TAXATION AWARDS 2011 - Banking Tax & Finance

TAXATION AWARDS 2011 - Banking Tax & Finance



Best Tax Consultancy Team

Global construction consultants


Introduction 1

Development of relationships 2

with clients

Commitment to professionalism 5

and high ethical standards

Evidence of proven success 6

Innovative use of technology 12

Further evidence of success 14

Published examples of the 17

team’s technical expertise

Clients – length of service 20

Our team in faces 21

Our tax team’s experience 22

“ The achievements

of an organization

are the results of

the combined effort

of each individual”

Vincent Lombardi

This submission has been prepared

to support our entry to The Taxation

Awards 2011: we have entered our team

for the ‘Best Tax Consultancy Team’.


In the Banking, Tax and Finance

(BT&F) division of Davis Langdon we

realise that the success of our business

is dependent on the professional

expertise and commitment of our team


Although Davis Langdon is now part

of AECOM - a global consultancy

with over 50,000 personnel worldwide

– the BT&F team is a relatively small

team by comparison, comprising just

48 highly trained professionals with

a wide range of recognised industry

qualifcations including ATT, CTA,

Dip Prop Inv and FRICS. The team

has a combined working experience

of more than 576 years. The mix of

skills and qualifications means we

are equipped to deal with a range

of property taxes including capital

allowances, CGT, research and

development allowances and land

remediation relief all of which will

have an impact on businesses

including most commercial property

owners, investors, occupiers and

developers in the UK.

The BT&F team at Davis Langdon

has ongoing roots to the chartered

surveying practice that began life over

70 years ago as ‘Crosher and James.’

During the 1970’s the team began to

provide capital allowance advice to

clients and by the early1990’s, the firm

specialised solely in property-related

tax reliefs. Between 2003 and 2010

our team had analysed over £22bn of

capital expenditure resulting in more

than £3bn of plant and machinery

allowances for our clients.

Staying close to our clients and

providing them with a first-class

service has always been a priority.

It is this culture of customer care and

professional excellence that enables us

to accommodate the changing needs

of our client base and provide tailored


Our team’s commitment to

professional excellence is reflected

in the growth of our business: fee

turnover has increased from circa

£1.50m in the mid 1990’s to over

£10.50m in 2010. Ninety five per

cent of our work is currently UK

tax based, although UK tax rules,

legislation and case law are the basis

and foundation of many of the tax

systems within the 54 soveriegn states

comprising the Commonwealth of

Nations. Furthermore, our plans for

future growth strategy aims to take us

from our current £10.50m turnover

to £30m by 2020, including procuring

work in those aforementioned nations

as well as in North America and


Our tax service is very specialised, but

this focus is also our strength. It is the

reason why clients continue to use us

year on year and the very foundation

on which we can expand into new

markets, which require similar skills

to those aquired over the past 40

years, but with the application of new

knowledge and learning.



Liverpool Victoria

British Land

Derwent London


NFU Mutual

Scottish Widows

Forelle Estates

First Carlton Ltd

Highcross Group

Novus Leisure

Section 1


of relationships

with clients

More London

Our reputation is Dorrington founded on Properties our

ability to generate long-term Standard valued Life



TIS Property

A selection of our clients is shown in the

Land Securities

Appendix together with their length of

service, some date Marylebone back more Warwick than 20

years. A sample is included below. Balfour

Malmaison and Hotel du Vin


Salmon Harvester

Glanmore Property Fund

A selection of our clients


together with their length

of Jones service, Lang for LaSalle full version Corporate Finance

see page 20


Credit Suisse

VT Group PLC (now Babcock)

GE Capital

Runwood Homes

Evans Randall Investment Management


Access Self Storage

Precis Holdings

Royal Mail


Goldcrest Capital

Royal Bank of Scotland

Aegon UK Property Fund Limited

John Lewis



Gatehouse Bank

In all instances, we have been totally satisfied

with the service offered by the firm and the

surveyor dealing directly with us, totally professional

and efficient in all aspects including initial obtaining of

information, subsequent reporting and in liaison with

our appointed accountants/tax advisers. Without a doubt

we will continue to utilise the services of Davis Langdon,

for capital allowance issues.

Our tax clients span the complete

spectrum, from multi national blue

chip investors, REITS, institutions,

fund managers and offshore investors,

right through to smaller owner occupier

clients and private individuals, including

regional retailers, GP doctor practices,

medical centres and dentists.

Every client is appointed to a dedicated

team, depending on the skills required.

Each team comprises of a relationship

partner, a client manager and a client

administrator – where the appointment

is large, this team can amount to five or

six or more in number.

On average, each member of staff has

12 years of tax related experience, this

means we are able to retain the same

people on the same client accounts for

longer periods, as clients seem to prefer

this and reward us with repeat business.

Our split of work from existing clients to

new clients in 2010 was approximately

in the ratio of 75:25.

The duration for which we retain a

client’s business, together with the

testimonials below, proves a close and

successful professional relationship and

the envy of many other organisations.

Davis Langdon LLP have been

providing The John Lewis Partnership

with Capital Allowances support and advice

over many years which most recently included

the £70m refurbishment of our flagship store

in Oxford Street, our new Department store in

Leicester and our new Semi Automated National

Distribution Centre in Milton Keynes.

Over the last 2 years we have also been working

very closely with them on maximising our

entitlement to Enhanced Capital Allowances

(ECAs), so as to achieve a pre-planned as

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


9 10








14 15


16 17 18 19 20

Davis Langdon arranging a series of workshops

with our internal and external teams of engineers

to provide advice on the scheme and setting up

appropriate procurement strategies to ensure

ECAs can properly be taken into account when

specifying equipment.

Davis Langdon are certainly specialists in their

niche area of tax expertise with the added benefit

of also understanding property and construction

related issues. They are well respected by HMRC

which is important to us in retaining our low risk


We have used Davis Langdon on our Capital

Allowances claims, and have found them to be very

professional in every aspect of their work, yet very user-friendly

and easy to deal with.

We have found that utilising their expertise has been the most

effective way to maximize our Capital Allowance claims.

Consequently, we expect that our association with them will

continue for many years.

Having previously tried several other providers over a

number of years, we moved to the capital allowances

experts at Davis Langdon as a direct result of peer company

recommendation, Tim Beresford and his team are held in high

regard locally. Over the last few years they have offered a highly

professional, as well as accurate, reliable and timely, service for

a competitive fee. They understand the interaction of our Real

Estate Investment Trust status on our corporate tax position, and

worked well with us and our corporate tax advisers in agreeing an

appropriate reporting format for capital allowances following our

conversion to a REIT.

Ben and the rest of the Davis Langdon team

have assisted Taylor Wimpey for the past six years

in connection with contaminated land relief claims and

in other areas. The team are a pleasure to work with, are

hard working and are constantly finding new ways to help

our business. We look forward to continuing working with

them in the future.

We would like to express our

gratitude for the work that

Louise Barth and her colleagues at

Davis Langdon have done for us, over

the last decade or so,in maximising our

client’s tax relief in the form of Capital


We act for a substantial property fund

who, on our recommendation, appointed

Davis Langdon in recognition of their

specialist property taxation skills. The

depth of their knowledge is unrivalled

and we place great importance on the

technical advice and information we

receive from them.

We would have no hesitation

recommending Davis Langdon as true

experts in their field.

With regards

Richard Manton

Portfolio Manager

T.I.S. Property Services Ltd

We have used Davis Langdon to

carry out our Capital Allowances,

Industrial Buildings Allowances and Land

Remediation Claims for well over 20

years now and can confirm our extreme

satisfaction with their professionalism,

hard work and expertise in their field.

They are a dedicated team who

understand our business and always

deliver on time and have dealt with any

queries arising on any claims as part of

their service. They have also assisted us

in evaluating Capital Allowances in many

purchase negotiations.

In short we have nothing but admiration

for the team. No doubt our relationship

will continue for many years to come.



Over the last 10 years we have worked closely with

Davis Langdon LLP to ensure that the company has

maximised its capital allowance claims.

As well as claims on our extensive refurbishment programme

they have also advised us proactively on a number of sales

and disposals and helped us successfully complete one of the

first BPRA claims in the country shortly after the relief was


Many thanks for the Capital

Allowances Reports on our

multi let office and industrial properties

in Glasgow and Cumbernauld.

I just wanted to drop you a note to

thank you for making the experience as

smooth and painless as possible. Our

pre meetings were helpful in explaining

the process and services/cost savings you

provided and I believe allowed a quick

meaningful exchange of information

and therefore faster programme. The

reports themselves are detailed but

comprehensible to the layman, such as


Once again thanks for your assistance

and I look forward to working with you

again in the near future.



Shauneen Kelly

Alexander Short Properties

I would like to record my high

level of satisfaction with the

support and Capital Allowances advice

that Paul Farey and his colleagues at

Davis Langdon Crosher & James have

provided me and the wider More London

Development team over the past few years.

Their expertise, hard work and ‘can do’

attitude have been a great assistance to us

and we look forward to continuing to work

with them in the future.

The knowledge, expertise, experience and the ability

to ‘go that extra mile’ that they have provided in this

specialist area has been of great benefit to the LV Group in

terms of maximising the tax efficiency relating to our property

investments whilst at the same time assisting in maintaining

our low risk rating with HM Revenue and Customs.

Section 2

Commitment to


and high ethical



In common with the directors and senior

management, all of our staff are actively

involved with our business ethos of

‘lifelong learning’. This means that as well

as their RICS professional qualification,

many staff continue to study for property,

tax, accounting, or finance qualifications

such as ATT and CTA.

Our successful working

relationship with

HM Revenue & Customs

It was acknowledged some years ago,

that we produce more claims seen by

the Valuation Office Agency (VOA)

than any other single organisation.

Representatives from the VOA and HM

Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have

held internal workshops at

Davis Langdon aimed at continuing

best practices in the production of

capital allowances. As part of this drive

to produce auditable accurate and

accountable computations,

Davis Langdon has developed its

own software aimed at maintaining

the highest standards, called CAS.

The software, is used to prepare all

claims and has been designed to deal

with a variety of types of allowance,

it has taken many years to perfect.

The main features of the software

include technical compliance checks,

integrated published Spon’s rates, BCIS

preliminaries, Fee Bureau professional

fee data, tender price indices, detailed

location factors, residual and comparable

land valuations, apportionment formula,

reconciliation check , warning notes,

analysis of unrecovered VAT where

applicable, and the ability to generate

claims for ten different types of


Additionally, the software provides

hyperlinks throughout for use by

surveyors when preparing claims, such

as links to capital allowance legislation

(OPSI), statutory instruments, budget

notes, HMRC manuals, BCIS Online,

Carbon Trust website, BPRA assisted

areas, ward searches, Companies House,

Google maps, etc.

HMRC CAS outputs

The outputs are familiar to HMRC

and are designed to present all relevant

data in a format which allows HMRC

to assess the validity of a computation.

More than this, with its inbuilt

safeguards, the presentation of a capital

allowances schedule on Davis Langdon

letterhead is in itself a statement of the

highest technical standards. Our regular

dialogue ensures nothing is taken for

granted, as we observe a system of

continuous development by regularly

consulting with HMRC.

Commitment to promoting

environmentally friendly tax


Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs)

are a 100% tax deductible ‘green’

investment incentive introduced to

encourage new investment in (energy)

environmentally efficient plant and

machinery within buildings. As such

it is hoped to reduce the carbon

consumption from commercial


Davis Langdon has jointly held a series

of national seminars with the Carbon

Trust, the government body which

promotes the long term benefits of

specifying energy efficient machinery

in buildings. Davis Langdon’s role was

to highlight the substantial tax reliefs


At that time we were given permission

to use The Carbon Trust’s logo as an

endorsement on our own website. A

quick Google of ‘Enhanced Capital

Allowances’ will reveal that our own

web site www.bankingtaxand

features just after The Carbon Trust’s

own listing, reflecting the volume of

technical content and very high traffic

rates. Our site contains more data on the

subject than almost any other private


It is recognised that ECA awareness

has a long way to go in the Industry

to producing consequent savings in

greenhouse gasses, as ECAs still only

account for a small fraction of the overall

capital allowances claimed.

There is still much work to be done and

it is early days, but Davis Langdon is at

the forefront of the campaign to raise

awareness in this important area

of taxation.

“ We are proud to

have sponsored

more surveying

graduates through

the RICS taxation

route than any

other practice”

Rachel Sanders


Davis Langdon

Over half our ‘new’ work won each

year is introduced to us by accountants,

which demonstrates huge trust as we are

in effect working for the accountant’s




Section 3

Evidence of

Proven Success

Tax relief secured for the top

three national builders

The land remediation team (which

forms part of the Banking, Tax &

Finance team) concluded in February

this year negotiations with HMRC to

secure £527m of Land Remediation

Relief (LRR) on behalf of its top three

clients – Barratt, Taylor Wimpey and

Bellway. This achievement is with the

ability to make retrospective claims on

remediated brownfield sites acquired

over the last 4 years.

Significantly, in addition to being able

to secure tax relief against profits, a rare

feature of the relief is that it is possible to

recover 24% of the remediation cost by

surrendering losses. Despite LRR being

the only tax relief available to housing

developers, many companies still fail to

claim their full entitlement.

Rankin Photography Studio,


This appointment arose from one of

our many accountancy referrals; a client

of theirs had incurred expenditure on a

‘purchase’ on which capital allowances

had never been claimed.

Having a good working relationship with

us, they were happy to recommend our

services to the client.

The client purchased a commercial

building and then redeveloped it for a

number of uses:

o A studio and gallery for his

photographic business.

o A number of flats for sale.

o A flat for his own use.

The redevelopment contained a number

of sustainable technologies including

solar heating, photovoltaic installations,

rainwater harvesting and heat pump air


The project presented a number of


o Extracting claimable allowances

from the commercial element of

larger a mixed use development,

whilst ignoring non eligible

residential flats.

o We were also dealing with a

purchase and development that had

been completed for some time with

missing data. This necessitated us

regenerating ‘lost’ data with our own

pricing and costing information

without which the exercise could

not have been completed.

As the expenditure was incurred many

years ago, the allowances could be

claimed in a prior period, giving rise to a

repayment of over paid tax resulting

in a rebate to the client.

Using our building cost expertise we

were able to separate the costs relating

to the commercial areas from those

connected to the non-qualifying areas.

We were also able to carry out a forensic

analysis of the ECA position based on

our survey information from site, this

resulted in:

o 19% of the redevelopment costs

being tax allowable (If you exclude

costs associated with the residential

element this figure rises to 65%).

o Our forensic survey identified 23%

of the above as Enhanced Capital

Allowances which are a 100% first

year allowance.

Overall a large proportion of

expenditure attracted valuable tax relief

due to our ability to solve complex


“ We were

impressed by

Davis Langdon’s

speed of response,

and the thorough

way in which

they undertook

the exercise. It

has provided us

with some very

beneficial tax


Andy Harrold, Rankin



Royal Mail

We have only been working with

Royal Mail’s tax team for two years.

The relationship developed as a

result of our innovative approach in

reviewing, and recommending better

internal systems for dealing with

capital allowances and programmed

expenditure. This included:

o Facilitating a client workshop

focussing on capital asset taxation.

All processes, systems, constraints,

compliance and issues were

analysed using mapping software so

we could identify complex business

critical issues and their relationships.

The resulting short-term and longterm

solutions included:

_ Identifying key objectives,

stakeholders and timescales

_ Highlighting drivers, barriers and

measures of success

_ Minimising internal and external

risk management factors

_ Proposed “value-added” services

such as peer reviews, training

support, upgrade or replacement

of existing platforms and delivery


o Improved tax-effectiveness by

reviewing their self-developed

TAAP manual for capturing capital

allowances, reflecting error and

terminology correction, legislative

and best practice changes (with

appropriate links), drawing out

opportunities around ECAs

for payable credits and detail

Qualifying expenditure %

around identified non-qualifying

expenditure. Feedback provided

explanatory notes and tracked


o Holding a workshop attended

by all of the client stakeholders,

including tax, finance, procurement,

engineering and sustainability;

reviewing their specification and

procurement systems and how best

to enable a maximised recovery

of available Enhanced Capital

Allowances (ECAs). The result was:

_ An improved ability to identify

expenditure qualifying for


_ Reduced risk by minimising

potential for error or bad


_ Improved decision-making

when categorising items

_ Improved and clearer

processes through


_ Reduced number of potential

bottlenecks, quicker systems

o Forensically reviewing a “green

building” within the portfolio to

highlight and reflect best practice as

a model example of the highest tax

efficiency attainable likely on their

portfolio. Drafting tender clauses

for future developments.

Example of proposed peer review and

benchmarking system – Application of

benchmarking data

Properties – by asset class

Risk assessment for claims

above expected range

Expected range of

allowances for asset

class (min, max, mean)

Range reviewed


Value assessment

for claims below

expected range


Tall Storeys – 662 floors, 18 buildings

Some recent high profile

schemes on which we are,

or have recently been

engaged, include:









Shard Pinnacle Heron


Leadenhall The



8 Canada























Section 4

Innovative use of


Davis Langdon is well known for its

‘thought leadership,’ with a research

department dating back to the 1940s.

This is evidenced by the SPONS

publication – an industry leading source

of cost advice used as a basis for capital

allowances claims, where insufficient

project data exists, the Banking Tax &

Finance team follows in these footsteps.

Every six weeks the team publishes a

technical briefing comprising up to

15 research papers on property tax

issues. It is aimed at tax and property

practitioners and organisations looking

to study, question, clarify, educate and

explore every aspect of tax and property.


We are a knowledge-led firm but faced

a challenge about how to make this data

easily available and searchable.

Our solution was ‘Bottom Line

Thinking,’ an e-Newsletter containing

short synopses of new material, with a

link through to the full article on our

website. A further example of how we

use this technology is in the Appendix.

No other equivalent company or

competitor in capital allowances

produces or publishes this level of

technical material, ‘free’ to clients’.

In a world of information overload, this

software delivers our message direct

to clients and contacts, allows readers

to skim the topics to see if relevant

and gives a choice of what and when

technical data is downloaded.

Team effort

On pages 21 and 22, BTF has a lot

to offer, with an average experience

of 12 years spent in the industry.

This publication draws on the team’s

experience and the technology allows

us to deliver that expertise direct to the



Further evidence of success

Published examples of the

team’s technical expertise

Clients - length of service

Our team in faces

Our tax team’s experience



Further evidence

of success

Case Study 1

Peel MediaCityUK

Sector: Media, mixed use.

Services: Taxation Consultancy

with emphasis on Enhanced Capital


Start date: 2007

Completion date: Phase 1 2011

Our team of tax consultants were

involved from an early stage on

this high profile project to bring

together the client and other

stakeholders, thereby establishing

a full view of the project and

identifying where likely tax savings

could be made.


o Raising awareness of the client’s tax

objectives and ensuring the project

team work together to maximise

claims for capital allowances,

specifically Enhanced Capital

Allowances (ECA).

o Achieving the following goals for

the development:

_Registered as ‘Good quality CHP’

with the CHPQA.

_Maximum level of ECA available

for the Tri-generation scheme


o Identifying and capitalising on other

elements of the mechanical and

electrical installations that attract

enhanced relief.


o Ensuring Tri-generation design

consultants and engineers are kept

aware of the client’s intentions.

o Understanding process of

registering scheme with CHPQA.

o Obtaining DECC Certificate of

Energy Efficiency.

o Communicating the client’s capital

allowances goals to the relevant

consultants and contractors.


o Future proofed buildings.

o Accepted as a ‘Good Quality’ CHP

scheme by CHPQA.

o Issued a DECC Certificate of

Energy Efficiency (100 per cent).

o Achieved maximum available

tax relief.


Stakeholder engagement at the earlier

stages has added significant value and

is intrinsic to the delivery of a building

that meets the sustainable design


A co-ordinated approach within the

project team allows the project brief

to be met and ensures the information

required is supplied by the relevant

elements of the team.

Case study 2

Bank of Scotland plc

Value: £6.3 million

Sector: Secure warehouse

Services: Taxation Consultancy

Start: December 2008

Completion: June 2009

The project comprised the

alteration and extension of a

derelict office and warehouse

building to form a new ‘state of

the art’ security warehouse. Our

team was involved with establishing

eligibility for Business Premises

Renovation Allowances (BPRA)

and identifying items that did

not qualify for this relief. Within

the items that did not qualify, we

identified items that qualified for

Enhanced Capital Allowances

(ECA), further increasing the level

of Capital Allowances available.


o Obtaining the required level of

information from the client’s multidisciplinary


o Achieving a balance between

compliance with the client’s security

provisions and obtaining adequate

details to substantiate the claim for

capital allowances.

o Obtaining details of how the

building looked prior to the

redevelopment works in order to

establish the extent to which the

building had been extended.

o Establishing the correct proportion

of structural, mechanical, electrical,

and drainage costs relating to the

extension for exclusion from the

BPRA claimed.

o Ensuring that the client received

the maximum level of allowances



o Carrying out detailed analysis of

contract information together with

clarifications from project team.

o Developing a full understanding of

the operations of the site to allow

further items to be claimed.

o Undertaking site observations/


o Reconciling on-site information

gathered with pre development

floor plans.

o Determining gross floor area for


o Analysing project data and

determining the level and category

of relief available.

o Utilising ECA instead of BPRA

where appropriate, therefore

allowing external air conditioning

condenser units to receive 100

per cent tax relief.


o Client expectations exceeded.

o Capital allowances evaluation

completed early.

o Accelerated tax relief – overall

Davis Langdon helped the client to

recover 64 per cent of the overall

capital expenditure for this project.


Maintaining good relationships with the

client’s construction team was vital to

the success of the project.

Client engagement at the earliest

opportunity added real substance and

value to our work. This was particularly

true with respect to understanding

the client’s operational requirements,

allowing us to tailor our service more




Case study 3

Barratt plc

Sector: Residential, retrospective

review of Land Remediation

Relief claims

Services: Taxation Consultancy

Start: December 2008

Completion: May 2009

Our dedicated team of Land

Remediation Relief specialists, the

only team of its kind in the UK,

analysed the claims made to date

by the house builder and compared

them with our benchmarking data.

The team concluded that there

was an outstanding entitlement for

Land Remediation Relief, which

could generate immediate cashflow

and reduce tax liability in

future years.

This resulted in an appointment to

undertake a six month review of all

sites with a house sale in the past

six financial years.


o Organising a team to efficiently

collate data for over 1,000 sites from

over 25 UK offices.

o Defining the list of sites with claim

potential from the total list of sites in

the relevant period.

o Tracking expenditure and sites as

new companies were acquired and

brought into the group.

o Locating the ‘difficult’ information

from merged and closed offices.

o Minimising time input and effort

required from client’s employees.

o Achieving the desired consistency,

audit trail and reconciliation

to satisfy HMRC despite

inconsistencies in accounting

systems and varying degrees of



o Producing an information pack

prior to beginning work and briefing

senior personnel to ensure ‘buy-in’

from the highest levels.

o Utilising project management skills

and a 13 week programme for each

office to communicate progress in

a visual manner. Input from Barratt

was limited to the first five weeks.

The methodology encouraged

the construction team to provide

access to information because it was

presented in their language.

o Information reviewed on site as

much as possible to reduce risk and

improve efficiency.


o Achieved 100 per cent increase

compared to the previous claim


o Secured tax refund from HMRC

including interest in excess of £10

million based on over 500 individual

claims relating to the past six years.

o Improved the accuracy in value

of claims with supporting audit

trail, reconciliation with company

accounts and full disclosure;

o Established a consistent process

going forward, minimising tax risk

in eyes of HMRC.


Establishing a framework for the future

as part of the retrospective claim

process means that ongoing claims can

be compiled efficiently with limited

demands on client resources. More

time can be devoted to other value

added tasks such as tax planning future

development sites.

Published examples of the team’s technical expertise

Our electronic web based knowledge leadership



Costs associated

with energy use

look likely to

become increasingly

important and

Davis Langdon

has taken this as

a serious business



Clients –

length of service

Here is just a selection of clients with

the approximate length of service.

Heron Corporation

Liverpool Victoria

British Land

Derwent London


NFU Mutual

Scottish Widows

Forelle Estates

First Carlton Ltd

Highcross Group

Novus Leisure

More London

Dorrington Properties

Standard Life


TIS Property

Land Securities

Marylebone Warwick


Malmaison and Hotel du Vin


Salmon Harvester

Glanmore Property Fund


Jones Lang LaSalle Corporate Finance


Credit Suisse

VT Group PLC (now Babcock)

GE Capital

Runwood Homes

Evans Randall Investment Management


Access Self Storage

Precis Holdings

Royal Mail


Goldcrest Capital

Royal Bank of Scotland

Aegon UK Property Fund Limited

John Lewis



Gatehouse Bank

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Our team in faces

We have the largest capital

allowances team in the UK with

more than 576 years of shared

experience in this specialist field



Our tax team’s experience



ALLEN Hilary 5 ATKINS Heather 20 CADDEN Alan 11

BARTLETT Stuart 12 BARTH Louise 14 HENRY David 11

BECKETT Alf 20 CAMARA Sonia 13



CLARK Samuel 4 KIDDY Anita 17 SNEDDON MaryAnne 15

CORBETT Stuart 3 LAD Chetan 5 STIRLING Lois 12

DE WAAL Ben 17 O’CONNOR Phil 5 WINTERS Robert 7

HARGRAVE Dean 12 MORLEY Lorraine 15


HUSSEY Derek 6 SKAE Tania 4 CLARKE Rebecca 12

JONES Robert 13 WHITE Andy 12 REES David 12


MCCREADIE David 12 WINTER Stephen 20 RUMFORD Terry 4

NEWTON Blake 10

OLLIS Paul 20


SHINFIELD Richard 22

SMITH Andy 1


VINALL Mindy 13

WEAVER Christine 15

WHITE Sarah 13

WINNALL Nathan 10

WHITTAKER Richard 26

davis Langdon


‘Project / Construction Manager of the Year’ 2004

World Architecture

‘Top International Cost Consultant’ 17 years in succession


‘Consultant / Surveyor of the Year’

1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009


‘100 Best Companies to Work For’

2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009


Engineering News-Record

AECOM is ranked No 1 on the magazine’s list of the top 500 design firms


AECOM featured in Newsweek’s list of the Greenest Big Companies in the US

313 162 101


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Submitted by:

Rachel Sanders


Davis Langdon

MidCity Place

71 High Holborn

London WC1V 6QS

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7061 7000


Cost Management | Project Management | Program Management | Banking Tax & Finance | Building Surveying | Design Management | Engineering Services |

Health & Safety Services | Legal Support | Management Consulting | Mixed-use Masterplanning | People, Place, Performance Consulting | Specification Consulting

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