of a boat. When

he gave it to me, he asked if, when he passed, I would

make a carved boat for his ashes. He died a month

later and I carved a boat as close to Sylvan’s drawings

as possible. My mother came to Sylvan’s funeral, and

she was so moved by the boat, she wanted my father’s

remains put in a similar vessel. He was a Norwegian

fisherman, so we buried the boat at sea, like a Viking

funeral. Since then I have created several boats for friends, family, and pets. When I

work with ashes, I feel transformed to another place or time where an artist was asked

to be both craftsman and mortician. The Voyager series, carved in wood or painted, is a

direct result of these experiences. Death is the one thing we have in common, and the

boat in many cultures symbolizes a passage, or voyage, perhaps to the other side.”

18 | KirKland arts Center 425.822.7161




Golf Getaway

golf getaway for two at suncadia resort

Value: $900 donor: Suncadia Resort

Enjoy two nights lodging at

Suncadia Resort and a twosome

of golf at Prospector Golf Course,

a spectacular 7,100 yard

championship golf course located

at Suncadia. Set on the sunny

eastern slopes of the Cascades,

alongside the sparkling waters of

the Cle Elum River and surrounded

by pristine pine forest, Suncadia

offers the ultimate luxury mountain

resort experience with a perfect

combination of outdoor recreation and luxurious accommodations and

amenities. From championship golf, fly fishing, and miles of spectacular

hiking and cycling trails, to spa treatments, shopping, and fine dining,

Suncadia is a place for friends and family to relax and reconnect.

Must present Experience Suncadia Passport at time of reservation. Not valid

on holidays. Expires 12/4/2010. Subject to availability. Non-transferable. Not

redeemable for cash. No extensions or substitutions. Does not include alcohol,

tax and gratuity.

golf getaway for two at sunriver resort

Value: $950 donor: SunRiver Resort

Enjoy three nights lodging in a Lodge Village Suite at SunRiver Resort in

SunRiver, Oregon. This package includes a round of golf for two people

on the Crosswater Golf Course.

Based on availability. Excludes July and August. Expires 10/25/2010


Friday, deCeMBer 4, 2009 redUX | 19


suburban.protein by david s. east — KaC’s 2009 Visiting artist

Value: $1300 donor: David S. East

16” x 22” x 21”, Ceramics, colored epoxy.

David S. East is Chair of Ceramics, Maryland

Institute College of Art, and a recipient of

Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist

Award. His work has appeared in recent

exhibitions in Philadelphia, Maine, Indiana,

Arizona, Kansas, and China.

Case of library wine from distefano winery

Value: $1000 donor: DiStefano Winery

Woodinville’s award-winning DiStefano Winery offers

a truly unique package with a complete vertical of

the winery’s Cabernet Sauvignon from 1991 to 1998,

and Merlot from 1997 to 2000, divided in two and

presented in wooden boxes.

Included: Cabernet Sauvignon - 1991, 1992, 1993,

1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 Merlot - 1997, 1998,

1999, 2000.


“Cluster I ” by Patricia Hagen

Value: $1200 donor: Patricia Hagen

12” x 19”, Polymer clay and oil glaze.

Patricia Hagen received her MFA

from California College of the Arts

in 1994 and relocated to Seattle

in 2001. She shows at Seattle Art

Museum Gallery and Punch Gallery

in Seattle, Robert Daniel Gallery

in Tacoma, and with Marty Walker

Gallery in Dallas. She was recently

chosen by Alma Ruiz, curator from

the Museum of Contemporary

Art, Los Angeles to be included

in the West Coast Edition of New

American Painting.

20 | KirKland arts Center 425.822.7161


Hotel Frenzy 3

one night stay at Four seasons Bed & Breakfast Package

Value: $635 donor: Four Seasons Hotel & Washington Holdings

Enjoy a night in downtown Seattle with a bed and

breakfast package and 50 minute spa treatment.

Located in the heart of downtown, Four Seasons

Hotel places you within a 5 minute stroll of Seattle

Art Museum, concerts at Benaroya Hall, or the energy

of Pike Place Market. Discover intimate, cutting-edge

ambiance warmed by Pacific Northwest materials

and accented by works from Seattle’s vibrant creative

community. Enjoy captivating views of Elliott Bay,

Puget Sound, and the Olympics. Providing an oasis

from the hustle and bustle of downtown, the Four Seasons Spa’s soothing décor

combines water, basalt rock, and glass tile in an urban interpretation of the

Northwest’s rugged natural beauty.

Present gift certificate upon check-in. Subject to space availability. Not transferable

between Hotels and must not be re-sold. Gratuities, taxes or additional charges are not

included. Certificate is non-transferable and not redeemable for cash or replaceable in

case of loss. Valid December 1, 2009 to December 1, 2010 (Except during holidays).


a night at the woodmark and dinner at bin

Value: $350 Donor: Woodmark

Enjoy overnight accommodations at the

Woodmark in a Lakefront Guest Room on a

Friday or Saturday night. Package includes

dinner for two at bin on the lake.

$100 Gift Certificate for bin may also be used

for Hotel and Spa. Dinner not to exceed $120.

Reservations required. Subject to availability. Not

valid holidays, July, or August. Excludes parking,

gratuity and incidentals.

a night in andy warhol suite at Heathman Hotel Portland

Value: $285 donor: Heathman Hotel

Spend a night at The Heathman Hotel’s

acclaimed Andy Warhol Suite - situated in the

heart of Portland’s downtown Financial and

Cultural Districts. The Heathman Hotel has

been rated one of the “World’s Best Places to

Stay” by Conde Nast Traveler, and one of the

“500 Best Hotels in the World” according to

Travel+Leisure’s most recent 2009 awards.

AAA has awarded it 4 Diamonds for 24

consecutive years. This sophisticated boutique

hotel offers luxurious accommodations and award-winning service — a refreshing

blend of Portland history and modern hospitality.

Gift certificate expires November 12, 2010. Reservations based on availability. All

charges for incidentals not covered by gift certificate must be paid upon departure. Not

redeemable for cash. Stay cannot extended beyond expiration date. Bearer must mention

gift certificate when making reservation and present original certificate upon arrival.



Friday, deCeMBer 4, 2009 redUX | 21


Civia loring Bicycle

Value: $1800 donor: Elliott Bay Bikes

Whether tooling around town,

cruising campus, or pedaling to

the grocer, the Civia Loring offers

supreme comfort, safety, and

utility. From its gently sloping top

tube to its bamboo fenders and

matching trim, the Loring is a study

in elegance, simplicity, and fun.

Designed for short runs of five miles

or less, the Loring carries up to 50

pounds of cargo while delivering an

exceptionally balanced ride. The

Loring features a steel frame, disc

brakes, and a nine-speed internally

geared hub. Electrical Box Graffiti in 3 Parts by Julie alpert

Value: $500 donor: Julie Alpert

These 3 companion pieces contemporize the actions and subjects that caused

controversy during the Impressionist era. Like the Impressionists, I took painting

out of the studio and examined and responded to a mundane landscape at different

times of day recording the changing effects of light. Unlike the pastoral or lush

scenes of the Impressionists, these images record a different kind of subject:

graffiti, electrical boxes, wheat pastes, and other signs of contemporary culture.

My current body of work incorporates found objects and building materials that

are signs of contemporary urban consumer waste. My aim is to reuse the leftover,

discarded, mundane materials to make something beautiful. Alpert, member (and PR

Coordinator) of SOIL Artist Run Gallery, received an Artist Trust GAP Award this year.

Her stairwell installation at KAC is currently on view.

22 | KirKland arts Center 425.822.7161


Kirkland Arts Center’s fine & functional art store features work by KAC

instructors, members, students, and resident artists, ranging from ceramics

and glass to sculpture, paintings, prints, and more!

336 Parkplace Center, Kirkland, wa 98033 425.827.8219

november 27 – december 31

Closed December 25

Monday – Saturday, 10 AM – 6 PM Sunday, 11 AM – 5 PM

Friday, deCeMBer 4, 2009 redUX | 23

24 | KirKland arts Center 425.822.7161

Our thanks to...

and special thanks to:

Dr. Aysel K. Sanderson, M.D.

Jason Shivey of Synergy Productions

Bellevue American Music

Sarah T. Skinner, Event Photographer

Reuben Krippner, Catalog Reader

Partick McBride of Kirkland Performance Center

Friday, deCeMBer 4, 2009 redUX | 25


redUX Planning team

our sincerest thanks to the

REDUX Planning Team without whom

this incredible evening would not have

been possible.

Gail Alskog

Carol Belval

David Berkau

Steve and Lisa Cox

Tom and Michele Parsons

Van and Kari Schoessler

Carol Truex

Jessie Tzeng

Craig and Joan Wrench

art installations

Jess Marie, REDUX Installation Manager

Julie Alpert and Andy Arkley

Tim Cross and Whiting Tennis

Curtis Erlinger

Julia Freeman and Grant Olsen

Cable Griffith

Sol Hashemi and Jason Hirata

Ben Hirschkoff

Amanda Moore

Erin Shafkind

Kirkland arts Center Board of directors

The Board of Directors provides

governance to enable Kirkland Arts

Center fulfill its mission, and acts as a

liaison to KAC’s many constituencies,

keeping the members, students, artists

and the broader community informed,

and strengthening support for this

dynamic organization.

Carol Belval, President

Joan Wrench, Vice President

Jessie Tzeng, Acting Treasurer

Kari Schoessler, Secretary

Gail Alskog

Nina Kemsley Church

Stephen Cox

E. Valentine DeWald II

Terry Kalet

Rakesh Pai

Patrick A. Trudell

Kirkland arts Center advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a body of

professionals, community leaders and

past KAC board members who provide

advice and support, and work to expand

KAC’s reach in the community.

Susan Pappalardo, Co-chair

Brad Weed, Co-chair

Merrily Dicks

Judy Harris

Bruce Jaffe

Joan McBride

Margaret Meister

Susan Thurston

Kirkland arts Center Creative Council

The Creative Council is a body of leading

curators and artists who provide advice to

KAC’s Exhibitions Director.

Justin Colt Beckman

Elizabeth A. Brown

Charlie Kitchings

Greg Kucera

Scott Lawrimore

Beth Sellars

Kirkland arts Center guidance Council

The Guidance Council is a capacitybuilding

body of community leaders and

professionals who provide expertise

and services.

Rick Nicholson

William G. Snead

Tracy Thorleifson

a special thanks to all the many

volunteers who have helped make this

night wonderful!

26 | KirKland arts Center 425.822.7161

About Kirkland Arts Center

KaC Mission

Kirkland Arts Center provides

exemplary visual arts education

in a dynamic, community culture.

The cornerstone ceramic arts

program attracts artists from

the Northwest and further

afield who share their expertise

with students and teachers,

and the Gallery’s accessible,

contemporary art exhibitions

showcase innovative works that

stimulate a lively public dialogue.

The artist’s role in the community is to lead, the artist’s role is to get people

to think things or see things differently, to help get people beyond where they

are… to joy, enthusiasm and some sorrow as well.”

- William Radcliffe, FOUNDER of the Kirkland Arts Center

Kirkland Arts Center (KAC) serves the Eastside arts community by providing

artists and art lovers of all ages the opportunity to work together, build creative

skills, and broaden their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the

visual arts. We offer classes, workshops, gallery exhibits and special events in

a unique historic setting.

KAC was founded as the Creative Arts League in 1962 by a group of artists and

citizens interested in providing local opportunities in the arts and concerned

about the preservation of a Kirkland landmark, the Peter Kirk Building. For

almost 50 years, the Kirkland Arts Center has owned and maintained this

historic structure and transformed it into an exhibition gallery, community arts

studio and education facility serving students of all ages and skill levels.

620 Market Street

Kirkland, WA 98033


Friday, deCeMBer 4, 2009 redUX | 27

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