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MARIA PALATINE 1. 1. She 1.Living in St. Gilles (Lyrics and composition: Maria Palatine) I am living in St. Gilles, which is a very cosmopolitan and vibrant neighborhood in Brussels. The songs of the concert This song describes my feeling for the quality of life there as a female musician in a neighborhood that combines occident and orient “ I am a woman living in St.Gilles; if I make it there I make it everywhere….” 2.The other side (Lyrics and composition: Maria Palatine) I composed this song for a friend who is combating cancer, who prefers to stay anonymous MARIA PALATINE 6. 1. She 3.For Aung San su kyi (Lyrics and composition: Maria Palatine) Aung San Suu Kyi is a Burmese politician who was born in 1945 in Rangoon, Burma. She is the symbol for the non-violent opposition to the military dictatorship in her country. During the time she was held in house arrest by the military dictatorship she gained tremendous international support against the military junta (among others from nine Nobel Prize winners). She came free on the 13 th November 2010! “ She who keeps alive the power of belief until the dawning of freedom…” 4.None of beauty’s daughters (Lyrics: Lord Byron; composition: Maria Palatine) For my daughter Luise-Marie, who is studying Psychology in Germany, and who loves and practices all the things that render life beautiful: dance, music, poetry and theatre MARIA PALATINE 7.

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