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A publication of Ginghamsburg Children’s Ministry

Letter from Kelly Flora

early childhood coordinator

School is out, summer is here! I love this time of year and all

that summer time brings; the warmer weather, working out

doors, planting a garden and cooking with fresh produce are all

some of my favorite things. I look forward to all of the fresh vegetables and

fruit that are so delicious and in season. It reminds me that when we let the

Holy Spirit guide our lives we harvest a bountiful feast. Galatians 5:22-23 says,

“But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace,

patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” Let

us follow the Spirit’s lead in every part of our lives. Ask God to help you grow

more and more good fruit in your life.


2 Summer Camps

3 What’s Current

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Vacation Bible School

New summer event for kids age 3 - grade 5

July 9-12, 6-8 p.m. in the Avenue

Take a step back in time with us as we journey to Babylon, exploring

Daniel’s adventures as a captive in a foreign land. The fun includes a

Bible-times market place where we will play team-building games,

eat Bible-times snacks, encounter live animals, visit Daniel and

collect Bible memory markers to remind us of God’s word. Each

evening will be kicked off and wrapped up with our own praise and

worship band. Thursday night’s big finish will be an all-family event

where we will share all the fun from the week.

Our hands-on mission project called Operation Kid-to-Kid will raise money for mosquito nets to combat malaria.

Ginghamsburg Kids, please pray about someone you can reach out to and invite along.


Together we’ll revive our relationships with Jesus and discover clues to God’s real grace, mercy and peace. Camp

Revival always marks a time of new beginnings that only God can offer, so rededication and turning our lives over to

Christ are at the core of our time together. During camp, we’ll rock out during praise and worship at our legendary

campfires, get real in God’s word during teaching and small group times and meet exciting challenges with new

friends at designated pit stops.

Beautiful Camp Birch is located in Yellow Springs, which is approximately 40 minutes from the Ginghamsburg

Tipp City Campus. At Camp Birch, kids will thrive in God’s beautiful creation through swimming, fishing, canoeing,

paddle boating, hiking, archery, nature crafts, high energy games and much, much more! Older campers (incoming

grades 4-6) will also enjoy the target range and even a rock climbing wall.

Join us for this life-changing adventure and register today. Want to be a counselor? Call Ryan Manger @ 937.667.1069

ext. 279 or for more information.

Last Splash

Family picnic & Pool Party

Friday, August 3, Picnic 6-7:30 p.m. Swimming starts at 7:30 p.m.

Tipp City Park Roundhouse Building

225 Park Drive, Tipp City, OH 45371

Cost is one canned food or non-perishable item per person

We’ll supply the hot dogs and beverages, you bring a covered dish to share along with lawn chairs and blankets…after

the picnic swim at the Tipp City Aquatic Center. All are welcome, no RSVP necessary.




Music Movies


The Great Awakening

Sounds Like: Coldplay

The album opens with the catchy title

track, “The Great Awakening.” Joyful

and inspiring lyrics flow through the

song as Leeland inspires the Church to

spread the good news throughout their

towns. This band has defintley grown

and is now moving forward in the next

steps to help churches change the world

through this “great awakening.” Other

themes throughout this album include:

freedom found in a life with Christ and

becoming more like Jesus. This is a family

friendly album and a great way for kids

to hear the message of Christ spreading

throughout the nation.

Moriah Peters

I Choose Jesus

Sounds like: Sara Bareilles

New to the scene, Moriah Peters debuts

a wonderful CD called, “I Choose Jesus.”

Being influenced growing up with jazz

and soul music; it reflects in her album.

Moriah says, “I’m so excited about

this project -- and ‘I Choose Jesus’ in

particular. It’s the song that every other

song was held up against. It’s the song

that represents who I’m called to be, not

only as an artist, but as a daughter of

Christ. I’m called to be bold. I’m called

to be strong and I’m called to speak

the truth in love about who God is and

what He’s done in my life.” This album is

musically fun, relevant and inspiring.


Good Luck Charlie

The Scoop:

Good Luck Charlie centers on the

Duncans, an all-American family of

five whose comfortable routine is

upset with the unexpected arrival of

baby Charlotte (aka “Charlie”). With

mom Amy headed back to work and

dad Bob busy with his pest-control

business, it’s up to teenage Teddy and

PJ to pitch in caring for their little

sister, all the while maintaining their

own busy social lives. Both are fairly

good sports about it, but 10-year-old

Gabe isn’t so understanding, seeing

as Charlie is the reason he is now a

middle child. There is mild flirting

between teenagers which would be

the only cause for concern. Some

great talking points with kids that

come from this show are: how do you

respond to big changes?, are changes

excited or frustrating?, and whom do

you turn to help you in these hard


We Bought a Zoo

The Scoop:

Based on a true story, a widowed

father buys a failing zoo in hopes of

making a fresh start. Facing enormous

odds, he and his children, along with

a small but loyal staff, work to get

the zoo re-opened. This story along

with re-opening the zoo also deals

with the teenage son who is having a

difficult time getting over the loss of

his mother and moving to a new place.

Some of scenes in this movie may be

harder for children such as, deciding

whether to put down a sick animal,

financial stress throughout the movie,

disturbing artwork displayed by the

son in response to losing his mom

and minimal bad language. Overall,

this is a great family film with a heart

for family. We see the wonder of the

zoo through little Rosie’s eyes and the

good father-daughter relationship

they have as well. A great chance

to show children the importance of

family and keeping faith.

gift for mom:

Button Bracelet

This sweet and simple craft

features well-loved faces

all in one place and makes

a great gift for Mom on her

special day.


* Photographs or digital images

* Scissors or circular craft punch

* Colored beading elastic, available in the beading section

of craft stores

* Buttons with recessed thread holes (to prevent the

thread from wrinkling your pictures; see photo)

* Glue stick

* 3-D fabric paint or glitter paint

• Select snapshots with faces that will fit on your buttons.

• Cut a piece of elastic about 2 inches longer than you’d

like the finished bracelet to be. Thread the buttons onto

the elastic as shown until the bracelet is the desired size,

leaving an extra inch of elastic on each end of the bracelet.

• Using a coin or other round object as a template, trace

circles around the faces and cut them out.

• Glue the photos to the buttons and decorate the edges

with 3-D paint or glitter paint if you’d like. Tie the ends of

the bracelet together and snip off the extra elastic.


family fun

The Wegerzyn

Gardens Metropark

...has a collection of five gardens, with the latest addition

being the Children’s Discovery Garden. The

Children’s Discovery Garden features eleven themed

areas including a musical maze, a stream leading to

a pond, the sensory garden, a large sandbox and a

playhouse. After enjoying all the fun offered there,

you can stroll through the other gardens in the park.

Don’t forget the boardwalk through the swamp! The

Garden is open from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. April 1 - October

31. Admission and parking are free.

Bath Time Fun

All the world’s a stage, but the tub rim makes an especially good

one when you pull the shower curtain aside for an impromptu

performance. To create a handful of bath-friendly finger puppets,

wash a pair of rubber gloves (to remove any powdery residue from

the packaging), then cut off the fingers and use permanent markers

to draw a face, hair, and other details. Allow the ink to dry,

then let the show begin.

3 4


family fun

Topsy Turvey


Tomato plants love the sun, so even if you plant them

upside down, they’ll find their way to the light. For a fun

family project, give it a try and see for yourself. You can buy

hanging planters from garden suppliers or make your own.

Here’s how.


•Sturdy bucket with a metal handle and cover

•Drill with large bit

•Sphagnum moss

•Tomato seedling

•Dirt and compost

1.Thoroughly clean out the bucket. Drill and cut a hole about

2 to 3 inches in diameter in the bottom of the bucket (a

parent’s job). Put some moss in the bottom of the bucket all

around the hole to keep the tomato plant from falling out

when you first hang the bucket.

2.Gently thread the upper 2 to 3 inches of the seedling

through the hole, keeping the roots inside the bucket. While

you hold the plant in place, have your child loosely pack dirt

around the stem up to the root-ball. Then you can let go

and add enough soil to cover the roots by about 2 inches.

3.Add a couple of cups of compost and more soil so the

bucket is filled to just an inch or two below the rim.

4.Hang the bucket by its handle and water the plant thoroughly,

until water starts running out of the hole. Water

the tomato plant regularly, adding more soil and fertilizer

if the level in the bucket falls. Keeping the bucket covered

will help retain some moisture. As the plant grows out of

the bottom of the bucket, its leaves will curl up toward the

sun in search of the light until the tomato fruit appears and

weighs them down.


tic tac toe


family fun

5 6

Family Devo Pure Hearts

Is this a question you’ve asked yourself? You

know what’s right, but you still are tempted and

want to do what you’re not supposed to do. I

can assure you that it’s not God trying to get us

to do something unwise or wrong. “What is it

then?” you ask.

Read: James 1:17

Why is it so hard to be what God expects me to be?

“feels good” rather than what “is good.” Jesus

teaches us to follow the Bible truths, so that our

heart is not divided between good and evil. Our

hearts can be pure.

Color Me:

Pure Heart


Unscramble the words below to reveal a message from the devotional.

sujes stwan su ot vhea prue thaers


Memory Verse:

“Every good and perfect

gift is from above, coming

down from the Father

of the heavenly lights,

who does not change like

shifting shadows.”

James 1:17

What’s the missing word?

“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and _________ a _________ spirit within me.”

Psalm 51:10

Handprint Family Tree

Every person on earth except Jesus, has felt this

very same way. We’re not perfect. James 1:17

Jesus wants us to have pure hearts, but he also

desires us to be pure in our thoughts, actions,

attitudes, motivations and also with our body.

Jesus cannot be fooled and knows that we are

You’ll Need:

• Fabric Paint

• Plain t-shirt/piece of cloth for hanging

To make this fun family craft, start with the mother and father

dipping their hands in to their chosen paint and printing

them on the cotton fabric. Then have the rest of the family

tells us that God gives us only good and perfect all tempted to act inappropriately. That is why

• Scissors

place their handprints below the parents’ handprints, over-

gifts. The world God designed is good and filled

with his truth.

Jesus asks us to pattern our lives after him and

follow God’s plan.

• 1 yard of colored fabric

• Yarn

• Paintbrush

lapping the handprints slightly as the group moves down

the tree. Use a paintbrush to add a tree trunk and then let

all the paint dry. Identify each set of handprints with a per-

Why then, were we born into a world divided

by good and evil? God allows us to have “free

will,” which means we get to choose to be good

and filled with truth. God gives us a choice, and

It may take us a while to learn that God’s plan

is best. That’s why it’s so awesome that God

will forgive us when we mess up. God doesn’t

change, but we can. We can change to be more

• Permanent marker

• Fabric Glue

• 1 – ½” thick, 3 foot wooden dowel

manent marker. Cut around the handprints to form a tree

shape. Glue it to the background fabric, fold it over a few

inches at the top and glue it to make a sleeve for the dowel.

Discuss the importance of a strong relationship between

parents in developing a family deeply rooted in love.


we don’t always choose well. We choose what like God.


Calendar of Events

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Infant and

Child Baptism






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Move Up


Camp Revival

Please refer to the “Ginghamsburg Grow” for more details.





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Food from

the Earth

Fun on the

Farm 6-8 p.m.


Dragons Game


on the Lawn

Mega Sports


Camp Revival

Mega Sports


Move Up


Camp Revival Camp Revival






August 3: Last Splash Pool Party and Picnic

Food from the Earth:

Every Wednesday starting May 23 from 6-8 p.m.

Tipp City Campus garden, behind the Avenue

9 10









Attention: Updates!

American Idol Blitz

With all the glitz and glam, we had a great group

of 235 fans who showed up to be on American

Idol Friday, April 20. On top of the normal giant

inflatables, games and yummy snacks we also

hosted our first ever Air Band Competition and

Karaoke Challenge. Be on the lookout for the next

Blitz in September!

Bible Boot Camp

50 kids marched into the Avenue ready to be a part

of God’s army! Through military chants and bible

games, kids walked away better understanding how

to use the greatest tool ever, the Bible.

Get Connected...

Radical Hospitality

•Greeter: Serve as the front face of our ministry and use your welcoming smile to

greet all families and new guests upon arrival into the Children’s Ministry areas. Time

Commitment: 20 minutes prior to a worship celebration.

Growing up with Christ

•Movers and Shakers: Love on our little movers and shakers. Our infant and toddlers

are guaranteed to keep you busy. Show Jesus to even the smallest of God’s children

through your love and care. Contact Kelly Flora at 937.667.1069 ext. 260 for how you

can serve with this age group.

•JAM: Jesus and Me: It’s time to JAM OUT with our preschoolers. Pick up your air

guitar and join God’s rock band. Kick off with some praise and worship and large group

performances and end with a challenge to keep on loving and growing with God.

Contact Ryan Manger at 937.667.1069 ext. 279 to get involved today.

•Elevate: “Hold on” as we elevate our faith. We will climb mountains and journey

through the Bible into a world full of animation and adventure. Be the solid rock in the

lives of our early elementary kids. Ryan Manger is the guy to contact to “belay on.”

•The Backyard: There is no better place to run around and barbeque then in our own

Backyard. Walk on over and play some basketball, silly games, hang in the lounge or

draw on the white boards. You can’t pass up a sunny day with our upper elementary

kids! Contact Emilee Hermon at 937.667.1069 ext. 280 for details.


•Join the Camp Courageous Team: Take a step back in time with us as we journey to

Babylon. We are looking for enthusiastic adults who will lead a tribe of kids through

our marketplace in this evening summer camp. We will kick off and wrap up with

our own praise and worship band and enjoy all the learning fun, crafts and games in

between. Thursday night’s big finish will be an all-family event where we will share all

the fun from the week. Join us July 9-12, 6-8 p.m. in The Avenue. If you are interested

in being a tribe leader during this time we would love to have you. Call Kelly Flora at

937.667.1069 ext. 260 or

11 12


Ginghamsburg worldchangers

Children's Ministry Staff

Ken Overholser, Executive Director Discipleship Ministries

937.667.1069 ext. 273

Erica Sharp, Fort McKinley and Trotwood Children’s Director

937.667.1069 ext. 277

Ryan Manger, Early Elementary Coordinator

937.667.1069 ext. 279

Emilee Hermon, Upper Elementary and Discipleship Coordinator

937.667.1069 ext. 280

Kelly Flora, Early Childhood Coordinator

937.667.1069 ext. 260



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