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Mazel Tov to: - Young Israel of Staten Island

Mazel Tov to: - Young Israel of Staten Island

Mazel Tov to: - Young Israel of Staten

YOUNG ISRAEL OF STATEN ISLAND ������� January 18, 2013/7 Shevat Rav Yaakov Lehrfield, Rabbi Richard Frohlich, President Rav Eliezer Mischel, Assistant Rabbi Rav Yaakov Marcus, Rabbi Emeritus MAZEL TOV �Tammy Bruschansky on the engagement of her daughter Debra Weinstein to Yitzy Feman of Teaneck. �Nurit & Daniel Rosenblatt, Menachem & Susan Gottlieb, Rachel Gottlieb & Goldie Schwartz on the birth of a daughter, granddaughter, great granddaughter named Ariana Meira. �Eileen & Dr. Kenny Horowitz on the birth of a grandson, Asher Nethaniel, to their children Ariella & Tzvi Dov Horowitz, If you wish to have your Simcha listed on the monthly calendar (e.g. aufruf, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah), please notify the office by midmonth prior to the event. To be listed in the weekly announcements, notify the office before 1 PM Thursday at 718-494-6700. E-Mail Information – Please note the following e-mail addresses: Rav Yaakov Lehrfield Rav Eliezer Mischel Richard Frohlich Office David Cutler Josh Sturm Contact the following for requests to utilize shul facilities Minyanim for Simachot Alan Zachter 347-922-1586 Building use, other than catering David Cutler 917-685-2416 Catering – - 718-698-5564 YOUNG ISRAEL ANNOUNCEMENTS We would like to thank the following for their contribution to the Charity Fund: � We would like to thank the community for their support and generosity during this difficult time as we recover from the loss of our dear husband, father, grandfather and friend, Mendel Leykin. Your friendship is truely valued and appreciated. May we only share in Simchas in the future. Celia Leykin, Ira Leykin, Joyce Markowitz and Miriam Kornblit. � Mrs. Hanna Steiner in memory of her husband Abraham Steiner, A”H whose 2 nd yahrtzeit is being observed. � Debbie & Freddie Berkovitz in memory of the yahrtzeit of Debbie’s grandfather Moshe Avraham ben Dovid, A”H Our annual Tu B’Shevat Seder will take place on Friday evening, January 25 th , the 15 th of Shevat at 7:45 PM in the Teen Lounge. Please come and celebrate the New Year for the Trees with family and friends. Share a fun, meaningful event at which you will learn many new things, connect an ancient tradition to our contemporary world, and eat lots of fruit and nuts. For further information, to volunteer to help, and/or to be a sponsor , please contact Richard Schwartz ( who will be leading the Seder. The Young Israel’s first Young Married Shabbaton will take place on Shabbos February 9 th . The Shabbaton will feature Friday night dinner at Rabbi Lehrfield’s home followed by our first annual Chulent Cookoff!!! On Shabbos morning there will be a special Young Marrieds Minyan in the Teen Lounge followed by lunch in the Shul. The cost to participate in all events for the entire Shabbos is only $25 PER COUPLE!!! All young marrieds are encouraged to attend and invite their friends from outside of Staten Island (free of charge) to come and see our wonderful community. For more information please contact Jesse Slater at 718-619-0045 or or Danny Papir at 917-364-8315 or On Shabbos, February 1 st & 2 nd we will be privileged to have Rabbi Dov Linzer, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah join us as our Scholar in Residence. For sponsorships please see Rabbi Norman Linzer. New sponsorship opportunity available: If anyone would like to sponsor the Rabbis Shiur between Mincha and Maariv on Shabbos please speak with Allan Gomberg. Thursday January 24 th at 4:45 PM for Staten Island Jews of all ages and all walks of life: Dovid Winiarz of Fidelity Payment Services, Sonny Golden of Golden Key Interiors and Zeesh Jacobowitz of Family Auto Mall invite you to an opportunity to network and hear from former MTV executive and standup comedian , Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff on the topic of "Are You a Perfect 10 ?? -- 10 Statements that Changed the World". Join us for sushi, coffee and cake and get your car washed free while you are networking and benefitting from the warmth and wit of Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff….. ( Business People –bring your Shabbat ������������������������������������������ Luach Z’man Kriat Sh’ma 9:41 Nerot 4:39 Friday Mincha 4:50 Eruv is up Chumash Shiur 8:30 Daf Yomi Review/Daf Yomi 2:45/3:30 Rabbi Mischel Pre Mincha Shiur will 3:50 be speaking on the topic: “Baal Shem Tov: Man of the People” Shabbos Mincha/Ends 4:30/5:43 Rabbi will be speaking on the topic: Between Mincha/Maariv “Charity From Barbara Streisand” sponsored by Marilyn & Jonathan Kaiman in memory the yahrtzeit of her brother Yehuda ben Avraham HaLevi & Chaya Dobrish, A”H The Week business cards too).What: Networking , Free Car Wash, Good Food and Presentation. When: Thursday January 24th at 4:45 PM Where: Family Auto Mall, 156 Clove Road 10310. Why: To Bring Jews of all stripes together. Free admission with RSVP to or 718-983-9272 ����� Earliest T&T 6:17 Mincha/Maariv 4:50 Halacha of the The minhag is to “Klap” (strike) upon the left side of the Week chest with the right hand, when saying “Chatanu” and “Rashanu” in the bracha of “Selach Lanu”. Motzei Shabbos Rabbi Reisman’s Navi Shiur at 7:30 PM Sunday Rabbi Lehrfield Bagel & Coffee Shiur: Legends of The Gemara 9:45 in the Beit Midrash. (Please bring a Gemara Brachot) MaTan Bat Mitvah Program 10 AM Monday Rabbi Shmuel Fogel- Yeshayahu 8:15 PM Tuesday Rabbi Lehrfield Women’s Navi 10AM next Tuesday Rabbi Mischel Shiur Spirits Behind the Law- following the 8:00PM Maariv in Beit Midrash -Cancelled Wednesday Baba Basra Shiur Berachot 8:00, Pirkei Avos 8:45 & Parsha 9:15, Rabbi Weiss. Gemara B’Iyun 8:45-9:30 PM Sefard Room Adult evening classes in Aleph Bais, Siddur & Basic Judaism 8 PM Until March 6th, classes are available via skype or phone. For information call Jerry at 646-645- 0226. Thursday Rabbi Hoffnung “Experiencing Our Heritage Stories of the Tanach” 10 AM �Late Maariv Minyan M-Th 8 PM in Beit Medrash �Early Mincha on Sunday 1:45 in the Main Shul �Early Mincha M-Th 12:40 �The 9:30 PM M-TH Maariv Minyan will resume in March. Please join us for the JFS/RJJ dinner Sunday, March 3, 2013 at the Young Israel of Staten Island. JFS Guests of Honor - Norman and Suri Last, and Keter Torah Honorees - Rabbi Moshe and Sorah Schmerler. RJJ Parents of the Year Stephen and Yifat Altmark, Memorial Award for Miklos Cikk, beloved husband of Naomi Cikk and father of Debbie and Fredy Berkovitz. Please support our schools, the future of Staten Island Save The Date: Kesser Yisroel’s 8 th Annual Melava Malka, honoring Lisa & Shmuel Mozorosky, will take place on Motzei Shabbos, February 16 th at 8:30 PM. We are continuing to collect all types of clothing and coats for all ages in all sizes from baby to plus size at 1097 Willowbrook road . Because of your help many families are taken care of and kept warm this winter. We have also been able to help Hurricane Sandy victims and they are so grateful. Please only bring clean clothes. We cannot wash any clothing that is dropped off. Please make sure all clothes are in good condition. Please do not empty your closets at the front door and leave the clothes on hangers. All clothes must be in bag when they are dropped off to prevent the clothing from getting dirty and ruined. Please respect the hours of 4:30 – 6:30 PM only and do not

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