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Heavy Duty Hose Reel.pdf - PPI Corporation

Features & Benefits:

Heavy Duty Hose Reel

The Neta heavy duty hose reel is ideal for large gardens and

lawns. The reel is manufactured with a steel frame strong

enough to support the weight of long lengths of largediameter

hose. The four bolt holes allow it to be securely

attached to any structure. A neutral platinum colour has been

chosen to complement any style of home.

• Universal storage solution for any sized hose from 12mm to 25mm.

• Easy to install and mounts securely to any structure. Instructions supplied with the reel.

• Robust steel construction, powder-coated and zinc-plated finish.

• Supplied with 1.8m connection hose, fitted with solid brass crimped-on fittings.

• Sturdy metal hose connection tube is profiled to eliminate the kinking common with larger diameter hoses.

• Specially profiled inlet connections minimises flow restriction when used with large diameter hoses.

Heavy Duty Hose Reel

Description Code



Ideal for storage of 18mm hose

Ord Qty Pack Qty

New Heavy Duty Hose Reel MH/GA0HRHD01 013422 1 1

Product Details:

4 x 10mm diameter fixing

holes to mount securely

to wall, fence, or ‘ute’ tray.

Powder coated and zinc

plated steel construction.

Easy spin ball bearing

supports so the reel spins

smoothly when loaded

with hose.

Comfort grip handle.

Assembly instructions supplied with product.

Hose Reel Capacity:

The reel is suitable for storing and handling large diameters and lengths of hose.

12mm Hose* 100m

18mm or 20mm Hose 50m

25mm Hose 40m

* Care is required when using long lengths of 12mm hose which may stretch and restrict flow.


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¾" BSP hose connection.

Hose connection tube at the reel

is profiled to eliminate kinks and

help the hose coil uniformly.

The 90° fitting orients the

connection hose vertically to

prevent kinking.

1.8m of 16mm UV-resistant

connection hose tested to

Australian Standard 2620.1

Class 1200.

Solid brass crimped-on ¾" BSP

tap connection.

Carton Dimensions Product Dimensions Mounting/Bolt Holes Spool Dimensions

Width – 640mm Width* – 890mm Horizontal distance – 450mm centres Core Diameter – 150mm

Height – 450mm Height* – 445mm Vertical distance – 350mm centres Flange Diameter – 435mm

Depth – 450mm Depth* – 480mm Size – 10mm Diameter Distance between Flanges – 360mm

Weight – 9.5kgs * Overall Dimension

• Don’t leave hose pressurized with gun or nozzle blocked off. Allow water to drain from the hose first to make it

easier to wind onto the reel.

• The reel is heavy when loaded with hose. Take care to ensure that the frame is securely mounted to a sturdy


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